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Ripples in Reality 2

Written by HikerAngel :: [Wednesday, 17 March 2021 21:40] Last updated by :: [Friday, 19 March 2021 20:46]

Ripples in Reality 2

Commissioned by ChaozCloud and GalateaX

Written by HikerAngel

“Come take a look at this, Dr. Mendler!” George said, his eyes wild with excitement even as his brows furrowed in confusion.

“What is it, George?” asked Dr. Mendler, his tone slightly annoyed as his grad student pulled his attention from the comet he was measuring.

“The temperature of Venus just rose by four degrees! I’ve never seen anything like it! Usually the planet’s temperature doesn’t fluctuate more than one degree Celsius in either direction,” said George, blinking as if it would change the numbers on the screen.

As his eyes continued to study the various metrics on the screen, they widened further. “And the planet seems to be…” His voice grew incredulous as it trailed off.

“Seems to be what?” asked Dr. Mendler, his annoyance gone, replaced by curiosity.

“…seems to be wobbling on its axis, sir!” the younger man replied hesitantly.

“That’s impossible,” Dr. Mendler scoffed, coming over to see what his student was blathering about.

“But… look!” said George, turning to motion his professor to him.

Dr. Mendler leaned over his student, eyes scanning the screen with skepticism. “Your equipment must be broken. Try resetting everything, then recalibrating. The only thing that could cause something like that is the collision of a giant meteor or something, and we haven’t detected anything of the sort.”


Cassie slithered a silky calf around Katsuko’s staggeringly powerful thigh as she began to laugh mid-kiss. In the vacuum of space, her laughter made no sound, but the feel of Katsuko’s forming smile against her lips told her that the sexy young Asian had sensed her joy.

Not that it was difficult to be filled with joy with bodies like theirs. The two girls’ attractiveness was beyond anything anyone on earth had ever imagined. But unimaginable sexiness was the least impressive aspect of their physical forms. Cassie’s nubile body held within it the strength and powers of the world’s first real-life Kryptonian, and Katsuko’s was brimming with such unbelievable levels of power that even Cassie wasn’t sure of the full extent of the breathtaking Asian teen’s abilities any longer.

They had just made love on the planet named after the Roman Goddess of Love, the hottest women in the solar system literally rocking the hottest planet in the solar system in their excitement.

Cassie laughed again. How had she recalled that set of facts? Maybe her mind had improved as much as her figure with the statuette’s gifts?

She didn’t have long to muse on her newfound recollection of facts, however, as her lover’s gentle embrace crushed the blonde’s superhumanly firm breasts against a curvaceous Asian form that absolutely radiated unthinkable power. If Cassie had had any air left in her lungs, it would have been forced out with Katsuko’s casual display of far-beyond-Kryptonian strength.

They continued to make out, their insatiable bodies intertwined, as they entered earth’s atmosphere. When there was sufficient air to breathe, Cassie spoke breathily between kisses.

“My God, Kat… You are so… fucking amazing…” Cassie’s lips continued to devour her goddess-lover’s succulent mouth between words.

Katsuko smiled, returning the sentiment in similar fashion. “You have… no idea… how long… I’ve been waiting… to do this with you.”

Cassie moaned, running the fingers of her right hand along the insanely hard ridges of the Asian girl’s slim but well-muscled arms. “Why didn’t… you ever… say anything…back then?”

The shapely blonde clutched at the ultra-dense swells of steely sinew that covered Kat’s back, her fingers not able to so much as dent their steely surface, despite her own prodigious strength. Katsuko’s power was in a class of its own, her body completely unyielding even to the touch of a supergirl.

“Are you kidding?” Katsuko said, pulling her mouth from Cassie’s in astonishment. “I mean, you were Cassie! The sexiest, most popular, awesomest girl in school! What chance did someone like me have with someone like you. You probably would have—”

The rest of her response was unintelligible as Cassie cut her off with another tongue-swirling kiss under loving eyes, igniting another bout of passion from devouring lips and writhing bodies.

“I would have done that!” Cassie finished her friend’s interrupted statement, laughing as the two lovers finally came up for air.

“Yeah, I wish!” responded Katsuko with a lilting laugh of her own.

Then, as they gazed adoringly at one another, their world exploded in a blazing inferno.

As the searing fire of an explosion whirled around them, bathing them in the comfort of its heat, their perception automatically accelerated. The destructive power of the blast raged in slow motion around them as the girls continued their conversation at super-speed.

Katsuko sighed, looking almost bored as her vision pierced the flames to the squadron of aircraft on the other side. “Seriously? Do these military guys actually think they have a chance? Did they not see what happened the last time?”

Cassie giggled, her eyes gleaming wickedly. “If they’re anything like my dad, they probably don’t care.”

Kat rolled her eyes, smiling at the sexy blonde. “Okay, then. Do you want to do the honors?”

“You bet!” Cassie said slyly, rubbing her hands together as she turned her attention to the inbound aircraft.


The oncoming pilots saw a blonde blur emerge from the ball of fire almost the exact second it ignited. The sexy girl zipped past them with such speed that they felt the wings of their aircraft wobble in her wake. Two of the planes in their tight V-formation collided, their carbon fiber wings snapping as they clashed. The wingless planes spun like tops as they descended in slowly widening spirals to the ground.

The remaining pilots swallowed, looking about from their cockpits for any sign of the curvaceous blonde teen that had taken out two billion-dollar planes without even trying. One yelped as he caught sight of Cassie just behind him. She gave him a flirtatious wink, then thrust her hands forward, digging her slender fingers into the futuristic hide of his highly advanced, experimental plane. She made a quick outward gesture with both hands, ripping the stealth material in half. Cassie laughed as the stunned pilot dropped into free fall from the ruined craft, still in his seat, the bottom of his plane splitting in half before he could eject.

The breathtaking blonde flicked her wrists, hurling both halves of the plane simultaneously, sending each spinning toward the two remaining aircraft like hypersonic frisbees. They sheared the advanced jets in half, slicing them like circular saw blades along their horizontal axis and dropping them instantly from the sky.

Looking around to see no more planes, Cassie flew to Katsuko, slithering her arms over the curvaceous girl’s superhumanly firm muscles with graceful ease. “Nice work, Cass,” Kat purred seductively. “Seeing you take apart the most advanced military aircraft with your bare hands seriously turns me on.”

Cassie smiled, but the grin faded into a look of annoyance as she sensed the telltale vibrations in the air that foretold of more advanced weaponry being deployed in their direction.

“Ignore it,” said Katsuko with a shrug of her rounded, muscular shoulders. “Just let them shoot us. Their little explosions turn me on, and I haven’t finished properly fucking you senseless yet. We can destroy them here and there while we do it.”

Cassie’s grin returned, her eyes taking on a mischievous glint. “Sounds good to me!” She leaned in to resume kissing her Asian lover where she left off.

The two impossibly gorgeous women began to twirl as they kissed, descending in a downward spiral. Their bodies slithered together like vipers in a sensual dance, each young woman beginning to moan with pleasure as their touches grew more intimate.

Hearing a jet engine rip by them, its rippling wake of air sending Cassie’s thick, golden tresses swirling about both girl’s still-connected faces, the blonde girl opened her eyes. She turned her head slightly to the side as Kat continued to kiss her cheek, creating an unobstructed view of the aircraft. She let loose with her heat vision, twin beams of energy lancing out to blast through the approaching plane’s fuselage with a crackling smolder. The vehicle’s engine began to glow red as the lasers superheated it in less than a second. As it flew away from her, superheated metal turned to a viscous liquid and dripped droplet-shaped chunks into the swirling air below.

The plane’s engine sputtered, the blades of its turbine slowing with friction as its cylindrical shape grew lopsided, the intense heat of Cassie’s eyes melting it from the top down. Molten metal flew in all directions as the turbine came to a sudden sparking halt. The searing lasers of Cassie’s eyes ceased just as the last of the engine melted off the plane completely, disappearing into the air below in a spray of orange-red fire. The rest of the now-unbalanced plane destabilized, and it began to spin like an arrow until the heat ignited the fuel in its wings. The rest of the aircraft exploded in a spectacular eruption of flames.

Katsuko, sensing Cassie’s movement, opened her own eyes, only to see the aftermath of Cassie’s destruction as they twirled downward. Sensing another inbound aircraft, Kat smiled. The devastation she unleashed from her eyes took even less time than Cassie’s. Blistering beams tore through the sky, incinerating the next plane instantly. The billow of smoke and microscopic gray cinders that remained washed like a puff of warm air over the girls a second later.

Looking back to see Kat’s handiwork momentarily, Cassie laughed. She turned back to her lover with a wry smile. “Showoff!”

Kat gave her an unapologetic smirk. “Takes one to know one.”


A clap of thunderous sound echoed from somewhere far below. Cassie turned toward its source, her blue eyes finding the tank below, right arm still wrapped around Katsuko’s slender waist. The gorgeous blonde casually reached out her left hand, snatching a giant tank shell from the air just prior to impact. Cassie’s upper arms hardened into iron relief as she squeezed, sinking her fingers into the massive steel projectile, the warping metal shrieking in protest. But she simply continued to crush the cannonball-sized bullet with a single hand until it burst into a fiery explosion of orange and red. A wave of heat washed over Cassie’s perfect skin, flames licking at her perfect skin as she turned to her Asian lover.

“One sec, Kat. Gotta take another little nuisance.” Cassie punctuated the statement with a flirtatious wink, and Kat smiled affectionately. As Cassie drifted away from her to reorient herself in the sky, a look of anticipation filled the young Asian’s eyes. She loved watching Cassie and action – almost as much as the sexy young blonde enjoyed watching her work!

With a flex of her perfectly formed derriere that rippled down toned thighs to taut, rounded calves, Cassie poured on speed, accelerating like a supersonic missile toward the tank below. Rotating her nubile body just before she reached it, she slammed her heels into the armored vehicle, cracking a delighted smile as she watched the reinforced steel buckle like cardboard under her small, bare feet. As the tank crumpled beneath her, she felt the vibrations of munitions popping and burning within the collapsing vehicle.

By the time the blonde vixen’s momentum slowed to a halt, her feet had bowed the center of the 60-ton machine all the way to the ground, folding it in half. Giving a small hop from the balls of her feet, she rebounded into the sky. Using her flight power to give her a boost, she zoomed back toward Kat, laughing at how easy it was to destroy the military might her father had made his life’s work. Maybe that would teach him that his time would have been better spent with her.

As Cassie rose from the crushed tank, she heard Katsuko begin to laugh. Turning her head to see why, she followed the Asian beauty’s gaze to a small object on the horizon. Zooming her telescopic vision, the young blonde saw that it was a large robot, bearing a Chinese flag proudly across it’s metallic chest as it ran toward them.

“The U.S. is teaming up with China and sending some sort of robot drone troopers just to deal with little ol’ us?” Cassie laughed, casting a mirthful glance at her friend.

But Katsuko was already rocketing toward the new combatant, a bemused smile on her lips. She slowed as she neared it, landing on the ground a few feet in front of the thing. It pulled back its alloy fist, it’s matte metal surface glistening dully in the sun to launch it at the überpowerful Asian. Looking bored, the girl waited, tapping her toe at super-speed as the fist moved toward her with glacial slowness. She allowed the fist to crunch into her staggeringly developed abs with a violent shower of sparks and deforming metal.

After the robot’s fingers had been destroyed by the impossibly hard muscles of her stomach, Kat grabbed its hand between her thumb and forefinger to examine it.

“It’s made of some kind of super-strong alloy!” she called back to Cassie. “Something way stronger than steel!”

“Did it hurt?” Cassie replied, arching an eyebrow.

“Fuck, no!” Kat laughed before turning her attention back to the high-tech robot. “Are you kidding? We survived a nuclear blast before. It’s amusing that these guys actually think their little remote-controlled toys are going to be able to stop us.”

“Well, it is our dads we’re talking about here,” Cassie laughed.

“True,” Kat said, watching the struggling robot with amusement. “So true.”

The robot dug its alloy feet into the ground for leverage as it attempted to pull it’s hand out of Katsuko’s grip, its servo motors squealing as they applied their maximum force. The sexy young Asian barely even noticed it’s pitiful efforts. She squeezed her thumb and forefinger together, the super-hard metal collapsing instantly under the incredible pressure. Then, she twisted her wrist in a counterclockwise motion, snapping its arm off at the shoulder.

It’s motors whirring angrily, the damaged robot attempted to launch another blow with its remaining arm, but this time, Kat decided not to allow it to damage itself against her invulnerable body. She would do the damaging more actively. She waved her arm to the side, slapping away it’s slowly moving arm and sending it spinning away at hypersonic speed until it embedded itself with a dramatic clank into another approaching robot’s flag-bearing chest. As the armless robot before her reeled backward, its comrade collapsed as well.

Kat looked around, seeing thousands of robot troops now washing over the landscape like locusts. “Hey, Cass! Want to have a little fun?”

“Absolutely!” said the sexy blonde, rubbing her hands together as she surveyed the hordes of new combatants.

“Okay then. It’s bowling time!” Katsuko flashed Cassie a dazzling smile, then dashed forward to grab another hapless robot before it could react. She twirled it in her hands like a baton until it was horizontal, then flung it forward, underhand, sending it spinning forward to crash through an entire column of identical automatons.

“96!” she called out to her companion with a satisfied smirk. “Beat that!”

Cassie grinned, rocketing forward to grab a robot of her own and roll it forward, aiming carefully to take out the large number of the enemy. Her eyes darting about at super-speed to tally the results of her handiwork, she finally had her total. “88. Damn it!”

Katsuko gave her lover a lilting laugh, lunging forward to grab another robot in each hand and give each a powerful shove forward, collapsing two more rows of robots like dominoes. “159!”

“Two at once!” Cassie said with mock outrage. “You cheated!”

Kat simply shrugged. “In robot drone bowling, two handed rolls are allowed. Everyone knows that!”

Cassie’s outraged gaze instantly transforming to one of delight, she gathered up two robots, much like Kat had, then threw each at outward angles while at the same time using her flight power to drive her shoulder into the robot just before her. Three lines of robots fell in straight lines from her position.

“224! Yes!” Cassie pumped her fist victoriously. She pranced in a celebratory circle as small arms fire and mini-missiles exploded against her invulnerable body. “Beat that!”

Katsuko bit her lower lip mischievously, then waited for hundreds more robots to close in around her from all sides. She pursed her lips, then blew a stream of hyper-compressed air outward, twirling 360 degrees to unleash her breath in every direction. Robots flew everywhere, tossed about as if they had been struck by an incredibly intense hurricane. When she was finished, limbs and chassis littered the ground, a swath of destruction extending around her for hundreds of meters.

“1,113,” counted Kat before placing her hands on her voluptuous hips, her dark eyes flashing with glee.

“A thousand!” Cassie giggled, crossing her arms over her shapely chest. “You always have to outdo everyone else, huh?”

“It’s my dad’s fault,” Katsuko deadpanned. “He was always telling me I needed to be the best.

“Well, at least he was around. My dad never gave me the time of day…” said Cassie, her smile faltering momentarily.

Kat, seeing her lover’s brief moment of distress, flew over to wrap her arms around the gorgeous blonde and give her a deep, sensual kiss. “Who needs dads, when you have a supersexy, superpowered lover to hold your attention?”

Cassie’s eyes fluttered open to reveal their glassiness. Her lips trembled with emotion, suddenly overcome by Kat’s words. She had always dreamed of having a romantic partner that truly cared for her. “You’re so right…” she breathed, running her fingers in a gentle caress along Kat’s perfectly sculpted cheekbone before leaning in for another kiss.

The tender moment was interrupted by the fizzing hiss of an incoming missile. Kat turned and casually blasted it with a searing bolt of heat vision. The nuclear warhead at its tip detonated, causing a wave of earth-shaking energy to rippled across the battlefield. The remaining robots were instantly incinerated.

Katsuko smiled as she turned back toward Cassie. “That should buy us a moment of peace.”

But she was mistaken.

Hundreds more nuclear missiles converged on their position in immediate succession, the world’s superpowers apparently having decided not to mess around with obviously inferior weaponry any longer and just fire everything they had at the two girls.

The gorgeous, superpowered girls shared a naughty look before breaking apart. They floated into the sky to meet the greatest destructive force ever unleashed by humanity with bemused expressions on their exquisite faces. Their backs to each other, curvaceous forms rising upward, they each drew their toned shoulders back, puffing out full, perfect breasts. Their well-muscled legs, beautifully defined abs, and tight, rounded glutes tensed, preparing for the coming onslaught.

The first missile struck Katsuko between the luscious swells of her succulent breasts. The second erupted against Cassie’s magnificently sculpted stomach. The third impacted the smooth ball of muscle that was Kat’s perfect calf. The warheads kept coming. Thousands of them. Everything the combined military might of the planet could muster.

Kat stole a glance at her companion, verifying that she was alright. But she needn’t have been concerned. The young Asian beauty had to stifle a giggle when she saw what her friend was doing. Cassie had reached two fingers downward and inserted them between her legs. The buxom blonde’s long lashes fluttered closed as her head tilted back.

Cassie was masturbating within the atom-shredding inferno of a thousand nuclear holocausts. When she thought about it, Katsuko could understand why, however. Being caught in the center of a raging blast of complete and utter destructive power and not only surviving it, but enjoying it, was pretty hot.

She turned until she hovered behind Cassie with her chest against the breathtaking girl’s back. She slipped her fingers over the side of the blonde’s neck. Katsuko turned her friend’s head gently, then pressed her warm lips to Cassie’s already panting mouth. She kissed her longtime crush with increasing passion as the detonations around them intensified, her large breasts pushing into the blonde’s smoothly muscled back from behind.

Kat dropped her right hand to Cassie’s hip, slipping it over the sleek curve of the other girl’s body, then inward over her chiseled stomach. Slender, probing fingers – fingers that contained enough strength to crush a planet – reached downward over the tight muscular lower abdomen of the world’s second strongest girl.

Cassie moaned, the sound reverberating against Kat’s lips. The Asian girl wrapped her fingers gently around Cassie’s wrist, then pulled the girl’s moist fingers from her slit. Taking her time as brilliant flashes of light and awesome bursts of fiery energy swirled around them, Katsuko slid her own hand into her trembling lover.

Cassie’s reaction was immediate. She shuddered as if having received an electric shock. Her moaning grew more urgent, higher in pitch. She began to squirm with excitement in Katsuko’s grasp.

When Kat finally released Cassie’s lips, the luscious blonde murmured in a breathy whisper. “Oh my God, Kat! That feels soooo—”

Katsuko gave her partner an evil grin, then shoved her fingers more forcefully into her partner’s warm, wet womb, tickling its sensitive flesh. Cassie gasped, her words cut off, beginning to tremble. Working her fingers ever deeper into her lover, Kat ran their tips against the softly pulsating flesh within.

Cassie’s eyes squeezed shut, sucking in a deep, shuddering breath. Then, she screamed.

Kat smiled, feeling her own body tingle with arousal at seeing her blonde lover this turned on. Cassie’s hands reached behind her to clutch at Kat’s firm, rounded hips. She entwined Cassie’s legs in her own. Smooth, sexy, feminine flesh slithered together inside the eye of a hurricane of fire, Kat’s curvaceous hips pressing into the perfect slopes of Cassie’s superhumanly succulent ass. The Asian girl ground her body into Cassie’s backside, crushing the girl’s inhumanly strong muscles with the hardest body on the planet.

Cassie, sandwiched between Kat’s perfect body and her impossibly strong fingers, felt the beginnings of a earth-shakingly powerful explosion rumble within her core – an explosion far more powerful than those still detonating around them.

As the blonde’s body quivered with rapidly escalating pleasure, Kat gave Cassie one last crushing press of her hips, one hand still inside her, the other rising to massage her left breast. Kat pinched the girl’s nipple, at the same time shoving her fingers deeper in a final thrust. She plunged her tongue forcefully between the trembling blonde’s lips.

It was all at once. It was too much.

Cassie exploded in a shrieking, writhing climax so powerful that fireworks more dazzlingly brilliant than all the hundreds of nuclear blasts surrounding her lit the darkness behind her closed eyelids.

Kat continued to work her lover until Cassie’s screams abated, her taut body relaxing with sudden exhaustion. Wriggling her fingers out of Cassie’s slit, Katsuko caressed the blonde girl’s stomach as aftershocks pulsed through her unbelievable body. She released Cassie’s mouth to let the girl catch her breath and trailed kisses down the side of her neck and inside the crook of her shoulder.

“Fuck, Kat,” Cassie breathed a moment later, after she had recovered her voice. Her breathy rasp sounded almost as shaky as her body felt as she came down from a gut-wrenchingly intense orgasm. “That was insane.”

Katsuko grinned nefariously. “My turn?”

Cassie’s lips parted in a gorgeous smile, its luminous light overshadowing that of the atomic energy swirling around them as it began to fade. “Of course. But I thought maybe an audience would be in order…”

Furrowing her brows in confusion, Kat wondered what Cassie had in mind. But it didn’t take long to find out.

Cassie took the sexy young Asian by the hand and pulled her through the sky, accelerating far more quickly than any plane the world’s militaries could send after them.


“It had to be done,” said Cassie’s father to Kat’s, his expression grave. The two men hadn’t known each other well until their daughters had unexpectedly been classified as the greatest threat the world had ever known, all of the world’s governments uniting in their assessment of two teenage girls as the greatest threat to the planet.

Neither man was sure how their daughters had become so powerful, but the development had brought the two men together when they had been relieved of their respective commands over concerns of a potential conflict of interest. The military brass never trusted their personnel where family was concerned.

A tear ran down Kat’s father’s normally stoic face, his mouth quivering with emotion as he stared out the foot-thick plexiglass window at the flashes of light in the far distance. “I know,” he said. “But that doesn’t make it any easier.”

As they looked on at the most awesome display of destructive power ever unleashed, they were silent. Both men knew there was no way that even their newly empowered daughters could survive every nation’s nuclear arsenal unleashed in one massive mega-explosion.

Then the bare back of the world’s fittest, sexiest young Asian woman crashed into the window before them, cracking its impenetrable surface. A blonde head bobbed between her legs, and the raven-haired girl moaned in rapture.

The two men, startled, each took a step back, shocked eyes attempting to make sense of what they were seeing.

“Oh my God!” gasped Cassie’s dad. “Is that…?”

“It can’t be!” breathed Katsuko’s father. “It’s… it’s… impossible!”

The stunned men gaped as one of their daughters pleasured the other right in front of them. The breathtaking brunette’s impossibly hard glutes and sculpted shoulders ground aggressively into the transparent wall, crunching its already damaged surface into a larger, denser patina of cracks with every collision. Lengthening webs of cracks slithered over the surface of the reinforced window as the men looked on in shock, until Kat’s father finally had the presence of mind to pull the other man away and run down the hall, out of the way of their girls’ perilous lovemaking.

Kat’s body shattered the window a moment later, the loud crash of the destroyed outer wall giving way to loud panting as Cassie pinned her lover against the interior wall instead. Kat’s squirming, indestructible body now damaged the building’s steel and concrete infrastructure instead.

“God… Cass…! Don’t… stop…” Katsuko hissed breathily in rhythm to the blonde’s long, talented, super-strong tongue.

In response, Cassie only clutched Kat’s athletic hips harder. She jabbed her tongue even deeper into the hyper-aroused Asian supergirl, rubbing her top row of teeth against Katsuko’s engorged clitoris.

Katsuko’s writhed under her lover’s attentions, her pants gaining a husky undertone as they intensified. Cassie looked up at Kat’s beautiful face, running her tongue over her lips to enjoy another taste of her lover’s arousal before diving in for a climactic finale.

Cassie’s teeth nipping, her pink tongue whirling and swirling with inhuman strength, she made certain that her lover couldn’t take it any longer, pushing her hard over ecstasy’s edge. With a long, agonized moan, her immensely powerful body began to quiver with a heady rush of dizzying pleasure. Then, her world exploded in ecstasy.

Steel girders bent, then broke as the cheeks of her sculpted ass clenched. Concrete shattered under the tensing of her rounded shoulders and her small, bare toes. Construction meant to withstand kilotons of explosive energy tore apart like wet tissue paper under the jaw-dropping strength of Katsuko’s ultra-feminine form as it inadvertently penetrated deeper into the bunker-like building.

Cassie giggled, wiping her lover’s juices from her chin as she watched the destruction with a gleeful twinkle in her azure eyes. Floating down to the spasming Asian goddess, now buried in the bowels of their fathers’ building, Cassie called to Kat. “So you liked the teeth grind/tongue plunge combo, eh? Maybe I’ll have to make that my signature move!”

Her body still quaking in aftershocks, Katsuko looked up at the sexy blonde with dazed eyes. “That wasn’t fair!”

“I thought all was fair in love and—” She never finished the sentence as Katsuko rocketed upward to crush her lips into Cassie’s. The force of her upward trajectory sent both of them through the roof of the building and into the sky. The pair blasted steel and concrete upward and outward in a cascading splash that looked like the accompanying cascade of water as a dolphin breaks the surface of the ocean.

Kat wrapped her long legs around Cassie, shoving her breasts forward against the voluptuous swells of her super-lover’s succulent flesh as they soared through the sky in a rainbow-shaped arc. The girls continued to make out even as Cassie’s curvy backside smashed into the turret of another tank, part of the building’s “protective” perimeter. Their speed was such that the tank never managed to aim its howitzer, let alone get off a shot, before its turret crinkled, buckling under the invulnerable perfection of Cassie’s luscious form. Kat continued her aggressive kissing, forcing Cassie’s head deeper into the overmatched metal of the armored vehicle as it shuddered and collapsed around her. The two girls roving legs crumpled the vehicle’s groaning, shrieking steel as if it were nothing more than a pillow. The tank continued to give way to the girls’ enraptured bodies, until their writhing bodies flattened it completely, slamming its armored plating into the ground hard enough to quake the earth below.

Finally, the two sides of the mangled tank clanking against the rocky soil to either side of them, Katsuko pulled her mouth from Cassie’s. She smiled at the breathless girl below her as her long lashes fluttered in bliss.

After a moment, Cassie gave a purr of pleasure. Her eyes opened to gaze into Katsuko’s adoringly. Kat reached out to give her a hand up, pulling her into a hover just above the destroyed tank. “I can’t believe you did that right in front of our dads!”

Cassie grinned. “What? Show them who their daughters really are? It’s about time they learned.”

Katsuko returned the blonde’s smile, a slight flush in her tanned cheeks. “You’re soooo naughty, Cassie.” She winked, in spite of her embarrassment. “I love it!”

The girls joked and laughed about their fathers’ reactions as they drifted toward another building on the base, pausing as they reached a massive steel door.

“Wonder what’s in here?” Cassie asked, turning her attention to it. She tapped her fingers against the vast metal monolith that adorned the front of the windowless building.

Kat shrugged. “Let’s find out!”

The curvaceous brunette floated up to the center of the 30-foot door and jammed each hand into the steel, her slim fingers sinking into its surface as effortlessly as if it were liquid. She gripped the thick steel, her fingers denting it so easily that it was as if it had absolutely no resistance.

Cassie knew she could crush steel with her hands too, but for her, it was like molding clay. For Katsuko, the thick metal might as well have been air. She could plunge through just about anything, it seemed, without the slightest hint of resistance. The effortlessness of her movements struck Cassie, who began to truly understand just how powerful her partner truly was.

Flexing the smooth muscles of her back, Kat pulled outward, sending the two massive alloy sheets flying backward, whipping through the air with dizzying speed. They embedded themselves with a loud, violent crack in the concrete of their fathers’ building hundreds of meters behind them.

The girls floated inside the structure, greeted by blue LED lighting and metallic corridors that looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

“Check this place out!” whispered Cassie, her iridescent blue eyes roaming the hallway in wonder.

“Yeah. Pretty rad, huh?” replied Kat, drifting to the first door on her right. Spotting a retina scanner outside the metal door, she smirked. She plunged a small fist into the barrier, sending another plate of solid steel spinning across the room to tear completely through the thick concrete wall of the building.

Katsuko floated inward, her feet dangling just above the floor. She twirled in a graceful pirouette to run her dark eyes over the room’s contents. High-tech, armored combat suits hung on every wall. Articles of shiny, futuristic clothing lay neatly folded on a table in its center.

“Sweet! Cutting edge military outfits!” said Cassie excitedly as she followed Kat inside. “Let’s take some! We need some clothes, after all.”

Kat laughed. “Oh, I don’t know. I kinda like seeing you naked. I mean, I’ve been fantasizing about it for years, and I haven’t quite gotten my fill yet.”

Smiling, Cassie smacked her lover on the arm, the hard ridges of the girl’s ultra-defined triceps causing even her Kryptonian fingers to sting at the contact. God, Katsuko’s body was amazing!

“We can’t go flying around naked all the time, can we?” Cassie giggled. “I mean, what would people say?”

“You mean the people trying their hardest to blow us up?” Kat asked, raising an eyebrow at her friend’s comment. She shrugged. “Fuck ‘em.”

“Good point,” admitted Cassie, her smile never faltering. “But I’d much rather fuck you.”

The gorgeous blonde floated to Kat for another torrid kiss. “But seriously – don’t you think we should at least have some clothes that could withstand a little punishment, seeing’s how these cute little army guys seem to be intent on throwing everything they have at us?”

Kat sighed. “Fine. I suppose you’re right.”

Cassie laughed again. “Come on, Kat. I know you were never the type to spend the day at the mall, but some of us enjoy taking new threads for a ride.”

“Some meaning you, I take it?” Kat clucked. “I never really had a body worth dressing up before, so it wasn’t all that fun. Dressing up in clothes that displayed my complete lack of curves was never my idea of fun.”

Cassie’s eyes roamed her friend’s magnificent form hungrily. “Well, take it from me. You shouldn’t have those concerns anymore.”

“Okay, okay,” Kat gave in. “So you want to try some of this stuff on, we’ll try some of this on!”

Kat smiled evilly. “I’ll admit. It probably will be pretty fun to tear it off you again later. It’ll be like peeling an orange to get to the sweet fruit inside.”

Cassie bit her lower lip mischievously, her eyes flashing as she met her friend’s gaze. “Sounds like a plan…”

The nubile blonde turned and floated along the wall, sizing up the various combat suits before choosing one and taking it down. It wasn’t very heavy, feeling as if it were made of plastic. But something told her that the molded carapace was far more durable than that simple substance.

Examining its outer casing, Cassie saw a button. Pressing it, something clicked, and the bottom half of the suit fell to the floor. She descended until her small toes touched the ground, then set aside the top half of the suit for the moment. She lifted the armored, shell-like pants, then slid her long legs inside. The suit was snug, but gave way to her shapely legs as it passed the rounded swell of her calf and the smooth, tapered musculature of her well-defined thighs and hamstrings, unable to compress the steely sinew that lay beneath her flawless skin in the least.

Walking over to the mirror in the corner of the room, Cassie admired the view. She twisted her chiseled core first one way, then the other as she admired how the armored shell hugged the breathtaking contours of her superhumanly firm ass. Grabbing the upper portion of the armor, she pulled it over her voluptuous torso, her large breasts causing the molded chest piece, designed for a man, to pop outward into a shape more befitting the ultrafeminine body it was attempting to contain.

Cassie smiled. Being a supergirl was all sorts of fun. Who knew that she would enjoy wearing military combat armor so much. But it was enjoyable to watch the hard, bulletproof material give in to her curves as if it were spandex.

After she was finished pulling it over her sexy-but-athletic body, Cassie surveyed her appearance once more, still clamping down the various clasps and cinches of the outfit to hold it together over unforgiving firmness of her luscious form. “How do I look?” she asked Kat, running her hands over the hard, shiny slopes of the armor that her body had reshaped into its image.

When Katsuko didn’t respond, she turned to face her friend, finding the gorgeous young Asian in a mesmerized trance. The sexy Asian’s, eyes drank in her now-clothed form.

“Kat?” Cassie tried again, raising a hand to snap her fingers

Kat finally startled out of her trance. “Katsuko likely,” she said in a hushed tone, a languid smile growing over her perfect lips.

Cassie giggled with delight, pleased at the effect she’d had on her partner. “Excellent. This will definitely work!”

“I’ll say,” Kat agreed, licking her lips, fire in her eyes. “In fact, I’d say you work it, girl!”

Cassie turned her gaze toward the table in the center of the room. “Now we need to find you something…”

Katsuko floated over to the table with the strangling shimmering packages of folded cloth, picking one such bundle up and shaking it out. It rolled out, falling into a tight, full-length bodysuit.

The young Asian frowned. “I think this is a little too much for my tastes.”

Twin beams of energy lanced from her eyes, contacting the futuristic fabric with a searing hiss. Wispy tendrils of smoke slithered upward from the fabric as the sleeves and most of the torso fell away, leaving a skimpy halter top in its place. Another burst of heat vision, and the leggings were carved into hot pants.

A blur of motion whipped Cassie’s platinum blonde tresses into a shimmering snarl over her face. She brushed them to the side, and by the time she was finished clearing her face, Katsuko was clad in her new outfit. Her large breasts tented the tiny top to the point where its bottom edge fluttered several inches out from her cobbled abdomen. Her lightly muscled arms were still bare, showing off their impossibly dense swells and ridges. The hot pants clung to her rounded hips and sculpted ass, accentuating their already breathtakingly sexy shape.

“The minimalist look suits you.” Cassie swallowed hard, twirling a lock of silky blonde hair in her fingers. “Just when I didn’t think you could possibly look any sexier…”

Before she could finish the compliment, three soldiers ran into the room, their rifles at the ready. But they didn’t raise them to aim. They couldn’t. They were too stunned by the girls’ appearances in their new outfits. Cassie attempted to use her superbreath to blow the troops back out of the room but, upon seeing their hungry ogle, she couldn’t manage it, beginning to laugh instead. Her attempt at a hurricane-force blast turned into a mild breeze, succeeding only to blow Katsuko’s crop top into an upward flip, flashing the already saucer-eyed men.

One soldier’s knees trembled, and he fell to the ground, sending Katsuko into her own fit of laughter. Cassie fed off her friend’s mirth, and the pair quickly lost themselves in a fit of laughter.

“Maybe this… should be… trying to… defeat us now…” managed Cassie between giggling outbursts. “…distract us… with comedy…”

Kat howled, slapping her bare knee.

The gorgeous girls went on for long enough that the soldiers managed to gather their wits. They fired bursts from their rifles into each of the superhuman girls. While Kat continued to laugh, not really noticing their efforts, the staccato snaps from their guns managed to sober Cassie. She kept from giggling long enough to puff a proper burst of superfast air at them, blasting them out of the room and into the far wall of the hallway, where they slumped to the ground, unmoving.

Still dealing with the occasional mirthful outburst, the young blonde turned to see Kat wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, her mouth open to suck in air that she didn’t actually need, as evidenced by their recent trip to space. Still, habits like breathing were difficult to break, needed or not.

“Speaking of people defeating us,” said Cassie, when the girls had fully recovered, continuing her train of thought from earlier. “Do you think we should go get that statuette from Mr. Johnson’s classroom before anyone else uses it?”

Kat smiled slyly. “Pretty sure no one’s going to be able to defeat us with or without that thing.” She punctuated the statement by flexing her toned arms.

“Well some of us are ‘only’ Kryptonian, Kat,” Cassie laughed. “And are only mostly invincible.”

“Fine, fine,” Kat gave in. “But only if I get to give you another tongue lashing when we get there…”

Cassie gasped, her eyes widening and her hand covering her open mouth. “Oh, dear!”

She wasn’t able to maintain the facade of shock at her friend’s impropriety, however, her effort ending abruptly in another bout of laughter.

Still smiling, Cassie winked coyly at Katsuko. “Deal.”

In under a second, they were back at school, appearing in Mr. Johnson’s classroom in a flourish of windswept papers. They walked to his office, peering inside. Their teacher was standing inside, holding the statue in one rippling hand, his eyes wide in shock.

“Mr. Johnson?” Kat queried hesitantly, her brows narrowing in concern for her favorite teacher.

Mr. Johnson looked back at her blankly. “Isn’t this amazing?” He looked back at the small idol. “Simply incredible! Do you see what it can do to matter? It’s like it’s making my hand into liquid somehow. I sure wish I could meet the people who created it…”

Cassie flinched as he said the words, and Kat’s eyes quickly connected with hers. Both girls flinched. Then shrugged.

Kat flashed forward, snatching the small statue from the man’s hand. “Mr. Johnson, this little thing seems to have the power to grant a wish, and I’m not so sure we want to meet—”

Her speech was cut off by an unfamiliar sound from above. It was high-pitched screech that sounded like fingernails on the chalkboard. It seemed to come from all around them.

Katsuko looked upward, staring through the hole in the ceiling to see a massive armada of alien spaceships descending on their position from above. She turned to Cassandra. “I think Mr. Johnson may have created a little bit of a shitstorm here…”

Cassie used her x-ray vision to get a look at what Kat meant, her eyes growing wide as she saw hundreds of high-tech spaceships appearing in the sky. Her gaze dropped to meet Kat’s, her expression trepidatious for the first time since gaining her powers. “So those are the creators of the statue?”

The young blonde swallowed nervously. “You don’t think that they can overpower us, do you? I mean, they made the thing that gave us our powers…”

Katsuko gave her lover a sly smile. “Pretty sure I can beat them. You don’t mind if I power up a bit, just to be sure, do you?”

Cassie shook her head no, and Kat grinned before speaking. “Double my power!”

Kat’s muscular body shimmered as her already chiseled physique seemed to harden, tightening to even more breathtaking levels. A shockwave rippled through the room as she powered up, knocking Mr. Johnson from his feet. Cassie’s silky hair blew straight backward as if it were a flag flapping in a gale.

Curling her fingers into fists, the sexy Asian’s body shuddering under the influx of another burst of galaxy-quaking power. The beautiful young woman sucked a lungful of air through her luscious lips in an effort to calm her suddenly thundering heart. “God, I love this feeling,” she breathed on the exhale, giving Cassie a flirtatious wink of her long lashes.

Cassie couldn’t help but smile, almost feeling sorry for aliens that no longer seemed so scary. Not with Kat around. Her friend was right. These creatures, whoever they were, couldn’t possibly stand a chance against the Asian goddess before her.

She took a moment to examine Kat’s magnificent body, something she seemed never to tire of. The girl’s luxuriant tresses were black as midnight, falling in lush waves over the rounded swells of her bare, well-muscled shoulders. Her face was stunning, every emotion playing over huge eyes and delicate, feminine features. And her body… this girl’s form was a complete and utter masterpiece. Every defined ridge and slope of her muscular physique was smooth, silky steel.

Cassie felt a thrill of desire wash over her at the sight of the ultra-powerful girl becoming even stronger. The thought of it prickled her flesh as it transformed her own perfect skin into goosebumps.

“Alright, then. Wanna go save the planet?” the blonde said, shifting her hips, her voice husky after surveying her scantily-clad friend’s body.

“You bet! Besides, after we decimated the world’s air forces and missile arsenals, we’re pretty much the only way these aliens are going to be stopped.”

Cassie laughed. “True enough!”

The girls paused for a moment to give each other a loving look, then grinned in unison. They launched themselves through the ceiling and into the sky, ready to take the fight to a new foe.

Katsuko rocketed through the center of the closest alien ship, ripping a hole in a hull that was strong enough to repel meteors hurtling through space at hypersonic speeds. The ship’s unbreakable alloy gave way to the Asian stunner’s body as if it were made of paper mâché.

Watching in utter amazement, Cassie shook her head. Kat was right. They had nothing to fear from these aliens. Not with her around.

Deciding to test herself against the ships, the young blonde rotated in mid-air, changing her course to intercept another of the alien crafts. Her fists held out before her, she accelerated toward it. A red glow swirled around its matte gray surface before collecting at its front. A beam of energy blasted from its surface toward her, crashing into her knuckles to spray around her in a shower of strange, iridescent shards.

Ouch! That actually hurt a little!

Cassie wriggled feeling back into her fingers, annoyed that her adversaries had managed to make her feel any pain at all, as insignificant as it was. She poured on more speed until her fists made contact with the front of the ship. She delighted as she felt its curved hull give way to her fingers, bowing inward dramatically under the force of her collision.

The sexy young blonde dug her fingers deeply into the strange, ultra-dense alloy and pulled her hands apart, feeling her muscles strain against the alien material. This stuff was far stronger than steel! Fortunately, her strength proved too much for the alien ship’s hull to withstand. Her slim fingers spread apart as the metal pulled apart like particularly tough taffy. Finally, a tear opened up, revealing the interior of the ship, and she watched five strange, purple, squid-like creatures’ eyes widen in horror.

“Hi, guys!” said Cassie with the sort of insincere smile one might see from a clerk at a grocery store. “I think you may have picked the wrong planet to invade.”

The creatures within the craft made urgent gurgling noises that Cassie could intuitively tell were cries of alarm, their eight legs twitching and undulating over the floor. Digging her hands into the ship’s outer wall once again, her smile turned sly. She twisted her athletic hips. Her core tensed, arms hardening as she swung the ship in a complete circle around her. Once. Twice. Three times. At the end of the third rotation, she released it, sending the high-tech craft spinning like a saucer as it flew toward the sun.

Dusting off her hands, Cassie looked around for the next ship to destroy.


Kat flew through the center of another dozen ships, shredding their indestructible metal with ease before finding herself well outside earth’s atmosphere. Swooping in a wide loop in the void of space, she gasped, momentarily struck by the beauty of the blue and white swirls of her home planet as it occupied her entire field of vision. She had to admit that earth was a gorgeous place.

Her lips thinning with determination, she made another pass through the horde of alien vessels, lining up another dozen spacecraft for destruction. This time, she also fired searing bursts of energy from her eyes, shearing more of the huge metallic disks in half, her gaze raking across their curved hulls with devastating effectiveness. The strange alien alloy was no match for Katsuko’s unbelievable power, bubbling and burning under the intensity of her heat vision. The sparking halves of the hemisected ships fell to the earth’s surface far below as she disabled nearly a hundred ships in a single supersonic pass.

Slowing to a hover, she paused to survey the remaining ships. Three ships far below hovered just above the school. Were they “meeting” Mr. Johnson, per his wish? Frowning, she resolved to get down there and see what was happening. Unlike Cassie and herself, the middle-aged man wouldn’t stand a chance against these creatures, should they choose to harm him.

Before she could get there, however, two larger alien spacecraft converged on her position, and a shimmering sphere of energy formed around her floating body.

“Seriously?” Kat smirked. “You’re going to try to contain me with some flimsy little energy field?”

Pulling back her arm, she formed a fist with her fingers, then let it fly. Her hand crashed into the ethereal bubble, shattering the buzzing field instantly upon contact. Something burst on each of the ships, as if she had blown whatever device they had used to create the field.

“You’re going to have to do better than that, guys.”

Kat sucked in a sharp breath, watching in amusement as the two ships shook and rolled toward her, unable to fight the ferocious vacuum her super-breath had created to draw them to her. Reaching out, she sunk her fingers into each craft’s hull, then swung the huge ships together vertically, as if they were cymbals. They crashed together with a massive clang, the sound vibrating Katsuko’s slim but heavily muscled arms. Firing a short burst of heat vision into their center, she melted their indestructible alloy, fusing the tops of the two craft together, then flung the combined mass downward.

The two mangled ships accelerated toward the ground at breakneck speed under the force of Katsuko’s powerful throw, crunching into the ground with a massive explosion of soil, not coming to a complete stop until their combined mass was buried 100 meters deep in the earth’s surface.


“Dr. Mendler?” George asked, turning to look at his mentor.

“Yes, George?” the veteran scientist sighed.

“There is a lot of strange stuff happening in the upper atmosphere, according to the satellite data.”

“Like what?” The professor released a breath, trying not to lose his temper at his inexperienced student. The young man simply couldn’t seem to read his data correctly today.

“Like massive amounts of radiation. And energy. And hundreds of heat signatures of incoming meteorites or something…”

Dr. Mendler rolled his eyes. How had this kid ever even managed to get his bachelor’s degree cooking up nonsense like this?!


Cassie watched in awe as Katsuko tore through the alien spacecraft, downing two dozen in the same time it had taken her to destroy one. God, her lover was incredible. She felt a surge of pride as her girlfriend laid waste to the best this powerful alien civilization had to offer with ridiculous ease.

Smiling as she watched her friend, Cassie’s blue eyes twinkled. Maybe she should have asked for just a teensy little bit more power from the idol. At the time, however, Supergirl had seemed so amazingly powerful. And she really shouldn’t complain. She was pretty incredible herself. But Kat was just… wow!

Lunging forward, she launched her hardest kick at the next spaceship, crinkling the smooth front of the futuristic vehicle under the staggering power of her armored foot to send it lurching backward, colliding with another. Both ships were sent plummeting in a spiral to the ground.

A dazzling smile parting her full lips, Cassie scanned around for another target. As she turned to face a different, larger, more intimidating-looking ship, a cone of green energy flared outward from its center.

Cassie felt her body go limp, all of her strength suddenly leaving her. She began to fall from the sky when some sort of blue beam replaced the green, sucking her into the ship’s docking bay.


Kat’s attention returned to the ships that were rising from the school below. What had they been doing there? she wondered.

Swooping through the sky, she crashed through the roof of the school into Mr. Johnson’s office, scanning the room in an instant. She frowned. Both Mr. Johnson and the idol were gone.

For the first time since her transformation, she felt the bitter pang of concern.

Why had they taken them? Were they going to use the idol themselves? To power up? Would they think to give themselves infinite power as she had? Even if they didn’t, enough power could prove a challenge for Cassie. And Mr. Johnson was in serious danger. She didn’t want her teacher to die. Especially not at the hands of these aliens. He had been a great mentor to her. Always encouraging and kind. So unlike her father.

Deciding to be careful with the three ships that she’d seen ascending from the building, she looked upward in an attempt to locate them. Searching the sky, she saw them rising toward the huge mothership that loomed over the hundred or so remaining smaller ships. They were nearly there too! If she let them get inside, it would be far more difficult to locate her teacher and rescue him.

Tensing her powerful legs into a crouch, Katsuko launched herself into the sky, racing after the alien ships. As she neared their position, however, a circular portal opened in the bottom of the mother ship, and the first of the three smaller ships disappeared inside, followed by a mid-sized vehicle that looked more heavily armed and armored than the others, its surface flickering green.

Before the remaining two small ships could disappear inside the larger one, however, Katsuko grabbed each in her outstretched arms, slowing herself and them to a gradual stop. With a jerk of her wrists, she simultaneously peeled back the hulls of each ship to peer inside. She didn’t see the statue. Or Mr. Johnson. In either ship.

He must have been in the other ship. The one that had just disappeared inside the mothership. Just her luck. Sighing, Katsuko turned her eyes upward, at the metal behemoth that loomed overhead. As she was about to fly inside, however, the ship flashed, winking out of existence.

Immediately afterward, the rest of the alien ships did the same.

Stunned, Kat blinked her eyes uncomprehendingly. What had just happened? Had the alien vessels been destroyed somehow? By some new military weapon or something? The thought made Katsuko’s dark eyes go glassy with tears. If the ships had been destroyed, then Mr. Johnson was dead.

Sniffling, she attempted to purge the thought from her mind, overcoming her emotions with reason. Mr. Johnson wasn’t dead. The ships hadn’t been destroyed. If earth had a weapon that could do that, they would have used it on Cassie and her by now.

Katsuko let out a shaky breath, calming herself. She needed to think this through. Had they traveled somewhere then? Some sort of teleportation? Or faster than light propulsion? That seemed more likely. She hoped that was the case, anyway. But if it were, she and Cassie needed to find out where they’d gone in order to go rescue their teacher.

The thought of her blonde lover suddenly reminded Kat that she hadn’t seen Cassie in the last few minutes. Still holding the two damaged alien vessels in her small hands, the young Asian swiveled her head from side to side, scanning the horizon for her breathtakingly sexy partner.

But there was no sign of her. An iron ball of dread began to form in the pit of her stomach. Katsuko did a second check to be sure, but it only confirmed her worst fears.

Cassandra was gone.

A sphere of fiery rage began to spin within the darkest depths of her body, searing tentacles of fury expanding outward until they consumed both her body and mind.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!” she screamed, her voice as desperate as it was powerful. The vibrations from her superhuman vocal chords rippled outward, crinkling the ultra-strong alloy that composed the two remaining alien ships and flinging the aliens inside to the far wall, their bodies barely able to withstand the furious sound waves.

Her eyes and lips trembled with rage. Her nostrils flared with unquenchable anger.

Still holding the two alien craft in her ultra-powerful grip, Katsuko’s quivering lips curled into a frightening frown, her glassy eyes turning hard and cruel as they stared daggers into the aliens inside the ships.

She descended to the ground, setting the broken ships gently down as her staggeringly strong muscles twitched. She curled her fingers into a fist and pounded it into the palm of her other hand, the resulting shockwave sending the ten aliens to the floors of their respective ships, their tentacles writhing helplessly in the air.

“I hope you guys can speak English because you’re going to tell me where you’ve taken Cassie. Right. Fucking. Now.” Her voice was quiet, barely above a whisper. There was enough venomous hatred within it alone, however, to level a mountain. Or, perhaps more accurately, an entire world.

One of the aliens reached out a tentacle to grab a strange-looking device, and it fired some sort of energy weapon at Kat. The red beam struck her in her chiseled stomach before flickering into nothingness. The weapon had done absolutely nothing to her invulnerable body.

Kat gave the alien a dark smile, then two red, glowing beams lanced out from her eyes, slicing not only that creature in half, but every one of its crewmates. In her ire, she gave the beams of energy more power than she’d intended, slicing off and vaporizing a 100,000-square-mile chunk of the earth’s surface in the process. Thankfully, it was mostly ocean, Arctic ice cap, and Greenland, though the resulting tsunamis and earthquakes that rippled across the planet as it wobbled on its axis of rotation probably ended the lives of a few million people. The young Asian couldn’t care less about the destruction she had wrought, however. Not when Cassie was missing.

Turning to the crew of the other ship, she whispered again in quiet fury, her irises still faintly red, their destructive power at the ready. “Talk. Now.”

One of the aliens, trembling in fear, hurriedly punched some buttons on his control panel. A hologram of star systems arose on his screen. A small, glowing line appeared from one point to another. Kat studied it carefully, committing everything carefully to memory, then, with a final sweep of her heat vision, she ended the lives of each of the remaining aliens in a sizzle of burning purple flesh.

Determined to make these creatures pay for what they had done, she lowered her hands to her side, then launched herself upward and out of the planet’s atmosphere, accelerating until she was moving at nearly the speed of light.

That wouldn’t be good enough, however. Not for the distance she needed to cover. Her eyes, still wild with fury, glimmered as she spoke the now familiar phrase. “Double. My. Power!”

A massive influx of power surged within her, and she felt the universe around her slow to a halt, then began moving backwards as her speed soared past the speed of light. Grinning darkly, her hair whipping backward, she tore through spacetime like the breathtakingly curvaceous missile she was.


“Dr. Mendler?” George asked the older man.

“Jesus, George! What are you on about now?” came the irritated response.

George looked sheepish. “After all that strange energy from earlier and those weird metal contacts descending into the sky from orbit, the earth’s rotation destabilized slightly. It’s like the planet is slightly unbalanced and wobbling a bit. It’s like the planet lost a significant bit of mass on one side.”

“My God, man. Think about what you’re saying! If I listened to you, I’d be running around saying that aliens are invading the planet, and that they just somehow shaved a chunk of the planet off. Don’t you know how completely ridiculous you sound?”


Cassie’s eyes cracked open to find herself lying on some sort of metallic cot. Everything in the room looked vaguely red, and her body still felt strangely weak. She looked around to see four transparent walls around her.

She rose unsteadily to her feet, realizing for the first time as she looked down that the creatures must have removed her armor. She was now clothed in just a cropped tank and panties – the high-tech clothes that she’d donned in the military compound, just before trying on the armor. Running her fingers over her smooth thighs, she suddenly felt vulnerable. The aliens had removed her clothing while she’d been unconscious. She sincerely hoped that they hadn’t done anything else!

Running her hands over the defined cobbles of her sculpted stomach, she slipped her fingers over the surface of her thin panties. They didn’t appear to have been damaged or even removed. She didn’t feel sore. Just weak. Everything seemed in order. It didn’t look like they had done anything besides strip her more durable clothing. Thank God.

Frowning, she reasoned that they had probably just been trying to ensure that she didn’t have any hidden weapons. Cassie shivered, feeling her nipples harden under the sheer fabric of her skimpy top. She felt strangely cold for the first time since her transformation, her bare flesh breaking out into goosebumps.

Rubbing her arms for warmth, she approached the glassy barrier, placing her hand against its cool surface. Spreading out her fingers, she gave it a forceful push. Nothing happened.

Backing up several steps, she fired a front kick into the clear wall. The ball of her foot exploded in pain when it connected, and she stumbled backward. She hopped twice on her opposite foot before falling to her shapely ass, her blonde hair swishing against the cot behind her.

Fuck! That had hurt! She’d been zapped a little by the alien ship’s beam weapon, but that had been more of an irritant than actual agony. She had almost forgotten what that kind of pain felt like! Even the nuclear weapons hadn’t really caused her any discomfort.

She raised her chin, scanning her eyes along the ceiling. Two red lights, seamlessly blended into the metallic ceiling shone down on her. Was that red sunlight? Her situation momentarily forgotten, she giggled at the absurdity of it. She had wished herself into having the powers of a fictional character. And somehow these aliens had discovered her fictional weaknesses and invented a way to actually take advantage of them?

She was fairly certain that the green beam in her battle with the aliens had been Kryptonite radiation. And this had to be red sunlight. Thankfully, while red sunlight reduced her strength, it didn’t have any other deleterious effects.

And she didn’t feel bad really, just soft. Weak. Normal. Was this really how she’d felt before transforming into a Kryptonian? Her life before seemed like an eternity ago now, though it had only actually been a day or so. Unless she’d been asleep on that cot for longer than she thought.

Extending a slim, sculpted arm down the length of her exquisitely long leg, she rubbed feeling back into the bottom of her foot. When she finished, she rose again to her feet, limping slightly from the tender feel of her bruised foot.

She looked through the glass to the darkness beyond. Squinting, she attempted to see into the room, but met with failure. Without her x-ray vision, she simply couldn’t make out anything in the seemingly vast space beyond.

Sighing, Cassie made a thorough examination of the cell, but could find nothing of use, nor any obvious weakness to exploit. She was trapped. At least for now. Katsuko would find her, she told herself as she returned to her cot, not wanting to consider the unlikely possibility that her friend and lover had been similarly captured. Or worse.

Cassie sat down on its cool metal surface and pulled her shapely legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, setting her chin atop her knees. Staring into the darkened room beyond, she shivered, feeling chilled and hollow as her thoughts turned to Katsuko, silently willing her friend to find her.


Katsuko ripped through the solar system, feeling the cool spray of a comet’s icy tail on her warm cheeks. She grazed the surface of the backward-moving ball of ice as she passed, misjudging its direction. It felt so strange to be moving at these speeds. Exceeding the speed of light made time move backward for her, making the comet hurtle through space in the direction of its tail rather than away from it. The opposite of normal movement took some getting used to.

The determined young woman watched the approaching gas giant with an appraising eye, but rather than avoiding it, set her jaw. She flew straight through the planet, emerging from the other side in a plume of orange and red gas. It was so exhilarating to be able to blast through whatever she wished like this.

The planet’s moon also lay directly in her path. This sphere was composed of rock, rather than gas. She shrugged internally, deciding to test herself against it as well, quite confident that her body was far harder than whatever mineral this thing was made of, no matter its size. She hit the massive, solid object with what would have been a loud crack had there been an atmosphere to carry the sound. She watched the huge rock split in half as she burrowed into its core, slowing enough with the collision to take her under light speed and return time to its normal flow. The interior of the moon began to melt with the friction generated by her sexy curves.

Emerging from the other side, she accelerated to exceed the speed of light once again, glancing backward to see the two halves of the moon reforming as if she had never shattered it.


Forgetting her anger for a moment, amused at the notion that the moon behind her was destined to shatter for no apparent reason at some point in the future, Kat extended her arms to either side, and twirled, finding joy in her journey through the cosmos. Gratitude welled within her as she thought of how much her life had changed in the past twenty-four hours.

She rocketed forward toward the largest object she’d seen yet. A star. And not just any star. A red giant! Far larger than the sun in earth’s solar system, the radiant heat of the approaching star warmed her forehead even in the icy chill of deep space. As the star approached, its vastness consumed her entire field of vision. The young goddess swallowed hard, feeling the instinctive need to alter her course. But she fought it down. She could withstand the massive heat and radiation in the center of a star, couldn’t she?

Just to be safe, she mouthed words which had no sound in the vacuum of space, her skin prickling expectantly as her body prepared for another massive influx of strength. “Double my power.”

The ripple of energy that rolled through her body this time was absolutely orgasmic. She sucked in void with trembling lips as she felt her already über-powerful muscles double in strength yet again. She could begin to feel her body begin to exert a gravity of its own on the surrounding planets and moons, her luscious, hyper-fit form now containing such vast quantities of potential energy that it acted as if she had the mass of a small planet.

Thinking again of Cassandra, Katsuko squinted her eyes in fierce determination. She pressed her fists forward once more, increasing her speed even further as she soared directly into the star like an arrow into its target. Sailing inside the blazing inferno, she laughed. She felt only comforting heat. It felt as if she had just slipped into the comforting eddies of a hot tub as fusing atoms whirled deliciously around her.

Searching her memory for the aliens’ location, her gorgeous features hardened once more. She recognized these star systems. She was almost there.

Cassie had better be unhurt…


“Professor Mendler?”

The older man grimaced. “What now?”

“I’m seeing some weird stuff a couple of systems away. It’s almost like…”

Dr. Mendler tuned out his annoying underling to focus on more serious concerns, like applying for a grant to fund next year’s research.


Cassie perked up as the lights in the giant room beyond her cell suddenly flipped on. Her eyes swept the surrounding room through the clear barrier that entrapped her. She saw Mr. Johnson not far away in a glass room similar to her own, sans the red lighting. His expression grim, he gave her a quick nod of acknowledgement, which she returned curtly.

Sensing movement from a different part of the room, however, her eyes snapped to an opening door. A section of wall seemed to simply dematerialize as a purple alien squid creature stepped through.

Six of its tentacles undulated over the floor, making it’s long, cylindrical torso look as if it were gliding toward her. The other two tendrils of purple flesh at its front rose upward to carry a tray of what looked like it might be food, steam rising off of a colorful assortment of strange objects. The scantily clad blonde could identify nothing on the platter. At least it didn’t look revolting. Cassie rose to her feet, positioning herself close to the wall nearest the creature’s approaching form. She bent her knees slightly to ready herself for action should the need arise.

The alien squid-creature slowed as it neared her cell, and, with a twitch of its head, a small hole opened at waist height in the transparent wall of Cassie’s cell. As the creature reached the tray forward, the young blonde made a split second decision. The hole looked just large enough for her curvaceous body to fit through, so she leapt forward, stretching her lean, muscular arms before her, extending her long legs, feet together, behind her. She looked like a diver just before entering the water – except horizontal – as she sailed through the small opening, her rounded hips and dramatically-curved ass scraping the edges of the strange material that composed the barrier as she barely made it through.

Curling her body in mid-flight as soon as her feet cleared the clear wall, Cassie hit the ground in a roll. She felt waves of strength flaring through her sexy form as she sprang to her feet. She unleashed a blast of heat vision, moving her head in a circle to create an opening in Mr. Johnson’s cell, freeing him. Then, she whirled to face off with the creature.

The tray clattered to the ground, the creature’s bulbous eyes widening in surprise.

That’s right, slimeball, thought Cassie. You should be afraid. Very afraid.

Smiling darkly, the ultra-fit blonde tensed her muscles, lunging forward. Her small fists flashed out, impacting the center of the alien’s tubular body. It squished under her superhumanly powerful blow before flying across the room to splatter against the far wall.

Cassie turned to find Mr. Johnson beside her, his eyes shifting upward to meet hers a moment too late. Cassie smirked. “So I try to use my body to get your attention, and you don’t give me the time of day. I mangle your kitchenware and splatter a purple alien all over the wall, and you’re all hot for me?”

Red blossomed over Mr. Johnson’s cheeks.

“It’s okay, teach. I’m not really into guys, so I don’t think Kat will be jealous. You can look all you like.” Cassie cocked a hip, the movement sending a ripple through the full breasts under her skimpy top.

Mr. Johnson’s blush turned crimson. Cassie couldn’t suppress a laugh at the man’s expression of complete and utter mortification.

A moment later, her giggles dying down, she nodded her head to indicate where she was headed next. “Come on, the alien came from over there. I’m thinking that’s where we should go. That’s probably where the rest of the crew is.”

Mr. Johnson looked uncertain. “Do you think it’s a good idea to go where the others are?”

Cassie shrugged. “Well, I can fly through space and probably get home. You, on the other hand, have to get there in some sort of spaceship. This one seems to work well enough, and it’s pretty much the only space-faring thing we have access to at the moment. If you have any better ideas, I’m all ears.”

She looked at him expectantly. Mr. Johnson said nothing.

“Okay then. We just need to subdue the rest of the aliens and turn the thing around.”

“But what about the statue? We need to get it out of their hands before they use it to become incredibly powerful, don’t we?” said the teacher imploringly.

Cassie considered his suggestion for a moment before deciding he was right. The strange sculpture was important. They really should recapture it for themselves before the aliens had an opportunity to use it for God-knows-what. “Fine. Where do you think they keep that?”

Mr. Johnson shrugged, then scanned the room. His intent gaze reminded Cassie that she now had the use of all her powers. Activating her x-ray vision, she roamed her eyes about the room in a circular pattern until she found what she was looking for. It was immediately below them.

Two red beams flared into the metal flooring from the scantily clad blonde’s eyes, sizzling the impenetrable metal before them until it liquified. A moment later, a hole formed in the dense alloy, the molten metal flowing downward to shower the room below with a chorus of hissing splatters.

Cassandra hopped lithely into the opening, her bare feet landing on a pool of molten metal as she looked around. Immediately, she saw it. The statuette was on a pedestal not far from her position, encased in a cone of shimmering blue light.

The nubile blonde had taken two large steps toward the object before she realized that she wasn’t alone in the room. Movement drew her eyes, and she turned just in time to see a purple alien tentacle squeeze the trigger of some sort of weapon. Cassie smiled, unafraid of the creature’s weapon, remembering how even the massive beam from their ship had barely stung.

Then, she felt the effects of the green light emitted by the green device. As its deadly radiation bathed her in viridian light, her knees wobbled, then gave way.

Shit! She thought to herself as she collapsed to the floor. Kryptonite.

As Cassie rolled onto her back, clutching her stomach in agony, she mused wryly. Why on earth did I listen to Mr. Johnson? I should have just taken the damn ship!


Katsuko arrived at the location on her mental map, watching the rotation of the twin planets before her slow, then reverse direction as she dropped below the speed of light. Coming to a halt before the two worlds, she gazed at the glimmering surface of each planet, zooming in her x-ray irises. Hordes of purple creatures roamed their surfaces, gliding in and out of metallic buildings, and going about their business.

These were the alien worlds.

Her blood instantly rose to a boil as her anger simmered. She watched the creatures with intense hatred in her eyes. Her dark irises began to glow red, but she quickly ceased their buildup of power.

No. She wouldn’t wipe out the aliens’ home planet. What if Cassie were down there somewhere?

Her dark eyes scanned the surfaces of both planets, then the surrounding area of the system, but there was no sign of the immense ship she’d seen earlier on earth. Or Cassie.

Where were they?

Frustrated, Kat threw down her arms, the muscles within tightening and flexing impressively. The accompanying release of energy rippled outward, shaking the two planets before her, causing their rotation to become unbalanced as they wobbled like slowing tops.

A moment later, she sensed something flash into existence behind her. She whirled, a broad smile forming over her thinned lips.

It was the ship she had last seen on earth. It had just arrived.

Of course! She had traveled backward in time due to her faster-than-light speed! She had arrived at the alien planets before they had teleported back!

Calling again on her telescopic vision, she looked inside the ship for any sign of Cassie, quickly finding both her and Mr. Johnson inside. They appeared to be intact and moving, trapped within two glass boxes.

Katsuko smiled, relief slumping her shoulders. Thank goodness! Now, to make short work of those flimsy little cages.

As she was about to attack, however, she noticed something else just below her friends on board the ship. A panicked purple alien reaching a tentacle to the statuette.

Kat’s lips quivered. Could they actually use the statue as she had? Could they become as powerful as she was?

More even?

She gulped, feeling something approaching fear for the first time in a good while as the alien creature touched the statue. It’s body began to ripple. Suddenly, it was outside the ship, growing larger and larger until it eclipsed the massive ship it had arrived in.

Katsuko looked up. And up. And up! It’s massive eyes glowered at her from far above. The thing was absolutely enormous, as large as a moon! Maybe even a planet!!!

But Katsuko had recently met a moon. She had split it in two.

Uncertain, she returned her gaze to Cassie, still within the ship. She needed to beat this monster. For Cassie. The sentiment sent a surge of pride and power through her body.

She could beat this thing. She would beat this thing. After all, it had taken Cassie from her.

That last thoughts sparked her anger once again, and she set her jaw, eyes blazing as they roamed the vast form of her behemoth opponent. Clenching her fists, Katsuko lunged forward, instantly accelerating to near light speed, flying directly into the monster’s right eye. She plunged into its convex iris, tearing through its colossal body with absolute ease. The beast shook in pain, reaching toward its injured eye with a gigantic tentacle.

Kat laughed, delighted by the ease with which she had pierced the creature’s body. This thing was not even close to being in her league! It was soft and mushy and weak for all it’s immensity.

Her smile quickly faded, however, as three more creatures popped into existence around her. Three moon-sized tentacles reached for her. She met each with a punch before they could touch her, the absurdly powerful momentum of her blow sending the gigantic squid creatures spinning out of the solar system like upside-down helicopters.

Twelve more massive aliens appeared around her. Were these things simply going to try to overwhelm her with numbers? Good luck with that. Huge as they were, these aliens didn’t stand even the remotest of chances against her. They didn’t even have more than a tiny fraction of her incredible strength. Was this really as much power as these aliens could imagine? The same civilization who had created an object capable of granting her essentially unlimited power?

For the first time Katsuko began to understand just how unique she truly was. Perhaps she should thank her father for driving her so hard, after all. Maybe all of his pushing actually had made her special. Maybe it really had made her the best. It had apparently inspired her to ask the strange object for more power than even its creators dared request.

As she worked through conflicting feelings about a parent she had never been able to relate to, she cast another x-ray-assisted glance into the alien ship. Cassie was still inside. She was still in that red room. It would be so easy to blast a hole in the ship with her heat vision, destroying Cassie’s cage and releasing her. Unfortunately, that would likely kill Mr. Johnson.

Before she could figure out what to do about the conundrum, the planet-sized aliens began to converge on her from every side. Though they were moving incredibly fast, they looked almost painfully slow to Kat’s eyes. Frustration building that she hadn’t yet managed to free her lover, despite her vast array of incredible powers, the gorgeous young Asian decided that she was finished messing around with these fucking aliens.

Faster that thought, she rocketed upward, her direction perpendicular to the plane on which the aliens sought to surround her. Turning her eyes toward them, she let loose the full power of her heat vision from angry eyes, slicing every alien who dared attack her into a thousand tiny, burning and bubbling pieces with the searing power of her eyes. The dozens of stars in the galaxy behind them that happened to be aligned in a straight line behind each alien exploded in waves of brilliant light as the cosmic levels of energy that Kat’s eyes delivered into them proved far too much of an influx of power for the natural fusion reactors to handle.

Kat blasted into the ship that held her friends, shattering through the cage that held Mr. Johnson in a blur of motion. Swooping through the vessel, her arms shielding her teacher from the alloy walls as they crashed through, she came to a stop inside one of the smaller vessels sitting in the cargo bay. As the mothership’s air decompressed through the hole she had made, she pressed the button to close the airlock on the smaller spacecraft. Mr. Johnson should be safe in there for now.

The nubile Asian burst through the interior walls of the larger ship once more, tearing through floors and bulkheads made of super-strong alloy with ridiculous ease until she reached Cassie’s transparent cage. Squinting her determined eyes, Kat fired a punch into the strange material, sending a spray of shards toward her sexy blonde lover. Quickly realizing her mistake, Katsuko darted inside faster than the shards could move, using her body to shield the young blonde from the destruction she’d wrought.

With two quick zaps of her laser eyes, she destroyed the red light emitters above before turning to embrace Cassandra. The two young women’s lips met in a tongue-twirling ballet of passion, Cassie’s shapely body hardening with renewed Kryptonian power as the reunited lovers took a moment to enjoy the taste of each other’s lips, the feel of each other’s bodies.

When their lips finally parted, Cassie’s voice was breathless and husky, but also urgent. “Kat, the statue is right below us. We need to get it away from them. I think they’re preparing to take it to the planet below!”

Katsuko focused her eyes in the direction Cassie was pointing. There was nothing there. She gazed through the hull of the ship to find a smaller vessel entering the atmosphere of one of the twin planets she had spied earlier.

Turning to Cassie, Kat shrugged, unconcerned. “Looks like it’s already gone.”

Taking Cassie’s hand, the two girls flew out of the ship, grabbing Mr. Johnson’s space vessel along the way. They burst from the hull in close succession to find an army of at least a thousand planet-sized aliens between them and the alien planet.

Cassie gasped in horror, despite the lack of air in the darkness of space, but Kat merely laughed. The blonde gave her an incredulous look.

Unable to speak without air, Katsuko communicated in makeshift sign-language. She pointed at herself, then at Cassie, then at the creatures, before making a breaking motion with both hands. Cassie looked at her uncertainly, arching an eyebrow.

Kat smiled and winked.

“Trust me,” she mouthed. Then, moving so fast that even Cassie’s superhuman eyes couldn’t follow, the sexy Asian blasted through a half dozen giant aliens on her way to the planet, scanned it until she found the statuette, grabbed it, and was at her friend’s side before anyone in the area ever knew what had happened.

Cassie looked at the idol in Kat’s hand, and her eyes went wide. Raising her gaze to meet Kat’s, the gorgeous Asian smiled mischievously, then handed the statuette to her. This time, neither girl’s hands rippled with the contact as before.

Casting a nervous glance at the approaching horde of super-immense aliens, Cassie gave Kat an imploring look. She looked as if she wished she could speak in the vacuum of space. To have a normal conversation. Kat didn’t blame her. She wished the same. But first, she needed to calm Cassie’s nerves and get rid of these guys. At least they couldn’t make any more mega-aliens now that the girls held the idol. Still, there were a lot of these guys now.

Kat’s eyes strafed the vast assembly of mammoth, super-powered creatures, then smiled cruelly, feeling her anger, subdued after the rescue of her friends, well anew. It was time to take a bit of revenge for their attempted kidnapping. No one took anything from her. Not anymore.

Especially not Cassie.

Rocketing toward an uninhabited, atmosphere-less planet in the system, Katsuko flew beneath the massive rock, looking upward, as if she were performing the backstroke in a pool back on earth. She reached upward as she sailed beneath it, digging her fingers into the dense rock. While a brief tensing of her sinuously muscled arm, she whipped the enormous sphere into the crowd of giant aliens behind her.

As the massive meteor accelerated toward them, it suddenly rebounded as if it were a ball ricocheting off a wall until it settled back into position just above the athletic Asian once more. Kat blinked several times in confusion until she realized what had just happened. She had accidentally put a little too much behind the throw and reversed time as it broke the speed of light.

Damn relativistic physics!

Repeating the action, she made sure to throw it with even less effort than she had last time, keeping its velocity sub-light speed this time. A dozen or more tentacled beasts were sheared in half as the planet tore through them, narrowly missing the twin alien worlds as it whistled through the solar system on its way through the rest of the galaxy.

Kat smiled with amusement as the shattered bodies of a number of aliens spun away, but she knew it would take an awful lot of planets to deal with this crowd of aliens. Too many to be practical.

She looked around, her dark irises glinting as they settled on the system’s resident star. She was to it in a flash, reaching upward from below, much as she had done with the planet. She flicked her wrist, sending a spray of superheated fusion splashing across the lead aliens. Their flesh burned and bubbled with the contact, injuring many and killing a few. That wasn’t going to really do the job very quickly either, however. The star was made of fusing gasses and wasn’t solid enough to throw in the kind of volume necessary to decimate the crowd of mega-aliens quickly enough to suit the staggeringly powerful young Asian.

Turning her gaze outward, she searched the galaxy for something impressive she could do to rid them of these aliens in a single, statement-making act of destruction. She felt like going all out against these bastards.

Kat’s expression suddenly brightened as she had found something she could use. Lips curling into a grim smile, she left Cassie’s side, swooping before the alien horde. As she passed, she kicked out her long, sumptuously muscled leg to send one of their number hurtling to the distant corners of the galaxy.

“Come and get me, fuckers,” she mouthed, her eyes cold and merciless, before launching herself toward a dark space in the center of the galaxy a few hundred solar systems away. Intentionally keeping her speed far slower than what she was capable of, the curvaceous Asian missile looked behind her. The aliens were keeping up. Excellent.

As the beautiful brunette neared the utter absence of light, she began to feel the swirl of matter about her breathtaking body. Every drop of matter in the vicinity seemed to be drawn inexorably toward the center of the darkness. Flying a bit further, she actually felt the strength of the object she sought pulling her toward it. It was the first time she’d actually felt power that could affect her, even if its strength was far weaker than her own.

Beaming, she had found exactly what she had hoped to – the singularity at the center of the galaxy.

A supermassive black hole.

Her smile growing dark as her anger neared its coming release, she accelerated toward its center, crossing its event horizon, the point at which nothing could escape the incredible power of its crushing gravity – not even light.

But Katsuko was beyond the laws of physics now… or maybe not so much beyond as simply a force of nature unto herself.

Feeling its desperate tug on her magnificent body, her thick mass of raven hair pulling toward it, Kat opened her mouth in a silent, airless laugh, amused that anything in nature still dared to attempt to bend her to its will. Her slim fingers reached out, closing over the microscopic point in space at the center of the dark void she occupied.

Waiting for her alien pursuers to near, Kat shielded them from the singularity’s power with the palm of her hand, the most powerful object in the universe able only to tickle her hand with its phenomenal power. Pulling her arm back, she let her attackers draw close, the horde of monstrously huge creatures speeding toward her.

Then, demonstrating power that the universe had never before seen, she threw the core of the aliens’ galaxy directly at them, watching with dark satisfaction as it swallowed the entire horde in an instant, adding their humongous fleshy bodies to its pulsing mass.

Kat watched a tremor ripple through the entire galaxy as its rotation was upset by the sudden shift of its center to a different location. She smiled in satisfaction. She had sought to make a statement against those who had dared to wrong her. Sending a ripple through an entire galaxy with a power only she could wield should send the proper message.

Accelerating to exactly the speed of light, time stopped, the motion of the heavens ceasing entirely until she reached Cassie’s position in the aliens’ home system. She arrived to see Cassie in mid-punch, delivering a death blow to the lone alien monster that had remained behind. Circling twice before decelerating, Kat watched as the blonde’s fist moved slowly at first, then increasingly fast as time returned to normal speed. It connected harshly with the beast’s long, tubular body.

The alien’s body bowed inward from Cassie’s angry blow, and it flew backward through the solar system, grazing the outer edge of one of the twin alien worlds, accelerating the planet’s spin, before helplessly sailing away into space.

Katsuko looked down at the idol in Cassie’s hand and placed her hand on the powerful object. She felt the statuette’s power but also its resistance. Somehow, she was able to tell that it knew her. It also knew that it had already granted her deepest desire.

As her eyes roamed Cassie’s breathtakingly sexy figure, however, Katsuko knew she wanted one more thing from the figurine. Squeezing the indestructible stony object, she felt it begin to bend inward under the impossible pressure of her über-powerful fingers. A raspy scream rattled the two girls, and they both stared in bewilderment at the mysterious idol. It had broken the silence! The thing was somehow managing to make a sound even in the vacuum of space.

They looked at one another in surprise, but as they did so, Katsuko’s hand began to ripple once more, as if she had dipped it in water up to her wrist.

The idol was ready to grant her another desire.

Katsuko didn’t hesitate. She mouthed the words of her wish, then looked up to see Cassie’s body stiffen as it began to glow, radiating golden energy as she floated before her Asian friend.

“What did you do?” mouthed the blonde after recovering, tensing the muscles of arms and legs as if to test them.

“Just gave you a tiny little upgrade,” mouthed Kat with a sly smile.

Cassandra’s sculpted brow furrowed before her lips formed a silent question. “How much?”

Kat shrugged, smiling. Her eyes were nefarious as she answered silently. “A thousand times your previous strength. And immunity to kryptonite and red stars. Can’t have my lover getting overpowered by anyone ever again, after all.

“Well, anyone but me, anyway…” she quickly corrected, punctuating the mouthed words with a wink.

Cassie’s eyes bulged. “A hundred Supergirls! I might be able to overpower you now!”

“Not quite. I’ve given myself a few more upgrades since you’ve been gone.” The young Asian raised her arms in a pirouette before her lover, knowing she had the powers of tens of thousands of Supergirls now. She cast a sidelong glance at the two alien planets. “Do you want to do the honors?”

Cassie nodded, her eyes flashing with dark emotion. In a flash she was off. Stretching out her impossibly strong arms before her, she slammed into one of the two alien worlds, propelling it out of orbit with its sister planet as she sank her fingers into the rock inside the rock crust of the sphere. Alien structures on the planet toppled, unable to handle the g-forces of the sudden shift in motion. The initial collision had killed millions. And Cassie wasn’t even close to finished yet.

The young blonde swooped around, holding the planet before her as if it were a beach ball. Stopping abruptly, she wound up, then threw the alien sphere into its partner world at devastating speed. Both planets shattered immediately on contact, the chunks of rock that managed to survive the cataclysmic collision catapulted into the cold depths of outer space.

Cassie’s lips drew tight in satisfaction. She didn’t feel particularly great about snuffing out the lives of the entire species in a single cataclysmic act of destruction, but, much like the deaths she’d caused back on earth, it didn’t bother her unduly. If the aliens had declared war on her and Katsuko, then the girls had every right to fight back.

The young blonde flew casually back to Kat, who was smiling warmly at her lover’s approach. Cassie, wrapped a toned arm around the Asian girl’s fit, firm waist. As her fingers ascended the hard flesh of the other girl’s deliciously dense muscles, she leaned in to give her lover a passionate kiss. Kat’s hands wrapped around the scantily-clad blonde, their full breasts pressing together as their embrace drew tighter.


“Dr. Mendler?”

“Yes, George.”

“I’m seeing some strange stuff in the satellite photos. Stars exploding, galaxies shaking. You’re not going to believe—”


“Um, yeah?”

“Why don’t you go home. Make sure you’re sober when you come to work tomorrow.”

“But Dr. Mendler! Just look! Please!”

The older man gave an exasperated sigh and came over to look at George’s screen.

“What on earth…?” The man’s eyes bulged as they took in what his assistant was seeing.


The two girls giggled as they entered Mr. Johnson’s ship, Cassie plastering kisses all over Katsuko’s face as they emerged from the airlock.

“Girls,” he said nervously. “I hate to interrupt, but you might want to take a look at this.”

The two young women looked up to watch, both slightly annoyed at having been interrupted in the middle of their makeout session. But as they looked in the direction Mr. Johnson was pointing, Katsuko and Cassandra both blinked, then looked at one another, shock registering on their faces.

The idol was glowing, the air around it beginning to ripple.

“I’ve been thinking…” said Mr. Johnson, breaking the silent moment between the two girls. “Why would an alien race of squids create an idol in the shape of a human woman?”

Neither girl responded, simply staring at him uncomprehendingly.

“I’m thinking they wouldn’t. I’m thinking that they were trying to get to it before its real creator came to take it,” Mr. Johnson paused to let the words sink in. “And now that I’m near the idol again, I think it’s about to actually grant my wish this time. It wouldn’t be glowing if it had already granted my wish, right? I think we’re about to see who really did create this thing!”

Fascinated face lit by the soft glow of the strange object, he reached out with a rippling finger and touched it.

It flashed. And none of the three of them could ever have been prepared for what happened next…

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