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S.W.R. – Prison Break

Written by LustMonster :: [Thursday, 02 June 2016 13:34] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 17:47]

Author's Note: This story is a sequel to "Playing the Villain". If you have not read that one yet, I recommend doing so first.

Editor's Note: This story contains some very NSFW images and content, you've been warned.

Special Weapons Research Base, Materials Recycling Complex, Room 3A

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb stood in front of a large pile of mangled steel. Large mattresses lay on the floor in front of her, arranged in a semicircle. Soldiers and civilian residents of the new Special Weapons Research Base occupied the mattresses, grouped in pairs or trios. Everyone was naked, and nearly all eyes were fixed worshipfully on the lieutenant’s super sexy, supremely muscled figure. Glistening bodies pressed together, marauding hands hungrily groping breasts, pussies, stiff cocks. Several super hard fuckhammers were already stuffed deep into very willing orifices.

Between the lieutenant and her horny audience, a wide transparisteel panel stretched between two support pillars that had been hastily erected beforehand (by Wendy smashing their bottom ends brutally into the concrete floor). The shield was an unfortunate necessity due to the somewhat hazardous nature of the live performance the muscle goddess was presently giving.

“So there I was, standing in the middle of the street, facing these huge tanks! Massive steel beasts! And poor little me with nothing but these to defend myself …”

She blasted her muscles outward in a most-muscular pose, and the room in front of her broke out in fresh moans and cries. One of the mattresses scooted several inches across the floor as the man and woman on it began a fierce bout of renewed copulation, his crotch smacking noisily against her sloppy wet cuntflesh as his revived cock pounded deep into her. On the mattress next to them, two busty ladies merged into a 69 so tight that it threatened to become a single 0.

“And they were shooting at me! Heavy antitank rounds as big as this!”

Wendy reached into the rubble pile and ripped out a large chunk of steel with a room-filling screech.

“Each of them slammed into my body just like this …”

She held the jagged mass of steel out in front of her chest, then snapped her hand quickly to her left breast, crushing the metal deep into delicious titflesh. Her huge tit pancaked and folded around it, swallowing the entire mass as her fist slammed the metal hard into it. The ragged ball of metal exploded in a cloud of deadly shards, several of which impacted the transparent shield hard enough to leave tiny cracks in it.

More moans and screams reverberated through the room as yet another round of mind-blowing orgasms ripped through the lieutenant’s captive audience like sharks tearing through a school of tasty fish.

“Obviously I couldn’t just stand there and endure such an impolite greeting like that without defending myself! So …”

Wendy walked around one side of the transparent panel and approached the mattress with the two bosomy women on it, who were chewing into each other like a savagely hungry yin yang symbol. The lieutenant squatted down next to them, then reached out and slid her fingers into the hair of one of the devouring dames. That woman detached her mouth from the thick fucklips of her partner and stared dreamily into Wendy’s gaze, her mouth slick with juices.

The lieutenant slowly bunched her bicep into a tall peak, inches from the woman’s face. She said softly, “I used this very bicep to tear my fist through the street beneath me so I could rip out a huge chunk of asphalt.”

“Oh god oh god oh god OH GODDDDD …”

Wendy slowly pressed her peaked bicep against the wide-eyed woman’s lips. The mindlessly horny young lady sank her teeth into that flesh-covered boulder as hard as she could. Down below, her partner savagely tore into drenched pussyflesh with her gnashing teeth and thrashing tongue. Within a minute, the bicep-devouring plaything was racked with the greatest orgasm she ever experienced in her life.

wendy with playgirl cropped by lustmonster dac21vq
Image courtesy of Plinius

As the ravished woman sank down onto the floor at the feet of the still very hungry lieutenant, the muscle goddess fixed her gaze on her most recent meal’s lovely partner, who was staring at her with wide adoring eyes. Like a mighty tigress approaching fresh prey, Wendy slowly sank to her hands and knees on the mattress between her new target’s thighs.

“I threw that huge chunk of asphalt at the closest tank,” Wendy continued in a husky tone, “but the thing’s armor was too strong. The asphalt just shattered against the front of the big metal beast. So, I was forced to use much deadlier weapons. I leaped up onto the tank, thrust out my armor-piercing mountains of destruction, and tore into the tank’s super strong armor JUST LIKE THIS!!!”

The lieutenant suddenly lowered her chest between the girl’s spread thighs and mashed her hanging breast down against thick glistening labia.

The entire room soon joined the shrieking, bucking, spasming girl in wall-shaking climax.

Special Weapons Research Base, Main Operations Building, Top Floor

The super muscle goddess exited the elevator and strode down the long hallway.

Despite her official rank of “lieutenant”, and the fact that she was officially on duty, Wendy DeKalb was casually dressed in a pink tank top, ripped blue jean shorts, and flip flops. As she walked her muscles flexed and rippled, and her huge boobs bounced within her tight shirt. She wore casual pretty much all the time these days, unashamedly craving the stares her super muscle body received as she wandered around the huge military base. The lieutenant did nothing to discourage them.

Who, other than perhaps her even more massively muscular Commander, would challenge her about her laissez-fair dress code?

The hallway was lined with steel walls and many doors. Wendy could not help but think back to that amazing day just a few weeks ago when she was in another such hallway, and she was free to use her incredible strength to utterly demolish it, along with the entire building around it.

Wendy had to stop and catch her breath as those delicious memories flooded her mind.

Woah girl, get a grip!

Fuck, getting a grip is exactly what I want to do. Grip and crush and TEAR …


Wendy closed her eyes and stood there until her breathing steadied. Then she resumed her stroll down the hallway toward the Commander’s office.

The door with the words “BARBARA JEAN WALLACE, COMMANDER, CRSWR” stamped across its frosted window swung open just as Wendy reached it, its edge nearly plowing into her face and chest. She stopped herself just in time, not wanting to damage her Commander’s office door.

Well, not right this minute anyway.

She had to stifle a giggle as she brushed past two junior officers who were exiting as she was entering. They smiled and saluted her smartly despite her casual attire, and she nodded in response.

Closing the door behind her, she made her way across the huge space and stood before the eight-foot wide granite-topped desk. Behind that vast work surface, the Commander punched a button on a console to disconnect a voice call, then leaned back in her sumptuous leather chair and gazed at her subordinate.

“Good morning, Lieutenant! I trust you had a pleasant evening?”

The lieutenant just stood there, a huge grin as unstoppable as her massive muscles stretching across her lips.

“A little birdie told me, lieutenant, that you have been regaling the troops with stories about your recent activities in the old base, in a very interactive manner.”

Wendy hummed softly.

“The infirmary has reported a sudden influx of casualties, lieutenant. A variety of pulled muscles, torn ligaments, chipped teeth, and one particularly large breast needing treatment for bite wounds. Lieutenant, do the words ‘too much sex’ mean anything to you?”

The lieutenant just shook her head, changing her expression to one of blank incomprehension as she stifled the maniacal laughter that threatened to burst from her throat.

“You and I are invincible, lieutenant. As far as I know, we’re the only ‘supers’ around here. Everyone else is very squishy and breakable, but all are valuable contributors to the running of this base. Please be more careful with your playthings.”

The lieutenant made big doe eyes, and the Commander rolled her own.

“Anyway, lieutenant, I require your assistance this morning.”

Wendy tried and just barely succeeded to stifle a huge grin. The tasks that her Commander had been assigning to her lately were always so delicious.

“Yes, ma’am. When do we begin?”

Right away, please, oh please!

“Right away, lieutenant! And cease that incessant grinning, please.”

The Commander stood up. Wendy’s eyes widened, as they did every time they took in the full sight of her amazing lover.

The lieutenant was herself a mouthwateringly-muscled goddess, but her Commander was well beyond that. Her muscles had muscles on top of muscles, with more muscles in between. Every flex, every ripple, every mind-blowing bulge excited Wendy to no end. It didn’t help that the Commander was nearly as cavalier about her attire as her subordinate. A green t-shirt stretched across her massive torso, with the words DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY across her monster chest. It stopped just above her navel, revealing one row of huge abs that could (literally!) rasp through solid steel. Below this, army camouflage pants hugged her muscular hips, gigantic thighs, and boulder-like calves. Her only real concession to her rank was a pair of regulation combat boots.

“Lieutenant! Stop staring!”

Wendy snapped her eyes away from her Commander, desperately trying not to giggle.

The Commander sighed.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Wendy followed her Commander out of the office like a love-sick puppy.

The two lovely musclebeasts rode the elevator down. Down. Down … 

“Journey to the center of the earth?” Wendy muttered as she gazed up at the elevator’s position indicator above the door. It had stopped at “B”, while the elevator itself continued to plummet.

“Not quite that far,” her Commander replied.

Finally, the elevator car stopped with a slight shudder, and the door slid open. The love-sick puppy followed her musclebeast master into another long hallway.

“What is this level? I didn’t even know it existed.”

“You’ll see, lieutenant.”

They passed door after anonymous door, until the Commander reached her destination: another door. It did not look any different from the others.

“Yay! A door! I’m excited.”


Wendy’s body tingled all over, and her hand traveled upward of its own accord. Her Commander was so damn good at deep menacing growls.

The Commander pressed her palm against a metal plate, a light flashed green, and the door clicked open.

Would have been so much more fun to watch her PUNCH it open … 

“Lieutenant, let go of your tit and come on!”

Blushing, Wendy sheepishly followed her hulking Commander into the vast space, her hands at her sides now.

If Q’s laboratory from the 007 movies had a real-world analogy, this place was it, and then some.

Rows of workbenches stretched out before her as far as she could see. Parts of the long room were closed in by walls, forming smaller rooms within the bigger one. Lab equipment and various metal contraptions in various stages of construction littered the tables and shelves. Technicians labored before many of them. Sparks flew as welding torches fused metal bits together into larger metal bits.

So much work to put it all together, and so easy and fun to TEAR it APART … 

The Commander lead the way into the room, winding a circuitous path between tables. Wendy followed, her eyes darting all around, taking in the fascinating activity.

They reached a particular table, with a technician busily snaking electrical cables through some complex contraption.


The technician turned to face his visitors. His eyes widened, then he snapped to attention.

“Lieutenant, meet Alex Brody. He will be outfitting you with a new uniform.”

Wendy’s eyes widened at that. “Really?”

The man looked at the Commander questioningly, and she nodded her head. “At ease.”

“Um, yes, lieutenant, the Commander had me create this for you.”

He reached across the table to grab a large cardboard box, then shyly handed it to the muscle goddess. Wendy made an extra effort to brush her fingertips against his hands as she accepted the box from him.

“You recall,” the Commander said, “that we have had a bit of a problem regarding the durability of our uniforms during our ‘special ops’.”

Wendy could not help giggling. “Yeah, they get totally shredded in battle, and we end up naked!”

“That is indeed the crux of the issue. Follow me.”

The Commander turned and started to walk away. The lieutenant leaned forward and kissed the very cute engineer on one cheek, politely thanked him, then followed her superior.

Behind them, a blushing Alex Brody watched the two superwomen leave as he slid his fingertips lightly along his cheek where the incredible goddess had planted her lips.

The muscle goddesses headed toward a door in a side wall, about half way down the length of the lab. The Commander pressed her hand on another wall plate, and the door slid open. She stood to one side of the doorway and waved her hand. “After you!”

Wendy walked through the doorway into what appeared to be a man-made cave, roughly cut out of the native bedrock. Huge canister lights hanging from scaffolding far above bathed it in a dim light.

In the center of the cave, two vaguely metallic spheres, each at least twenty feet in diameter, stood near each other on thick steel columns sunk into the rock floor.

The Commander joined her, and the door slid shut.

“Don’t think I didn’t see what you did to that poor Mr. Brody, lieutenant.”

Wendy grinned. “That’s nothing compared to what I have planned for him.”

“Try not to land this one in the infirmary, okay? He’s very good at what he does. I don’t want him to suffer significant down time.”

The lieutenant’s grin grew just a bit more wicked. The Commander sighed.

“Okay, lieutenant, strip and don the contents of the box.”

Wendy immediately complied. She had no issues with undressing in public, especially when her audience was the Commander.

Now naked, she picked up the box again and started rifling through it.

The materials her fingers encountered felt strange.

The lieutenant’s eyes widened as her Commander pulled off her own shirt, pants, and boots.

“There should be enough in the box for both of us,” she replied with a touch of amusement at Wendy’s stare.

“But what IS it?”

She drew the pile of material out. It seemed somehow familiar.

Wait … 

“Superpolymer nanothread,” the Commander said.

“That stuff from our little romp a few weeks ago?”

The Commander nodded. “Woven into fabric. That was apparently a real bitch to accomplish, from what the techs told me.”

“But … ”

Wendy lifted it out. It was basically nothing more than two pieces of fabric, each measuring about two feet by four feet.

“How do I …?”

The Commander rolled her eyes as if it should be so obvious even to a child. Then she grabbed one of the pieces of fabric, held it lengthwise between her outstretched hands, and pulled it backward against her own huge chest, wrapping the fabric around behind her.

Wendy gasped as she watched the thing start to spread.

The fabric grew and stretched, flowing along the Commander’s skin, rising up over her breasts, down her tummy, around her sides, and further down between her huge thighs. When it stopped flowing, the Commander was wearing a reasonably ordinary-looking leotard, albeit one that perfectly hugged her rippling musculature, leaving little to the imagination.

The Commander pumped her massive arms and thighs. “Well, lieutenant, what do you think?”

Wendy just stood there and drooled.

“I’ll take that glazed look as approval. Now try yours on.”

Wendy did what she saw her Commander do, and gasped as she felt the material flow across her naked flesh. It felt … 

Oh fuck, this feels so damn GOOD!

The newly-formed leotard hugged her amazing muscles and curves. She flexed her muscles experimentally, and the fabric clung to them, stretching just the right amount where necessary.

“How does this stuff work? How does it know where to go?”

The Commander smiled. “That, my dear, is top secret. I could tell you, but then I’d have to— oh hell, I CAN’T. Well, then, I just won’t tell you.”

Wendy pouted.

“It has to do with nano computers, nano circuitry, nano this, nano that. That’s all I’ll say about it. I will tell you this: you’re wearing about twenty million credits’ worth of ‘nano’ crap.”

Wendy grinned as she flexed, and probed her muscles through the fabric with her fingertips.

“How strong is it?”

“It’s pretty damn strong, but not indestructible. It can still get pretty torn up in a heavy battle. However, it can fix itself immediately afterward.”

“Uh, may I?”

The Commander nodded.

Wendy dug her fingertips hard into the fabric, directly against her left nipple. They tore through, making a gash in the fabric a few inches long. Her thick nipple poked out through the tear.

Ooooohhhhhh … 

The sensation that she felt as the material flowed back together over her nipple and areola was indescribable. About the closest analogy she could think of was that the section of flesh over which the fabric flowed was an engorged clitoris, and the fabric was a pair of lips sucking on her.

“Commander, I’m going to have an orgasm every time this thing fixes itself!”

Her Commander barked a laugh. “Yes, lieutenant, you will need to learn to resist that urge. It will not become you during an op.”

“I’m just going to stand here and rip it over and over.”

“Not now, lieutenant. I have more important plans for you at the moment. Besides, the stuff cannot do that an unlimited number of times – it eventually needs a recharge. Now follow me.”

The Commander led her to the nearest of the two huge spheres in the middle of the cave.

“Several scientists in our Materials Lab have been working on these for quite some time now.”

Wendy peered more closely at the surface of the sphere, and felt it with her fingertips. It wasn’t smooth, but rather seemed more like it was made of finely ground, tightly compressed something.

“Is it hollow?” She rapped on it lightly with her knuckle – it certainly felt solid.

“Yes, but the walls are four feet thick. Very strong stuff. So the scientists say, anyway. They claim you could set off a hydrogen bomb inside it and we would not even hear it from the outside. They even had the nerve to inform me that I could not break through its walls. It is, in their opinion, an unbreakable prison.”

Wendy bit her lip.

As her fingers lightly caressed the cool sandpapery surface, the lieutenant closed her eyes and imagined herself inside this sphere, completely surrounded by four-foot-thick walls designed to withstand the force of an H-bomb. She imagined her muscles pumping and bulging all over her super sexy body as she prepared to challenge the imprisoning walls, to reduce this oversized volleyball to a pulverized ruin, to prove to all watching that this prison was nothing to her! In her increasingly horny mind, her fists raised above her head, ready to slam against this thick wall, this mocking wall that had the utter gall to think it could stand up to her incredible might … 

Oh fuck oh fuck oh yes yes YESSSS … 

“I want you to test its strength, lieutenant. Don’t hold back. I need to know if we can count on these things to do the job if we ever, say, capture an enemy super-soldier.”

Wendy’s lips stretched into a wolfish grin. “Oh yes, I’ll be happy to be your ‘enemy super-soldier’!”

She bunched her huge biceps into rock-hard balls again, flared her lats, and pulsed her massive thigh muscles. They were all very eager to rip and smash.

The Commander gave her a matter-of-fact look, as though this were just another mundane task for her to do to earn her pay.

“Well then, lieutenant, that brings us to the second part of this test. In order to imprison the enemy, first we must capture the enemy.”

Wendy moaned softly as she looked down at her own massive muscles, while containing to make them ripple and bulge. The tight-fitting leotard hid very little.

“Nothing can capture me,” she said softly. “Nothing can hold me. So STRONG.”

The Commander smiled. “We’ll see about that!”

She quickly stepped back and snapped her fingers.

A large section of the cave wall, which Wendy had not noticed before, suddenly swung open, and a strange wheeled vehicle came tearing out. It looked a bit like an armored personnel carrier, but it was mainly just six huge wheels plus a sinister-looking gun turret on top. No windows were visible, so it must have been autonomous (or at least remotely-controlled).

An identical vehicle appeared behind the first, then another, then another. More emerged. And still more…

“APPREHENDERS, ATTACK!” yelled the Commander.

Several of the closest vehicles’ turrets swiveled, took aim at the luscious lieutenant, and fired.

Bright orange energy beams lanced out and bathed Wendy’s super muscle body in a fiery ball.

The beams switched off, and the fiery ball hardened.

A foot-thick layer of solid matter, still crackling with energy, completely encased Wendy’s sexy body.

Nearby, the top third of the sphere swung open like an enormous hatch. Three of the wheeled apprehension units approached the heavy mass containing Wendy, and together they fired a trio of energy beams that pushed the encased muscle goddess upward and sideways, toward the sphere’s open top.

Of course, the luscious lieutenant wasn’t having any of this.


The dense encasing mass blasted away from Wendy’s bulging muscles in huge chunks. Her feet far apart and her fists thrust upward and outward, the “enemy super-soldier” bellowed her fury at being so cruelly attacked. Freed (at least for the moment) from the shoving beams, she fell to the ground and landed cat-like on her fingers and feet. The lieutenant immediately charged one of the attacking vehicles.

Before she could reach it, however, the attacking trio fired their fiery beams again, re-encasing the snarling lieutenant in an even thicker layer of super dense material. The whole mass slammed against the vehicle Wendy had been charging, knocking it back a few feet but not damaging it in any visible way.

The shoving beams turned on and sent the mass skyward again, moving toward the top of the sphere.

This attempt was about as successful as the last, as another shower of shattered encasing material rained down everywhere, and a snarling Wendy was on her feet again, charging her wheeled foes.

Casually leaning against the furthest of the two spheres, the Commander watched the action, enjoying the spectacle of her sexy lover using her super strength.

Three more vehicles raced up, and now there were six beams encasing Wendy in a shell of dense imprisonment at least three feet thick. Then the shoving beams took over, quickly pushing her into the air and across the cavern to the opened sphere. The beams switched off, and the imprisoning mass crashed down into the sphere. Immediately afterward, the huge hatch swung shut, and then a bright flash appeared along the seam as the hatch fused itself to the rest of the sphere.

The Commander’s fingers slid up to her gigantic breasts and started mashing into them.

Can the thing actually hold her? she wondered, biting her lip.

Could it hold ME?


The entire sphere shuddered, and the thick pillars holding it up seemed to flex a bit, but otherwise it appeared to be … 


The Commander’s fingers tore through the fabric covering her tits. Strong fingers clawed into them as she saw one side of the sphere visibly bow outward. The ground around the base of the pillars radiated long cracks.


The tortured sphere swelled again, one side bulging out grotesquely.

The Commander’s breasts pancaked against her palms. Masses of titflesh crushed between her splayed fingers. The fabric tried to reseal itself there, but couldn’t get past her hands and just stopped around them.


Accompanied by the loudest wail of total metal destruction the Commander had ever had the pleasure of hearing, that whole side of the sphere bloomed, then shattered in a hellish eruption of super dense projectiles. Much of the flying sphere debris slammed against the Commander’s heaving body as she shot a hand down, savagely ripped fabric aside, and sank two fingers into herself as far as they could go. The huge tit that no longer had a hand on it was now fully exposed to the blasting remnants of the sphere.

Several of the apprehender vehicles were unlucky to be in the path of the hailstorm, and were torn to shreds. More raced out of the opening in the wall to take their place.

containment1 by lustmonster daak1sm
Image courtesy of Dinsidious1

A super-pumped muscle goddess stretched the ragged hole in the sphere even wider. She reveled in her incredible strength. Screams and wails reverberated through the cave as the four-foot-thick walls crumpled, then exploded away in massive chunks from her unstoppable hands.


Wendy dug her hands into the thick walls again and tore out great chunks, hurled them away, then tore out even bigger chunks out and flung them hard against the cave walls, embedding them deep in the hard stone.

Down below, the Commander ferociously mauled her own titflesh and pussyflesh with powerful fingers as she watched her lieutenant savagely demolish the sphere. Her huge arm muscles bulged as her hands kneaded and shoved. Her feet hammered into the hard ground, sending up sprays of crushed stone. Her back ground against the side of the second sphere, causing it to rock noticeably on its supporting pillars.

A dozen apprehenders swarmed around the sphere that was rapidly disintegrating under the onslaught of Wendy’s super body, their turrets swiveling, aiming, trying to get a clear shot at their rampaging target.

More chunks of super-heavy material blasted out of the sides of the sphere, tearing into many of the swarming vehicles, reducing them to smoking ruins.

The lieutenant was a mindless, brutal, unstoppable force now: fists and knees and breasts and hips flailing, punching, bashing, tearing, shredding until there was nothing left of the sphere but a ragged little platform on top of cracked and twisted support pillars.

She leapt from the battered remnants onto the top of a hapless apprehender. In mere seconds it was reduced to scrap as she flailed her arms and legs all around her, blasting and pulverizing everything within reach.

Standing amidst the vehicle’s pulverized carcass, she bent down in a crouch and bellowed as she slammed into a most-muscular pose. Then her rampage resumed, as she blasted her body through vehicle after vehicle, pulping the remaining lot of them into more useless scrap.

The lieutenant stopped when she caught sight of her Commander, who was collapsed in a panting, chest-heaving heap, lying on her back at the bottom of a fairly deep bowl that her thrashing legs had carved out of the hard ground. Piles of dirt and rock ringed the bowl. Her hands lay placidly on her rippling abs, fingers laced together. Several of those fingers were conspicuously wet. The Commander’s eyes stared dreamily up at her.

Wendy grinned viciously, and pumped her muscles again.


The Commander just smiled back at her, still looking rather dazed.

Wendy crouched. Her beautiful lips formed a feral smile.

My love, I hope you came really, really HARD!

With a savage snarl, the “enemy super-soldier” lowered her head and shoulders, launched herself forward with a mighty lunge from her huge thighs, and plowed into one of the remaining sphere’s thick support pillars.

Her super muscle body vaporized that pillar and kept right on going. She smashed into the far wall of the cave, bringing down a rain of rock and boulders that completely sealed her into that wall. Thrusting her chest forward and flaring her lats wide, she muscle-blasted her way back to freedom, then skidded to a stop as she observed the result of her latest destruction.

The giant sphere, thrown off balance by the missing support pillar, slowly toppled over, then slammed its entire multi-thousand-ton weight down into the crater next to it and onto the Commander, crushing the musclebeast’s super sexy body several yards further down into the hard rock.

Now it was Wendy’s turn to bite her lip and wait.

Nothing happened for a few more seconds, then the huge sphere lunged.

It settled back into the bowl.

Lunged again.


An incredible wail of tortured sphere-meat resounded from the bottom of the bowl as the Commander’s massive arms, sticking nearly straight out to either side of her, slowly curled upward, crushing inexorably into the four-foot-thick wall of the sphere. Boulder biceps crushed into the surface, as did the flaring supinator muscles of her forearms, and her clenched fingers. Her huge breasts crushed upward into it as well, the grinding pressure so great that her leotard material was completely annihilated around her nipples and areolae. The stuff the sphere was made of was like nothing the Commander had ever encountered before, its density and strength unbelievable. But it still could not compare to the godlike might of the Commander herself. Every part of her body pumped and swelled as her arms and tits and thighs tore into the sphere, until massive chunks of the wall exploded inward. Her hands continued to move toward each other inside the sphere until her fingers found more of the thick material to claw and rip and tear.

The sphere rocked and heaved inside the bowl as the Commander tore into it and began to massacre the poor thing from within.

Feeling very happy, Wendy sat down Indian-style to watch.

Five minutes later, the Commander stomped out of the debris-filled crater and sat down next to Wendy.

She looked around the cave. “You know, lieutenant, I made this cave, all by myself. With just my naked body.” She casually flexed her muscles as she brushed sphere-dust off her skin.

“Mmmmhhhhhh, that must have been a lot of fun!”

“Now lieutenant, you know that as the Commander of this base I have to take my work here very seriously. Deriving enjoyment from such things is beneath me!”

Wendy just grinned, and they sat side-by-side in silence for a minute, bulging triceps pressed against bulging triceps.

“Your wimpy prison thingies didn’t work,” the lieutenant said, a touch of pride still in her voice. “Next time, try eight feet thick.”

“Oh yes they did,” the Commander responded. “They provided me exactly what I needed.”

The mighty Commander then rolled over on top her delicious lover, mashing Wendy’s V-shaped back into the battered ground. Strong hands ripped Top Secret nano-whatever from each other’s super sexy body and flung it all aside.

Hungrier than she’d ever been in her life, the Commander ravenously devoured delicious titflesh and pussyflesh.

Nearby, the scraps of nanothread cloth flowed back together along the ground, returning to their original rectangle shapes. They just needed to be retrieved and reapplied, and then they would flow over and tightly hug the two super muscle goddesses again, for whatever amazing adventures lay ahead.

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