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Shadowgirl – Part 7

Written by HikerAngel :: [Friday, 31 July 2020 00:04] Last updated by :: [Monday, 03 August 2020 11:15]



My fists slammed into his face with an unsatisfyingly soft thud. I expected him to fly backward as Xymon had. Instead, my attack barely managed to knock him a single step back. Still enraged, I poured my anger into strikes to his face. They barely seemed to affect him. My knuckles ached, feeling as if they had been slammed repeatedly into a moss-covered rock. The tough, tanned skin of his face had probably been the only thing softening the impact with his cheekbones sufficiently to prevent me from breaking my hands.

I began to breathe heavily as my rage-fueled outburst went on without doing any serious damage to the object of my hatred. As my attacks began to slow, his surprise at the unexpected speed and ferocity of my attack turned to smug confidence. He realized exactly what I had: I couldn't do any damage to him.

The strength that had allowed me to eclipse Sapphire Valkyrie and defeat Xymon didn't seem to be in Xoron's league.

Just how powerful was this guy?!

Recovered sufficiently from the surprise of my sudden flurry of blows, Xoron pulled a huge fist back and launched it into my abdomen. The blow hammered into me plowing into the sculpted abs I'd been so proud of with ease. My eyes bulged as my stomach exploded in unbearable pain, and I launched into the sky from the force of it.

Reeling in agony as I sailed through the sky, he didn't give me any time to regroup from the aftereffects of his immense power. Launching himself into the sky, he accelerated after me. I saw him coming, but there was nothing I could do. I flailed helplessly with my limbs, but there was no hard surface to push off of. I was helpless. There wasn't anything I could do about his approach except brace for another devastating attack.

As he cocked his fist again, I squeezed my eyes shut, attempting to ready myself for the pain I knew was coming. A microsecond later, it arrived. My throat erupted in excruciating pain. He had punched me in the throat! I attempted to swallow, then to breathe. I could do neither. Preoccupied with these difficulties, clutching at my nonfunctional trachea, I didn't even notice as the ground raced toward me, his blow driving me back to earth at breakneck speed. Another detonation of agony rattled my bones as I smashed into the street below. My movement stopped only when I was at the bottom of an impact crater a good ten feet under the surface of the road above.

I thought I was such a badass after beating Sapphire Valkyrie and Xymon with relative ease. Writhing in pain at the bottom of the crater, unable to breathe, I realized that I hadn't truly risen above my usual level of failure. I was still below expectations. Below what I needed to be. Below Xoron. The realization stung. Not because of my ego – I was accustomed to failing to meet expectations – but because I knew that I was letting Andrewa down. Just moments ago, she had given me hope. She had made me realize that I had the potential to be incredible, to be a Xyr Queen – likely, the most powerful woman in the universe. She had sacrificed her home for me to have that opportunity. Then her life. I desperately wanted to live up to the potential she saw in me, to make her sacrifices worth their cost. I was beginning to realize that I would never have the chance to become what she must have wanted me to, just as I hadn't been able to save her. With two punches, Emperor Xoron had taken the fight completely out of me. The thought sent a jolt of anger through me. I had to do better than that. For Andrea. Uncaring that I still hadn't been able to manage to suck in any oxygen after the vicious strike to my neck, I set my jaw and struggled to my feet…

…Just in time to see Xoron swoop down from the sky to land in front of me with a dark smile. "Ready for more? Excellent!"

Massive, iron fists flew into my head, my stomach, my hips. I felt the heat of bruises forming on my face, the crunch of ribs breaking, the slapping sounds of my muscles being obliterated under Xoron's shower of might. But the blows just kept coming. The man was merciless as he shattered my gorgeous body.

As Xoron smashed a fist into my solar plexus, the expulsion of air opened my trachea, allowing me a few ragged breaths, at least, as I continued to be rocked by ever worsening bursts of agony.

Limp, held up only by the earthen wall of the crater that would probably, I thought wryly, become my tomb. I felt Xoron's attacks suddenly cease. One eye was swollen shut, and I felt liquid, blood probably, trickle down my face. I looked around uncomprehendingly, brain too preoccupied with the shrieks of pain from my raw nerves to properly process information, I didn't understand what was happening. Where had Xoron gone? Why had he stopped.

Finally, I had the presence of mind to look up.

Flying at breakneck speed, massive fists outstretched before him, Xoron screamed toward me. His hands impacted my upper chest, just above my breasts and under my damaged, burning throat. My already bruised back crashed into the side of the crater, resulting in a fresh flare of pain. I smashed back-first through the ground until I cracked through the foundation of one of the surrounding buildings.

Xoron again swooped upward into the sky, leaving me crying and whimpering, half-buried in the ground. As my vision began to dim from the severity of my wounds, the building, whose concrete mooring had been pulverized by my broken body, collapsed on top of me.

I felt nothing but burning agony as ton after ton of steel on concrete rained down on me. When it was finished, a strange silence descended over me, a welcome relief from the cacophony of sound from the building's collapse. Everything was dark. When I made the slightest motion, pain jolted through me like electric current and I felt the shifting of broken bones. The realization that I was going to die settled over me. I didn't really didn't care. Nothingness would be a welcome relief, a break from the torturous agony that seemed to radiate from every part of my body.

As I awaited death, trapped under thousands of tons of twisted steel and glass, unable to breath again, heartbeat gradually slowing, I began to hear a faint scratching sound. As my consciousness began to wane, it grew closer, until blazing light suddenly blinded me, searing me to alertness, away from the peaceful detachment I'd begun to drift toward.

"Come on, Shadowgirl. You don't get to wuss out now, like some common pencil-raiser. Let's go!" The voice belonged to Sapphire Valkyrie. She'd made a joke. I didn't laugh. I did, however, feel her slender fingers reach under me and pull me free of the rubble.

"Play dead," she whispered as she dragged me into the open. As she continued to pull me along the rubble-strewn ground, I heard voices growing closer.

"Enough, Emperor Xoron. We already agreed to surrender. We've been trying to work out a deal with this Xymon character you left in charge, but he's never around to talk! Now that we finally find him, he's taking a nap in the middle of the street! Not very professional!" came the deep baritone of Raven's voice, tinged with the slightest bit of humor.

"Napping?! He was attacked! He's injured and unconscious!"

"Yeah, attacked by one of your own people! You guys really need to get on the same page here. How can I negotiate when your people are in such a state of disagreement that they're fighting each other!"

Despite my overwhelming pain and the fact that I was supposed to be playing dead, I was tempted to smile. Leave it to Raven to bully an alien overlord five zillion times powerful than he was while negotiating terms for earth's surrender. No one else would have the nerve…

I suddenly realized what he was doing.

Buying time.

I felt the movement of my body cease as Valkyrie lowered my head and shoulders gently to the ground close to where Xoron and Raven continued to argue back and forth. I began to feel the now-familiar tingle of my body's absorption of the power of a Xyr once again. She had gotten me close enough to the alien overlord to duplicate his power. And magnify it, I hoped.

Respect for Raven and Sapphire Valkyrie filled me. They were teaming up against impossible odds to help me in an attempt to help Earth escape the clutches of the Xyr emperor. But how had they known what to do? Did they know I was a Xyr Queen? Were they just hoping something happened to me in the presence of this, the most powerful of Xyr, as it had with Xymon?

I attempted to keep my labored breathing quiet as I felt my bones knit back together, swelling go down, and bruises fade. Strength began to flow into my muscles. Every time Xoron looked down at me, perhaps wanting to ensure I was actually dead, Raven chimed in with another comment that rattled the hulking, uber powerful emperor and drew his ire—and attention—back to the clever superhero.

This process went on for at least fifteen minutes before Xoron finally put an end to Raven's banter with a frustrated roar. "ENOUGH! You will not dictate terms to ME! I can crush you and everyone else on this pitiful planet. The only one with the potential to challenge me was…"

He turned to where my body lay, less than ten feet away, words trailing off as his face went pale in terror.

"Her injuries! They're gone!" he gasped.

Oops! The game was up! I popped open my eyes, able to see clearly now, feeling far better. Far better, even, than I had when I started this fight. An intense attraction to the massive emperor rolled through me in tingling waves, just as it had with Xymon in Raven's safehouse. I was not about to give in to that now, however. Chiding my aroused body, I clamped down on my growing desire. Xoron certainly wouldn't hesitate to slam a fist into my lips as they moved in for some kissing action. And I certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of that man's fists any more!

"Don't forget about that shitty invisibility power of yours…" whispered Valkyrie with a wink as I leapt to my feet.

Except that I didn't. Leap to my feet. Instead, I leapt into the sky without making the return trip to the ground. I just kept rising!

Holy shit! I could fly!!!

I concentrated on moving faster, launching myself upward in earnest, accelerating quickly, leaving a stunned Xoron below. I must have picked up his power of flight!


Take that Valkyrie! This was the best power of all! I did a few spins and somersaults in the air, joyfully testing my new power, before deciding I needed to get back to business. I glanced below me once more to find that Xoron was no longer there.

Damn me and my need to goof around at the worst possible times! I'd lost track of the most powerful—


The clap of Xoron's fist pounding into my stomach was loud enough to shatter a few windows below. It hurt. Bad. But it wasn't quite as devastating as last time. My abs had held up to his earth-shattering power this time, though they ached like hell. Hurtling through the air once more, I was also able to use my newfound power of flight to stop myself this time. I was no longer helpless in this arena, though from the feel of his latest punch, he was probably still stronger than I was.

"This time, I won't take it so easy on you. This time, I'll finish this!" Xoron yelled accelerating toward me, his face approaching mine with an intimidating snarl twisting his features.

My stomach plummeted in terror, as raw, all-too-recent memories of my bloody-pulpification danced in my mind. Think, damn it! I needed to spend more time near Xoron to finish duplicating his power. But how could I do that without being pounded into oblivion again?

Wait! What had Valkyrie told me? Don't forget about my shitty invisibility power!

Of course!

I winked out of sight, dodging to the left to float, undetectable, in the air as Xoron sailed by. He stopped, confused by the lack of contact, and searched the sky for me. I snickered as his eyes darted frantically about, using my power of flight to zoom in, so that I was close enough to him to continue absorbing his phenomenal levels of strength and invulnerability.

As I closed on his position, I once again felt my libido wrestle my willpower for control. I uttered pet-speak repeatedly to myself like a mantra as I struggled to control the burgeoning arousal that accompanied my rapidly ascending power.

No! Bad libido! Down girl!

Finally, I felt the weak-kneed arousal and tingling sensation subside. In its place was a crackling torrent of power roaring through every square inch of my body. I felt incredible. Invincible.

I clenched a fist, watching deep grooves appear in my arm. Hard, defined muscle quivered with unimaginable strength. Remembering, once again, Andrea's dead body dropping from his fingers, fury boiled anew within my chest. Emotions surging, I let out a powerful scream that sent a shockwave rippling through the city below. Dropping my invisibility, I screamed through the sky at the hulking figure before me.

This time, when my fists met with his face, it caved to the force of my hands. Bones cracked beneath my clenched fingers. He launched a counter strike instantly. I was on him though, with very little distance between our bodies, busily pounding on his face. His fists struck me on each side, just above my hip. I barely felt them. He continued to rain blows into both of my obliques, only to have them bounce off the impenetrable muscle of my abdomen harmlessly.

Our faces close, I smiled at his frustrated expression, my righteous anger shining through. I snaked my sculpted arms around him and squeezed as hard as I could. Xoron looked confused for a moment. Then I saw something new in his eyes.


I pulled him toward me with every ounce of strength in my supercharged muscles. I felt his body begin to give against my impossibly hard physique. My breasts pushed his huge pecs inward, bowing his ribs inward. I redoubled my efforts, shifting my position for more leverage, then pulling him toward me. I felt his muscles give under my relentless pressure. His rips creaked, then one-by-one began to snap. My hands pulled against his back until I felt one more loud pop. His held shock, widening in response to the cracking of his spine. He looked at me in disbelief for several long moments until the life faded from his eyes, and they locked forever to some distant point on the horizon.

A pang of regret touched my heart as I dropped his body from the sky to land heavily on the street below. I had never killed anyone before. He'd deserved it. For Andrea. Still, the act left me with a strange feeling of emptiness. I tried to tell myself I had done the right thing, that he had been a threat to the lives of everyone on earth. I believed it even. But there was something in the depths of my soul that remained unconvinced that my action had been just.

Conflicting emotions warring within me, I descended to the street, where Raven and Sapphire Valkyrie awaited, beaming at each other and slapping high fives.

As I neared, I saw Raven's eye bulge before he averted his eyes. Sapphire Valkyrie's jaw hung loose as if dangling from an overly greased hinge.

What were those reactions for? I wondered.

Then I remembered. When I'd removed my invisibility, I'd forgotten to leave my woman parts cloaked. I was naked as the day I was born, floating down from the sky. Must be quite a sight! I looked down at the bare, flawless skin of my breasts, which seemed even larger than before, debated whether to create a costume of invisibility, then shrugged. Screw it. I didn't have anything to be ashamed of. I was completely freaking gorgeous!

"Rockin' the extreme minimalist look, I see," said Sapphire Valkyrie attempted to joke, but her voice was shaking and slightly hoarse. She averted her eyes as if afraid to look me directly in the eye. I glanced toward Raven, who was trembling as he looked into my eyes, his own open abnormally wide. He seemed to want to speak, but no words came out when his mouth opened.

Oh no! Was I disfigured somehow? Maybe my previous injuries hadn't healed right? Or had my interaction with Xoron changed me to become more gorgeous as the one with Xymon had? Either possibility could explain their reactions, I cast about for a mirrored surface, until finding one on the surface of an office building on the far side of Raven. I stared at my reflection in the mirrored glass window, seeing my current self for the first time.

I sucked in a sharp breath. Before me stood a proper Xyr Queen in all her glory. Bearing regally tall, muscles chiseled and powerful, sunlit ginger tresses like a banner of fire in the blowing wind.

My body had bulked up a bit, not like that of a bodybuilder, but like that of an extremely sexy model who had gotten pretty serious about her weight workouts. But not even the most religious gym-goer had ever looked quite this defined. And no model had ever looked this sexy, I decided. My curves had grown more voluptuous than before, despite the ripped muscles that popped into defined relief with every movement. My lips, now naturally a vivid shade of rose, burst into an earth-shakingly brilliant smile. My body moved with leonine grace, my posture unconsciously giving the impression of my newfound status as royalty. I looked every bit the part of a mind bendingly powerful alien Queen.

My smile disappeared and tears welled, however, as another thought returned. My Queendom, wonderful as it was, had cost me Andrea.

I ran to Raven and hugged him as tears began to stream down my cheeks. The danger passed, I needed some emotional release. My sister had just died, and I couldn't contain my feelings any longer. Now that I didn't have Andrea, I was turning to Raven to be my support.

"He killed Andrea, Raven. He killed her," I sobbed. Raven stood tall, hand rubbing circles on my back as he waited for me to cry myself out. Valkyrie came over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"I killed Xoron too! I killed somebody, Raven!" I gushed, tears bursting forth with renewed vigor from the other traumatic experience I'd just been through.

"What a way to go, though," replied Raven, finally speaking. His voice was flat but his lips held the barest hint of a smile. "Crushed against the most perfect body in the universe. I can only hope I go out like that!"

As I absorbed his words, a bubble of laughter gurgled its way upward. It exploded in a sort of half-laugh, half-sob. A hysterical bout of a dozen more laugh-sobs followed before I could speak again. "Damn you, Raven! I'm supposed to be feeling properly horrible right now."

"Hey, that's my motto: here to screw up a perfectly horrible moment."

My laugh-sobs turned into simple laughter. Valkyrie smiled as well.

"Which you did, by the way," Sapphire Valkyrie interjected. "Nice work on the distraction. You kept that going longer than we dared hope! I thought I was going to lose it and start laughing about a dozen times there…"

Raven nodded, accepting her compliment.

"How did you guys know that putting me near him would allow me to absorb his powers?"

Raven looked sheepish. "I may have accidentally planted a small transmitter on you when you left the gym warehouse."

"You planted…?" I trailed off. So he had heard Andrea's explanation. He knew everything!

I wasn't sure whether to be angry or happy. I supposed it should be the latter, since it had allowed Raven and Valkyrie to save my life.

Before I could respond to Raven, however, Valkyrie squeezed my shoulder. "I want to apologize. About before. I'm just… not used to being upstaged by other superheroes, I suppose." Sapphire Valkyrie's expression was one of sincere contrition as she looked me in the eye for the first time.

"You don't owe me an apology. You saved my freaking life back there!"

"And you saved the life of everyone on the planet," she fired back with a wink.

"Oh, yeah. There is that." Not a very humble response, I know. But I hadn't really been prepared to accept a comment like that, being only a super-new galactic empress and all.

Valkyrie smiled, then flew away, leaving me alone with Raven, in his arms.

The moment was too much. Unable to resist any longer, desire joining the joy and guilt in my maelstrom of emotions, I leaned forward and kissed him.

I drew back, eyes going wide. Oh, no! Raven and Sapphire Valkyrie were a thing! And I'd just made up with Valkyrie too! Now I'd given her reason to go all bitchy on my ass again!

"It's okay. Valkyrie and I have moved on. We're not together any more." Raven said, seeming to read my mind.

My shoulders dropped, and I let out a breath. "Thank God! I didn't want her to go breaking her hand trying to slap me again!"

Raven grinned, then gave me a long, passionate kiss. When we came up for air, I spoke in my huskiest, most seductive purr. My new voice was great for that now. The sound sent tingles through my own spine!

"My room might have a gigantic hole in it, but it's right over there. I'm pretty sure the bedroom's still intact? I can probably do all kinds of things to you with this new body of mine. Things I couldn't even do when Xymon and I—"

I abruptly cut off. Probably shouldn't have mentioned that last part!

"Xymon and…" he repeated, trailing off as he realized what I meant. "You… and Xymon!" he said, shocked.

I cut him off with another kiss. He tensed, then relaxed, his arms slithering up my back to pull me closer to him. Apparently, my kissing was pleasant enough that it trumped the Xymon thing. I had thought as much. Besides, he owed me for planting a bug and listening in on my private conversations!

I picked him up and flew him back into my damaged apartment, where I lay him on my bed and proceeded to show him everything this new body of mine was good for.



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