Charlies Angels reboot and Mulan

20 Jul 2019 08:10 #64558 by slim36
Charlies Angels reboot and Mulan was created by slim36
Not real superpowers, but action movies with female leads.

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21 Jul 2019 06:52 - 21 Jul 2019 07:01 #64577 by marcoasalazarm2
Replied by marcoasalazarm2 on topic Charlies Angels reboot and Mulan
So "Charlie's Angels" has gone from "Americanized Wuxia with borderline Seltzer & Friedberg-style plot progression" to "Girl Power 'Kingsman' unofficial-spinoff-slash-ripoff".

I seriously don't know if that is better or worse.

With "Mulan", I don't know. I really dig Wuxia, and take away the comedy elements like Eddie Murphy and you get a plot that probably has gone as far back as "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", and I really dig Wuxia BTW (the redundancy is meant to bring up a serious emphasis. Sorry if it sounds stupid -- English is a second language for me), but making a remake in the follow-up to all of these other live-action (or live-action-ish, in the case of "The Lion King") remakes coming up in short order bring up all kinds of conversation about whether or not Disney is trying a bit too hard to see how much they can get out of the well before it dries up and pandering to markets and so on.
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