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The Sandbox – Chapter 2

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Wednesday, 13 November 2019 04:25] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 12 December 2019 17:39]

Important note: This chapter only focuses on Venus. Next week’s chapter will only focus on Aphrodite.

Chapter 2: Justice is Served

September 10, 2018 12:20 AM
Chicago, Illinois

Venus stepped out of the gym and back into the foggy streets of Chicago with an intense frown on her face. She was hoping to have a little bit of fun with some of the “stronger” men in the area. So she walked into one of the weight rooms, led three hunky men into the locker room, blocked the door, and rode them to her heart's content. Or at least, she wanted to ride them to her heart’s content. But first of all, they wouldn't stop loudly screaming for help the entire time, so she almost got caught. And second, all three of the men passed out from exhaustion/injuries just as she was starting to enjoy herself. And she was being gentle, too! She only broke one bone between the three of them!

She was seriously thinking about doing something crazy to scratch her itch. But it had barely been a week since she had to reset her actions at the Italian restaurant. Not that it really mattered to her. Venus and her sister Goddess had all the time in the world, but she didn’t like making it a habit to constantly undo time. After all, she wanted to get to the androids of the 26th century as soon as possible, and she wasn’t going to get there by constantly keeping herself stuck in 2018.

“Mmmrph!! Rrrgh!!” Venus heard a woman struggling in an alleyway somewhere.

“Keep her mouth shut!” a man hissed next to her. “I get the feeling that she’s going to be screaming a lot in the next few minutes, and we wouldn’t want anyone to hear it.” She then heard the sound of the man unbuckling his belt.

The hushed conversation was happening over three miles away, but Venus could hear every single detail as if she was standing right next to them. A woman was about to be raped by two men. Part of her hated to see men treating women like that because women were the superior of the two sexes, in her eyes. But another part of her remembered that people get raped every night, and she would never have time to do anything if she stopped and intervened every single time. So, she simply kept walking.

“Dude, come on. Hold her down! She’s just a woman!”

“Shut up…”

That got Venus' attention. But it wasn’t the men’s words that made Venus suddenly start to take notice of the scene. It was the tone that they spoke in. The first man sounded genuinely annoyed at the idea that a woman could put up a fight against a man, and the second man sounded genuinely embarrassed that he was struggling to restrain a woman. Both men clearly believed with every fiber of their beings that they should both be inherently stronger than women, just because they were men.

Venus was unable to resist taking the opportunity to show them just how incredibly wrong they were.

She stepped into a nearby alley and took off into the night sky faster than any human eye could follow. High up in the sky, she instantly located the scuffle taking place, seeing every detail of the crime just as clearly as she could hear it. The two men weren't all that attractive, but they certainly had a set of nice muscles on their bodies that would probably be able to overpower almost any woman.


Venus quickly flew over to where the two men and one woman were fighting. One man had his hand on the woman’s mouth while the other had only managed to get her jacket off before Venus landed behind them and flicked both men on the backs of their heads with one of her fingers, knocking both of them out instantly. The would-be rape victim was scared and confused by how quickly everything changed for her. She went from being moments away from being sexually assaulted to seeing both of her attackers collapse to the ground. "What…? How…?" she sputtered nervously.

"Don't worry," Venus turned to her. "They're both unconscious, and I'll take them both away, too. You're safe now. Oh, and don't tell anybody a word of this. You never saw me."

Before the confused woman could even respond, Venus grabbed both men with one arm around each one of them, securing a firm hold by hugging them tighty against her body. Then, she flew up into the sky, once again faster than the naked eye could track. Both men were almost immediately killed from the sudden acceleration, so Venus slowed down to a speed that the fragile mortals could handle as she easily carried the two men, one tucked under each slender arm, further and further south of the city.

Eventually, she made it to the vast tracts of empty fields that covered so much of the southern half of the state. She was hovering about thirty feet off of the ground when she finally decided to wake up her guests. She used just the tiniest little bit of her freezing breath on each man, jolting both of them awake with the sudden rush of cold air. Because of the position that Venus was holding them in, each man woke up to the sensation of having his face pressed into the side of her massive chest. Both men’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates once they became aware of the incredibly envious position that they were in.

But then, a couple of seconds passed, and the two men suddenly became aware of the fact that they were also being suspended thirty off the ground.

“What the…?” The man pressed against her right breast said once he started to realize his predicament. “What’s going on?”

“Hey!” The man pressed against her left breast yelled. “Put me down! Put me down!”

“Put you down?” Venus asked playfully. “Sure!” She simply couldn’t resist. She let go of the man and watched with amusement as he fell helplessly through the air, screaming in terror on the way down. He hit the ground, breaking both of his legs on impact and crying out in pain.

“Do you want me to put you down, too?” Venus taunted the man against her right breast.

“No! Please!" He pleaded. "Please don’t drop me!”

“Hmm…” Venus looked at the sheer terror in the man’s eyes for a brief moment before making her decision to drop him anyway. He screamed even louder than the first man, much to her amusement, and then he broke both of his legs just the same. Then, Venus stopped flying and plummeted out of the sky. She fell the exact same distance at the exact same speed, but unlike the two men, she landed on her feet without any difficultly. She sank slightly into the earth from the impact.

“Aww, did that really hurt you boys that badly?” she smiled in delight as she stared down at her two new toys. “You know, I’ve fallen from space and landed on my own two feet, and it didn’t hurt at all! And I am, as one of you said earlier, ‘just a woman!”

“Oh god...” the man that she dropped moaned in agony. “My legs are broken... You gotta call an ambulence!”

“You can do that later,” Venus replied. “But I'm not done with you two yet.” She then put one hand on each man’s throat and lifted both of them up off of the ground, dangling each of them from her slender wrists as if they weighed nothing at all. Because, of course, they did weigh nothing to her. “Go on,” Venus taunted them. “Get out of here. Just overpower my one single hand and leave!”

Both men seemed to be struggling as hard as they could to break free from her grip. Each man put both of their beefy arms into the task of trying to remove one of her feminine hands from around their necks. Their faces turned red and they both started to sweat as they struggled to free themselves.

“I don’t feel anything!” Venus pouted. “Come on, are you two really trying? I thought you said that men were stronger than women! Maybe you just need some encouragement.” Venus then closed her fingers even more tightly around each man’s throat and started to choke the life out of them. The helpless mortals’ eyes bugged out of their skulls as their struggles grew increasingly frantic, yet equally pointless. “That’s weird, I still don’t feel any signs of you two putting in any effort.” Venus mocked them. “I know! You just need more encouragement! You two wait here!”

Venus dropped them both onto the ground. Both men landed on their broken legs and crumpled to the earth. They both would have cried out in pain, but they barely had any breath left in them after Venus gently squeezed their necks with her slim fingers. But before any of them could get some air, Venus was already blasting off into the sky at mach speed. The shockwave of her sudden acceleration sent both men rolling across the ground as she took to the skies. They kept screaming in pain as they rolled, probably due to the fact that their broken legs were taking even more of a beating.

Venus left them behind in a flash and scanned the horizons for something that most people would consider to be heavy. Even though it was after midnight and the ground was covered in fog, it took no time at all for her eyes to spot a farm with a huge combine harvester.

Even though most people would never be able to spot the machine in these conditions, her superhuman eyes could scan every detail of it as clear as day. Even though the ranch was three miles away, she flew there in under three seconds. Even though the metal behemoth was 15 feet tall, 50 feet wide, and weighed over four tons, she picked it up off of the ground with a single hand like it was nothing but a toy and took back to the air with her new piece of machinery.

When she arrived back at the clearing where she left the two men, she saw that they were trying to crawl away. In an instant, she was back on the ground next to her fleeing playthings, with the four-ton piece of metal held effortlesslyy above her head like she was carrying nothing but an oversized balloon. Both men had their backs turned to her, so she had to shoot two mild blasts of heat vision out of her eyes to get their attention. Each blast missed her victims’ heads by less than an inch and scorched the grass right next to them.

“Move one more inch, and I won’t miss next time!” she threatened. Both men looked over their shoulders in terror, and Venus used her free hand to flip over the nearest man so that he was lying flat on his back. Then she knelt down on top of him, straddling him with one leg on the ground on each side of his torso and pressing her firm round bottom against his chest with just enough pressure to make sure he didn't go anywhere.

All of the color drained out of the man’s face as he stared up at Venus’ smooth, slim, and impossibly sexy body lifting the gargantuan piece of farming equipment directly overhead. Venus could tell that he was realizing that the power of her leg muscles was the only thing that was preventing its weight from crashing down on top of both of them.

“I found some ‘encouragement!’” Venus announced with a beaming smile. “Now let’s see if you’re strong enough to move me!” And then, she started to relax the muscles in her legs and let gravity bring the weight of the harvester on top of him.

“Stop!!” the man shrieked. He wasn’t even attempting to stop the vehicle from crushing him. “Stop it, you’re going to kill me!” he pleaded.

“You’re not even trying!” Venus yelled back at him as his chest quickly turned black and blue under the weight of the machine that she was holding above her head so effortlessly. After a moment, the weight of the machine finally drove the man into action. He sat up and tried to push Venus away with what looked like all of his might. She was pretty sure that his adrenaline was kicking in from the way he was fighting to get her off of him.

Venus almost laughed at the display. Because first of all, the idea of a creature as pathetic as a mortal man moving a measley four tons of weight was already laughable by itself. But even if he was somehow able to push Venus off of him (which is again, impossible because he was a mortal man) the machine would simply fall out of her hands and crush him regardless. He was trying to desperately to save himself even thought there was absolutely nothing he could do.

“Come on!" Venus taunted him." I thought you said that you two were stronger than any mere woman!”

“I was wrong!! I was horribly, horribly wrong- AAAUUGGH!!” One of the man’s ribs snapped. “I’m sorry! I’m not as strong as you- OH GOD!!” Another rib snapped.

“Oh, so you’re ready to admit that this woman is stronger than a weak and pathetic man like you can even comprehend??”

“Yes, yes! I’m a weak and pathetic man! Please spare me!”

Venus sat there for another moment, enjoying the man's screams of agony for another moment longer before she eased off the pressure on the man’s chest and lifted the paltry weight of the tractor off of his black and blue body. “Good,” was all that she said before setting the tractor down on the ground. Then, just to show off, she leaped fifty feet into the air, aiming to land directly on top of the machine. On the way down, she lifted her legs and so that she was falling ass-first. Then she used some of her flight power to fall even faster than humanly possible until her body made contact with the machine.

With a deafening BANG, Venus’ round curvy bottom smashed right through the iron behemoth. Broken glass flew everywhere as the force of her slender body crumpled and folded the machine like it was struck by a meteor. And then, Venus nonchalantly stood back up again and jumped off of the vehicle. There wasn't a scratch on her. She made a show of fixing her hair as she walked towards the two men, who were now visibly quaking with fear. She once again knelt down on top of the man with the black chest.

"Wh- what the fuck are you?" the black and blue man underneath her asked.

"Oh, me?" Venus replied with mock innocence. "I'm just a woman. Well actually, I'm much more than 'just a woman', but you'll see that for yourself soon enough."

Once she was sure that she had his undivided attention, she slowly took off her shirt. Both men’s jaws fell open as they stared at her huge breasts, now covered by nothing but a lace bra. All of their pain and fear was washed away by an overpowering sense of lust as Venus removed her pants, leaving nothing but her underwear. The sight of her nearly naked body was causing an immediate effect in their breathing, their heart rates, and their reproductive organs, quickly standing at attention of her irresistible body.

“Wh-what are you doing?” the man underneath her managed to say, despite the fact that he was being overwhelmed by nearly every positive and negative emotion that existed.

“I’m going to do the same thing to you two that you were planning on doing to that woman back there,” she replied with a sadistic smile that was growing wider by the second. “That’s what the stronger sex does, right? By your own philosophies, I get to do whatever I want with you because I’m stronger, right?”

“No,” the man said in fear. But his fearful voice didn’t match the longing expression on his face as Venus continued to undress. “I was wrong. It wasn’t right for us to do that to that woman, I’m sorry! We’re sorry!”

“We’re sorry,” the second man spoke up for the first time in over five minutes.

“So, you don’t want me to have sex with you?” Venus asked the beaten and broken man underneath her.

“No! Please don’t do this!”

“Well then,” Venus smiled sweetly. “If you don’t want it, then all you have to do is not get hard for me. Otherwise, I’m just going to assume that you do want it. Sound fair?” Both men were rock hard already, but when Venus removed her bra and let her perfect huge breasts hang freely off of her topless body, they looked like they were about to cum in their pants.

“So, you do want me, then?” Venus teased. Her soft hands reached out and grabbed the man’s shirt, pulling it apart and tearing the fabric to shreds like it was tissue paper. Then, she leaned foward on top of him, getting down on all fours until their faces were touching, and her huge nipples were gently brushing across the man’s bare chest. He winced from the light contact of her huge mounds being pressed into his bruised and broken chest, but the same contact that was causing him pain was also arousing him beyond words.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just take what’s mine,” Venus breathed sensually into his face. “Oh, and don’t even think of sending the cops after me. If you two know what’s best for you, you’ll tell them that you got hit by a car or something. Otherwise, I will find you and I will kill you. Well, provided that I don’t accidentally kill you in the next few minutes, that is. That might happen. But I'll have fun, and that's what matters.” Finally, Venus removed her panties. She was not only completely naked, but she was already getting pretty moist from all of the fun foreplay they had been doing. Venus then tore off the man's pants and underwear just as easily as she did his shirt, allowing his fully erect organ to spring from the confines of his pants.

“No…” he said, staring at his fully erect member as if he was trying to will it to go back down.  “I don’t want this.”

“Well that’s too bad," Venus replied. "Because I do.”

Then, without another word, she laid down on top of the man and started to ride him. Venus’ silky legs pumped her body up and down on his dick, and her huge breasts crashed into his chest with each thrust. Venus moaned in delight, while the man groaned in pain as the two softest parts of her body pummeled him with more force than he probably ever imagined possible. Her naked tits repeatedly slammed into his broken ribs like two erotic wrecking balls, and Venus’ arousal grew even stronger. The thought of the two softest parts of her body causing such an immense amount of pain in a man, while he still stayed hard because of her unrivaled sexiness was bringing her closer to the edge as she forcefully engulfed his penis inside of her over and over again, faster and faster.

The man was already about to cum, so she tensed the muscles inside of her lower cavity and clamped down on his dick with enough pressure to prevent his release, an easy feat for someone like her. His eyes widened in shock and he let out a silent scream as he realized that his orgasm was being denied.

"Not yet. I’m not finished with you," Venus said as her soft and curvy body continued to relentlessly pound the man into the dirt. The man eventually started to resist once again. His groans of pain became grunts of exertion as he desperately tried to get Venus off of him. Once again, the man was probably trying as hard as he could, but once again, she didn't even notice.

Vvenus eventually grew tired of that position and decided to mix things up by lifting the man off of his feet and flying both of them up into the air. Both of them were now upright as if they were engaged in a slow dance in the sky. It was there that Venus proceeded to put one hand on the man’s rear, the other hand on his back, and lift his entire body into her, shoving his dick all the way inside of her while pushing his broken chest deeply into her large breasts, relishing in how the man’s face turned blue as he struggled to breathe from nothing more than her naked tits pressing against his chest from a simple hug.

She repeatedly lifted him inside of her faster and faster, throwing his entire body around with wild abandon like a limp rag doll, slamming their crotches together harder and harder, and grinding her breasts against his body more and more firmly.

"Stop..." the man sputtered weakly. "Please..."

“You understand now, don’t you??” Venus coldly replied as she continued to screw the man to death in a way that only her or her sister could. “You understand now that the amount of power that you had over that woman was absolutely nothing compared to the power that I have over you! You understand that even if you had a thousand other men to come and help you, it wouldn’t make a single difference! You understand that there is no force in the universe that can stop me from doing whatever I want to you!

“And you also understand that you can’t resist me sexually, either! You understand that my face, my tits, my ass, my thighs, and literally everything else about me is so fucking perfect that you can’t stop yourself from reaching an orasm! Even though my warm, curvy and all-around flawless naked body is crushing you to death against my bare skin, you can’t stop yourself from cumming. But I can! I’m stopping you right now! Even though you desperately want to explode inside of the sexiest woman you will ever meet, I’m not going to let you until I’m good and ready! Because I have absolute power over every single part of you. There is absolutely nothing that you can do unless I want you to! You are mine, and you were from the moment that I decided that it would be so! You understand now, don’t you??”

Venus saw the life start to fade from the man’s eyes as his entire body began to slip into unconsciousness, utterly defeated by the crushing and battering of her erotic naked flesh against him.

“Very good,” Venus nodded in approval. “You now have my permission to cum.”

And then, Venus unclenched her superhuman vaginal muscles, releasing their crushing grip on the man’s penis.

The man’s eyes briefly rekindled with one more burst of energy as he came inside of her in violent spasms, coating Venus’ inner walls with warmth and bringing her ever closer to her own climax. When the man finished ejaculating, he immediately slumped over and passed out.

Venus was in a pretty good mood at that moment. Keeping mortal men's egos in check usually had that effect on her. Especially if it involved defeating, humiliating, and fucking them against their wills. She actually flew her broken toy back down to the earth and only dropped him a mere ten feet off of the ground, bruising his weakened body even more, but still keeping him alive, if only barely.

Venus was getting pretty close to her climax, so she made sure that she kept herself going. She landed on the ground on top of her other toy. He was only partially erect now, and his organ seemed to deflate even further when he saw his friend’s body hit the ground, completely unconscious and barely breathing. 

He recoiled in pure horror, making Venus’ smile grow even wider as she rapidly tore all of his clothes to shreds. But Venus knew that he couldn’t satisfy her with his dick in the state that it was in, so needed to get him ready, first.

Venus gently planted an uncharacteristically delicate kiss on his lips and very lightly brushed her erotic breasts against his naked chest. She carefully rubbed her firm rear against his crotch and ran her hands down his back, gingerly pulling him closer to her perfect body as her tongue continued to perform a gentle dance inside of his mouth. Then the man became fully erect, and Venus promptly shoved him into the dirt and fucked him so hard he that screamed.

She shoved his face into one of her huge breasts to stifle his yells of anguish, but it also seemed to have the unintended side effect of turning him on even more. "Disposable Toy #2" immediately started to try and wrestle her away from him, but Venus just ignored him like always. She repeatedly impaled herself on his dick so violently that her slightly-padded thighs instantly turned him black and blue where she bounced on him, and her heavily-padded breast pressed into his face hard enough to break his nose.

Despite all of this, Venus’ beauty won over the pain that she was probably causing him and the man came immediately. Venus allowed him to erupt inside of her, and the second wave of sticky warmth against her walls was enough for Venus to finally reach her climax.

Venus threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as her juices flowed like water out of her love canal. She pulled his head away from her breast and hugged the man’s whole body tightly against her naked breasts. She forced all of the air from his lungs, rocking back and forth on top of him as she came and came and came.

When she finally came back down from her orgasm, she found that her second toy was just as badly damaged as her first one, despite the fact that she didn’t play with him for nearly as long as the first man. While she was in the throes of her climax, her breasts caused just as much damage to the man’s chest as a 4-ton harvester did to the other man, giving him several broken ribs and a nasty purple skin color. His pelvis didn’t look any better. It was black, blue, and fractured in several places from where she rode him for those brief few seconds.

Venus unceremoniously stood up and got herself dressed, preparing to leave the two men lying there in the field. But before she left the scene, she grabbed the ruined combine harvester with only one hand and, with a casual flick of her wrist, threw the four-ton vehicle across the sky. With a loud CRASH, the ruined piece of equipment landed on its side, even more damaged than it was before. But it also landed in the exact same place where Venus had first found it. Her aim, like everything else about her, was always perfect. Venus chuckled to herself, imagining the confusion of the poor farmer when he ran outside to find his massive harvester crumpled up like a ball of tin foil and sitting on its side.

But she didn't stick around to see his reaction, as amusing as it would probably be. Instead, she simply took off into the skies once more, feeling well and truly satisfied. She taught two rapists a valuable lesson about messing with women. But more importantly, she really enjoyed herself, and she knew that the two injured men wouldn’t dare to tell anybody about what hurt them so badly. She was going to make a clean getaway.

It truly was a great night.

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