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The New Augments – Chapter 1

Written by HendrixLives :: [Saturday, 12 June 2021 05:36] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 June 2021 09:59]

Introductory Notes

Clearly this story has a number of genre influences.The Eugenics Wars and The Augments from the Star Trek universe are inspiring but not as much as one of my favourite pieces of "bad girl" fiction: Drakon by SM Stirling. It is a shame that the hinted sequel was never written. This is an introductory chapter only, and I will carry on if people are interested.

Chapter One

Magnus Lund sat in his office, pensive. The humans had undertaken the most devastating scorched earth policy in the history of mankind. So silly*, he thought,all we wanted to do was lead them. They know we are stronger and smarter than us. Why do they continue to resist?Like all of his kind, though, Lund's current frustrations and disappointments made no impression on his granite features.

An aide entered. "Doctor Walters is here to see you, sir," he said.

"Please send her in," said Lund. He strummed his fingers on his aluminium desk, an uncharacteristic display of nerves. Lund was in command, but he had met Rachel Walters before. She was, among many other things,intimidating. Lund suspected that, in common with many of her kind, rank was observed only so long as it was conducive to her many ambitions.

In a moment, the doctor walked into his office. Lund was, again, overwhelmed by her appearance. He was a first-generation augment. The human scientists who had undertaken the advanced genetic theory had tried to make their new supermen physically perfect. In this they felt they had succeeded. A smile from Lund would make any normal woman, and many normal men, melt. Lund was effectively invulnerable against conventional human weapons, and ten times as strong as an old fashioned homo sapiens. The old kind really were playthings for a new master race.

However, the extra intelligence of the augmented humans had encouraged them to push the boundaries of genetic engineering still further. Walters, the doctor, was an example of the results. Lund didn't know how strong or intelligent the new augments were. However, there had been notorious leaked video footage of a new generation woman hunting, and executing, four homicidal augments. This had occurred when augments like Lund, with the same arrogance of the first human engineers, had felt they would always be able to control their subjects, even when the subjects were designed to be superior. The ease with which that woman had disposed of four of his kind, and her obvious pleasure in the task, was discomfiting to Lund. He believed that the old humans presented a common enemy, but once they had been defeated, Lund had no doubt that the original augments would find themselves in a losing struggle against people like Walters.

Walters sat in the chair on the opposite side of Lund's desk. Her posture was straight, and she was, to Lund, almost unnaturally still. Lund suspected that the mask of impassivity, his own impenetrable to standard humans, had been improved again. If Walters held Lund responsible for the augments current predicament in the war, it was impossible for him to tell.

At length Lund began the discussion. "You understand the situation. We have always been smart enough to realise that probability and certainty are not the same, and despite our 94% success probability, in this timeframe, we seem to be on the wrong side. You said you have a solution."

"I do." Walters's voice was smooth, and seductive. Lund felt a stirring in his groin, and it was apparent to him that Walters was, as always, going to have a very strong effect on his professionalism. "The war here is lost. However, once that became apparent, at the deployment of the first nuclear bombs, we have accelerated an alternative approach. As you will be aware, even the apelike human scientists have theorised that alternative universes, or parallel worlds, were statistically almost certain. We have found a way for us to engender small wormholes which will allow our people to pass through to worlds similar to this one, and effectively start the war on a new front. A defenceless one."

Lund, said nothing, but a quick flash of perfect white teeth had betrayed Walters's excitement. Lund felt a stronger sense of unease. Walters wasn't interested in mere survival. She wanted conquest.

Walters respected his silence, but eventually continued. "We have done some testing. You will have noticed despite rationing, nuclear material has been utilised."

Lund remained, he thought, impassive.

"You are annoyed," Walters stated, calmly enunciating what to her was a fact.

Lund tried not to bristle. He felt some empathy for the humans. His own thoughts and emotions should, he thought, be private and secure. Walters though had read him easily. It was humiliating. He looked at Walters, who had raised one eyebrow in a supercilious show of contempt. She was almost laughing at him. Lund looked away as he struggled to maintain his temper. "Yes. I am. Very annoyed" he stated at last. He knew that lying to her was pointless, and letting his rage show allowed him, he thought, a modicum of pride. "Proceed anyway."

Walters smiled, appearing to relax slightly. Lund tried to ignore the swelling of her breasts against her military blouse as she breathed, and the toned arms on display. Walters's eyes sparkled, and she flexed her arm; her bicep suddenly a steel ball. Lund gasped without noticing, thoughts of the doctor's physical power overwhelming him, and his anger was immediately superseded by lust. Lund had no doubt that the display was another deliberate act. Walters was teasing him, reminding him that, despite rank, she could dominate him at will. Lund struggled and at length regained what experience suggested would be temporary composure. He tried to convince himself there was nothing special about Walters.Allher kind were, after all, physically perfect.

Walter's gaze hardened suddenly, the supercilious gleam fading. Walters spoke again, formally now; treating Lund, he thought, as a child. "Our first tests were limited. We knew that we could create micro-wormholes, but our first challenge was to be sure that we could record, and find our way back, to any place we visited. This proved easy. Naturally, what was more difficult was to find somewhere to go. As it turns out, most parallel universes don't have a parallel earth."

For a moment she stopped. Then she smiled. "We did find one though."

Lund started in his chair. He didn't care that he was unable to conceal his excitement, and his relief that there may be a way out. "I think you know I'm interested, doctor. Tell me more."

Walters continued, and for a moment, even she seemed happy to reveal her true emotions. "We undertook limited field research first. Small cameras, insect-drones. Nothing intrusive. Just enough to get a handle on the world. It is populated, conventional homo sapiens, a while behind where our progenitors reached here, but following the same path. A little less clever, and a little less strong than the neanderthals here. They won't be capable of meaningful resistance. They might be quite useful once domesticated."

The last comment unnerved Lund. He sensed that Walters wanted to crush normal humans, and would take pleasure in enforcing their submission. He, on the other hand, wanted humanity to submit for pragmatic purposes. His kind were simply better for controlling the future of the planet. He felt another stab of empathy, this time almost pity. Walters against a human man would be like a cat, a lioness, toying with a mouse.

"... Downsides though," Walters had carried on speaking, but these words refocused his attention.

"What do you mean?"

"We can't simply transport ourselves there at will. To date, the 26,000 incursions have used less power than is needed to transfer a single person. Twenty people will use all our resources."

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"Yes. We need to take an elite force in, and utilise the new world's own resources to open a wormhole back here. We also expect to find more desolate equivalents that we will simply pillage for our survival. We think it will be possible for Earth C to create a portal between Earth A and Earth B that we can pass through."

"Earth A being here, Earth B being there, and Earth C being pillaged, I assume?"


"Have you discussed this with anyone?"


"Your planning is more advanced though?"

"Yes. Initially, I want to lead the team, and the team should comprise women. I can justify both points. I have the technical expertise to recreate a test environment on the other side. Women will fit in better. Earth B societies remain patriarchal. Our activities won't go un-noticed, but women will escape suspicion longer."

"How many members in the team?"

"Three to start. Additional members as soon as we can call home."

Lund thought, but not for long. The devastation of this world shouldn't be an indictment on all its humanity, traditional or enhanced. Not everyone deserved to die. "I will recommend this to the Council. I believe they will accept my recommendation. I require some control. I will provide a list of ten candidates for your team that are acceptable to me. You may choose two. You may lead the team, doctor, but please don't expect me to believe that your own wish to be involved is entirely professional."

"Of course," Walters said, her voice suddenly neutral.

"You will hear from me shortly," Lund said. "You are dismissed."

Walters smiled again, and stood up. The movement was sensual, and Lund realised she was teasing him again. Without a word she turned and left the office, her gait drawing Lund's attention to the muscles of her legs. He clamped his teeth together, and grabbed his desk, forcing his body to remain steady while his breath returned to normal. A very dangerous woman, he thought, noticing the indentation his fingers had made in the desk. Walters's idea made sense, and her logic was irrefutable. Nonetheless, Lund didn't foresee a happy future for the natives of the new Earth, and he was already fearing that the parallel world may end up in the same state as his one.

Rachel Walters left Lund's office slightly disappointed. She had expected that her plan would be approved, but hadn't expected that there would be conditions. Sometimes, she thought, the first generation were as bad as the humans, scared of the future and trying to maintain control when hopelessly outmatched. Worse, Lund's demeanour had, when not practically drooling over her appearance, indicated concern for the humans at one point. In Rachel's opinion, superiority was meant to be exercised and enjoyed, not denied as part of some outdated moral code. When Lund had imposed his silly restrictions, she had considered killing him. Snapping his neck. Breaking his spine. It would have been so easy. Hardly easy to get away with though, and Rachel had known that, on this occasion, discretion would be the better part of valour.

Not the end of the world though. Rachel smiled. Lund was right to be a little suspicious. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn't find out about her current activities. A short visit to one of his aide's offices, and the list would be as she wanted.

The new kind had encouraged some rigid social codes so that conventional humans knew their place. Some of them were objectively unusual, and could be, and were, taken advantage of. Rachel was not recorded as she walked along the street, as CCTV cameras had been abolished as part of a privacy initiative when her kind came to power. The presumption was homo superior wouldn't break the law, a conventional human wouldn't dare attack one of the new - and as for infighting between the ferals, well, who cared?

It was evening when Rachel approached the Records Department. She admired the classical structure; marble, an expansive foyer, exuding authority. The ancient models of Greece and Rome had appealed to the augments. Every thing was simpler, purer; unburdened by millennia of [feeble] thought and analysis. The Romans, in particular, took what they wanted. If Rachel had her way, the alternative Earth would be bent and broken; treasures and toys for her master race.

The main entrance to the Department was flanked by nude statues: the neo Juno and the neo Jupiter. The statues emphasised the physical perfection of the augments, and their poses had been designed to intimidate the weak feral humans tasked with the drudgework of administrative bureaucracy. Every time a clerk passed through the building's doors, he also passed through the shadows cast by the exemplars of augment superiority.

Rachel's own entry hadn't been observed, and given the time, she was unsurprised to see a light on from one office only. She ignored the bell on the reception desk, and opened the office's door.

"Evening, Tony."

The man turned, startled, and then his expression settled into one of resignation. He knew better than to resist, and Rachel rewarded him for good behaviour. He was depressed, and disgusted with himself, as the thought passed his mind. It felt so good, though, that he knew he would do what Rachel wanted. "Good evening, Commander," he said. "How may I serve you."

"A small favour." Rachel smiled, and she watched Tony beginning to perspire. A bit of fear, and a need for some form of physical intimacy with the goddess before him. "Lund has asked you to prepare a short list." With one graceful movement, she reached over the desk and dragged Tony across it, holding him closely enough that he could feel the steel of her body. She could sense his heart hammering, and his cock struggling to defy the confines of his trousers. "Your job," she purred, breathing softly into his ear, "is to ensure that two names are on the list. Do you think you can do that for me?"

Tony nodded. Resistance was futile, and submitting to her while held by her unbreakable embrace seemed almost infinitely pleasurable. He never knew where to look to try and hold himself together. Rachel's face was classically pretty, rather than striking. It was more than that though, but he found the more hard to define. When she looked at him, he couldn't look away. Tony also knew the hint of a reward in her request was genuine. Rachel always kept her word in transactions of this nature, even if it was, as Tony suspected, for her own entertainment.

Rachel lifted him up and down. Tony's mouth slackened, his hands roaming her butt, his chest slightly bruised by the firmness of her succulent tits, which his torso could barely start to compress . He gasped, and came, and then slumped listlessly against her body, which supported his effortlessly.

Rachel laughed, and then grabbed his neck in a vice-like grip, forcing him to face her. "That's your deposit." She left a small card on Tony's desk. The people on that card - on the list. Tomorrow. Understand?"

Tony nodded, tremulous, barely capable of coherent thought.

"Good." Rachel then kissed him, her tongue forcing open his mouth. Tony instantly exploded again, his second huge orgasm in a matter of moments. Rachel then let him go, and he dropped shapelessly to the ground before him.

"Remember, tomorrow," Rachel said. She turned and left the office, barely two minutes after entering it.

From the ground, Tony watched her leave, unable to look away from the muscles in her legs and butt. Although it seemed to defy biological possibility, his cock stiffened again. He wasn't surprised though, as she had done this to him before. Ten minutes later, he was sufficiently recovered to go to the bathroom, and clean himself up. He then returned to his office, and sat down to do her bidding.

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