Dark Phoenix is coming!

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I noticed that there wasn't any thread about X-Men: Dark Phoenix yet

Sophie Turner will be Jean Grey again, I'm still unsure about her.

there are already leaks of the audition here

More context here

I only find hard to imagine Sansa absorbing a star
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08 Jun 2017 09:29 #54595 by Woodclaw
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I can only speak for myself, but I didn't enjoy Age of Apocalypse one bit and Sophie Turner's performance as Jean didn't help much in that regard, so I'm not going to held my breath in the meantime.

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08 Jun 2017 14:49 #54600 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Dark Phoenix is coming!
I have to agree. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse was abysmal. I wasn't impressed by Sophie Turner. I can't tell if it was just the movie (as it was a turd overall), or her.

She's "ok" on GoT, but her character hasn't had much chance to be someone I didn't want to fast-forward through yet. I don't know if it's HER or she's just doing a great job doing what she's supposed to do.

There is something about her that is a "miss" for me so far. But then I also really didn't like January Jones as Emma Frost. But again, that was another wrong interpretation of the character, that fed into an actress being picked and given bad direction.

Hopefully, they'll write Jean better, and thus ask more from Sophie Turner and see if she'll deliver. If not they'll Affleck-Daredevil/Age of Apocalypse all over one of the best comic stories.

"The Dark Phoenix" saga is really 101-136, not the last six issues of that (3 years of comics!). What makes it great is the long lead up dropping hints until it happens. The Teen Titans Judas Contract is the same way (It's about two years).

So just like the recent DC animated file of the Judas Contract ... it was good, a re-interpretation of the story into a modern context, it just shouldn't have been one movie. You introduce Terra for a movie, THEN do the Judas Contract the next movie. You need a Sophie Turner/Jean Grey movie (or two) THEN tell Dark Phoenix. You can't introduce Electra and kill her in the same movie! It's just another mindless movie death.

This is why TV does a really good job at these stories, they need the time to sink in and get people attached. Doing these in one movie reduces the emotional impact the stories had.
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