I Am Not an Easy Man (2018 Netflix)

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Eleonore Pourriat is a french director who made some years ago a short called "Oppressed Majority". This 10 min video is imagining a total inversion of roles between males and females in society (women are represented as the strongest sex)
Netflix has published lately an 'extension' of this concept - a proper full lenght movie from the same director which is called "I am not an easy man".
In this movie (about 100 min), it's clearly hinted that women are physically stronger than men (even if we don't actually see bigger muscles or some other concept a la "The Power" etc.). It sadly somewhat falls flat as we don't see clear examples of this superior strenght except two small scenes: in one the lead female character notices that the lead male character is staring at her abs so she asks him to punch her there (which he does with no effect - just a big smirk on her face) and later in a kissing scene she actually lifts up the guy over a wall while saying "physical superiority, you can't deny it, it's nature" (she says this 'cause he previously already told her from which "parallel world" he comes from).  There is also some other random fighting at the very end but nothing relevant really. Pity.

In general the short is much better (even if nothing happens in there strenght-wise) and on point but ok i thought some of you could be curious about the movie too.

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