UltraWoman Terri Hatcher

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UltraWoman Terri Hatcher from "The New Adventure of Lois and Clarke" ABC Television USA
(Original air date: November 12, 1995) - Written by Gene O'Neill, Noreen Tobin
When two sisters, Lucielle and Nelle Newtrich (remember their father Gene Newtrich, the guy who found the red kryptonite in Individual Responsibility?) attack Superman with a red kryptonite beam, Lois gets in the way. Superman's powers are transferred to Lois, and she helps save the world -- in a fabulous sexy superhero outfit!! At the end, Lois proposes to Clark and he says yes. This was an episode of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"?

In season # 3 original air date 11/12/95 Titled simply "Ultrawoman" (Superman's powers are transferred to Lois by two loony sisters with a ray gun). One of the villain's is none other than washed up actress Shelly Long from Cheers.

Guest Starring: Shelley Long (Lucille Newtrich) Mary Gross (Nell Newtrich) Kenneth Kimmins (Dr. Klein)

The Newtrich sisters want to hit Superman with a "Red Kryptonite" beam (the kryptonite from the episode Individual Responsabilty). But instead of make Superman apathetic, the beam transferred his powers to Lois. Now, she needs a secret do Superman's job. After a while, Clark begins to feel upset because he has no powers anymore. Perry's wife Alice leaves him. When Lois feels what is to be a super-hero, she realizes that she loves Clark even more and proposes to him.

When Gene Newtrich's sisters, Nell and Lucille, hit Clark with a red kryptonite laser, all his powers are transferred to Lois, who takes on the identity of "Ultra Woman". It gives Lois an idea of what Clark faces each day.

Lucille and Nell Newtrich plan to shoot a red kryptonite beam at Superman to make him apathetic, so they can safely steal money. When they shoot the beam, though, apparently nothing happens. Clark finds, however, his powers have being transfered to Lois. Lois ends up learning about how it is to have superpowers, and reluctantly adopts the guise of Ultra Woman. When Clark is kidnapped, Ultra Woman saves him, and together they manage to stop the Netwriches, even when Lucille (Shelley Long) temporarily gets Superman's powers. After her experience, Lois decides to propose to Clark.

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01 Jul 2007 16:13 #9703 by mercblue22
Replied by mercblue22 on topic Ultrawoman!
What a woman, what a costume, what an episode! Its a shame she was just in that 1 ep, but what an ep it was! (wish she ripped open her blouse and revealed her costume to the world on-camera though!) :)


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