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The Sandbox – Chapter 4

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Thursday, 28 November 2019 14:57] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 12 December 2019 17:39]

Important note: This chapter only focuses on Venus. Next week’s chapter will only focus on Aphrodite.

Chapter 4: Top 10

July 6th, 2019 2:10 PM
Los Angeles, California

Contrary to what most mortals probably think, when you're an immortal and incomprehensibly powerful (not to mention drop-dead sexy) superwoman that can do anything you want, it's actually very easy to get bored. So, Venus was just sitting in her California home and watching the latest blockbuster action movie that had all the latest bells and whistles that came with them.

“You came back for me!” this movie’s damsel in distress said when the hero made his grand entrance through all of intruder alarms and sirens. Venus honestly didn’t even remember her name. She was just the eye candy of the movie. Or at least, whatever could pass as eye candy for anybody who hadn’t laid eyes on Venus or Aphrodite.

“Of course I came back for you,” came the response of the real eye candy of the feature, a hunky and gorgeous action star by the name of Tom Johnson. He seemed to be really popular in recent years, especially with the ladies. The two leads kissed passionately, everything went into slow motion, and the music got obnoxiously sappy.

“Uh, hello…?” Tom’s partner cut in, and the music suddenly stopped. “We still need to escape!” he quipped in a lazy attempt at comedy.

Venus pulled out her phone, and for two reasons. One, she was getting bored of the movie, and two, she was genuinely curious to see if Tom Johnson was considered to be one of the sexiest men of this current generation. She simply googled “sexiest men alive” and found a nice little “Top 10” list. She scrolled through the entire list and found that each man was, indeed, very nice. Of course, she had certainly seen better in her long, long lifetime. But they were still very nice. They all had perfectly-muscled bodies and gorgeous faces. Venus imagined herself having her way with each one of the sexy muscle men that she was seeing, and she imagined that each one would be absolutely fantastic.

She was somewhat surprised to find that Tom Johnson was only number four on the list. But apparently, while Johnson was by far the most famous man on the list, he wasn’t necessarily the hottest. Above him were three super models that were just a little bit better looking. Any woman would probably kill to go for a ride on any of these ten men, and Venus was no exception. Part of her wanted to just fly over to where each man lived, lock them all in the same room, strip them naked, and take all of them in a row one after the other until all ten of their magnificent bodies gave out underneath her.

As soon as that thought entered her mind, Venus started to really consider it. It would probably take a couple of days to set up, but then it would end in one hell of a fantastic night of fun that she could relive again and again until she got sick of them. This plan certainly seemed like something that would cure her of her boredom for a couple days. She would have to undo it all later, but it it sure did seem like a tempting idea.

A needlessly loud explosion brought her attention back to her TV screen for a bit. A huge fireball erupted right behind a shirtless Tom Johnson, and he flashed a cocky smile that seemed to be aimed directly at the camera.

And on the other side of the screen, Venus made up her mind and flashed an even cockier smile right back. “Okay Tom,” she decided. “I’m gonna wipe that smirk off your face, along with nine other men who think that they’re all hot stuff.”

July 6th, 2019 7:30 PM
Los Angeles, California

“Let go of me! Don’t you know who I am?? I’ll have all of the cops and lawyers in the world on your ass if you don’t let me go right now!!”

“Oh shut up,” Venus sneered at the 10th sexiest man alive. He was yelling for help ever since she abducted him from a photo shoot in Mexico. She crashed through the ceiling in front of the entire crew, grabbed the sex machine, and flew him back out through the same hole. And as soon as the two of them landed outside of the Goddesses’ California house, the handsome model started to try and wrestle himself away from her grip, and he kept up his struggles as she carried him all the way through the house. But even though the 10th sexiest man was 6’ 7” and had all of the sexy biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs and everything else that came with his delicious body, he was just as helpless as every other man against Venus’ strength.

“Stay here,” she told #10, throwing him into the only bedroom in the house that they designed to lock from the outside, and for this exact scenario. “I’ll come back once in a while with food, water, and another friend to join you, so don’t go anywhere.” As if he had a choice.

The man instantly started to protest, so Venus turned and left the room, locking the door behind her and cutting off his obnoxious whining behind the soundproof door. Satisfied that the first man on her list was now in her possession, she made her way to the front door to track down the next man on the list. She passed by Aphrodite on the way out. She was sitting in the living room and playing some shooting game, and she seemed to be carrying her entire team, like always.

“Don’t let him out,” Venus told her sister. “I’m off to go abduct the top ten sexiest men in the world so that I can violently rape all of them at once.”

“‘Kay,” Aphrodite said.

July 14th, 2019 12:11 PM
Seattle, Washington

Venus looked down from high, high up in the sky, tracking the final man on her list. Nobody could see her floating way up in the stratosphere, but she could make out every pore on the face of the #1 sexiest man alive. He was being escorted to his next interview in an armored van with tinted windows, two security guards, and no less than twenty members of the SWAT team trying to hide inside of the various buildings on each side of the street. But Venus could see each one of them clearly, too. Nobody can hide from her.

Venus had abducted #10 and #9 in the same day, but then she snatched up one man per day from then on. Venus also made sure to grab all of them in public places, quickly gaining a lot of media attention for being the “flying woman” that was kidnapping all of these desirable men. It only took a few days for the FBI to figure out that she was systematically abducting men in the specific order of this one particular list, so they all knew who her final target would be.

Hence why the final man on her “to do” list was under the heaviest guard that can be granted to a civilian, and there were also over a dozen people on stake-out, waiting for the mysterious flying woman to make her appearance. Of course, this was all part of Venus’ plan. Because all of the extra “resistance” was going to make this much more fun.

The most exciting part was the fact that she never publicly used any of her powers other than flying and using just enough of her incalculable strength to carry away one man, and nothing more. None of the world knew what she could truly do, yet. But they would know very soon.

Venus had waited long enough, so she descended from the sky and plummeted back down to the earth. After falling for nearly ten minutes, she slowed her descent at the last moment, slowing down just enough so that she didn’t smash right through the road. But her bare feet did crack the asphalt when she touched down, ten feet in front of number one’s armored escort.

“Shit!!” the driver hollered, slamming on the breaks.

“It’s her!” the other guard yelled. “It’s her!!” he yelled again into his radio.

The state-of-the-art escort vehicle couldn’t stop fast enough, despite the fact that it was only going at fifty miles per hour, which was about a tenth of what Venus would consider “walking speed.” Venus casually placed one hand on her hip and reached out with her other hand, positioning her outstretched fingers at the level of the van’s bumper as it crashed into her.

The speeding armored van stopped abruptly in its tracks, crumpling and folding around Venus’ hand and causing all of the headlights to violently shatter, all while Venus herself didn’t move a single inch from the impact. Both the driver and the passenger were violently thrown forward but were stopped by their seatbelts, so they only suffered some mild internal bleeding, rather than being thrown right through the windshield. She was also pleased to note that her precious cargo in the transport compartment was already seated against the back wall, so he hardly suffered any damage at all.

All other cars on the road stopped abruptly after witnessing the violent collision, causing countless people to be rear-ended as everybody slammed on the brakes. Every innocent civilian on the road found themselves suddenly caught up in the crossfires of Venus’ little game, and all of the surrounding traffic devolved into a chaotic mess for a brief moment after the impact.

Venus completely ignored all of this and used her hand that was already on the bumper of the ruined van to slowly lift the armored vehicle up into the air with only one single, slender hand. Despite the massive leverage disadvantage against her, Venus easily lifted all four tires clear off of the road and then started to tip the back of the car up higher and higher as if the heavy vehicle weight nothing more than a cardboard box.

The sea of people all around her descended into madness. The civilians were either running, screaming, gawking, or pulling out their phones, while the two men in the seats of the armored transport screamed in panic and fear, while every “hidden” SWAT officer along the street had some similarly chaotic chatter over their radios.

“Is she picking up the car??”

“Jesus Christ!!”

“What the fuck??”

“I need orders!!”

One man stepped out of his hiding place, pulled out a pistol, and yelled “Put the car down! Put it down now!!”

Venus actually laughed a little bit. Something about hearing a man yell “Put the car down” was incredibly amusing to her. Probably because the man never thought that he would ever have to say those words, and it clearly showed in his voice. Regardless, Venus did not put the car down. By this point, she was holding the entire van vertically, directly over her head, and the two helpless men in the driver’s compartment just looked down at her in shock as their entire car hung directly over the Goddess by the power of only one arm raised high above her head.

“I think,” Venus said, “that I’ll put the car down… up there!” And then Venus flew up into the sky with the car in hand, eliciting another round of panicked screaming from the passengers and the few remaining civilians who haven’t fled the scene yet.

“Fuck! Fuck!” came the radio chatter once again.

“What the fuck is she??”

“This is Colonel Diggs, requesting immediate backup! I repeat, requesting immediate backup!”

Venus flew to the top of the nearest building that had a flat roof and set the vehicle down on the roof, gently so not to damage her precious cargo in the back. It would be a real shame if the sexiest man alive was injured before she got to play with him, after all. Venus then left the terrified men stranded on the roof and flew back down to the man in the street who had the audacity to try and tell her what to do a moment ago. She put a single hand around the man’s throat and flew him up into the sky. For a brief moment, he instinctively struggled to free himself before his sluggish mortal brain finally realized that he was fifty feet up in the air, and he certainly did NOT want to break free while he was up there.

The terrified FBI officer just stared at Venus’ perfect face in mortal terror, completely helpless to do anything about his predicament. Venus smiled mischievously at the powerless man in her grasp, and then she casually threw the man over a hundred yards down the street. She could have thrown him much farther, of course. But she wanted to throw him at a speed that everyone around her could actually follow with their mortal eyes.

Her calculations were, as always perfect. Everybody saw what she just did to the officer, and everybody reacted in the exact way that she was hoping they would.

They all began to open fire at her.

The air exploded with noise as dozens of pistol rounds, assault rifle rounds, and high-calibre sniper rounds all bounced off of her impenetrable skin, tearing her clothes to shreds as the bullets continued to crash against her skin, feeling about as painful a pleasant rain shower to her.

By the time all of the FBI officers and SWAT members ran out of ammo, her clothes were barely clinging to her body in the aftermath of the hail of bullets. She noticed that all of the gunmen had two distinct reactions once the gunfire stopped. One, they were even more frightened than ever once they all realized that there wasn’t a scratch on her. And two, they were staring at the exposed flesh beneath the huge holes in her clothes with an increasing sense of lust and desire, despite the absolute terror that she was invoking in all of them.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed one more soldier running through the streets with an RPG. “Finally,” Venus said. “Something more fun!” The man got down on one knee, aimed the rocket up at her floating figure, and then hesitated for a moment. Venus took a closer look at the man and saw that he was literally drooling at the sight of her nearly exposed body.

“Oh, come on…” Venus muttered. “SHOOT ME!!” she screamed, lighting her eyes red as if she was about to fire a blast of heat vision. She wasn’t actually planning on frying the soldier, but she knew that the glowing red eyes could be pretty intimidating, and the man had no more hesitations once she pulled that card on him. He fired the rocket up at her levitating form.

All of the bullets from before felt slow to Venus, but that didn’t even compare to how sluggishly the rocket was moving towards her. But she also noticed right away that the rocket was clearly going to miss her. She couldn’t believe it. Venus knew that the man was clearly trying to hit her, but he must have just been a terrible shot.

So, she manually moved herself about two feet to the left, directly into the path of the rocket. After what felt like an eternity, the explosive made direct contact with her chest. The heat, as well as the force of the shockwave, felt fantastic against her skin. She actually let out an involuntary moan as the explosion burned all remaining traces of clothing that she had left. But it was over far too quickly. Venus continued to hover in place as she waited for the smoke to clear. She did this for no reason other than to see everybody's reactions when they discover that even a rocket-propelled grenade couldn't leave a scratch on her. But once the smoke cleared, she found that, in addition to the level of raw fear that she was hoping for, her naked body was also instilling lust in every single man that looked her way.

The looks on their faces certainly did not disappoint. It just never got old.

Venus flew over to the man with the grenade launcher, touching down on the asphalt right in front of him. Despite everything that he had seen, there was little fear in the man’s eyes. Instead, there was an overwhelming sense of lust and desire for her flawless naked body that dropped out of the sky in front of him like a divine gift from the heavens. Venus felt like teasing the man for a moment. She wanted to see how much she could turn him on, despite him being right in the middle of a huge crisis. Venus put her hands on her chest and squeezed her massive naked breasts. “Mmmm…” she cooed as she played with her magnificent tits, rolling them around on her perfect body. She then turned away from the man and swayed her flawless naked rear back and forth in front of his face, all while she continued to play with herself. When she looked over her shoulder again, she saw the rocket man’s face scrunch up, she saw his body tremble, and she saw a dark stain by his groin, slowly growing by the second.

“Heh heh heh…” Venus chuckled. “And I thought you all were professionals.” Then, just because she felt like it, Venus grabbed another nearby car by the bumper, swung the whole entire automobile over her head like a club, and slammed it down onto the soiled soldier, killing him instantly. Then, with a simple flick of her wrist, she threw the car into a set of windows on the eleventh floor, right where two snipers were watching the whole entire thing. They didn’t stand a chance, either.

The panicked screaming and shooting resumed, and Venus once again stood there and let all of the bullets bounce harmlessly off of her smooth skin. Only this time, she wasn’t pretending to ignore the bullets. She was actually ignoring the bullets for real.

“What to do now…?” she wondered to herself, deep in thought as the constant rounds continued to fly at her. She was thinking about just standing there a bit longer and watching the soldiers get more and more scared until they eventually ran out of ammo. She was also thinking of the hundreds of different ways that she could kill all of them. That might be fun, too.

But, she just didn’t feel like it. She was already getting bored. And besides, she had something, or more specifically, someone much better to do over on a nearby rooftop. Venus flew away from the warzone that she had created as casually as if she was leaving a dinner party. Everyone continued to shoot at her until she landed on the building where #1 was. Since the building was one of the taller ones in the area, none of the men on the ground or in the windows had a shot at her anymore, and so the gunfire ceased. When she landed up on the building, she saw that the two bodyguards that were in the front of the ruined van had managed to crawl their way out of the wreckage. Both of them backed away from Venus in fear as soon as she landed on the roof. But she ignored them and went straight for her prize.

The doors to the back of the van was incredibly heavy-duty. The metal doors were an inch thick all around, including the latch that prevented the doors from being opened by force, at least in theory. But Venus simply put both of her hands on the handles and ripped the entire doors off their hinges. There was a loud squeal of protest from the inch-thick metal, but only for a fraction of a second before the incredible might within her sexy naked body snapped the steel as if it wasn’t even there.

And there inside of the back of the car, was the man who won the vote of “Sexiest man alive.” #1. He looked scared and uncertain at first, but as soon as he got an eye of Venus au naturale, he suddenly found himself to be too distracted by her beauty to be afraid of anything.

“Hey there good-looking,” Venus said, licking her lips as she climbed into the van. “You come here often?”

January 12th, 2019 1:48 PM|
Los Angeles, California

“Just tell me what you want!” #1 pleaded as Venus opened the door to where the other nine missing men were.

“What I want?” Venus repeated. “I’ll give you a hint, it’s the same thing that nearly every other woman would ‘want’ from you. Now, get in there!” Venus shoved #1’s chest with one hand, hurling him over ten feet, where he landed in the center of the little makeshift prison where she had been keeping her latest batch of toys.

“Venus?” Aphrodite suddenly appeared around the corner before Venus could follow her latest catch into the room.

“What is it, Aphrodite?” Venus asked. “I was just about to get started, you know.”

“I can see that,” Aphrodite said, noting that Venus was completely naked. “I just wanted to ask if I could have a turn with those men when you’re done with them.”

Venus was completely caught off guard by her sister’s question. She just stood there for a moment, not sure for a moment that she heard her correctly. Eventually, Venus responded by shutting the door to the Sex Dungeon and turning towards her sister.

“You do know that I abducted these men against their wills, right?” Venus asked. “You know that they don’t want sex, right?”

“Well, they won’t, at first,” Aphrodite replied. “But once I get going, I know that I can turn them around. By the time I’m done with them, they’ll all be enjoying it. And it’s not rape if they’re enjoying it!”

“Aphrodite, that is literally what every rapist says.”

Aphrodite was quiet for a moment, because she clearly didn’t have any defense for herself. “I still want a turn with them,” she eventually said.

Venus smiled a little bit. Then her smile grew wider and wider by the second. “Well, look at you!” Venus teased Aphrodite with a smug smile to end all smug smiles. “My sister here has finally decided to cut herself loose and use her power to have some real fun! My god, I never thought I’d see the day! They grow up so fast!”

“Laugh all you want,” Aphrodite pouted. “You know that it’s not like that. I’m only doing this because we’re going to undo this later anyways, and I really do think they’ll enjoy it in the end. But… yeah, your rape dungeon currently has the ten sexiest men alive inside and I want in.”

“Say no more, my fellow tyrant.” Venus smiled. “You can do anything you want with them, just as soon as I’m finished with them. Now if you’ll excuse me,” Venus concluded, opening the door once again. “I haven’t had sex in nine days, so my toys are going to have their work cut out for them, tonight!”

“Wow, nine days?” Aphrodite asked, surprised. “I seriously just got some action last night.”

“Did you, now?” Venus asked.

“Yeah,” Aphrodite answered. “I had a huge orgy that involved five men, one woman, a case of beer and a stolen pickup truck that I carried up a mountain.

“Sounds like a great story,” Venus said, already on her way into the room to join her men. “You’ll have to tell me more later.”

“Of course,” Aphrodite said. “Have fun!”

“Oh I will,” Venus grinned. “I absolutely will.” And with that, she closed the door behind her and entered the room where all ten of the hottest men in the world were gathered.

It was a dimly lit chamber that certainly lived up to the room’s nickname. The Sex Dungeon had a king-sized bed up against the back wall and there was absolutely nothing else in the entire room. Every floor, wall, and ceiling was heavily padded, both for the purpose of sound-proofing the room and giving Venus the ability to throw her toys all around the dungeon without damaging them too badly, which was always great fun.

The ten hottest men on earth all stared at her naked body with the familiar combination of lust and fear that she had been so used to receiving from all of her toys.

“You…” #10 said through clenched teeth. “What is the meaning of-”

Venus ran across the room and superspeed, grabbed him by the throat, squeezed his windpipe tightly and lifted him up into the air before he could get another word out.

“You are so annoying that the only reason why you’re still alive is because killing you would be a huge waste of a good screw.” Venus sneered at him. As usual, the pathetic man in her grasp tried frantically to squirm his way out of her one-handed grip. And as usual, he’d probably have an easier time pulling the moon out of the sky.

“Okay, listen up!” she spoke to the whole room of men, levitating into the air with the helpless #10 in her hand for dramatic effect. “I am Venus, Goddess of the universe! My strength has no known limits, my body has no known way of being hurt in any way, my mastery of flight is absolute, and there are several other incredible powers at my disposal that you haven't even seen yet!

“You are all here because I have selected all of you to give me sexual pleasure. You do not get a say in this. You can try to resist me, if you like. Not that you actually have any hope of freedom, but it turns me on when inferior beings try to resist me! With that said, I am going to take all ten of you in order, starting…” Venus released her grip on #10 and let him drop to the floor. “...with you, number ten.”

The man in question pathetically gasped for breath on the floor, rubbing his neck from where Venus gripped him with more force than what was necessary. “My name…” #10 wheezed. “Is- mmpth!

Venus once again rushed over to #10 at superspeed before he could finish his sentence, only this time she cut him off with an aggressive kiss. #10 immediately tried to fight against her, pushing his beefy arms against her slim body with all of his might. His face turned red and his sexy muscles bulged from his struggle to free himself. But, unsurprisingly, his attempts at fighting her off just felt like a gentle caress.

Also unsurprising was how Venus’s kiss was enough to make #10 instantly erect. Venus kept her lips sealed over his mouth while she tore his clothes to shreds with her bare hands, stripping him naked in just a few seconds.

She pulled her mouth away from him for a moment in order to admire his nude body. “Mmm…” she licked her lips at all of the sexy muscles on his broad chest. He looked positively perfect. “Hard to believe you’re only number ten. I think that this is going to be one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time…”

Venus then went from 0 to 100 on his dick. She quickly and aggressively bounced on his shaft without easing into it in any way, instantly bruising the man's pelvis as the limitless strength of her round bottom crushed him against the floor over and over again.

“Oh god!!” #10 screamed. “Stop, you’re hurting me!”

Venus grabbed #10 by the back of the head and shoved his face into her huge naked breast, putting an immediate stop to his complaining. But she didn’t slow down in the slightest. Her luscious curvy legs moved her flawless naked body up and down on his member, smashing his back into the padded floor each time she dropped her perfect round hips down onto him.

Three men came rushing to #10’s aid. One of them wrapped his meaty arms around her, giving her an aggressive bear hug from behind and trying desperately to pull her off of #10. The other two buff studs started punching her and kicking her everywhere they could land a hit. Venus let go of #10 for a fraction of a second. Just long enough so that she could reach behind her and tear all the clothes off of her new assailants before she went right back to pressing #10’s face into her tit again.

The three men behind her seemed to be momentarily confused by how they seemed to lose all of their clothes in the blink of an eye, but they quickly ignored it and went back to trying to help out Venus’ victim.

And just like that, Venus had three naked and beautiful men that were using all of their sexy muscles in an attempt to move her immovable body, all while she continued to go hog wild on a fourth naked and beautiful man underneath her that was also struggling to get away.

“Oh god yes…” Venus moaned as she continued to ride #10 while three of the buffest and sexiest men alive engaged in what felt like an erotic nude wrestling match against her. The man that was trying to restrain her squeezed his muscular chest and arms tightly around her much smaller body, and she felt every one of the other two mens' blows striking her again and again. But despite the fact that four buff nude beefcakes were fighting for all they were worth to stop her, she still continued to smash #10 into the floor completely unimpeded, because she was a Goddess that that could not be stopped or even slowed down, no matter how many naked supermodels were in her way. The huge man "restraining" her couldn't move Venus' much smaller body no matter how much he tried, and the two huge men hitting her were leaving nasty bruises on their own hands and feet, failing to leave a single mark on her exposed skin. There were four men, each one twice Venus' size, yet there was absolutely nothing they could do.

This wasn’t just a harem of the sexiest men on the planet, it was her harem of the sexiest men on the planet, and she could do anything she wanted with the mass of men that continued to pile on top of her in a futile attempt to stop her from doing what she wanted with the sexy buffet of meat and muscles all around her.

The fact that she was being literally dogpiled by the hottest men alive, combined with the fact that she hadn’t had sex in 9 days, all led to Venus actually cumming first for the first time in many, many years.

Venus threw her head back with enough force to throw all three huge men off of her body, screaming in ecstasy as she exploded all over #10, who came inside of her immediately after because she was just too sexy for any man to resist.

After it was all over, there was a brief period of silence that Venus was more than happy to break.

“You boys are going to have to do better than that,” she taunted to the three naked men who were sprawled out on the floor after Venus accidentally incapacitated them from an orgasm. She turned back to #10, who had certainly seen better days. “Much better,” she added.

“No more,” #10 begged for mercy. “I’m done.”

“Like hell you are!” Venus said. “I’m just getting started!” Venus grabbed #10 with one hand and threw him all the way to the other side of the room, where he hit the padded wall with a loud thud and dropped onto the bed. Before he could even get his bearings, Venus was back on top of him again and rutting him harder than ever before. He moaned in pain.

"No! Stop!" #10 begged, already fighting against her with both arms, trying desperately to stop her from raping him twice in a row. Once again, his tall and muscled body was no match for the superhuman Goddess that was barely over half his size.

Venus started to shake the bed from the force of her hips slamming into his increasingly bruised body. One of the three men from before came back to try and help out #10 again, grabbing her from behind and trying to pull her away. Venus was pleased when she noticed which one it was.

“Number nine!” she smiled cheerfully. “You know that you’re up next, but if you’re really that eager to play, I guess that I can multitask for you!” Then, she grabbed one man with each hand on their asses and flew up into the air, shoving #10’s dick inside of her pussy once again and shoving #9’s dick all the way into her ass.

“Fuck!” #9 clenched his teeth. “Augh!!”

#9 was already fully erect. In fact, all ten of them were by this point. But needless to say, without any lube it wasn’t a very smooth ride for #9, but Venus didn’t feel any discomfort. In fact, to her it felt great! Especially once #9 started to repeatedly punch her as hard as he could, bruising his knuckles against the silky skin of her thighs, arms, and face as she continued to repeatedly force them both inside of her. Both of their bodies flailed around like rag dolls dangling in the open air, utterly helpless to do anything except surrender to the whims of Venus’ superior strength. She kept this up until #9 came in her ass and #10 fell unconscious. She threw #10’s limp body all the way over to the center of the room, where he did not get up again.

She grabbed #9, moved him around to the front of her body, and forced him inside of her other lower cavity, again and again until she accidentally slammed his face into one of her massive breasts with enough force to knock him out like a light. She threw #9 to the center of the room, right on top of #10.

Before she carried on with #8, Venus used her incredible speed to run up to the six remaining men who were still clothed and stripped them naked in less than a blink of an eye. “That’s better!” Venus said, then she tackled #8 to the floor and sat on his face.

She wrapped her smooth legs around his head and squeezed his skull between her thighs so that he wouldn’t go anywhere, and then she flew both of them across the room. She dragged #8 helplessly behind her as she levitated her way over to #7 and #6. Once she reached them, she grabbed both of them and shoved each one of their faces into her breasts. Once she had a firm hold on all three men, she stopped flying and sat back down on the floor again, where all three men fought furiously to get away from her so that they could breathe.

But Venus didn’t give them an inch. She let them continue their pointless struggles as she suffocated the three huge men with her breasts and her cunt. #8 came all over himself and then promptly passed out from the lack of oxygen. Venus got to her feet, carrying #7 and #6 along with her as she stood. She buried one of her bare feet underneath #8 and, with a gentle flick of her ankle, tossed him onto the pile in the center of the room.

She pulled #7 and #6 away from her chest before they passed out, too, noting the slight bruises that her generous chest left on their gorgeous faces. She dropped #6 to the floor for the time being, grabbed hold of #7’s bottom with both hands, and lifted him into her again and again, ignoring his frantic attempts to get away, as well as his desperate pleas for her to stop. Very quickly, #7 erupted inside of her, then passed out.

She then sat down on top of #6, sat him up straight, and rode him just like that, smashing his backside into the padded floor without mercy, all while she tightly squeezed his sexy and muscular chest against her curvy and infinitely more sexy chest. #6 soon learned that her magnificent tits were incredibly soft, but only until you applied enough pressure to them. Very soon, he found that the “hard” muscles of his chest were being crushed under the pressure of Venus’ “soft” mammaries, all while she continued to ride his dick harder and harder without mercy until she came, then he came, then he collapsed in her arms. Venus grabbed each unconscious man by the wrists and tossed them onto the pile in the center of the room.

It was then that Venus saw #5 running for the door. But rather than chase after him, she flew onto the bed, turned towards the runaway toy, and inhaled deeply. Venus sucked up the air in the room so forcefully, that #5 was yanked off of his feet by the power of her lungs. He soared backwards through the air until he landed in the Goddess’ waiting arms.

“Very smart,” Venus praised him. “You realized that you were up next, and you also realized that I didn’t lock the door behind me because I didn’t want to lock myself in and have to destroy the door in order to get back out again. Very smart, indeed. But you’re not going anywhere, cowboy.”

"No…" #5 quivered.

"Yes!" Venus said.

She forced #5 down onto his back and simply rode on top of him without ever changing positions, pounding him again and again until he came twice, then passed out. “Trick shot!” Venus called out, and then she threw #5 hard into the ceiling at just the right angle so that he would bounce off and land on the pile in the center of the room.

“Tom Johnson!” Venus called out as she strutted over towards the movie star. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just going to think of you as #4 for the rest of the evening.”

Venus wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace and kissed him deeply, twirling around in circles like a prince charming from a fairy tale whisking away his new princess. Only, the woman was holding the man, the man was trying furiously to get away from the woman, and Venus’ slender little arms once again were more than enough to keep his chiseled body exactly where she wanted it.

She continued to hug him, kiss him, and spin him around, walking closer and closer to the center of the room until, eventually, Venus flew both of them upward into the ceiling.

And there, she proceeded to fuck #4 against the ceiling, hanging upside-down like a bat and using her flight powers to anchor them both in place as she smashed his pelvis with each downward thrust of her powerful hips. #4 came once, then Venus took him again, feeding him aggressive kisses and squeezing her incomparable chest against his, all while forcing herself down onto his member again and again until he came for a second time, then quietly slipped into unconsciousness. Venus dropped #4 onto the pile in the center of the room.

Venus dropped out of the air and grabbed #3, who immediately tried to break free from her grip, harder than any other man so far that night.

“Nnngghh…! Graahh!!” he grunted as both of his beefy arms shook with the effort he was exerting to push Venus away. “I won’t let you rape me!” he yelled defiantly. “I won’t let you!!”

“Is that right?” Venus asked with a downright evil grin. Despite the fact that #3 was nearly a head taller than Venus, and despite the fact that he had the same hunky body as every other man in her delicious harem, she picked him up into the air with only one hand under his rear and started to carry him towards one of the room’s walls. “I do love a man who’s got some fight in him,” she added, playfully tapping him on the nose with her free hand.

#3 opened his mouth and bit down on her finger as hard as he could. “You really are a defiant one, aren’t you?” Venus asked, utterly ignoring his futile attempt to hurt her. Venus pulled her finger out of his mouth and wrapped her hand tightly around the man’s throat, removing her other hand from his ass and lifting him up into the air with only one hand on his neck.

“I can tell that I’m really going to have fun with you…” With a flick of her slender wrist, Venus hurled his huge body hard into a wall. Then another wall. Then another. Then the ceiling.

#3 bounced violently off of the padded ceiling and plummeted all the way back down to the padded floor, covered in cuts and bruises. Venus reached down, grabbed him by the back of the neck, and tossed him only a foot up into the air. And when he came back down, she swung her chest at him and smacked him in the face with her huge breasts.

With a meaty thwack, #3’s head spun with enough force to nearly break his neck. But the majority of the force, however, was spread through the rest of his body. He sailed across the room and into the far wall from the force of the softest parts of Venus’ body striking him. #3 fell to the ground, groaning in pain. His face was quickly turning purple from the blow from Venus’ superhuman tits.

Venus, for her part, slowly walked over to where #3 was rolling around in agony, bathing in the incredible feeling of putting another rebellious man in his place. “Why aren’t you fighting back?” Venus taunted. “You said that you wouldn’t let me rape you, and that seemed to imply that you wouldn’t let me beat you up either!”

“Grrnn…” #3 continued to moan in agony. “What… What the fuck are you?”

“I told you, I’m the Goddess of the universe,” Venus answered. She was now standing right in front of the man, staring down at his prone figure with both hands on her hips. “I did tell you that it’s pointless to resist me, but you men just don’t listen, as usual.”

#3 suddenly called upon the little strength he had left to stand up and punch Venus in the face as hard as he could. There were a dozen different ways that Venus could have avoided the punch, but she allowed him to ball up his fist and try to drive it into her face. 

The bones in his hand shattered against her skin without leaving a single scratch on her perfect face.

“Auuggh!!” #3 screamed in agony.

“Not bad,” Venus grinned. “You hit me pretty hard, there. Now it’s my turn.” Of course, she didn’t actually punch him as hard as she could, because she wanted him alive for the time being. Instead, Venus flicked his unbroken hand with a finger, breaking nearly every bone in his other hand, as well.

“Fuck!!” he screamed. “Auggh!! AHH!!”

“Stop screaming about your hands,” Venus said, quickly starting to get annoyed with the man’s whining. “Stop it right now, or I’ll rip them off.” There was a brief moment where he continued to cry out in pain, but then Venus’ threat quickly sunk in. #3 closed his mouth and bit down on his lip so hard that it started to bleed. His eyes were starting to tear up from the pain and his chest was convulsing with heavy and erratic breathing from his body going into shock. But he stopped screaming.

“That’s better,” Venus said with a condescending smile. “Why don’t you stop screaming and start telling me all about how badly you want me to make love to you?” He must have thought that was a rhetorical question. His expression was completely unchanged for a minute. But as Venus continued to simply stare at him, waiting for an answer, his eyes widened a little bit in realization.

“Wh… what?” #3 gasped out in between wheezing breaths. Venus grabbed both of his wrists and started to pull on them with just enough force to cause him immense pain, as well as let him know that she absolutely could rip off his hands with no difficulty. He screamed. “Okay, okay I’ll do it! Just stop, please!!” he sobbed.

Venus relaxed the crushing grip on his arms, but she did not let go. #3 kept on panting erratically and looking down at Venus’ face with pure, visceral fear. Even then, he looked as if he was thinking about defying her, still. But eventually, he said “I want you to make love to me.”

“Of course you do,” Venus smiled sweetly. “Now say it like you mean it.”

#3 was outright crying by this point, both in pain and in terror. It took him another moment to formulate any words, but eventually he spoke again. “Please make love to me,” he said through his tears, finally realizing how truly and utterly defeated he was. “I… I want you so badly... I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted before... You’re so beautiful… and so powerful… I want you to ride me… all night long… until I break... Please… Please fuck me…”

“Heh heh heh…” Venus chuckled. “Of course you want me! No man can resist my body,” she said, rolling her huge naked breasts sensually up his chest to make her point. “And you know what? I guess you were right when you said that I couldn’t rape you. Well, I can’t rape you now, anyways. Because you just gave me consent.” #3 just continued to cry, sniffling pathetically as he realized more and more that he had absolutely no power over anything that happened to him. She had won.

Venus smiled victoriously. “You tried to resist for a while, but I’m glad that you finally started to see things my way,” she said. “Now, as you requested, I am going to ride you until you break, but that sure as hell won’t take all night!”

Then she finally pushed herself onto him, harder than anybody else so far that night, taking his huge member and crushing the rest of his body against the wall. She hugged him tightly and grinded her round breasts up and down on his chest, turning him black and blue from the overpowering pressure of the softest parts of her body as she rose up and down on him.

#3 continued to quietly sob, his face and his chest were black and blue, both of his hands were broken in several places, his pelvic region was suffering more and more fractures and internal bleeding from the repeated blows from Venus’ silky thighs, and his spirit was utterly broken.

But despite all of this, he was, as always, unable to resist Venus’ beauty, and he came inside of her after only a couple seconds. Venus continued to pump herself onto him even faster, focusing on his member filling her up more and more forcefully until she came, too. Venus moaned in ecstasy from her best orgasm so far tonight. Once the feeling subsided, she noticed that #3 was out cold and quickly dying from internal bleeding. She pulled herself off of his now red member and tossed him onto the pile in the center of the room.

“Well, that was the best one so far tonight,” Venus mused to herself. But she kept on going, walking straight towards the second-to-last man of her harem. “Come here, number two.”

Venus grabbed #2 by the waist and flew up into the air, sealing her lips over his mouth in a hungry kiss while she lifted him inside of her again and again, regardless of how much the bodybuilder screamed and struggled to get away from the unbreakable grip of her smooth naked body.

He came immediately, unsurprisingly, and then Venus flew around the entire room with him. She fucked him in the center of the room, upside-down, up against the wall, and anywhere else where she felt like using her walking, talking sex toy. #2 was quickly being covered in bruises and lacerations from the way that his hard and muscular body was forcibly shoved into Venus’ soft and indestructible body harder than his fragile mortal frame could take. He was getting cuts on his chest from where he was repeatedly slammed into a pair of nipples that can cut glass, and he was having his pelvis heavily bruised by the incessant force of Venus’ hands shoving him into her own soft and immovable crotch. Venus would occasionally suck all of the air from his lungs while she kissed him, enjoying the look of panic in his eyes every single time she did it.

#2 quickly grew too weak to try and fight her her anymore, not that his fighting made any difference anyways. He came two more times, and Venus could feel herself building up to an amazing orgasm, herself. But it all ended with Venus standing on the floor with her back to the wall, shoving #2 repeatedly inside of her until his body inevitably gave out just like all the others. Venus put both hands on her hips and blew him a kiss, exhaling enough air from her lips to throw his body through the air and onto the pile in the center of the room.

“And now for the grand finale!” Venus announced with glee as if she was hosting an award show. “It’s time for the number one sexiest man alive!” Venus walked towards #1 slowly, savoring the way that the prettiest face on the planet was cowering in visible fear as she strutted towards him. She swayed her sexy hips and lett her sexy breasts bounce visibly, causing his exposed cock to swell as she closed the distance between her and the hunky supermodel.

Venus grabbed #1 underneath his arms and tossed him onto the pile in the center of the room. He flopped clumsily onto his back, right on top of the literal stack of nine naked and bruised men. He watched with wide eyes as Venus calmly climbed up onto the pile to join him.

“It seems only fitting to me,” Venus said, “that we end this fantastic night on top of a symbol of my power; that I screw you atop the monument of one of my best ideas in a very long time.” With #1 flat on his back and Venus sitting up straight on top of him, she lowered her hips down onto him and forced him inside of her. But she was gentle with #1. Not because she cared about making sure he enjoyed himself, but because she wanted him to last for as long as possible before his weak mortal body could break down like all the others.

But the very moment that #1’s member was fully inside of Venus, he was already about to cum. Without the usual levels of pain that Venus inflicts on her men to offset the mood, her unrivaled desirability was going to make him burst immediately. But before he could, Venus clenched her vaginal muscles just tightly enough to prevent his release.

“Ah!” #1 yelped in shock. Both of his hands instantly went to Venus’ thighs, trying frantically to push her off of him, to no avail. “Stop it! Stop!” he yelled in a panic.

“Hmm?” Venus smiled sadistically to the terrified man. “Stop?” she repeated. “Why ever would I do that? I just want to make this last longer. Don’t you want your night with the hottest woman alive to last longer than three seconds?” Of course, she neglected to mention her sister, but this night was just between the eleven of them, so Venus didn’t feel the need to mention her.

“No no no,” #1 shook his head furiously. “You can just let me cum. You were great, but you can finish me now.”

“Oh don’t be silly,” Venus shook her head back. “You and I are perfect for each other. You’re the hottest man alive right now, I’m the hottest woman to ever live before and ever will live again, and you and I are going to have the hottest sex of all time. I think we should both make this last.”

#1 gave up on trying to fight her. He let go of Venus’ thighs, grit his teeth, and just took it, laying flat on his back like a good slave. He sat there in silence for about a minute before suddenly speaking again.

“Why are you doing this…?” he asked.

“Because I want to,” Venus said simply.

“But… Whoa!” the unstable pile of bruised bodybuilders shifted underneath them, but Venus continued on as if nothing happened. “But…” #1 eventually continued. “All of these people you’re hurting… All of those people that you killed to get to me-”

“...don’t matter,” Venus finished his sentence. “Their lives don’t matter. Your life doesn’t matter. The only life that matters is mine.”

“No…” #1 gasped. Venus imagined that the unrelenting pressure in his groin was quickly growing intolerable. “Just because you’re stronger than we are doesn’t mean you can treat us like this!”

Venus couldn’t help but throw her head back and laugh. “Actually,” Venus said. Then she leaned over him, planting one hand on the naked mass of men underneath each side of #1’s grimacing face until she was practically laying down flat on top of him. She touched her face to his and whispered, “That’s exactly what it means.”

Venus then made her point by riding him a little bit harder. Not enough to hurt him, yet, but enough to bring Venus closer and closer to a climax that she could tell would be spectacular.

"Don't worry," Venus chided. "I also have the ability to go back in time and undo all of this. You won't even remember any of this?"

"Really?" #1 seemed to believe her without any questions. Maybe he was just going into shock. "So you do think that our lives matter, at least a little."

"Nah," Venus shook her head. "I just don't want people to know that I exist. It's just more fun for me this way."

Eventually, fucking the hottest man in the world in the exact same position started to get a little stale. So Venus decided to spice things up a little bit. She pulled her hands away from the pile of bodies and planted them on top of #1’s perfectly-muscled chest. She dragged her fingertips gently along every smooth surface of his hard pectorals, cooing in delight from how truly perfect this man’s body was.

“These are great,” Venus sighed in contentment, preparing for the next phase. “All of these muscles make you feel pretty strong, don’t they?” she asked him pleasantly.

#1 said nothing.

“I want you to try to push me off of you,” Venus said.

“What’s the point…?” #1 moaned. “I know that I can’t do it.”

“You’re right,” Venus smiled. “You can’t do it.” Then, Venus frowned. “But, the point,” she sneered, clenching her vaginal muscles and clamping down on his dick so tightly that he shrieked in agony. “The point is that I asked you to do something, so now you’re going to do it!”

“STOP!!” he screamed.


#1 quickly grabbed onto Venus’s shoulders with both hands and pushed against her. But Venus could tell that he wasn’t trying his hardest.

“The pain won’t stop until you try as hard as you can,” Venus taunted him.

Her words finally convinced #1 to try as hard as he could. His face scrunched up in concentration, his sexy biceps bulged dramatically, and the man grunted in intense focus as he tried with all of his might to remove the sexy superhuman that was barely over half his size.

The only muscles in Venus’ body that moved were the muscles in between her legs, loosening up as a reward for #1’s obedient behavior, though not enough to allow his release.

“Good boy,” Venus grinned, wrapping her arms around his broad back and pulling him in closer, forcing his much thicker arms to bend to her whims as she rode his dick even harder, causing him a new type of pain.

“You’re right,” Venus whispered sensually, continuing to smash her firm ass against the man’s pelvis each time she took his member inside of her. “You can’t stop me. Even though my inhumanly sexy figure might seem soft and fragile, this flawless body can lift a forty-first century Cygnus space freighter and throw it all the way to Mars! I know that means nothing to you, but I can assure you that the idea of a single mortal man trying to move me a single nanometer would be laughable it if wasn’t so fucking pathetic. I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO STOP!!” Venus crushed his dick inside of her once again when she realized that he was already giving up.

Once again, #1 screamed in pain. But once again he pushed against Venus with all of his might, and once again he accomplished nothing aside from turning her on even more. Venus slightly relaxed her grip on his shaft once again and continued to ride up and down on him even harder, bruising his flesh each time that her voluptuous hips slammed against his pelvis.

“You get it now, don’t you??” Venus asked. “You are mine to do whatever I please with! If I ask you to pleasure me, you do it! If I ask you to lay there and let me ride you until my hips smash you into a bloody pulp, you do it! And if I ask you to try and fight me for my amusement, you do it, no matter how fucking pointless it is!!”

Venus sat up straight again, pulling #1 helplessly along with her as she rode him even harder. She wrapped her slender arms all the way around his torso and squeezed him tightly against her body, crushing his ribs and forcing all the air from his lungs against her erotic superhuman chest.

As Venus forcibly rubbed #1’s body up against hers, she delighted in the feeling of every one of his fabulous muscles being pressed deeply into her feminine curves. His chest was the kind that wet dreams were made of. His abs could be used to wash clothes. And every single muscle in his gym-made body was as hard and as tense as it possibly could be as a direct result of his perfect nude body trying with all of its might to stop Venus from using him like the disposable sex toy that he was.

And all of his delicious muscles did absolutely nothing to stop her.

“Unf! Ah!!” Venus moaned like a shameless porn star, utterly lost in her own arousal. “I am your Goddess!” she managed to say. “You only exist to serve me- ohhhhhh and you are serving me so well- fuck, I think I’m going to explode!”

With no small amount of effort, Venus calmed herself down enough to hold off her climax, but she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. “Okay! Listen up, number one!” Venus commanded. She relaxed her arms from where they were choking the life out of him. The sex slave quickly started to gulp down some air. He was in bad shape. The life in his eyes was fading fast, and every part of his body from the neck down was turning an ugly shade of purple, both from Venus’ perfect superhuman breasts crushing the life out of his chest and Venus’ perfect superhuman thighs smashing against his pelvis again and again and again. But despite all of this, #1 redoubled his efforts to push Venus away like his life depended on it.

“You can stop fighting me, now!” Venus said. “I have one final job for you!” Instantly, his arms dropped limply to his side in obvious relief. Or at least, as much relief as you can have while a horny superhuman is crushing your lower body into powder for her own amusement.

“I am going to count to three…” Venus grit her teeth, truly struggling to keep a lid on the pressure ready to burst inside of her. “And on three, I am going to relax my hold on your penis. And when I do, I expect you to give your Goddess everything that you have. And I do mean every. Last. Drop. Do I make myself clear?”

“Y-Yes,” #1 wheezed. His voice sounded so hoarse that Venus guessed that it was taking almost all of his strength to even speak to her. “Yes, Goddess… Huff… I understand, Goddess.”

“Don’t disappoint me,” was all that Venus said before she hugged him tightly once again, crushing her fabulous naked tits against his sexy-but-powerless muscles and putting an immediate halt to any plans of breathing that he had.

“One…” Venus said.

Not only was #1’s body being shaken like a toy, but so were the unconscious bodies of the other nine bodybuilders that Venus had burned through to build up to this moment.


She braced herself, ready for the grand finale to end this perfect night.


Venus relaxed her intimate hold on #1’s intimate organ.

What followed was the most fantastic moment that Venus had experienced in thousands of years.

#1 erupted inside of her, spraying thick jets of his long built-up sperm with a level of intense pressure that had been forcefully built up for several long minutes.

“Ahh!" Venus cried out. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Venus positively exploded with pleasure. Her cum flowed down him like a river, her eyes closed and her head grew light from the sheer intensity of the moment. She involuntarily tensed up, squeezing #1’s powerless body even more tightly against her and slamming herself down onto the dick that was filling inch of her. She didn’t even notice the sound of dozens of bones shattering in her grip as she came and came and came.

But Venus started to come down all too soon. She kept her eyes closed and keep on screwing him anyways in a vain hope that she might be able to keep it going. But it was all truly over. She had a hard time complaining, though. It was one of the best orgasms she had in a very long time.

Venus opened her eyes and saw that #1 was beyond dead. In the heat of her climax, she crushed his chest with he own, forming a noticeable mold of her bust deeply imprinted into his muscles and bones. Venus’ body had crushed him almost like a cartoon character with the perfect shape of her body being so heavily imprinted on him. Only most cartoon characters don’t have dozens of broken bones visible, nor do they bleed as much as he was. His pelvis was also crushed under the curves of Venus’ ass in a similar way. The shape of her body was clearly visible just like how the imprint of her breasts were visible on his chest.

Venus tossed the bloody corpse over to the other side of the room and relaxed, laying down face first and melting into the pile of men that she had such a fantastic time with.

“Ahhh yes…” Venus moaned. “I need to do that again. But first…”

22 minutes, 4 seconds, Venus thought to herself.

22 minutes, 4 seconds, Aphrodite agreed.

January 12th, 2019 1:48 PM
Los Angeles, California

“Just tell me what you want!” #1 pleaded as Venus opened the door to where the other nine missing men were.

“Oh, It''s not about what I want,” Venus said, throwing the last man into the room. “Aphrodite, your turn!” she called out.

“Yes it is!” Aphrodite said, turning the corner and walking over to the Sex Dungeon.

“Number three was really uncooperative,” Venus told her sister on her way into the room. “You might not be able to convince him to let you fuck him.”

“Thanks for the warning,” Aphrodite said. “But we'll see about that.”

“Have fun!” Venus said.

“Oh I will,” Aphrodite grinned. “I absolutely will.” And with that, she closed the door behind her and entered the room where all ten of the buffest and sexiest men in the world were gathered..

“Alright boys!” Aphrodite said. “Who’s ready for the greatest night of our lives??”

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