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Corruption – Part 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 15 November 2019 15:45] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 16 November 2019 13:03]

Part 1 of this story is by Luchodemeyer and can be found here:

Corruption – Part 2

By HikerAngel with permission/ideas from Luchodemeyer

“Mark will come around, you’ll see. You may not be a Supergirl, but you are so much better than those conceited bitches will ever be. He will see that. I promise.”


Lizzie had history class with Mark in the following period, but Charlotte had math. Lizzie approached Mark as they went to their seats before the start of class. His eyes met hers with interest after trying to make out her curves under the baggy hoodie.

“Mark, what kind of idiot are you?” Lizzie said, her tone scolding.

Mark seemed surprised at her question. “What are you talking about?”

“You broke up with Charlotte, you dufus!” she exclaimed.

His eyes found the floor as he now understood what she meant. “Yeah, I know. It’s not really fair to her. I get it. But I’ve always wanted to be with a Supergirl. Even just once. Charlotte just seemed like she… like she was destined for it. She envied them, worshipped them, knew everything about them. The idea of her becoming a goddess was intoxicating. That was what I fell for, not her. When she received the letter, and I knew that she couldn’t become a Supergirl, I learned that I just can’t get past the fact that I know that she will never be one of them.”

Lizzie leaned back, her animosity for Mark beginning to abate. She began to understand that he was just trying to be honest, not mean. Still, though, Charlotte was her friend, and she might be able to… no, she would be able to get him to see the error of his ways.

“Mark, there are 187 Supergirls in this world. What do you think your chances are with any of them?”

“Probably zero,” Mark admitted.

“Probably zero,” Lizzie repeated. “So do you want to spend the rest of your life pining for one of those girls that you’re likely never to even so much as see in your entire life?” Lizzie felt a little guilt as she uttered this comment, as she knew that he was seeing one of those girls right now!

“Well…” he seemed to consider, his eyes rising from the floor to meet hers. She felt his thoughts as he wondered whether her eyes were larger and more brilliant than he remembered. She decided to snap him out of that line of thinking.

“Mark!” she snapped.

“Yes!” he said. He brought his mind back to Lizzie’s earlier question. “I mean, no. I don’t really want to spend my life unfulfilled and pining for one of those girls, but what if…”

“No! No what ifs! This is real life we’re talking about here! You need to get serious, or you’re going to blow your chance to have a real, awesome, pretty girl for the rest of your life. Charlotte has feelings for you. She wants to be with you. And right now, she needs your support more than ever. She’s going through the biggest disappointment of her life, and we need to be there for her! Both of us!” Lizzie finished.

Mark sighed. “I guess you’re right. I should apologize to Charlotte. She needs me right now. I guess I am lucky to have her, even if she’ll never be a Supergirl…I’ll at least give it a chance,” Mark said.

“That’s all I’m asking of you. Thank you, Mark.” Lizzie said, breathing out a sigh of relief.


That night, Lizzie received a call from Charlotte. Her friend was crying in gratitude.

“Thank you sooo much for talking to Mark for me. He just apologized to me and wants to get back together!”

“That’s great, Char! I’m so happy for you. All I had to do was get him to remember how awesome you are. I’m glad that you’re both past this Supergirl business so that you can get on with your lives.”



As Lizzie looked in the mirror, there was no doubt in her mind. She was the hottest girl in school.

Her eyes explored her flawless face. Her skin didn’t have a single blemish. Its bone structure seemed to be molding itself into something better and better by the day. She already looked like a model. In another week, she would probably look like a supermodel. By the time her next treatment rolled around next month, she would probably be more beautiful than the hottest non-Supergirl on the planet. She gave a long-lashed, flirtatious wink to the mirror, then scolded herself mentally. None of that, Lizzie! This is that path to becoming the supreme super-bitch that the rest of them are. You are NOT going to become like them, she thought to herself.

Her eyes traveled to her gorgeous breasts. What were they now? D-cups? Probably something like that. She hadn’t had them measured, as buying bras now was pointless. The reason? Simple. There were three. One, her breasts were growing so fast, she would need a new size every week. Two, as they grew they became firmer and higher on her chest rather than saggier. At this point, she didn’t really need the support of a bra at all. Three, she was wearing the baggiest clothes she could find in an effort to continue to disguise her delectable body, which was becoming more spectacular by the day.

Her gaze continued downward past her cobbled midsection, each muscle defined at the level of the top one or two fitness models in the business. Her hips and ass were so firm, so hard now. She thought of the expression about being able to bounce a quarter off someone's butt. She had no doubt that she could actually do so. Her legs were spectacular, becoming longer and shapelier with the passage of every hour.

She was grateful for the gift of transcendent beauty. She really was. It was just that she wished that it didn’t mean leaving her friends behind for a bunch of stuck-up super-jerks. She wished that Charlotte could experience this with her. It was Charlotte’s dream after all, not hers. Lizzie still dreaded the day that she would have to tell Charlotte about her Supergirl status. She was delaying and avoiding that conversation as long as she could!

Lizzie covered up in a thick sweatshirt and baggy jeans, putting on a beanie to hide the top of her thick, voluminous blond hair, and practiced slouching down, so that he longer legs and taller height were less noticeable. She look some mascara and, rather than using it to highlight her eyes and make them look better, used it to draw in slight darkness under her eyes to make herself look worse and more tired. She then took her wrong-color foundation and used it to cover up her flawless skin in a few spots and make it look like there were slight blemishes.

Making herself look like a regular girl was becoming more and more difficult, so she was now using makeup to try to look worse rather than better!

Today, was the first day of the winter semester, and she knew that she had gym class with Charlotte now. Having to shower and change in front of the other girls was going to make hiding her beauty really difficult, but she had to try. She packed her duffle bag with a towel and the baggiest, least flattering shorts and t-shirt she could find. She hoped it would be enough.


Lizzie made it to gym class early, so that she could change before Charlotte or the other girls arrived. She slipped off her baggy school clothes, and slipped into her extra-large t-shirts and baggy, knee length shorts. She was putting on her sneakers as Charlotte arrived.

Charlotte’s eyes looked at the two places that Lizzie’s exposed skin was showing, her thin lower arms, and her svelte calves.

“Geez, Lizzie! I thought you were wearing baggy clothes because you were gaining weight or something, but your arms look thin as could be. Your calves are looking smooth and perfect too! Why don’t you dress to show off your body a little more? It might help you get a date to the mid-winter dance…”

“Um, that’s okay. You know how shy I am. I’d be uncomfortable having guys giving me lecherous looks with their eyes,” Lizzie answered.

“Wow! I’d give anything to have all the guys looking over my body…” Charlotte said with a wink. Her Supergirl-complex made her a bit of an exhibitionist. Lizzie looked her friend over. Charlotte had nice, dark hair and a petite body with gentle curves. She was cute, but couldn’t be called pretty. At least she and Mark seemed to be sticking together since the night of Lizzie’s talk with Mark.

Gym class began with a run. It felt so easy to Lizzie. She tried to pretend as if she were breathing hard as Charlotte huffed and puffed next to her. After the warm-up run, their teacher, Mr. Mann, showed them the free weights and machines in the gym. He was a huge guy and doubled as the school’s football coach. He rattled off a few 275 lb. bench presses as a demonstration before moving on to the next exercise.

As the rest of the class watched their teacher demonstrate weighted back squats, Lizzie grabbed the bar that Mr. Mann had been bench pressing and gave it an experimental one-handed curl. The bar rose to her slim but defined bicep with ease. She quickly set it back down.

Suddenly, she felt thoughts of surprise, amazement, and arousal from someone in the class with her rudimentary mental powers. She whirled to see who had seen her, but everyone was looking at Mr. Mann. Crap! she thought. Someone knows my secret now!

As they went back to the locker rooms after class, Lizzie tried to make sure that her body was constantly covered with a large beach towel when she changed. She found a partially hidden shower area near the back and tried to shower as quickly as she could.

Charlotte, looking for her friend, was impressed when she saw Lizzie showering in the corner, standing with her back turned to the rest of the girls. Lizzie’s back was smooth and muscled. Her ass was heart-shaped perfection, and her legs looked long, lean, and oh-so-sexy. My Lord! When had her friend grown the body of a top fitness model--at least that's what she looked like from the back! Charlotte wondered what her front looked like. As she watched, however, Lizzie finished her shower, wrapped herself completely in the fuzzy beach towel and scampered quickly back to her locker to change before any of the other girls finished showering. Charlotte wasn't able to get a look at the rest of her body at all.

By the time Charlotte returned to her own locker, Lizzie was already in her baggy clothes again. Charlotte eyed her friend suspiciously, saying nothing, just watching. Lizzie threw a beanie over her thick, straight blond hair, gave Charlotte a quick smile and hustled out of the locker room, leaving Charlotte to stare after her.

Charlotte wondered... had Lizzie actually said that she hadn’t made it as a Supergirl? Charlotte couldn’t remember. The odds were impossible, though. One in hundreds of millions. It couldn’t be. She tried to shake the thought from her mind as she changed into her school clothes. No, her friend was just going through normal puberty and her body was developing rather nicely. That had to be it. Charlotte just needed to break Lizzie out of her shell and get her to start showing her outstanding body more. After what Lizzie had done for Mark and her, it was the least she could do for her friend.

Charlotte thought about the midwinter dance that was coming up and knew that Lizzie would never normally go to something like that. Charlotte smiled as a plan formed in her mind. She would buy Lizzie a fantastic, sexy dress to wear and guilt her into it. Then, she would hook a cute guy up with her friend. If Lizzie’s front was as toned and sexy as her backside, it shouldn’t be too difficult.


It was Saturday afternoon, two weeks later, the day of the midwinter dance at school. Lizzie had kept up her baggy clothes and makeup routine, but her truly awesome beauty was harder to disguise every day. As she stared back at her face in the mirror, she had no doubt that she was already more beautiful than any normal human woman in the world. Supermodels just couldn't compete.

Lizzie loved the weekends. She spent them in her room alone, but she didn’t have to hide anything. She didn't have to slouch. She lounged in short-shorts and a t-shirt, reading a book on her bed. Her amazingly long legs were extended on the top of her bed, endless, sleek, and perfect. Her huge, perfect breasts, probably in the DDD range--if she ever decided to buy a bra again--stretched her t-shirt to its limits.

Lizzie heard a knock at her door, and her beautiful eyebrows scrunched in confusion. Who was it? Usually her mom just called to her from downstairs.

“Who is it?” she called out.

“It’s Charlotte, Lizzie. Your mom let me in…” her friend responded.

Charlotte? Oh, shit! Lizzie looked frantically around the room for something that she could use to cover herself. Then, she noticed the doorknob turning. It was too late!

Charlotte walked into her bedroom, with a slinky red dress hanging from one hand and a makeup kit dangling from the other.

Charlotte’s eyes roamed the room until they spotted Lizzie. Lizzie looked back at her with horror written all over her gorgeous face!

Charlotte dropped both the bag and the dress in her shock. Her friend was a supermodel! Her friend was sexier than a supermodel! Her friend was--realization dawned on her right in the middle of her thought--a fucking Supergirl! Oh, my God!

Oh. My. God.

Lizzie’s face looked like that of an angel, framed by wave upon wave of luxurious golden locks. Her breasts were huge and gravity-defying. Her nipples dimpled the fabric of her straining t-shirt outward. Her arms were perfectly toned and moved with such grace. Charlotte couldn’t see her friend’s abs, but she had no doubt they were as perfect as the rest of her. Lizzie's legs were long, lean, and luscious.

Tears welled in Charlotte’s eyes, as she realized that Lizzie had betrayed her. Lizzie had been chosen to be a Supergirl, and she hadn’t. Lizzie! For Christ’s sake! The girl who couldn't stand Supergirls! How could the universe be so cruel? She had just recovered from being the universe’s stab wound to her heart to realize that her best friend had stabbed another metaphorical dagger into her from behind.

Charlotte ran out of her friend’s room and out of the house as tears streamed down her face. She ran halfway home, then crumpled to the ground, sobs racking her small body.

Lizzie was horrified. She felt terrible. But what had she done wrong? She had hidden her changes a bit, but it wasn’t like she could control them. Shouldn’t Charlotte be happy for her? If Charlotte had been selected as a Supergirl, Lizzie would have been overjoyed for her.

Deep down, Lizzie knew that it was different, however. Charlotte had always wanted this; Lizzie had never wanted this. She needed to give Charlotte time to come around. In her growing anger, though, Lizzie didn’t want to acknowledge this. Amazing things were happening to her, for her. Why should she have to hide and feel guilty and ashamed? She was becoming a goddess, after all!

Screw it! Lizzie thought. She was going to go to the dance, and she was going to show her body. She was going to have a good time. She was done hiding!

Lizzie tore off her t-shirt and shorts and slid the dress up her dynamic curves. She looked in the mirror. Her prodigious breasts bulged over the top of the dress--Charlotte had clearly underestimated the size of her new assets. The firm, flashless flesh looked amazing, however, pushed upward and outward by the ill-fitting dress like a corset. Her waist was so thin that the dress was actually slightly loose there. It was a good thing that it was as large as it was, though, because her ample hips tested the limits of the seams.

Lizzie’s height ridiculously long, toned legs made the dress, intended to be cut to mid-thigh, look scandalously short as it covered just enough to keep her decent.

Perfect! Lizzie thought. If she was going to show everyone who she was now, she might as well go all out.

She looked down at Charlotte’s makeup bag on the floor and wondered if she should apply any makeup. Then, she looked again at her magnificent face in the mirror and decided against it. It would probably make me look worse, she thought.

In the back of her mind, a small part of her wondered, Was this how the corruption of the Supergirls started? Lizzie pushed the thought aside. She left for the dance.


When she arrived at the dance, all eyes turned to her, as if drawn by magnets.

She strutted into the place, her leggy, busty build perplexing the men as it drew their attention. Should they look at her exquisite face? Her prodigious chest? Her endless, coltish legs? Starry-eyed masculine gazes tried to drink in her appearance as if they had spent three days in the desert heat with no water.

Mark, Charlotte’s boyfriend, came forward, and said, “I knew what you were. Ever since that day in gym class, when you curled that bar. I knew. I’ve just been waiting for the moment that you chose to show us, to accept it. Would you accept me? I’ve never wanted anything more than to be with a Supergirl. To be with you. Please, Lizzie…” his eyes plead with her.

So he was the one that saw her that day in gym class, Lizzie thought. What should she do?

A red and blue-clad figure came up behind her. It was Marjorie, the evil bitch queen herself!

“What are you waiting for, Lizzie? Take him. It’s what he wants anyway. Show your friend, show all of your friends that you can do whatever you want, take whatever you want, have whoever you want.” Marjorie said.

Lizzie turned to her, speechless. She didn’t know what to say to that. Was this who she was now? Was this what was expected of her now? Marjorie was right! Mark wanted this… why not give it to him?

Marjorie smiled as she watched Lizzie’s gaze turn to Mark. Her job now done here, she flew away.

No! Lizzie thought. She wouldn’t become like this corrupted, evil bitch! Lizzie’s will harden with new resolve as she took in her classmates’ awed looks toward her in the aftermath of Marjorie’s departure.

Lizzie took a last look at Mark and said, “I’m sorry.” Then, she ran away.

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