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The Superhuman Prostitute – Chapter 1

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Monday, 21 January 2019 02:15] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 17 March 2019 01:34]

A shameless porn story of a superwoman who will do anything you want, for the right price.

Author's Note: This story is actually a modified version of a fanfiction that I already posted elsewhere. In the rare event that anybody finds the original story, know that I wrote that one too, and that I did not plagiarize someone else’s work.

Chapter 1 – First Customer

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is none of your business. I don’t give out my name like all the other girls do, because I am absolutely nothing like all the other girls. I am the girl that you go to if you want to not only live out all of your darkest, most shameful desires and fantasies, but also experience some entirely new fetishes and kinks that you never even knew you needed until you spent a night with me.

I can do things to you that you literally wouldn’t believe to be possible without seeing them for yourself. You will find yourself questioning the very reality of the world that you live in after you’ve had a good, long taste of my superhuman body.

If you want a ruthless and powerful dominatrix, I’m the best there is. If you want a soft and submissive woman, I’m the best there is. If you think you know “sexy,” I will challenge that. If you think you understand what makes a perfect mistress, I will prove you wrong on levels that you cannot even comprehend. And if you think that there is nothing unique that I can provide that other women can’t, then feel free to challenge my abilities in person and witness my undeniable superiority for yourself.

After all, you have nothing to lose; the first night is free.

But be warned: After that first free night, there will be no turning back for you. You will pay whatever price I ask in order for you to experience the sacred privilege of putting your hands on me for a second time. And a third time. And a fourth. You will give me any amount of money that I want, again and again. Because I can personally promise you that after you spend a single night with me, you will never be able to get off on any ordinary woman ever again. You will be mine forever.

Why not give me a try? After all, the first night is free.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After spending an eternity typing and retyping her new “profile,” staring at the picture of her compromising leather outfit that she posed in, and hovering the mouse pointer over the “submit” button for nearly a whole minute, Rachael finally submitted the ad, laid back in her computer chair, and sighed.

I can’t believe I’m really doing this, she thought to herself.

As the implications of that one click of the mouse slowly started to sink in, Rachael couldn’t decide what was scarier; the fact that she was now officially prostituting herself online, or the fact that she wasn’t even remotely ashamed of it. In fact, she was truly, genuinely excited to see what would happen. After all, life on the farm had gotten so dull in recent months, that she was willing to welcome any change in her life.

She couldn’t lie to herself: She wasn't getting laid as often as she would like, and she was never picky about what kind of sex she wanted, either. Any style, any position, male or female, none of it mattered very much to her. In the end, sex was sex, and she simply wasn’t getting enough of it lately. However, that’s not to say that she had absolutely no preferences whatsoever. If Rachael had complete control over the universe, she would surround herself with hot and muscular bachelors like any other woman would. But also, if everything was up to her, there was one particular style of sex that Rachael knew she would enjoy above all else.

The farm girl had been curious for quite some time about how it would feel to utterly dominate somebody in every sense of the word. That was the reason why she went out of her way to completely change her appearance for her advertisement photo. She dressed herself up in black, skin-tight leather, held a coiled rope in her hand, and she even used a little bit of makeup to cover up her freckles. Finally, only one word adorned the bottom of the picture: “Goddess.” All of this she did in order to give herself the image of a sexy and ruthless dominatrix, hoping that it would be enough to net her a couple of volunteers to play with.

The demographic of men that she wanted was small enough that it would be very unlikely to accidentally hook up with one, yet large enough that she knew that she could have plenty of candidates if she just put herself out there more. That line of reasoning eventually led to this moment: The moment where Rachael started to sell her body online.

She wondered for a moment if calling her body “superhuman” was too on-the-nose, but decided that nobody would actually take that word literally. Well, until they met in person, at least. But if things ever got that far, she had every intention of showing her clients exactly why she chose the word “superhuman.” And she would enjoy every second of it.

The concept of domination, Rachael felt, was especially tantalizing in her case, because she was the only girl alive that could pull it off without using ropes, gags, or anything else that ordinary girls would need. All she would need to have complete control is the magic necklace that gave her the superhuman strength capable of overpowering anything and everything. As long as she had her magic, Rachael could use her bare hands to subdue 100 angry gorillas, let alone a single man.

And honestly, using her magical super-muscles was an absolute thrill every time, no matter what she was doing with them.

It was very, very difficult to describe what it felt like. When she picked up a giant boulder, the old comic book stereotype of “barely even feeling the weight” simply wasn’t true. When she lifted that old tour bus she got for her friends that one time, she actually felt the weight of a friggin’ bus on her shoulders! It was always such a strange sensation… Every time she lifted something super heavy, part of her brain was completely convinced that she was about to die. When she held that bus, she knew deep in her core that every one of her muscles should have been experiencing an indescribable level agony from from the crushing weight that she was trying to carry. And yet, she never actually struggled with the weight, not even for a moment.

Because the whole experience was purely psychological. Her brain was always telling her that she shouldn’t be able to survive the feats that she was doing, but she never actually experienced any physical pain or strain from using her power. As long as she was using her magic, her muscles never got tired or sore from anything, ever. And once she learned to get over the sensation of lifting impossible amounts of weight, the actual act of lifting impossible amounts of weight was actually incredibly easy.

Basically, the simplest way to sum it up was by saying that Rachael could easily lift several tons of weight, but it still felt like several tons of weight.

Again, it was very, very difficult to describe what it felt like.

But the fact that she always felt the weight, however, might actually be a good thing, now that she thought about it. Because, if her power worked exactly like the comic book stereotype that most people believed in, it would have probably made sex a lot more boring. After all, if Rachael had lifted a two-ton bus on her shoulders and she could barely feel its weight, she sure as hell wouldn’t be able to feel any man's attempts to satisfy her.

But since she can feel everything around her like normal, even with her magic on, she imagined that using her power for sex would feel feel nothing short fantastic .

She was already imagining being on top of a sexy, six-foot-five bodybuilder who was fighting with all of his might to get her off of him, and she would feel every powerful muscle of the massive gymnast pushing against her. She would feel every ounce of his power and laugh out loud as he failed to move her in the slightest, knowing fully well that he had no chance of overpowering a woman that was as immeasurably strong as her. And then, of course, the man would learn very, very quickly that she was the one in charge, and that he was nothing more than a toy for Rachael to use how ever the fuck she wanted.

She was already getting turned on just thinking about it. She idly wondered whether or not calling herself “Goddess” was a bit over-the-top. She knew she wasn’t a literal Goddess, but compared to an average person, she was strong enough to convince herself that the title was fitting enough.

A small part of her couldn’t help but wonder about how shocked her family and friends would be if they knew about her secret desires. But then, a much larger part of her remembered that everybody had their own private wet dreams and fantasies, and that other peoples’ sex lives were rarely public knowledge. Perhaps all of her friends had even weirder kinks and fetishes. Despite how close they all were, she would never even know!

Yeah, she decided. I’m not weird for wanting this. And hopefully I’ll get what I want real soon.

But for now, we wait.


Traffic of all sorts scuttled around the lamp-lit streets of downtown. Cars, bikes, and pedestrians alike were shuffling along in every direction to make the most of the clear, crisp Saturday night. People were going bar-hopping, trying to score people at the local clubs, and generally partaking in every flavor of debauchery that night life entailed.

And Jake was doing the same thing he always did on nights like tonight: Sitting at home all alone, watching porn.

He honestly couldn’t believe his rotten luck with women lately. Being the star quarterback of his college football team, he never seemed to have any problem getting girls. He just had problems keeping them, especially after the first night of sex. He had access to cute, drunk, and horny women around campus at all times. Hell, a lot of them were so easy, that often times they were actually impressed with the mere feat of him owning a king-sized bed. Apparently, a lot of college guys didn’t have those.

All of these factors added up to Jake ultimately getting to enjoy plenty of intimate nights with plenty of pretty girls. So much so, that ordinary sex just slowly lost its appeal, no matter how hot of a woman he scored with. He wanted something more intense; something different.

And apparently, there weren’t many women around there that were willing to give him what he needed. And he didn’t even want anything extreme, either! Just bondage and discipline was all he asked for; he didn’t even like the “S” or the “M” in “BDSM.” Just the “B” and the “D.” But apparently, those two things were still outside of the comfort zones of every girl he brought home. So, he watched videos to suit his needs instead. He was in the middle of yet another home-made video with an over-the-top seductive lady coming on to an over-the-top clueless man, repeatedly assuring him that his wife would never know.

And that’s when he saw it.

Normally, Jake ignored all of the ads that cluttered his porn sites. He barely even noticed them anymore, despite how intrusive they always tried to be. But suddenly, one picture in particular not only caught his attention, but held it.

Even at first glance, Jake instantly determined that she was a solid “9.” She had long, blond hair, a perfect face, a coiled rope in her hand, and a fierce look in her deep, green eyes that told Jake that she knew how to use it. And she was dressed in a sleeveless, skin-tight, black, leather outfit that left none of her spectacular body to the imagination.

She seemed to be about average height, putting her nearly a whole head shorter than himself. And she was slim, but not so slim that she looked unappealing. Really, she had the ideal female body. Below her cover photo-worthy face was a set of soft, smooth shoulders. Further down her body was a nice pair of round and downright tantalizing breasts. Honestly, for a girl with such a slender frame, her tits looked surprisingly big, even despite her gothic outfit holding them tightly against her otherwise streamlined body. Below her breasts was a perfectly slim and sexy waistline that gradually curved back outwards into a pair of luscious hips to complete her perfect hourglass figure, topped off by a pair of magnificent thighs that had just the perfect amount of thickness to them.

She’s too perfect to be real, Jake thought to himself.

But perhaps the strangest thing about the picture was the fact that it wasn’t pornographic or vulgar in any way, which was highly unusual for the site he was on. She wasn’t nude. Hell, she wasn’t even topless. And there wasn’t any sort of flashy caption that said something like “Hot girl in your area wants to fuck you now! “ Instead, there was only one word on the picture:


Something’s not right here, Jake sensed, as he clicked on the ad anyways. Someone like her could be a top model. She shouldn’t need to whore herself out online.


What if she’s having just as hard a time finding a submissive partner as I am finding a dominant one?


We really need to fix that wagon , Rachael decided as she flopped down onto her bed after another long day. Dang thing’s gonna stop moving one of these days and I’m just gonna have to drag it through the dirt until I keel over dead.

Despite her aching muscles, she rolled back out of bed and prepared to get in the shower so she could make the 6:00 movie with her friends.

She was really looking forward to it. Her friends all stayed connected long after graduation, but it had probably been well over a year since all seven of them were together in one place.

Rachael quickly checked her email, then her other email, and-

Oh my god. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of the message in her alter ego’s inbox.


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: July 28, 2:01 AM

Subject: N/A

Are you real?


Holy mackerel, I actually got one! She nearly danced in excitement before hastily typing out…

“Yes, I swear I’m real!”

Rachael nearly hit “Send” before realizing that her desperate response was horribly out-of-character for the type of girl that this man probably wanted.

Nearly screwed it up before we even hit the bed, she scolded herself. Gotta come up with something better than that…


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: July 28, 5:06 PM

Subject: N/A

Yes, I am real. In fact, apart from a tiny bit of makeup, everything you saw was all natural. You interested? ;)


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: July 28, 6:01 PM

Subject: N/A

As long as you’re not as soft as the other “dominatrices” I’ve tried before you. Yeah, I’m interested.


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: July 28, 6:10 PM

Subject: N/A

Oh, don’t even worry about that. Because there is not a single woman on the planet that is capable of being as rough as me. Believe me, I don’t lie.

So, what are you into? Ropes? Whips?

Or, if I may make a suggestion, you should just let me surprise you.


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: July 28, 6:11 PM

Subject: N/A

I’m honestly not very big into pain, so you can leave the whips.

But, as far as everything else is concerned…

Go ahead. Surprise me.


Well, I guess that’s that, Rachael decided after reading his final response. I guess I’m going across town to have wild and crazy sex with a complete stranger, and nobody will have any idea where I am.

It’s a good thing that I’m the strongest creature in the history of the universe, otherwise this would be kinda dangerous.


Get ahold of yourself, girl! Rachael tried desperately to calm her nerves after walking past her client’s house for the forth time. Dang it, I’m so excited, but so nervous. But I can’t be nervous! I’m supposed to be the opposite of nervous! I’m tough! I’m demanding! I’m controlling!

She backed up a couple of steps until she was in front of his door, and took a deep breath.

I’m a goddess, she reminded herself. Then, she knocked on the door.

I’m a goddess. I don’t get nervous. I’m a goddess. I don’t get nervous. She kept chanting to herself over and over again before the door finally opened and- Holy shit, he’s gorgeous!!

A six-foot-tall man with short, light-brown hair, blue eyes, and a body that obviously lifts flashed her a calm, expecting smile. “Nice to meet you,” he spoke in a smooth baritone, “…Goddess.”

“Uhhh,” Rachael stammered. “Howdy.” Stupid! You’re not supposed to sound like a farm girl, you’re supposed to sound like a dominatrix goddess, because country accents ain’t sexy!”

“Howdy,” Jake greeted back playfully, already in love with the woman’s sexy country accent. Wasn’t expecting that voice to come out of her, he mused to himself. This woman sure is full of surprises. “Please come in,” he invited.

“Of course,” Rachael replied in a slightly deeper voice, attempting to sound more like a city girl. She was slowly getting control of her nerves as she walked past him. Jake was eyeing up her body and noting her choice of clothes. She was wearing a thick, grey sweatshirt/sweatpants combo.

Probably in order to cover up whatever risque clothes she’s wearing underneath, he surmised. Now that the woman was standing before him, Jake couldn’t help but admire her body, despite the padded clothes that were covering it. That red necklace is kinda weird though, he thought to himself. I never took her for the type to wear jewelry to something like this.

He quickly shrugged it off as the two of them walked through the living room and into his bedroom, where he closed the door behind the girl, locking it with a final *click.*

“I’m Jake, by the way,” the man said. “Are you gonna tell me your name?”

“No,” Rachael flatly answered, once again in her deeper, 'city girl' voice. “I don’t give out my name.”

“Are… are you trying to hide your accent?” Jake asked in mild confusion.

“Um,” Rachael stumbled again for a moment. “Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, there’s nothing sexy about a southern accent, you know?”

“I disagree,” Jake replied. “In fact, I think I liked your natural voice better.”

Rachael paused for a moment, legitimately taken aback by the compliment.

“…Y’all are just saying that,” she said.

“No,” Jake smiled widely. “Y’all…” God, that’s adorable. “I’m definitely not just saying that.”

“Oh… Well, alrighty then.” Southern accents are sexy now? Shoot, I’m gonna have to look into this more. “But yeah,” she continued, trying to get this conversation back on track. “I said that I don’t give out my name, and I don’t lie.”

“So you say,” Jake replied. “Does that mean that you were also telling the truth when you said there is ‘not a single woman on the planet that is capable of being as rough as you?’”

“Oh yes…” Rachael answered. The promise of rough sex was enough to both remind her of why she was here and put her in the mood to proceed without hesitation. With a wicked grin on her face, she kicked off her sandals and quickly closed the gap between her and the man that was about to let her finally live out her most private fantasies. “That was true,” she continued. Her face was now less than an inch away from his. “And I reckon that you’ll see that for yourself very, very soon.”

She wasn’t even feeling remotely nervous anymore. She was ready and she was excited. But she wasn’t nervous.

Jake was excited, too. But he wasn’t completely convinced. “You didn’t bring anything,” he stated, clearly surprised by the lack of ropes, handcuffs, and everything else that he expected her to have. “Um… that’s no problem, though. You can borrow my stuff, okay?”

“Oh no,” Rachael chided. She pulled his face closer to hers and purred seductively into his ear, “You keep your things. I don’t need any of your toys to make you into my bitch.

Frankly, Jake had no idea how she could possibly pull that off, but damned if she didn’t sound convinced of herself when she said it.

“I’m listening,” he eventually said.

Rachael had to take a deep breath before she could even continue. She had finally arrived at the moment that she had been waiting for all week: The moment where she got to reveal her power. She couldn't wait to see the man's reaction when he suddenly realizes that he brought a girl with superhuman strength into his home. How surprised will he be? How aroused will he be? Surely, a woman like her that had true power would be perfect for a guy who got off on pretend dominatrices that needed things like ropes and chains, right?

The anticipation was killing her.

Rachael planned for this moment. Oh, how she planned for this moment! She practically wrote a script in her head; a script that was specifically engineered to ensure that these next few minutes will stay with this man forever.

She was ready. She was in character. She knew all of her lines.

Now, she thought to herself. It’s time to start the show.

“You know what this necklace here is made of?” Rachael asked sweetly as she put her hand on her jewelry and started to idly play with the pendant in question.

“Umm… I dunno…?” Jake trailed off, completely confused by the sudden change in topic, as well as the sudden change in her tone of voice. “Is it… silver?” he asked, clearly uncertain where any of this was going.

“Noooo,” Rachael whispered back to him. She then delicately touched the back of her hand to his cheek and began to sensually to slide her fingers down his face. “This ain’t silver,” she continued.


Her fingers slid down to his neck.


The necklace started to glow.


Rachael’s hand closed around Jake’s throat and lifted the man high into the air. She made sure that she was being careful not squeeze his neck so tightly that he couldn’t breathe, though.

Not that that calmed him down in any way.

Jake didn’t even know how it happened. One moment, this girl was caressing the skin on his neck, and the next moment, he felt the floor disappear beneath him as he was suddenly lifted up into the air. In a panic, he grabbed onto the only thing within reach. His hands latched tightly onto the girl’s still outstretched arm and held on for dear life.

But it ended as quickly as it started. Suddenly, he wasn’t moving anymore, he was just hovering about a foot off the floor.

As the initial shock of his sudden levitation passed, he frantically tried to figure out what the fuck was going on. The girl’s slender arm strangely wasn’t budging an inch, despite the fact that all of his weight was hanging off of it. Wait, no… He wasn’t holding onto her hand, her hand was holding onto him! His entire body was being held in the air by her single hand holding him by… his… neck…

…What…? What the fuck??

No…! No, this isn’t possible!!

Rachael tried not to laugh at the blind panic on Jake’s face when she picked him up. But, after she saw his expression rapidly shift from panic to confusion, and then slowly settling on an almost horrified, wide-eyed look of shocked realization…

She couldn’t help herself. She had waited so long for this moment, and after she finally got to watch it unfold… after being treated to a reaction that was even more rich than she had ever imagined…

Rachael started to laugh out loud.

It was the most joyous laughter she had felt in years. She actually began to spin in a circle as she lost herself in the unbridled glee that she felt in that moment. Despite Jake’s considerable size, she had absolutely no trouble dangling the hunk in her one-handed grasp as she continued to twirl.

She was in heaven. Deep inside, she already knew that the large, sexy, and delicious-looking man in her hand was going to be the perfect slave that she had always wanted. She could do absolutely anything he wanted to do to him. And there were so many things she wanted to do.

He had such a hot body, such hard muscles, such a gorgeous face, she was going to touch him and kiss him and fuck his brains out.

Jake didn’t even know what he was feeling anymore. This slim little girl was holding him in the air with only one hand, and she made it look like it was easy for her! There was absolutely no signs to indicate that she was struggling in any way. Her arm wasn’t shaking or wavering in the slightest and she didn’t seem to be exerting herself at all, which shouldn't have been possible. She should have been struggling for all of her worth to continue this impossible feat of strength she was performing.

Instead, she started to laugh.

It was a small chuckle at first, but it slowly grew into a loud, roaring laughter as she continued to twirl around the room, dangling Jake’s entire body by her single hand.

He tried to pry himself away from her grip, using both of his arms to try and overpower one of hers. But he couldn’t move her a single millimeter. He couldn’t believe it. Despite spending years at the gym to build himself up, both of his strong and muscular arms were being completely overpowered by her single, feminine hand.

As this impossible girl continued to spin him helplessly around his bedroom with her one hand on his throat, supposedly with the power of her “magic,” his mind was a jumbled mess of thoughts and emotions. He was somewhat intrigued by what was happening, but he was mostly just shocked and confused. His heart was pounding out of his chest and into his ears and adrenaline was pumping through his veins. He was so dazed and confused that it he couldn’t even seem to make any sort of sound come out of his mouth for a moment.

It took actual focus and effort for him to finally ask, “What are you…?”

His words quickly brought Rachael back to reality. She managed to stop laughing and stop spinning, but she still held him up in the air, and began to give him a… slightly dramatized explanation of how she got her power.

“Oh, I’m human,” Rachael smirked, looking up towards the helpless man. “I was born in a small town not far from here, I was raised by a normal family, and I definitely have all of the same ‘parts’ that any other woman has.

But, she continued in a slightly uninterested tone, as if the next part of her explanation wasn’t all that exciting or unusual. “I also happen to share a close connection with a team of powerful warriors from another dimension, and because of that, I have a magic necklace that grants superhuman strength to me and only me,” she bluntly concluded.

Rachael then punctuated that last sentence by placing her other palm on Jake’s chest and pushing him away with only a small fraction of her strength, resulting in his entire body suddenly flying through the air in the direction of the king-sized bed on the other side of the room. She made sure to arc her throw as high as she could in order to give him the most hang time, because she felt like it would help a little bit in getting her point across, and also because she just wanted to see a huge man fly across a room like a rag doll and revel in the knowledge that she did that. She was finally experiencing the unrivaled thrill of showcasing her unopposable power, and she thoroughly enjoyed the sight of Jake’s tall, muscular body comically flopping onto his mattress and bouncing nearly two feet into the air from the impact of a throw that she barely put any of her strength into.

Jake was reeling from what had just happened. When the girl’s other hand pushed him away, it pushed him away with the force of a cannon! It pushed him with enough force to throw his entire body all the way across the room, and with only one hand!

He found himself instinctively backing away from her as far as he could, but he didn’t get very far before he found himself backed into the ornate wooden headboard at the end of the bed.

Jake was quickly starting to believe that everything she said was true. She was using magic. Real, actual magic! There was no scientific explanation for what was happening; no scientific explanation for how such a soft and feminine body could be so inhumanly powerful.

He recalled how her ad said that she had a “superhuman body,” but he never thought that she would actually be a literal superhuman!!

Rachael was having the time of her life as she started to walk towards Jake once again, swaying her hips with each step that she took. “Do you know how strong I am?” she asked the prone man as she closed in on him. “Do you have any idea?”

“How strong are you?” Jake asked, barely above a whisper. He was simultaneously scared and excited of what the answer could be. In fact, “scared and excited” completely summed up how he felt about this woman in general. Can she lift a bus? Or an armored tank? Oh god, what would it feel like to be fucked by a woman who can lift an armored tank? Would I even survive??

By the time Rachael made it to the foot of Jake’s bed, she knew that she had his full, undivided attention. He wanted to know how strong she was, and he wanted to know badly. She stood there for second, letting the anticipation build for just a moment longer before speaking again.

“How strong am I?” she repeated his question. “Well, to tell you the truth… I don’t know. The heaviest thing I ever lifted was a parade float, and I lifted the whole thing with only one hand. And it was easy.

“You see Jake, I don’t use ropes and chains because those types of things are nothing but tools that all of those ordinary girls have to use in order to… simulate what it’s like to have power over a man. But in the end, it’s all pretend. You have spent years of your life getting off by playing out your fantasy of having women overpower you. But with me, it won’t be no fantasy.”

Rachael put her hands on her chest and grabbed tightly onto the cheap secondhand sweatshirt that she bought just for this occasion.

This… is what real power looks like,” Rachael concluded. She then pulled her arms apart and effortlessly ripped the thick sweater in half right down the middle, revealing that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath it. She threw both halves of her ruined top aside, then she did the same thing with her pants, ripping them apart and revealing a black pair of panties underneath. All she was wearing now was the pair of black underwear and her necklace.

Up until that moment, Jake couldn’t fully concentrate on anything. The potential ramifications of everything this woman has said and done were too huge to not be distracting. Alternate dimensions, magical powers, superhuman strength… and he might have been one of the only people on the entire planet that knew all of these shocking secrets! Would the government come after him? Did the government even know? It was all so much to take in. He honestly wasn’t sure how to feel about anything that was happening. Even though he was about to have free sex, he was honestly feeling more overwhelmed than horny…

…up until that moment.

But all of that instantly changed when the girl ripped her clothes off.

The impossible strength of her arms ripped her thick sweater in half like it was tissue paper, revealing a naked upper body that was damn near perfect. She had such supple, round breasts, complete with a pair of fully engorged nipples, proudly displaying her intense arousal. But before he could even appreciate the rest of her figure, the girl ripped off her pants in the same way, revealing nothing but a black pair of panties underneath. Overall, she didn’t look like your standard mistress, because undeniably, that just wasn’t what she was.

No, Jake decided. She’s right, she’s not a dominatrix. She’s better.

Now that he was getting a good look at her nearly-naked body, he couldn’t believe how erotic she was. In fact, she looked even better in person than she did in that already eye-catching picture he found of her. She had silky-soft shoulders, a magnificent chest, a slim waistline, a pair of well-defined hips, and, he was certain, a pair of perfect legs just out of sight from his position. Every square-inch of her exposed skin was utterly flawless.

And knowing that her incredibly sexy body could throw him across a room and rip her clothes to pieces turned him on more than he could have ever imagined. He no longer had any doubt that she did, in fact, lift a parade float with one hand. In fact, her strength might even be infinite; she never found her limit.

But perhaps the hottest thing about her was the fact that, for someone who was as impossibly strong as she was, the shape of her body was almost the exact opposite of what it naturally should have looked like. She was a smooth, curvy, soft, and slender woman, and it looked downright strange for somebody with superhuman strength to not have a single hint of musculature anywhere on her body. It didn’t look natural, but that somehow made her even more sexy, because it reminded him that her strength wasn’t natural, it was magical. And because of that, against all known laws of science and human biology, she got to have both superhuman strength and superhuman beauty.

Perhaps she really is a Goddess, after all.

Suddenly, all of the huge revelations of magic and parallel dimensions felt completely irrelevant to Jake. Even though the mere existence of this woman could have been the news of the century that would change the entire world as he knew it, none of that mattered to him anymore.

All that mattered now was that there was a topless, smoking hot superwoman that wanted to give him the sex that he always wanted, but better. Jake was certain that he couldn’t possibly get any hornier.

That is, until he felt that familiar sensation of rising up into the air again.

Again, he momentarily panicked, tightly gripping his bed sheets until he could figure out what was going on. But this time, it didn’t take as long for him to figure it out. He looked down to the foot of his bed and saw the girl standing there with one hand on her hip and the other hand underneath the footboard of his bed. She was lifting his solid-wood bed frame, his box spring, his mattress, and his 210-pound body high into the air with one hand, while her other hand was on her hip and striking a sexy pose all the while.

Now , he couldn’t possibly get any hornier.

When Rachael stripped herself down, started to lift Jake’s whole entire bed, and looked up at him to find all traces of fear and uncertainty gone from his face, she knew without a doubt that this man was as good as hers. She was feeling the familiar rush of lifting something that no human should be able to lift, hoisting the massive king-sized bed, as well as the handsome hunk sitting on top of it, higher and higher into the air, all while holding the sexiest pose she could, much to Jake’s delight. She noticed him visibly relax the grip he had on his bed sheets, a clear sign that he was starting to get more comfortable with the crazy situation that he was stuck in. Still her slim arm continued to lift her new client ever upwards.

Eventually, she stopped for a moment and held the bed in place, horizontally and about two feet off of the floor. Then, she started to have some fun.

She took her free hand off of her hip and grabbed onto the quilt of the bed. Then, like pulling the cover off of a dining table, she ripped the comforter off of the bed at such a high speed that Jake’s body didn’t move an inch from the spot where he was sitting. Then, she pulled the other sheet out from under him as well.

Then, once there were no more loose sheets on the bed, Rachael put her free hand back on her hip and began the final act of her demonstration.

“Why don’t you come down here and join me?” Rachael teased. She then started to slowly tip the bed even further upwards, raising the head of the bed closer and closer to the ceiling, while the foot of the bed stayed right where it was at waist-level. Soon, the bed would be at a steep enough incline that Jake would just slide down the mattress and fall right into her waiting arm.

Jake let go of his bed sheets and watched in anticipation as he continued to move higher, but not farther, away from the girl standing below him. As the incline of his weighty bed grew steeper and steeper, he couldn’t help but marvel at the impossible feat of power that her sexy body was pulling off. It would have been impressive enough if she had crawled underneath the bed, found the center of its mass, and lifted the whole thing up from there. But this…? Raising the headboard up to the ceiling while single-handedly holding all of the weight from the entirely opposite end?

She isn’t even using any of her strongest muscles to do this, Jake realized as gravity continued to pull him ever closer into free-fall. She’s using none of her biceps, none of her back muscles, and none of her leg muscles!

She’s handling all of this weight with her wrist!

As he continued to stare in wonder at her awesome power, Jake was starting to feel that peculiar sensation that you feel when you slowly lean back into a chair until you suddenly hit that jarring moment when the chair gets tipped too far backwards. That was what it felt like, but in reverse. The two pillows on his bed tumbled down the incline, falling right past the girl and onto the floor.

It all happened in less than two seconds. He finally reached the point where he was tipped too far forwards, and started to fall. Slowly at first, but once he was in motion he quickly picked up speed, slid all the way down to the foot of his bed, closer and closer to the beautiful stranger waiting at the bottom. He was hurtling towards her faster and faster. She took her free hand off of her hip and held it out, ready to catch him. And then, at the last possible second…

Like a game of “Chicken,” both Rachael’s and Jake’s heads dived out of the way of each other, moments before their skulls collided.

As for everything below their heads…

It felt like Jake had run directly into a into a soft, warm, and heavily-padded steel pole. His crotch slammed into hers, his upper body bounced off of her tits, and as it turned out, this girl was the literal definition of “immovable object.” When Jake rammed into her, her body didn’t budge an inch.

Her free arm wrapped itself around Jake’s back the moment that their bodies made contact and held him firmly in place. He automatically wrapped both of his arms around her in response. Then, for a moment, all was silent. Jake stayed where he was for a minute, sandwiched in-between his mattress and the woman’s nearly-naked body, which was still holding said mattress off of the floor at a radical angle.

With both of Jake’s arms wrapped around her back, and one of her arms wrapped around his, he found himself utterly intoxicated by the feeling of her exposed skin. She felt just as heavenly as he thought she would, and his hands couldn’t help themselves from exploring the smooth hills and valleys of her bare back, while the hills on her bare front squished themselves slightly into his chest, teasing him with just a small taste of their soft-yet-firm texture rubbing against the fabric of his shirt.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been erect, but now, he was definitely feeling his growing bulge stretching out the denim of his jeans and rubbing up against her black underwear, as if his cock was desperately trying to tear its way through both of their clothes and plunge itself inside of her.

She removed her arm from Jake’s back, grabbed hold of one of his feet, and wrapped his leg around her waist, in an unspoken command for him to do the same with his other leg. He complied, and soon he had all four of his limbs wrapped around her back. She burrowed her hand underneath his butt, while her other hand lowered the bed back onto the floor. Even though the mattress that Jake was sitting on disappeared from underneath him, he didn’t move an inch from where he was. His arms and legs helped to steady himself against her, allowing her to comfortably hold him off of the ground with just the one hand on his bottom.

“I feel good, don’t I?” Rachael whispered sensually, breaking the silence.

“Yes…” Jake moaned in contentment.

“Well don’t let my soft, womanly body fool ya,” she warned, her voice starting to take on more of an edge. Her other hand, no longer holding onto his bed, planted itself lightly against his upper back. “Try and break free,” she challenged.

He tried. He tried with all of his might, but he couldn’t break her one-handed grip on him, no matter how much he fought. He even took his hands off of her back and pushed against her shoulders, but the hand on his back didn’t budge an inch, no matter how hard he tried to get away. He idly wondered if she could even feel his struggles.

Rachael was reveling in the sensation of Jake’s prominent muscles trying to push her away with all of their might. Mmmmmmm… fuck, he’s sooooo strong… But despite his considerable strength fighting against her, it took absolutely no effort on Rachael’s part to hold him there. Even though she could feel how strong he was, she could also feel how she was much, much stronger, and it was turning her on more than she could ever imagine.

But all too soon, the man gave up and just went limp in her arms, completely out-of-breath from his impressive, but ultimately futile attempts to overpower her. Her hand moved up Jake’s neck and onto the back of his head, where she pressed him even closer into her body, until their faces were actually touching.

And she was fixing him with the sadistic, ear-to-ear smile of an apex predator staring at a cornered piece of delicious prey…

“Here’s how this works.” Rachael told her new playmate. “At this moment, right now, your fate is entirely in my hands. You’d have an easier time subduing a raging elephant than you would trying to pry away a single one of my fingers… I have absolute power over you. I could do anything I want with you, and you could do nothing to stop me. If I wanted to, I could force myself onto you, against your will, and literally fuck you to death. I could do that if I wanted to.

“But, I ain’t going to do that. In fact, I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to do. So before we get started, I need to make sure that I got a couple things clear. First question: Do you want to do this?”

“Yes!” Jake pleaded. “Oh god yes, please!!”

Rachael already knew what his answer was going to be, but that didn’t make her any less excited to hear it. “Alrighty, then. And you want me to be as rough as I can without hurting ya…?”

“No!” Jake panicked. Her tone of voice sounded like she was planning on going a little bit easy one him, and after seeing everything this woman can do, he absolutely did not want her to hold anything back anymore! He absolutely needed to feel just how powerful she was! “You can hurt me a little, that’s fine!!”

“I… what?” Rachael’s thoughts and feelings all completely derailed for a moment. “But in the email, you said-”

“Yes, I know what I said! But what I meant was… like, you know…” Jake just couldn’t collect his thoughts. He knew what he wanted to say, but for the first time in years, he was in the presence of a woman that was reducing him into a nervous, stuttering mess. “I mean, just don’t… you know, whip me or anything…? Like, I just don’t want… um…”

“You don’t want me to intentionally hurt you…?” Rachael assumed.

Jake only nodded in response.

Just like that, everything was cleared up. Like flipping a light switch, the room’s mood immediately went back to what it was before the misunderstanding even happened. Rachael tossed Jake onto the bed again and crawled up to join him. Finally, she was in position. He was laying flat on his back, and she was sitting on top of his waist, looming over him. She could faintly feel a six pack of abs laying right beneath his shirt.

“Take off your shirt and your pants, but leave your underwear,” Rachael commanded, quickly getting into her role. “Do it now, before I rip them off of your body!”

Her change in demeanor was so jarring, that Jake was momentarily caught off-guard. But he quickly decided what he wanted to do.

“Do it,” Jake said. “Tear it all off!”

“Gladly,” she replied. Rachael didn’t make a show out of it this time, she just tore his clothes from his body like she was tearing wrapping paper off of a Christmas gift. But underneath those clothes was something far better than any gift she ever got.

There was definitely a six-pack there. But also a set of perfectly-defined pecs, biceps, triceps and every other sexy muscle imaginable. Rachael was practically salivating at the sight of the body she was about to play with. With some effort, she tore her gaze away from his chest, looked him straight in the face, and made her intentions very, very clear…

“I…” she was so excited that she actually panting, only managing to get a few words out between each breath. “I… am going to restrain you… Not with ropes… But with my own naked body… And you can struggle… and squirm… and thrash around all you want… It turns me on more than you could ever believe…

“…I don’t get off on hurting my men… But I like it rough, same as you… And sometimes… these hips can get real wild… And when you have a pair of hips that can smash rocks… accidents can happen sometimes… But I ain’t gonna kill ya…

“However… After I’m done with you… you might not walk straight for a couple of days…”

“Puh-please!” Jake stammered. “Please fuck me! I want to be ravished by your mighty body! Please make me yours, mistress!!”

“…Oh yeah…” Rachael panted. “One more thing… Call me… by what I really am… I am not your mistress… I am your Goddess… Understand, worm…?”

“Yes…” he whimpered. “Yes, Goddess…”

“Last question…” Rachael growled. “What’s the safe word…?”

Jake looked up into her hungry eyes, down to her tantalizing breasts, and finally fixed his gaze upon the magical red artifact hanging around her neck.

“Red…?” he suggested.

“Works for me,” was all she said before she pounced.

She pinned Jake’s arms against his sides, instantly rendering him immobile, and then she came down on him with the most aggressive onslaught of kisses he had ever experienced. Rachael’s entire body subconsciously bobbed and swayed as she lost herself in her display of passion. Jake thrashed around wildly underneath her, but he remained exactly where he was. Her skin was so soft and gentle, but her slender arms were as immovable as steel pillars. He couldn’t believe how strong she was. Even her tongue felt superhuman, throwing itself wildly around his mouth like a wild, out-of-control bull.

Eventually, she broke off of his mouth for the time being and sat up straight, planted her hands on his massive chest, and started rubbing her ass against his rock-hard abdominal muscles. Both of Jake’s now free hands started to push against her shoulders, trying to pry himself away from her once again. He knew by now that he was wasting his effort, and that was exactly why he kept resisting. It was just a way to remind him of the incontestable power she had over him.

Rachael was losing herself in the feeling of his body all over hers. You could wash clothes on these things, she thought as she continued to grind his abs against her bottom, getting wetter and wetter by the second. Her hands continued to play with a set of pecs that were bulging dramatically outwards as a result of him still fighting to push her away. She felt a lot of power being put into it, but she stayed right where she was, just as easily as if he wasn’t there. His arms quickly became too tired to fight her anymore and fell limply to his side.

Her legs, folded neatly on either side of him up to that point, started to curl inwards and burrow themselves underneath him. Then, they started to squeeze. Jake couldn’t believe how strongly her legs were constricting his pelvis. Her eyes closed and her mouth hung open as she slowly crushed Jake’s powerful body against her infinitely more powerful ass. He closed his eyes, too, as he felt himself nearly being suffocated by her round butt, pressing itself harder and harder against his skin with every passing second.

Jake suddenly decided to try and push her away one last time, but this time, he was going to give it everything he had. Rachael spontaneously bounced off of him as high as she could, just as Jake, eyes still closed, shoved his arms hard into the area where her shoulders used to be.

With all of his might, Jake blindly thrust out both of his hands as hard as he could, viciously plowing them directly into Rachael’s tits.

“OH FUCK!!” she screamed. The sudden, violent groping was so jarring, it made her legs involuntarily clench tightly and slam her hips down onto Jake’s stomach with enough force to drive all the air from his lungs.

Jake felt like he had just been hit by a train. He tried desperately to tell her that he did not mean to grab her breasts, but he could barely breath at the moment. He had gotten the wind knocked out him plenty of times before during his many football games. But out of every 6’ 10”, 270-pound lineman that plowed into him as hard as they could, none of them could ever tackle him with even half of the force that this woman’s hips had just hit him with.

“I’m… sorry…” he wheezed pathetically in between gasps of air. “I didn’t… mean… to do that… to your…”

“Do that again,” Rachael said.

“What?” he asked, eyes widening in shock.

Rachael grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked up towards her, forcing him to sit upright so she could yell into his face.

“Grab my tits again!” She commanded. “Do it as hard as you can and do it right fucking now!!”

“Yes, Goddess!” he answered. “Sorry, Goddess!” He did as he was told, trying to shove her away once again, but this time by grabbing her naked breasts and pushing against them with all of his might, sinking his fingers in deep as he pushed.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh” Rachael moaned loudly into the air. The feeling was absolutely indescribable. A large and powerful man was attacking her breasts with all of his might, digging his fingers as deep into her skin as he could possibly manage. And it felt exactly what you would expect it to feel like…

Only, it didn’t hurt. It was like her nerves just couldn’t register the sensation of “pain,” but they could feel literally everything else that was happening on the most sensitive parts of her body. She sealed her mouth over his once again and fed his lips a constant stream of sloppy passion, kissing and moaning endlessly into his mouth as he once again thrashed wildly to get away from her, only this time he was giving her the most intense stimulation of her entire life as he did it.

The awkward and abrupt pause in their sex that occurred just a moment ago was already forgotten as Jake went absolutely wild on her breasts. Just when he thought that this girl couldn’t possibly be any more perfect, he sank his digits into a pair of tits that were large, firm, and apparently indestructible.

He felt like he was going to wake up at any moment and realize that this was all a dream. This girl just couldn’t be real. He couldn’t believe that he even got to meet her, let alone fuck her!

They continued on like that for a while. Jake continued to assault Rachael’s breasts, while Rachael continued to assault Jake’s mouth. Both of their bodies writhed around in the rhythm of their love-making, Rachael’s body subconsciously swinging back and forth in a sea of hormones, and Jake’s body being forcibly pushed and dragged around with all of her powerful movements.

His arms were getting tired again, much to Rachael’s disappointment.

“Aww,” she sneered. “Are your pathetic mortal arms getting tired already?”

“I’m sorry, Goddess,” Jake apologized, truly wishing that he could do more.

“Well, I guess not all of us can be stronger than armies, can we?” she mused aloud. “No matter… I’ve got something else that you can do to please me.” She shoved him onto his back again. Then, with a single hand, she ripped off her panties. She crawled further up the bed until her naked ass was hanging directly above Jake’s head, then she slowly started to lower her exposed labia onto him.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do with this,” she stated matter-of-factly. “And if you do well enough, I might give you the privilege of being able to breathe again. So, you’d better eat up.”

That was her only warning before she completely smothered his face with her cunt.

Jake didn’t waste any time pushing his tongue deep into her love canal, prodding against every surface and licking up the copious amounts of fluid inside. Rachael twitched and spasmed from his ministrations. She quickly grabbed onto Jake’s head and held on tight as he continued to eat her out.

He couldn’t move his head a single inch anymore. His mouth and nose were being held tightly in her hands, and she wasn’t giving him an inch. He continued to eat her pussy as much as he could, and his efforts were rewarded with the sounds of moaning and gasping filling his room as he made her body sing. But after a while, it was starting to get hard to breathe. His body writhed around underneath her, but he found that he was being completely pinned by nothing but her crotch.

Rachael could tell that Jake had done this before. His tongue expertly danced around inside of her, and it felt so fantastic that she nearly decided to just keep him there until he passed out. But with great reservations, she pulled herself away from his face and let him gasp down some oxygen. She crawled backwards down his body and eventually sat down on top of his legs. Then, she just sat there in silence for a moment while he recovered, making sure to wait until she had his complete, undivided attention before she began her next move.

Jake noticed her pause for a second and took that brief moment to catch his breath as she waited. After a few seconds had passed, his breathing returned more-or-less to normal. He turned his gaze to the superwoman at his feet, just in time for her to unceremoniously rip off his underwear, freeing his cock at long last. She crawled back up his body again until her head was hanging directly over his and her clit was hanging directly over his hungry penis. She reached back and grabbed onto his ankles, lifting up his legs and hooking them behind her back, just like she did earlier when she held him in the air.

Then, she surprised him by rolling both of them over, putting him on top. Adding further to his confusion, she didn’t spread her legs for him. In fact, she actually seemed to be doing the exact opposite, making an effort to squeeze her legs together as she laid down as straight as an arrow.

“Just a suggestion,” her country drawl derailed his train of thoughts. “Your legs…? They should hold on loosely. Trust me, you probably don’t want to fight me for this part. Just relax, and let it happen.” His legs, still wrapped around underneath her waist, noticeably relaxed at her command. Rachael, heart pounding in her chest, grabbed onto his bare ass with both hands, ready for the grand finale.

“You’re on top now,” she reminded him. “But don’t you ever forget who’s in charge, here.”

She pressed her thighs firmly together, making her vagina as tight as she possibly could. Then she pulled him closer and closer until, with the strength of an industrial trash compactor, she slowly forced his dick into her inhumanly tight folds.

Jake couldn’t believe the amount of pressure around his cock. Despite how wet she was, she was so impossibly tight, that he probably would have never even been able to properly get inside of her on his own. But with both her hands on his ass, she guided him into her. Her powerful arms were forcing him deeper and deeper into a crevice that no man would be able to squeeze into otherwise.

Fuck, this was a great idea, Rachael thought as she continued to make her lower lips impenetrable, but continued to force him in anyways, resulting in every inch of his manhood completely filling her, more tightly than any other woman could possibly experience. She finally got him all the way inside of her, basking in the feeling of his girth being squeezed against every one of her inner walls, and finally hitting that sweet spot at the end. She gasped, reflexively twitching her hips at the feeling and accidentally sending Jake’s entire body rocking in her grasp from her accidental thrust, but still keeping him firmly anchored in place by her superhuman clit. She grabbed onto his ass even tighter and pulled him out slightly, lifting his entire body into the air as if it weighed nothing at all, and feeling his cock slide back up her inner walls before plunging him in again.

Jake had already felt this woman's infinite power over him again and again throughout the night. When she held him in the air with one hand, when she assaulted his mouth as he was powerless to get away, and when she could have easily suffocated him with her pussy. Every one of those moments was a reminder of her absolute superiority.

But this final demonstration was the most incredible one of all.

With two hands digging their digits deep into his glutes, she lifted his entire body up and down, repeatedly shoving his cock deep inside of her. She was so tight… With every inch that he was pushed into her, he was always convinced that he couldn’t go any further, but then her mighty hands pushed him even harder, forcing his penis in even deeper still. Every other display of strength he had witnessed was arousing beyond words, but none of those other experiences compared to the moment when he finally entered her and realized that even her vagina was superhumanly powerful.

In that moment, Jake truly believed, down to his very core, that he was being fucked by a Goddess. He realized that the more she tossed him around in her arms and forced him into her sex again and again, the more it made him truly start to feel like an inferior, lesser being compared to her. He felt like she truly was a Goddess, and that he, a mere man, was so far beneath her, that his only purpose in life should be to endlessly serve this clearly superior being. She was lifting his entire weight so effortlessly, forcing him helplessly inside of her again and again like he was nothing more than a common sex toy to her, and he found himself more than willing to play that role. Anything for his Goddess.

She was more perfect than any other human could ever hope to become… so beautiful… so powerful…

There was no way that a mere man like himself could last very long inside of her.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.

“No,” Rachael commanded. “Not yet. I ain’t finished with you.”

“Wh-What??” Her words utterly shocked him. Surely she couldn’t be serious. But suddenly, she sat up straight and looked him right in the face.

“You will cum when I tell you to!” she snarled.

“I… I don’t think I can hold on much longer,” he protested, but his Goddess ignored him and continued to force him to ride her. Her movements were growing more wild and frantic by the second. Jake was starting to think that he was only a few moments away from getting whiplash due to how violently his body was being tossed around in her arms.

Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around his back and stood up straight, effortlessly lifting Jake’s entire body off of the ground with her. With his arms and legs still wrapped around her body, she continued to shove his penis deep inside of her again and again as if nothing had changed. Their impossible new position didn’t slow her down in the slightest. She was outright standing on his bed and throwing his body around like a rag doll as her superhuman muscles continued to fuck him where he stood.

Then, she dropped Jake back onto the bed again, but this time she was on top. She removed his legs from behind her back and squatted down on him, mounting him in a more traditional position. She skewered herself on his dick over and over again, feeling her own orgasm building up inside of her with each thrust.

Jake then felt his Goddess yank his prone body back up towards her again. Without slowing her hips' movements in the slightest, she wrapped her arms around his back and planted her mouth onto his once again, shoving her tongue around inside of his lips with almost as much force as his penis was being shoved around inside of hers. He clamped his arms around her back as well, and he held on tight, clenching nearly even muscle in his body as he tried desperately to stave the immense pressure building up inside of him. She broke off her kisses once again and shoved him flat onto his back once again. She then put her hands on his thighs and closed her eyes, panting like a dog as she focused on humping, banging him harder and harder until her wild movements were making his entire bed rock. The wooden headboard was repeatedly pounding against the wall as the entire hundred-pound bed frame shook with each thrust of her almighty hips.

Jake gripped the bed sheets with white knuckles as her soft and sexy body fucked him so hard and so fast that she was making the entire room start to shake from the sheer force of her love-making. Her moans grew more loud and frequent, as did Jake’s grunts and groans as he tried desperately to last just a little bit longer inside of her unearthly body. Her indestructible supertits bounced up and down on her chest faster and faster as her smooth and rounded hips visciously pounded him with an incomprehensible amount of power that could only belong to a Goddess.

At this point, Jake knew that he was going to explode any second, and his attempts to stop himself were causing him nothing short of pure agony.

“Goddess, please have mercy!” he wailed. “Please Goddess, just let me cum!!”

That desperate plea from the utterly defeated man was the final push Rachael needed to put her over the edge. “Okay,” she panted. “You can cum now.” She pulled his body up to her sitting position and pushed his face against one of her breasts, pressing it deep into her generous mound. Her hips only managed to slam his dick another two or three times before she felt him erupt inside of her.

Rachael was glad that she shoved his mouth onto her breast. Because when he came, he screamed. He roared at the top of his lungs as his dick exploded inside of her, coating every inch of her insides with his hot and sticky fluids. The dam inside of Rachael burst open, flooding Jake's groin with nearly eight months of pent-up sexual tension, released at long last in a massive explosion of ecstasy. She clenched her legs even tighter against his penis and squeezed his face even tighter against her tit as both of them were rocked with the most intense orgasms of their lives.

Jake’s vision was turning black and spotty from the force of his Goddess’ mammoth climax. He felt like his entire essence was being forced out of him as her inner walls clamped onto his dick hard enough to make him see stars. In that moment, his Goddess was the only thing that seemed to exist anymore. Her body was his entire world, taking all five of his senses hostage as he came and came and came, until he finally ran dry.

But even when their shared climax ended, Jake’s spotty vision and light-headedness didn’t fade. His world was still dark and blurry. The world seemed to lurch around him, making him lose balance and fall into nothing.


Jake stirred briefly from his peaceful slumber. Half asleep, and desperately wanting to go back to being fully asleep, he groggily rolled around a bit to make himself more comfortable. As he wriggled around beneath his blankets, his hand brushed lightly against the smooth, exposed stomach of what must have been a naked woman. His hands ran up her gentle curves and found her breasts, also completely exposed. He sighed contently as he stroked the precious skin, rubbing his thumb lightly over her nipple and slowly starting to drift back to sleep.

Then, all at once, reality settled in.

His eyes snapped open, and he was instantly greeted with the sight of a familiar blond-haired Goddess laying next to him and fixing him with a bemused smile.

“Well, if that ain’t a fine ‘Good morning’,” she chuckled. “And here I thought you were about to fall back asleep!”

Jake pulled his hand off of her breast as if it was on fire. “Wha…” he mumbled. “What happened?”

“What?” the naked stranger asked playfully. “You mean you ain’t never had a girl make you orgasm so hard that you passed out before?”

Jake tried to clear away the fog in his mind and remember how he got here. He clicked on an ad, the girl showed up, she had super powers, she rode him harder than any other girl had before…

“Oh god…” he sighed as the memories started to come back. “Oh god, that was incredible… How long was I out?”

“Only about twenty minutes,” she answered.

He started to slowly notice that she had actually cleaned up quite a bit in those twenty minutes. His fitted sheets felt slightly damp in one place, but she clearly made an effort to mop up the puddles that used to be there. He also couldn’t help but notice that she actually cleaned off both of their bodies as well. All of her fluids were washed off of his dick and his face. He was completely clean, save for the veil of sweat that was coating his entire body. Meanwhile, she was dry as a bone, showing absolutely no signs that she ever exerted herself during the entire experience.

“You know, I’m still completely free for the rest of tonight,” the Goddess told him. “But I get the feeling that you want to rest for a while…?”

“Yeah,” Jake answered without even thinking. As much as he wanted to go a second round, he was absolutely spent from the first one.

“Understandable,” the Goddess chuckled again. “You can sleep next to me, okay?” she offered, her unfathomably powerful arms wrapping themselves around his back in a… surprisingly gentle and caring embrace. Jake returned the gesture as he let himself be pulled into her arms, not by force, but by choice. Their naked bodies held each other under the covers as Jake was slowly washed away in the pleasant aftermath of what was, by far, the most incredible sex he ever had…

“…How much will this cost next time?” he finally asked, a sinking feeling weighing down in his gut. The first night was free, yes, but she had never mentioned anything about future prices up to this point, and he had a sneaking suspicious as to why that was.

Rachael’s lips curled up at the thought. It was finally time to see how effective her business strategy was about to become. “I can do anything you want,” she explained. “One night, one price… two thousand dollars. If you recommend me to a friend, then you get one night half-off.”

Jake let out a low whistle, upset but not all that surprised at how much she was charging. “Two thousand dollars?” he asked, just to make sure he heard her correctly.

“If that’s too high, you can feel free to find another super-powered Goddess to satisfy you,” she grinned victoriously. The business part of her brain couldn’t help but point out that she had an unrestricted monopoly in her field, and she could exploit it as much as she wanted.

“I’ll think about it,” Jake eventually answered. But Rachael didn’t need mind-reading powers to know that he was definitely coming back.

Jake knew that he couldn’t say “no,” regardless of how much money she asked for. He recalled how her ad warned him that he would end up paying any price for another taste of her, and she was absolutely correct. He absolutely needed to spend another night with her, whatever it took.

His inner biology major couldn’t help but notice how his priorities were suddenly just as simple and basic as every other creature in the animal kingdom. All other living organisms only needed to do two things, and nothing else mattered. They only needed to:

  1. Survive
  2. Reproduce

Now, Jake similarly found himself only wanting two things in life, and nothing else mattered. He only needed to:

  1. Survive
  2. Find a way to come up with two thousand dollars

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Hey Kyle, do you have an origin story? Or more than 4 stories??
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Love Racheal and her exploits. Love she super strong!!
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