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Kate was the only one with the guts to step forward into the beam as I pierced the gathering fog to paint a circle on the beach in front of them. They'd all been told to imagine what or who they'd like to become before stepping into the beam. And to make sure they were thinking good thoughts.

Everyone thought it was some kind of joke -- probably a big spotlight shining from the cliff above them, shrouded as it was by the approaching fog bank. Whatever, Kate focused on the first two things that came to mind, and stepped into the ray.

The other people on the beach gasped as she vanished, and then began to slowly reappear, blonde hair shining brighter than ever. It was like she was being remade, one cell at a time.

When Kate finally stepped back out of the beam, her top was too small to easily tie over her newly firm chest. Judging by the stunned looks on people's faces, her first wish had been fullfilled: she was younger and way fitter and more beautiful than any woman who had ever lived.

As far as the second wish -- she looked down at her feet and imagined them floating from the sand. They did, as she rose a foot into the air to hover on thin air.

Smiling, she held the untied bottom of her top as she looked out at the guys who were staring back at her, jaws dropping.

"So, does anyone know where I can get a good Supergirl costume?"

(A tiny bit of fantasy for Kate Upton fans...)

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