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The Superhuman Prostitute - Chapter 4

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Tuesday, 03 September 2019 05:26] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 05 September 2019 14:06]

A shameless porn story of a superwoman who will do anything you want, for the right price.

Author's Note: This story is actually a modified version of a fanfiction that I already posted elsewhere. In the rare event that anybody finds the original story, know that I wrote that one too, and that I did not plagiarize someone else’s work.

Chapter 4 - "My Hero…"

If someone had told her that the scene before her was pulled directly from her high school daydreams, she would have believed it.

She was standing in the center of a massive ballroom. The room's floor was covered in rich black carpeting with a pattern of blood-red designs dancing around atop the fabric as if it was hand-painted in a perfectly systemic, yet organic fashion. On a slightly elevated stage was a five-piece jazz ensemble that set the mood of the ballroom, providing smooth and atmospheric background noise for the near two hundred men and women mingling among each other. They were all dressed in either expensive suits or expensive dresses, drinking red wine and trying their best to one-up each other on how much growth and expansion their respective companies have been experiencing under the reflective light of a massive ornamental chandelier.

It was the exact type of party that she had always imagined attending way back when she sold her first hand-made dress online. And now, she was not only at the event of her dreams, but better yet, she was the host.

"…and I looked him straight in the eye and told him," Jasmine recounted to a small circle of guests. "I oversee all of the suppliers, buyers, quality control, org charts, and I still try to personally create as many designs for the new lines as I can! And you come to me with a question concerning the only department that I don't handle? Talk to the CFO!!" The guests around her all laughed at loud. One or two of them almost looked genuine.

"Miss White!" a new guest greeted her as he entered their little circle. "You're looking lovely this evening."

"Thank you," Jasmine bowed slightly. "You do, as well."

"I must say, that's a very… bold necklace you're wearing, if I do say so myself," the newcomer said. Jasmine smiled pleasantly, despite the man's subtle, judgmental undertone. In fashion, the word "bold" always meant either "beautiful" or "hideous" depending on the speaker's tone of voice, and she definitely noticed that he was implying the latter.

With practiced grace and poise, Jasmine smoothly replied, "Thank you. It's one of a kind and holds so much sentimental value to me that I do my best to make it work with every outfit I ever wear. It's one of the only things I have to remember some of my old friends by, so I do my best to carry it everywhere I go."

Once again, her practiced explanation worked perfectly. The man who called it out nodded pleasantly and excused himself for a drink while the rest of her audience took turns complimenting the unassuming purple rock around her neck. Of course, none of her party guests were aware of the fact that the necklace allowed her to create solid constructs from her thoughts. None of them knew that she could create levitating platforms that she could control, bladed disks that were sharper than diamonds, and indestructible barriers that even Rachael couldn't break. None of them knew about all of that.

Technically, Jasmine always carried her magical necklace wherever she went in case of emergencies, but she only wore it if she was among her old friends or at a major event. On any other day, she simply kept it in her pocket. But she did love to wear it with as many different outfits as she could during those major events, including her current outfit: a dark, monochromatic navy-blue dress. Her outfit obviously didn't go with the lavender color of her necklace in the traditional sense, but the "sentimental value" card worked every single time somebody brought it up. Because, the implication that the necklace holds so much personal value she's comfortable wearing it with clashing outfits without hesitation always makes people think that the necklace must have a level of importance that they simply can't comprehend, and Jasmine would always wear it with pride no matter what. And the level of unwavering confidence that she always carries herself with usually results in people calling the necklace "bold" in the good way by the end of the evening, provided that they heard her explanation on how important it is. Jasmine experimented with the piece of jewelry many times and discovered that it really works best with outfits that it doesn't work with.

"I believe I need another drink," Jasmine excused herself, as well. "Please enjoy the party." The guests all responded with various affirmations. Jasmine began to weave her way in between the suits and ties and made her way over to the mini bar. I can't believe I almost didn't have the bar installed, Jasmine thought back to when she first had the house built. But she was immensely thankful that she changed her mind and decided to go all-out with the ballroom. Miraculously, nobody attempted to corner her into any pointless conversations as she walked, but she did notice a few men sneaking quick glances at her chest as she passed them, and she knew that they weren't staring at her necklace. She didn't even need to turn around to know without a doubt that those same men were staring at her rear as she continued to walk. In their defense, her walk cycle always created a natural sway in her hips with every step she took, but that was hardly an excuse. If she was any other woman, most people's eyes would be drawn to her royal purple hair, but Jasmine was blessed/cursed with all of the genes to ensure that most men stared at practically everything but her immaculately-kept mane.

Regardless, she didn't even give a second thought to the handful of men who were quietly drooling over her figure. Frankly, she was more than used to it by now. Eventually, Jasmine made it to the bar, where she sat down and patiently waited for the server to finish taking care of the two people before her.

"'The Goddess?'" she heard a man a few feet away from her talking to another man.

"Yes, that's what she's called," the other man replied. "Nobody knows her real name." They were speaking in hushed voices; the kind of hushed voices that were reserved for topics that were outright scandalous in nature. Jasmine couldn't help but listen more closely.

"And you said that she's hot?"

"Super hot."

"Is she as hot as Jasmine White?"

There was a long pause.

"Almost," he eventually answered.

"Really?" the other man asked, stunned. "Well now I guess I'm going to have to see her for myself. What kind of woman is she?"

"For three thousand dollars, she is any kind of woman you want, for one night."

And just like that, Jasmine nearly lost all interest in the conversation. "Men…" she muttered under her breath.

"Three thousand dollars?" the second man asked.

"That's just for the first night," the first man explained. "It's five thousand per night after that. I hear that she doesn't charge as much for the local boys, but if you got a seven-figure salary, that's what you have to pay."

"Doesn't sound like she's worth it. I mean sure, she's almost as hot as Jasmine. And yeah, that is really fucking hot, but why does she think she's worth five thousand dollars?"

"Because she is. Trust me."

"Why? What's so special about her?"

There was another long pause. Even though Jasmine heard nothing but silence in between the two men, she could practically sense the first man's apprehension for answering that question.

"You know that necklace that Jasmine wears all the time?" the first man asked quietly.

"Yes," the second man replied.

"Well, the Goddess has one just like it, only it's red and it gives her superhuman strength."

"Miss Jasmine, what can I get for you this evening?" the server asked, suddenly standing in front of where Jasmine was sitting. The host in question didn't respond right away, because she was too busy trying not to fall out of her chair from what she had just heard.

"Look her up," the first man continued after the second man didn't respond for a few seconds. "Read what other people are saying about her. She has magic powers, I swear to god!"

"Um…" Jasmine was momentarily flustered from the metaphorical bombshell that just detonated a few feet from her. "I'll have what she had," she pointed in the direction of the drink he just poured. I'll come right back for it," she quickly added as she got up off of her seat and moved in closer to the two gentlemen that were undoubtedly talking about Rachael Stein.

Jasmine needed more information, but she knew she would have to be tactful. She knew her guests, and she knew that nearly half of the people in this room would hang something like this over one's head forever if they overheard this conversation. But even though Jasmine wasn't a kind of person that would do that, she certainly knew how to act like one.

"I couldn't help but overhear you two," Jasmine whispered mischievously as she slithered into the conversation. Both men were well-practiced in keeping their professional composure, but Jasmine's trained eye caught the slightest hint of nervousness on their expressions as soon as she spoke.

"Well," the first man casually replied. "It is crowded in here, so that's bound to happen, right?"

"I just have one question about this… 'Goddess,'" Jasmine continued, just to let them know exactly how much she heard. Her words had the desired effect. Both men were silent as the host of the party forced her way into a conversation that they were hoping nobody else was listening to.

Once Jasmine was absolutely sure that both men were looking directly into her eyes, she made a show of looking left, then right. Once Jasmine was sure that nobody else was listening in, and more importantly, the two men noticed her caution, she turned her gaze back to them and asked, "Does the Goddess take women, too?"

Both men completely froze for a brief moment. It took a couple seconds for Jasmine's question to sink in, but when it did, both men slowly sighed in relief, all of their tensions and apprehensions deflating instantaneously. Jasmine flashed them both a particular smile that said "I won't tell if you won't," and waited patiently for the men's heart rates to revert to normal, now that they knew that they were no longer in danger of getting caught in a sex scandal.

"Yes," the first man eventually answered her with a knowing grin. "Yes, the Goddess does take women."

Jasmine nodded her head once in understanding, then turned around and walked back to the bar without another word. The two men stood in silence for a brief moment as their frazzled minds started to slowly realize the implications of what Jasmine had just asked.

"Jasmine White… and the Goddess…" the first man muttered in a daze. "…Together… in bed…" He started to picture the encounter in his head. "Oh god, I think I need to find the restroom…"


Rachael flopped down on her bed, not sure what to do with the rest of her day.

She didn't have clients to meet that day, so it was just another ordinary day on the farm for her, except for the fact that she was working much later than usual. She still couldn't believe that she slept in until 8:00 AM. Although, she knew that her recent onslaught of jet lag was entirely to blame.

As it turned out, Kevin Truman had a handful of millionaire friends that were all willing to pay big money for Rachael to visit them. Truman's original proposal of $3,000 for the first night quickly became the new standard for any client that was wealthy enough to get her on a plane. She also decided to make any future night cost $5,000 for these types of people. Her prices for the guys around town remain unchanged, however. She didn't want to end up being a woman that only the rich could afford, so the local boys and girls still got one free night, followed by the usual $2,000 price tag from then on. But, if the client was more than two hours of driving time away, then they would need to buy her a round-trip plane ticket and pay a bit more than everyone else.

Overall, she was happy that she was getting more money out of the arrangement, because jumping across time zones twice a week was starting to take its toll.


Rachael's phone briefly pulled her out of her thoughts. She pulled her phone out her pocket, looked at the name of the caller, and was pleasantly surprised. It felt like she hadn't talked to any of her friends in ages, and she felt her day already get a little bit brighter as she answered the phone.

"Howdy, Jasmine!" Rachael greeted enthusiastically.

"Hello, Goddess," Jasmine replied.

Rachael felt like she had just been punched in the gut. She nearly dropped her phone in shock as she sat there in silence for a moment, completely unprepared to be having this conversation with one of her oldest friends.

"Um, beg your pardon, Jasmine? Could you repeat that?" Rachael asked, just to make sure that she heard Jasmine correctly.

"I said 'Hello Goddess,'" Jasmine replied. "I've heard about your… services."

"Ugh," Rachael groaned, rubbing her temple. "How? How did you find out about this?"

"Did you really think that you could dip your feet into high society and think that I wouldn't find out?" Jasmine replied in that unbearably superior-sounding tone. "So, you'll do anything that a man wants for two thousand dollars a night? Or five thousand, if they're from out of town? You must be doing a lot of really creative things with your super strength if people are paying that much money to have sex with you! Were any of them cute?"

"Okay," Rachael said. "If you only called to laugh at my life choices, I'm just gonna hang up right now."

"No, wait!" Jasmine yelled. "Don't hang up!" Rachael didn't hang up. It sounded like she actually had something important that she needed to say.

"Okay fine," Rachael replied. "I'm always happy to talk to ya, Jasmine. As long as we're talking about literally anything other than that.

"Actually…" Jasmine admitted sheepishly. "That was what I really wanted to talk about."

"I'm hanging up now," Rachael said flatly. "Tell my family about this and I'll kill you. Goodbye, Jasmine."

"Wait, I want to hire you!"



Three weeks later…

"Alright, we're here," the taxi driver said. They were in a very run-down area of Manhattan. It was 10:57 PM and Rachael couldn't hear another living soul on the streets, with the exception of the ever-persisting sound of someone's dog barking through a metal fence somewhere around the corner. Rachael looked out the cab window at the rundown, abandoned warehouse that she was supposed to meet Jasmine inside of.

"I swear that I'm not trading drugs in there," Rachael said.

"Not my business, lady," the man shrugged. "Have a nice night."

"Thank ya kindly," Rachael replied, stepping out of the car. The driver wasted absolutely no time locking the doors behind her and driving away at high speed. Frankly, she couldn't blame him. The place looked like an area where a local gang would interrogate and torture people in a bad movie.

She couldn't help but be impressed by just how perfect of a location Jasmine found. As Rachael got closer to the first door she could find, she started to hear voices.

"Go ahead," she heard Jasmine say. "It won't hurt me, I promise."

Rachael heard a loud Clang! that sounded like somebody had struck a crowbar against something that was much harder than a crowbar.

"Wow!" came the voice of one of the male stooges that Jasmine paid to be a part of this. "This really is magic, isn't it?"

"And your friend's magic necklace gives her super strength?" another man asked.

"Yes," Jasmine answered. "And her skin is also impervious to any sort of bludgeoning or stabbing, specifically. Any sort of physical attack just bounces off of her, but she can still be burned or frozen or anything else of the sort."


"Think about it, darling. In order to pick up a bus with your bare hands, you would need some really tough skin, muscles, and bones to do so. It's only logical that she would have unbreakable skin."

"Wow…" another man said in awe. "That's amazing. You girls have these magical powers and nobody knows about them?"

"Yes, that's correct," Jasmine answered. "And I have another friend that can read minds. So if someone starts telling people about this, I will find out who it was. Capiche?"

Rachael heard various different affirmations from what sounded like ten different men.

"Is she here yet?" another man asked.

"She should be," Jasmine answered. "Oh! Someone hold this for me."

"You want us to hold onto your necklace?" one of them asked. "Are you sure?"

"It won't be a very convincing illusion if I'm wearing it," Jasmine pointed out. "I could easily surround myself in an indestructible bubble and fly out of here. Trust me, the necklace will be really distracting to her if she sees it."

"Okay, done."

"Great," Jasmine replied. "It's eleven o'clock. Show time. Everybody, remember to speak extra loudly and clearly, just to make sure she can hear us."

"Alright, we're all ready."

Everyone went silent for a moment. Rachael faintly heard the sound of Jasmine clearing her throat, and then…

"Unhand me, you Ruffians!!" Jasmine shrieked.

"Ha ha ha ha!" one of the men cackled. "Struggle all you want, lady! You're not getting out of here alive!!"

"No!!" Jasmine wailed. "Somebody save me!!"

Rachael truly, genuinely struggled to put on a straight face. She honestly couldn't believe that she was really doing this. But, per Jasmine's instructions, Rachael double-checked to make sure that her magic was already active, and then she somehow managed to compose herself enough to walk through the door and enter the scene.

"What's going on in here?" Rachael asked as she finally stepped into the scene that Jasmine had so carefully coordinated.

It looked exactly like the bad movie scene that Rachael was imagining earlier. They were in an abandoned and empty warehouse, and Jasmine was chained to a chair in the center of the barren room, surrounded by nine men. Five of them seemed to be unarmed, and the other four were wielding crowbars, knives, and metal bats. Two of them were wearing black ski masks.

And all ten people in the room instantly turned to look at Rachael as she walked in. She was wearing a casual jacket with an undershirt that wasn't quite long enough to cover up her entire torso and a pair of denim shorts that was no more than six inches long. Her outfit wasn't overly sexual, but it certainly wouldn't have passed her high school's dress code.

"Let her go," Rachael commanded the "thugs" defiantly with both hands on her hips.

Gasp! Jasmine gasped. "Who are you?"

"Who is she?" two of the men comically asked in perfect synchronization.

"Me?" Rachael answered, just like she rehearsed it. "I'm just a passing stranger who's here to teach y'all a lesson about how to treat a lady," she concluded, taking off her jacket and tossing it aside.

"So mysterious…" Jasmine swooned.

"What do we do?" one of the men panicked. "The boss said no witnesses!"

"Calm down, rookie!" another one barked at him, before turning back to Rachael. "Did you call the cops, lady?"

"Uh… no," Rachael answered. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't stop herself from cracking a smile as she quickly came up with the perfect response. "I didn't bother to call the police. I'm pretty sure I won't be needing them."

"So brave…" Jasmine stared. Rachael swore that she literally saw stars in her eyes.

"No cops?" the man asked, reaching inside of his coat. "Perfect."

Then, he pulled out a handgun.

The goofy grin that Rachael was trying to keep off of her face melted away in an instant. "Wait, no!" Rachael raised her hands in front of her face and instinctively backed away. "Bullets can still burn me-"

Bang! Rachael watched as the man ignored her protests and pulled the trigger anyways. She didn't see a muzzle flash, but she heard the gun fire directly at her, and…

…She felt the impact of a rubber bullet bouncing harmlessly off of her skin.

Gasp! the thug gasped. "Our weapons are useless against her!!"

"What do we do??"

"Shoot her again!!"

And then, every "unarmed" man pulled out a gun and unleashed a stream of rubber ammunition at her.

"It's not working!" one of the thugs screamed.

"She must be bulletproof! Keep firing!"

Rachael couldn't stop herself from laughing at how deliberately corny this was. She felt like she probably shouldn't have been laughing at that moment, but she just couldn't stop herself.

"BWA HA HA HA HA!!" she bellowed.

"She's laughing!!" one of the goons yelled in terror. "It's not hurting her at all!"

Rachael quickly realized that the act of her accidentally breaking her composure actually fit the scenario perfectly. They all thought that she was intending to laugh as a sign of how useless their weapons were, and she took full advantage of her improvisation and started to walk over towards the large group of men.

"That's right!" Rachael yelled jubilantly. "Your guns don't even tickle me!"

The man who fired first kept shooting anyways until Rachael heard a telling click, signaling that he was out of bullets. In less than two seconds, the other four gunmen ran out of bullets, as well.

"Crap! She really is bulletproof!"

"Maybe this crowbar will hurt her!" a man with a crowbar loudly suggested while running at Rachael with a crowbar.

"HA HA HA HA!!" Rachael exploded with laughter again, safe in the knowledge that nobody would ever realize that she was laughing at Jasmine's fantasy rather than laughing for it, because the laughter fit so perfectly, either way. The man with the crowbar murderously tried to bring the weapon down upon Rachael's head, but she effortlessly caught it with a single hand and very carefully kicked the make-believe thug away.

"Oof!" The man actually jumped backwards through the air like a child in a school play that was pretending to be hit harder than he actually was. He landed flat on his back and didn't get back up again.

"Oh god," another man recoiled. "Did she just knock him out with one kick??"

"I did!" Rachael replied. "And look what else I can do!" Then, she took the crowbar and started to bend it. The metal screeched loudly in protest, but she completely ignored it as she twisted the iron even more easily than an average man could mold clay, eventually tying the metal tool into a perfect knot.

"Egad!" one of the gunmen cried out. "She's super strong, too!"

One of the men with a ski mask ran at Rachael at full speed with a knife in hand. Rachael dropped the ruined metal and prepared to punch him, making sure to make a deliberate show of winding up her strike so that the man could easily react to her move in time. When he got close enough, Rachael threw what could only be described as a "student film punch" straight at the man's forehead. The punch was noticeably weak and sluggish, and she barely even touched the man, but he still jerked his head violently backwards in perfect time with her "punch" and collapsed at her feet.

The two men with the metal baseball bats charged at her simultaneously. She decided to actually let them hit her. They both swung the melee weapons with all of their might, one of them striking her stomach, and the other swinging the bat down onto her skull.



The man who went for her head actually dropped the bat to the ground from the sheer amount of shock that his hands absorbed from the impact of the aluminum bat striking against Rachael's infinitely tougher skull.

"Ya really oughta get a bat with a better grip," Rachael playfully chided him. "That cheap old thing'll do murder on your hands over time, you know." She then grabbed the bat-less man by his shirt and yelled "Catch!" Then, she easily threw the 200-pound man across the room, straight into the other masked man that was standing a little over twenty feet away. She threw the would-be slugger with enough force to genuinely knock the other guy over, but it wasn't enough to knock either of them unconscious, but neither man got back up again, regardless.

The other man with a bat was disposed of by a "student film right hook" that caused the man to dramatically spin around five hundred and forty degrees as he fell to the floor. She then sauntered over towards the four remaining "gunmen," putting an extra sway into her hips for the added enjoyment of their "hostage."

Rachael lifted the first man off of the floor with only one hand on his throat. She wasn't restricting his airflow in any way, but that didn't stop him from dramatically pretending that she was choking the life out of him as his feet left the floor.

He put both of his hands on her one hand and tried to pry her grip away from his throat. He didn't try very hard, at first, but when he noticed that her fingers weren't moving a millimeter, he tried harder.

But her fingers still didn't move a millimeter.

"P-please," the man sputtered as Rachael "strangled" him beneath her fingertips. "Please don't throw me into the padded wall over there," he finished, tilting his head slightly towards Rachael's left.

She couldn't help but glance towards the area he was gesturing towards. And sure enough, there were two blue wrestling mats in the direction that the man was looking in; one up against the wall and one on the floor directly beneath it. It looked like they were meticulously planted there for the sole purpose of throwing people into them.

"…Huh." Rachael said, once again surprised by how well Jasmine had planned all of this. She looked back up to the pretend henchman dangling in her one-handed grasp and said "Well, I guess ya should have thought about that before abducting an innocent woman."

Rachael lightly tossed the man a few inches into the air, caught him by his shirt, pivoted her upper body towards the mats, and hurled the man over her shoulder (with one hand, of course) straight into the padded wall.

Even though the man was nearly a head taller than Rachael, his entire weight rocketed across the room and hit the wall hard.


Rachael couldn't help but smile a little. She knew from her high school gym classes that the man would be fine. But damned if it didn't sound like an impact that would kill a man. There was nothing else quite like the sound of a body hitting a gym matt. The sound actually made it much more convincing when the man didn't get back up.

DAMN, that felt sexy, Rachael couldn't help but think to herself after the latest demonstration of her power. I think I want to do that again.

"You! Come here," Rachael called out as she stepped over to one of the few thugs still remaining.

"No! Please!" the man begged. Rachael didn't bother with any theatrics, this time. She just wanted to throw another man across the room, so she did.

"Aaaaaaiiiiieeeeee-" Boom!

The second man hit the padded wall and fell to the padded floor, right on top of the first man.

"Alrighty then," Rachael nodded, satisfied. "Just two left now, huh?" She turned towards the last two men. They were standing side by side and practically shaking as she walked over to them, once again with a slightly exaggerated sway in her hips with each step, both for the enjoyment of her client and because Rachael was actually enjoying this, herself.

"G-get away from me, you freak!" one of the goons shouted as he and his partner both backed away from the advancing supergirl.

Rachael kept on walking, smiling all the while as she watched the two men both back into the wall behind them. As soon as their backs hit the wall, the two men just stood there and watched as Rachael cleared the distance between them, despite the fact that the two stooges had plenty of room to run.

"I ain't no freak," Rachael told them. She was finally within arm's reach of the two men. "I am a Goddess."

Rachael then placed one hand on each man's throat, lifted both thugs high into the air…

…and then, she began to literally choke both of them.

Rachael had no intentions of hurting the two men. She was going to release both of them as soon as they passed out, and then their unconscious bodies would immediately start breathing again, and they would wake up in a matter of minutes, perfectly safe.

Her strangling of the two goons was entirely genuine, as were the looks of panic on the men's faces when they realized they they truly couldn't breathe.

Both men fought with all of their might to free themselves, each man putting both of hands into their pointless attempts at prying Rachael's individual hands off of each of their necks. They gasped and struggled and flailed their legs around as they dangled helplessly in her superhuman grip, repeatedly kicking at Rachael, often making strong contact with her bare thighs that were proudly on display beneath her scandalously short shorts.

Rachael kept the same cool smirk on her face, but she was secretly watching their faces very closely the entire time that she was strangling the two men. The one in her right hand passed out first, and she immediately relaxed her hold on him as soon as he did. The one in her left hand followed suit a few seconds later, at which point Rachael theatrically dropped both men onto the warehouse floor, unconscious but very much alive.

All was silent for a moment in the tense aftermath of Rachael effortlessly disposing of nine armed men in less than a minute.

"You alright, ma'am?" Rachael finally turned to Jasmine and addressed her client directly for the first time that night.

Jasmine, for her part, was almost too stunned to speak. First of all, she hadn't seen Rachael's strength in action in years, and she had almost entirely forgotten just how awe-inspiring the power within her sexy, womanly body truly was.

But what shocked her a lot more was just how well Rachael played the role that she had given her. Back in high school, Rachael couldn't act to save her soul. But the woman that Jasmine had just witnessed in action almost felt like an entirely different person. Rachael displayed a true performance of power, confidence, and now chivalry as she finally spoke to her directly for the first time of the night.

In any other scenario, Jasmine would have asked her "Who are you and what have you done with Rachael Stein?" But for the time being, she was getting turned on far too much for her to care.

Jasmine was already imagining them naked in bed. She could picture Rachael holding her in a soft, yet unbreakable hug as her sweet, freckled face peppered her with kisses. She could feel Rachael's single hand pushing her down onto her bed sheets. She could feel Rachael's naked groin rubbing firmly against her own rosebud. She could feel the infinite might of Rachael's voluptuous hips forcing Jasmine's exposed body to sink deeper and deeper into the bed as Rachael's smooth and unstoppable body slowly made love to her. She could feel Rachael's otherworldly might in every inch of her creamy skin. Every movement that Rachael made would force Jasmine to move along with her, constantly reminding her of the fact that this woman could rip her into a thousand pieces with her bare hands, but she knew that she never would. Jasmine would feel completely powerless, yet completely safe in the intimate embrace of the southern Goddess. She could feel-

"Ma'am?" Rachael asked again. "Are you alright?"

"Oh! Um…" Jasmine shook her head as if to shake the raging hormones out of her so she could focus on keeping to the script that she had mentally prepared for this evening.

"Oh yes," Jasmine eventually answered. "I'm quite alright, but… who are you?"

As Rachael walked closer to where Jasmine was tied up, she wasn't sure how to answer for a moment. She was having a hard time pretending that one of her oldest friends was a complete stranger. And as she got closer, still, she found her heart starting to race a little bit from the woman who was tied up before her.

Has she lost weight? Rachael wondered to herself, before stealing a glance at Jasmine's chest and deciding that she certainly hasn't lost any weight there, at least. Or her thighs either, for that matter.

"Well…" Rachael started talking, hoping to distract Jasmine from the fact that she was ogling her body for a moment. "I'm just a passing stranger who thought that someone could use some help," she said. By this point, she was standing right in front of Jasmine, so she punctuated her introduction by ripping apart the iron chains around Jasmine's waist with her bare hands. The chain links put up absolutely no resistance and were ripped into a hundred tiny piece from Rachael's light tug.

"It's the necklace, isn't it?" Jasmine asked. "Believe it or not, I actually have one just like it. I thought that it was the only one!"

"Really?" Rachael pretended to be surprised by that. "Why ain't you wearing it, then?"

"Because these ruffians all caught me by surprise and took it from me! I think that this one over here has it," Jasmine said, pointing to one of the many "unconscious" men in the room.

Rachael patiently waited as Jasmine got to her feet, walked over to the man and ruffled through his pockets. Rachael was still wondering if something about Jasmine's body had changed since the last time they saw each other. Is she going to the gym? No, Jasmine wouldn't be caught dead working up any sort of sweat, for ANY reason. God she looks good, though. Maybe it was just the fact that she knew what they would be doing later in the night, but she couldn't help but notice how Jasmine's body seemed much nicer than she remembered it.

But even with that said… could she really pleasure that body when the time came? She felt like she was looking at a woman that any man would be lucky to have, but was absolutely off-limits to Rachael herself, on account of her being one of her oldest friends. It felt completely crazy that this was happening, and Jasmine didn't seem bothered in the slightest! How long had Jasmine wanted this? And could Rachael actually go through with it?

"Here it is!" Jasmine declared, finally pulling a purple necklace off of the man and fastening it around her neck.

"Good thing you got that back," Rachael told her. "Wouldn't want that to fall into the wrong hands."

"It's a good thing you were here, then," Jasmine agreed.

"Would you like me to walk you home?" Rachael offered, already walking towards Jasmine.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to be a burden," Jasmine politely declined. "You've already done so much for me already."

Rachael may not have been the best at reading every type of social cue like Jasmine could, but her momma didn't raise her to be rude, either. She knew when somebody was just saying "no" to be polite. "It's no burden at all, ma'am," Rachael answered.

But before Jasmine could even put forth another polite dismissal, Rachael scooped the woman up off of her feet and held her in a cradle carry, one of her personal favorite tricks for showing off her strength in a romantic and intimate way.

Jasmine's heart was already pounding. She couldn't even describe the feeling of having Rachael's slender arms lift her up off of her feet and holding her close like the chivalrous white knights that she had dreamed about in high school. Only, instead of a handsome man with rock hard muscles, Jasmine was being gingerly held in the arms of a soft, smooth woman. It was one thing to know how strong Rachael was, but it was another thing entirely for Jasmine to feel her entire body being effortlessly picked up off the ground by her might. Rachael's body felt so gentle and heavenly, and yet Jasmine could now FEEL just how inhumanly powerful that magnificent body truly was. Jasmine's brain momentarily locked up as she tried to come up with a response to the bold move that Rachael had just completely swept her off of her feet with.

Rachael couldn't help but smirk at how the normally confident and charismatic fashion queen suddenly became uncharacteristically flustered in Rachael's arms. Works every time, she though to herself. Then out loud, she told her new client, "I'll keep you safe until you're back home, miss… um… What's your name?"

"Jasmine" the woman answered, barely above a whisper.

"Jasmine," Rachael repeated with a genuine smile. "That's a lovely name for a lovely gal. I'm Rachael."

"Nice to meet you," Jasmine forced herself to answer through the thick haze of emotions running through her mind.

"How about I take you home, now?" Rachael asked her.

Jasmine simply nodded. She was too flustered to even speak as Rachael carried her out of the warehouse. She felt herself being gently squeezed against into Rachael's body as she carried her away. It was all too much. Jasmine simply laid there in the cowgirl's arms and tried to calm her racing heart as she merely allowed herself to be carried away in the unfathomably power, yet perfectly gentle embrace of what felt like, in that moment, a Goddess from a higher plane that was more perfect than any woman could ever deserve.

Rachael's thoughts, on the other hand, were a raging war of conflicting feelings and emotions. On one hand, Jasmine had the most utterly flawless body that she had ever known, and probably ever would know. And she only seemed to get even sexier over the years. Now twenty-five years old, she found that the ruler of the world's largest fashion empire had a body that was a sight to behold.

It was a true blessing to lay eyes on Jasmine's form, let alone be able to touch it.

Rachael's left hand was cupped beneath a pair of perfectly-padded thighs and her right hand was wrapped around Jasmine's shoulder blades and gently pressing the woman's upper body into her own. Every once in a while, Rachael even managed to steal a glance at the angelic face that had caused so many high school boys to fight for the privilege of taking her to the prom. She was the most physically perfect woman Rachael had ever laid eyes on.

But she was also one of her oldest friends.

"That bike over there," Jasmine suddenly spoke up.

"Buh?" Rachael replied eloquently.

Eventually, she found where Jasmine was pointing. There was a motorcycle parked right outside of the entrance of the abandoned warehouse. There were also two helmets hanging off of the bike, which Rachael doubted was a coincidence.

"I managed to steal these off of one of those ruffians," Jasmine announced, proudly pulling a pair of keys out of her pocket. "You weren't planning on walking me home, were you?"

"I… I reckon I didn't really have a plan," Rachael answered, which was absolutely true because Jasmine was the one who planned this whole night, a fact that Rachael was suddenly reminded of yet again. Rachael approached the vehicle and prepared to set Jasmine down on the back of the bike. But then, she felt herself hesitate for a moment, as if her her body was actively resisting her brain's order to take her hands off of Jasmine for even a single second. But eventually, she set the purple-haired girl down on the back of the bike, and then she climbed on in front of her.

Jasmine immediately wrapped her arms around Rachael and hugged her tightly, squeezing every single curve of her fabulous body into Rachael's back, giving Rachael an especially good feel of the size and texture of Jasmine's chest as it pressed deep into Rachael's shoulder blades.

Good lord girl, you're going to cause me to have an accident, Rachael thought to herself. She handed one helmet to Jasmine and put the other one on herself. Jasmine's hands left Rachael's body for a moment in order to put on the protective gear, and then they immediately latched onto Rachael once again. Rachael could have sworn that Jasmine was actively rubbing against her this time.

Okay, Jasmine. I hope you're ready to make a shield for yourself when you make me crash this bike on the way home.

Without another word, Rachael turned the key, started the engine, and took off in the direction of Jasmine's estate.


Somehow, Jasmine's house was simultaneously both shocking beyond belief and exactly what Rachael had expected it to look like.

She wasn't sure if it was the biggest house she seen since she started to entertain the super rich, but it was certainly the best-looking one. The white palace that she was riding towards looked like something that a queen couldn't afford. Beyond the massive iron gate in front was a long asphalt driveway that ended with a loop and a massive water fountain in the middle of the loop. At the front of the house was a set of stairs that were about twenty steps high and half of a block long. The stairs looked like they were made from real marble, which meant that, knowing Jasmine, they HAD to be real marble. White stone columns that looked hand-chiseled were placed evenly apart at the top of the imposing stairway to extravagant mansion that was just so perfectly "Jasmine" in every way.

Rachael parked the bike in front of the huge building, took of her helmet, and got off. "Home sweet home, huh?" she asked Jasmine.

"Yes," Jasmine answered, removing her helmet, as well. "Thank you for getting me home safely. Could you walk me inside?"

"Of course, Jasmine."

And with that, Jasmine allowed herself to be scooped up once again in Rachael's arms. Even through Jasmine probably weight just as much as Rachael did, the cowgirl effortlessly lifted her off of the bike and held her close to her chest as she carried Jasmine up the steps and right to a set of white doors with gold-plated handles.

Rachael removed her hand from Jasmine's back for a brief moment in order to open one of the doors, then quickly put it right back on the task of steadying her body as she walked Jasmine into an incredibly wide hallway with white tile flooring that was so clean that she could see their reflections off of it. The room she found herself in looked more like a shopping mall than somebody's house. There were several doorways on each side of the huge hall, and even more at the top of very modern-looking stainless steel staircase that led to a balcony that seemed to be only a small part of the second floor. And beyond that, several more floors with several more balconies.

Rachael heard the heavy wooden door close behind them and tried to figure out what to do next.

"I'm really tired," Jasmine spoke up. "Why don't you just carry me to my bedroom? It's on the top floor at the very end of the hall."

"Of course," Rachael answered. "The bedroom. So you can sleep. Right."

Rachael started moving again, already getting a much more intimate feeling of Jasmine's smooth back being cradled by her right hand and her shapely thighs being supported by her left. She carried her fabulous body up stair after stair, quickly finding that her original assessment of her house looking like a shopping mall was more accurate than she realized. Every floor had a large hole in the middle of the floor with glass panels and stainless steel railings to allow people to look down, or up at other floors without falling. Each floor had about a dozen doors, six on the left side, six on the right, and a far wall at the very end of the hallway with absolutely nothing on it, floor after floor. All of the doors were closed, and Rachael could only wonder why anybody would need this many rooms, but she imagined that Jasmine had a specific name and use for every single one.

Rachael finally reached the top floor, and the hallway there looked identical to the other uniform floors she had seen on her way up…

…except for the set of double doors occupying the wall at the very end of the hall.

Every other story had a completely blank wall at the end of each hallway. But on the very top level, there was an otherwise unassuming set of doors that was strategically placed in a way to make sure that you knew that it was a special place:

Jasmine's bedroom.

Rachael started to walk down that final hallway to final room at the very end. She still wasn't sure if she actually wanted to go through with this. She felt like she was in one of those dreams where you keep running towards a door that never gets any closer. But, after what felt like an eternity, she opened one of the doors to Jasmine's private bed chamber and stepped inside.

Her room looked surprisingly plain, actually. Rachael had expected a complete and total excess of lavish furniture, ivory statues, water fountains, and everything else that the diva could get her hands on. But instead, there was a very simple set of chestnut-colored wood furniture in the form of a chest, a dresser with a mirror, a nightstand, and a solid wooden bed frame, with a headboard and footboard of the exact same color and finish as the other wood in the room. Atop the wooden frame was a king-sized bed that was neatly made and only had slightly more pillows than what was needed, but not as many as Rachael guessed she would have. A walk-in closet, and a fireplace with a mounted TV opposite the bed were the only other noteworthy things in the entire room.

Rachael laid Jasmine down on what looked like the most comfortable bed she had ever seen.

"Thank you again for saving me, Rachael," Jasmine said, sitting up straight on the bed. She removed her magic purple necklace and opened a drawer in her nightstand. "I'm going to put this safely in my secret drawer. Don't tell anybody what's inside of here, okay?"

Rachael looked over to the nightstand and saw that there were only two things in the drawer: Jasmine's necklace and a strap-on dildo.

Rachael looked back to Jasmine. Jasmine simply stared at Rachael for a moment and then closed the drawer. Rachael was pretty sure that Jasmine wanted her to see what was inside of that drawer.

"Well, Is there anything else I can do for you before I go, Jasmine?" Rachael asked.

Jasmine already had a planned answer. She put her drama background to work and fearfully replied, "Do you have to go? I'm still scared that those criminals might come back for me." She then looked up to Rachael and asked, "Could you maybe stay for the night? I would feel so much safer that way."

"Of course, Jasmine," Rachael answered. She felt a growing sense of both excitement and unease at just how quickly Jasmine's master plan for the night was coming together. "Do you have a guest room?" she feigned cluelessness just to tease her.

"Yes," Jasmine answered. "Several, actually. But… I'd feel a lot safer if you… maybe slept with me…?"

"Sure. I can do that for you."

"Oh, and one more thing…"


"I like to sleep naked," Jasmine said.

"Me too," Rachael replied.

"Splendid!" Jasmine smiled widely. "Well, off to sleep, then!" And then, Jasmine immediately started to remove her shirt.

Rachael turned around and started to strip down, herself. She felt physically incapable of watching Jasmine get undressed, so she faced the exact opposite direction so that she wouldn't have to look at her.

Jasmine had no such reservations. She already had her shirt removed by the time that Rachael started to strip, and she took advantage of Rachael having her back turned to watch her undress as Jasmine did the same. Rachael took off her shoes and socks with little fanfare.

Then she removed her jacket. Her short-sleeved undershirt was now the only thing that was eclipsing Jasmine's view of her upper body, but the shirt was tightly-fitted enough to give Jasmine an eyeful of her figure. The undershirt came off next and revealed the naked skin of her backside, as well as the soft and feminine arms that carried Jasmine's entire weight up five flights of steps without any issue. Rachael kept on her bra, much to Jasmine's chagrin, and dropped her shorts next. With only a bra, panties, and her necklace remaining, Jasmine got her first long look at Rachael's fantastic hourglass figure. Her hips rounded out into a round and squeezable butt. And beneath that was a pair of thick thighs that gradually slimmed down into a pair of smooth legs and cute feet.

Rachael waited for a moment before stripping down any further. Jasmine imagined that she was teasing her with anticipation for finally seeing the most private parts of her body. But in reality, Rachael just hesitated briefly before going any further. But eventually, she bent over slightly and dropped her panties, allowing Jasmine to gawk at the view of Rachael's naked rear finally being exposed to her. Then, Rachael unclipped her bra and allowed the article of clothing to drop to the floor.

Jasmine was stripping at the same pace that Rachael was, so she was already naked by the time that Rachael turned around and flashed her with her now exposed breasts.

Jasmine was so awestruck by their shape and size that she didn't even notice that Rachael nearly had a heart attack when she looked at Jasmine.

On a scale of one to ten, Rachael herself was probably a nine. Rachael was always taught to be humble, but she was also taught to be honest with herself. So, she decided, she was probably a nine on a scale of one to ten, with a ten being reserved for only the most flawless body imaginable.

When Rachael finally turned around, she realized that Jasmine was an eleven. She was beyond anybody's wildest imagination. Her face was perfect. Her legs were perfect. Her hips were perfect. For a moment, Rachael's eyes bounced around wildly across Jasmine's divine body, struggling to decide what part to ogle first.

But eventually, her gaze locked onto the most flawless pair of all-natural breasts that she had ever laid eyes on. Rachael stared, starstruck, at the cascade of soft skin that gradually sloped down Jasmine's chest, gently forming a pair of smooth spheres with a swollen nipple erected proudly on the surface of each globe of womanly flesh, hanging freely off of her chest, as if they were begging to be grabbed and played with.

Further down her torso, her perfect skin shrank inwards to form a slim waistline with a cute little belly button in the middle. Rachael's eyes moved further down her body and found that her hips were a work of art. They were smooth, blemish-less, and thicker than they had any right to be on a girl with such an enviously slim figure. In between those was a cleanly-shave pussy that looked just as tantalizing as every other part of her flawless body.

Rachael suddenly felt like she didn't deserve the title of "Goddess" anymore. Even though Jasmine didn't have her limitless strength, she had a body that put Rachael to absolute shame.

Jasmine pulled back the bed sheets on her mattress and climbed into her bed, covering up her body and lying on her side, turned away from Rachael. Rachael simply stared for a moment, utterly mesmerized by the brief glimpse of perfection that Jasmine had shown her, and utterly desperate to see it again. She felt her feet moving on their own, quickly taking Rachael towards the bed. Rachael lifted up the covers in order to climb in next to Jasmine, getting another brief glimpse of her naked body as she did so. She lied down next to her and pulled the covers up onto her body, as well.

They both laid there in silence for an uncomfortably long time. Rachael was starting to wonder if there was something that she was supposed to do. But Jasmine had planned everything. And now, they were both here, both naked, both laying in the same bed, and Jasmine had even shown her a sex toy. And yet… nothing was happening.

"I can't sleep," Jasmine finally said after what felt like several eternities. She rolled over to her other side and faced Rachael. "I guess that I'm still a little rattled after that abduction. I don't suppose you have a trick to help me get my mind off of all of this, right? Like, do you have a way to… take care of my stress?"

Rachael realized that was her cue to begin. Her mind seemed to completely blank out as her arm reached around Jasmine and slowly dragging her hand up the softest back that her hand had ever explored before. Eventually, her hand made it up to Jasmine's neck, and finally, the back of her head. She gently cradled the back of Jasmine's head in her palm, idly running her fingertips through the endless sea of purple strands flowing down onto the bed.

"I think I have an idea," Rachael said. I guess it's now or never, she realized.
Rachael and Jasmine

Then, Rachael closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and planted a deep kiss on Jasmine's lips. The woman offered no resistance. In fact, she barely seemed to respond at all, outside of her breathing becoming significantly heavier. Jasmine's entire face seemed to go completely limp as soon as Rachael's lips made contact. In an instant, Rachael suddenly realized that she was going to be the most submissive client that she had ever known. Jasmine literally wanted nothing more than to just lay there and let Rachael do as she pleased with her. Rachael's nervousness and hesitance were rapidly disappearing as she reached a hand out towards Jasmine's chest and slowly sank her fingertips into one of her flawless breasts.

Rachael had only just started, and already Jasmine was being utterly overwhelmed by her own raging hormones. She felt the blond's hand dig playfully into one of her breasts and give it a gentle squeeze, eliciting even more erratic shaking and panting than she was already doing under Rachael's skillful touch. She already had her eyes closed in order to focus on the feeling of her lips on her mouth and her hand on her chest. She could feel every square inch of Rachael's hand latched onto her breast, squeezing and groping and swirling it around on her chest while Rachael's lips sealed themselves over her mouth and forcefully sandwiched Jasmine's head in between the Rachael's soft hand and her even softer lips.

Suddenly, Rachael rolled both of them over and positioned herself on top of the fashionista.

Only then did it all finally clicked that this was really happening. It wasn't when they both stripped naked, it wasn't when they both climbed into the same bed, it wasn't when Rachael kissed her, and it wasn't even when she started to play with her breasts that it all truly sink in. It was the moment when she found herself laying on her back underneath her superhumanly strong friend and feeling the full weight of Rachael's naked body sprawled out over her own naked form that made Jasmine finally come to terms with the fact that Rachael was about to make love to her. She opened her eyes for what the felt like the first time since Rachael had started, just to make sure that all of this was real.

Unbeknownst to the billionaire, Rachael was getting just as excited as she was. She had one of the two greatest breasts in the world inside of her own eager hand, she was locking lips with the prettiest girl on the planet, and now she was on top of said girl, ready to finally end the night in the best way possible. Jasmine's eyes snapped open for a moment…

…and her piercing blue irises instilled an emotion that Rachael had never felt before.

Rachael always wanted her clients to be satisfied with every visit, but that was mostly because it was good for business and she usually enjoyed herself more if she could make her customers as hard, or wet, as she possibly could.

But when Jasmine looked at her like that… When Jasmine looked up at her with such an intense and desperate longing for her, Rachael found herself truly wanting to make Jasmine happy with every fiber of her being. She found a goofy, love-drunk smile sprouting on her face before she could stop herself.

"If anything I do makes you feel uncomfortable, let me know, ya hear? Anything at all."

Jasmine had never had another woman look at her like that before, and she never had a woman speak to her like that, either! Those friendly green eyes, that pure smile on her freckled face, and the curtain of golden hair behind it, falling gently around her shoulders all ignited a sense of desire so strong that it completely robbed Jasmine of the ability to speak. She wanted to tell Rachael that she could never hurt her. She wanted to tell her to that she loved her. She wanted to tell her to hurry up and pleasure her already!

But, as she soon found out, she didn't need to tell her that last one, because Rachael was about to pleasure her, regardless.

Even though Jasmine never answered Rachael's question, it was clear that words were no longer needed at this point. Rachael picked herself up off of Jasmine just a little bit and positioned herself so that the cowgirl was on all fours, save for the hand that adamantly refused to let go of Jasmine's tit for a single second. Jasmine stared into Rachael's face, then felt her gaze being drawn to her naked breasts; soft, round, and hanging freely mere inches away from her face. Also hanging in front of her chest was her red necklace, reminding Jasmine that those fabulous tits could probably crush rocks.

Without warning, the hand on Jasmine's tit suddenly pressed into her even harder than before. Jasmine felt her entire body suddenly be forced to sink deeper into the bed from the push of Rachael's palm. Jasmine didn't even try to squirm free. She already knew that Rachael had her helplessly pinned with only her one hand on her breast.

"Is this uncomfortable?" Rachael asked.

Jasmine's breathing became so frantic and heavy that it sounded like she was going into labor. She had felt the padded softness of all of Rachael's lovely curves teasing her own naked skin, and she had felt Rachael's unlimited strength earlier in the day when she carried Jasmine around.

But now, Jasmine was feeling the the padded softness of all of Rachael's lovely curves and she was feeling the unlimited strength that her sexy womanly body had, all at the same time.

What does it feel like to be screwed by a person with superhuman strength? Jasmine had wanted to know since Rachael first got her powers back in high school. She already knew what normal strength felt like. She had plenty of intimate nights with plenty of smoking-hot boyfriends. (She never had any trouble getting any man she wanted.) And the power of their rock-hard bodies holding her tightly as they passionately screwed each other always felt like the greatest thing in the world to her.

But what about a smooth and soft body that was thousands of times stronger than any man could ever hope to be? She couldn't even comprehend the idea, but she had to know and she had to know right now.

"…please…" Jasmine begged. She couldn't even speak in full sentences anymore. She felt like she was about to burst. "Rachael please…"

"You want to know what a Goddess feels like, Jasmine?"


"Do you feel my thick, naked bottom pressing down on you? Do you know that these hips can smash a mountain into gravel? Do you feel my soft, slender arm pinning you down? Do you know that this arm can throw an armored tank into orbit?

"Did you know that these fingers…?" Rachael continued, touching two fingers from her free hand to Jasmine's navel and slowly dragging them down towards the part of her body that had been thoroughly soaking her bed sheets for the past several minutes. "…Did you know that you tied one end of a rope around these two fingers and the other end of the rope was being pulled on by every human being alive…"

The two fingers went completely around her snatch and ran down her thighs.

"…it wouldn't even be a fight?"

Then the fingers slithered back up towards her waiting pussy.

"Do you want to know what those two fingers would feel like inside of you, Jasmine? Because, ready or not, here they come…"

Rachael's two fingers lightly poked at the entrance to Jasmine's intimacy.

Jasmine orgasmed immediately.

She tried not to. She really tried to hold it in, but with a violent shudder she felt the dam inside of her crack open, and a very small amount of her vaginal fluids leaked into the bed.

"Shoot," Rachael apologized. "I didn't realize I was teasing you that badly."

"Huff… it's fine…" Jasmine panted, clenching every muscle in her body in a desperate attempt to contain herself.

"I got you more worked up than I thought," Rachael said. "I guess I better hurry up, then," she added with a wicked grin..

Then, all at once, she plunged her two fingers deep inside of Jasmine.

"Ngghh…. Aaahhh!!" Jasmine clenched her eyes shut, screaming in shock and pleasure. Her entire body jolted from the extreme sensations she was feeling, but Rachael's other hand on her chest prevented her from moving a single millimeter. She opened her eyes and saw that the impossibly powerful force that was pinning her in place was nothing but Rachael's naked body. She kept her eyes open and watched as her two fingers, stronger than the combined power of everybody in the world, ravaged around inside of her, pressing tightly against every surface more strongly than any other pair of fingers ever could.

"Rachael… Huff… Nrgh… I'm gonna cum… for real this time…"

"I still ain't even trying, yet," Rachael said. "This is me trying!"

Then, Rachael's superhuman fingers pressed into Jasmine's G-spot hard.


It was the most sudden and violent orgasm of Jasmine's life. Rachael's powerful fingers brought her from zero to a hundred and made her empty all of the fluids that she was trying so desperately to hold in up to that moment. Jasmine's entire body tried to thrash around underneath Rachael, but her single hand kept her in place as firmly as if she was being held down by several tons of solid steel as she came and came.

But then, she came down from her mammoth climax all too soon and relaxed back into her mattress, panting and sweating like she never had before in her entire life.

But she wasn't allowed to rest for very long. Jasmine felt Rachael's hands on her hips, and then her body was suddenly being lifted into the air and carried backwards until her back was against the wall.

"Round two," was all that Rachael said before pressed her lips into Jasmine's mouth again, put one hand underneath Jasmine's bottom, wrapped the other arm around her back, and began to squeeze. Rachael's two hands forced Jasmine's head to tip backwards as her entire body was forced deeper and deeper into Rachael's naked skin. She just let it happen. Even though she felt like she was too exhausted to continue, she didn't resist as Rachael continued to feed her mouth an endless flow of pleasure as Jasmine was being helplessly crushed by Rachael. Her grip was so strong that Jasmine literally couldn't move a single muscle as their naked chests met, and the two softest parts of the farm girl's body pushed against Jasmine's own chest. Rachael's breasts were as soft and smooth as her greatest fantasies, but as the two mounds continued their unstoppable advance, Jasmine felt more and more resistance as their chests got squashed more and more tightly together, and she felt her lower body being squeezed more and more tightly against the cowgirl's crotch, as well.

"Oh my god…!" Jasmine moaned, but then was quickly silenced by more kisses. Jasmine wrapped her arms and legs around Rachael's body, fully embracing the smooth and curvy body that she couldn't possibly escape from even if she wanted to. Naturally, the fact that Jasmine's feet were no longer on the floor didn't matter to Rachael. Jasmine stayed right where she was.

At this point, Rachael started to lightly bob and sway, and Jasmine was dragged along with the whims of the cowgirl's body. Her breasts pushed into Jasmine even harder, then Rachael squatted slightly and pressed her crotch even harder against hers, then she stood back up again and dragged her back up the wall with more power than the mightiest river.

"Rrchll… Mmm, Rrchll...!" Jasmine tried to moan her lover's name, but said lover still had her lips locked with Jasmine's. "Mmmfff…!!"

Then, Rachael suddenly stopped her kisses and eased up her grip on Jasmine. She was getting so used to the near-suffocating embrace of the superhuman, that the sudden absence of the embrace felt like she was just abruptly woken from a dream, and she felt momentarily dazed as she panted for breath. Rachael placed her two hands on Jasmine's hips and, to her immense disappointment, pulled her completely away from the blond Goddess. Jasmine's legs were almost completely unprepared to carry her weight again. In fact, she bent her legs and slouched against the wall behind her for support as Rachael put her back down on the bed.

But as soon as Jasmine's feet hit the mattress, Rachael's right hand reached in between Jasmine's legs. Rachael's middle and ring fingers plunged themselves inside of Jasmine once again, while her index and pinky finger steadied themselves against each of Jasmine's thighs, not unlike the way that one would normally hold a bowling ball, with the outer fingers reaching around for support and the middle fingers inside of the holes. Only Rachael's thumb didn't have a hole, so it hooked itself inside of the spot where Jasmine's thigh met her crotch.

Rachael's entire hand started to push itself deep into Jasmine. Her two middle fingers went deeper and deeper up her inner walls, and the rest of her hand was pushing up against her bottom harder and harder…

…until Jasmine's feet started to leave the floor.

"Oh god! OH GOD!!" Jasmine shrieked once she realized what was happening. With two fingers deep inside of Jasmine, Rachael's single hand lifted her up into the air like a 160-pound finger puppet. Her entire body slid further and further up the wall at a slow, controlled pace, as if Rachael was making it a point to prove that this incredibly erotic feat of strength wasn't even close to a proper test of her abilities. Rachael's middle fingers fished around inside of Jasmine as she was lifted upwards until Rachael's face was level with Jasmine's chest. Then, Rachael's left hand grabbed hold of Jasmine's right breast while Rachael's mouth started to suck on her left one.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" Jasmine couldn't stop moaning like a shameless porn star. She was completely losing control under the might of Rachael's naked body pleasuring her from every angle. Rachael's right hand held her in the air as firmly as a saddle mounted on a horse made of steel, and her two fingers ravaged around inside of her while one of her breasts was being squeezed and the other was being sucked on. After a while, Rachael let go of her breasts and opted to simply lift her up and down against the wall with her one hand on Jasmine's snatch. She even moved her two fingers deeper in, and then out of Jasmine's love canal in the same rhythm that the rest of Jasmine's body was being moved up and down against her bedroom wall. Jasmine was starting to feel another orgasm building inside of her as Rachael started to pick up speed, throwing Jasmine's body up and down, faster and faster until Jasmine suddenly felt herself being thrown up high into the air, completely separated from the blond's hand for a brief moment.

When she fell back down, Rachael caught her, but Jasmine found that Rachael's right arm was now reaching all the way around her lower back, and her fingers were now attacking her sex from behind. Before she even realized what was happening, Rachael simultaneously…

1. Dug into Jasmine's vagina harder and faster than before
2. Wrapped her free arm around Jasmine's upper back
3. Ducked her head slightly off to the side, so as not to smash their two skulls together when she…
4. Rushed forward and, using her naked body like the world's most powerful battering ram, SMASHED Jasmine's against the wall behind her as she pumped her fingers in and out of Jasmine at high speeds.

"AHH!!" Jasmine hollered. "AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!"

Jasmine realized that if one of the sexiest men in the world had this much power, then his hard muscles would probably be bruising Jasmine's body right now. But since it was one of the sexiest women in the world, Rachael's soft and warm body caused her no pain, even as she was being handled more roughly than ever before.

"Ooooohh, Rachael!!"

Jasmine suddenly understood exactly what a Goddess felt like. Rachael had one arm around Jasmine's upper back and the other around her lower back. The cold metal of her magic necklace pressed into Jasmine's neck, contrasted by Rachael's soft and warm breasts, digging into Jasmine's tits harder and harder while Rachael's smooth and warm hips continued to assault her. The farmgirl's groin was pinning Jasmine's lower body in place just as firmly as her naked tits were holding her upper body, and Rachael's soft arms continued to hold Jasmine hostage against her naked skin with their iron-like strength, and Rachael's skilled fingers attacked Jasmine's clit faster and faster. Jasmine realized that she was about to cum for a third time.

"Rachael!! Rachael!!"

Rachael started to rock back and forth, and Jasmine's body was helplessly dragged along with it as Rachael repeatedly slammed her against the wall by the incontestable power of her sexy, sexy body.

Boom! Boom!

"Rachael!! Rachael!!"


"Rachael!! Rachael!! Rachael!! Rachael!! RACH-AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!"

Jasmine didn't even know that she could ejaculate until she started cum all over Rachael. Her entire body locked up as she felt her loins completely and utterly burst inside of her, leaking more and more fluid down Rachael's hand and Jasmine's legs. Still Rachael continued to slam Jasmine against the wall. Still she continued to ram her fingers around inside of her cunt, dragging out the most intense orgasm of Jasmine's life until it also became the longest orgasm of Jasmine's life.

When it finally ended, Jasmine slumped limply in Rachael's arms, feeling like her entire life force had just been drained out of her in an instant, rather than through ten minutes of intense sex. Rachael loosened up on her grip once Jasmine's climax had ended and held her in a much more gentle and soothing hug.

It took Jasmine almost two full minutes to catch her breath.


Jasmine excused herself to go to the bathroom in order to quickly wipe off the most of the mess on her body.

Rachael was sitting on the bed with the female equivalent of blue balls the likes of which nobody could ever understand.

Throughout the entire time she was pleasuring Jasmine, Rachael was getting just as aroused as she was, only she wasn't able to do anything about it. She kept both hands on her client at all times, constantly feeling up her perfectly round and firm breasts, her smooth and soft hips, her thick and voluptuous thighs, and her gorgeous and beautiful face. And she wasn't allowed to touch herself to let out all of the sexual tension that came with screwing the most physically flawless woman on the planet. And there was no way that Jasmine would be in any condition to help with that now, especially after the intense workout that Rachael had just put her through.

Jasmine returned from the bathroom, looking completely and utterly exhausted. Her hair was a mess and her body was covered in a shiny coat of sweat as she crawled back into bed. Rachael laid back down to join her. Once Jasmine was next to her, she couldn't help but eye up every tempting curve of the woman's naked body, or at least what little she could see. The fact that most of Jasmine's perfection was obscured by the blanket forced Rachael to leave her lower body to her imagination, which just made her sexual tension even more unbearable.

"Did you cum, Rachael?" Jasmine suddenly spoke up next to her, as if she could sense the astronomic levels of frustration and discomfort that she was feeling.

"No," Rachael answered. "In fact, I was just about to go to the bathroom," she decided, already getting up in order to go masturbate furiously.

"What? No." Jasmine insisted, reaching out her hand to stop Rachael from sitting up, and then she pushed her back down onto the bed. "You just gave me the best night I ever had, and you deserve the same. Let me take care of it…" Jasmine wrapped her arms around Rachael and used the little strength she had left to pull herself close enough for her naked breasts to make light contact with Rachael's own chest once again.

"No, Jasmine," Rachael answered, barely able to hide the venom in her voice as Jasmine became more tantalizing by the second. "You've had enough tonight. You should get some sleep."

"I think that I'll decide when I'm done, thank you very much," Jasmine replied with a weak smile.

"Maybe we can do this tomorrow morning when you've had some rest," Rachael suggested. "Just… not tonight."

Jasmine stared at her for a moment, clearing trying to come up with a counter-argument. "Fine," she eventually said. "But I own you for another eleven hours, and I forbid you from pleasuring yourself. You have to do it through me."

"…Fine," Rachael growled, positively seething.

"Just remember," Jasmine whispered sensually into her face, her hot breath washing over her. "If you change your mind, I will do anything, and I do mean anything you want. And, even though you were absolutely right when you said that I was extremely tired, something tells me that your idea of a good time won't require a lot of work on my part."

The more Rachael thought about it, the more she realized that Jasmine was probably right about that, which only made her even more mad.

"Anyways… Goodnight, 'Goddess.'" And with that, Jasmine wrapped her naked body around Rachael's naked body and closed her eyes.

But then she started to rub herself against Rachael. "Don't mind me," Jasmine said. "I'm just trying to get comfortable."

Rachael knew that was a lie, and Jasmine was just outright tempting her, now. "Jasmine, stop…" she begged.

Jasmine didn't stop. But she did slow down, which only made it worse as she ever so sloooowly rubbed her incredible chest against Rachael's, gently prodding at the farm girl's breasts with her own mounds and dragging her nipples up and down Rachael's exposed bosom. Jasmine's hips were rubbing sensually against Rachael's crotch, as well, until both of their vaginas touched together oh so lightly…

"Almost there…" Jasmine purred. She then pulled away from Rachael's body for a brief moment and slid herself further up the bed, until Jasmine's perfect breasts were level with Rachael's face.

And then, Jasmine hugged their bodies together again, burying Rachael's face between her heavenly cleavage and assaulting her nostrils with her natural scents that were concentrated within that womanly valley.

"That's better…" Jasmine sighed contently.

"Pnn nn thn strnn-nn…" Rachael said.

"What's that, darling?" Jasmine asked patronizingly. "I didn't hear you on account of your head being stuff inside of the three-time winner for 'Best Rack.'"

Rachael yanked Jasmine's body away from her and dragged her back down until they were at eye level again.

"I said…" Rachael snarled in her face like a hungry animal. "…Put on the strap-on."

Jasmine's exhausted face smiled victoriously. She seemed to suddenly get a small burst of energy, leaping out of bed and digging through her nightstand. Rachael prepared herself, standing up straight on the bed and putting her own back against the wall that she had recently pounded Jasmine into. She couldn't stop herself from touching herself a little as she got another eyeful of Jasmine au naturale.

Jasmine tied the purple dildo around her waste and stood back up on the bed. Rachael stopped fingering herself for just a moment in order to put both hands on Jasmine's ass and lift the girl only a few short inches into the air. "Wrap your legs around me like you did before," Rachael instructed.

Jasmine did as she was told, hooking her legs around Rachael's waist. "Okay," Jasmine said. "Now wha-"

Rachael viciously shoved the dildo, along with Jasmine's enter body, inside of her again and again and again and again and again.

Jasmine wrapped her arms around Rachael as well, in a desperate attempt to stave off the whiplash that Rachael was about to give her as the blond Goddess violently threw her back and forth until she very quickly reached her orgasm. But even as her body became lost in the midst of her climax, she never stopped.

Standing up straight and with her own back to the wall, Rachael held Jasmine up in the air by her hips and rammed her entire body into her over and over again. The dildo actually turned out to be a little bit short for Rachael, which meant that it was actually perfect. Because at the very end of the fake penis, Rachael got to feel Jasmine's very real body grinding against her with each pull.

Rachael closed her eyes and focused on the perfect ass that Rachael was gripping tightly with both hands, the perfect breasts that were making repeated contact against her chest, the perfect hips that were being forced into her again and again by her own hands, and the sex toy strapped in front of those perfect hips that was finally giving her the stimulation that she couldn't have the last time she got to play with Jasmine's perfect body.

Rachael was rocked with another orgasm. Only this time, she stopped to savor it, using her awesome strength to squeeze Jasmine's naked skin deeply into hers as she rode out a second wave of pleasure.

Rachael still wanted more, but their current position was starting to grow stale. So she laid Jasmine down on the bed, flat on her back. Then she simply straddled Jasmine's body and bounced on top of her the old fashioned way.

Using her super strength to come up with creative new positions for sex was always fun, but there was nothing quite like the feeling of simply being on top.

Rachael's smooth hips lowered herself onto Jasmine again and again. Rachael closed her eyes again and thrilled in the sensations of the sex toy being forced in and out of the cavity between her legs. She could feel the beginnings of another orgasm building, but it was faint. Each time Rachael's round ass made contact with Jasmine, the mattress underneath them forced Jasmine's head to bounce upward every time that Rachael's hips pushed her lower body downward. She grabbed hold of both of Jasmine's breasts and gave them a firm squeeze, slowly increasing her own excitement while also helping to prevent Jasmine's body from flailing around like a rag doll as Rachael rode her. But even the most soft, firm, smooth, and round breasts in the world weren't enough to push her over, yet. But, they did feel just as incredible as before, and she was definitely getting closer to the edge.

Rachael suddenly felt a pair of hands on her breasts. She opened her eyes and saw that Jasmine was playing with her tits, as well. Her fingers dug playfully into Rachael's sensitive mounds and her palms pressed deeply in Rachael's chest. Rachael moaned in delight.

As Rachael continued to ride Jasmine and as both women groped each other's breasts, Rachael felt like she was getting closer and closer, and yet her climax still felt so far away. She was starting to wonder if she wouldn't be able to get another orgasm. She already had two, and the first one was pretty intense. But then again, she could feel it building up inside of her. She just wasn't sure how to make that feeling grow any further.

"Harder," Jasmine suddenly commanded.

Rachael was stunned. She knew that Jasmine didn't actually care how hard she fucked her in that moment. Rachael knew, without a doubt, that Jasmine was saying that for her.

It seemed like Jasmine knew that "harder" was the magic word that Rachael absolutely loved to hear.

So, her hips slammed into Jasmine again and again with increased speed and intensity. Jasmine's body was flailing around uncontrollably beneath Rachael's ceaseless battering, and Jasmine's hands left Rachael's chest as her body started to give out. The lack of Jasmine's hands on Rachael's chest should have turned her off a little, but…

"Harder!" Jasmine yelled again, adding more fuel to the fire inside of her with every passing second. The bed started to creak under the brute force of Rachael's hips.


"Jasmine, if I go any harder, I'm gonna break the bed!"

"Well then, fuck me on the floor!!"

Rachael proceeded to do exactly that, rolling both of them over and off of the bed. She forced them both to fall to the plush, carpeted floor, and then she continued to ride her. But without the extra padding of the mattress, the entire room started to shake as Rachael smashed Jasmine against the floor.



Rachael finally, finally felt herself approaching her climax. She let go of Jasmine's breasts and sat up straight, focusing entirely on the movement of her hips and the incoming explosion that was about to happen in between them. Pictures, lamps, and other objects were falling off of the shelves and crashing to the floor from the intense vibrations of Rachael's love-making.


"COME ON, Rachael!! COME ON!! COME ON!! COME ON!!"

For the first time since Rachael began her services as "The Goddess," she allowed her inner muscles to clamp down on the object inside of her and smash the dildo down to the width of a pencil as she erupted in her most intense orgasm of the night. Her body felt like it was weightless, her mind was flooded with pure, concentrated pleasure, and her fluids rushed down the ruined dildo like a waterfall.

When she finished, Rachael just flopped over backwards and basked in the indescribable afterglow of the most satisfying sex she had experienced in a long time, possibly ever.

"Thank you, Jasmine," Rachael sighed in absolute bliss. "I really, really needed that. Whew…" The room was dead silent for a brief moment. "I'll give you a discount for breaking your toy," Rachael added. "Is that fair?"

Jasmine didn't respond.

Rachael bolted upright and looked over to Jasmine's limp form in concern. Her gaze locked onto Jasmine's exposed chest and studied it intently.

"Okay good, she's still breathing."


The next morning…

Jasmine was slowly being pulled back into the waking world. As she laid there on her side, she slowly realized that she was not only back in her bed, but she was completely clean, as if she had already showered and dried her hair. And her bed sheets were changed, as well.

"… Rachael…?" Jasmine muttered sleepily into the air. She couldn't bring herself to open her eyes. She wasn't even sure if the southern belle was even there.

"Yes, Jasmine?" came the reply from directly beside her.

"Did you… bathe me while I was asleep?"

"Um… yes?"

Part of Jasmine was annoyed by the fact that the two of them apparently shared a bath together and she wasn't even awake for it, but a much larger part of her was grateful for the fact that she didn't wake up covered in sweat and lying in a puddle of her own cum. She eventually decided that Rachael made the right call. Jasmine cracked open her eyes, rolled over, and immediately realized that everything hurt.

"Ohhhh…" Jasmine moaned in pain. "Oh god…"

"In my defense," Rachael was already explaining herself. "You told me that I could do anything I wanted with you, and you kept telling me to go harder. This was your idea."

"Yes, but I didn't think that you would try to kill me!" Jasmine hissed back, now very much awake. She lifted up the covers and checked to see if her genitals were still intact. "Are those bruises??" she shrieked.

"Sorry," Rachael muttered sheepishly.

"You actually left bruises on my pelvis…" Jasmine groaned in disbelief.

"I'm sorry, but you kept asking me to go harder," Rachael said again.

Jasmine replied with the mother of all pouts. "Fine," she eventually conceded, rolling back over and turning away from Rachael. "You're right. Letting you smash me into paste was my idea. But you know what wasn't my idea? Using our sacred magical powers in order to have sex with strangers for money. Start talking, Rachael."

"What?? No! You should start explaining why one of my closest friends just paid money to sleep with me when you never showed any interest in all the years that I've known you!"

"Well… Well…" Jasmine stuttered. "Well… we wouldn't even be having this conversation if you hadn't become a prostitute first. So therefore, you should start talking first!"

"…Fine," Rachael grumbled, already knowing that she wouldn't win this one. "There ain't much to say, though. I wasn't getting enough sex. I wanted more. And I was getting sick of dating guys, only to find out that every single one of them just loved me for my looks."

"I know that feeling," Jasmine muttered glumly.

"And you know what…?" Rachael continued. "I just… like using my super strength. It's just fun to use, you know? It's fun being able to throw around giant boulders, or helping you fix the underside of a bus without needing a carjack, or stopping Becky Fross' parade float dead in its tracks and lifting it off the ground with one hand while she was still standing on it."

"She definitely had that coming," Jasmine smiled fondly at the memory.

"And I guess that I was just wondering if super strength could be fun to use in bed, too. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it. I also figured that there were probably a lot of guys, and a couple ladies, who had domination fantasies but couldn't find a partner that was comfortable with doing it. And I've always been a "top" kind of gal, so I put out an ad that targeted those specific people. Not only was I right about there being a lot of people struggling to find dominating partners, but I also found out that there were two different strength fetishes that exist!

"And yeah, some people that I've screwed were ugly, terrible in bed, or both. But for the most part, I was enjoying my new job. I got to have more sex. I got to use my super strength for the sole purpose of having as much fun as possible. And to top it all off, I was making two to five thousand dollars a night. And I know that's pocket change for a woman of your salary, but it's a lot of money for somebody who works on the family farm.

"So you can judge my life choices all you want, but I don't regret a damn thing."

The room fell into silence for a long moment after that.

"I see," Jasmine finally said. "Well… I can't really agree with this life that you chose, but… I suppose that I do understand it, now."

"Good," Rachael replied. "Now it's your turn. How long have you been into me?"

Jasmine responded with a long and dramatic sigh, taking a moment to mull over how she should respond.

"I don't really know exactly when it started. But I guess that just… you know… you liked rodeos, and doing dirty work out in the fields, and going camping, and just… you were practically the exact opposite of me in every way!"

"No arguments here," Rachael smirked.

"But," Jasmine continued. "Even though our differences have led to a lot of… admittedly petty squabbles when we were younger, I guess that the fact that I never really understood you just… it really made me want to understand you. You were just so different from everything that I ever knew, that… I guess you just fascinated me."

"Opposites attract?"

"I suppose so. You also had pretty much every quality that I look for in a man. You're kind, dependable, a little headstrong…" Jasmine smiled. "I also adore your country girl accent. I could really just listen to you talk for hours."

Rachael couldn't help but smile back. "Y'all reckon that my accent is mighty purty?"

Jasmine giggled uncontrollably at that. "I do!" she laughed out loud. "I really do!"

"Alright, so I guess you've always had a thing for me, personality-wise. But what about physically? Why did you want to fuck me so badly?"

"There are a couple of reasons why I desired to make love to you," Jasmine replied, her entire demeanor instantly changing to a scolding tone at Rachael's crass language.

"Really?" Rachael raised an eyebrow at that. "After the way you were acting last night?"

"That was obviously a very different atmosphere," Jasmine stuck up her nose.

"Oh brother," Rachael rolled her eyes. "But really though, why?"


"Yes, why?"

"Well," Jasmine began. "For a while, my preferences in sexual partners was something that ultimately boiled down to the way that we, as a species, perceive the concept of 'beauty' based on a wide variety of changes in our culture over the generations that eventually molds its way into a 'standard' of beauty that is then encouraged by the way in which people are portrayed in popular media, which then leads to many people subconsciously adopting these preferences through the combined forces of basic psychological conditioning and our innate desires for our lives to match the media that we consume."

"English, Jasmine."

"I like buff and hunky men just like every other girl."

"Okay… Why didn't you just say that?"

"Because you asked me why I liked what I liked. And the evolution of beauty standards is a complicated topic."

"Never mind…"

"Anyways, in my early teen years I fawned over the same type of men that most other girls did. I'm talking all of the gorgeous men with gorgeous bodies that just looked so good… And, at the risk of sounding narcissistic, as my body, well… developed, I found that I didn't have any trouble finding myself with men that had those kinds of bodies. Before long, I confirmed that buff studs not only looked good, but they felt good, too."

"I'm right with you on that one," Rachael smiled, thinking back to a small handful of bodybuilders that she got to fuck senseless over the past few months.

"Right?" Jasmine said. "There's just something about a big and strong man just grabbing you and then… you know," she trailed off, sighing dreamily.

"Well, personally I prefer to grab them and then… you know," she playfully mocked her. "But, to each their own, I suppose."

"Anyways," Jasmine huffed. "I honestly couldn't tell you when I discovered that I liked women, too. That just sort of came with time."

"Same," Rachael nodded understandingly.

"And beauty standards applied to me for women, as well. I liked pretty girls with pretty bodies."

"Of course."

"But as far as men were concerned, I liked the same type of men that almost every other girl liked. But… that changed after Camp Pine. After we came back from that trip, every man that I slept with… Well, they were still very nice, but they just didn't feel very strong anymore. Because after that weekend, I knew what real power was. I knew you."

"So I kinda ruined your sex life," Rachael realized. "I'm so sorry, Jasmine…"

"Don't be," Jasmine chuckled. "It's not your fault that we went on a high school camping trip and came back with super powers."

"I guess not," Rachael figured. "Oh that reminds me, I was wondering… Why was your necklace such a big part of your "script" last night when you never even used it at all?"

"Oh," Jasmine chuckled. "Back at the warehouse, I was originally planning on creating a giant platform for us to stand on, and then I was going to take you home on a romantic ride through the city sky. But I changed my mind at the last moment, and… I guess I forgot about the necklace."

"I see…" was Rachael's only response.

"Now where was I…" Jasmine muttered. "Oh yeah! Um… Actually, that's basically it. You've always had the personality traits that I looked for in a partner. And you also had all of the best physical traits that I looked for in a woman. But you also possessed one of the physical traits that I love in a man, only thousands of times more than any man could ever hope to have!

"I just couldn't stop thinking about you. For years and years, I couldn't stop wondering what you would feel like. So, when I heard that you were selling your body, I figured that you must be taking anybody. And I was just desperate enough to contact you, even though our friendship would probably never be the same again if I went through with it. I did it anyways because I was that desperate to know. And… I guess that's what let us to what happened last night," Jasmine concluded.

There was another long period of silence.

"Do you still have feelings for me?" Rachael eventually asked.

"I… uh…" Jasmine tripped over her words for a moment. "I mean physically-"

"You know what I mean, Jasmine."

"I guess I still do," Jasmine admitted. "Even after all of these years…"

"Well," Rachael replied. "I'm not sure if I feel the same."

"Ms. Honesty, as always," Jasmine said with a bitter-sweet smile.

"No, I mean… I'm really I'm not sure if I feel the same. I dunno… the thought of being more than friends…" Rachael trailed off, legitimately pondering the idea.

Jasmine nearly stopped breathing after she heard those words. "Oh no…" her nervous smile grew bigger and her lungs started to convulse in a manner that could have been either laughing or crying. "Don't say that. Don't give me hope."

"Okay okay, I'll give it to you straight. Let's try it."



"Sure. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But, yeah… Let's try it."

"…Okay," was Jasmine's only answer. She was fighting back tears as her smile grew even wider. Rachael felt herself returning a similarly happy smile as she wrapped her arms around Jasmine and gave her a hug.

"Ow…" Jasmine whined.

"Sorry!" Rachael pulled away from her like she had just burned herself.

"I didn't tell you to stop," Jasmine said.

Rachael hugged her again, more slowly this time. Jasmine winced a little, but she happily dealt with the minor pain as Rachael wrapped her in an embrace that felt infinitely warmer than all of last night's activities combined.

"I'm not giving up my sex life for you, though," Rachael said. "I'm enjoying it way too much."

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it," Jasmine replied with a sly smile. "After all, you are way too good for me to keep to myself."

"Ms. Generosity, as always."

"Soon to be Mrs. Generosity."

"Slow down, girl."

The two shared another laugh together.


"Okay," Rachael said once she was fully dressed. "I'm off to catch my flight home. But I'll be back before you know it, alright?"

"I certainly hope so," Jasmine replied with a smile, still lying naked in bed. "Good day, Rachael."

"You're not going to walk me out?" Rachael asked.

"I think you can walk yourself out," Jasmine replied.

"…Wow!" Rachael exclaimed, utterly stunned that the most well-mannered person she knew would respond like that. "How come, Jasmine? Is it because chivalry is dead, after all?"

"No, Rachael. It's because I can't walk."

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