Original Bionic Woman(Over 50 minutes of clips) & Bonus

30 Sep 2009 06:11 #16863 by JAG1981
Hey all,
Well here is the final phase of my Bionic Woman project. All the strength clips from Season 3 are now uploaded and ready for you all to enjoy. A few things I want to say about this series of clips.
1. There were no strength scenes in episode 10, it was all done by Max the Bionic Dog.
2. With no direct access to DVD quality episodes these came from various sources. Some of VCR recordings, some are with I think German subtitles and others are I think French dubbed episodes.

Because of the these limitations the quality is good, but not as good as the first 2 seasons.

With that said, the main thing is still the same... it's all here, there are many clips from season 3 that I have never seen posted.

Bionic Woman Season 3 Clips

Now for the bonus... what could it be? Well I'll bet some of you are thinking, "What about her origin?" Well I didn't forget, the bonus is clips from The Six Million Dollar Man episodes that feature the origin of the Bionic Woman and also a 2 part episode called "The Return Of The Bionic Woman" With this bonus, these uploads should cover every bit of strength that Lindsay Wagner performed as the Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman Bonus Clips

I want to thank everyone for their patience, and I hope you all enjoyed these clips. It's good to know that a 3 season show gave us over 2 hours of clips.

Enjoy and any viewing problems let me know


Also if Mediafire ever deletes these clip, let me know and I will repost them.

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30 Sep 2009 14:01 #16866 by bionic25
(stands and applauds)



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