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Blogger & the Football Team (feat. Conceptfan) Part 6

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Wednesday, 12 January 2022 11:48] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 15 January 2022 14:32]

Blogger and the Football Team, Day 6

The bold text was written by Conceptfan. The regular text was written by me. This was completely improvised.

"Well?" I ask, annoyed at having to repeat an order once again. The man visibly struggles to look away from his view of my tits from below, but he's at least smart enough to comply and stick his tongue inside of me as instructed, going as far in as he can possibly go. I let out another small moan. It feels nice, so I decide to keep it there for a little while. With just the tiniest contraction of my vaginal muscles, I make sure that the pleasantly warm organ inside of me won't be getting out until I'm finished with it. I can't help but smile at the familiar panic of the man beneath me when he suddenly finds some slight discomfort on his tongue, followed by the sight of his sluggish male brain slowly coming to the realization that he's trapped and can't get out. I even see him briefly try to pull his face away from my crotch for a brief moment (I see it, but I don't really feel anything) before quickly realizing that it was pointless to resist me and goes right back to moving his tongue around inside of me as much as he could, which wasn't much.

But I also instantly see signs that my new male is, unsurprisingly, about to cum, as well. It's probably going to be a little less than a second before he bursts, so I have plenty of time to think of dozens of different action plans on what to do about this. Do I just let him spill his perfectly good seed onto the floor because I still have a few other men left? Do I release my hold on his tongue and ride him just as tightly as the last man? Do I just order him not to cum and see if his intense fear of me outweighs his intense lust for me? So many choices...

With the newest recruit trapped by his tongue in the entrance to my superhuman intimacy, I just couldn't resist showing off a little. I was careful as I rose into the air, not to float up too fast or too far. The idea of a stupid male hanging helplessly like a pendulum from my sex is hysterically funny, but sadly, as I know only too well from previous experiences, it never actually works out that way. They only get to hang for about half a second. Then you get a fountain of blood and a tongueless man... Instead I went for just a little stretch, enough that he would have been screaming - if his tongue wasn't clamped fast by my vaginal grip. Of course he started to pound at my knees with his fists in desperation until they were so bruised he was forced to stop. Chuckling, I relaxed my inner grip and released him. He was gasping for breath and moaning, so I said, sternly "I didn't say you could stop licking!"

Roger was in agony. His tongue felt like it was just stretched well past its breaking point. His knuckles were bruised and bleeding from him frantically pounding at the girl's knees in desperate hope that she might drop him. And his lungs were on fire from the sheer exhaustion of trying to fight this impossible girl for only a few brief seconds. And to top it all off, he reached his orgasm at some point during the process and spilled his seed onto the bus' floor, not even able to achieve the pyrrhic victory of cumming inside of her as a few of his teammates had. When she asked him to continue licking, he knew that he shouldn't. He knew that his body was on the verge of giving out completely if he pushed himself any harder. But he forced himself to obey.

Craig and Smith weren't faring much better. They just experienced what could only be described as 'the most destructive orgasm ever' and had both of their faces crushed against this super girl's massive tits. Her chest somehow proved to be the most heavenly pillows of flesh imaginable, yet tough enough to break both of their noses moments after their faces started being pressed into her chest harder than what should have been humanly possible. Both men were crying. Both men were continually punching their fists into her thick and incredible thighs and her smooth and elegant back, even though they knew it was pointless. It gave them some level of comfort that they were, in a sense, still fighting back... even as their hands continued to feel more and more pain from punching her impossible tough body as they were forced to lick their own blood off of her incredible chest...

The three tongues working over my most sensitive points should have been a lot more stimulating than they were. I could smell without needing to look that the one between my legs had shot his load onto the floor of the bus. I guess it was inevitable that such intimacy with the core of my divine sexuality would be more than any male could handle. Still, it had clearly weakened him as much as semi-crushing his tongue had done. The two licking their own blood from my perfect, now millions of time harder than diamond nipples were also beginning to disappoint me.

It's not that I don't love seeing a man or three become exhausted within moments of encountering me, overwhelmed and overpowered so effortlessly. And it's not that it isn't sexy seeing them reduced to an even more pathetic state than usual just through contact with my glorious body. But I was only just getting warmed up. I needed more. These were grid iron athletes, but I think tennis players have the most appropriate expression for it:

"New balls, please."

Of course, I wouldn't bother with "please". Or even talking for that matter. I used a single finger from a single hand to flick each of the spent trio away from me, one by one, my easy gesture sending them flying, one after the other, the length of the bus to land on the ever growing pile of used men around the back seats. Much like a teenager discarding tissues, I guess, except that men weigh less to me than a tissue does to a boy. And they're more disposable, too.

"You!" I commanded, pointing to the next, terrified candidate. "And you! And you! And you!" At that point, three at once wouldn't be enough, so I selected a quartet.

I could clearly tell that all four men in my new selection had the same mixture of emotions that I mentioned earlier: 100% scared and 100% horny, which should be mathematically impossible. But in defense of whoever created the concept of percentages, they never got a chance to meet me. Anyways, three out of the four men instantly got down on their knees and started to crawl towards me. The fourth one, however, tried to run. I suppressed the urge to laugh and just decided to stop him. Really, this wasn't funny anymore. It was just sad.

So, in a thousandth of a second, I levitated myself about half a mater into the air, flew over the heads of the three men on their knees, reached the escapee just as he had managed to cross the distance of 1.78 millimeters away from his starting point, wrapped my slim fingers around his neck, and put an immediate end to his escape plans. Then, in a tenth of a second (which is a hundred times slower than I was moving before for those of you who are to stupid to know basic math i.e. most men reading this) I lifted him up, carried him over the heads of his three obedient teammates, and landed back on the floor, only causing minor fractures and whiplash to the insubordinate toy in my hand.

The man in my hand predictably started screaming in pain and thrashing around in my grip while the other three briefly froze in shock and confusion on account of how (as far as their male eyes could tell) I simply disappeared and then reappeared with a man dangling from my one-handed grip. But after an agonizing 1.34 seconds of being too shocked to move, their sluggish brains once again resumed their task of serving me and resumed crawling forward, clearly terrified of what a girl would want to do with four men at once.

"Shhh!" I ordered the one in my hand. When he didn't instantly obey, I silenced him by pulling his screaming mouth to my own and planting a deep kiss on him, incidentally sucking all the remaining air from his lungs, whilst being extremely careful not to collapse them entirely and vacuum out all his internal organs. I held the kiss for a couple of seconds, to give the other three a chance to reach me.

Once they were close enough, I floated a foot into the air, carrying my reluctant kisser with me without breaking the contact of my irresistible lips on his. Very, very gently, I kicked out with my sexy bare feet, barely even touching the three crawlers, each one in turn with the tip of one of my pretty toes. Really, I hardly touched them at all. Just enough to knock each of their heads backwards and flip them, off balance, onto their backs. Sure, they all had immediate bruises on their chins, and, yes, they each screamed in agony, but that's because they're weak men. Believe me, it was the lightest contact imaginable.

I felt the tiniest sensation on the tip of my tongue and realised, from the wild eyes staring into my own that the one I was holding to my face was biting down on me with all his might. Amused, I just wiggled my tongue - again, using the smallest amount of strength I could be bothered to employ. He tried to scream into my mouth as I tasted his blood and felt the dislodged teeth, but I just ignored him. The kiss was actually quite nice, and I had no intention of ending it yet.

Still floating in the air, I lowered myself a little, bringing my kisser with me, of course. It's not as if he had any choice in the matter, after all. Looking right through his head, I glanced down at the trio of prone males at my feet to confirm that they were all fully erect. They were shocked, and probably still in pain from the tiny tap I'd given each of them. But my overpowering allure meant that I was far more in charge of their bodies, even their arousal, than they were. I adjusted myself in mid-air and opened my legs, bending them and lowering my superhuman rear towards the leftmost of the three waiting erections, carrying mister kissy with me like the helpless sex toy I had turned him into.

Using my flying abilities, I carefully lowered myself onto the one on the left, making sure I didn't crush his hips to paste as I took in his length. I was also careful not to grip him too tightly, which meant that he was almost instantly on the verge of an orgasm. I moved fast, but only by "normal" (i.e. male) standards. Not even a ten-thousandth of my definition of fast, but then that would have obliterated all my lovers in an instant, and probably set the remains on fire...

Raising off the first cock at a speed that would just about have allowed me to be clearly seen by the pitiful slow brains of the men, I hovered in the air until I was over the middle one and dropped down onto him. Again, I used my powers of flight to avoid crushing him as let him slide into me. The familiar sensation of a penis about to explode tickled me inside, but I didn't indulge the feeling, or take steps to squeeze him particularly tightly. Instead, I rose off him and straight away moved my body in the air to number 3. Then I descended until his member was engulfed by my feminine glory.

I didn't let the third one stay long in me either. Straight away, I let him slide out as I rose and immediately repositioned myself on the third one. I had to increase my speed very slightly, because the middle one was about to cum, but I was able to rise off number one and impale myself on number 2 in time to catch the first jet of his orgasm deep within me. I used his first burst of seed as lubrication, gripping a little tighter as I lifted myself off him, mid-cum, and moved, just in time to catch number 3's huge first spasm.

My rapid up and down and sideways movements meant that my kisser's body was being thrown around quite violently, but I was still enjoying the feel of his bloody lips, so I just ignored the sounds of his hips cracking as I dived over number one. I was a tiny bit late, missing his next spasm, but if I'd moved any faster I'd have killed him instantly. I took him in, let him out and was already onto number 2.

At this point, there were three miniature fountains erupting beneath me. The firm, warm grip of my perfect canal kept each of them cumming as I "hopped" from one to the other over and over and over again.

Soon, of course, being only men, the flow of their sperm began to slow. But I did not let that be reflected on the speed of my movement. And, of course, the irresistible feel of my vaginal kept each of them fully hard long after they had nothing left in their balls.

I continued to bounce from sore, aching dick to agonised, bruised dick, throwing the man pressed against my lips around like a rag doll, refusing to slow down until I was satisfied.

As his penis was being painfully punished by this woman's superhuman vagina and the two teammates on each side of him were experiencing similar levels of brutality, Kendall suddenly knew without a shadow of a doubt that, either by some random superhuman lottery or a sick cosmic joke that the universe was playing on his teammates, there was a truly ridiculous amount of superhuman power that was given to a woman who was a textbook sociopath, through and through. The fact that she was using her flight powers and her inhuman speed to experience three orgasms at once made him finally realize that this girl not only abuses her strange power to do whatever she wants, but she truly enjoys getting creative in finding new ways to hurt people. She enjoys discovering new ways to cause misery.

As his vision started to go black, a sense of existential hopelessness swept through his body. It felt as if his very soul was being drained away. He knew that he wasn't a man with desires and rights. Not anymore. Now, he is but a mere plaything for a spoiled brat who has the power of a god, and she has absolutely no qualms about using that power to make herself happy no matter what pain and misfortune she causes to the people around her who have absolutely no ability to fight back. If there was ever a moment when Kendall felt like an emotionless, lifeless husk, it was when both of his colleagues had apparently finished, and the accursed super brat ended her triple-orgasm on his own dick...

...looking directly at him with a blissful smile on her face, as if all was right in the world.

Three men shooting (most) of what they had into me, while a fourth's lips were pressed against mine (admittedly pressed by me but in the heat of that moment, I almost forgot about that) was just what I needed. I felt my own orgasm hit just as I reached the middle one for the forty-third time. I caught sight of that familiar look of helpless awe, sheer terror and utter defeat and returned it with my satisfied grin as I shuddered with number two briefly inside me.

Of course, having properly reached orgasm at last, I wasn't going to let it just fade away. I wanted it to last.

A slight coldness against my lips told me that I had shaken my kisser a little too hard in the battle to win my big O. if he was merely unconscious, I'd probably have kept him there anyway, but I could tell without any further checks that he had kissed his last girl, superhuman or otherwise. But I was determined to prolong the wonderful sensations exploding within me. So I used my hold on him to lower his lifeless face down to my chest and started to rub it against my now ultra-sensitive breasts as I resumed my rotation on the three spent, discoloured penises laid out for my pleasure beneath me.

The groans of agony from each of the supine trio as I forced them to remain hard by continuing to ride them despite every other instinct in their bodies telling them otherwise mingled with the crunching sounds of the former kisser's skull cracking against my big, bouncing breasts. I felt the intimate contacts. I felt their helplessness, their pain, their desperation. Most of all though, I felt the way all of it... the breaking bones, the bruised, throbbing flesh, the moans, the cries, the crunches.... how it all reflected my superiority. My absolute, total power over not just those four men, but over every single man on Earth.

And that was when my orgasm became something even greater. Something so wonderful, so all-consuming, so... delicious... that I stopped bouncing from cock to cock - I think I was on number 2 at the time - and just threw my head back, closed my eyes and let out a cry of pure pleasure as wave after wave of the most intense and glorious feelings burst through my body like concentric ripples from my clitoris that spread to the very tips of my hairs, my fingers, my toes.

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