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21 Jul 2013 15:54 #32399 by shadar
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It was announced today that the MOS sequel will feature Batman and Superman working together. No mention of WW or SG, but presumably a focus on Batman's relationship with Superman will preclude introducing another major character into the sequel. Either one of the big guys can fill up a movie, so the two of them together will leave no space for any other major character, other than the villain. Think Dark Knight crossed with MOS.

Also, given its Batman, its less likely that we'll see Faora or other Kryptonians back. Batman isn't in their league, power-wise. Let alone Maxima or any other interesting female characters.

Likely we'll have to wait for a Justice League movie (rumored to be out another five or more years) before we'll likely see any super females.

Disappointing, but I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.


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21 Jul 2013 17:21 - 21 Jul 2013 17:47 #32400 by castor
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I have said before i suspect where going to get a Wonder Woman movie before 5 years. Thats the movie i would do if you where Warner Brothers.

I thought Faora was the best part of the movie, but Micheal Shannon was not very good, so i would argue perhaps that if they weren't in the sequal not the worst thing ever. I would prefer a more-i a more human lets use intelect vs strength style villian.

And if there was SuperGirl on Film, i would put her in her own project. You brought up an article a month or so ago about Supergirl-which is correct that Supergirls main problem is that shes kind of in Supermans shadow.

So don't be to dissapointed.
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22 Jul 2013 14:54 #32413 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Man of Steel sequel
I think it is what they had to do in order to compete in 2015. Not only does Avengers 2 come out that year but there is also a new Star Wars movie due then also.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it with a plot somewhere along the lines of Superman: The Animated Series World's Finest episode. Where it is Superman and his supporting cast as the main characters with Batman/Bruce Wayne showing up in Metropolis to investigate things and, eventually, lend a hand.

Now I still don't see what WB/DC's problem is with regards to a Wonder Woman movie? She is the one iconic superheroine, and only member of the Trinity, that still does not have a major motion picture. I guess they just don't feel that it will play well overseas and do not want to commit the money to it.

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