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The Superhuman Prostitute – Chapter 2

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Tuesday, 05 February 2019 00:38] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 February 2019 18:22]

A shameless porn story of a superwoman who will do anything you want, for the right price.

Author's Note: This story is actually a modified version of a fanfiction that I already posted elsewhere. In the rare event that anybody finds the original story, know that I wrote that one too, and that I did not plagiarize someone else’s work.

Chapter 2 – Indestructible

Rachael stepped out of her car and made her way down towards a deserted beach, where a new customer was supposed to meet her.

Her new business had slowly been gaining momentum lately, but it was hard, at first. Her first couple of clients really enjoyed her services, but few of them ever had the courage to tell anybody else about her. She definitely understood why, though. She figured that it was probably really hard to recommend a prostitute to a friend. She definitely couldn’t imagine herself telling her friends about a stranger that she paid money to sleep with!

But even beyond that, the singular unique selling point about Rachael was something that, frankly, sounded completely insane. She tried to imagine how it would play out if a guy told one of his friends that he slept with a girl with magical super strength. Obviously, that would sound absolutely crazy to anyone who didn’t know better.

But eventually, her customers started to tell other people about her. She started to slowly hook up with more and more people that knew about her abilities in advance, and she made some changes to her “profile,” in response to the growing awareness of what she could do. She changed her picture to one of her lifting the family tractor over her head with one hand, and she modified her description, outright talking about her super strength and all of the incredible things that she could do to people with it.

On one hand, a small part of her missed having the ability to surprise people with her power, but the trade-off was that she started to get more and more people that specifically hired her for her power.

Surprisingly enough, there were a lot of different guys out there who thought that her super strength was sexy. And it wasn’t just the guys that were into domination, either. As it turns out, there were all kinds of different people with all kinds of different tastes who all thought that her super power was the hottest thing ever. Nearly all of her recent customers were outright asking her to show off her awesome strength as much as she possibly could while they had sex, which she was always happy to do, even if a lot of their requests were… strange.

One man wanted her to stand up straight the entire time, holding him up in the air and banging him up against a wall nonstop without ever changing positions. Another man wanted her to pin him down and make love to him gently, and merely tell him how strong she was, like a very specific flavor of dirty talk, throughout the whole entire process.

Another man actually wanted her to fuck him so violently that her hips would, quote, “crush his pelvis.” She still wasn’t completely sure whether he meant that literally or not, but she did smash him against the floor hard enough to leave some nasty bruises, and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Another man really surprised her when she walked into his bedroom to find him wearing a full set of medieval armor. Surprisingly, it was made out of real, genuine iron, and the guy inside of the suit wanted Rachael to take off all of her clothes, then remove his metal outfit in “any way but the intended way.” She complied, stripping herself naked and then using her bare hands to rip the metal apart as easily as if it were wet paper, tearing the iron to shreds until the armor was completely destroyed, and the man underneath was completely exposed.

He enjoyed that so much, that the sex itself barely lasted thirty seconds before he shot his load.

There was, however, one request that Rachael had to turn down. One returning customer wanted a “supergirl in peril” scenario and asked her to go a whole night without using her magic while he tied her up and fucked her. She didn’t think that the man was a threat, but her magic was always the one and only thing that made her feel safe in what was normally a very dangerous line of work. Because, as long as she wore her necklace, not only could absolutely nothing overpower her, but she was also indestructible.

…Kind of.

Magic doesn’t always obey the laws of science and logic. But, sometimes it does. And, logically, in order to be able to lift a boat over your head with a single finger, you would need to have skin, nerves, muscles, and bones that are significantly more tough and durable than the average human. So basically, as long as her magic was on, Rachael was completely immune to being beaten, stabbed, or crushed by anything.

But she was still susceptible to being burned, frozen, poisoned, drowned, and basically anything else that wasn’t a direct, physical attack on her skin.

But, as far as day-to-day dangers were concerned, people couldn't hurt her unless a guy came at her with chemical weapons or a flamethrower. Hell, even if someone drew a gun on her, the bullets would bounce off of her skin and leave nothing but some minor burn marks that would probably heal.

But without her magic, Rachael simply wasn’t comfortable having any kind of sex with a complete stranger, let alone sex involving her being tied up and helpless. Besides, she had several other customers that would gladly pay her without having to make herself vulnerable.

She apologized to the man and gave him two free nights where he could do anything else that he wanted. Once Rachael got home the following morning, she added a third and final rule to the list of rules that she expected all of her customers to respect. And she made sure to tell every would-be patron about these rules before they could ever meet face-to-face.

  1. She won’t give out her name or any other personal details.
  2. Cash only.
  3. The necklace stays on at all times.

In the end, the man who wanted the “supergirl in peril” fantasy ended up enjoying his two free nights and later, he even recommended Rachael to a friend, who turned into yet another paying customer. By now, her brilliant business model of “First night free, then $2,000/night” was paying off big time. She had already made twelve thousand dollars between four different men and one woman. And so far, she only had three of four encounters where the sex really sucked. But for the most part, she was having almost as much fun as her customers. It took a while, but she was finally starting to not only get more people coming back to her, but also more referrals, like the new customer that she was on her way to meet right now.

This was the first time that a client had ever wanted to meet her outside, and Rachael was admittedly skeptical about having sex on a beach in broad daylight. But, the man assured her that nobody ever went to this part of the shoreline, and sure enough, she didn’t see a single soul in sight as she strolled through the sand. She was wearing a red, two-piece bikini, a pair of sandals, and, of course, her magic necklace.

She was slowly making her way over towards a bunch of rocks where her and her customer had agreed to meet. A handful of rocks were sitting right there on the sand, but the vast majority of them migrated out and into the ocean. The black stone monoliths varied in shape and size, ranging everywhere from smooth, flat, and easy to walk around on, to rough, steep, and perfect to dive off of.

As Rachael got closer, she had no trouble making out the shape of a shirtless man who was waiting for her in the sand. She had no trouble spotting him because he was absolutely huge. Even from a distance, Rachael was already sure that this was her largest man so far. He was at least seven feet tall, with a set of broad shoulders and thick, meaty arms that were already making Rachael excited. He was wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks, and as she got closer and closer to the huge man, his features slowly became more pronounced. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a figure that was… okay, she guessed. He didn’t have a super chiseled body with the hottest set of muscles, but he wasn’t a single pound overweight, either. He was neither fat, nor was he muscular.

He was just… big.

Overall, Rachael wasn’t disappointed with this one. He may not have been the hottest guy that she got to screw, but he very well might have been the strongest. And he wasn’t necessarily ugly, either. He was slightly above average. A six out of ten. Overall, she had definitely seen worse.

“Goddess!!” the man called out to her with an expecting smile once she was within earshot.

“I reckon you must be Mike,” Rachael replied.

“Yep, that’s me,” he replied. As the woman finally closed the distance between them and stood before him, Mike was already starting to get turned on at the mere sight of her. Usually, whenever his friends talked about a girl and went on and on about how hot she was, it almost always ended up being a setup for disappointment in the end.

But not her.

A close friend of Mike’s told him that this woman was “damn near perfect,” and he was absolutely right. She had a perfect face, sharp green eyes, long blond hair, and a truly spectacular body. He couldn’t help but drag his vision up her body slowly as he drank her in.

Her opened-toed sandals gave him an unobstructed look at a pair of cute, feminine feet that were connected to the smoothest set of legs he had ever seen. Above her kneecaps, her proportions widened smoothly but dramatically into a pair of thick, round hips that were buried underneath a form-fitting bikini bottom that left none of her mind-blowing curves to the imagination. Further above the red swimsuit lay another long stretch of creamy, exposed skin. Her hips curved inward like an hourglass, slimming down slightly into a smooth and sexy navel, topped off with the greatest rack that he had ever seen outside of pictures. Her breasts were the size of grapefruit, and they were so perfectly round that it was driving him mad. A deep valley of cleavage taunted him between the firm womanly globes that proudly hung off of her chest.

Rachael simply stood there and let the guy stare for a minute. Admittedly, she took a small amount of guilty pleasure in watching her customers ogle her merchandise. It was always nice to be reminded of how appealing men found her to be.

Rachael simply couldn’t resist teasing this one a little bit. She casually stretched her arms out behind her back, puffing out her chest as much as she could in the process. His eyes widened to the size of saucers as her tits stretched out the fabric of her swimsuit further and further.

“Before I forget,” Rachael broke the silence. “Who told you about me?” The man’s gaze snapped up to her face so fast that it was almost comical. He almost looked like he forgot that she even had a face, for a moment.

“Um…” Mike shook his head for a moment as he tried to reboot his brain. He was having a genuinely hard time thinking about anything other than the woman before him and her sexy, sexy body that he was about to spend the next couple of hours playing with.

“Andy,” he eventually managed to say. “Andy Ramirez.”

“Ah yes. I remember him,” Rachael said. Andy was the guy who, more than anybody else, just enjoyed watching Rachael lift heavy things. So much so, that during his trial night, she finished him off by pounding him against the floor while holding the heaviest thing in his room, namely, a two hundred-pound dresser, above her head with one hand the whole entire time.

“I’ll make sure to give him the fifty percent discount next time,” she said. “By the way, you didn’t tell me anything specific about what you wanted today.” She had to actually look up in order to talk to his face, he was so tall. “So, I assume you just want to see what happens, then?”

“Oh, I know what I want,” he answered. “But first of all, I, uh… need to clarify… something…” He couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment. The question on his mind was so completely ridiculous that it was genuinely difficult to ask it with a straight face. “Uh… Andy said that you, uh… have, um…. magical super strength…?” He could hardly believe that he had just said those words out loud. But, as impossible as it may have sounded, his friend had never lied to him before, and Mike had no reason to believe that he would start now.

“Sure do,” the bikini-clad woman answered, as if it was a perfectly normal thing to ask. “Y'all want a demonstration?” she asked, walking towards a particularly large boulder about the size of a minivan. Mike could tell that she was being completely serious. As she confidently strode towards the giant rock, he started to believe that he was really about to see a real-life superwoman in action.

“Yeah!” Mike answered excitedly. “I wanna see it!”

“Alrighty then,” Rachael responded. “Ya might want to stand back.”

She then kicked off both of her sandals and pushed her bare right foot underneath the massive rock. That in and of itself was already an impossible feat, considering how dense the underlying sand was due to the huge weight of the rock packing it down for untold centuries. Despite this, her soft, bare foot sank into the sand and carved its way forward through the earth, until her entire foot was buried underneath the rock.

Then, much like how a soccer player would roll the ball onto the top of his cleat and kick it straight up into the air, she lifted her buried foot up out of the earth and kicked the two-ton rock ten feet up off the ground with one fluid motion. She already stepped underneath the boulder by the time it started to come back down. She kept her gaze on the ground, not even looking up at the rock as she blindly raised one arm over her head in preparation to catch the gargantuan stone as it descended upon her.

Four thousand pounds of ancient sediments and minerals landed squarely on top of her single upturned palm. She felt a small rush of displaced air burst around as her one arm stopped the boulder’s murderous descent dead in its tracks. Her feet sank a couple of inches into the ground from the sheer force of the impact.

Then, all was quiet for a moment as Rachael merely stood there and enjoyed the incredible sensation of her supermuscles pushing against the boulder with more force than the human body was ever designed to achieve. Then, after a few more seconds of tense silence, she slowly turned her head towards the man standing beside her and flashed him the coolest, cockiest smirk she could possibly muster.

Rachael wished she could have taken a picture. Eyes wide and jaw dropped, Mike stared in complete and total awe at the display of power that had just played out in front of him. His lips flapped around uselessly as he desperately tried to form words to break the silence. But it was no use. He was completely and utterly speechless.

A small chuckle escaped from Rachael’s lips as she turned away from her frozen admirer, took a single step forward, and gave the rock a casual toss. It only took a slight flick of her wrist to throw the boulder nearly twenty feet up into the air in a near-vertical arc that was poised to land right at her feet when it came back down.

Only, she had no intentions of letting the boulder hit the ground.

The moment that the giant rock lost contact with her hand and started to ascend into the sky, Rachael started to bend her legs and twist her body slightly to the side in what almost looked like a traditional fighting stance, until she started to squat down a little bit lower, and pivot her lower body a little bit further. The rock seemed to rise in slow motion as she twisted her hips as far as she possibly could while still keeping her face forward and her body at a sideways profile. She only had to wait for about another second before the massive boulder came hurtling back down to the ground again. And then, right when it was about to hit the sand, Rachael swung her entire body in the opposite direction that she was wound up in, using the extra momentum to put as much power as she possibly could into her swing.

With all of her otherworldly might, she struck the rock with her hip, as hard as she possibly could. Her form-fitting bikini put every contour of her spectacular round bottom on full display as she smashed her ass into the rock. If she had the ability to see things in slow-motion, she would have been able to appreciate the sight of the thick and padded flesh of her flank flattening further and further against the boulder, until the rock sank as far as it possible could into her womanly hip before finally hitting one of the toughest substances in the universe: Her muscles.


The humongous stone shattered into pieces from the impact of her ass smashing into its surface with the full brunt of her incalculable power. The force of her hip sent the titanic shard of earth flying out into sea in hundreds of tiny pieces. A thick cloud of dust choked the air around her as she simply stood there for a moment and watched as an uncountable number of tiny stone fragments sailed over a hundred yards out into the ocean and splashed into the water one by one.

“Satisfied?” she finally asked, turning back to Mike once again. She sincerely hoped that her demonstration looked as sexy as it felt.

Because to her, if felt really fucking sexy.

“…Wow,” was the only thing that Mike could bring himself to say. There really were no words for what he just saw. Her power was truly incredible. To think that such an inconceivable amount of strength could possibly be housed inside of such a smooth and sexy woman…

The mighty Goddess started to walk towards him, nonchalantly brushing dust from the obliterated rock off of her shoulders as she sauntered over to him, putting an extra sway into her spectacularly-shaped hips that had just smashed a two-ton boulder into dust.

He was so entranced by her body that he didn’t even realize that she had closed the distance between them until she put her hands on his shoulders and hoisted herself upward, hooking her legs around his waist and hooking her hands around his upper back. Mike’s hands instinctively grabbed hold of her bottom and held her in place as she clung to his frame. There faces were now less than an inch apart, and the soft mounds of her chest were sensually rubbing up against his shirtless body. As he stared longingly into her seductive green eyes, he couldn’t help but run his fingers along the fabric of her red bikini bottom, marveling at how utterly perfect she felt underneath.

“So…” the Goddess’ hot breath washed over his face. “What can my all-powerful superbody do for you…?”

In an instant, Mike completely lost control. He set her down roughly onto the sand and threw himself on top of her, groping both of her tits and shoving his tongue as far into her mouth as he could. Rachael was shocked for a moment, but shook it off quickly. After all, it certainly wasn’t the first time that she had teased a man until he completely snapped.

“Not wasting any time, I see,” Rachael managed to say in between his aggressive kisses. “Can’t say I- MMMFF–” Any other words she wanted to say were completely snuffed out by his lips.

Mike’s entire consciousness seemed to black out completely as he attacked her like a man possessed. Any semblance of thought, emotion, or any other form of human intelligence disappeared from his psyche completely, leaving his entire brain with nothing to operate on except for his most carnal and beastly desires. He became completely and totally lost in her mouth, her hips, and her breasts. In his mind’s eye, the woman underneath him was the only thing that existed, the only thing that mattered. And there was only one thing he wanted from her:


Rachael moaned and writhed around in pleasure. Even though she wasn’t taking charge this time, she felt just as powerful as ever. Because the man on top of her wasn’t really pleasuring her body as much as he was completely and utterly worshiping it. Every single one of Mike's movements was being fueled by the most intense desire she had ever seen. His mouth sucked on her face like there was no tomorrow, and his large and powerful hands were working her tits with the strongest set of fingers she ever felt, sending a constant stream of electric pleasure down her spine at every touch.

But all too soon, his mouth separated from hers. His hands let go of her breasts and clumsily reached around her back, blindly feeling around for the string of her bikini top. He quickly found it and unceremoniously pulled it loose, releasing her naked breasts from their prison and then immediately reaching for her bottom, undoing the other knot and throwing off the last piece of her clothing as if his entire life depended on him undressing her as fast as he possibly could.

For a brief moment, Mike simply stared at her figure, completely naked except for the red necklace that was the source of her godlike strength. His penis was already fully erect for quite some time, but it was on the verge of going nuclear at the sight of the nude Goddess laying before him. Her breasts were shaped like a set of perfectly rounded domes laying flat on her chest, with a set of large nipples protruding out of her skin like a pair of cherries on top of the tastiest desert he had ever seen in his life. The skin underneath her bikini bottom was equally flawless, just as smooth and tantalizing as every other part of her magnificent body. She started to spread her legs a little, opening up a perfect view of her wet, cleanly-shaven pussy.

Her body was practically perfect.

And I can be as rough as I want with it, Mike thought.

Mike always liked his sex rough, but due to his sheer size, he always had to be fairly gentle with his women, much to his frustration. Even though there were plenty of girls out there who liked it rough, as well, he could never bring himself to go as hard as he possibly could with them. Because, for some reason that he could never explain, hurting a woman was the single biggest turn-off for him, even if the woman was enjoying it. The huge man was having trouble finding satisfaction lately, because he enjoyed fast and aggressive sex just as much as he hated seeing his partners suffer any kind of harm at his hands.

That was why the Goddess presenting herself before him was so fundamentally perfect for him. She had just lifted a two-ton boulder with one arm, then completely annihilated it with a swing of her hips. He was pretty sure that he could go all out on her and never inflict even the smallest amount of pain on her superhuman skin. And he couldn’t wait to take her erotic naked body and mercilessly pound it against the sand until…

…Wait, sand? …No… No, that’s not right…

For the first time since he started kissing her, Mike actually paused to think for a second, quickly remembering that he brought her down by the rocks for a reason, and that the soft sand was not the place where he planned to do this.

He briefly thought about helping her to her feet so they could walk over to his pre-planned spot together. But instead, he opted to simply scoop up the Goddess’ naked body and hold her in a cradle carry as he walked both of them towards the rocky formations that stretched out into the sea.

Rachael wasn’t sure what was going on anymore. For a solid minute, she seemed to have Mike completely under her spell. It was a spell that, she assumed, would only grow stronger once she was completely naked. But instead, he stared at her nude form for a moment, then he seemed to completely snap out of it. Then, without saying a word, he picked her up and was now carrying her over to the other rocks out in the water.

As he climbed up onto the stone structures and carried her closer to the ocean, she was sorely tempted to do… something. Ask him a question, maybe. Or maybe say something sexy, like pointing out how strong he had to be to carry her so effortlessly. Of course, she was over a billion times stronger than him, but he was still much stronger than the average man, and calling a man “big and strong” is usually a sexy compliment anyways, no matter the context.

But ultimately, she just kept her mouth shut and watched in mute curiosity as he continued to carry her. They were now far enough out that she was noticing a small amount of water coating the surfaces of the rocks as the waves of the ocean quickly made themselves more known, crashing against the rocky structures directly below them. The surfaces that Mike was walking along got progressively wetter until he eventually stopped at the last piece of solid footing he could find.

The two of them had an unobstructed view of the horizon from their current vantage point, but Mike quickly made it clear that he wasn’t interested in sight-seeing when he turned around and gently laid Rachael down onto a particularly smooth and rounded portion of the stony structures.

Rachael would say that she was laying down flat on her back, but the rock she was laying on was far from flat. Her eyes were gazing straight up into the partly-cloudy sky, but the convex surface beneath her forced her lower body to curve downward. Her back was bent slightly backwards to accommodate for her strange position, but it wasn’t too terribly uncomfortable. She leaned her head forward and looked down at the massive man that was still towering over her, despite him standing slightly below her resting point.

Mike looked down at the naked Goddess before him and, satisfied with the new location, he dropped his swim trunks and allowed his throbbing erection to finally spring free. This is going to be absolutely perfect, he thought to himself. But, just to make sure…

“You are indestructible, right?” Mike asked her.

Rachael was too stunned to speak for a moment. First of all, her customer had dropped his pants and flashed her a penis that must have been over eight inches long! And then, she was caught even further off-guard when the first spoken words out of his mouth in nearly five minutes was in the form of a question that nobody had ever asked her before. Her customers only ever cared about how strong she was, never how invulnerable she was!

She had to think for a moment, briefly debating on whether or not to tell her about how specific her invincibility was. But she quickly decided that he didn’t need to know those details, and none of them were even relevant, anyways.

“As far as you’re concerned, yes,” Rachael answered. “Right here, right now, you absolutely cannot hurt me. Not even a little.” Mike seemed happy with that answer. Very, very happy. So happy, in fact, that if she wasn’t indestructible, she would have been downright scared by the toothy smile he was giving her.

“Perfect,” was all he said, before she saw the light fade from his eyes once again, and a hungry, mindless zombie climbed up onto the rock to join her. His huge hands reached for her chest, completely encompassing her huge breasts as he squeezed them hard. Rachael gasped sharply at the feeling of his powerful fingers sinking deep into her sensitive mounds. Her breath completely left her as he continued to grip them tighter and tighter. Rachael would have thought that Mike was trying to hurt her if it wasn't for the fact that she had already told him that he couldn't. She barely even registered the fact that he was also aligning his massive cock with her entrance, squatting his hips and tensing his legs as he took aim.

It was only at the last second that Rachael realized what he was about to do.

All at once, Mike thrust his manhood inside of her as hard as he could. The Goddess beneath him yelped in shock as he plunged himself deep inside of her cunt, enjoying the feeling of every inch of his dick being bathed in the texture of her inner walls. He slowly pulled himself back out, dragging his girth against every surface of her love cave along the way, and then plunging his penis back inside of her again, and sinking his fingers deep into her magnificent breasts all the while.

Rachael closed her eyes, grit her teeth, and locked up nearly every muscle in her body as she was ravaged by the most aggressive sex she had ever felt a man give to her before. His massive cock was screwing her harder and harder by the second. His fingers were already digging into her chest as deeply as they could, so he started putting his palms into the task, pressing down into her chest with more and more pressure. She was quickly getting the feeling that this man wanted to be completely in-charge from start to finish, which was fine by her.

Rachael felt like she couldn’t physically open her eyes anymore. They were clenched tightly shut as the nearly 300-pound man slammed his cock inside of her again and again while his thick hands pressed kneeded the flesh of her breasts in circular motions, like he was giving her chest the most intense massage his hands could manage, practically crushing her body against the rock as he continued to fuck her senseless.

The force with which the man's huge member plowed her, as well as the force with which his huge hands worked her breasts as hard as they could, would have been extraordinarily painful for any woman other than Rachael. And as Mike continued to aggressively rut her like a mindless beast, she quickly figured out her near-immunity to pain was exactly the man wanted her for. He wanted a submissive and indestructible superwoman that he could screw harder than any other woman could tolerate.

"Is this all ya got?" Rachael taunted Mike through clenched teeth.

Mike thought that he was already giving her everything that he had, but the Goddess' words ignited something deep inside of him and gave him the strength to push himself even further. He was in absolute bliss. No force on heaven or earth could have stopped him from pounding her wet, tight, and indestructible vagina. No amount of money could have made him remove his hands from her large, firm, and indestructible breasts.

He wanted to go harder. Not only did he know that she was the only woman of her size that could take it, but she was also enjoying it! But he wasn’t sure what more he could do. He was already pounding her pussy and crushing her tits as hard as he could. Her breasts, in particular, were actually starting to dribble small amounts of milk in response to his forceful ministrations. He wanted to lick up the liquid with his tongue, but he also didn’t want to stop stimulating her mounds.

Wait, Mike realized with a growing sense of excitement as the solution came to him. They’re indestructible… Could I…?

Rachael was getting close to the edge, now. The things that Mike were doing would have created unbearable agony for any ordinary woman, but it was incomparable pleasure for her. Her breasts, in particular, were feeling such an intense amount of pleasure that she actually started to lactate, and she couldn’t stop. She felt Mike’s left hand let go of her right breast for a brief moment. She was about to open her eyes to investigate the reason why.

But before she could, Mike, with absolutely no warning, opened his mouth wide and chomped his teeth deep into her exposed breast.

“GAAAAHH!!” Rachael yelped. Her eyes shot open, but she saw nothing but stars as her entire body involuntarily flailed so violently that her hips bucked the man completely off of her body.

Her vision quickly cleared up and she immediately checked to see if he was okay. She looked down, and then… up… up…

“Oops…” she muttered sheepishly.

She definitely bucked him off of her, alright. In fact, she bucked him hard enough to throw his nearly 300-pound body high into the sky and far into the horizon. Once she spotted his flying body, there was a horribly awkward three-second period where all she could do was watch him fly through the air like a rag doll before finally landing into the water with a splash.


“Y’all really need to start warnin’ me before ya go and do things like that,” Rachael chuckled as Mike’s sopping wet body finally made it back to their spot.

“You make it sound like this has happened before,” Mike teased.

“He speaks!” Rachael shouted with feigned shock. Apparently the long swim back to shore cooled him down enough for him to once again be capable of rational thought. “You’ve barely said a dang word since we started, you know! I thought ya plum forgot how to talk!”

“Ha ha,” he droned.

“But yes,” Rachael answered his previous statement. “This has happened before. My very first client plowed his hands into my tits when I had my eyes closed and I dang near ruptured his spleen.”

“Geez!” Mike laughed out loud. “I kinda figured that you would have better control of your strength than that.”

“Yeah, well…”


“Excuse me??” Rachael sat up straight and made an exaggerated pose out of putting her hands on her hips like she was scolding her little sister again. “I can control my strength through just about anything, but do you have any idea how sensitive a woman’s titties are? Do you have any experience there? Do you have titties??

“Alright, alright,” he laughed. “I won’t do it again. It, uh… It didn’t hurt, did it?”

“It didn’t hurt, but I want you to do it again.” she answered. “Just warn me this time, okay?”

“Alright, I can do that. Now, where were we…?” Mike asked as he cupped his hands around her breasts again and pushed her back down onto her rocky bed. He played with her mounds lightly at first, but slowly dug his fingers in deeper and deeper. He pushed his now-limp dick inside of her, and when he pulled it back out, it was an inch longer. Her plunged it in again, and it reemerged significantly harder. By the third thrust, he was already fully erect once again. Then, it was back to business. He once again started to ram his fully extended cock into her as far as it could go, again and again and again.

In less than a minute, both of them were at the exact same point that they were before their awkward intermission began. Mike was blissfully thrusting himself deep inside of the hottest girl he had ever seen and squeezing his fingers into the deep womanly pillows on her chest all the while.

And Rachael just laid there and took it.

She took his huge cock, thrusting inside of her over and over again, and she took the force of his palms, pressing into her naked chest harder and harder.

She once again felt like she was getting close to her breaking point. Mike’s penis continued to pound against the wall of her cervix like a massive battering ram chipping away at the last of her crumbling defenses. Her overly-stimulated nipples start to dribble milk once again, mixing in with the salt water that Mike’s powerful hands were leaving on her chest.

Her heart skipped a beat when his left hand once again removed itself from her right breast. And it skipped another beat when he said, “I’m going to do it now.”

“Okay,” Rachael answered, barely above a whisper.

“Three…” Mike counted down. Rachael wanted something to hold on to, but found nothing to grab along the smooth surface of the rock she was laying on.

“Two…” She grit her teeth, shut her eyes, and tried her best to brace herself.


And then, Mike sank his teeth deep into skin of her bare tit.

A high-pitched whimper pierced through Rachael’s tightly-pursed lips and her entire body locked up as his jaws clamped tightly down onto a breast that could feel no pain, only pleasure. She experienced all of this, while his right hand was still clamped tightly onto her other tit and his 8+ inch penis continued to pound her against the rock the entire time.

She had nothing to bite down on, so she clenched her teeth until it started to hurt. She had nothing for her hands to hold onto, so her hands clamped down onto the the hard rock underneath her. She faintly heart a series of *snaps* as her white knuckles grasped the rock so hard that the ancient sediment started to crack and break beneath her fingertips.

This was the best idea ever, Mike decided as he sank his teeth further and further into the endless flesh of her heavenly breast. His tongue poked and prodded at her engorged nipple, greedily lapping up her natural creamy nectar that only seemed to flow more freely as his teeth continued to chew on the baby-smooth skin of the Goddess’ indestructible supertit. He felt a steady pressure start to grow in his loins. He imagined that it was probably going to be the biggest release of his life.

Mike finally… finally had the ability to not only ravage a girl with all of his strength, but he also got to explore a woman's body in entirely new ways than should have ever been possible. And, of all the women who could have granted him this life-changing experience, it was a Goddess with the most perfect body that he ever had the pleasure of making love to.

Rachael felt like she couldn’t even move. Her baser instincts wanted her to reflexively arch her back in response to the sensory overload that her entire body was experiencing, but her back was already arched from the shape of the rock that she was laying on long before their love-making even started.

She desperately wanted to cum, but she always felt professionally obligated to let the customer cum first. She sold herself as a Goddess, and she always needed to keep the appearance of being the one in charge, even when she very clearly wasn't. She always had to make sure that she kept to the role of her character, unless a customer specifically asked her not to.

To that end, Rachael tried to calm herself down, tried to tune out the feelings of the huge man’s penis, fingers, teeth, and tongue, each assaulting all of her most sensitive spots with more pressure than she had ever felt before.

But it was a losing battle.

The almighty Goddess had long since been reduced to nothing but a twitching and moaning mess. She was gasping and panting uncontrollably, and her fingers were gouging deep grooves into the ancient rock beneath her like it was soft clay, instinctively carving handles to hold onto on the otherwise smooth rock. All that Rachael could do was shut her eyes, grit her teeth, and hold on tightly to whatever she could, trying desperately to last just a little bit longer as the absolute beast of a man on top of her continued to ceaselessly fuck her like a wild and feral animal.

His meaty hand continued to squeeze tightly onto her right breast.

“Aaaaahhh!!” she cried.

His teeth continued to gnaw on her left breast.

“Ooh!” she moaned.

His tongue continued to lap up her milk, flowing freely from her tingling nipple.


His penis continued to shove itself inside of her, tightly filling up every square inch of her lower cavity, again and again and again.



“Nnnggg… Unf…”



It was the most intense orgasm of her entire life. Rachael just threw her head back and screamed as her vaginal fluids exploded through her with as much pressure as the quivering muscles in her sex could possibly push it out with. Her arms, legs, and back clenched with all of their unearthly might as her entire body completely lost control in a blinding wave of euphoria. The stone underneath her naked body split open under the incalculable pressure she was exerting with her bare skin as more and more fluid was violently sprayed out of her body.

After spending several minutes violently sucking on her perfect breast and pumping his dick in between her perfect legs, the scene playing out before Mike’s eyes was too much for him to handle. The sound of her blissful screaming, the sight of her godlike power splitting the rock beneath her angelic body, and the urgency with which her cum flowed down his dick all combined to bring him to the most powerful climax of his life, as well. His warm and sticky sperm burst from his dick in thick streams that mixed in with her sexual juices as he filled her up with his seed.

He, too, felt every muscle in his body tense up as his groin shot his essence into her as hard as it could. He, too, cried out loud as he lost himself in a wave of ecstasy. His cries, however, were almost completely muffled by her soft breast. As Mike came, his mouth, still sealed tightly around her tit, bit down as hard as it possibly could, causing the Goddess to scream even louder.

They both drenched each other in cum. They both hollered and screamed.

And then, they both came back down, until all was silent.

Mike pulled his spent penis out of her and practically collapsed on top of the Goddess’ body. He turned his head and rested his cheek on her breast, using it as a pillow as the energy he spent in the past couple of minutes quickly caught up to him. He never even realized how much he was wearing himself out, screwing her as hard as he could for as long as he did. If he had gone on any longer, Mike figured that he probably would have passed out from fatigue right in the middle of the act. His breathing was heavy and labored, his heart was working overtime, and his muscles felt so weak that he wasn’t even sure if he could stand. He had never felt so tired and frail in his entire life.

But his physical state couldn’t even compare to the state of the woman underneath him.

Rachael felt like she had just run a twenty-mile marathon without her magic. Uphill. Her lungs were on fire and every muscle in her body ached. The precious little energy she had left went entirely to to her lungs as she tried desperately to catch her breath. Her naked chest rapidly rose and fell as she fought to gulp down as much oxygen as she could while she simply stared into space. Rachael was never a stranger to hard labor, fast-paced sports, or any other form of intense activity. But she had never, ever felt this exhausted in her entire life.

She thought that it was impossible for her to get tired while she had her necklace on! With her magic, she could use her bare hands to uproot a redwood tree without breaking a sweat! But apparently, her magically-charged supermuscles could do nothing to stop her from nearly dying of pleasure.

“Thank you,” Mike spoke softly, breaking the near-silence of the open air. Rachael was still too winded to speak, but Mike was already starting to quickly recover from everything they had just been through.

In that moment, it felt like the almighty Goddess that Rachael created had been truly and utterly defeated. For the first time since she started her new business, she was the submissive party who just sat there and took it, she was the one who had been fucked senseless, and she was the one who ended up being reduced to nothing but limp, dead weight in the end.

Despite her forcing several clients in the past to work her body as hard as they could, Rachael was still completely unprepared for what she had experienced today. Her superhuman body had never been pushed that far before. But today, her partner used her bulletproof skin as a means to ravage her with sensations that the female body was never meant to handle, and that was what made her lose control. That was what made her cum first for the very first time.

It was the teeth, she decided. I was definitely not prepared for that.

But, the genuine sincerity behind Mike’s “thank you” told Rachael that her performance was everything that he ever wanted, and that was the #1 thing that made her feel like this session was still a success in the end. She still felt some level of pride as she pathetically laid there on her now heavily-fractured rock.

“You wanna go and wash off?” Mike asked, gesturing towards the water below them.

“Sure,” Rachael replied, finally having enough strength to speak, but still not enough to move, yet. “Go on ahead, I’ll... *huff*… I’ll catch up.”

Mike paused for a moment, as if he was expecting a different answer.

“I, uh…” he mumbled through an uncharacteristically sheepish and hopeful smile. “I was… kind of hoping that you could throw me in again…?”

“Ha!” Rachael barked out a laugh, genuinely not expecting him to ask that. “Do you like my strength, or my invulnerability? Which one is it, huh?”

“Um... both,” he answered simply. “I like both.”

“…Alrighty then,” Rachael smiled. “I can make ya fly again. Just… whew … just give me a minute.”

“I understand,” Mike replied. “You don’t want to do it because you’re afraid you’ll lose control of your strength again. I get it.”

She responded by hurling him twice as far as she did last time.

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