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The Sandbox – Chapter 3

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:22] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 12 December 2019 17:39]

Important note: This chapter is set in a foreign country, but all of the dialogue is in English. Just assume that everyone is speaking their native languages, and I'm just translating it for you.

Chapter 3: Orgies and Expositions,  Part 1

November 20th, 2018 2:40 PM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aphrodite stepped out of her red convertible and made her way towards the exotic beaches of Rio de Daneiro. Less than twenty minutes ago, she was lounging around her home in Italy. But then she got bored of that and decided to head to her home in Brazil. She flew from Italy to Brazil in a little over two minutes. And fifteen minutes later, she had completed her drive to the beach and was ready to play.

The beaches of Rio were as crowded as always, and people of all shapes and sizes were running around under the bright summer sun. Aphrodite strutted through the sand wearing a two-piece string bikini and a pair of sunglasses. The children continued to play in the sand. But literally every teen and adult on the beach turned their heads as she walked by. The women looked at her with jealousy and the men looked at her with lust.

Aphrodite knew that she was irresistible in any outfit, but the poor men of Brazil didn't stand a chance against her beach attire. Every inch of her arms and legs were on full display, and her form-fitting bikini bottom accentuated the magnificent curves of her womanly hips that intentionally swayed back and forth as she walked. A large portion of her torso was completely exposed, showing off how every inch of her slim midriff was just as flawless as the rest of her body.

But of course, that wasn't what any of the men were gawking at. They were looking at the little piece of red fabric that was covering her huge round breasts. Her bikini top wasn’t skimpy by any means. On the contrary, it actually covered up most of her eye-catching assets in order to leave most of the skin to the imagination. But it still showed off their impressive size and shape, and the men continued to stare and stare.

She knew that English wasn’t these people’s first language, save for the tourists, but that didn’t matter to Aphrodite. Both her and her sister had mastered every language on Earth long ago, and it certainly came in handy whenever she was in the mood for some more exotic men.

“Are you a tourist?” a native man ran up to her. He was average-looking and a little pudgy. Probably a five out of ten. “Do you want someone to show you around?”

“I have a husband,” Aphrodite lied, not even breaking her stride as she continued to saunter over to the two men that she had already decided to have for the afternoon.

“Lucky him,” the rejected man muttered under his breath.

As soon as Aphrodite set foot on the sand, her eyes scanned the hundreds of people on the beach in an instant and found two tall, handsome, shirtless, and muscular gentlemen. They were wearing nothing but swim trunks and flirting with two girls. Aphrodite’s ears could pick up their conversation from a hundred yards away, despite the veritable sea of people in between her and them. Both girls said that they had boyfriends.

Lucky her.

Both of the beach hunks turned away with their heads hung low, but then they both simultaneously perked back up when they saw Aphrodite walking straight towards them. The elastic straps on her bikini top allowed her breasts to bounce just a little bit with every step she took towards the two gorgeous men. Their jaws fell open as they both shamelessly stared at her chest, and their penises quickly grew bigger and bigger with every step she took.

By the time she stopped right in front of them, they were both panting. Both men were about a foot taller than her and covered in sexy, sexy muscles. They were easily the two hottest men on the beach, and Aphrodite couldn’t believe her luck that they were both somehow still single. She put one hand on each man’s shoulder and said “Hey boys,” with a flirty smile.

“H-hey,” one man replied in a shaky voice. The other man was too overwhelmed with hormones to even speak, and opted to just stand there and quiver. “Did you bring any friends, gorgeous?” the first man asked. His voice had an exotic Brazillian accent. “Or are you by yourself?”

“Just me,” Aphrodite replied. That snapped the comatose man out it, as well as his verbal friend. They both immediately looked at each other for a moment. They were both clearly looking for girls, and they both assumed that only one of them could have her.

“I’ll take both of you,” Aphrodite said before the fighting could even start. Both of their faces whipped back over to her in shock at what she just said. “I’ll just cut straight to the chase,” Aphrodite leaned in closer and continued in a quieter voice so that nobody could overhear. “I’m not here because I’m looking for a relationship. I’m here because I’m super fucking horny and I’ll need more than one man to satisfy me right now. So we’re going to go back to my house and have a hot and steamy three-way.” Aphrodite finished her declaration by taking off her sunglasses and looking looking at both of them with her sharp blue eyes. “But only if you’re up for it, of course. Would you boys like to accompany me back to my place?”

“Yes,” the vocal man said without hesitation.

The non-vocal man simply fainted.

Aphrodite caught him before he could hit the sand. “He would have said ‘Yes’ too,” Aphrodite said. “Trust me, I’m sure of it.” She hoisted the unconscious man over her shoulder. Even though he was twice her size, Aphrodite’s single feminine hand hung the bulky man across her slim shoulder and held him there with only one arm on his back. “Come along now,” Aphrodite said casually as she turned around and headed back to her car, walking back up the beach with a large, shirtless, and sexy new toy hanging over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

The other man was momentarily frozen in place for a moment, probably because of the fact that the hottest woman that ever existed and ever will exist just walked up to him in a string bikini, told him point-blank that she was going to have sex with him, and then she turned around and carried a man twice her body weight over her shoulder like it was nothing. Aphrodite put a more exaggerated swing in her hips to get the other man’s attention, and he quickly ran after her like a moth to a flame.

“I’m Aphrodite, by the way,” she told the man once he had caught up with her.

“Umm, uhh…” the man stuttered nervously, still trying to recover from the insane chain of events that was happening. “I’m Joe. And, uh… that’s Paul,” he said, pointing to the man that Aphrodite was carrying over her back with only one hand. “Here, let me carry him,” Joe offered. “He’s probably twice your weight, and I’m stronger than you.”

Aphrodite couldn’t stop herself from curling her lips up into a mischievous grin that was growing wider and wider by the second. These two men had absolutely no idea what they were getting themselves into.

“Oh ho ho ho…” Aphrodite chuckled. “We shall see about that.”

November 20th, 2018 2:57 PM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Here we are!” Aphrodite announced, stepping out of the car and walking towards the front door of one of her many summer homes. “¡La casa de Aphrodite!”

Their Rio home was just as nice as their Boston home, only this one was right on the coast of the ocean, making it look like a house that you’d see on a postcard. But neither one of her new toys made any acknowledgement of the impressive house before them. Even though Paul had woken up at some point in the car, they were too horny to even think clearly.  In fact,they were both fully erect during the entire ride home. So she didn’t even bother to give them a tour of the house, because she knew that their eyes were never going to leave her scantily-clad body, and they were unlikely to actually hear a word that she said because all of their brain power was probably going to go towards fantasizing about what would come next.

The two new toys followed Aphrodite’s hypnotically swaying rear like a beacon as she led them through the front door, through the living room, up the stairs, and into one of the many bed chambers. Similar to their home in Boston, the Goddesses’ home in Rio had a bedroom with an inviting king-sized bed and a lead, life-sized, eight-ton statue of an African elephant. It was a personal favorite of Aphrodite. Nearly every one of their houses had a room just like it.

Aphrodite could sense a switch going on in the men’s brains once they entered the room. There was that distinct moment when it all truly sank in that all of this was really happening to them. She heard their heart rate rise to dangerous levels, she heard their breathing grow heavier and heavier, and she smelled precum inside of their swimsuits. She was starting to wonder if they both might cum in their pants before she even got to touch them, so she decided to skip her little “toy” speech and speed this along.

Aphrodite pushed both men onto the bed. Then she turned away and walked up to the elephant statue.

“There is one thing that I should tell you boys before we get started,” Aphrodite began. “This statue weighs fifteen thousand pounds.” Aphrodite bend down, dug a couple of fingers underneath one of the statue’s feet, and effortlessly lifted it high into the air with a single hand. “I am a superhuman that can lift this with a couple of fingers.” She actually tossed the whole thing up in the air a couple times and caught it with her single hand like it weighed as much as a pencil.

“I have super strength…” Aphrodite dropped the statue to the floor with a loud BOOM that shook the entire house. Then, in less than a blink of an eye, she ran towards the two shocked men at superspeed and stripped them naked.

“… and super speed…” she continued, holding still for just long enough to let the men see that she was suddenly right in front of them and they were both suddenly naked. Then she used her speed to once again disappear from their sight and climb onto the bed behind them, stripping off her swimsuit in less than a tenth of a second.

“… and I’m indestructible,” she finished. Both men turned around to the sound of her voice that, as far as they were concerned, suddenly appeared behind them. Their jaws hit the floor when they saw Aphrodite laying flat on her back with her flawless naked body on full display. “So you sexy men with your sexy muscles can fuck me as hard as you fucking want. Now, who wants to go first??”

For a brief moment, both men just stared at her irresistible and infinitely powerful body, too shocked to even know what to do for a moment. But, as always, their horniness far outweighed their confusion and curiosity. She saw Joe’s expression suddenly shift from “shocked” to “horny” in a blink, and the man practically pounced on her.

Joe immediately went for her flawless tits, barely managing to get his huge hands all the way around her equally huge breasts. He squeezed them and played with them and moaned from the sheer eroticism of how they felt in his hands. He then plunged his dick all the way inside of her as far as it could go and started to aggressively pump himself in and out of her. He only managed about four or five thrusts before his eyes rolled back into his skull and he erupted in a shattering orgasm, coating the walls of Aphrodite’s womb with the intensity of a firehose.

Joe was almost finished cumming when Paul impatiently shoved him off of her and plowed her with all of his might. He nearly came before he even got inside of her, but once he was in, he thrusted as hard as he could for about two strokes before he, too, shot massive amounts of sperm inside of her, moaning loudly all the while.

“Mmmm…” Aphrodite closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure from the feeling of two huge dicks cumming inside of her in under ten seconds.

But then, Paul kept going. He kept on thrusting himself inside of her again and again, slowly building up to another orgasm only a couple seconds after his first one. Aphrodite decided to encourage him by sitting up kissing him passionately on the lips for a few seconds while he continued to drill her. But then she broke off the kiss, leaned past his face and whispered into his ear…


Paul got a sudden second wind of energy, shoving Aphrodite back down onto her back and pounding her as hard and as fast as he could, grabbing hold of her round breasts and squeezing tightly as he came again. He didn't spray nearly as much fluid the second time, but his second orgasm probably felt just as good to him and his dick definitely felt just as good to her.

“Yes…” Aphrodite said. “More… I need more!”

Suddenly, Joe stepped back in and shoved Paul aside. Then Joe surprised Aphrodite even further by picking her up off of her feet and shoving her back against the wall behind them.

“… Huh,” Aphrodite blinked. “Usually I’m the one who does th-” she was cut off by Joe’s mouth and penis, both assaulting her at the exact same time. Aphrodite wrapped her arms and legs around the Joe as he ravaged her from every angle, pounding her against the wall over and over and over again. Aphrodite could tell that he was quickly approaching another climax, but she figured that he, too, needed some encouragement.

“Fuck, you’re so strong…!” Aphrodite moaned. “Please, give me everything! I don’t want to be able to walk straight tomorrow!”

Of course, that was all a lie. Aphrodite didn't consider anyone to be strong aside from her and her sister, and no man could leave her unable to walk after he finished with her. In fact, no man could ever even give her sex that felt even remotely rough, as far as she was concerned. But her words had the desired effect on Joe. The huge Brazillian man came again. Aphrodite felt a burst of seed inside of her for the fourth time in as many minutes.

Once Joe was finished, he set Aphrodite back down on the bed, let go of her naked body, and flopped backwards. Both him and Paul were sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

"You two aren't getting any breaks yet," Aphrodite said to the two exhausted toys. She reached out with both of her slender arms and lifted both of the tall and muscular men into the air with one hand on the back of each man's neck. "Now it's my turn."

Aphrodite shoved each of their faces into each one of her huge breasts and swirled their faces around against her firm mounds. Their tall and muscular bodies felt weightless to her as she moved them around. Rubbing the two men against her erotic naked body made them instantly hard again.

Aphrodite dropped both of them onto the bed for a brief moment. Then she grabbed Joe by the ankles, wrapped his legs around her waist, grabbed him by the ass, hoisted him up into the air, and pinned him helplessly against the wall with her all-powerful nude body.

"You see?" Aphrodite licked her lips. "I told you that I like to do this." And then she went to town on him, grinding his chiseled and sexy body against her slim and sexy body as she repeatedly took his entire length inside of her with wild abandon, shoving his back violently against the wall with each powerful thrust of her curvy hips. He felt great inside of her, but not as great as the feeling of using her gorgeous slim body to pulverize the absolute beefcake of a man underneath with her superhuman might, pounding him against the wall with a loud boom that shook the room, again and again and again and again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Aphrodite orgasmed, throwing her head back and screaming in ecstasy as a wave of pleasure exploded through her body. Joe quickly followed suit, groaning loudly as Aphrodite's sexy naked body forced him into yet another orgasm. Joe was quickly running out of energy, but Aphrodite never got tired. She simply dropped Joe back onto the bed, snatched up Paul, and aggressively took him against the exact same wall in the exact same manner.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Aphrodite kept on going and going, confident that she would never get tired of plowing herself against the two huge and sweaty men that were utterly at her mercy. Paul came inside of her once again. Hardly anything came out this time, but Aphrodite didn't care. He was still hard, and that was what mattered to her. But shortly after Paul came for the third time, his organ started to deflate.

Aphrodite pulled herself away from Paul and released one arm from his back. She continued to effortlessly hold his entire weight up off the floor with only one slender arm as her free hand grabbed Joe by the back of his head and shoved his face into her pussy. Then, she levitated all three of them up into the air until all six of their feet were floating well above the bed. Her soft arms held the bulky weight of two bodybuilders with absolutely no difficulty, and Joe' huge hands started to push against her thighs, trying for all he was worth to pry his face away from her snatch so that he could breathe. But his struggles were, of course, pointless. Aphrodite wasn't planning to actually suffocate him. But it was certainly fun to let her toys think that she would from time to time so that they would fight against her with all of their might, to no avail.

Sometimes it just felt good to remind yourself that you were an incredibly powerful superwoman that could do whatever you wanted with any man you desired.

While one massive specimen of a man was being helplessly pinned against her crotch, she hungrily kissed the other one, throwing her tongue around inside of his mouth and grinding his sexy and powerful body against her much sexier and infinitely more powerful one, all while shoving Joe’s face against her clit and completely ignoring his attempts to free himself. Aphrodite was absolutely losing herself in the moment. Despite the billions of years she had been alive, there was still nothing quite like being able to take two men that had the bodies of every woman’s fantasies and using her vastly superior power to do as she pleased with them.

She kept on smothering Paul with kisses and rubbing his chest against her huge tits while holding Joe firmly against the sopping wet cave between her legs, all while hovering in the middle of the room and holding both of them firmly in place against her slim naked body. Paul was once again hard and Joe was starting to lose consciousness, so Aphrodite released Joe and simply let the man fall through the air and onto the bed, where he promptly started to gasp and wheeze for air. Then Aphrodite descended onto the mattress, still holding Paul tightly against her erotic body with one hand.

Aphrodite laid down flat on her back and pulled Paul down so that he was laying right on top of her, and Aphrodite wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his waist, pulling him in even closer. But then, Aphrodite started to float up in the air once again. Her prone body remained as stiff as a board as she lifted Paul up higher and higher into the air until they couldn’t go any further. Using her flight powers along with her incredible strength, she pinned the sexy Brazillian man against the ceiling.

"You ever have a woman do this to you before?” Aphrodite breathed erotically into his face. Then she proceeded to ride Paul on the ceiling.

She needed to use her flight power to keep both of them in place. But other than that, absolutely nothing was different. Aphrodite’s round hips moved up and down on his dick, engulfing the man with the slick walls of her vagina and pounding his beefy body against the ceiling with each thrust.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She squeezed her toy tightly, pressing her huge breasts into his exposed chest and rubbing her mounds aggressively all over his body, all while continuing to shove herself all the way down his shaft over and over again.

Even though Aphrodite’s unfathomably sexy body had made Paul cum three times over just a few minutes, he quickly came a fourth time. But absolutely nothing came out of him, this time. Aphrodite had already sucked both men dry. But his dick felt just as hard as it did when she first started, and that was all it took for her to reach another climax.

“Ohhhhh yessss…” Aphrodite moaned as she shuddered in orgasmic delight. It only lasted for a few seconds. And when it ended, she flew Paul back down to the bed, grabbed onto Joe tightly, flew him up to the ceiling, and gave him the exact same treatment.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire room shook from the force of Aphrodite’s hips bashing Joe’s pelvis against the ceiling over and over again until he, too, orgasmed without producing another drop of sperm. Aphrodite flew him back down onto the bed to join his friend. The two men were both lying limply on their backs, covered in sweat and panting like race horses. Meanwhile, Aphrodite looked just as perfect as when they started. Not a single strand of her golden hair was out of place.

“I also have unlimited stamina,” Aphrodite said, looking down upon the two huge men that had been utterly drained by the power of her much smaller body. “I can literally go all night, unless you boys want a break…?”

“Yes…” Paul barely managed to gasp out between panting breaths. “Please… no more…”

“Aha!” Aphrodite smiled. “So he does speak! I don’t think I’ve heard a single word out of you all night! And what about you, Joe? Do you need a break, too?”

“I’m done…” Joe wheezed. “I’m done for the night.”

“That’s what they all say,” Aphrodite told him. “But we’ll take a quick break for now and see if you guys are up for more later. If you’re still not feeling up to it, then we’ll stop for the night. Deal?”

“Yeah…” Joe said.

“Deal…” Paul agreed.

“Sounds good,” Aphrodite nodded. “Do you boys drink coffee?”


“What??” Joe gasped in shock after swallowing another sip of his mocha. “How many houses do you two own??”

“Did I stutter?” Aphrodite asked with a playful smile and a raised eyebrow. “Sixty-five, all over the world.”

All three of them were sitting around in their spacious kitchen / dining room in a friendly chat. Both men sipped on some coffee to renew their energy, and Aphrodite sipped on some coffee just because she liked the taste of it. The two men were sitting at a dark oak table while Aphrodite just sat on the kitchen counter. Joe and Paul were wearing their swimsuits once again. But Aphrodite actually took the time to get herself fully dressed in a casual pair of denim jeans and a tight, form-fitting t-shirt for no other reason than to undress herself in front of them later in order to turn them on, assuming that they would be up for more sex once they finished their little coffee break.

“Are your other sixty-four houses as nice as this one??” Paul asked, equally shocked by what she had just told them.

“Not all of them,” Aphrodite answered. “Some are actually much nicer.”

“What do you two do for a living?” Paul asked.

“We get money from the world’s governments,” Aphrodite answered simply, hoping that they wouldn’t question her further.

“What do you do for the governments?” Joe questioned her further.

“Classified,” Aphrodite answered. “I could tell you, but then you’ll be part of this whole thing.”

“Never mind then,” Joe replied. “I’d rather not know, then.”

“I want to know,” Paul spoke up.

Aphrodite paused for a brief moment. “Are you absolutely sure about that, Paul?” she warned him.

“Yes,” Paul answered without hesitation. “I can keep a secret.”

Another pause. Honestly, she didn’t have any issue with telling her men where they got their money, but she always wanted to make sure that they knew that it was a serious topic, and once again, it seems that she got her point across.

“Alright then,” Aphrodite said. “I’ll tell you. Do you want to leave the room, Joe?”

Joe stopped and thought to himself for a minute, struggling to decide whether or not he actually wanted to hear this.

“Eh, what the hell,” Joe threw up his hands. “I guess I’ll stay and hear it. I’m pretty curious too, now.”

“Okay,” Aphrodite leaned back and paused one more time for dramatic effect. Both men stared at her with anticipation before she finally spoke again. “All of the world’s governments secretly funnel us as much money as we want, they let us live wherever we want, and they generally keep our existence a secret. In exchange, my sister and I agree not to smash all of their armies into oblivion and rule the planet with two iron fists.”

For a moment, both men weren’t sure if she was telling the truth. But very quickly, their eyes slowly widened in shock and their faces turned pale. “Wh-what??” Joe asked, horrified.

“You two have all the world’s governments hostage??” Paul exclaimed. “Are you two really that powerful??”

“Yes," Aphrodite replied simply. "We are."

“And… and you take as much money as you want?”

“Within reason,” Aphrodite raised her hands defensively. “We found out pretty quickly that giving us enough money to own houses in dozens of countries is still pocket change for all of the world’s governments, as long as we don’t go too far overboard. So it’s not like we’re hurting anybody. But... yeah, we just take as much as we want.”

“And… what if they refuse?” Joe asked.

“Umm…” Aphrodite couldn’t help but wince for a moment. “If that happens, then Venus steps in and, uh… changes their minds.

“Oh god…” Paul shuddered.

“And you just go along with this?” Joe asked, both disturbed and a little angry. “You just stand by and let your psycho sister do whatever she wants just because she can? Why don’t you two just conquer the world, then? What’s stopping you, huh??”

There was a long, tense silence for a moment while Aphrodite tried to come up with an explanation that they would understand. After a moment, she sighed theatrically, feeling more than a little disappointed at the turn that this afternoon was taking. But eventually, she started to talk.

“Okay, look…” the benevolent Goddess leaned forward as she explained herself. “First of all, taking money from governments was an idea that both of us came up with. Because neither of us wants to waste twenty-five percent of every week working full-time day jobs so that we can make enough money to barely afford an apartment, and then have to make a bunch of different arrangements to ask off of work every time we want to leave the country for a couple of days before chaining ourselves back to one single city. Plus, we would also need to somehow scrounge up enough money to create some fake identities and move every couple of decades before people would start to notice that we don’t age.

“And that’s just ridiculous. We are immortal Goddesses that have enough power to take whatever we want and enough freedom to fly to other galaxies at will. My sister didn’t think that we should have to settle for ordinary lives, and I completely agreed, especially once I learned that we could afford to live with as much freedom as we wanted by doing nothing more than taking a portion of the world’s treasuries that was so small that nobody would even be affected.

“Second, we don’t take over the world because we simply don’t want to. Believe it or not, being the queen of the Earth is only entertaining for a few centuries at most before you start to long for the days where humanity was blissfully unaware of your existence. We still take over the planet every once in a while when we get really bored, but we always end up undoing it. Because my sister and I both agree that it’s much more fun to be able to surprise people with our infinite power, rather than live in a world where everybody on the planet worships us because they all know exactly who we are and what we’re capable of.

“And third… Even though I don’t like seeing people suffer, I don’t mind letting Venus do whatever she wants because you mortals are honestly inconsequential to me. To me, living in this universe feels like I’m playing a role-playing game, and my sister and I are the only two players. Every other living thing in the world feels like a fictional character in a fictional world, and it really doesn't feel like it matters how we treat people. The entire universe as you know it is nothing but a giant playground for us, and we can do whatever our hearts desire.

“However, for the sake of this analogy, I’ll just say that I’m the type of person who doesn’t like playing an evil character in this little RPG that you know as reality. I think that’s the best way to put it. I could burn this entire world to ashes and feel no remorse, but I would feel no joy, either. I have more fun when all of the insignificant mortals around me are having fun too, even though their lives don’t really mean anything to me. I’m just here to have fun, and this is how I prefer to do it.

“But Venus plays this game a little differently. Because the fate of this world doesn’t really matter to us, she just does whatever she wants in order to entertain herself, and the collateral damage and body count that her “fun” causes doesn’t matter to her in the slightest. In fact, she actually finds a lot of enjoyment in being one of the two people in the universe with this much power. I do too, actually. But not like her. Venus likes it when she gets to show the mortal men of this world just how powerless they are compared to us. And nothing makes them feel more powerless than making sure that they all know that their lives are in her hands every time she goes out for some fun.

“And frankly, I actually understand the appeal of her lifestyle. I can absolutely understand why she finds it so fun to live her life like that. But, her life isn’t for me and my life isn’t for her. We’re different people. But we don’t step on each other’s toes, and that’s why we’ve been best friends for billions upon billions of years. She lets me have fun however I want, and I let her have fun however she wants. Because that’s all that we’re here for. We live day to day and we try to enjoy ourselves. That’s all that matters. To me and my sister, the entire universe as you know it is nothing more than our own personal sandbox, and we can do whatever the fuck we want in it.”

The room fell into a long, uncomfortable silence after Aphrodite finished. Joe and Paul both seemed to be struggling with the implications of everything she had just said. They knew now that Aphrodite looked at both of them as outright inferior beings whose lives didn’t matter, and the only reason why the two of them were enjoying themselves was because she was allowing them to.

“Well…” Paul trailed off, at an absolute loss of words. “Wow…”

“So…” Joe said. “You really just do whatever you want and just… reset everything whenever you go too far?”

“Do you think you’re going to take over the world again soon?” Paul asked. “Like, in our lifetimes?”

“Probably not,” Aphrodite replied. “I can’t say for absolute certain, but I’m almost positive that we’re not going to go public any time soon. We like to live most of our lives in hiding, and we’re very careful about making sure that we don’t leave behind any traces of our existence. You probably have nothing to worry about.”

“Probably?” Joe repeated.

“Probably,” Aphrodite confirmed. She didn’t see any reason to stretch the truth and promise that they would be okay. It was always possible that the two of them might decide to rule the world again if they got bored, but she was reasonably sure that they wouldn’t be in the mood to do that for another century at the very least.

Joe and Paul just looked at her for a moment, and then they slowly returned to finishing their drinks, emptying their cups in relative silence. “Well,” Paul broke the silence after a while. “I guess that you and your sister will just do whatever you like. Our lives will probably go on like normal, but there’s nothing we can do either way. So, there really isn’t a point in thinking about it.”

“That is exactly right!” Aphrodite said, genuinely surprised by how quickly Paul was able to cope with the staggering implications of how mankind has zero control over anything. It almost felt like the universe itself wanted this awkward moment to end as fast as possible in order to let her have more fun, but it didn't know how to get there in a natural way, so it just threw up its hands and said "screw it."

“In fact," Aphrodite continued. "I think that I have a great way to get your minds off of everything,” she suggested as she slowly started unzipping her pants. There was an immediate change in the atmosphere of the room. Both of their heart rates skyrocketed, both of them started to sweat, and both of their dicks start to quickly swell up once again.

Despite this, Joe started to protest. “I don’t think so,” he said nervously. “I’m not in the mood right now.”

Aphrodite pulled her pants all the way down until she was bottomless except for a pair of panties. Then she leapt off of the counter and sauntered her way over to the hesitant toy. “Let me see if I can change your mind about that,” she teased as she sat down on his lap, lightly rubbing her magnificent bottom against his thighs.

“I… I…” Joe stuttered incoherently as he tried and failed to keep his thoughts together at her display. Aphrodite grabbed Joe’s hands and pulled them towards the bottom of her shirt. Then, she lifted her own arms straight up in an unspoken command for him to take her top off. Joe’s hands started to shake, but he obeyed, dragging her shirt up past the skimpy white bra that was covering her huge womanly assets, then further up past her neck and over her hands.

“I…” Joe shook even more. “I… don’t… want…” Aphrodite unclipped her bra and tossed it onto the floor. She let Joe stare at her huge naked breasts for a moment before she delivered the final blow. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms sensually around his bare back, touched her exposed nipples lightly against his broad chest, and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

When she pulled herself away from his face, she saw the longing look in his eyes and knew that he wanted her once again. She knew that he was all hers, but she still feigned disappointment as she got up off of his lap. “I understand,” Aphrodite said. “You’re not in the mood. Oh well. More for Paul, I guess.’

Joe suddenly grabbed Aphrodite by the hand, and she allowed him to pull her back down onto his lap. Joe continued to do nothing but stare at her and shake, utterly unable to put his rampant desire for her into words.

“Say no more,” Aphrodite smiled victoriously. Then she climbed off of him, lifted the huge man up into the air with one hand, and laid him down onto the kitchen table. She leapt onto the table, as well, crawling on top of him and pulling down his swim trunks, revealing the huge erection that she had given him despite the fact that he didn’t think he was in the mood anymore. Once Joe was naked, Aphrodite grabbed onto her panties with one hand and made a show out of slowly tearing them right off of her body. Her single hand felt no resistance, and Joe watched with huge eyes as her slim hand pulled on her undergarment until it stretched and tore under the power of her simple little tug.

Once they were both naked, Aphrodite laid down flat on top of him and proceeded to screw him senseless once again. She wrapped her soft slim arms around his delicious and muscular body, she rubbed her huge firm breasts up and down his hard muscular chest, she sealed her hungry mouth over the lips of his gorgeous face, and she shoved her curvy hips way all the way down his rock-hard dick, filling her up completely and shoving his entire body harder and harder into the wood table with each powerful thrust of Aphrodite’s slender womanly body.

It wasn’t long before Aphrodite made Joe cum again, squirting a fresh dosage of his hot sperm inside of her and bringing Aphrodite to another climax, as well. She was enjoying herself so much that she simply kept on going, squeezing him and kissing him and pounding him hard against the table until she forced him into a second orgasm in under a minute.

Then she got up off of Joe for the time being and grabbed ahold of Paul, who was still sitting in his chair and rubbing his groin through his swim trunks. Aphrodite pulled him up onto the table with one hand and laid him down next to his friend. She pulled off his swimsuit and continued to feed the wave of pleasure inside of her by promptly screwing him in the exact same manner as she just did with Joe, smothering his sexy body with her infinitely sexier one and repeatedly forcing herself onto his throbbing erection.

Paul came immediately, and Aphrodite kept on going, grinding her naked body against his and smothering his mouth with sloppy kisses as she increased the speed of her thrusts. Paul’s body was flailing uncontrollably in the whims of Aphrodite’s love-making. She was pounding his helpless body hard enough that she was worried that the table might break soon. She broke off her kissing and focused on the movement of her hips, as well as the feeling of his penis filling her up completely with each movement of her luscious thighs.

“Harder…” Paul said.

Aphrodite stopped dead in her tracks, completely shocked by what Paul had just asked of her. “Are you sure about that?” she asked through an ever-growing smile.

“Yes…” Paul wheezed. “Show me how strong you are… Please… Smash me into paste!”

“Oh…” Aphrodite smiled widely. “You are a freak!!

Aphrodite was so excited that she immediately pounced on him and did exactly the man asked without another word. Her massive kitchen table shook, Paul grit his teeth and groaned, and Aphrodite just let herself loose on the Brazillian hunk, fucking him as hard as she safely could. Aphrodite came again, followed soon after by Paul cumming two more times before he got too exhausted to continue, at which point Aphrodite leapt onto Joe and rode him just as aggressively as his friend. Joe didn’t seem to complain as Aphrodite’s sexy superhuman body forced another orgasm out of him, and Aphrodite could feel one more climax building up inside of her.

But she pulled herself off of Joe and got to her feet, looking down at two big and strong men that were pathetically gasping for breath as desperately as they were before their coffee break.

“Just one more round,” Aphrodite said. “I promise I’ll be done after that.”

“Him… first…” Joe wheezed.

“No…” Paul gasped. “Joe… first…”

“Actually,” Aphrodite said. “I’m going to do you both at the exact same time. Do either of you boys like anal?”

There was only a brief moment of hesitation before Joe answered, “Yes.”

“Excellent,” Aphrodite said with a smile. Then, in less than a blink of an eye, she ran to one of the bedrooms, pulled a bottle of lube out of the night stand, applied some on her anus, ran back to the dining room, and crawled back up onto the table next to the two exhausted men. “Looks like I’ll need to get you two ready again,” Aphrodite said, looking down to their deflating organs. “Shouldn’t be too hard.”

She wanted both men to have a little bit of energy for the grand finale, so she was gentle with them, this time. She started with Joe. She reached down around his back and pulled him up so that he was sitting up straight. Then, she gently hugged him, rubbing her flawless naked body gently across his skin and kissing him everywhere except for his lips so that he could catch his breath. In no time at all, he was hard once again. She grabbed Joe’s erect cock lightly with one hand and stroked it slowly. While she stroked him, Aphrodite stepped off of Joe in order to do some naked cuddling with Paul, all while making sure that Joe’s member didn’t go back down any time soon.

Very soon, they were both ready. Aphrodite laid both men back down flat on their backs with one gentle push from each hand. She laid down flat on top of Paul once again and grabbed both of his hands. Then she maneuvered both hands around her back in an unspoken command for him to hold her. Paul obeyed, hugging himself to Aphrodite’s flawless body with what little strength he had left. She then did the same with his feet, and very soon Paul had all four of his limbs wrapped tightly around her body. Aphrodite then rolled both of them over until both of them were laying down on top of Joe. Paul was on the top, with Aphrodite laying flat on her back underneath him and Joe laying flat on his back underneath both of them. Aphrodite reached behind her and grabbed both of Joe’s hands, moving them around her body and burying them in between her and Paul.

Aphrodite’s new “man sandwich,” from top to bottom, consisted of Paul’s body, Joe’s hands, Aphrodite’s body, Paul’s hands and feet, and Joe’s body.

Then, Aphrodite placed one hand on each one of the men’s rears and got up to her feet, lifting both men up off of the table with absolutely zero effort whatsoever as she stood. Satisfied with the firm hold that she had on both men, she slowly flew both of them up into the air, levitating higher and higher while holding the weight of two men, each one nearly twice her own weight, with only one hand on each one like it was the most natural thing in the world.

But she didn’t fly all the way up to the ceiling, this time. In fact, she only flew up as high as she could to drive the point home of just how much power she had over both the two men. Hovering high up off of the floor, she lowered Paul a little bit so that his penis was more level with her vagina. With his legs wrapped around her back, he was at just the right angle, too. She raised Joe up slightly and aligned him with her other hole, all lubed up and ready to go.

“Now for the grand finale,” Aphrodite announced. Then, with one soft and slender arm holding up the two massive men on each side of her, she slowly pushed both of their dicks into her at the same time.

“Mmm…!” Aphrodite moaned in pleasure as her hands, one on each man’s back, pushed the two huge beach bodies into her further and further, all while holding both of them high in the air. Paul felt just as good as always. Joe glided into her other hole just as smoothly, and she knew that the lube had nothing to do with it. If anything, the lube was meant for Joe’s comfort, not hers.

Because regardless of how tight Aphrodite’s rear was, he was going in anyways.

Her hands had successfully pushed both of the huge men into her as far as they could go, and every inch of their muscular bodies were pressed into her naked skin with the might of her two slender hands. She pulled both of them out again, dragging their girths slowly out of her in perfect synchronization, and then she forced them both back in again, faster this time.

“Oh…” Aphrodite moaned.

Then she did it again, a little faster and a little more forceful.

“Fuck… Yes…! Yes! Come on!!”

She pushed and pulled both men in and out, faster and faster. Before long, the two toys were holding on for dear life as Aphrodite used both of them like a pair of disposable dildos, shoving both of them into her repeatedly at high speeds, completely ignoring the huge additional weight that was attached to each “dildo.”

Every once in a while, Aphrodite had to stop and realize just how good she had it. She was sexy enough to instantly lure two men with dream bodies back to her house and keep them hard for as long as she liked. And she was powerful enough to play with them like a bunch of toys that were there just for her enjoyment. They weren’t just sexy men, they were her sexy men, and she was strong enough to play with them in a mind-blowing sex position that other women could only dream of, all while having the bottomless well of strength required to utterly dominate both of them.

As she rapidly and aggressively shoved two rock-hard Brazillian supermodels deep inside of her supremely sexy body with the help of her infinitely superior strength, Aphrodite remembered just how good it was to be a Goddess of the universe.

All four of the men’s muscular arms lost their grip on her, but Aphrodite continued to push them into her regardless of the fact that both men were now hanging helplessly off of her body as she shook them harder and harder. Joe came inside of her ass with a loud groan, and that was the last thing that Aphrodite needed to explode in her most intense orgasm of the night. She threw her head back and came all over Paul, shuddering in pure bliss from the truly fantastic night that the two men had given her. She was only faintly aware of the fact that both men were quietly slipping into unconsciousness from the intense workout that she had given them. The mere sight of the two massively muscular hunks getting exhausted from a slim and curvy woman half their size was enough to keep her climax going a little bit longer. She felt so powerful, and it felt so good. So, so good…

Once it was all over, Aphrodite was smiling brightly as she looked down at the two huge men that were utterly knocked out from exhaustion. “Not bad…” Aphrodite said. “Not bad, at all. I think I’ll have to come back to Rio more often.”

She flew back down onto the floor again and walked both men over to one of the guests' rooms that had two beds. She nonchalantly tossed both of the huge men across the room and onto the mattresses, then she turned around and walked away, leaving them to sleep it all off.

Aphrodite got showered, got dressed, and hand wrote a note that she left on the counter, as a little bit of insurance to make sure that these two men would keep her a secret. She had left this note several times before, and it hasn’t failed yet.

Dear Joe and Paul,

Feel free to use any car that you like from our garage in order to get yourselves home again. Just make sure that you return the car back to its spot later, lock up the house, and don’t tell anybody else about me. If you do all of this, then I might just come back to visit you two someday soon.

And if you don’t, my sister will find you and kill you.


P.S. I told you not to tell anybody about me, but I can make an exception for any sexy and muscular friends you have that can keep a secret. The more the merrier, after all!

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