4 Ways Wonder Woman Would Make ‘Batman vs. Superma

30 Nov 2013 12:56 #34512 by fats
Hi all,

Here is a well written article on why Wonder Women will made the next movie better

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30 Nov 2013 17:19 #34515 by shadar
Interesting that a company known and respected for its unique view of financial investing (Motley Fool), a true heavyweight of the field that focuses on non-traditional investment advice, is pushing the "DC needs to show Marvel how it's done with super heroines" concept. And that they have chosen WW with either Jaime Alexander or a martial arts expert Gina Carano playing Diana as an investment opportunity.

Nice when the smart money begins to line up behind something we'd like to see.

I've been a Motley Fool subscriber for ten years,and I'm amazed how often they get investment advice right when nobody else does.
Of course, entertainment isn't their specialty, they are in the business of helping people build wealth, but I rarely bet against them.

They are the ones that are now encouraging their readers to invest in the companies that are emerging to support "wearable computing devices", which they think is the upcoming breakthrough technology that will make the smartphone and tablets obsolete. They think Apple is going to dominate this "new big thing" based on the many, many patents they are seeking in this area. They say to find the companies that are positioning to support Apple and Google wearable tech and buy into them now to get in on the ground floor.

Based on what you think of that advice (the mainstream tech gurus and advisors think this advice is nuts, but they said the same thing about iPhones and iPads when they were first rumored), you can decide if these guys are Fools or prophets, and maybe whether they have a clue about superheroine success formulas in movies.


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