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Written by HikerAngel :: [Monday, 10 August 2020 15:22] Last updated by :: [Friday, 14 August 2020 20:20]


by HikerAngel and Au Goose

This one was written for Jenna, based on her concept. :)

Jenna groaned as she reached over and turned off the backup alarm on her phone. Today was officially the end of summer vacation, and she was unaccustomed to awakening at such an early hour. The unwelcome dawn marked three occasions: first day of school, the start of her senior year, and her eighteenth birthday. It was kind of unfair she still had to go to school, but she was hoping one of her friends or family might have come up with a nice birthday present to open afterward.

Showering and throwing on her school uniform, the young brunette put on her earrings and makeup in front of the mirror then ran downstairs for a quick bowl of cereal. Wanting to make sure that she didn’t start the new semester by missing the bus, she gobbled breakfast so quickly that she hardly chewed. Jenna tossed the bowl in the sink, gave her mom a quick hug, then ran outside as her mom called out, “happy birthday,” behind her.

Already waiting at the bus stop was a slim, gorgeous blonde. She was tall, perhaps 5’9”, with most of her height coming from disproportionately long legs. Her shining mass of luxuriant hair cascaded over the white button-up top that encased her slender shoulders. As the flaxen-haired girl turned, Jenna saw the girl’s small breasts pressing against the fabric of the top, the lace of her white bra slightly visible beneath the thin material. A tight, red, high-cut plaid skirt encircled her tiny waist, ending at mid-thigh. Long, tanned thighs flowed out from under the almost scandalous hem to incredibly defined, shapely calves. Black Mary Jane shoes and sparkling stud earrings completed her outfit. Jenna was dressed the same but looked nothing like the girl before her. This unknown vision absolutely owned the look.

Jenna gulped, having never seen anyone like her at school before – and she would not have forgotten a girl like that. She looked like a fashion model – and a particularly sexy one at that.

Approaching her shyly, Jenna shifted her backpack on her shoulder. She came to a stop beside the tall high schooler, the tips of her honey-blond hair brushing Jenna’s cheek as they fluttered in the breeze. Jenna waited in silence next to her, wanting to say something but stomach too twisted with amorous tension to manage thoughts of things like… words. Jenna bit her lower lip, clutching vainly at fleeting thoughts of how to open a conversation. Instead, she simply cast sidelong glances toward the girl’s pretty face at every opportunity. Her skin was unbelievably smooth, like acne wouldn’t dare mar her velvety forehead and cheeks. After a moment of growing silence-built tension, the other girl caught her looking, a cryptic smile forming over her full, sensual lips.

Jenna felt a flush creep up her cheeks as she knew that the mysterious beauty next to her had noticed her attraction, but her mind remained a complete blank. Jenna, desperate, could think of absolutely nothing to say to break the ice and ease the uncomfortable silence.

Thankfully, the bus turned around the corner and zoomed to their stop. As it arrived with a gasping squeak of its brakes, Jenna was just thankful that this awkward, titillating encounter was coming to a close.

As the bus door opened, Jenna nodded toward it, indicating for her to go ahead, eyes careful to avoid the blonde’s lest she make her already warm cheeks hotter still. The girl smiled again, more fully this time, then took two steps to the open door of the bus. Jenna felt those steps. Really felt them. The impacts reverberated in the ground as if a crane had just dropped a loaded cargo container right next to her. Twice. Jenna’s jaw dropped in surprise as she glanced down at the sidewalk under the sexy blonde’s feet and saw the concrete cracked under the slender girl’s shapely foot. It hadn’t been cracked before, had it? Jenna couldn’t remember. Could she really be that heavy?.

As the nubile teen stepped onto the bus, the steel steps seemed to bow slightly under her small foot and the bus’ shocks creaked as it listed precariously toward the two girls, thrown off balance in response to the girl’s prodigious mass.

How could a girl that thin possibly be that heavy? It certainly wasn’t her size! Could it be her density? The bus groaned, straightening, as she reached the top of the steps and walked softly down the center aisle. Metal plates popped as she advanced, like empty aluminium cans being dented inward by clenching fingers.

Jenna shook away the odd thoughts about the girl, however, as she realized that she’d better get onto the bus before the door closed, and it pulled away. She quickly ascended the damaged steps and surveyed the full interior. Glancing around, she noticed all the seats were full – all but one.

The one right next to her beautiful stranger.

Jenna cleared her throat, nervously picking at her blouse as she walked down the row, and took the open seat, giving the attractive girl a brief, hesitant averted-eye smile as she sat down.

The mystery girl’s lips curled upward, once again, into an enigmatic smile as Jenna pretended to look at her phone, secretly using it to reflect the girl’s exquisite, heart-shaped face for a better look.

Suddenly, Jenna felt something rub against her bare calf. Eyes widening as she looked, she saw that it was the girl’s perfectly formed leg! The blonde had extended it to rub her calf against her own… except that it felt nothing like her own. The girl’s toned muscle was warm and deliciously curved, feeling like a ball of steel that had been heated gently in an oven, then covered in flawless, silky skin.

Jenna gasped as she felt the leg’s impossible firmness, beginning, by the feel of it, to actually accept that the beautiful girl’s svelte muscles must really be so dense that they were weighing down the bus!

Who was this girl?

As the bus attempted to move forward, it whimpered a grinding noise, engine and gears doing their best to put the large vehicle in motion. The bus shuddered and lurched but finally began to roll forward.

Jenna reached down to her phone, attempting to surreptitiously activate the camera to record, but another brush of the blonde’s sleekly muscled limb against her bare skin caused her hands to tremble. The phone dropped under the seat with a loud clatter. Jenna’s jaw muscles tightened in embarrassment, and she sat momentarily frozen, unsure what to do next.

Finally, Jenna steeled her frayed nerves, knowing that she needed to speak to the new girl that had her so turned on even before the tantalizing touches of her magnificent body. Jenna turned her gaze to the lovely girl’s eyes for the first time. Their eyes met with a smoldering intensity that sent electric tingles through her already aroused body.

“I was wondering when you’d finally be ready to speak to me,” said the mysterious girl.

“I-I just...“ Jenna stammered before sighing and beginning anew. “You’re new, right? I’m Jenna…”

“I am new. Scarlett. Nice to meet you,” she said, mesmerizing, plump lips painted in lipstick whose shade did justice to her name. She extended a delicate hand, watching Jenna expectantly.

Jenna took it and shook, noticing the excited tremble in her fingers as she did it.

She shifted in the seat turning at an angle to Jenna, the two girls’ knees touched, sending jolts of extremely pleasant sensation through Jenna’s legs. Jenna swallowed loudly, never having felt an attraction this intense before and not quite sure how to handle it.

Jenna’s discomfort seemed to amuse Scarlett, and the blonde released her grip on Jenna’s hand, bringing it down to rest on Jenna’s thigh, just above her knee. She seemed to rest it carefully, as if afraid to lower its full weight on Jenna’s leg. Even then, Jenna felt as if a few sandbags were resting atop the beautiful girl’s fingertips.

A sudden double pop and subsequent hiss caused the bus to lurch to a stop, two flat tires putting a stop to all forward momentum. The vehicle was simply unable to continue with Scarlett on board. The girl’s weirdly immense mass was simply too much for it to handle. The bus driver turned to the students on board and spoke.

“We’re having some mechanical difficulties, ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to radio in for some support. Sorry about the delay.”

Scarlett’s brows furrowed in annoyance.

“Not again!” she murmured.

As Scarlett lifted her hand from Jenna’s leg, the brunette’s skin, having turned white from the pressure of Scarlett’s lightest touch, began to return to its normal pink.

Scarlett rose to her feet, and the bus leaned further to the side as the distribution of her weight levered it. The windows cracked and rattled from the strain.

“Excuse me,” she said softly, sliding past me. The taut, unyielding cables of sinew in her hamstrings brushed my knees, the metal floor bowing under the startlingly extreme stress of the balls of her black-shoed feet.

Loud, metallic thuds of flexing steel accompanied every footstep as Scarlett walked to the front of the bus, descended the steps and walked out the door. The instant she left the bus, it rocked back to an upright position, its shocks and struts bouncing as the tremendous weight had been lifted from their weakening springs.

More curious than ever about this mystery girl, Jenna jumped up from her seat to follow her, her footsteps feathery light in comparison to Scarlett’s as she ran down the aisle and bounded off the bus.

As she jumped off the final step, Jenna’s eyes widened as she launched herself right into  Scarlett. As she bumped into the beautiful girl, she noticed just how solid Scarlett felt. It was as if the gorgeous girl were a metal sculpture, warmed under the hot afternoon sun.

Jenna peeled herself from Scarlett’s luscious form, taking a step back, even as her again-welling feelings of desire encouraged her to prolong their body contact.

Scarlett turned to face Jenna, an apologetic look on her face this time.

“Sorry about that. I tend to have that effect on cars. I thought the school bus might be able to handle me, but I guess not.”

Her expression turned suddenly hopeful, even as Jenna backed away.

 “Walk with me?” she asked, a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“Sure!” Jenna replied, arousal flowing through her from the touch of the other girl’s insanely hard curves.

Scarlett smiled in reply then turned and began to walk, the sidewalk crunching under every footfall. Some of the slabs outright shattered when she passed over them. Jenna stood there, dumbfounded, watching Scarlett’s delicious calves flexing into tight, beautiful striations with every step. She eyed the skirt of the other girl’s school uniform hanging and flapping against the delicious curve of her gorgeous ass, quickly sucking in the drool that had begun to accumulate in the corners of her mouth, before it had a chance to dribble over her lip.

Jenna ground her teeth, more aroused then she’d ever felt, as she stood there, ogling Scarlett’s tall, gorgeous body. The blonde’s shapely muscled calves tensing and relaxing with every long, leggy stride.

How fucking hard this girl must be! Jenna wondered. How impossibly strong are those beautiful legs of hers…?

The girl’s diamond bulges of impossibly hard flesh continued to crack the concrete as they took her further from Jenna, until the awestruck brunette realized that she needed to catch up.

Closing on Scarlett, Jenna tripped over the damaged sidewalk, her fingertips extending to catch her fall, brushing Scarlett’s iron-hard, curvaceous, flexing calves along the way. Her palms hit the broken cement with a stinging scrape, followed closely by her knees. She didn’t see the shiver that ran up and down Scarlett’s svelte body.

Jenna felt a wash of desire flow through her from that brief touch of her fingertips as she rested there on all fours. She then felt Scarlett’s firm grip on her arm as it pulled her up with irresistible strength.

Jenna flew two feet into the air, before gravity pulled her back to earth, landing on soft knees as Scarlett looked at her, fire in her cobalt blue eyes.

“If you wanted to touch my calves, all you had to do was ask…” she said with a long-lashed wink.

“Wait! Are you… serious?” asked Jenna before she could think better of it, heart fluttering at the prospect, wondering if this were too good to be true. She had fantasized about meeting a beautiful girl with incredibly dense, strong muscles many times. Now those daydreams were coming true?!

“Deadly,” Scarlett deadpanned before her ruby lips issued a dulcet giggle. “Come on, silly, we’re going to be late to class!”

Scarlett, apparently in a better mood now than she had been in the immediate aftermath of the bus breakdown, began to skip, thick blond hair bouncing off her shoulders with the movement. Unfortunately, the bounding motion only served to increase the impact on the sidewalk, small clouds of gray dust puffing up as she pulverized it into shattered crumbles with every landing. Jenna thought her bra must be incredibly tough – Sacrlett’s modest bosom hardly jiggled at all.

Scarlett set a demanding pace. By the time they reached the school, Jenna was breathless and gasping for air.

“How... are you... so fast?” huffed Jenna.

Scarlett shrugged.

“My legs are pretty strong, I guess,” she said with a smile, not breathing heavily in the least.

Walking into the school, the hallway tiles cracked under her steps. Scarlett didn’t seem to notice, looking around the campus for the first time. She pulled out her phone as she walked, brows furrowing as she read it.

“This email says I’m in Mrs. Baker’s history class first period. Do you know where that is?”

Jenna nodded.

“I’m in that class too. Follow me.”

Another fifty yards – and at least fifty snapped industrial grade floor tiles later – the pair had arrived. Jenna chose a desk, and Scarlett took one next to her.

As the gorgeous girl sat, her legs busting into sinuous striation with the movement, the desk creaked with the weight. When her legs relaxed, no longer supporting the bulk of her weight, the desk groaned and collapsed to the ground in a mangled mess.

Scarlett shot up, the twisted metal supports of the desk flung away by the far harder, far stronger muscles of her legs. Her slender fingers wrapped around the plastic surface and easily pulled it off the frame then dropped it atop the destroyed furniture.

Scarlett moved to stand in the back corner of the classroom as Mrs. Baker gave her an astonished look.

“I’m so sorry! I’ve never seen a desk just collapse like that! Are you alright?”

“Fine!” Scarlett said, shooting her a dazzling white smile. “It’s okay. I should have known better. I’ll just stand.”

Mrs. Baker gave her a questioning look and seemed about to speak. However, she apparently thought better of it and simply nodded, giving the wrecked desk one last look before she began her lecture.

Scarlett stood through the remainder of her classes to Jenna’s amused relief. After school, however, Scarlett approached her, a twinkle in her radiant eye.

“Wanna cover over to my house?” she asked, cocking both her head and her hip, long hair hanging down.

“Okay,” Jenna said, trying not to sound too eager. Could this really be happening?

When they reached the girl’s house, just a few doors down from Jenna’s own, Jenna noticed the reinforced steel flooring. Made sense, she thought with a lopsided grin. Her parents must not want to replace their flooring every other day...

“So how did you get to be, you know, like this?” Jenna asked.

“Like this?” Scarlett asked, brows furrowing. “Oh! You mean so dense?”

“Um… yeah,” responded Jenna, beyond curious.

“My dad’s actually a scientist. He invented this ray to increase cellular density. It made my skin really indestructible and my muscles and bones like, really strong.” Then her expression transformed, suddenly sheepish. “I kinda used it on myself.”

“Is it dangerous? Are you okay?” Jenna asked in concern.

“Oh, yes! I’m fine!” she said reassuringly, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “And the side-effects are the best.” She bounced up and down on her toes, causing even the reinforced floor to bow slightly. She laughed, “I don’t really need bras anymore and it clears your skin right up. Plus, super-dense nerves are much more sensitive. When our legs brushed against each other on the bus, that felt wonderful to me. Then again on the sidewalk...”

There wasn’t a fabric known to man that could restrain the steel-hard bumps rising from the swells of Scarlett’s chest as her pupils grew, remembering the feel of Jenna’s accidental caress.

Scarlett turned her half-lidded come-hither gaze towards Jenna, “It was an accident the first time…”

“The first time…?” Jenna asked, raising an eyebrow. She didn’t know if Scarlet meant this beam of hers or their touching.

Scarlett didn’t answer, simply giving a cryptic smile and nodding toward the stairs. As she descended the reinforced metallic steps, they grunted in protest under her weight. Jenna followed her until they came to a strange gun-like device mounted on a tripod facing what almost looked like a livestream set.

The blond girl pressed a button and a red blinking light came on. Scarlett strode over to what looked like a victorian-style couch with long ornate legs and a single armrest at the head, except that it was made of solid steel, just like the floor. She stretched out, lying across its long seat. She gave Jenna a smoldering look and curled a finger to invite the brunette toward her.

“I saw that you liked my legs. Wait until you see what happens when the light on the device over there turns green.”

Jenna glanced toward it as Scarlett wrapped a long leg around her and pulled her toward the sofa with irresistible strength. Jenna sat down hard at its foot, spinning her legs out of the way until she sat in a crouch, ass touching her own calves. Scarlett’s legs slammed down to either side, sending a shudder through the metal furniture.

A beep came from the device and the light turned green. Aimed directly at Scarlett’s chest, Scarlett seemed to be feeling its effects, her head rolling back in pleasure, muscles tensing under its invisible rays.

Jenna felt Scarlett’s hard, rounded calves burst into ridges they clenched and pulled against her, trapping her. Overcome with desire, she slipped her hands under their silky, arched hemispheres, fingertips tracing the impossibly hard striations of her flexing muscle.

Mouth lowering, Jenna pressed her lips against the girl’s taut, fleshy calves, feeling them become even harder as she extended her tongue to probe their trembling surface. A shudder ran through Scarlett as she moaned and began to writhe. Her top came untucked from the girl’s undulating motions, and it fell away, leaving a sliver of unbelievably hard, cobbled abs visible to Jenna’s eye.

Breathing out hard, Jenna continued to run her tongue up Scarlett’s leg to the inside of her knee. When she reached Scarlett’s inner thigh, trailing kisses ever further upward, Scarlett’s back arched, leaving only her toned shoulders, luscious ass, and toes touching the surface beneath her.

The solid metal couch beneath them began to creak.

Jenna could feel the girl’s muscles gaining more density, moving, now, like liquid steel as she reached the hem of Scarlett’s skirt, tucking her head under it. When she reached the girl’s crotch, she bit down on the thin fabric of her panties and pulled them aside with her teeth. Jenna’s hands slid under the girl’s hamstrings then around to pull down on the girl’s absolutely rigid thighs. Scarlett’s legs were so heavy, that Jenna’s tugs didn’t budge them a millimeter. But it gave her leverage as she darted her tongue into the stunning girl’s opening.

Scarlett began to pant with increasing urgency as the solid metal bench under them began to twist and bend under the pressure of her colossal weight.

Jenna continued as the other girl became more and more excited, moans turning to urgent yelps as she cried out for more.

“Oh, God!” she gasped finally, as Jenna brought her to climax. Scarlett’s luscious figure seemed to swell dramatically in all the right places, her impossibly strong, solid muscles becoming an order of magnitude stronger and harder than anything else on the planet. 

As the girl’s abs tremored with explosive force and feet curled inward with rippling strength, Jenna felt the metal bench beneath them give way, the foot end collapsing with a squeal of twisting metal, insufficient, now, to the task of supporting her tremendous mass.

Scarlett lay there, recovering with shallow breaths as Jenna drew back from under her skirt, the back of her hand rising to wipe the girl’s juices from her chin.

“Oh my God, that felt good,” breathed Scarlett, still trembling from the aftershocks of her steel-shattering orgasm. Jenna smiled broadly, pleased that she had so quickly brought the other girl to such a lofty peak of pleasure.

“Now it’s your turn,” Scarlett said seductively, flipping Jenna onto her back atop the mangled lump of metal with an easy twist of her powerful hips.

“My turn? But I just-” Scarlett casually slid her up the impromptu ramp of the couch to the end directly in the path of the beam.

“Ooo? Ooo!” Jenna squeaked, immediately able to feel the ray pouring into her core, stroking her bones and polishing her newly tender skin. She felt her breasts lift, sheathed in tight and unblemished skin. There were no mirrors in the basement studio, so she could only imagine how much better she might look if she were blessed with Scarlett’s perfect skin and perky figure.

“It’ll take you a few minutes to catch up. I’m sure I can think of something to help you pass the time…” Scarlett promised in a  breathy whisper.

The eighteen-year-old brunette closed her eyes as she began to feel the warmly delicious sensation from the flow of mass-inducing energy enhancing and reshaping her willing and eager body, soon to be followed by rising arousal from her super-strong lover’s increasingly urgent attentions. Feeling her own newly shapely muscles harden under the beam and taking on inhuman power, Jenna whispered softly, mostly to herself.

“What a birthday present…”

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