Throatlift in episode 4 of Sandman

06 Aug 2022 02:17 #75234 by YAGS
Just in case anyone isn't already excited to watch Sandman on Netflix, there's actually a female throatlift of a male character towards the end of episode 4. And not from the character you might expect, given where they are and what characters are primary to that episode and plot line.

As for the series itself: I'm a long time fan of the comic, and even re-read it recently in preparation to watch the show. It's a very faithful adaption, while including enough changes to keep things interesting and unexpected even for people who know the comic. So far, I've had time to watch the first 4 episodes, and I'm impressed.

But there is one very natural change that I'm not sure how they'll deal with. Because the series is set in modern times, as opposed to the older "modern times" when the comic began in 1989, that means Dream was "away" for over 100 years in the pilot episode (based on the first issue of the comic). That means he missed an appointment, which is something that didn't happen in the comic. Readers of the comic know what I'm talking about. I'm curious as to how/if this will be addressed.
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