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The Sandbox – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Orgies and Expositions, Part 2

July 13th, 2019 10:46 PM
Denver, Colorado

Aphrodite walked through the flashing lights and deafening noise of the most popular night club in the city. People at the bar were either hanging out with their friends or trying to score with the scantily-clad waitresses. People on the dance floor were doing everything from dancing around by themselves and having fun, to grabbing their partners and doing the raunchiest moves that their drunk, horned up brains could come up with.

Aphrodite had been walking through the club for no more than a minute, and already no less than four men had hit on her. Two single men came up to her one after the other, followed by a pair of young gentlemen. Aphrodite turned them all down. Not because they weren’t good looking, but because she had spent several days planning for this night, and she wanted more than just two men to play with. She wanted this night to be extra fun.

Before long, she found what she was looking for. A group of five friends were all sitting at a table over by the bar. She didn’t see any women with them. Clearly they haven’t been having any luck tonight, despite the fact that all five of them ranged from “average” to “not half-bad.” She slowly made her way over towards the group that was soon to be her new harem.

“Hey girl!” another man swooped in from somewhere next to her.

“I found someone already!” Aphrodite yelled back over the music, quickly shooing him away. She didn’t even break her stride.

She made her way over to the table of five men. One of them noticed her right away. His jaw fell open as he stared unashamedly at Aphrodite’s breasts. Eventually, she made it to the table and got the attention of all of the other men, as well. “Is this seat taken?” Aphrodite asked.

The other four men looked at her and also immediately started to stare at her chest with various expressions of lust and arousal.

“S-sure babe!” the one closest to her said nervously. He obviously wasn’t expecting the sexiest woman in the universe to sit down at his table tonight.

“You know,” the cutest boy of the group said to her. “You may not believe me when I say this, but you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, I believe it,” Aphrodite said with a confident smile. She was one of the two hottest women alive, and she felt no reason to pretend that she didn’t already know that. “I’m Aphrodite, by the way.”

“I’m Michael,” the prettiest one at the table replied. All of his still-cute-but-slightly-less-cute friends quickly followed suit.

“I’m Jacob.”



“And I’m Ryan. Do you come here often, gorgeous?”

“Not really,” Aphrodite said. “I really only come here when I’m horny.” Gabriel nearly spat out his drink. Jacob visibly flinched backwards as if he was struck. 

“Wh-what?” Cameron sputtered in shock. “Say that again?”

“I said,” Aphrodite repeated. “I only come here when I’m horny. And right now, I’m so hungry for some action, that I could take all five of you. That is, if you boys think you can handle me…?”

Less than two minutes later, Aphrodite was stepping out into the open air, and right behind her were five men who followed her in a trance-like state. Their hearts were exploding in their chests. All five of them were sweating profusely, they all had raging erections, and at least three of them could barely even walk because of how badly their knees trembled. And all ten of their eyes stared at Aphrodite's body the whole time, unmoving and almost unblinking, like a pack of brainless zombies.

All in all, it was about what she expected their reactions to be.

She lead them all to a huge pickup truck that she stole a couple days ago. It was super easy for her. She simply ran past the owner at superspeed while he was in a parking lot, swiping the keys from his back pocket. He probably didn’t even notice that his keys were missing until he finished his shopping a little while later. Of course by then, his truck was missing, too.

Normally, Aphrodite wouldn’t go around ruining people’s days like that, but she knew that her sister was going to undo the past eight days. She knew that Venus’ harem of the ten sexiest men alive wasn’t permanent, especially considering how much she exposed herself in the process of gathering all of them.

Aphrodite stepped into the driver’s seat. “I’m sorry, but one of you boys is going to have to ride in the trunk,” she told them. What followed was quite a bit of arguing over who got to ride shotgun alongside Aphrodite, who got the back seat, and who had to be the farthest away from her, in the trunk. In the end, Michael got the passenger seat and Jacob had to sit in the trunk, much to his dismay.

There was an incredibly firm mattress that Aphrodite super glued to the floor of the trunk, covering up most of the space that was there. And there was also a case of beer strapped down towards the side for when she inevitably tired her men out and they would need to rehydrate themselves.

“Are… Are those handcuffs?” Ryan asked, looking down at nearly a dozen pairs of fuzzy handcuffs on the floor of the back seat.

“Yes they are,” Aphrodite said. “And believe me, I plan to use them.” Aphrodite turned the key and started the engine. “Get yourselves comfortable, boys. I found a nice place for us to have some fun.”

Aphrodite’s heightened senses could both hear and smell another intense wave of arousal from nothing but her words alone. Aphrodite was about to pull away from her parking spot and begin her drive when Cameron suddenly piped up from the back seat.

“You don’t like girls too, by chance, do you?” he suddenly asked.

“Oh shit, that’s right!” Michael facepalmed. “Katie’s going to have no way home, now!”

“Well…” Aphrodite said. “I prefer men, but only by a little bit. But I like girls, too. Where is this ‘Katie?’”

You could hear a pin drop inside of the truck.

“You’re actually kidding me right now,” Michael said with wide eyes. “You’re bisexual, too??”

“Sure am,” Aphrodite answered, licking her lips with excitement. This night just kept on getting better and better. “So again, where is this ‘Katie?’”


“...She’s messing with us,” Katie finally said after staring for nearly an entire minute.

Aphrodite’s new toys led her to a gay bar a couple blocks down the road. Ryan went into the bar and came out with a cute little brunette named Katie. Aphrodite figured that Ryan must have explained a good chunk of the story as they walked towards the car, because Katie was only mildly surprised to see the hottest woman in existence in the driver’s seat. Aphrodite watched with amusement as Katie looked at her perfect face and slowly realized that Ryan’s story was actually true. Katie stared at her with increasing feelings of excitement and, sadly, skepticism. Aphrodite could tell that Katie wanted her badly. In fact, Katie looked even more hungry for her than any of the five men she was with. But she could also tell that Katie was having a hard time believing that the sexiest woman she had ever seen was both bisexual and outright volunteering to have an orgy with a group of total strangers.

“It’s some kind of trap,” Katie continued. “You guys should get out of that car right now. There’s just no way…”

“It I was a normal woman, you’d be right,” Aphrodite cut her off. The Goddess opened the driver’s door, stepped out of the car, and started to walk towards Katie. “A woman like me would normally be in a relationship by now. Obviously, I wouldn’t have any trouble getting any man or woman that I wanted.” She continued to walk towards the timid lesbian. Now that Katie could seen an unobstructed view of Aphrodite’s flawless body, she started to outright pant for breath as she got closer and closer.

When Aphrodite finally closed the gap between them, Katie looked like she was about to pass out from nerves alone.

“But lucky for you, I am absolutely not a normal woman,” Aphrodite said, and then she kissed Katie deeply on the lips. Aphrodite watched in amusement as Katie nearly went into shock. Her eyes practically burst from their sockets, her entire body locked up, her heart rate skyrocketed, and she actually forgot to breath for a few seconds. Aphrodite wrapped one arm around Katie’s upper back. The other arm reached around behind her thighs and swept Katie off of her feet, scooping her up off of the ground and holding her in a romantic cradle carry as she continued to kiss her, prodding her tongue gently around inside of her mouth.

There seemed to be a single moment when all of Katie’s resistance collapsed at once. She suddenly lunged at Aphrodite, wrapping her arms around the Goddess’ slender back and returning the kiss with a deep hunger that Aphrodite hadn’t seen in quite some time. But Aphrodite broke the kiss off before it could turn into an all-out makeout session.

Katie’s panties were already wet. “If you want more, you’re going to have to come with us,” Aphrodite told the brunette. “Do you want more?”

Katie was so overwhelmed that she could barely even speak. “Yes,” she replied in a shaky voice. “Yes… Please…”

“Excellent,” Aphrodite replied with a victorious smile, already carrying Katie over towards the car like her knight in shining armor.

All five men were staring opened-mouthed, and all five of their reproductive organs were at full mast from the brief display. A quick look at the five men also told Aphrodite that Cameron almost came in his pants. And all of that just from a lesbian make-out session that only lasted a few seconds!

“I… I can walk,” Katie muttered sheepishly as Aphrodite carried her.

“I can carry you a lot farther than you can walk,” Aphrodite replied. “Like I said, I’m not a normal woman. You’ll see what I mean soon. Alley-oop!” Aphrodite tossed Katie into the trunk.

“Aie!” Katie yelped in shock as she was thrown over the gate, where she landed safely on the mattress that was stuck to the bottom of the trunk. Aphrodite noticed that all six of her toys were caught off-guard by the display of strength (especially Katie) but they all seemed far too preoccupied by their hormones to question it (especially Katie).

“All right!” Aphrodite said once she got back into the driver’s seat. “Now that everybody is present and accounted for… Next stop, Pound Town!”


It took almost an entire hour of driving, but Aphrodite finally drove the car all the way up to the spot that she had in mind. The truck came to a stop at the base of a particularly steep mountain far away from the city. They were surrounded by evergreens and various other forms of shrubbery growing sparsely around the grassy landscape, and there were a couple of other mountains across the horizons, as well.

Aphrodite put the truck in “park” and turned off the engine. “You boys stay in the car for a minute,” Aphrodite told her newest batch of play toys as she climbed out of the truck. They all looked a little confused, but they were far too excited to question her.

Everybody started to unbuckled their seat belts. “Stay buckled in, too,” Aphrodite added. “Just trust me.” Her toys looked even more confused now, but they still obeyed and put their seat belts back on. “You two can get out of the trunk, though!” she told Jacob and Katie. Aphrodite walked around to the back of the car and opened up the gate, allowing the two of them to hop out. First Jacob, and then Katie, who stole a quick glance up and down Aphrodite’s perfect body before stepping out onto the grass, as well. Aphrodite reached into the trunk and started to undo the straps around the case of beer.

Aphrodite had been thinking about how this encounter would play out throughout the entire drive. She she couldn’t resist spicing up the night with her strength and her flight because of how fun it always was, but she knew that doing so would trigger an… uncomfortable set of questions. So, Aphrodite decided to address the elephant before it could enter the room.

“You guys hear about that flying woman?” Aphrodite asked as she pulled the beer from the straps and out of the trunk.

“Yeah, I did!” Michael said.

“I saw the videos, yeah,” Jacob added.

“I couldn’t believe it was real,” Katie lamented. “Why do you ask, though?” Aphrodite set the beer down in the grass and walked over to the front of the pickup truck.

“There are three things you need to know,” Aphrodite said. She had thought carefully about the three important things that she needed to say in order to ensure that her sister’s recent actions couldn’t destroy the mood for the night.

Even though the first thing was nothing more than a comforting lie.

“First of all, I have it on good authority to tell you that that woman will face the consequences for her actions. I’ll explain later, but I can promise you that this is the case. Second, I want you all to know that no matter what happens in the next few hours, I promise that I will never hurt any of you. You are safe with me, no matter what.”

All six toys were looking at her with various degrees of confusion. Nobody knew where she was going with this, yet. Aphrodite was now standing at the front of the truck and staring right at the four men inside the vehicle. “And third,” she continued. With one slender hand striking a sexy pose on her hip, she bent over and slid her other hand underneath the front of the car. “That crazy flying woman I mentioned earlier? Well, I’m her sister.”

Aphrodite slowly stood up straight and, with a metallic groan, lifted the front of the huge pickup truck clear off of the ground until all four tires were several feet in the air.

Needless to say, the men inside of the car did not handle this well.

“What the fuck! WHAT THE FUCK!!”


“WHAT?? HOW??”


“QUIET!!” Aphrodite hollered, louder than the four panicking men combined. The four men shut up and looked at Aphrodite with fear.

Aphrodite sighed, then spoke in a much gentler voice. “Look, I’m not trying to scare you. Like I said before, you will always be safe with me. Remember that, okay?” The terrified men in the truck seemed to calm down a little bit, while the other man and woman standing in the grass just watched with apprehension.

“Honestly, there are a couple reasons why I’m lifting this entire truck with one hand,” Aphrodite explained. “The first reason is because I just think that it’s fun. I love using my superhuman strength to perform mind-boggling feats of power far beyond what any living being will ever be able to achieve. It reminds me of how how much of a perfect being I am and it never, ever gets old.”

Aphrodite slowly started to levitate up into the air, effortlessly carrying the weight of the entire truck with her. She tightened her grip on the car, crushing the metal into putty between her fingers. She tilted the back end of the car up higher and higher until the nose of the truck was facing downward. Despite the massive leverage disadvantage that Aphrodite had, she found the task to be as easy as moving a shoe box made out of styrofoam. The men in the car were looking increasingly nervous, but also increasingly awestruck by the amount of power within Aphrodite’s slender body.

“The second reason is because I want you all to have a firm understanding of exactly what I am. I know that I don’t look like a very powerful woman. I look like the spitting image of every man’s wet dream. I’m soft, slim, curvy, and all-around sexy in every way imaginable. I look objectively perfect, and Katie can testify that I feel objectively perfect, as well. BUT, this flawless body is stronger than you can comprehend, and it’s also completely indestructible. Not only have I shrugged off a direct hit from a nuclear weapon without a scratch on me, but I will also be completely unaffected by any weapon that mankind will ever invent in the future. And believe me, they end up making things that are much worse than nukes!”

Aphrodite was now hovering ten feet off of the ground and holding the holding the huge pickup truck vertically above her head with the front of the car pointing straight down and the tail end sticking straight up. The men inside the car were no longer scared for their lives. Instead, they just stared in wonder at how her sexy body flew through the air and performed such a spectacular feat of strength with one hand still stuck to her hips in a display of power and sexuality.

“And the third reason is because I need you all to be comfortable with the fact that I can easily kill you all at any moment. I won’t, but I can. I am a Goddess. I am more powerful than all of the world’s armies, and I can easily crush you down into atoms with my naked body if I so desired. But I want all of us to have fun tonight. If you like being on top, then you can take advantage of my invulnerability to go hog wild all over me, harder than any other woman could handle. And if you like being on bottom, then I can pin you helplessly against the bed with my little finger and ride you as hard as you can handle, but no harder. Again, even though I hold your lives in my hands, I won’t hurt you. That is, unless you want me to. Then, I might be able to make an exception. But the choice is yours. I am yours, just as much as all of you are mine for the rest of the evening.”

And with that, Aphrodite slowly descended back on the ground and set the gigantic vehicle back down onto the earth as well. Nobody moved for a moment. They were all too shocked and horny to even formulate any type of response.

“Do you boys want a piece of me?” she asked the men inside of the car. “Or do you all just want to stay in the truck all night?” Immediately, all four of them started to run out of the truck like it was a race. “One of you, grab the handcuffs.” she told them as they scrambled to step outside into the cool night air.

Gabriel ended up being the man to grab the handcuffs. Once he had stepped out of the car, Aphrodite took one pair of handcuffs out of his hands and walked over towards the front of the truck. She extended her index finger and her thumb and pressed it into the grill at the front of the truck. Her fingertips sank into the metal like melted butter, easily gouging out two holes in the metal. Using the two new holes that she had created, Aphrodite attached one end of the handcuff to the front of the car. Once her work was completed, she walked back over towards her new harem near the truck.

“Here’s the plan I have for tonight,” Aphrodite announced. “The first thing I am going to do is take all six of you in a row, one at a time. But I don’t want anybody else peeking. So, five of you are going to handcuff yourselfs to the handcuff that I left at the front of the car, and there you will wait your turn. Once I finish with all six of you then, well… maybe we can get a little more creative, then. But not until you each get your special one-on-one time with me.”

All five men were rock hard, and the woman was growing wetter by the second as Aphrodite laid out her plans for what she assured them was only the first phase of the night.

“So, any objections?” Aphrodite said.

The five men all shook their heads. The woman seemed to be too overwhelmed to even respond to Aphrodite in any way, but she could tell that Katie was by far the most eager one in the entire lot, and there was no way in hell that she would object to Aphrodite’s plan.

“Excellent,” Aphrodite flashed them all a seductive smile, driving all of them even more mad with desire than they already were. “Now then, who’s going to be the lucky one who gets to go first?” Katie stepped forward before Aphrodite even finished that question. All of the men around her stepped forward pretty quickly, as well. But Katie was clearly the most eager one of the whole group.

“Katie gets to go first,” Aphrodite decided. “I suppose that after that little sample I gave her, it would be cruel to keep her waiting.”

Suddenly, Aphrodite ran past all six of them at super speed and stopped right behind Katie. Aphrodite waited for the briefest of moments and then hugged the lesbian gently from behind and whispered seductively into her ear. Of course, from Katie’s perspective, Aphrodite disappeared for a brief moment and then she suddenly felt the Goddess' soft arms around her waist from behind and whispered in her ear with the sexiest voice she had ever heard in her life.

“Well, you don’t have to wait any longer,” Aphrodite muttered quietly. “The greatest night of your life starts right now, Katie.”

Katie’s legs gave out from underneath her, but Aphrodite picked her up off the ground in the same manner as before and held the wide-eyed woman in her slender arms.

“Well,” Aphrodite amended as she effortlessly held the woman in her hands, pulling Katie close to her huge chest. “I suppose that you have to wait for one more thing.” She looked over towards the five men who were all staring at them with the most intense sexual hunger that she had seen from them so far that night. Some of them were even drooling. “I can’t get started until these boys are in position. We can’t have them peaking now, can we? After all, they’d all probably shoot their loads just from watching how hot our sex will be, and we can’t have that now, can we?”

“Guys…” Katie barely managed to squeak out. “Leave us alone… Please…” Still the men didn’t move. They were utterly rooted to the spot.

“Okay boys,” Aphrodite spoke with authority. “I’m going to count to ten, and if you’re not handcuffed to the front of the truck, then I’m not fucking ANY of you!”

It was like flipping a switch. Suddenly, all five of the men were scrambling to hide away from the two women as if their lives depended on it. They were even pushing and shoving each other out of the way in their mad scramble to chain themselves to the front of the car. In the end, they were all secured to the grill in only eight seconds.

“That’s better,” Aphrodite nodded in approval. Then she unceremoniously tossed Katie into the back of the pickup truck once again. With another startled yelp, the lesbian landed on the mattress that Aphrodite had superglued to the bottom of the trunk.

Aphrodite did a standing jump, launching herself all the way over the side of the trunk and onto the bed, shaking the vehicle a little bit from the landing.

“Now then…” Aphrodite got down on all fours and straddled herself over Katie. “Do you want to see how fast I can strip you naked?”

Katie only nodded in response. She didn’t even seem capable of speech anymore.

“Okay,” Aphrodite grinned. “Watch closely.” And then, she stripped Katie at superspeed. Aphrodite removed the woman's shoes, socks, shirt, bra, shorts, and panties before the mortal woman could even blink.

As always, it took Katie a brief moment to catch up with what just happened. Eventually, Katie's widened once she felt that things had gotten a little draftier for her. She looked down at herself and saw that she was already naked, and then she looked back up at Aphrodite in shock.

“I’m super fast, too,” Aphrodite grinned with amusement at Katie’s reaction. “But that doesn't mean that I’ll be fast at what comes next.” Aphrodite then removed her shirt at normal speed so that the mortal could watch her. Katie was audibly panting by this point. Aphrodite then removed her shoes, socks, and shorts. Then, she took off her bra, and Katie actually started to sweat when Aphrodite’s huge breasts hung freely off of her chest. Finally, she removed her panties and the two were ready to begin.

“Now then…” Aphrodite leered over the sweating, panting, shaking woman underneath her. “Do you want to be on top, bottom, or do you not care?”

“I don’t care,” Katie quickly answered, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Well then, let’s start with you on the bottom.”

And then, without warning, Aphrodite went down on her, wrapping her flawless naked body around Katie’s average naked body and kissing her deeply. Katie came immediately, and she came violently. She moaned out loud as her loins exploded between her legs, and then she blushed fiercely as soon as it was over.

“I’m sorry…” Katie muttered, clearly embarrassed. “I can usually last longer than that…”

“Are you kidding?” Aphrodite encouraged her. “Most men that I sleep with don’t even last that. long. Besides, that was only round one.”

“Round… one…?” Katie gasped out in-between breaths.

“Well, unless you want to stop here…” Aphrodite teased.

Katie suddenly grabbed Aphrodite by the shoulders, rolled both of them over on the bed, and pinned Aphrodite to the mattress. Or rather, Aphrodite allowed Katie to pin her, but she was being surprisingly forceful.

“Don’t even joke about it,” Katie said with a lustful smile before immediately diving on top of the Goddess.

And Katie went at it. She smothered Aphrodite’s mouth with kisses, then Katie put both hands on Aphrodite’s chest and played with her tits, then she went back to kissing her while also grinding their groins firmly together until Katie came again.

Aphrodite didn’t give her any time to recover, though. Instead, she grabbed tightly onto Katie and flew both of them up into the sky. The mortal held on tightly, but she didn’t complain.

One they were in a good spot in the starry sky, Aphrodite just let the two of them float there. She removed her hand from Katie’s back and continued to hold the woman’s entire weight with only one hand on her bottom. Katie relaxed her grip on Aphrodite’s soft back just a little bit and pulled her face away from hers. Aphrodite waved her free hand in between their faces for a moment. Once she knew that Katie was watching her hand, she extended only two fingers. Then, using her super speed, she made those two fingers vibrate.

Katie’s eyes widened in sudden understanding. Aphrodite flashed her a dirty smile.

Before Katie could even react, Aphrodite hooked her free hand around Katie’s back and between her legs, touching her two fingers against her vagina while her other hand went back up to Katie’s upper back for support.

She kept her hands there just long enough for Katie to notice where her hands were, and then she plunged her fingers deep inside of her, shaking her digits with superhuman speed as she ran them along Katie’s dripping inner walls.

“Ahh!! AHH-MMpth-” Katie screamed in ecstasy but was quickly silenced by Aphrodite’s mouth being sealed tightly over hers. Aphrodite fed the woman some aggressive, sloppy kisses as her superhuman fingers ravaged around inside of her. It wasn’t long before Katie reached another orgasm.

After that, Aphrodite stopped kissing her and pushed Katie’s head over her shoulder so that she could tightly hug their two naked bodies together. Her fingers stopped moving at superspeed and instead plunged themselves repeatedly into Katie at normal speeds. But Aphrodite also used the rest of her hand to lift Katie’s entire body each time that her fingers pushed themselves inside of Katie.

And that was how Aphrodite finished her. Aphrodite floated up high in the sky and held Katie tightly against her flawless naked skin with one hand on her back and the other shaking Katie’s entire body as she fingered her. Katie screamed her lungs out all the while, and achieved two more orgasms.

And then, after Katie’s fifth orgasm of the night, Aphrodite stopped for a moment and saw that Katie was completely exhausted, but very much satisfied. Aphrodite planted one more kiss on her lips and flew her back down to the ground, laying her naked body on the grass right behind the pickup truck.

“That was a great warmup,” Aphrodite looked down at the finished woman. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but I think it’s time that I found some satisfaction, now.” Katie didn’t even respond as Aphrodite quickly became a blur once again, redressing herself at superspeed and running towards the five men who were chained to the front of the truck.


“Now then,” Ahphdodite said. “Top or bottom…?”

Cameron’s eyes bounced wildly all over Aphrodite’s body, clearly trying to visualize each scenario. “Either one,” he eventually answered. “I don’t think I care.”

“Perfect…” Aphrodite grinned. “Because I definitely know which one I prefer!”

She couldn’t wait another second. Aphrodite pushed his chest with one hand, throwing him off of his feet and onto the mattress. Then she rushed up there and undressed both of them before Cameron could even realize what happened. Once again, it took his brain a couple seconds to register it, but eventually he noticed Aphrodite in all of her nude glory, right on top of him. He literally gasped out loud when he saw her bare breasts hanging in front of his face.

“Yeah, I get that a lot,” Aphrodite smirked. “Now come here!”

Aphrodite didn’t even ease into it. She just dropped herself straight down onto his fully erect dick and rode him hard. He came immediately (no surprise there) but Aphrodite kept on going. Her smooth hips pushed herself all the way down the man’s shaft and pressed his body into the bed so hard that the entire truck started to bob up and down from her movements. Cameron was being shaken violently underneath the horny Goddess. He was holding tightly onto the superwoman’s hips, gasping and panting for breath all the while. Still the entire truck continued to creak and groan as it rocked back and forth.

Cameron came a second time, and that finally triggered Aphrodite’s first orgasm of the night. It didn’t last very long, but it sure did feel good while it lasted.

“Ahh…” Aphrodite sighed. “Now that was more like it!”

Cameron didn’t respond. He was barely even conscious.


“So, top or bottom, Michael?”


“You got it.” Aphrodite lept ten feet into the air just to show off and landed on the mattress, flat on her back and spread-eagle for her next playmate. “Come and get me,” she invited him.

He needed no second invitation. Michael clumsily climbed aboard and went down on the Goddess. Kissing, groping, grinding, and moaning, they hadn’t even taken off their clothes yet, but Michael still came in his pants almost immediately.

“Well that’s embarrassing,” Aphrodite teased playfully. “I sure hope you have more for me than that!” She peeled his shirt off, and Michael quickly started to undo his pants as fast as he could. Before long, he was naked. Aphrodite then laid back and allowed Michael to undress her, too. His limp dick grew bigger and bigger with each piece of clothing that he removed from her flawless body. By the time that she was naked, he was at full mast once again.

Michael couldn’t wait any longer. With him sitting up straight and the naked Goddess flat on her back, he immediately plunged his dick in as far as it could go, and then he proceeded to thrust himself in and out of her with intense vigor. Aphrodite put both hands on his waist and used a small portion of her superhuman might to force him in even harder with each thrust. Aphrodite’s assistance eventually made Michael lose his balance and fall forward, but he broke his fall with his both of his hands, which happened to fall right on top of Aphrodite’s exposed breasts.

Michael squeezed Aphrodite’s tits tightly in his hands as he continued to thrust himself into her. Less than a minute later, he came her a second time. He then pulled himself out of her and rolled over onto his back, panting for breath and sweating heavily. “I think I’m done,” Michael said.

Aphrodite quickly rolled herself over so that she was on top of Michael. “Nonsense,” she said. “You don’t look like you’ve been fucked so roughly that your body is seconds away from breaking down and slipping into unconsciousness! Hell, you still have enough energy to talk to me! I am very far from being done with you!”

Aphrodite grabbed Michael by the back of the head and pushed his face into one of her huge breasts, all while grinding her rear sensually against his groin. Michael almost immediately became hard again, despite the fact that he had already reached two orgasms. Aphrodite got herself in position to ride him.

“I like… being on top…” Michael protested between heavy breaths.

“Yeah, well that’s because you’ve never been underneath me before,” Aphrodite replied with a cocky smile.

And then, Aphrodite began to shake the entire truck once again. Michael was gasping, panting, and holding tightly onto the slender body that was pounding him into submission with its superhuman might. Every time that Michael thought Aphrodite couldn’t get rougher, she turned it up a little bit more. It wasn't long before Aphrodite was screaming in ecstasy and Michael was being pummeled so violently that he couldn’t even speak. He could barely even breath.

Eventually, Aphrodite finally built herself up to another orgasm. She involuntarily slammed her hips down onto Michael. She savored every inch of him inside of her and also force all of the air from his lungs when she slammed into him. Once she was satisfied, Aphrodite got off of Michael and looked down at him.

Michael looked like he was seconds away from death. His eyes were closed, he was gasping for breath like he had been starved of air for hours, and all four of his limbs hung limply off of his spent body.

“You see?” Aphrodite grinned. “Now THAT is what ‘done’ looks like!”


“So, top or bottom?” Aphrodite asked all three remaining men chained to the front of the truck. “Or do you not care?”

“Bottom!” Gabriel answered immediately.

“Don’t care,” Jacob said.

“Don’t care,” Ryan agreed.

“Well, I’m glad that two of you agree on something,” Aphrodite said as she freed Jacob and Ryan. “Because one man at a time isn’t cutting it for me anymore.” With little ceremony, Aphrodite led both men to the back of the truck, stripped all three of them naked, and got right to business.

She rode Ryan with the same level of superhuman vigor that exhausted her last two toys, all while Jacob was groping her huge breasts from behind, and kissing every part of Aphrodite’s  nude body that he could get his lips on. Very quickly, Ryan came inside of her, and Jacob came all over her.

Aphrodite then grabbed each man by the throat and pinned them both helplessly to the bed. From there, she took turns with the two men. Aphrodite bounced aggressively on one dick until it burst inside of her, and then she just switched to the other dick. She kept this up for nearly ten minutes before both men slipped into unconsciousness.

Once she realized that her two toys needed to recharge, she picked them up both with one hand on each man’s neck and carried them over to where the other three spent toys were recovering. She laid the two men down on the ground and then she went back for the last man left.

“Your turn, Gabriel,” she winked at the final man as she undid his handcuff. Aphrodite was still naked, and Gabriel’s jaw hit the floor when she first approached him, but she didn’t give the man any time to ogle her. She lifted the man up into the air and carried him over to the bed in the back of the truck. She threw the man onto the mattress and climbed up on top of him.

“So, you like being on the bottom…?” she asked as she inched ever closer to him.

“Yes!” Gabriel nodded enthusiastically. “Yes yes yes!”

Aphrodite moved even closer. “Are you a sub, Gabriel?”

“...Yes,” he answered, barely above a whisper.

Aphrodite got even closer, still. “How much of a sub are you?”

“Choke me,” Gabriel answered.

“Oh, hell yes…” Aphrodite grinned wickedly.

Aphrodite choked Gabriel’s windpipe with one hand and fucked him extra hard because she knew that he wanted it. Gabriel achieved the fastest and strongest orgasm of the night, shooting a thick load inside of Aphrodite seconds after she started. His pelvis was quickly getting bruised by Aphrodite’s hips, but she didn’t hold back, because she knew that he was loving it.

The truck started to rock once again, and Aphrodite decided to have some fun with the vehicle. She started to slow down her movements in order to match the rhythm of the shaking truck.

Up, down, up, down, up, down…

The rear end of the pickup truck started to bounce higher and higher from Aphrodite’s deliberate movements. Before long, the rear tires were leaving the ground every time she bounced on top of Gabriel. Aphrodite let go of the man’s throat before he could pass out, but she continued to repeatedly force herself onto his dick. She savored each moment that his girth filled her up and threw the weight of the entire car up and down with each movement of her sexy superhuman body. She could hear the rhythmic groaning of metal each time her hips made the back end of the truck slam into the ground and bounce up again.

Aphrodite kept on making the back tires bounce further and further off the ground as she pressed herself all the way down his shaft harder and harder until she reached another climax. Gabriel came, too, but not much came out this time. Then again, it was impressive enough that he managed to shoot another load less than a minute after his first one.

Aphrodite stopped for a minute to assess the state of her final toy. He looked just as worn out as everybody else that she had fucked over the last few minutes. Gabriel didn’t last nearly as long as everybody else. But then again, Gabriel was also handled much rougher than everybody else, as well. So it only made sense.

“Alright,” Aphrodite slipped herself off of his dick. “How about we take a little break?”


“Wait…” Ryan rubbed his temple in confusion. “You can only go back in time, but you still know the future? How does that work?”

“And how old are you exactly?” Katie asked.

“And who’s going to stop your sister?” Michael added. “You?”

Aphrodite was just finishing up her task of cooling off one more beer with her ice breath. Once again, everybody was naked except for her, because she wanted to be able to turn them on all over again once they finished their break.

Once Aphrodite was satisfied with the can’s temperature, she tossed it over to Katie, who caught the beverage and was visibly surprised by how cold it was, despite the fact that everyone else in the group was already sipping on ice cold beers, sans Aphrodite. “Well, I can answer those questions,” the Goddess answered. “But we’ll be here for a while.”

Everybody around her shouted various affirmations that they wanted to hear it.

“Alright, alright,” Aphrodite relented, grabbing one more beer for herself and cooling it off with one more casual exhalation. “You guys better get comfortable.” She took a sip of the now ice cold drink and sat back.

“Now, where to begin…?”


For starters, we don’t have any idea whether or not the two of us are actually sisters. In fact, neither of us were really were really aware of how our lives really began. It felt like we just suddenly… woke up. Or perhaps, we just suddenly became aware of our existence. There was just a single moment in time, long long ago where we both found ourselves floating in the hollow vacuum of space. We were both naked, and we already possessed the bodies that you see in front of you. Perhaps we came into being at the same time as the rest of the universe. We will never truly know, and we don’t ever want to go back to that time period again to investigate.

Because, for billions upon billions of years, life was completely devoid of meaning. We couldn’t even talk to each other. Even ignoring the fact that language hadn’t been invented yet, we couldn't talk in space even if we wanted to. All we could do was fly around and explore the different galaxies in suffocating silence. All that we could really do was experiment with our powers. We quickly discovered all of the incredible abilities that we had. Well, all except for one. But we’ll get to that. We even smashed up a couple of planets for fun every now and again, but even that got old pretty quickly.

But then one day, we found a planet that had life on it.

It was very, very early in Earth’s life. Most of the creatures were single-celled organisms, and they were all floating around aimlessly in the sea. But the prospect of other life besides us was so fascinating that we stayed their for millions of years, slowly watching as they changed and evolved into bigger creatures, and eventually even migrating onto land.

However, we were growing increasingly perplexed by the fact that none of the lifeforms we encountered were anywhere close to being as strong as we were.

Before we had discovered the life on earth, we had no frame of reference for how powerful we were. We thought that it was normal to be able to smash an asteroid into gravel with our fists. Or to be able to cross the event horizon of a black hole and emerge unscathed. Or to be able to fly through the cosmos thousands of times faster than the speed of light.

But even the largest of dinosaurs were utterly powerless compared to the two of us, and every living creature that we encountered die eventually. As more and more centuries went by, it was becoming more and more clear that the two of us were unlike anything else in the universe. We witnessed the rise and fall of millions of different species, we watched the earth’s climate shift from tropical paradises to unrelenting ice ages.

And then, there was the birth of man.

At first, the new species of apes that were running amok didn’t seem all that special to us. But as we watched them slowly morph into creatures that resembled ourselves, we slowly became very interested in them. We were hoping with all of our hearts that these creatures would turn out to be just like us. We wanted to feel like we weren’t alone in the universe.

But obviously, that wasn’t how they turned out.

They were just like us, physically, yes. But it was clear that they didn’t live much longer than many of the other life forms that roamed the earth. They weren’t immortal, and they certainly weren’t nearly as powerful as we were. It took millions of years to come to terms with it, but by the time that we witnessed the birth of the modern man, we realized that there weren’t any other lifeforms like us, and there likely never would be. The men would never be as strong as us, and the women would never be as pretty as us. We were devastated.

But all of that was forgotten on the day that one of the males decided to mate with me.

Prior to that experience, we only knew how to please ourselves by… Well, let’s just say that the two of us aren’t related by blood, and leave it at that. But we had witnessed the human’s mating rituals before, but I was shocked to find out just how good it felt. I immediately ran to Venus afterwords and got her to try it, as well. And before long…

Well, after going 4.5 billion years without sex, we kinda went overboard and… accidentally fucked human males into extinction. The women died out pretty quickly after that, too.


“WHAT??” Everybody yelled out in shock all around the Goddess.

“Hang on, hang on!” Aphrodite urged them to let her continue.


Okay, so now we were devastated. After so many years, we had found something truly incredible. But we were too careless, and now it was gone forever. Centuries went by and Venus, in particular, was longing for the days when we had men to play with. She could even recall the exact moment in time where she fucked the last man alive.

And then it happened.

All at once, we were both mentally prompted with a choice to go back to the point in time that Venus was thinking about. To this day, I still can’t explain the sensation, because you mortals have absolutely nothing that can compare to the feeling of just… knowing that you could choose to go back to a specific time with nothing but a thought.

Of course, we were far too curious to ignore it, so we tried it out. And just like that, our greatest mistake was wiped away like it never happened. And, after we tasted sex and then went centuries without it, we were so ecstatic that we accidentally fucked humanity into extinction again.


“You gotta be kidding me,” Ryan facepalmed.

“We undid it.” Aphrodite smiled and rolled her eyes. “You’re all here, aren’t you?”


So after that discovery, we stopped watching the physical evolution of man and instead started to watch the evolution of human society. They started building cities, jobs, and governments.

We were especially ecstatic when they invented languages. We finally, finally had a better way to communicate with each other, and we couldn’t have been happier. We especially liked the concept of a “sister.” The word can be used in a sense of blood relation, or a sense of spiritual relation, which the two of us undeniably shared by that point.

And so, we decided to call ourselves sisters.

But we weren’t sure what species we could identify as. Even though our anatomies were identical to that of a female human, we still didn’t feel like humans. We felt like we were more than human.

Eventually, the concepts of Gods and Goddesses were invented. We felt like “Goddess” was a much more appropriate term to define ourselves, so that’s what we went with. We still had to call ourselves “human” in public so as not to draw any attention to ourselves, but we had already decided that we were “Goddesses.” Several millennia later, comic books would popularize the concept of “superhumans” or “superwomen,” and we use those words to describe ourselves sometimes, as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans even came up with two particular Goddesses that really caught our attention. They were described as being two Goddesses that had beauty beyond what any mortal man could ever hope to achieve.

It would be another few centuries before we could use those names in public, especially in Greece, but we eventually decided that Aphrodite and Venus was what we would call ourselves.

But eventually, as society slowly became more and more advanced, it became harder and harder to keep our existence secret. Walking around naked ceased being acceptable a very long time ago, so we needed money for clothes. Centuries later, we were expected to keep ourselves, as well as our clothes, washed. Even more centuries later, it was becoming increasingly expected for us to have our own private baths inside of our own private homes. And it was getting harder and harder to simply take a home for ourselves without getting caught due to the growing paper trails of legal documents that come with any place where we wanted to lay our heads. And we didn’t like holding down jobs, because work is boring and we have better things to do.

Society got so frustratingly complicated, that Venus eventually decided that we should just force the world’s governments to funnel us an endless supply of the one thing we need to live a comfortable life: Money. I don’t remember exactly when we started doing this, but we eventually forced all of the world’s governments to keep our existence a secret and give us as much money as we wanted, within reason.

It wasn’t very hard.

And whenever somebody blew our cover, we would simply go back in time and prevent him or her from doing so again.

And that was basically the last hurdle that we had to overcome in order to blend in with society. So, for the next five billion years, we just flew around and did whatever the hell we wanted until the day that the sun burned out and Earth became uninhabitable.

Of course, mankind had migrated to other solar systems long before that happened, but we still felt a bit of sadness for the death of the planet that we had called home for so many billions of years. We thought about it a lot, and eventually we both decided to go back to the birth of the homo sapien and live it all over again.

This is currently our second time living through the year of 2019. We’re trying our best to keep our time rewinds to a minimum, because we’re really looking forward to these androids that became popular in the 26th century.

Basically, they are pretty much indistinguishable from normal people, except for the fact that their bones, muscles, nerves, and skin, are all made out of life-like metals and fibers that are much tougher than human bones and tissue, which means that we could be a little rougher with them than we could with regular men.

We loved the androids. We loved a LOT of the androids.

But until then, we’re just living our lives here. We have infinite money, no need to eat, sleep, or work, and any time we feel like doing something crazy, we can just do it and then reverse time later so that it was like it never happened.

And… that’s basically our lives right now.


Everybody was completely silent after Aphrodite finished her story. Several seconds went by where nobody had any idea how to respond to everything they just heard.

“Wow.” Cameron eventually said.

More silence.

“Yeah, I guess that was a lot for a group of mortals to take in,” Aphrodite shrugged. “I guess that we could all spend time talking about the past, the future, or the existential feelings of inadequacy that comes with standing in the presence of a being that is far beyond any of your imaginations.” Aphrodite suggested. “Or, we could just go back to having fun,” she added, taking off her shirt once again.

Aphrodite could hear a sudden increase in heartbeat from all six of her playmates. She could see that all five men were immediately erect and she could smell that Katie was immediately wet.

“I don’t hear any objections,” Aphrodite noticed with a smug smile. God, she loved being the sexiest woman alive. All she had to do was take off her shirt, and they were all ready for more at her command.

The Goddess got to her feet and walked towards the front of the truck, putting an intentional sway in her hips with each step she took. She walked all the way to the front of the truck and removed all seven pairs of handcuffs from the grill. She then stepped inside the car for a brief moment and set the gear shifter to “Neutral." Then she walked back towards her harem.

“Everybody, give me one of your hands,” she instructed them. They all did as they were told. Everybody offered up one hand for Aphrodite to handcuff. Before long, she had all six of them with one hand inside of one fuzzy cuff, and nothing in the other cuff. But then, she took all six empty cuffs and connect them all to one end of a seventh pair of handcuffs. All six of Aphrodite’s sex toys were now chained to one cuff.

The superhuman hooked her index finger around the only empty cuff left and hovered a few feet into the air. Immediately, all six of her play toys that were chained to the handcuff were lifted off of their feet and carried with her. All of them stared up in shock at the utter ease with which Aphrodite dangled all six of their weights off of a single finger as she floated in the air.

Aphrodite used her free hand to strip herself naked. Then she looked back down at her horny audience and smiled in anticipation.

“Now, the real fun begins.” She declared.

She carried all six of them over towards the back of the truck and laid them down in the grass behind the vehicle. But before any of them could even question what she was doing, she grabbed onto the back of the truck with her free hand so tightly that she crushed the metal with her fingertips in order to get a proper grip. Then she lifted the entire pickup truck vertically over her head, with the front of the car facing the sky.

And then, she took to the skies again, carrying the truck with one hand and six people in the other. She flew her cargo over towards the mountain. She touched the vertical car’s tires to the side of the mountain and flew straight up, pushing the truck up the cliff face like a child pushing a matchbox car up a wall in his room. Her six toys were also carried up the rocky face behind her, still being lifted by only one finger around the handcuffs that held the six of them together.

Eventually, she gave the truck a gentle push upwards, separating the vehicle from her hand just long enough to fly herself and her cargo into the trunk and up against the superglued mattress. With her back to the bed, Aphrodite then pressed her free hand against the front wall of the truck and continued to push the car up the mountain from there. The trunk was just short enough that Aphrodite and a few of her toys could “stand” on the back wall of the truck while the Goddess’ free hand could continue to lift up the vehicle by the front wall of the compartment.

Aphrodite was pushing an entire pickup truck further and further up a vertical rocky mountainside with only one hand. Meanwhile, her other hand held a buffet of six willing partners, all tethered to her single finger.

Eventually, Aphrodite stopped her ascent and held everything in place against the mountain. 

“Here’s where phase two begins,” Aphrodite explained. “Both of my hands are busy. One of them is keeping all six of you safely tethered to me, and the other is holding our bed up against the side of a mountain. Oh, and also the pickup truck that the bed is attached to. So, if you want a chance to fuck me against a padded wall while both of my hands are tied, now is the time to do it. And you don’t need to take turns, either.”

One by one, her harem started to grab her and kiss her. It was slow and clumsy at first, both because of the precariously dangerous position that made the mortals nervous, and the somewhat awkward position that limited each of them to only using one arm, as well as restricting their overall mobility.

But before long, Aphrodite had all six of her volunteers clamoring all over her naked body. Half a dozen mouths were fighting to suck on her succulent breasts. Half a dozen arms were groping every part that they could get their hands on. And Michael was lucky enough to be the one guy that managed to get his dick inside of her. He was thrusting away with renewed vigor while Ryan snuck in from behind her and shoved his cock up Aphrodite’s other hole.

Aphrodite couldn’t really do much because both of her hands were occupied, so she jumped on the opportunity to play with Ryan a little more. She pressed her bubble butt down his member and forced his entire body deep into the bed/wall with her superhuman might. Then she pulled her ass away, then slammed it back into him again.

Of course, being pounded by Aphrodite's gorgeous superhuman ass made Ryan explode inside of her immediately. But she still continued to move her hips with more speed and intensity. Michael came inside of her, too. And Jacob came all over her simply because of the overwhelming lust that came with sucking on one of her perfect breasts. At some point, everyone began to rotate and take turns fucking Aphrodite in different spots. Except for Ryan, who continued to grit his teeth as his entire body was roughly thrown against the mattress by the incalculable power of Aphrodite’s round ass slamming itself down on his dick again and again and again and again.

Over the next few minutes, everybody took their turns getting whatever they could out of the superhumanly sexy Goddess.

By the time that the mortals were starting to get tired out again, everybody had at least one orgasm except for Aphrodite. But they all certainly helped warm her up, so she decided to go back down to the ground for the final phase.

She didn’t have any plans beyond this point. She was just horny. So, she simply brought her six toys and her stolen pickup truck back down to the ground, sliced off all of the handcuffs with her fingernails, and went to town on all of them.

She grabbed Katie by the waist and squeezed her tightly against Aphrodite’s perfect naked body until Katie came again. Then, Aphrodite stuck two fingers up her vagina once more and vibrated them at superspeed until Katie came again. Then, Aphrodite forced her onto the ground and firmly grinded her superhuman pussy against Katie’s until she came again, and then passed out from exhaustion with a goofy smile on her face.

She ran over to Michael at super speed and pulled him down onto the ground on top of her. She put both hands on the man’s ass and shoved his dick inside of her over and over again. Michael wrapped his arms around Aphrodite’s soft back and held on tightly, trying to avoid getting whiplash as the Goddess used him like a sexy toy, utterly ignoring the extra weight that was attached to the member inside of her. Aphrodite felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, but Michael passed out in her arms before she could get there.

Aphrodite pushed the comatose man off of her and ran over to Jacob, pushing the man down onto his rump with two fingers. She then sat Jacob upright so that he was sitting up straight, she wrapped her arms tightly around him. She squeezed her flawless naked chest against his, and she bounced up and down on his verticle shaft.

She was starting to get a little rougher. Her breasts were quickly leaving some mild bruises on the man’s chest, and her thighs were leaving even bigger bruises on his pelvis, but he wasn’t complaining. He was too busy moaning in complete and utter ecstasy.

Aphrodite reached her climax and cried out in pleasure as Jacob shot another load inside of her, as well, before promptly passing out in her arms.

She tossed the spent toy aside and ran over to Ryan and Cameron, next. Just like the two Brazillian men from a couple weeks ago, Aphrodite put one hand on each of their asses and flew both of them up into the sky, then she shoved one dick into her vagina and the other into her anus. Both men wrapped their arms around her and held on for dear life as each one of the Goddess’ hands hoisted their bodies up into her holes and repeatedly slammed the two men into a nude body that was as soft as every man's wet dream, but harder than steel underneath.

Both men came inside of her, and then their organs started to deflate. And Aphrodite was sure that she couldn’t get them hard again because they were just too exhausted from trying to please her for thirty seconds. So, she flew back down again and dropped both men onto the mattress in the truck.

Aphrodite dove towards the last man remaining. The Goddess grabbed Gabriel, flew him up into the air and pinned him against one of the tallest trees around with nothing but her huge breasts. She wrapped her arms around the huge tree and sunk her fingertips deep into its bark like it was made out of putty, and then she proceeded to rut Gabriel aggressively against the tree, slamming his entire body into the wood with each thrust of her womanly hips.

Then, just because she felt like it, Aphrodite started to pull the huge tree out of the ground. Without stopping her superhuman love-making for a single moment, she dug her fingers even more deeply into the ancient wood and then she started to fly further upwards. She felt a little bit of resistance, but not for very long.

She could hear a series of cracks and snaps below her, quickly increasing in both frequency and volume. The ground around the tree started to shift and undulate as the deeply buried roots were slowly being ripped from the earth by nothing but Aphrodite’s two bare hands. Finally, with a loud CRACK, the massive tree was yanked out of the dirty like a four story tall flower being picked from a field. All while Aphrodite continued to work on the man underneath her the whole time.

“Oh fuck…” Gabriel moaned when he realized what the superwoman just did. “OH FUCK!!” He shot the biggest load of the entire night into Aphrodite, twitching and spasming violently as he was thrust into what was mostly like the strongest orgasm of his entire life.

“That was pretty hot, wasn’t it?” Aphrodite panted, quickly getting closer to the edge once more. “I love using my limitless power to play with the world like it’s my own personal playground. I love uprooting trees with my bare hands. I love knocking down abandoned buildings with my breath. And I love fucking mortal men’s brains out with my perfect superhuman body!”

She removed one hand from the tree and grabbed onto Gabriel’s butt. Then, just to show off, she lifted the massive tree high over her head with only one hand. She watched as Gabriel’s eyes, already glazed over from the rough ride he was receiving, widened in awe at her power as the plant’s massive shadow fell over both of them.

“I love being so fucking powerful,” Aphrodite whispered. Then she pushed Gabriel’s cock up into her, along with the rest of his body, with only one hand on his rear. She slowly increased the speed and intensity with which she forced him inside of her. Aphrodite just kept going, utterly lost in a sea of sexual pleasure.

“I love being so fucking sexy,” Aphrodite moaned as she continued to use the man like nothing more than a dildo. And he was still rock hard, despite the fact that he came only moments ago. She felt herself about to reach orgasm any moment.

“I love being a Goddess!!” Aphrodite screamed, and then she reached her strongest climax of the night. Her loins emptied themselves all over the huge cock inside of her. The hand that was holding the massive tree over their heads clenched tightly, shattering the wood into matchsticks as she buckled and writhed wildly in the throes of a truly fantastic climax.

When she was finished, she took a moment to catch her breath, and then she looked down at the man in her arms to find that he was practically covered in ugly bruises.

“Eh heh heh…” Aphrodite sheepishly chuckled to herself. “Oops.” It had been a long time since she lost control like that. Gabriel would be fine, of course, but Aphrodite accidentally beat him up enough to make her consider reversing time and undoing this little accident. But, they were both already planning on undoing the past several days after they were both done with Venus’ ‘Top Ten’ harem.

Aphrodite simply let go of the tree and let it drop to the ground with an earth-shaking rumble. She then flew back down to the ground, dropped Gabriel on top of the other two men in the back of the pickup truck, and blasted off into the horizon.

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