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S is for Samantra

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S is for Samantra

The old two-story mansion was nestled discreetly in a forest that tried it’s best to swallow it. Wrapping it with vines, covering it with leaves and branches to the point where the old plantation home would be easily missed unless you literally bumped into it. Climbing Plants, and mould crept up the surfaces of the old home, and the main floor windows were all boarded up. The white paint of the old home had all but faded, now looking no different then the faded colour of the trees it was surrounded by.

There was a knock on the door, and the lady of the house couldn’t help wondering who could possibly be at the door. Nobody had knocked on her door for over hundred years.

Samantra seemed excited, she adjusted her 19th century black gown so that it looked perfect. She looked down at her ample bust as her dress emphasized her generous breasts. Samantra opened the door. She expected a man at the door, after all what fool would knock on a house like hers in the middle of the night. To her surprise a young blonde girl stood at the door. Was she lost? Samantra wondered. “May I help you?” Samantra asked in almost sweet Victorian British accent.

Kara looked at the dark-haired woman. She looked to be in her late 20’s, she was strikingly beautiful despite her pale skin. Her eyes were a dark brown, and Kara almost seemed to get lost in them. The woman’s hair was medium length midnight black. She was a tall woman, Kara guessed that she was nearly 5ft10. She had an hour-glass figure, literally, her breasts were large and round, her waist tapered and small followed by impressively rounded hips and ass.

“Oh Hi!” Kara greeted. “I didn’t expect anyone to be here” Kara lied having used her x-ray vision to scan the home before she even knocked. “I’m actually investigating the disappearance of a student. They’d gone camping… and hadn’t returned. Then I stumbled on this place”

Samantra looked out the door, left and right before she returned to Kara. “Are you by yourself?”

“Yes ma’am” Kara stated.

“Such a brave young girl, to venture so deep into the woods at this time of night”

“Like I said – I was looking for a friend”

Samantra looked Kara over, she was a thin girl, maybe 5ft6 wearing a jacket and white jeans. Samantra looked into Kara's bright blue eyes, “This must have been a very close friend of yours. For you to come so deep into the woods?”

“He is”

“Come inside, join me for some tea”

Kara felt as if she had no choice but to obey the woman’s command. She dismissed the momentarily strange feeling, being as she’d likely have accepted her request either way. Kara made her way into the large house, and then into a large room filled with candles and a blazing fireplace. Despite how awful the houses exterior looked, the interior looked well cared for.

Kara used her x-ray vision to scan the place while the lady of the house went to the kitchen, “So can I ask what someone like you is doing this deep in the woods, all by yourself? How long have you been here?”

Samantra walked into the room and leaned over as she handed Kara some tea.

Kara looked at the cup and couldn’t help but look at the woman’s vast cleavage as she leaned over. “I’m good thanks” she said, waving the tea from her.

“I’ll have to insist” Samantra replied.

And there it was again, Kara felt herself compelled to oblige. She took the tea from the woman’s hand and drank from it.

“What’s your name?” Samantra asked as Kara took a sip of her drink.

“Kara Danvers”

“Does anyone know that you are out here Kara Danvers?”

“No ma’am” Kara took another sip of the tea. “This is actually quite good, what’s in it?”

Samantra looked at Kara curiously she should have been drowsy by now, “An old recipe” Samantra replied “… I find you curious. You have a strange aura about you”.

“Thanks… I guess… but actually I really need to find my friend. His name is…”

“Most people find me irresistible” Samantra interrupted.

“Sorry?” Kara asked.

“It’s just that most people, including girls, find me mesmerizing. In fact, they desire me so desperately that they forget what they even came here for. But you’re on task, you know exactly why you came here. You’re not immediately allured by me… I find that fascinating”

“I really don’t know what to say to that”

Samantra gestured to her cup with her eyes and a nod “Even with the tea you just drank… You should be fast asleep by now”

Kara looked at the cup and tossed it aside, she stood up angrily “What did you do to my friend!”

“Even now, such vigor!… Who are you Kara Danvers?” Samantra asked clearly fascinated.

“That’s it, your coming with me”

Samantra smiled, “Oh, that I very much doubt”

Kara reached for Samantra’s arm, Samantra smiled and swatted away her feeble effort. Except - it wasn’t at all feeble. In fact Kara’s grip wasn’t just strong, it was impossibly strong. It felt as if Samantra’s wrist was in a metal vice. She grunted as she tried to break out of the firm grip.

Kara easily manipulated Samantra’s thin arm so that it was behind her back, and Kara began walking her to the front door.

What was happening!? Samantra desperately wondered. How was she being manhandled by a girl? She hadn’t been handled like this since the 16th century and it certainly wasn’t by a teenage girl. “WAIT!” Samantra screamed as Kara easily ushered her to the door. “I’ll tell you what happened to your friend”.

“Speak up… Did you poison them?” Kara asked angrily as she let Samantra go, but now Samantra faced her.

“I confess I haven’t been touched like that for some time. I’m impressed Kara Danvers.”

“Tell me where my friend is!”

“Can you describe him – I’ve had quite an appetite lately”

“What? What do you mean?”

Samantra looked deep into Kara’s eyes. “Describe him”

Kara was lost in the woman’s eyes “He’s… ummm… he’s…”

“Is something wrong little one? Maybe you should sit down”

Kara found it hard to resist her command, her mind was clouding up and her judgement began to fog “I… You can’t… Umm…”

Samantra held her hand and guided her back to the couch and they sat down. “There, doesn’t that feel nice?”

Samantra held Kara’s hand while they sat on the couch, Kara couldn’t explain why, but it did feel nice. Exceptionally nice. “It does” Kara confessed.

Samantra adjusted herself so that Kara would have a wonderous view of her glorious chest. Kara looked down at Samantra’s cleavage and then back up to her eyes.

Samantra looked deep into Kara’s eyes, "It's okay you know, to feel like you do for another girl… I feel it too" slowly Samantra moved her lips closer to Kara’s.

Kara embraced Samantra fully and passionately with a deep kiss. They kissed for a long while, before Samantra allowed Kara to explore her body and her exquisite breasts.

Two fangs grew from Samantra’s lateral incisors, and as Kara was distracted by her body, Samantra bit down on Kara’s neck.

Samantra’s teeth would have gone through steel easier than they did the flesh of this young girl. She gasped from the pain as she very nearly broke her tooth.

Samantra lost her mental grip on Kara, and Kara pushed Samantra away from her.

Samantra flew across the room and smashed into a book shelf, shattering it with her body. Kara watched in awe as Samantra stood up from the violent throw. “What are you?” Kara asked.

“A better question, what are you?” Samantra asked as she brushed her clothes with her hands briefly before standing back up, but something on her clothes caught her attention. Samantra gasped, “You ripped my blouse!”

Kara wasn’t sure how to proceed, she’d never fought anything like this before.

Samantra looked angrily at Kara and pointed at her “KNEEL!” she demanded.

Oddly Kara found it hard to resist her, she reluctantly kneeled before her.

Samantra walked over to Kara angrily “How dare you throw me across the room like a rag doll. NOW! You will OBEY! Me. You will do MY bidding! You will worship ME!”

Kara could feel herself succumb to her will. She was desperate to try and regain control of her own inhibitions. She couldn’t let this thing take control over her. Kara’s eyes began to light up.

Samantra had her hands on her hips as she triumphantly declared “You will be my SLAVE! You will DO my bidding! You will…”

Twin beams of powerful heat and intensity smashed into Samantra sending her flying backwards and engulfed her in flames. Samantra screamed in agony as the heat burned away her clothes and skin. "STOP!" She cried out in agony, but Kara didn’t stop until the woman stopped withering. She was burned to a crisp, as she lay in a heap of charcoal and bone at the other end of the room.

Kara didn’t intend to kill her, it’s just that she was so concerned that the woman might have taken control of her, she was scared, she was desperate. For the first time in her life she had used her powers to kill. She stood over the charred remains for a time, contemplating what she should do, finally she left the house. Kara stepped outside the home wondering what she should do next. Who should he tell about this? Was this the person who was responsible for her friend’s disappearance? Those answers were likely impossible to answer now. She remained outside the house for longer than she should have.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot” Samantra suggested.

Kara was startled by her presence, she jumped back and looked at Samantra with surprise and shock.

“Now now… don’t be frightened” Samantra insisted.

Samantra was no longer charred or burned, she was naked, her skin unbliemished enticing and so very beautiful. Samantra watched as Kara’s eyes fixated on her naked body. Fixated on her incredible breasts, Kara tried to shake off her infatuation.

Samantra smiled wickedly “Don’t be ashamed, I have this affect on everyone… Boys and girls alike”

Kara tried to shake off her overwhelmingly insatiable desire.

“Now look me in the eyes Kara Danvers” Samantra ordered.

Kara did so.

“Would you do anything to have me Kara?” Samantra asked as she coolly brushed her fingernails along the side of her breasts squeezing them together showing off her vast cleavage.

“Yes” Kara replied, her eyes wide and unflinching as if she was a deer in headlights

“Good… You know, that was awfully unpleasant what you did to me with your eyes? What are you exactly?”

“I’m Kryptonian”

Samantra had no idea what that meant, she dismissed the comment “May I have a drop of your blood, just a drop, if you can do that… I might be able to forgive you”

Kara waisted no time, she bit hard into her knuckle, so hard that the tiniest drop of blood formed on his finger. Kara offered it to her.

Samantra approached Kara, looking at the tiny droplet of blood on her finger, lying there like a delicious piece of low lying fruit. Samantra’s lips encompassed the small wound and she licked the blood off of Kara’s finger. The blood burned as it touched her tongue, it felt as if her entire body received an electric shock. Her eyes momentarily lit up and she felt power course through her, power to the likes of which she’d never known.

Kara stepped away from her as she snapped out her trance. She needed to get away from her, as far as she could as fast as she could. She leaped into the air and attempted to get away from her.

Samantra watched her as she tried to flee, flying straight up into the air, Kara was just above the tree line.

“STOP!” Samantra commanded.

Even though Kara was in mid air, Samantra’s command reverberated through her powerfully. Kara did as she instructed, she froze in mid air.

Samantra looked at her, seemingly floating in mid air. How is this possible she desperately wondered before commanding “Come down from there little one”.

Kara floated down to Samantra.

“Fascinating” Samantra said in awe as the girl landed before her. “I think you and I going to have a wonderful evening together”


Kara opened her eyes; it was daytime, and she was in a completely unfamiliar bedroom. She panicked as she looked to her left and right, looking for her attacker but only seeing the rustic belongings of the old mansion. She pulled the sheets off her body and saw that her civilian clothes were removed leaving her only in her supergirl outfit. She got out of bed and flew to the window, but right before she got to the window a child screamed for her to stop, and so she did so.

Kara looked around the room looking for the child who told her to stop, but the room was empty of persons. Kara reached out for the window but just before her hand touched it she heard a whisper, loud and right next to her ear. “Stop!”

Fear overwhelmed Kara. A fear she couldn’t understand, the idea of busting through the glass petrified her. She quickly made her way downstairs toward the door. But right before she opened that door, a feeling of dread once again overwhelmed her senses. Try as she might she couldn’t bring herself to open that door. Kara closed her eyes, focused on the irrational fear, told herself it was all in her head and and attempted to open the door, again the same dread overwhelmed her.

Kara was convinced this had something to do with the woman of the house. She used her X-ray vison to scan the house but there was no sign of her. There was however a lead lined coffin in the basement which she suspected she slept in. She knew what she needed to do. She'd go down stairs and smash that coffin to bits. As soon as Kara opened the door she could hear a woman incoherently mumbling and as she stepped down further into that dark basment the mumbling became more pronounced. Kara's heart beat rapidly, she couldn't take another step. She hurried back up the stairs and closed the door.

It was day outside, and so Kara assumed she had the time to find a way to exit the house, but every attempt was a futile one, and as the hours past, day slowly edged to night. Kara’s super hearing could hear the creek of a coffin opening.

She needed to hide from her, she needed to last the night and figure out what to do the next morning. She frantically looked for a hiding place eventually Kara went to the fireplace, and up the chimney her apprehension and fear of the outside prevented her from going all the way up it, but if she remained perfectly still, maybe she could wait out the spell that kept her from leaving the house.

Samantra awoke more refreshed than she had felt in millennia. She walked up the stairs to where she had left Kara, but she was no longer there. Samantra smiled “Where are you little one?” Samantra called out. There was nothing but silence through-out the home, and if Samantra doubted her skills she would have concluded that Kara had fled. But Samantra knew what she was capable of, and especially now, after last night her powers were exponentially increased thanks to the young girl’s blood.

Samantra’s eyes scanned her surrounding with increased precision, and her ears picked up the slightest of sounds. “I’ll tell you what?” Samantra offered “If you come out now, you won’t be punished. Don’t come out?… And your night will be filled with regrets”.

Samantra stopped walking around the house and listened. Every creek, mouse and spider that moved within a room she could hear. She stepped into the living room and listened. Finally, a heartbeat. She smiled as she looked at the fireplace. “I can hear your heart beat little one… Oh my… It just got louder”

Kara knew she was found, she floated to the base of the fireplace and as soon as she saw Samantra she used her super speed and attacked her. But right before she hit her, she stopped herself.

Samantra smiled at her, “It’s impolite to raise your fist at your mistress”

“Sorry mistress” Kara stated fearfully.

“Tsk, look at you… You got your costume all filthy”

Kara’s mind was coming in and out of the fog that seemed to overwhelm her “What are you doing to me?”

Samantra smiled, “Nothing much really – you see there’s conscious mind and your sub conscious mind, your sub conscious has a great deal of respect for me. We’ll have to work on your conscious behaviour. But I have a feeling you’re a quick learner”

“If you let me go…”

“Let you go? Are you kidding… I got a taste of what you had to offer. And I want more” Samantra smiled, “Actually, I want it all”. Samantra looked at Kara’s outfit, the tiny red skirt, the red S pressing hard against her medium sized breasts. Samantra brushed her hands down Kara’s chest, “I tried to remove your clothes while you slept… Imagine my shock when I realized I wasn’t strong enough to do so. What type clothes are these?”

“Don’t you know who I am!” Kara stated with authority “I’m Supergirl!”

“Ah! That explains the S” Samantra said with a smile, as she walked around Supergirl. “But what is Super… exactly?” she asked as her fingertips clipped themselves along the silky red cape as Samantra felt it’s smoothness.

“You’ve never heard of Superman?” Kara asked defiantly.

“Should I have?”

“Everyone knows who Superman is! I’m his cousin”

“And being his cousin… This gives you power?”

“Being Kryptonian gives me power. The yellow sun gives me my strength”

Samantra thought for a moment, “So you’re not from this world, and the power you possess comes from the Sun” She asked as she pointed at Kara, before bringing her slender finger to her own chin. “That’s why you were able to burn me with your eyes. I confess, for a moment I believed I had died… but only for a moment....because… I’m already dead” Samantra said gleefully.

Kara couldn’t bring herself to fight her, as desperately as she wanted to fight this woman, her subconscious was terrified of the concept.

“So – The Sun makes you strong, but how strong?”

Kara decided to demonstrate and trick her subconscious at the same time. She reached out with her hand, “care for a demonstration?”

Samantra smiled at this, knowing full well what Kara was up to. Kara underestimated her. Especially now since being empowered by the girl’s blood. She took Kara’s hand.

Kara looked Samantra in the eyes, “This strong!” Kara began to squeeze.

Samantra could feel the strength of her own grip, but it paled to that of Kara’s. Samantra looked at her hand as it began to crunch in Kara tight fist. The sensation wasn’t pleasant, nor was it painful. Samantra’s hand cracked and then every bone in Samantra’s hand was crushed. “Impressive” Samantra stated “You can let go now” she asked casually.

Kara did so, but not because she wanted to.

Samantra looked at her deformed hand and to Kara’s shock she watched it heal itself. In less than a minute, her hand reformed to exactly the way it was before.

“What are you?” Kara stated fearfully.

“Which myth or legend should I best describe myself?”

“Are you a vampire?” Kara asked.

“A vampire, a witch, a demon… There are so many versions describing what I am. But you my dear, you are beyond anything I could imagine possible. Are you impervious to harm?”

“Yes” Kara responded

Samantra walked toward the fireplace and started a strong fire just by snapping her fingers, “And what would happen if I asked you to sit in the fire? Would it be uncomfortable?”

“No earthly element can harm me”

Samantra smiled and gestured toward the fireplace, “Then have a seat?”

Kara did what she was told, she walked to the fireplace and sat in the flames.

Samantra was in awe, the flames licked the girls body but never so much as singing the young girls blonde hair, or fraying her tight little costume. Samantra let the girl sit in the flames for nearly 20 minutes as she contemplated what she should do with her. She began reflecting the many curses she had in her library.

Hundreds of years ago Samantra had made herself into what she is now. She made herself ageless, beautiful and powerful. She could make people do as she wished, whatever she wished. She commanded respect and had hundreds of servants. But as technology improved and people lost their fears of myths and legends, there were those that stood up to her. They fought an unending battle which eventually bored her, and so she fled to this house. Which at that time, was not surrounded by the forest.

“Step out of the flames” Samantra ordered.

Kara did so.

The red S on her chest seemed to glow from the heat Kara was exposed to. Samantra pressed her fore finger onto the girls chest. The skin on Samantra’s finger blistered and sizzled. “Fascinating” Samantra stated as she watched her own finger heal.

Kara looked at Samantra fearfully “What are you going to do to me?”

“Do you really want to know the answer to that question” Samantra said with a smile

Kara closed her eyes and began to sob, “Please let me go”

Samantra raised Kara’s chin so that Kara was looking into her deep brown eyes. “Stop crying” she casually asked.

Kara ceased crying.

“Do you love your mistress Kara?” Samantra asked while looking deep into her eyes.

“Of course” Kara answered.

“So -Wouldn’t you prefer if I had all of your power?”

“Of course I would”

“Wouldn’t you like to see how your tiny costume fits over my much more impressive curves?”

Kara looked at Samantra’s ample bust “Of course I would”

Samantra smiled at Kara, “So would I”. Samantra turned her back on Kara and began looking at her bookshelf. “I have plenty of reading to do on the subject matter, why don’t you be a dear and spruce this place up. Put your powers to good use and clean this house, every room, nook and cranny. Come to me when you are done” Supergirl turned into distortion of speed as she began cleaning and dusting the house.

Samantra looked at her collection of books, spells and incantations, there was one spell she was familiar with, but never once considered using. It was the ability to gain the life force of another. Ultimately turning her mortal. She never once considered using the spell, and why would she? In her present state she could remain beautiful and powerful forever, the idea of becoming mortal again, becoming old and dying painfully was never a consideration. Until now.

What made Samantra especially powerful with the dark arts was that she was dead. Although her spells and incantations was studied and learned, what made those incantations so powerful was her close relationship with death. But being dead had it’s negatives. Food, love, and the Sun were but only three things she had to let go of. But the Sun, oh how she missed the Sun. Seeing it set, it’s warmth on her face. Not only did she remember how the sun once made her feel so very long ago, but now she imagined those rays of light empowering her, giving her abilities and powers she hadn’t yet dreamed of.

She studied for hours, concerning herself how the incantation might backfire. She’d never conducted a curse on someone not from this world. Unfortunately, there was no literature on other worldly beings, other than those from the underworld.

“I’m done mistress” Supergirl sated as she appeared in a flash.

“I am as well my dear” Samantra stood up, brushed Kara’s hair away from her face. “Repeat after me… Drabanna – quantilla – Soulistisis”

“Drabanna – quantilla – Soulistisis” Kara repeated

“Now my dear may I have drop of blood”

Kara bit into the top part of her finger, drawing a drop of blood.

Samantra eyed it, she wanted it badly but feared the cataclysmic effect it would have on her body. She placed her lips on Kara’s hand and licked. Once again, the feeling was overwhelmingly powerful. It burned going down her throat, and then so did everything else. Her mouth, her chest, her limbs.

When she had done this the day prior she feared what another drop might do to her. She still feared the thought, but the curse required more blood. A lot more. Samantra could feel the power course through her, so much power she had little doubt her fangs would puncture the girl’s skin.

Samantra bit into Kara’s neck and blood gushed from it, too much of it, too fast. The sensation was overwhelming, Samantra literally felt as though she would explode. Her eyes glowed, her breasts firmed, her cleavage becoming deeper as it fought against the tight restraints of her tight bodice. But something even stranger happened. Her heart had taken it’s first beat. For the first time in hundreds of years, she felt alive. She wasn't done, there was more work to do if she was to make this permanent.

Kara snapped out of her trance, she placed her hand on her neck as it healed nearly immediately. “What have you done to me?” Kara asked as she looked down at her blood-stained hand

Samantra smiled, “Settle down little one”

“Don’t call me Little one!” Kara said as she easily hoisted the woman by her neck, using her flight powers she raised Samantra high into the air.

"Let go of me!" Samantra demanded, but her dark powers had left her and Kara did not obey. Samantra could feel pressure on her throat, she watched Kara exert herself as she squeezed. It was discomforting to Samantra but Kara had assumed she’d have snapped the woman's neck like a twig.

Samantra kneed Kara in the crotch causing Kara to crash up through the ceiling, and then into the second-floor roof before collapsing onto the floor.

Kara rubbed her crotch; she’d never been hit that hard in her life. To her shock Samantra floated up through the same floorboards she had blasted through.

“Mmmm. So this is what it feels like to be… Super?” Samantra said coyly

Kara’s eyes lit up, and she delivered a lethal dose of heat vision directly into Samantra’s chest. But the power of the sun faded quickly from Kara’s eyes. Samantra’s floating body burned as her clothes lit up like a matchstick, but Samantra’s skin did not blister, nor redden, and when Samantra’s eyes opened they glowed with a bright brown hue. She looked down at her smouldering naked body, her gravity defying breasts, her erect nipples. Samantra smiled brightly after having licked her forefinger and pressing it into her breast with a sizzle. "Am I hot, or what?"

Kara had seen enough, she needed to get out of there, she leaped to the air to try and escape but found she couldn’t fly.

“Should have thought about that before you used your heat vision on me” Samantra advised with a smile. “Your costume please”

“You’ll have to take them from my dead body!” Kara screamed,

“So be it”

Kara charged and then punched Samantra, Samantra’s body blasted through the wall and into the next room. Before Samantra could even recover Kara was on top of her, delivering punch after punch – The punches came in a flurry and at Super speed but the last punch she delivered hurt Kara’s fist. She looked at her hand in shock, she’d never felt this pain before.

Kara’s knuckle was dislocated and as she observed it, Samantra’s fist casually caught her in the ribs. Samantra barely used any force, even still she could hear the blonde woman’s ribs crack.

Kara gasped for air, despite her pain she countered with her hardest punch at Samantra’s face. Samantra’s face hadn’t budged.

Kara gasped as she looked at her fist, shocked by how much it hurt.

“Can I kiss it better for you?” Samantra asked as she puckered her lips and blew.

Kara, along with all the furniture before Samantra’s pursed lips, slammed themselves to the opposite wall. Kara crawled out of the debris, struggling to breathe amongst the laughter of Samantra.

“There there little one” Samantra comforted her as she walked toward Kara. “It’ll all be over soon”. Samantra wrapped her arms around Kara. Samantra’s large breasts pressed and slightly flattened on Kara’s chest.

Kara gasped for air, “I can’t… I can’t”

Samantra pretended to pout as she effortlessly held Kara. “Shhhh” she whispered as Samantra flexed her chest, as her breasts expanded a dull pop could be heard as Kara’s spine snapped.

Samantra looked at the girl as the colour from her skin dissipated from her face. She let go of Kara, and Kara collapsed to the ground in a heap.

Samantra casually went downstairs where she grabbed the book she studied. She flipped through a few pages as she returned to Kara. Samantra then performed a number of incantations over Kara’s body.

Kara’s eyes opened, and she looked confused. “What happened?”

Samantra placed her hands on her hips and loudly proclaimed “Drabanna – quantilla – Soulistis!”

Energy from Kara’s body began to flow from her, and into Samantra. Kara could feel her body being drained, her Supergirl costume which had fit so tightly over her body now seemed to sag over her.

“What’s happening to meeee!” Kara asked in terror as her skin became frail, pale and sickly. Kara gasped and then fell unconscious.

Samantra closed her eyes, in the embrace of the warm glow as the young girls life force permanently flowed into her body. Power beyond her comprehension pumped into her now beating heart. She was alive! And it felt fantastic!

Samantra began to hum a musical tune as she stripped Supergirl’s costume off her body. She held the bright blue leotard in her hand, it seemed so small in her hands that she hadn’t expected it to fit over her body. But the material was strong and so very stretchy. Samantra slipped her legs through the leotard and then stretched the costume over top of her rounded ass, and large breasts. She placed her arms through the long sleeves and then looked down at her chest as the S stretched and strained around her wonderous bosom.

Samantra’s chin was pressed down at her collar as she observed her chest.

“Wh – wh – what happened?” Kara asked.

Samantra turned to Supergirl, ignored her question and asked her own, “Does this top make my boobs look huge?”

“What’s going on?” Kara asked as Samantra put on her red skirt, which looked especially short and small over Samantra’s taller and larger body.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” Samantra asked. “You have all my gifts… and I have all of yours… You can thank me later”


Samantra rolled her eyes as she put on Supergirls red boots, and then the red cape. She twirled in front of Kara. “Wow! I make this costume look gooooood!”

“NO!” Kara screamed again, “I’m not going to live like some blood sucking monster!”

Samantra put her hands on her hips as she looked at Kara, "Is that what you thought of me!" Samantra asked in pretend anger. "But yes, you’re probably right we’ll have to do something about you. We can’t have a other worldly being having the power of the undead… Who knows what you might become or what powers you might possess tommorrow”

“But… But… .I’m SUPERGIRL!”

“No. You’re not… but neither am I” Samantra traced the S on her chest with her index finger “You see, S is for Samantra” she said with a laugh.

Kara got to her feet and made a run for the door but Samantra was already there. Kara bounced off of Samantra’s breasts and unflinching body and fell to the floor.

Samantra laughed joyously,

"Why are you doing this to me?" Kara cried out.

"Oh darling, it was never about's always been about me. But… I guess we should go now”

“What… where?” Kara asked

“Well I was thinking” Samantra grabbed Kara and flew through the ceiling of her house. “Maybe I should get some sun…” she said as they flew higher and higher, “And well – then throw you into it”

“No! No! – please don’t!”

Samantra effortlessly rose higher and higher into the sky at a leisurely pace “So tell me about your cousin, do you think he’d be attracted to someone like me?”

Kara grunted as she tried to push Samantra’s arm from her body with futility.

“Tell me” Samantra enquired “Is he a butt guy, or a boob guy?” Samantra asked ignoring Kara’s struggles, “Who are we kidding, I’m the best of both worlds” she said with a laugh

“He’d never be with a monster like you!”

Samantra pretended to pout, “I hope that’s not the case. I imagine this body would crush a mere mortal… .ohhh, but I do love sex… Or at least I think I do… it’s been so long”

“Please… .I can’t breathe… I can’t” Kara scratched and clawed at the tight costume that was once hers as her body began to freeze as they got higher and higher.

Samantra couldn’t believe how good it felt to be this powerful. This was truly power beyond her comprehension as she ascended unto the stratosphere and beyond. The sun peeked over the horizon and shone brightly upon them.

Samantra closed her eyes as she could feel the sun, blessing her with it’s shine and power. She let Kara go for a moment so she could bask in the Suns light.

Kara wasn’t breathing, but she didn’t need to, she was dead. She looked at the woman, now basking her in her new powers. Her body absorbing the suns powers causing her breasts to expand, and new muscles to form.

Samantra opened her eyes and looked at Kara, proudly with her hands on her hips and her chest pushed forward. Samatra couldn’t speak in the vacuum of space, but she pointed at the sun and winked ay Kara. Samantra grabbed Kara and began flying toward the sun faster and faster.

After nearly 10 minutes of flying she was no where close to her target, and she so badly wanted to go back to the Earth and show the world who she was, she decided to let Kara go, as she directed her body toward the sun and let her float the rest of the way there. Samantra excitedly turned back for Earth.

The Sun burned Kara as she neared it. She had passed out, she had no idea for how long. But the Sun looked massive before her when her eyes finally re-opened.

Power returned to Kara, the likes of which she had never known. Her kryptonian DNA accepted the Sun as it always had, empowering her, and fueling her body. But the curse that Samantra had put on her, caused her body to burn. For all the power the Sun gave her, the Sun hurt her, pain like she had never known possible. Her body would combust, heal and repeat.

She wanted to turn back for Earth, but she couldn’t handle the pain. The tug of war between life and death was too much for her. Kara opted to fly toward Mercury and hide on the dark side of it. As Hot as mercury was, it paled in comparison to how painful direct sunlight was.

Kara stayed there for days, maybe weeks, before another pain began affecting her. Severe Hunger pain, that no regular meal could relive, she needed blood and she needed it now.

Overwhelmed with hunger, and the desire for vengeance She flew into the sky and then into space. She endured the horrific pain the suns light had on her, she endured it with revenge on her mind. Oh Yes Samantra would pay for what she did to her! She would tremble in fear before what she created. And Kara would have her revenge she believed as she neared the Earth.

To be continued

Halloween 2020

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Perhaps my favorite story on this site. Love it!
Barrister Cabbage
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Jeez, why didn't anyone comment? This story was fantastic. The descriptions, the back and forth/give-and-take between the supernatural being and the superhuman one.

Really well done.
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