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What it means to be a super strong and sexy girl part 2

Written by jsooi0110 :: [Saturday, 24 June 2017 16:28] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 10 May 2023 13:17]

Right after Kim stepped out of the shop Kim had an idea on what she wanna do next. She is going to pay a visit to her ex-boyfriend, Lawrence.

Kim and Lawrence had been together for 1 year but they have broken up 2 months ago. The reason of breaking up is Lawrence dated another girl while they were together.

The girl Lawrence dated name Jennifer. While Kim is hot, Jennifer is hotter. Jennifer is a blonde while Kim is a brunette. Lawrence has always preferred blonde but before Lawrence knew Jennifer, Lawrence was attracted by Kim instead because of her, well, 32D-25-33 sexy body figure.

Kim was attracted by Lawrence too as Lawrence looks pretty handsome and has awesome charisma. After 2 dates they have went out they became couple and were envy by everybody in the school. They were like the perfect pair of couple in the sense of outlook.

However everything changed after Jennifer was transferred from the other school to theirs. When Jennifer walked into the class everybody no matters boys or girls, all were looking to Jennifer in awe.

Before this Kim was the prettiest and the sexiest girl in the class or some said in the school instead. Everything changed since Jennifer entering the class. Jennifer was like outclassed Kim in terms of everything on the outlook.

Long blonde hair, beautiful face, protruded and big boobs which at least E cup, narrow waist, wide hips … just everything better than Kim.

It didn’t take much time for Lawrence to decide that he gonna dumped Kim and being together with Jennifer. And yes, after only 2 weeks, they were being together.

Kim was so sad but no matter what she did Lawrence just wouldn’t back to her side.

Kim went to the riverside of the town where she always went when she was unhappy to calm herself down and there was where Kim touched the meteor accidentally to gain her superman-like superpower and super sexy outlook.

“Hehe this is going to be fun,” said Kim. She raised both of her hands and says, “up, up in the sky!” Nothing happened.

“Ooops looks like I don’t possess flight power,” said Kim. “Okay then, let me grab a taxi.”

Kim went to the roadside and waving her hand to try to grab a taxi. While she was walking and going to the roadside and waved her hand everybody on the street were looking at her. Some guys stared at her and a guy even drooling while looking at Kim.

Kim just can’t help but feeling happy as she always like to be the attention of the crowd. She waved her hand harder and this cause her huge boobs which hardly contained by her tight white tank top wobbling like the waves hitting the beach. This caused more attention and of course, attention from a taxi.

Kim hopped in the front seat of the taxi instead of the back seat because she was not having enough fun of getting the attention from the others and she knew she would get more attention from the taxi driver by sitting on the front seat.

The taxi driver stared at her all the while she opened the door and sat on the seat.

“To Smith Street, thank you.” Kim said.

The taxi driver continued to stare at Kim like Kim didn’t say anything.

 “Hello? Can you hear me?” Kim said as she waved her hand in front of the taxi driver’s face.

“Okay … okay …” the taxi driver mumbling. “Sorry, where do you want to go?” the taxi driver asked.

“ To Smith Street, please.” Kim said again with an attractive grin.

The taxi driver started driving and heading toward the destination.

While driving the taxi driver just can’t help himself to look at Kim sneakily. He has never seen a pretty and sexy girl like Kim like she is from another league which the league never existed in human being’s standard. The flawless pretty face, the near never ending long legs, the blue shorts helps showing the legs and butt in a great combination of lower body, the tiny waist, the flat stomach and the most intriguing part that made the taxi driver felt speechless and hard to breath was her huge boobs, “What a pair of boobs.” The taxi driver thought.

So big and so round like two melons hiding inside the shirt but they are not hard like the melons as they seem so soft and firm. They are like gravity defying as they stand proud and protruded on Kim chest.

While the taxi driver was driving he can see Kim’s huge boobs were bouncing slightly. “Wow, they look so tasty!” The taxi driver thought. The taxi driver’s crotch became tighter as he was so aroused by Kim’s presence.

Kim doesn’t need super power to know that the taxi driver is getting an erection as it’s obvious.

“Hmm … his dick is kinda big. I wonder can it be bigger and harder.” Kim thought.

An idea popped up in Kim’s mind. She knows the way to push the limit. Kim arched her back and pretended to tie up her hair with her both hands. While doing this her bubble butt pushed to the back and her huge boobs pushed to the front and caused the t shirt on the brink of tearing.

The taxi driver’s dick became harder and rising higher to almost touched the sterling due to Kim’s sexy posture. This caused him struggling in driving properly.

“Tell me,” Kim said while turning her face and upper body to face the taxi driver. “Am I beautiful and uh … sexy?” said Kim seductively.

“Yes,” the taxi driver replied with a look that obviously he is trying hard on holding on.

Kim knew he was on the brink of busting and she intended to have some fun on him before meeting Lawrence.

Kim tracing her finger around her left boobs and asked, “So do you have any idea how large my breasts are?”

“And will you charge my taxi fare for free if I let you touch them,” Kim giggled.

The taxi driver couldn’t stand with it anymore and did an emergency brake to stop the car. Right after that he grabbed and squeezed Kim’s boobs without asking her and he ejected like the best orgasm in his whole life.

The taxi driver rolled his eyes back and obviously enjoying it really much. Kim let him do it the whole process all the while but with a disgust look.

“You ugly pathetic guy. Did I allow you to do it? I was just asking.” Kim grabbed his hand and pulled them off.

The taxi driver tried to push Kim’s hand back but he couldn’t even moved them an inch. He was so frightening and didn’t know why and what to do.

“Gotcha! Haha I was just kidding! Come on. I let you touch them,” said Kim with a big laugh.

The taxi driver didn’t dare to do anything now as he knows Kim’s strength is far more superior than him.

Kim slowly guiding his hands to touch her boobs and asked,” How are they feeling? Firmest boobs ever touched? Let me help you further.”

Kim slowly applying pressure on his hands flattening her impressive boobs. At first the taxi driver enjoying very much but after a little while the taxi driver was feeling pain on his hands and slowly became unbearable pain. All the while Kim was just looking at him casually to demonstrate how little effort she has applied to cause him pain.

“Please, let go of my hands! I beg you!” The taxi driver begged pathetically.

“Not until I heard something …” There was a crunch sound while Kim was saying. The taxi driver let out a scream when his hands was crushed by Kim’s large boobs and passed out.

“Pathetic!” said Kim and let go his broken palms.

Kim let out a big laugh as she thought about her superiority over big men and now she really looking forward to show what she capable of to Lawrence to show him revenge.

*To be continued*

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