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This is a story that takes place in the same Omniverse as the series Celestials, which can be found here.

It is recommended but not necessary to read Celestials first.


An immortal man's life is not so simple.


Ben grabbed an apron covered with multi-colored splotches and sat down at his work desk, which was cluttered with brushes and bottles of paint. He gathered some materials and began priming the canvas.

The sight of a blank canvas is an intimidating sight. It represents both unlimited potential and mind-numbing insecurity at the same time. Turning it into something that meets his own standards takes hard work, and turning it into something that can be really appreciated by others is almost impossible.

Not that there isn't a market for artists around these parts, but when more than half of your consumer base is female and can alter reality on a whim, teleport and travel through time, and rule over all living beings forever with their unending lives, it's tough to create a piece of art that would truly impress them.

The easiest and probably only way for a male artist to compete is to tap into the niche of genuine and emotional expression.

Female Celestials love true authenticity because it's possibly the one thing they can't just magick into existence on a whim. They covet labors of love that have weeks, years, or even centuries of effort poured into it, as if by owning that work they own a piece of the artist himself - willingly, without mental subjugation or using telekinesis to tear off a bloody chunk themselves.

“I probably shouldn't be having such dark thoughts on my five hundred and sixth birthday,” Ben thought and then remembered that it was someone else's birthday as well.

That's because Ben wasn't an only child.

He was a fraternal twin, meaning he and his sibling were born on the same day at the same time. This was different from being an identical twin, which meant that he would share the entirety of his genetics with his sibling.

Ben and his sibling actually differed in many different ways. He was six feet tall with dark brown hair, and his sibling was quite short (barely breaching the five foot threshold, maybe 5'3”) with red hair worn straight and a minor sprinkling of freckles. None of these surface-level differences actually mattered as much as one single letter.

Unlike his sibling, Ben was born with a “Y” chromosome.

A thunderous green explosion shook the foundations of his apartment, causing tools and paint to spill all over the place. Afterwards, the energy began to form into the silhouette of a female.

“Speak of the devil…”

“I think you mean 'think' of the devil. And please don't call me a devil…”


Paige has never known hardship.

Her powers, which manifested as playful lime green sparks, classified her as a Highest Celestial from birth. Paige wasn't anywhere near as powerful as other Highest Celestials like Mara and she barely qualified to be a cockroach compared to Tori, but the circumstances of her birth and her young age still made her quite a lucky phenomenon and one of the most powerful women in the entire Omniverse.

If Ben got the shit end of the stick, his sister's end of the stick came super-glued with the birthright of hyper-omnipotence.

Unlike his own male Celestial genes which at least provided immortality and a perfect immune system, Paige's additional “X” chromosome unlocked access to reality-warping omnimagic at the snap of her fingers which would continue to grow without end or bounds – not that she needed literally infinite power, but it was another benefit to throw on top of her pile of blessings.

Even without her powers, Paige's genetics proved to be of near divine quality which bore itself out as the two siblings grew up together. She was short and freckled, yes, but she had a trim and fit build with homegrown GG-cup breasts and a firm butt. Her face contained both a plainness and natural beauty untainted by magical enhancement, a combination that was popular among lots of guys – and gals.

Ben couldn't help but feel a little weird thinking about his sister like that even after all these years, but that weirdness paled in comparison to all the things they've been through together.


Celestial schools exist not really to educate, but to provide a playground for young female Celestials to get used to their powers and learn how to rule over their lessers, also known as everyone.

Ben recalled a memory at school where he and his sister were hanging out together at a lunch table. Two girls from one of Paige's classes recognized her and sat down, wanting to strike up a conversation.

“Paige, you're pretty close with your brother, aren't you?” said Amy.

The other girl, Maria, interjected with a chuckle, “He looks much better treated than my own brother. Last week, I read his mind and found out that he was deathly afraid of tigers. Imagine – an immortal being deathly afraid of anything!”

She continued her story. “Anyway, I filled his dreams with tigers. Big ones, small ones, titan-sized ones. Speaking of which…”

Maria snapped her fingers.

“Now his nightmares have come true.”

Amy couldn't help but laugh. “That's all? Just last night, I stripped my brother of his immortality and teleported him to a planet filled with only with venomous wildlife. He's still there… I think. Who cares anyway?”

The two omnipotent girls began cackling, not bothered at all that Ben, someone who also qualified to become a tortured plaything, was sitting in their presence.

The image of Paige here was burned into Ben's memory as she stared blankly in deep thought and reached under the table with her all-powerful hand which could combust a galaxy with a finger wag - to grip Ben's own tightly.


There was another time where the siblings received their schedules for the coming semester, hoping that they got the courses that they wanted.

Ben took a look at the piece of paper Paige handed to him. It listed ridiculous things like Matter Reshaping, How to Handle Your Own Apocalypse, Pocket Universe Creation, and Time Travel II, which were of course female-only classes by necessity.

“I wonder how Time Travel will be,” Paige remarked while peeling an apple with her mind. “In Time Travel I, we took a field trip to the end of reality. I didn't need any help, but the younger girls needed Miss Tracey's supervision to prevent them from creating paradoxes on accident. She used omnimagic to merge branches of errant time lines so that nothing could go terribly wrong. It was an interesting experience, I guess…”

Paige frowned a little and continued, “The end of reality sucks.”

She snapped her fingers and the end of reality was postponed indefinitely.

“Anyway, my classes are all boring. Let's see yours!”

Another snap ripped the page from Ben's hands straight into Paige's omnipotent grip.

“Pre-Calculus… ew. I'm glad I can zap that knowledge into my head if I ever need it. Creative Writing, that could be fun, maybe. I bet I could write better stories than you even without my powers! Oh, hey, you're taking Fine Arts III! You've got to show me some of your drawings again later… P.E.? What's P.E.?”

“Physical Education, not that girls need to worry about it. It's also my least favorite class…”

One last snap removed the course from his schedule.


Awakened by loud chimes, Ben could barely remember what day it was.

The only notable event in the near future was starting his internship at a small studio located in another universe. Paige promised to teleport him to and from work as needed, but he assured her that it wasn't necessary and that there was nothing wrong with taking the multi-dimensional transit like other unpowered people do.

His sister's finger spelled an end to his resistance as well as to the multi-dimensional transit business which was banished from all time lines after it was struck by a beam of green omnimagic.

Anyway, that alarm clock was going on long enough.

He reached over to turn it off. However, he felt it change under his touch as the blaring sounds it was making stopped abruptly. The clock felt like metal instead of the plastic casing he was expecting and also had a smooth curvature to it.

Confused, Ben forced himself up and looked over at the nightstand. What he found wasn't an alarm clock, but a golden lamp.

He instinctively pulled his hand away, wanting to minimize his contact with as much omnimagical meddling as possible, but the smoke that began to pour out of its tip revealed that he was too late.

The smoke billowed out above Ben as he laid in bed, wondering if his existence would be allowed to continue. His apprehension didn't last long as the smoke began to turn green and form into a silhouette that he recognized very well.

“Happy 18th birthday… to both of us!”


Ben stared with his mouth gaping wide open as his literally godlike sister floated in front of him.

Paige was clad in a two-piece genie outfit that left very little to the imagination – especially in the chest region, where two pieces of green fabric covered her areolas inadequately. They were held together by interlinked silver chains which were fighting a losing war with two dense GG-cup breasts whose volume betrayed their overall firmness by overflowing into squishy mounds at the edges of their struggling containers.

She spun around in mid-air to admire her own posterior from multiple angles, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her massive freckled breasts could be seen from behind her as they jiggled in obscene trajectories before settling – after a long while. Somehow, the chain bikini kept doing its job beyond all expectations.

“So… what do you think of your present?”

Ben felt paralyzed as his eyes probed every bit of his sister's perfectly sculpted hyper-omnipotent body. Nothing that could be described as words came out of his mouth.

Not wanting to wait too long for his response, Paige read her brother's mind.

“Huh, you're right. I guess if I'm gonna go this far, I should look the part.”

She snapped her fingers, which caused her legs to transform into the gaseous form of a stereotypical genie's tail.

“Sorry for reading your mind,” Paige apologized, mistaking the involuntary convulsions on her brother's face as disapproval of her actions.

“It's really hard for me not to. It's like… asking a mortal to not breathe or blink…” she said while gesturing at him, then she became a little flustered.

“N-not that you're a mortal, mind you, you just happen to share similar limitatio- …I'm sorry.”

Ben could barely hold in his laughter as Paige stumbled over her words, apologizing for something that didn't bother him at all – especially because it was coming from her.


“So I get three wishes, right?”

The passive effects of Paige's magic kept the two siblings afloat in a pocket universe she created which was filled with planets, stars, asteroid fields, and them (and only them). She really did look like a busty genie with her undulating tail and straining bikini top covering what little breast flesh it could handle and leaving the rest to overflow like two freckled muffins over her crossed arms.

Ben took no notice of her beyond asking his question, as he was spinning around flapping his arms like a moron. Paige snapped her fingers and forced him to stop and face her.

“Not one single spark is coming out of these fingers until you grant my wish first,” Paige demanded with a bit of attitude, causing yet another violent jiggle.

In response to her brother's confused look, she lowered her eyes at him and continued, “It's my birthday too, you know.”

Paige grabbed Ben by the collar with her genie tail and pulled him in for kiss. After securing her prey, she embraced him tightly with her arms around his rib cage. Her bosom invaded and quickly filled up the small volume that could be considered her brother's personal space. After a couple of seconds, Ben stopped resisting the genie goddess and returned her fervor, failing to notice that Paige had restored her legs back to normal – without the bottom piece of her outfit.

Relinquishing her kiss, she grabbed the tops of her brother's shoulders and pushed him down until his head was level with her groin and thighs.

“That earned you one wish, Master. What are you willing to do for the other two?”


The genie and her brother lay next to each other in the abyss of the pocket universe, staring straight up at the stars. She began tracing shapes with her right hand as the largest sun followed its path.

“Imagine what I, your perfect and beyond cosmically powerful servant, could do to fulfill your first wish.”

With a wave of Paige's hand, the planets and stars began spinning around. As they built up speed, they began leaving trails of energy that dissipated into neon green sparkles.

“You've never traveled through time, have you? Have you put any thought into a period you'd want to visit? With my powers, you could rule any kingdom you want… or universe.”

A snap of her fingers rewound everything, placing them back into their original positions and orbits.

“Or maybe under that humble and slightly muscular exterior of yours that I adore so much, you've hidden away brutal wrath which begs to exact vengeance…”

Maria and Amy, the two cruel schoolgirls from before, materialized in front of them. Before they could get their bearings, Paige casually raised two fingers at them. Green lightning continuously shocked the girls which sapped away their free will and caused them to spasm uncontrollably as their eyes rolled backwards. After a bit, she snapped them out of the pocket universe.

“Don't worry. I just wiped their short-term memories so they won't remember any of that except as a recurring nightmare that I implanted into their innermost psyches.”

After realizing that she has been talking to herself for the past ten minutes, Paige turns over to her side.

“You've been a bad, bad Master, ignoring your all-powerful genie like this,” she teased playfully.

Ben lay perfectly still with his arms crossed over his abdomen, still staring straight up as if he was in a waking dream.

“Permission to speak without getting my mind read?”

Reading the situation, Paige gave her brother her full attention.

“Why are you the way you are? I'm not talking about the powers you were born with, but the way that you live your life and treat others, especially me. Is it out of pity?”

She answered honestly. “I won't lie that your 'inferiority' bothers and sometimes even torments me into action, probably moreso than it probably bothers you. But more importantly than that, we've been together literally since we were born.”

Paige reached over and began massaging her brother's ear. “We've experienced everything together so far, and I don't even need to use time travel to know that we will continue to do so forever. How can there possibly be someone more important to me than that?”

She continued her thoughts. “If our roles were reversed… I don't honestly know if I would be able to handle it the way you do. You try your hardest no matter what, even when surrounded by those that don't have to try at all. To me, that's real power.”

To her surprise, Ben grabbed her hand. Using it almost as an extension of his own, he pointed it towards the stars.

“Just shoot,” he commanded, and she obeyed.

A green beam of energy traced lines in between stars as Ben dragged around his sister's arm like a paintbrush. He began painting a constellation.

After he was done, Paige looked over his work. It was a constellation of her, and it was pretty good considering the limitations of being connected by the random placement of stars. The boobs were a little too big though.

Taking note of the growth in her brother's trousers, Paige grinned.

“I think you're going to like your second wish.”


Ben couldn't believe his eyes as he held Paige from behind. That was actually the only position he could be in and not be crushed into a one dimensional shape.

Paige was literally wearing the pocket universe as her bra.

“Paige… your omnimagic… is incredible.”

She gave him a puzzled look and giggled.

“I haven't used my omnimagic all day. This was all just regular magic. But if you want to see omnimagic… I'll consider that your third wish.”

She snapped her fingers.

Ben could only stare incredulously as the boundaries of Paige's pocket universe shattered, buckling under the pressure of her all-encompassing and ever-growing breasts.

Thanks again for reading.

I think this will really, really be the last time I ever write stuff like this. This story only came about because I read some of the feedback I got on my other series and wanted to write a quick story using the same overpowered abilities but with 99% less cruelty.

Enjoy the rest of your lives.

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