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The Comicomancer

Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 06 November 2020 23:46] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:15]

The Comicomancer

By HikerAngel

Author’s Note: Thanks to Woody, Garth, Rjjt, Oogber, and Njae for the feedback and editing assistance. Also, I hope I don’t offend anyone with the tongue-in-cheek nature of Todd and Mandy’s conversations. While it’s meant to poke a little fun at all of us (myself included) that enjoy reading and/or writing this genre, it is intended merely as lighthearted fun… :)

Todd’s gorgeous lab partner looked at him as if he were a specimen in a petri dish – one part curious, one part completely grossed out.

At first, he’d been delighted to be paired up with the most beautiful girl in school. Todd had watched Natasha Osaka from afar every day of high school. He’d let loose a deafening cheer as she’d scored the game-winning goal to capture the school’s first women’s soccer championship last fall. He’d listened intently as she’d brushed her long raven locks aside and given her acceptance speech upon being elected class president. His heart had soared as she’d glided to the front of the gym, teary eyed, to don the homecoming queen tiara.

He had always watched her with hopelessly bedazzled eyes, rooting for her in every one of her endeavors. And it wasn’t that Natasha didn’t know he existed. She did. They had been in the same school and in many of the same classes since kindergarten.

She knew his name well enough. And she was nice enough, never demeaning, never unkind. She wasn’t like that. She wasn’t a bad person. She didn’t hate him. Or anyone. In fact, Todd was fairly certain she had never given him a single thought at all.

And therein lay the problem. He was head-over-heels in love with her, and she was as indifferent toward him as she was to a neighborhood dog that chased her eagerly but never came close enough for her to notice.

So today, the first day of his last semester of high school, Todd had been determined to get her to notice him. Really notice him.

It had worked.

Her luminous chocolate eyes looked shocked as she leaned over the slate table, revealing an eyeful of luscious cleavage to his manic, darting eyes as he rattled on without thinking.

“…So that’s why Superman can’t have sex with Lois Lane. The orgasmic logistics are totally clear,” Todd said definitively. “His sperm would blast out of his penis at supersonic speeds like a shotgun, killing her instantly.”

Todd crossed his thin arms definitively. Natasha’s eyes were merely stunned, but her lips curled into a horrified frown.

“That’s very… creative,” she said politely, dismissing the unwanted mental image of death by supersex with a curt shake of her head.

Todd’s heart sank as he realized that in his eagerness to simply hold a conversation with the object of his every adolescent fantasy, he’d vomited a stream of geek-speech the likes of which probably hadn’t been seen in this school since his older brother walked these halls.

When the bell rang, Natasha flew from her seat and out the door, well, nearly as fast as Superman could fire his load.

Todd felt a hollow emptiness gnaw into the pit of his stomach as he gathered his books and went to lunch.

Todd took his usual seat, opening up the latest issue of Supergirl, eager to read the finale of the doppelgänger series, in which an evil clone had been souped up with extra power to fight his favorite heroine. There was something about the evil version of the maiden of might that appealed to a side of him. The unrestrained, purely selfish delight in immense power always sent a thrill through him as he read.

He didn’t get more than a page or two read, however, before his short, stocky friend Mandy took a seat across from him. Her gaze fell to the comic in front of him, and for a moment, her gaze looked longing. Then she snapped out of it, her trademark snark kicking in.

“Supergirl again? Shouldn’t you be fantasizing about Superman?” She grinned and punched him good-naturedly on the arm.

Todd blushed, but he puffed up his chest to respond. “Men can be feminists too, you know. It’s very 2020 to be drawn to powerful women.”

He gathered his thoughts in preparation to expound on the reasons for his preference in comics. “I just like—”

“Big boobs and six-pack abs?” Mandy interjected with a mock-innocent flutter of her eyelashes.

Todd let out a breath like a deflating balloon, his carefully prepared comic defense as useless against Mandy as bullets were against the flesh of his favorite heroine. She knew him too well. “So what if I do? What’s so bad about that?”

“Nothing,” Mandy said, reaching into Todd’s lunch bag to steal half of his tuna sandwich. “As long as you’re not expecting to actually get laid by a girl who looks like that.”

Mandy’s eyes found Todd’s as she chewed the first bite of his sandwich. “I heard about what you said to Natasha.”

“You heard?” Todd asked quietly, pink cheeks deepening to a nice crimson. “Already?”

“Well, Natasha gossip travels fast…” Mandy said with a smirk.

“But I thought that geeks were ‘in’ these days?” Todd gave Mandy his best tragically hopeful puppy-dog eyes.

“Geeks might be in, but I think you’re testing the limits of geekdom. You might have entered full-on megageek territory at some point,” explained his friend. “And megageeks are probably a little too extreme on the geekish spectrum to ever really be cool.”

“Did you really think you were going to score points with Natasha by talking about Superman’s Greek-tragedyish sex life?” asked Mandy, taking another large bite of Todd’s sandwich. “I mean, what the fuck, Todd?”

Todd clunked his forehead to the table, speaking into the wood with suddenly trembling lips. “I know, I know, Mand. Fuck!”

Todd inhaled shakily, forehead still pinned to the table. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I just wanted to talk to her so badly, I didn’t even know what I was saying.”

Mandy began to laugh. She tried to suppress it at first, but that only made it worse. Within seconds, she was lost to a never-ending series of snort-guffaws.

In spite of his embarrassment, or perhaps because of it, Todd pulled his head from the table and joined in, laughing away his shame and pain, blissfully ignorant of the looks and whispers of the students at other tables as they pointed at him. At least for the moment.

As their laughter subsided and they each dried their eyes with torn-off pieces of Todd’s paper lunch bag, Mandy spoke once more. “Well, look at the bright side. You don’t have to lust after this girl like a lovesick puppy anymore because you’ve blown the infinitesimally small chance that she would ever go out with you completely to smithereens.”

“That’s the bright side?” Todd asked, looking completely forlorn.

Mandy shrugged, attempting to suppress a fresh round of giggles at Todd’s self-inflicted despair with limited success.


“Todd, could you get the door, please?” his mother called from the kitchen after the doorbell rang a second time.

Todd sighed, setting the latest issue of Mary Marvel to the side, then scrambled down the stairs to the door. As he opened it, his jaw dropped.

Natasha stood at his doorstep, uncertainly twirling a lock of long, dark hair.

“N-Natasha?” Todd stammered.

“Hi, Todd!” she said, lips curling into a knee-weakening smile. “My mom thought it would be a good idea for me to come. I’m usually really good in school, but last semester, I really struggled in science.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out her chemistry book. “And since you’re the school’s resident science…” Natasha struggled for the right word, clearly not wanting to use the one that had come to mind.

“…Geek,” Todd finished. “It’s okay. It’s apt enough.”

Natasha nodded, cocking her head, apparently unsure what to make of his candor. “Anyway, I had some questions about this chapter, and I wondered if you would mind taking a minute to go over it with me?”

Todd’s thudding heart leapt into his throat, making speech difficult. But he was determined not to blow a second opportunity to impress his crush-since-forever. “Y-yeah! Sure!” he croaked.

Natasha flashed him a dazzling smile, then followed him upstairs to his room. Glancing around his room with fresh eyes, given the company he had in tow, he noticed all the comics scattered across every surface. Embarrassed, he began to shovel them into his arms, scurrying to throw piles of them under his bed.

Natasha strolled over to his desk, set down her bag, and picked up one of his comics. Todd saw the back cover, knowing the issue she held instantly. It was Catwoman. Issue #386. The one where she temporarily gained superstrength.

Todd swallowed hard. That one was his favorite. As a fan of both superhumanly strong women, particularly those of the villainous variety, it was a story he’d read countless dozens of times.

Eyes dancing in amusement, Natasha flipped it around, displaying the cover to him. “You really like comics, huh?”

“Yeah,” Todd admitted sheepishly.

Natasha looked around at his issues of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Mary Marvel, Black Widow, and others before returning her gaze to him. “Superwomen comics?”

“Yeah,” Todd repeated, feeling his cheeks turn a familiar shade of crimson.

“Because…” It was a question. One that he desperately didn’t wish to answer.

“…because I’m a feminist?” he continued with a second question. And the same explanation he’d proffered to Mandy. The one she hadn’t bought for a minute.

Natasha smiled slyly. “Riiiight…”

Todd glanced nervously around the room, avoiding her knowing eyes. “Um, so the chapter. You wanted to go over it, right?”

It was a clumsy attempt to change the subject. He knew it. She probably did too. But he was desperate…

…and, luckily, it worked.

“Oh yes!” said Natasha, remembering her purpose in coming. She juggled a textbook in her right hand, the comic in her left, as she attempted to set it on the desk. Instead, she succeeded only in dropping both to the floor.

Todd lurched forward, dropping to his needs in a rush to help her retrieve the book. He reached out for the comic just as she did, and their fingertips simultaneously touched the image of Catwoman leaping from some sort of bright explosion on the cover.

A blinding flash lit the room.

Todd closed his eyes, wrapping an arm around them. After a brief moment, he lowered his arm and opened them, blinking away the blob-like splashes of color that pooled over his vision.

Before him stood Natasha in completely different clothing. A costume, really. Aside from a deliciously bare expanse of creamy cleavage in front, form-fitting black latex covered her slender, athletic body from neck to toe. Except that it wasn’t the body he’d grown so accustomed to seeing these last few years.

It was better.

Far better.

Her already long legs looked even longer. Her slim, athletic hips took on a far more voluptuous flair, flowing out from a narrower waist in two smolderingly sexy arcs. His mind wandering, he wondered what her backside looked like. He bet it was a sight to behold!

Her breasts were significantly larger, her arms more toned, with visible definition stretching the shiny fabric over their still-slender profile.

Wait! A sudden realization paused his visual exploration of Natasha’s magnificent body.

He’d seen that costume somewhere before! And the body it contained.

Todd’s mind whirred, his desire-addled brain struggling to extract the familiar sight from the annals of his memory, until it finally came to him.

That’s it! She was Catwoman!

Even as he thought it, the absurdity of the thought struck him. Don’t be ridiculous! he thought to himself. It wasn’t possible for her to have changed into a Catwoman costume in that amount of time. How long had he been blinded? Ten seconds? Fifteen?

And that costume couldn’t be easy to get into! It would take a while. The thing was so tight that it appeared as if it had been glued to her skin! Every ridge of her sculpted abs, every rippling fiber of her gorgeous legs were visible in the molded swells of the deliciously taut material, exposing every part of her perfect body in minute detail.

Yet there she stood, compelling evidence that she had, in fact, changed into that form-fitting outfit in seconds.

But why? Was she just messing with him? Getting him back at him for his fervent Geek-out at school today?

She didn’t really seem like the type for that kind of thing. But he could think of no other explanation…

As he sat on the floor considering the vision before him, she covered the distance between them in two strides of her unbelievably long legs. She dropped to a crouch in front of him, the large swells of her breasts hovering directly in his line of sight.

“What did you do to me, Toddikins?” she purred, licking her lips. “I feel positively… feline…”

“Do to you?” Todd stammered. “I didn’t do anything! I swear!”

“Oh, but you did!” Natasha corrected, curling a slender index finger under his chin to raise his averted eyes to hers. “And it feels soooooo amazing…”

She leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on Todd’s trembling lips.

When she broke the kiss, she rose, stretching with a catlike yawn, as if punctuating the conclusion of a particularly tasty meal.

She turned to him and issued a single word from her moist lips. “Meow,” she said quietly, winking at him.

Launching herself with, um, catlike grace to the window, she burst through it with graceful ease to land in another crouch on the lawn far below. Then, she sprinted away faster than an Olympian and was gone before Todd could even make it to the window.


“Yeah, she just jumped out the window and ran away!” Todd finished, noting the look of disbelief in Mandy’s eyes as they walked down the school hallway the following day.

“So let me get this straight. You’re saying you turned Natasha Osaka into Catwoman?” Mandy said skeptically. “So you’re what? A comicomancer?”

She folded her arms, smiling wryly. Her voice dripped with amused sarcasm. “You’ve really done it. You’ve slid so far into geekdom that you’ve gained abilities heretofore only imagined by all of geek kind! You can bring comic book characters to life!”

Todd gave Mandy an exasperated groan as he opened the school door for her. “I’m serious, Mand!”

She rolled her eyes as they walked down the hall. As she opened her mouth to reply, one of the school administrators shoved past her, running down the hall.

Mandy stared at her questioningly. “Now what do you think that’s all about?”

Todd shrugged, watching the principal run past them in the same direction. “Heck if I know.”

“Come on,” Mandy said, launching into a jog, following the frantic adults.

They snuck into the corner office where the school’s accountant and nurse shared an office, peering alternately over the shoulders of and around a cluster of khaki-clad men and pencil-skirted women. In the back corner of the room was a safe. The edges of its door had five small depressions that looked like fingerprints – except that there was no way that could be possible. The top right corner of the door was bent outward, looking as if it had been peeled open. It was partially ajar, displaying empty shelves within.

Todd stared at those indentations, a feeling of horror sinking his stomach like a lead weight.

“It’s her,” he whispered.

“What?” asked Mandy, giving him a startled glance.

“It’s Natasha!” Todd hissed, his voice becoming more certain.

Mandy pulled him out of the office, then placed her hands on his shoulders, making direct eye contact. “Look, Todd, you’re getting a little carried away with this nonsense, and it’s starting to scare me a little. It’s. Not. Real!”

Todd returned her gaze with every bit as much intensity. “I’m telling you, it is! She bent open that safe with her bare hands!

Mandy released her grip on the outside of his arms and rolled her head back, letting out a long sigh before walking in a small circle. Finally, she faced him again, trying a different tack. “Todd, Catwoman doesn’t even have any real superpowers. Even if you somehow did turn Natasha into Catwoman, she could never have done that!” She pointed vehemently toward the safe.

“Mand, the issue that I was touching when she transformed was called Super-Catwoman! She gains super-strength in that story!”

Mandy opened her mouth, seemed to think a bit more, then her eyes went wide, focusing on something behind Todd.

He whirled, following Mandy’s gaze to Natasha, still dressed in her slinky black suit.

“Well, there you are,” she purred, strolling languidly toward Todd, eyes glinting darkly from under her domino mask.

Todd glanced at Mandy. His friend stood slack-jawed, obviously stunned by Natasha’s new costume – and possibly by the substantial improvements to her already gorgeous body.

Natasha’s sights were set exclusively on Todd, however. She didn’t even seem to notice Mandy’s presence.

She continued to approach him without slowing until she had him pinned against the cinderblock interior hallway wall of the school. She placed a shapely, latex-covered leg to each side of Todd’s narrow stance. He felt the warmth of her upper thighs against his own. The close contact with her luscious body sent his erection rocketing upward, closing the distance between their hips until his bulging flesh touched latex. The heat from the close proximity of her hips sent a shiver of arousal through him.

Natasha punched her right hand into the wall next to his head, showering his shoulder with concrete dust and pebbles, her fingers digging into the solid cinder blocks. Her left hand descended his right arm, tracing the modest, youthful muscles of its outer surface.

“I’ve been intending to thank you for this.” Tongue lingering on the final word, as if savoring it, she flicked her eyes downward. Todd’s gaze followed hers to her breasts, which she proceeded to lean toward him, pressing them into his chest. He gasped, rivers of molten desire now raging through his body.

Mandy, recovered from her shock at Natasha’s bold new appearance and bolder actions, approached her from behind. She reached out a hand to grab Natasha’s shoulder and tugged.

Natasha didn’t budge.

She pulled harder. Still, nothing happened.

Natasha noticed her meager efforts, however, and turned. The masked brunette’s hand flashed out and gave Mandy a gentle shove, sending her to the ground on her ass. She slid quite a distance across the waxed tile floor.

The school principal emerged from the office and caught sight of Natasha. Eyes widening, he pointed. “It’s her! It’s the girl from the security cameras!”

Natasha gave him a sexy smile, then darted away, quick as a blink, sprinting out the school doors in an instant. The principal and other staff ran after her, but stopped just outside, looking around and scratching their heads. It was obvious they had lost her.

Todd gathered his wits, pointedly ignoring the evidence of his arousal that continued to bulge his pants, and jogged over to where Mandy had come to a stop. He extended a hand, which she took, and hauled her to her feet.

“Do I get to say ‘I told you so’ now?” Todd said, grinning.

“I think you do!” said Mandy with a wry smile, looking at the entrance to the school, the direction in which Natasha had disappeared. “But I still can’t believe it.”

“Yeah,” Todd said. “She’s kinda out of control, huh?”

Mandy turned to him, lips forming a crooked smile. “Ya think?”

“I’ve got to try and stop her,” said Todd, setting his jaw. “This whole thing is my fault. I mean, what if she hurts someone?!”

Mandy frowned, her voice flat. “True. She seems to be more interested in stealing, though. And maybe sex. Seems like she has the hots for you.”

Todd felt the heat of another blush rising along the surface of his cheeks. “Well, she is Catwoman, after all. I guess that’s sorta what that character’s like, right?”

“I suppose that’s why you’re always re-reading that damn issue…” Mandy’s lips quivered slightly.

“So how do you think we stop her?” Todd said, attempting to combat his deepening blush by changing the subject.

“You could always transform me into someone more powerful than her…” Mandy said, glancing at Todd, her doe eyes hopeful.

Todd laughed, thinking she was joking, as she so often was, before replying instinctively. “Yeah. Right…”

Mandy’s face fell, but she masked her obvious disappointment quickly.

Todd didn’t notice her reaction but began to give her idea some actual consideration. Speaking slowly, he thought aloud. “Actually, that’s not a bad idea. If you could subdue her long enough, maybe I can find a way to undo her transformation…”

Mandy’s face lit up in pleasure despite her best efforts to suppress it. She bit her lower lip thoughtfully. “Do I get to pick my character?”

“I guess so,” said Todd, noncommittal.

“Then make me Supergirl!” Mandy replied, perhaps a little too fast, betraying her eagerness.

Todd smiled, noticing her reaction for the first time. “Someone’s a little excited about the prospect of becoming a superhero!”

It was Mandy’s turn to blush. “I just always wanted—”

She paused mid-sentence, noticing Todd’s amusement. “Shut up! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a chance to become a superhero, Todd?”

Todd said nothing, instead taking Mandy’s hand and whisking her out the back entrance of the school to take her to his house.


“Is something supposed to be happening?” Mandy asked, eying Todd with a curious furrow of her brow.

Todd squinted with effort, touching the eighteen-year-old blonde on the cover of his Supergirl comic with one hand and Mandy’s arm with the other. At Mandy’s question, he popped one eye open to see that she remained unchanged.

“Damn it! I wish I knew what I did to make Natasha’s transformation happen!” Todd vented, releasing a frustrated breath and removing his tight grip from Mandy’s arm. He had tried nearly a dozen times to change his friend into her favorite superhero without success.

Todd looked at the Supergirl comic in his hand, then whipped it at his bed, where it ricocheted off the side of the mattress and came to rest on the floor. He looked, glassy-eyed, at Mandy, consternation twisting his youthful features.

“It just won’t work for me anymore,” Todd said, his lower lip trembling in disappointment. “Maybe it was just a one-time thing.”

Mandy bit back a witty retort, her features softening in empathy when she saw that Todd was truly upset. “It’s okay, Todd. It’s kind of miraculous that it happened in the first place. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, having a wickedly cool ability even if it only works once. It’s literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard of already.”

Todd shrugged, still on the verge of tears.

Mandy guided him to the bed, where they both sat down. She wrapped an arm around him, giving his shoulders a friendly squeeze. “You’re an amazing guy. I suppose it’s fitting that you did something no one’s ever done before.”

“But what about Natasha? Don’t I have a responsibility to change her back?”

“You can only be responsible for so much, Todd. You didn’t mean for this to happen. And you’re doing everything you can to fix it. That’s all you can do. It’s all anyone can do.”

Todd continued to sulk. “I just feel like I should be able to fix this.”

Mandy smiled slightly, cocking her head. She gazed at Todd’s pained expression, a cryptic look in her eyes. Her face drifting toward him, she eventually leaned forward to kiss him softly on the lips.

Startled, Todd’s eyes widened. When she pulled back, her eyes searched his for a post-surprise reaction. However, his spine remained as rigid as a flagpole.

“I… you never… I mean…” Todd stammered, searching for words.

Beginning to feel embarrassed, Mandy began to withdraw her hand from the place it had found on his thigh, but Todd’s hand quickly came down to it, pressing down to keep it there.

Mandy smiled as Todd’s hand moved to cover hers. She kissed him again, more passionately this time. Todd remained stiff for a moment, then, finally, began to relax, sliding his free hand gently over her cheek as he kissed her back. Todd closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around her. Mandy leaned back, bringing her head to rest on his fluffy pillow, pulling Todd with her. His arms came to rest on either side of her.

As their tongues began to swirl together, enflaming their passions, Todd shifted, sweeping his right hand along the side of the bed. It grazed the cover of the “Supergirl goes on a date” comic that he had thrown across the room earlier. As his fingers touched the glossy paper surface, Todd felt a strange tingle wash over him, flowing through him to enter Mandy’s mouth through their touching lips. He knew something was happening, suspecting that he had finally managed to unleash her transformation. Mind hazy with desire, but not wanting his friend’s personality to be altered, as Natasha’s had, he made a silent wish that that lone aspect of his friend would remain unchanged.

Beneath him, her baggy top rippled, turning blue and tightening across her chest. The fabric grew smoother, sleeker, more form-fitting. And the body it contained was beginning to change as well. Her small breasts grew fuller, bulging firmly into Todd’s chest as they continued to kiss.

Her stomach became more solid. Her legs grew denser, packing on shapely feminine muscle as they writhed under his own. Todd’s hand descended her arching lower back, finding a voluptuous swell of impenetrable muscle at its base, her ass inflating with steely sinew.

Shocked by the rapid changes in his friend’s body, Todd opened his eyes and pulled away from her lips, hovering over her. Her mouth remained open, issuing a soft moan of pleasure.

Todd’s eyes filled with wonder as they roamed her ever more dramatic curves, finally coming to rest on her lightening hair. Transitioning from chocolate brown, to light brown, dark blonde to golden blonde, her increasingly silken tresses lengthened as they cascaded over his pillow. Finally shimmering into a silver-gold platinum, Mandy’s hair framed an increasingly gorgeous face. He swallowed hard, watching her thickening eyelashes lengthen and curl.

Fluttering open, those eyes opened to reveal irises of brilliant, mesmeric blue. From her soft, already parted lips, the tip of her tongue emerged to moisten them. She smiled hungrily, glassy eyes flashing with joy.

“You did it!” she said, her voice still sensual and husky from their unexpected make-out session. “I can feel it…”

Eyes drifting to her still-inflating chest, unable to speak, Todd nodded.

Pleased at the effect her new body was having on him, Mandy slithered a willowy arm around him, pulling him effortlessly toward her. Their lips met once again. Feeling the strength in her slender fingers, Todd shivered. Her slim-but-sculpted arms felt like warm steel as they held him close to her.

The muscles in her body continued to feel firmer, forming taut, steel-hard bands beneath her smooth skin. He could feel the rounded ridges of her taut stomach against his abdomen, sense the powerful striations in her hard, sexy thighs. His right hand glided along the outside of her leg, slipping under the thin red skater skirt, ascending the nubile swells of her increasingly voluptuous hips.

An erection straining his jeans, Todd suddenly had a thought. Unable to pull himself away, he voiced his concern between kisses.

“Can we… you know… do it?” he said breathily, voice shaking with a swirling mixture of desire and fear. “You might… be… too strong… for me too…”

Understanding his concern, Mandy smiled under Todd’s lips. “Don’t worry. You chose the right issue…”

Right issue? Todd’s mind attempted to tear itself from its focus on Mandy’s magnificent body to process her words.

That’s right! The issue he’d been using featured Supergirl losing her virginity to a boy at school. They could have sex! And right now, he wanted that more than he’d ever wanted anything in his eighteen years of life.

Mandy raised a long, sinuous leg, brushing a shapely calf against Todd’s leg. With a twist of her powerful abs, the nascent superhero flipped Todd onto his back. She straddled him before snapping his belt and shredding the front of his pants with the quick upward curl of a delicate-looking finger. His erection now free, she enveloped him between her deliciously warm thighs.

Delight danced in Mandy’s eyes as she lived out her two greatest fantasies – becoming Supergirl and consummating her years-long attraction to Todd – simultaneously.


“Oh my God!” Todd whispered after his heart had a chance to slow in his post-coital haze. “That was amazing!”

Mandy smiled warmly, adjusting her costume back to its glove-like fit over her staggeringly gorgeous body. “Wait until you see this…”

Basking in the glow of Todd’s awed gaze, Mandy rose from the bed, drifting to the center of the room. Her body rotated slowly from horizontal to vertical in mid air until her red cape once again flowed down the athletic curves of her back.

“Y-you can f-fly?” Todd whispered.

Mandy laughed. “Of course, silly! I can do everything Supergirl can do.”

As if to illustrate her point, she focused her gaze on Todd’s biology notebook, and fired two red beams into its center, igniting a small flame.

“Holy shit!” cried Todd, rolling out of bed and casting about for something to put out the tiny fire.

Mandy giggled, then issued a puff of supercooled air in the direction of the flame, putting it out instantly.

Todd stared at the small wisp of smoke that began to rise once more from the red notebook cover as the air over it stilled. “Wicked!”

Mandy winked, a smile she couldn’t suppress tugging at her lips.

“Come on!” she said, floating toward Todd, eyes turning sly. “Let’s take care of Natasha, so we can do that again…”

“That?” asked Todd innocently, not catching her meaning.

“She means sex, Toddiekins,” came a voice from the window.

The two friends whirled to find Natasha crouched in the window sill, smiling nefariously. Giving a slight hop, she landed on the floor of his room, then rose, long, slender legs extending to bring her to her full height.

“Let’s see you take care of me, then, Mandy.”

Mandy’s eyes narrowed, fists clenching as she descended to touch the floor. The moment she touched down, Natasha flashed toward her.

Natasha unleashed a flurry of strikes, fist darting at Mandy’s face, stomach, and ribs. But Mandy proved faster, parrying them all before firing a counterattack of her own. The lone blow caught Natasha under the chin, sending her through the ceiling in a shower of plaster.

Wishing to press her advantage, Mandy flew directly upward into the attic herself, smashing a second, even larger hole through the ceiling.

Todd stared into the dark hole, feeling the house shudder with their powerful blows, ducking as detritus from the ceiling shook continued to shake loose. His heart raced with the knowledge that the two breathtaking superwomen were trading ground-shakingly powerful attacks above him.

Suddenly, Natasha crashed into the floor next to him, splintering the floor of his room. She appeared to be in pain, clutching at her arm and rolling from side to side. Mandy descended casually from above, looking confident.

She landed beside Natasha, reaching down to grab her latex costume just below the neck. She gathered a handful of the shiny black material and hefted Natasha into the air with a single arm.

“I’d say ‘take care of’ was appropriate, wouldn’t you, Todd?” she asked, giving him a sidelong glance, blue eyes lit with the bright spark of exhilaration.

Todd didn’t answer, however. He was too caught up in staring at Natasha as her head lolled on her shoulders. Seeing her weak and helpless like this didn’t seem right. The super-strong villainess should be powerful and mighty. Someone formidable. Someone to be feared. His secret desire for the supervillainess rising, he felt a strange sensation tingle his skin. It was similar to what he’d felt when transforming the girls into their comic namesakes.

Continuing to stare at Natasha, he noticed her chin rise, her eyes refocusing. The muscles in her arms swelled slightly sculpted into even more dynamic definition. Her breasts seemed to add another cup size, straining the chest of her form-fitting costume with a soft creak. Her legs lengthened again, her hips flaring outward, luscious ass rounding into escalating levels of perfection.

Natasha gave Mandy a dark smile, then her hand flashed upward, grabbing Mandy’s wrist and beginning to squeeze.

Mandy’s confident smile began to falter, her fingers turning white from Natasha’s pressure. With a small yelp, Mandy released the increasingly powerful girl, who landed lightly on her feet. Natasha didn’t release her grip on Mandy’s wrist, however. Judging by the contortions of Mandy’s face, it appeared that she had, if anything, increased the pressure.

Mandy dropped to one knee, crying out in agony as Natasha’s grip became too painful for her to bear.

Todd’s eyes trembled in horror, and he cried out. “Stop, Natasha!”

Natasha suddenly released her grip, turning to Todd, blinking inside her domino mask, as if roused from a trance. Mandy pulled her injured arm to her stomach, cradling it against her sleek lycra-covered abs.

“Meow!” Natasha said with a sly grin, then launched herself out of the window, her long, athletic legs pumping as she sprinted away for the second time in as many days.

“Are you okay?” asked Todd, crouching beside his still-kneeling friend, reaching hesitantly for her injured arm.

Mandy let him take it and survey the damage. A purple bruise was forming in the precise shape of Natasha’s slim fingers.

As he inspected her injury, Mandy shook her head. “I don’t know what happened! One minute I was wiping the floor with her. The next? She was doing that.” She nodded toward her damage-darkened skin.

“Um,” Todd said, unsure what to say. “I-I may have, uh, helped her somehow.”

Mandy’s eyes widened in surprise. She jerked her hand out of his grasp. “You what?”

‘I didn’t mean to!” Todd protested. “But I felt this tingling again. Just like when I transformed you. And she just kinda got stronger!”

Mandy looked confused, staring directly into Todd’s concerned eyes with her mesmerizing azure irises. “But why? I was supposed to subdue her, right? I had everything under control!”

“I just… I mean she just looked so helpless… and it just seemed so wrong!” Todd knew he wasn’t making any sense, but Mandy seemed to understand anyway, putting the pieces together with what she knew of her friend.

“You wanted the bad girl to win, didn’t you?” The tone in Mandy’s voice was accusatory.

Todd looked sheepish. “Maybe. A little.”

“Geez, Todd! This is the real world! We’re supposed to be helping Natasha escape Catwoman’s influence, not encouraging it! Having a superpowered villain running around is dangerous! Don’t you get that? What if she hurts somebody?! Worse than this?” Mandy waved her injured wrist before Todd’s eyes.

Todd’s gaze dropped to Mandy’s feet. “I know. I do. Really. I don’t know what came over me!”

“Fuck!” seethed Mandy, exasperated at her friend’s proclivity toward powerful super-villainesses. She rose to her feet and began to pace, her red cape and skirt flowing caressingly around her lithe body with the movement.

Finally, she turned to give Todd a hard stare, leaning forward to stab a finger at him. “You need to get this fetish of yours under control, Todd.”

Eyes still downcast, Todd nodded his agreement.

“I mean it! We’re going to go after her, and you’re going to do to me whatever the heck you just did to her.” Mandy demanded, her voice rising angrily. “Then you’re going to keep your dark fantasies to yourself! UNDER CONTROL!”

Todd nodded again, avoiding her eyes, which flashed with glowing intensity.

She stared at him in silence for another long moment, then she straightened. Her shoulders relaxed slightly, eyes smoldering with a slightly different but equally intense emotion. “And once we’ve changed her back to normal, I’ll show you why you should be fantasizing about good girls instead.”

Mandy walked over to the bed and found her phone, which had fallen free of her back pocket when her clothing had transformed. She looked up Natasha’s address, then glanced toward Todd, her full lips forming a mischievous smile.

Suddenly, Todd was in her arms, and they blasted through the window. Todd squinted into a stiff wind that suddenly blasted his face, watching the ground whir past below. He reached out instinctively in fear, wrapping his arms around his friend’s slender but powerful body. Then he noticed her look of amusement.

“You did that to get back at me, didn’t you?” Todd said accusingly.

“Maybe,” Mandy admitted. “But we needed to find Natasha as quickly as possible, so…”

She shrugged, the unexpected movement of her arms, sending another jolt of fear through Todd’s rapidly beating heart.

Far in the distance, Mandy spotted Natasha slipping into her house. “I see her!”

Todd turned to look in the same direction, but saw nothing, the sight apparently too distant for her merely human eyes to pick up.

Seconds later, they arrived at the girl’s front door, and Mandy set Todd down carefully.

“Todd, stay back. Let me handle—”

Mandy was interrupted by a shower of splintering wood as Natasha erupted through the front door of her house, leaping toward her.

Extending her clawed hands, Natasha reached for Mandy’s throat as she sailed through the air. Mandy intercepted the other girl’s hands before they could reach her neck, slowing the powerful brunette’s progress. But the slinky superwoman’s hands continued their forward movement, slowed but not halted by Mandy’s comparatively weaker grip.

“Todd!” Mandy gasped, her sapphire eyes glinting in terror as she turned to him. “Now!”

Todd focused his attention on Mandy’s red-and-blue-encased form as the force of Natasha’s arms pressed her curvaceous body into the front lawn, willing her to grow stronger.

But nothing happened.

Todd gulped in fear as Natasha’s fingers reached Mandy’s neck, fingers wrapping around her relatively tender flesh.

He looked at Natasha, feeling a sudden desire to empower her further. To give her impossible strength. He felt his heart rate accelerate with the thought of it.

He almost did it. Almost gave in to his darkest desires.

But something held him back.

He gazed at Mandy’s imploring eyes, and sucked in a deep breath. He knew what he needed to do.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the mental image of Mandy’s gorgeous face. He thought of her breathy pants as they made love. His heart welled with emotion as he remembered how good it had felt to finally be with his friend in that way. How right that moment had been.

Feeling determination rise from deep within him, he watched her piercingly blue eyes fill with impossible strength in his imagination, empowering her to Superman’s level, then beyond.

To his immense relief, he felt the now-familiar tingling sensation prick his skin once again. His eyes popped open, and a wave of power rolled over the driveway and grass to find Mandy’s struggling body.

Her fluttering eyelashes opened wide, her back arching, body lengthening and expanding, rising from the ground with the sudden influx of power. The blonde’s hands surged outward, pulling away Natasha’s hands with ease. Mandy’s knee rose from beneath Natasha’s sexy, black form, and she planted a red boot in the other girl’s stomach.

With a powerful thrust of her leg, Mandy sent Natasha flailing through the air through the window of her house and, with a second crash, through the wall at the far side.

Mandy rose to her feet, her cape fluttering magnificently in the light breeze as she felt around her neck. The bruises seemed to fade before Todd’s eyes, and she gave him a breathtaking smile.

The two heard an angry shriek from above and turned their eyes skyward to find Catwoman descending in a talon-baring fury from a massive leap over the entire house.

Mandy rocketed skyward to meet her with a bone-rattling punch. Natasha’s cry of fury morphing into a warble of pain, she was hammered downward, crashing through the ceiling of her house in a cacophony of cracking wood and shattering glassware. She must have landed in the kitchen.

Flying into the house, Mandy pressed her attack. Todd cringed as he heard loud clunks, clatters, and crashes emerge from the tremoring walls of Natasha’s home. Finally, the audible evidence of their struggle quieted, and Mandy emerged from the house, striding confidently from the hole where the front door used to be, holding Natasha’s unconscious form by the scruff of the neck. As she walked forward to meet Todd, the entire house collapsed behind her.

Whirling, she cringed, victorious expression suddenly turning sheepish.

“Oopsie!” she said, turning back to Todd with a small shrug. “I hope Natasha’s parents have homeowner’s insurance.”

Shrugging, she turned toward the yard once again. She lay Natasha gently on the grass, picking up the Archie comic that she had brought for the occasion, then tossed it to Todd. She looked at him expectantly. Todd caught the colorful book, knelt beside Natasha and touched both her shiny black arm and the image of Veronica on the cover.

The telltale tingle told him it was working, and the shimmer of her costume into Veronica’s traditional red sweater, black miniskirt, and flats confirmed it.

Natasha’s chocolate eyes fluttered open, and she smiled at him affectionately. Todd helped her to her feet, and she touched his chest lightly, smiling and gazing into his eyes.

Mandy suddenly appeared between them, wedging herself between the two before Natasha could get any ideas.

“My Archie,” Mandy announced with a grin. “You can go get your own, Natasha!”

Turning to Todd, Mandy’s voice dropped to a husky purr. “Impressive, Toddiekins! Looks like you finally controlled your thing for bad girls.”

She walked around him, dragging a slender finger over his upper back as she went. Then, she leaned over his shoulder from behind to whisper in his ear. “Now let me show you just how naughty this good girl can be…”

He turned to catch her nefarious wink.

“Your place or mine?” he said jokingly.

They both thought about it for a moment, reaching the same conclusion simultaneously as they remembered Todd’s mangled bedroom.

“Yours,” he said, just as she replied, “Mine.”

Laughing, Mandy reached behind his legs and swept him into her arms to take him back to her room…

…where she proceeded to show him exactly how naughty she could be.


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Glad you liked this one, Woodclaw! :)
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Well, this one is much more at my speed.
As someone who had been in Todd's shoes for a lot of time (i.e. the nerd that blurted out stuff) I can certainly see the appeal of this story and I'm like how the entire thing played out, although the...
Well, this one is much more at my speed.
As someone who had been in Todd's shoes for a lot of time (i.e. the nerd that blurted out stuff) I can certainly see the appeal of this story and I'm like how the entire thing played out, although the second powering up felt a bit too much of a good thing.
Still, it was fun and very enjoyable to read.
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