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Happy Birthday, Week 3 (NSFW)

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Monday, 24 January 2022 22:42] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 29 January 2022 23:50]

Editor's Note: this story contains NSFW pictures!


Well, today was my first school day where I didn’t have to go to school! It’s a good thing that my parents both leave home earlier than me and return home later than me 99% of the time. But either way, I’m probably going to have enough money to move out before long. You see, it kinda hit me that I don’t really have any plans for my future. So I started brainstorming ideas on how I could use my powers to get rich. But I couldn’t really think of anything that wouldn’t also involve me probably getting caught. So then, I started thinking of ways to use my looks to get rich.

Then it hit me. I just turned 18, so I can make an onlyfans account now. So… I did. And I shared it with every past lover in my contacts list. Here is the first picture I posted:0034

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough money to move out of my parents’ house by the end of next month.

Oh, I also discovered that I have x-ray vision today.

Yeah, for real! I can see through walls now! I was trying to figure out what clothes to wear when I woke up this morning. I just stared at my closed closet door for a few seconds, wondering if my vision was somehow good enough to give me enough information to sorta estimate what my options were.

Look, I dunno what I thought would happen.

But what I didn’t expect to happen was that, after trying to focus my vision for a few seconds, I could actually start to see everything inside with perfect clarity! The more I tested it out, the more I could even see the individual dust particles on each piece of clothing that was in there. Not only can I see through walls now, but it doesn’t even seem to be a detriment to my vision!

After making this discovery, I played around with it for a few minutes. Everybody from my next door neighbors to people living entire kilometers away can’t have any privacy from me anymore, it seems. For the next few minutes, I just kinda watched people getting ready to go to either work or school (suckers…) before finally getting dressed and starting my day.

So, after opening up an account that will undoubtedly make me a millionaire by the end of the year and after learning that I have yet another power to add to my already ridiculous arsenal of abilities…

I just spent the day watching Netflix.

…What? It’s my first Monday off since Christmas!


I’ve decided that I’m going to conduct two separate tests in order to determine whether or not I can be properly classified as a “Goddess.” I’m going to test my strength and I’m going to test my invulnerability. You see, right now I’m only convinced that I’m 99.999% unstoppable. But I’ve determined that if I’m…

  1. Strong enough to move/overpower anything that can stand in my way and…
  2. Tough enough to survive a direct hit from a nuclear weapon

…only then will I be certain that I am 100% unstoppable.

Both tests are required, if you ask me. Because even if my strength was infinite, it wouldn’t be that great if I could still be killed by a strong enough bomb. And if I was 100% immortal, it wouldn’t be that great if I was weak enough for people to be able to overpower me or lock me up. I needed to make sure that I had both my strength and invulnerability completely covered… if for nothing else than to satisfy my intense curiosity about how powerful I had become.

Of course, the second test is going to be a bit tougher to do, because I’m definitely going to need to test my durability on some smaller missiles and bombs before I’m ready to try nukes. Not only that, but people don’t necessarily give out nuclear weapons for people to play with.

However, today was the day that I tried to cross the first test off of that list and answer the question: Is my strength truly unstoppable?

First, I spent a few minutes looking for yachts for sale. Not because I couldn’t afford to buy one (give my onlyfans account a few months first) but because I wanted to lift one… specifically, the biggest one I could find. I figured that if I can lift that, then I could sufficiently move/overpower anything that I would ever practically need to. I don’t necessarily need to be strong enough to push the moon out of its orbit to be happy. I just need to be strong enough to fully believe that nothing on planet Earth could stop me from doing whatever I wanted to.

It wasn’t long before I found my boat. And luckily for me, the seller was on the other side of the ocean, so it was probably around 1:00 AM at the time I found his name and address. Without even waiting, I climbed out my bedroom window and flew across the sea to Europe. I never really talked about how invigorating it was to be able to fly through the skies at several times the speed of sound, as well as being infinitely more agile than any aircraft in existence.

Well let me tell you, it’s very invigorating.

So, after forgoing any and all airlines to simply fly across the ocean in under three minutes (fuck yeah…!) it took me a little while to find my new test weight. My geography skills were never the greatest, so I wasn’t even sure what country I was flying over for a good while. But then again, if you’re a girl who can scan the earth from hundreds of kilometers above sea level with enough detail to study individual peoples’ faces and even be able to search underground with your newfound x-ray vision, it was never going to be too tricky to find a 126.2 meter-long boat. After about ten minutes of probably flying all around Europe searching for it (I got a little lost, sue me) I found it.

Here’s a picture that I pulled from the website where I found it, by the way. Just to give you a proper set of scale of just how big this thing was.Screenshot 28

Yes, those are two helicopters for scale.

Even though I was looking at the pictures for this thing online, it was still a little intimidating to actually approach it for real. Especially considering the fact that there were several armed guards patrolling around on the ship itself. Which made sense, because it’s expected that people might try to board the yacht at midnight and try to ransake a ship that’s probably got millions of dollars of furniture, electronic appliances, and maybe even some personal jewels and treasures on board.

Of course, what those poor guards weren’t expecting was for somebody to try and take the whole entire ship without even going to the control deck and turning a single key.

It was time to put my test into motion. I fell from the sky down towards the water below. I was so high up that it took nearly thirty seconds before I had to slow my descent a little bit in order to ensure that I would dive into the water in near silence. But once I was underwater, I suddenly thought of another quick test to do: How long can I hold my breath?

Well, I only held my breath for a few minutes before I got bored and tried to do something a little more daring. I was still only about one meter below the surface (again, nobody could see it, it was past midnight) so I actually tried to inhale a tiny little bit of water to see if that would hurt me.

It didn’t.

It was the most bizarre feeling ever. Imagine swallowing wrong, but not even getting the smallest urge to cough the water back up. There was literally a little bit of water in my lungs, and I was perfectly fine! So I took a big, deep breath and… I simply continued to breathe water. Well actually, “breathe” isn’t the correct word, since I don’t think I was getting any oxygen from it. But… I’m not even sure if I even need oxygen at this point.

So anyways, after discovering yet another way that I’m completely invincible, I flew (or, I guess I swam?) down towards the bottom of the massive vessel, right in what I guessed to be the center of its weight. I couldn’t help but hesitate for a brief moment. I cannot overstate how massive this thing was, but I think that the picture speaks for itself. But try being directly underneath that metal monstrosity and being prepared to try and lift it when the heaviest thing you lifted prior was a measly tree.

But then, I started thinking about that tree. I remembered how it was incredibly easy to rip it out of the dirt with my bare hands, and I remembered that that was four days ago, and I’ve probably only gotten stronger since the day I uprooted that tree with minimal effort.

Finally, my curiosity got the better of my nervousness. I planted my back against the metal hull of the ship and basically laid my entire body flatly against the metal, trying to distribute the weight of the ship on as much space as I possibly could. And then… I tried to rise out of the water with the ship over my head.

It was a slow, laborious process. At first, nothing seemed to be happening. I slowly put more and more power into it until, for the first time since I first started developing powers two weeks ago, I was actually struggling a little bit. It was only a little bit, but I had almost forgotten what a small struggle even felt like. Eventually, my body started to sink ever so slightly into the metal for just a brief moment.

But then, the ship started to move.

I wanted to laugh as the 100m+ yacht slowly started to rise out of the water, but I had to actually focus on my breathing. But I can definitely say that I had the biggest ear-to-ear smile on my face as I lifted the metal monstrosity, which probably weighed hundreds of tons, out of the sea. Not only that, but I was using the incredibly suboptimal lifting technique of just laying my entire body flat against the ship and basically pushing my body against it with my flight muscles alone. This would probably be a lot easier if I could just lift the thing over my head like normal. But the dense metal of the ship’s underside was already deforming a tiny little bit on account of the ship’s massive weight being focused on such a small point. The only reason why lifting this boat was as difficult as it was is because of the fact that weight distribution is a thing.

The guards all immediately started panicking. I guess that they weren’t trained for dealing with gorgeous superhumans who can lift the entire boat out of the water with her own two hands! My enhanced ears could hear every word of terrified confusion from the handful of security guards spread all around the ship, even before I finally broke through the surface.

Sorry boys, but this is for science.

The amount of displaced water created huge, roaming waves as I officially started to carry the ship up into the air. I was victorious. I am strong enough to lift a 126-meter long metal ship out of the sea and into the air!

I had to put it back down pretty quickly though, because the part of the hull that I was lifting it from was getting so tortured and deformed that I was probably just going to punch right through it if I kept it up.

…And also because, admittedly, I couldn’t really hold it for that much longer. It was really heavy!

I could have been a bit gentler with my descent back into the water. But if you’ve ever lifted a weight that you were kinda struggling with, then you’d understand my position. As I lowered myself back into the harbor, I could hear the clatter of chairs, tables, and armed guards briefly rolling around the deck from the sudden re-entry back into the water. The gargantuan weight of the massive ship threw out 3 meter tall waves in every direction, bowling over two other guards who were watching in shock from the docks.

But after all of that had settled down, I simply sat there underneath the ship for a brief moment and drank in the incredible feat that I had just pulled off. There was no longer any doubt about it. As long as I’m completely indestructible, there is absolutely nothing on the entire planet who could stop me now!

I flew back out of the water, rocketing through the surface and launching myself into the air. I quickly noticed that one of the guards was pretty far away from the others, so I decided to pay him a little visit before I went home. I simply dropped myself down out of the sky and let my bare feet crash into the wooden floor of the ship’s deck, smashing it in just a little bit. I had already damaged the ship quite a bit already, so what’s a little more?

The man looked at me with shock, and then immediate arousal. I was surprised by how quickly his attitude changed. But then I remembered that…

  1. I was soaking wet, and my beautiful blond hair was clinging to my smooth shoulders.
  2. I wasn’t planning on being seen by too many people, so I didn’t bother putting on a bra.

I thought he was going to pass out on the spot, first from the shock of his entire post being levitated into the air, and then from seeing my nipples clearly poking out a little bit through my wet t-shirt.

He didn’t do anything with the automatic assault rifle strapped to his chest. He was utterly petrified by my beauty. A quick glance with my x-ray vision revealed that he was fully erect, as well.

I was already itching to test my invulnerability now, so I couldn’t help but to grab his weapon, point it at me, and pull the trigger before he could even react. I watched his horny brain suddenly kick back to life again when he finally registered what was happening, just as two dozen metal bullets were being unloaded into my waist.

Just like the pistol that I used the other day, the bullets just felt like raindrops.

“Thanks for letting me try that” I finally say to him, parting my lips in a gratified, sexy smile. By now, his pupils are the size of pinpricks and he’s openly hyperventilating from the shock of all the impossible events that just unfolded by my hand (and probably from how gorgeous I was, too). I could hear the other guards starting to close in on our location, no doubt being drawn in by the gunfire. So, I gave him a quick little parting kiss (not too much, just enough to make his heart briefly stop and make him cum in his pants) before turning around and taking to the skies, leaving behind five or six terrified and confused men who have absolutely no idea what just hit them.

I imagine myself being able to effortlessly tear through an entire army as I fly home. I’m not an expert at calculating how much strength it would take to lift and/or break the heaviest/toughest things that mankind can make, but I don’t need to be. Not anymore.

I have now confirmed that I have the strength to be 100% unstoppable. Even though there might be something that I could, in theory, be unable to lift (like a skyscraper or something) but I can’t imagine any possible scenarios where I’d actually need to do something that crazy. For all practical purposes, my strength might as well be limitless.

I can’t wait to test out my invincibility next.


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this before. But ever since my 18th birthday, I’ve been getting less and less sleep every night, but I haven’t been getting any less tired. I’ve simply been getting less sleep because I’ve been needing less sleep.

Anyways, I don’t even need to sleep anymore, which is something that I found myself very grateful for as I decided to fly to the other side of the world at 1:00 AM, my time. The reason being was because I found a guy online who owns all kinds of insane weapons, ranging everywhere from assault weapons to flamethrowers to military grade, tank-busting missiles!

It wasn’t hard to find one of these guys, actually. There’s tons of guys who have YouTube or Instagram channels where all they post are videos of their weapons demonstrations for all of the crazy things that they have in their arsenals. So, I just picked one at random (okay, I picked the one who was the cutest) and sent him a message asking to meet him, along with a picture of me.

I also offered to invite him to a little video call just to prove that this wasn’t some kind of scam (believe me, a lot of people take one look at my face and think that I’m literally too good to be true) and he accepted.

I wish I was recording my screen when he accepted the call and I said “Hi”. He just stared at me like a deer in a pair of headlights for a full ten seconds before he responded with a simple “Hi” of his own. Oh, and his name was Draco, by the way. 

I then went on to tell Draco that I was a gun enthusiast and that I really wanted to see his “big, manly collection”. That got him so flustered that he was stuttering frantically while he was giving me his address, which he supplied without any hesitation. I then informed him that I’d be there in five minutes. He chuckled and said “Sure babe, five minutes”, obviously not believing me, and then I hung up.

Four minutes later, I knocked on his door. I wasn’t wearing anything particularly sexy today, but that still didn’t stop him from being completely and utterly flabbergasted by the sight of me. He was trying to sneak constant glances at my tits while I introduced myself, which is something that I’m more than used to. But after we finished exchanging pleasantries, I cut straight to the chase and asked to see his collection.

I started out by asking him to load one of his many sawed-off shotguns and handing it to me. Then, he led me up to his massive private shooting range. This is where I, without any warning, shot myself in the head. Twice.

I can’t express with words how incredible it is to have eyes that can process information thousands of times faster than an average person. When I pointed the gun at my head, his eyes had only barely begun to widen in shock by the time I pulled the trigger. Then, the BOOM of the shotgun made him jump in shock and horror as he realized what I had just done. Meanwhile, the gun gave my singular hand its standard kickback with the force of a gun that is absolutely not designed to be shot with one hand unless you’re superhuman. And then, dozens of pellets of “shot” (I had to google that one) slammed against my face, some of them even catching me directly in the eye, before bouncing off and ricocheting away in many different directions.

Just like with some of the lighter weapons that I played with in the past, the shot just felt like rain against my skin. Even the few pellets that hit me in the eye just felt like… well, imagine getting something really small caught in your eye, but without irritating it in the slightest. I felt the tiny metal balls touch the white of my eye, but it didn’t even irritate it enough to make me blink.

After Draco’s inferior human brain took a few moments for him to realize what just happened, I fired a few more shots, just to make sure he knew that he wasn’t imagining things. This resulted in him covering his ears and yelping in shock as he watched me fire the remaining slugs into my face.

Finally, the noise died down and Draco uncovered his ears. He was visibly shaking by this point, so it had to be me to break the silence. “I need you to test a few more weapons,” I said simply. “And don’t bother setting up any targets.”

A few minutes later, Draco was loading a high caliber sniper rifle. I asked him what was the strongest gun he had that fired traditional bullets, and this was his response. While I was waiting, I noticed that he had something very peculiar in one of his garages: An old World War II tank.

Much to my disappointment, he explained that the machine wasn’t functional and would require a lot of work before he could restore it to working order. “That’s too bad,” I shrugged. I picked up the old vehicle and held it in my hand for a moment, examining the dense metal and thick treads that would undoubtedly steamroll its way through almost any blockade that any old 1940’s military could put up at the time. “Too bad, indeed,” I stared morosely at the huge cannon mounted onto the old relic as I gently set it back down onto the garage floor. “Maybe some other day,” I shrug and walk past Draco, who was now pale as a ghost and almost too shocked to breathe, and exited the building.

Of course, between that and the shotgun shells he was freaking out and asking me all kinds of questions. But at that point, I was so anxious to do more weapons testing that I really didn’t feel like answering them. Honestly, I was getting a little sick of explaining to shocked and confused individuals that I was an unstoppable superhuman. It’s always so much of a process. So, I ended up promising him that he’d be allowed to touch my tits if he stopped asking questions. He seemed disappointed by my refusal to give him any answers, but he still agreed to that deal. Surprise, surprise.

Once I was out in the field getting ready to be shot, I quickly leaped up 100 meters into the air and floated there for a second, looking around to see if anybody else was around. I had a feeling that the coast was clear because I couldn’t hear anything, but I just wanted to make sure. Satisfied, I landed back on the ground, where a now even more flustered and confused Draco simply asked “How…?”

“No questions,” I shot back, pointing at my chest to remind him of our deal. He audibly gulped and then promptly shut up.

So then, since I didn’t want my clothes to get shot full of holes, the next thing I did was take off my shirt and my bra. I was now 100% topless. I thought about taking off my pants, too. But I was pretty sure that he would be able to hit me somewhere in my chest or stomach pretty easily.

But then again, he was starting to shake an awful lot once I brought my tits out for some air.

He aimed, and I waited… and waited… and waited…

I eventually realized that he was staring at my rack through the scope of his rifle and he was unable to do anything other than stare at them and drool. And yes, he was actually drooling. “I’m going to count to three!” I yelled to him across the range. “If I get to three, then I won’t let you touch my tits!” Needless to say, that snapped him out of it and got him to open fire.

The moment that he pulled the trigger, I knew that he wasn’t kidding when he said that this was the most powerful traditional weapon that he owned. The roar of the weapon’s shot made the shotgun sound like a tiny firecracker in comparison. I have no doubt that the shot would have damaged his ears if he wasn’t wearing hearing protection. The bullet was also much larger and traveled far faster than any of the other weapons that I had tried before that point. I had no doubt in my mind that this bullet could probably punch its way through four or five men before coming to a full stop. I briefly thought about dodging out of the way (which wouldn’t have been hard) but I was pretty sure that even if this bullet hurt me, it probably wouldn’t leave much more than a small welt on my chest at the absolute worst.

The .50 cal bullet hit me directly in my left breast, and it felt exactly the same as the shotgun pellets. It felt like a tiny drop of water, but it… lasted longer? It’s hard to explain, but my chest felt oddly numb as the bullet dug its way into the softness of my left mound, a little bit deeper than an average male hand could get with his fingers, before finally flattening against the muscles underneath and bouncing away with the telltale sound of another ricochet.

“Alright!” I say, looking down at my hypnosis devices for men and finding them completely unhurt. “You got any armor piercing rounds or something?”

It turns out that he did. I’m pretty sure that the armor piercing rounds could have punched their way through four or five cars, but the results against me were exactly the same.

Feeling confident that nothing could hurt me at this point, I asked him to bring out the strongest thing he had: A bunker-busting missile. He was hesitant to part with one because each missile apparently costs tens of thousands of dollars, so I had to negotiate my original promise of “touching my tits” and up the incentive to “having sex with me.”

Admittedly, I was feeling really horny by this point. I think that it comes from the feeling of sheer power that I feel whenever I use my unstoppable strength to shock and/or humiliate people or when I get to see a bullet that can pierce through human flesh like it’s nothing bouncing harmlessly off of my skin. Looking back, I think that I really realized how much I loved the feeling of having power back when I turned the tables on those two rapists. I held those two mens’ fates in my hands. They could scream and struggle and stab me all they liked, but it wouldn’t stop me from doing whatever I wanted with them. And that look in their eyes; a combination of lust and terror, ignited a fire inside of me that I hadn’t felt in many months. And now, watching a shocked, horny, and slightly terrified man shooting state of the art rifles at me and watching as it accomplishes absolutely nothing was giving me that same exact feeling: It made me feel like a God.

Anyways, Draco grabbed the missile launcher next. By now, he was more freaked out than any other man that I had ever seen before, even the ones that I beat up with my super powers. He had both the facial expression and the utterly panicked heartbeat of a man who was staring directly into the face of God, or possibly Satan. But I didn’t think much about it at the time and simply took off the rest of my clothes so that they wouldn’t get destroyed in the resulting explosion. This, of course, did little to calm down my helpful little weapons enthusiast, but it did make him a lot less hesitant to fire the missile at me.

Finally, it was time; time to get hit with possibly one of the strongest weapons in existence outside of either a nuke or a very large bomb. I stood out there in the field, completely naked and completely ready. Draco grabbed his huge over-the-shoulder missile launcher, took aim, and froze for another few seconds as he stared at my naked perfection through the scope of the bazooka. But after looking right back at him and giving him the universal hand gesture for having sex (you know the one) he bit his lip and pulled the trigger.

The missile was a lot slower than the sniper bullet, and I could instantly tell that it was going to miss me, flying about 20 cm too far to my left. But luckily, I have godlike reflexes and speed now, so jumping in front of the rocket was rather trivial. Even though it crossed the field to reach me in less than half of a second, I still had enough time to step in front of the rocket’s path and spend a few moments thinking about what was going to happen when it struck me.

But finally, it did. The metal rocket crumpled against my slim waist for only a brief moment before detonating into a massive explosion of noise and heat. Right before my eyes, I could see a crater forming in the ground, the surrounding dirt and grass around me being either burned up into the air or compressed down deeper into the earth. The resulting crater had a radius of roughly ten meters and a depth of two. The destruction was positively massive.

Meanwhile, my body, which was caught directly in the center of the devastation, merely felt a few gentle taps of metal shrapnel and a strong warm breeze. I’m not kidding. Getting hit with a rocket that’s designed to obliterate fortified military bunkers and vaporize everything inside actually felt pleasant against my skin.

And just in case finding proof of my near immortality wasn’t awesome enough, the very next thing that followed was easily the best sex that I’ve had in a very long time.

When I strutted out of the smoke and debris like a queen (and “strut” was definitely the correct word here) I immediately noticed that Draco was more horny and more scared than he had ever been before. As his eyes widened in both shock and arousal and my perfect, naked, unscathed body, his face turned white and his legs gave out from underneath him.

I already mentioned how much it turned me on to have sniper bullets fired at me without even leaving a scratch. Well, now Draco’s look of pure, concentrated fear and helplessness turned me on even more. “Thanks for testing your little toys on me,” I grinned. “Now it’s time for your reward.” And with that, I picked him up off of the ground, lifted him up over my head and carried him over towards the garage with the tank where we could have some privacy.

And that was when he started struggling.

Honestly, I’m only realizing now in hindsight what was really going on. But it makes perfect sense. It’s no exaggeration to say that a large part of this man’s livelihood revolved around watching powerful weapons blow anything and everything into smithereens. So, even though my naked body is causing the usual effect to his groin, there’s no doubt that he also saw me as some kind of monster that just completely bastardized everything that he thought he understood and believed in. This was a man who, on some level, couldn’t accept the fact that none of his weapons could even scratch me.

Hence, why my presence was ready to make his dick explode in his pants while also triggering his primal “fight or flight” instincts at the same time.

And if my euphoric rush of power and his terrified face wasn’t enough already, when he started trying to uselessly pry my hand away from him, that turned me on even more still.

I finally entered the shed with my new cargo and pinned his struggling and thrashing body to the hard concrete floor, right next to the tank. I quickly undressed him, ripping the close straight off of his body as if they were made of wet tissue paper. Within seconds, Draco was just as naked as me. He was sweating like mad and I thought that his heart was going to give out from how hard it was pounding as I sat my round hips down on top of his stomach. I used just a tiny little portion of my flight powers to hold me perfectly in place to ensure that absolutely nothing could move me from that exact spot.

And then, while the cute little weapons collector was hyperventilating with both of his hands on my ass, struggling with all of his might to push me up and away from him… I looked him dead in the eye and slowly lifted the tank up off of the floor and over my head. As the shadow of the 10-ton machine loomed over both of us, he actually stopped breathing for a moment, so scared and flustered that he was almost about to pass out. At this point, I was beginning to suspect that his fear was actually contributing to his horniness. Have I found one of those fabled men who wants to be stepped on? It was certainly starting to look that way…

And at that moment, I broke the silence and asked him:

“Have you ever had sex with a woman who’s strong enough to annihilate mankind without breaking a sweat?”

For a very brief moment, his heart stopped. It was only a brief moment, but it happened. This man’s brain was so completely and utterly overwhelmed by everything that I was doing to him that he could barely function anymore. At that point, I simply sat there on top of him, with tank in hand, waiting to see if he was ready to accept what I already knew by this point: That this man secretly wanted to be completely and utterly dominated by the terrifyingly powerful superbabe. And after a long, tense pause, he finally spoke in the most weak and vulnerable voice that I had ever heard in my entire life:

“Rape me.”

While it technically wasn’t possible for me to rape a man who literally just gave me consent, what I did do was pin him to the floor and ride him while he was kicking and screaming for me to stop the entire time. It certainly looked like rape from the outside looking in, but I can assure you that he was thoroughly enjoying the roleplay. But not as much as I was.

I hadn’t cut loose like this in a long time. I rode that dick so hard that the sex only lasted fifteen seconds before he was unable to continue.

It was the best sex I ever had.

Even though it was all pretend, those fifteen seconds made me feel like my domination over mankind was absolute. He was screaming and whimpering for me to stop. But I kept going because I was enjoying myself, and that was all that mattered. He struggled and thrashed around with all of his might to get me off of him. But it couldn’t possibly have mattered less thanks to my incredible strength rendering him so helpless to stop me that he might as well have been an inanimate sex toy that was completely incapable of having a say in what I did to him. I even screamed back at him a few times, saying things like “Gods don’t need your consent” and “You want me to stop? Then make me!”

This continued for fifteen seconds before I reached the quickest and strongest climax of my entire life. And when that fantastic moment was over, I slipped myself off of his body and walked out of the building to grab my clothes. As I walked away, I looked back over my shoulder at the naked, limp, twitching, sweating, panting, disgusting mess of a man that I had reduced him to from the simple act of getting pleasure out of him.

“Go to the gym some more,” I ordered him, knowing that, in that moment, he would unconditionally obey me. “I’d like for you to have a bit more muscle on you by the next time I visit you. And trust me, there will be a next time,” I assured him. His rapidly dimming eyes were still focused on me as I walked out. I could tell that he heard me, and I could see that he was struggling to pick up any other instructions that I might have had for him, all the way up to the final moment where his body gave out and his eyes rolled into the back of his skull as he slipped into a deep sleep.

Even though the sex had already ended, the afterglow I felt was so amazing that it alone felt better than a good chunk of the actual sex that I’ve had in the past. And so, with that incredible fire still burning brightly in my gut and in my loins, I walked naked out to the cratered field where I got hit with a rocket so I could grab my clothes, putting on everything except for my panties and shorts (since my crotch was still thoroughly soaked) before flying home.


I took a little break from my experiments today. I’m starting to slowly amass a list of things that I want to do now that I’ve ascended into an unstoppable super being. Maybe I’ll take a trip to the moon or something. But in the end, today started out as a simple day trip to Rio de Janeiro. Yeah, no big deal. I just flew to another continent, landed by one of the hottest tour spots on the planet, and chilled for a few hours. Of course, I was wearing a bikini. And of course, I drew a lot of attention. Every guy on the beach who spoke English (and even a few girls) were throwing themselves all over me, especially once they learned that I came to the beach alone.

It was such a blast! I played 1 vs. 5 beach volleyball (Guess who won?), asked seven different men over the course of the day to put sunscreen on my back just to watch them get hilariously hot and bothered (one guy even fainted!), and caught a shark with my bare hands!

But after a while, I started to get a little more… ambitious.

Here I am, the closest thing that mankind will ever get to a living Goddess, sitting by the ocean, and I wasn’t even using my incredible powers to do anything interesting! I was just flirting with guys and occasionally destroying them in sports competitions.

So I came up with a new plan: Step one: Get a waterproof case for my phone. I didn’t have any money on me, but all I had to do was start loudly whining about how I’m not going to be able to get any pictures of the ocean to send back home and oh, woe is me!!

When I started my whole pity act, I couldn’t even finish my first sentence before a helpful local swooped in and offered to buy one for me. I made a big show of thanking him and offered to go to the beach with him. He, of course, accepted. Minutes later, we both arrived back on the beach, he followed me into the water, I took a little dive below the surface…

…and I probably swam all the way to Argentina before he even realized that I was gone. Well, honestly I was flying more than swimming, but I was flying through the ocean, so it’s basically swimming.

Phase two of the plan was to use the GPS of my now waterproof phone to swim to the Mariana Trench and do some exploring in the depths of the ocean that would normally require countless millennia of scientific advancements just to reach.

So, after swimming about 30,000 kilometers in under an hour, I went into the abyss.

And if you’re wondering why it took me a whole hour to swim that far, it’s because I took my time and saw the sights along the way. I think that my favorite part of the trip was when I challenged a giant squid to a wrestling match.

Fun fact: giant squids are monsters. The one I found was probably ten meters long, it probably weighed 200 kilograms, and it had eight massive tentacles that are strong enough to even reel in other giant squids on occasion (I did some research when I got back home lol) and I’ve even heard that a single one of their tentacles’ suction cups is strong enough to peel a man’s face off.

…Yeah, it was no match for me.

“What’s wrong, Squidward??” I remember asking the thrashing, 10-meter monster as it writhed around and tried to bite at me. “You mad that you’re not the apex predator anymore? Well, get used to that, beeyatch!!” And then I dragged it up to the surface and skipped it across the water like a rock. Then I left the poor giant horror of the sea alone. The poor thing had suffered enough, I think.

Oh, and I also swam past a fishing boat and literally leapt out of the water like a dolphin before falling back in again. Only, I probably got triple the hang time that a dolphin would normally get, and the men in the fishing boat stared at me with a confused expression that I’m probably going to remember forever.

Anyways, the abyss…

I left my phone at the entrance to the trench because I didn’t want it to get crushed by the intense pressure of the uninhabitable depths. And then, I dove down, down, down…

But to my shock, it quickly got harder and harder to see the deeper I went. My superhuman eyes can function perfectly with only the tiniest amount of light. But… at the bottom of the ocean, there is ZERO light. I was blind.

I couldn’t even describe how disappointed I was. Honestly, I was both disappointed and also a little angry at the fact that I actually wasn’t able to explore the depths like I thought I could. In hindsight, I don’t think that any existing records of human history will ever find a better example of a “spoiled brat” than I was in that moment. I was basically immortal, strong enough to flatten all of the world’s armies by myself, fast enough to fly around the planet in minutes, and I have incredible super senses that let me see and hear everything around me at once.

And yet, I felt like the universe had just slapped me across the face and spat in my eye, because it had the audacity to not let me see underwater.

Out of both boredom and frustration, I just ended up squinting around REALLY hard and tensing up my face in concentration. I was basically just trying to see if I could somehow see in the dark just by focusing hard enough and getting angry enough.

…And uh… that’s when I learned that I have heat vision.

A massive beam of red light suddenly engulfed my vision and melted the rocks ahead down to a red-hot liquid before being quickly cooled by the water of the ocean.

So then, I probably spent the next minutes cackling like a madman and turning several kilometers of completely undisturbed rocks and minerals into molten goo before I tried to see if I could simply use my eyes as a light source to move forward. And with a little bit of concentration, I succeeded. At first, it was a little hard to simply keep my eyes glowing without putting too much energy into it and turning more of the unexplored depths into magma, but I quickly got the hang of it and managed to simply keep my new eye lasers down to a steady red glow.

So there I was, a seemingly ordinary girl swimming at inhuman speeds in a largely uncharted part of the world that mankind has barely even scratched the surface of despite millions of years of evolution; a gorgeous blond woman wearing nothing but a swimsuit and completely filling it with her unattainable levels of superhuman beauty, swimming around in the depths of the planet like she owned the place, and cruising along easily thanks to the hellish-looking glow from her red eyes; red eyes that, had the utter ease of her unthinkably difficult expedition not proven it already, betrayed the fact that she was not an average human at all, but something far greater than the primitive species of man will ever hope to achieve, from now until the end of time…

Holy shit, I made myself horny just writing that. I’ll be right back, hang on.

Okay, now that I’ve cleared my head (don’t ask how many men it took) let’s go back to talking about the bottom of the ocean.

You could have told me that I had somehow stumbled into another planet and I would have totally believed you. All of the life down there looked utterly alien; like it didn’t belong on Earth.

There were angler fish, fish whose skin and muscles are see-through and you can see their bones moving around, fish whose bodies are made up of almost 50% teeth. It would have been the most horrifying experience in my life if I was swimming around down here three weeks ago… well, if it was even possible for me to have been swimming down here three weeks ago.

For the next hour or so, I just kinda drifted around and looked through the undersea wasteland for the occasional life form here and there, and every one I found was an incredible discovery, mostly because I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was probably the very first person to discover more than half of them.

But… there wasn’t much else to do down there. I’m sure that it would have been a dream come true for a marine biologist. But for me, it was just a fun way to spend an afternoon. So after I was getting bored of the undiscovered wonders of the Challenger Deep, I swam back up to the top of the trench, grabbed my phone, and swam home.

So yeah, I started my day in America, then flew to Brazil, spent the day on the beach, swam to the Mariana Trench, discovered that I have heat vision, and then played around in a barren no man’s land that mankind has scarcely touched.

What did you do today?


You know, when you have super powers, you tend to want to have as much fun with them as you can. I spent the first half of the day just looking for fun things to do… uprooting trees with my bare hands (that was fun for a few minutes), finding the biggest rock I could lift (it was closer to a small mountain, actually), and even spending a few hours looking for petty criminals to beat up.

Admittedly, the criminals were the most fun part. Even though lifting a rock the size of an apartment complex was the more impressive feat, rocks can't react to your power. They don't get that incredible mixture of shock, confusion, and terror when you lift it with one hand and then throw it against the wall of a dumpster ten meters away.

But once that started to get stale, I thought of a fun way to escalate things a little bit: I flew to Mexico and picked a fight with one of their infamous drug cartels.

It wasn't hard to find a good candidate. The people who run these smuggling rings aren't necessarily inconspicuous. So I just floated around in the air miles above the cities of Mexico until I found an incredibly flashy mansion. I did a quick scan, looking over every detail down to the number of tiles in the driveway, all from my private perch far above the clouds. In an instant, I saw… that it was just the home of some regular millionaire.

But the NEXT mansion I found turned out to be a hit. Taking a quick peek through the house's walls, I saw (and read) records of their actions, and I also saw several armed security guards roaming the perimeter of the private residence.

First, I had to deal with the cameras. If anybody got video proof of me being superhuman, the perfect life that I have right now could get a lot more complicated and unpredictable.

A couple well-aimed bursts of red heat later, and all of the cameras were melted into a grey sludge. One of them was a few meters away from a patrolling guard. He about jumped out of his skin when he suddenly saw a red beam of death melt the camera right next to him! Then he frantically looked around for the culprit and started panicking in Spanish. Meanwhile, I was chilling up in the lower atmosphere and laughing.

After a few minutes of that, I contemplated how to make my entrance. I eventually decided to just walk into their vault and take a couple wads of cash, claiming that they don’t need all of that money.

But first, I gotta get through the iron gate at the front. Well, I could actually fly over it super easily, but what’s the fun in that?

So, I put on the black mask that I brought with me (I dressed up for Halloween one year as a sexy, female Robinhood and it was a huge hit) and dropped out of the sky, landing on the stone driveway of the manor at terminal velocity. Needless to say, my bare feet smashed the brickwork into powder and I even sank a few inches into the dirt below from the sheer force of the impact, combined with the sheer toughness of my superhuman skin.

Both of the armed guards (Oh yeah, there were guards with assault rifles. Whatever.) jumped in shock when I landed, probably thinking that the loud impact came from a meteor or something. I ignored them and walked over towards the gate, all while watching as their confused and shocked expressions slowly added “horny” to their cocktail of emotions on display. And then, more confusion as I calmly walked up to the gate as if I owned the place.

Once I was standing at the iron gate, I stood there for a brief moment as if I wasn’t sure what to do next. Then, I turned to the two guards and simply said “I want some of your money. Let me in.”

Amusingly, neither of them spoke English, which only made the next few minutes even more enjoyable. The first guard walked up to me and spoke in a tone of voice that’s usually reserved for trying to escort a drunk college girl out of a bar. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he wasn’t taking me seriously. Meanwhile, his friend looked and sounded concerned. He clearly hadn’t forgotten about the fact that I just fell from the sky and broke the pavement on landing. But the first man waved him off, reached around me, and grabbed my ass.

No warning and no hesitation. He just groped my butt and he wasn’t even subtle about it.

“Hey!” I complained. “Most people have to pay to do that!” I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and, with only a fraction of a percent of my strength, lifted him up into the air. He immediately started struggling. His friend promptly pointed his rifle at me and started shouting something. But before he could even finish a sentence, I tossed him away with a little flick of my wrist. And believe me, it was just a small flick of the wrist. The man probably weighed about 90 kilograms and I only used enough strength to throw him through the air and into a tall tree about thirty meters away. And he was only about five meters off of the ground when he hit the tree.

He was clearly in immense pain when he hit the ground. He seemed either unable or unwilling to get up. Satisfied that he wouldn’t be touching my merchandise anymore, I turned back to the second guard, who was yelling the same two words at me over and over again, but I didn’t know what he was saying, nor did I care.

“What was that??” I yell back. “Are you gonna shoot me?? Is that what you’re trying to say?? You’re gonna shoot? Huh? Does Pablo want to shoot me?? Is he upset that I broke Juan over there??”

He kept on shouting the same command over and over, so I just turned around and walked back to the gate. With little ceremony, I put my hands on the iron bars and bent the iron like it was a bunch of pipe cleaners even though each bar was about 2cm thick, leaving a big enough hole for me to step inside of the drug lord’s manor. I turned around at the now incredibly silent guard behind me and backwalked deeper into the manor grounds.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention,” I yell to the terrified guard who can’t even understand me. “I’m superhuman, bitch! Wait, let me try in your language… uh… ME SUPER-O HUMAN-O, AMIGO!”

It was at this point that Pablo (yeah, I’m just going to call him Pablo) grabbed a radio from his belt and started yelling into it. There was some sort of affirmation on the other end of the walkie talkie, and then Pablo simply started to shoot at me.

You all know the drill by now. The bullets tear through my clothes but bounce harmlessly off of my silky smooth skin. It feels less like a hail of lethal bullets and more like a pleasant shower of warm rain.

Within seconds, Pablo is out of bullets in his clip. And I’m sure you all know this part, too. He can’t comprehend what happened for a few moments. But then, his face slowly starts to lose its color and his pupils shrink to the size of pinpricks.

But then, reinforcements arrive, and they arrive in a Jeep. Four more men, all armed with similar weapons, turn the corner and start speeding towards me. And then they get closer. Yet, they accelerate even faster.

“Ohhh!” I smile. “You guys want to destroy a car today? Because, there are ways to do that that won’t involve you getting severely inj-”


The 1.5-tonne car slams into my 50kg body at 80 kilometers per hour. I remain rooted to the spot by keeping myself technically ‘in flight’ a few nanometers off of the dirt, and so the Jeep crashes into a completely immovable object and wraps itself around my perfect waist, resulting in the front two passengers being violently ejected through the windshield while the two in the back are violently ejected into the backseat.

“Oh my golly gosh, I did try to warn them!” I shrug while drinking in Pablo’s hilarious reaction to what just happened. “Well, to be fair, they don’t know English. But they do know that murder is bad, right? So really, this is on them” I conclude, and then I reach underneath the mangled front of the jeep and lift it up in front of my face with only one hand.

This, of course, elicits a new wave of terrified yelling from Pablo, the two injured men on the ground in front of me, and especially from the two men still inside of the car. I slowly float up into the air with the car in hand. This makes the terrified yelling even louder, which is exactly what I was hoping for. This turned out to be even more fun than I imagined!

“You shouldn’t have tried to kill me, amigos! Big mistake!” I fly up a few meters higher, and then I throw the jeep down into the ground hard. The vehicle crumples against the ground, flat as a pancake. Then I drop down and give the ruined metal a swift punt. With a loud CLANG, the ruined remains of the car are launched into the sky, flipping end over end until it’s finally out of sight of everyone but me.

As everybody hears the distant crash of the car hitting the ground half a kilometer away, it starts to slowly set in that I just undeniably killed two men. And I won’t lie. At that moment, it was a genuinely uncomfortable feeling. I was actually frozen still for a moment when I realized what I had just done.

But then, the gunfire returned. And this time, there were three people shooting at me: Pablo had reloaded his rifle and the two men who got ejected through the windshield had already gotten painfully onto their feet to join in. I’m going to call them Sanchez and Gonzales. Most of the bullets were quickly tearing my clothes to shreds, but some of them were hitting me in the face, which was kinda a problem because that might destroy my mask if I let them keep hitting me there.

But more importantly, that gunfire reminded me of the fact that these people are dangerous criminals and that they tried to kill me first. I just wanted to steal some of their money. And in response, one of them grabbed my butt, then Pablo just started shooting me, and then the rest of the gang tried to run me over when they probably didn’t even know the whole situation yet!

After that little epiphany, I ran up to the two men in front of me and gave Gonzales an uppercut to the jaw, followed by a kick in the gut for Sanchez. Both hits immediately broke their respective bones (and also, Gonzalez got almost two full seconds of air time) but they probably got medical attention quickly and survived.

Then I zipped up to Pablo at a similar speed and simply choked him until he passed out, all while giving a playful monolog about how all of this was a lot of fun, but I wished that it would have been more challenging. I’m honestly not sure if I did that for fun or if it was a way to distract myself from the still weird feeling of killing two people and injuring two more. Maybe it was both.

Either way… in short order, Pablo passed out. So I simply walked into the front door, swatting a few other guards out of my way like flies as I passed through, and made it to where they kept all of their money. I found their secret stash underneath the floor (easy to do if you have x-ray vision), forced open the metal vault that was underneath (easy to do if you have super strength), grabbed about $50,000 worth of money and headed home.


I am God. The world is mine. I can do what I want. Nobody can stop me. Nobody can even slow me down. Your life? In my hands. Your house? Mine if I want it. Your virginity? I don’t need your consent. You can’t stop me.

So, I’m in a very good mood right now. Probably because I just got finished with an experiment that definitively proves that I’m 100% indestructible, and then I had an orgy that was nothing short of life-changing.

I still desperately wanted to know if I could survive a nuclear weapon. So, my day started with a dangerous gamble. I recently learned that I couldn’t simply “find a testing site” because nobody has conducted any nuclear weapons tests in 15-20 years, with the singular exception of North Korea, who hasn’t tested one in over three years.

So… I had to steal a nuke.

There was no way in hell that I was going to pull this off without anybody noticing, but I could at least make sure that no people/cameras/satellite images could get a picture of my face, body, or even what color my skin is. I literally bought a shitty ghost costume from a Halloween store and made sure to wear gloves on my hands so that nobody would even be able to see them clearly. It was the perfect outfit. It covered me completely and was so loose and baggy that it didn't even give them an idea of my body's shape. I could have been a slightly overweight dude for all they knew. I’m pretty sure that all they know is my height and eye color. I was even careful to never speak during the entire operation. Not that I was planning on talking my way into their secret illegal nuclear stockpile, anyway.

And also, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to politics, but I hear that North Korea is very good at covering things up. And since they’re not supposed to have those nukes in the first place, I doubt that they’ll tell the world that one of them got stolen.

It’s a good thing that my vision, my x-ray vision, and my hearing has gotten so good lately. Otherwise it would have been a lot harder to find where they were hidden. But since my senses are now good enough to read a sign on a door inside of a building from several miles up in the sky, and even clearly see what’s going on up to a mile deep underground if I concentrate, it wasn’t hard for me to spot the stockpile that has eluded all of the world’s top intelligence agencies.

So, I knew where the nuclear warheads were, I was fairly confident that what I was about to do wouldn’t reach a single soul outside of North Korea’s top military brass, and I was pretty sure that I could make a clean getaway as long as I was relatively quick and I flew too fast for radar/satellites to track me when I left.

So, I literally just dropped out of the sky and busted through the front doors of a secure military complex.

It was chaos. They clearly had some good radars because they were already scrambling to intercept me before I even hit the ground. When I did, they didn’t even question the sheer absurdity of somebody wearing a crappy Halloween costume falling out of the sky and hitting the ground without shattering their legs. They all just pointed automatic weapons at me and started screaming orders at me. I simply walked towards the door. They jumped in front of me and blocked my path. I pushed them out of the way (okay, I threw them out of the way) and kept going. They started yelling louder, clearly confused by how I just threw two soldiers about ten meters through the air. I approached the thick hangar door and jammed my hand straight through the metal like it was soft clay. Then I jammed in my second hand and pulled the steel apart in one smooth (but very loud) motion, leaving a hole in the door big enough for me to walk in, and then walk out of with a nuclear warhead in hand. Naturally, seeing their bomb-proof door being simply torn apart with no effort made them start yelling even louder and more frantically. Plus, they finally started to shoot at me.

I quickly ran inside, getting far out of their line of sight in a fraction of a second. I was being extra cautious here, but I had to be conscious of my costume not getting too full of holes, or even breaking altogether. It was difficult to pass up an opportunity to be shot by an entire army base, but I had to keep moving. By this point, all of the alarms were blaring, and every single door between me and the nukes auto-locked. They were in full lockdown.

Anyways… in short order, I smashed/ripped apart every door that I had to get through and either ignored or tossed aside anybody who tried to get in my way. I was just an unstoppable brute force that barreled her way through the facility until I reached the stockpile. I grabbed one of the weapons of mass destruction, and then flew out of the facility with it, bobbing and weaving my way through the exact same path of destruction that I left on my way in. I ended up running over quite a few people, breaking more than a few ribs and sending dozens of soldiers flying through the air like they got hit by a speeding train, but I was quickly back at the front entrance of the facility in even less time than it took for me to get in.

And then, I killed two birds with one stone by going to the only place where I could safely detonate the bomb in complete secrecy and also cross off the only other major experiment off of my checklist: I went into space.

I was a little nervous. After rocketing away from the surface at speeds approaching Mach 10 for the first couple miles, I slowed down considerably once I was actually starting to get high enough to leave the atmosphere, wondering if I really would be okay up in space.

But as I slowly climbed higher and higher away from the earth’s surface and continued to feel absolutely no negative effects on me whatsoever, I started to feel more and more confident that I was going to be fine.

And a few minutes later, I was staring down at the entire planet Earth from up in space.

Words cannot describe how Godly I felt to be able to fly around in space with no protective equipment and no difficulty. In the millions of years of human evolution, they haven’t made it to space until 60 years ago. And doing so required a fuck ton of money and all of the world’s top scientists to produce state-of-the-art spacecrafts and space suits.

Meanwhile, I just flew up there while wearing a crappy Halloween costume. Truly, I am superior to mankind on a truly immeasurable level.

I probably flew about half a million miles away from Earth, and then I just let the nuke drift in space for a bit so I could fly around for a few minutes. It was the biggest rush of power that I had felt since I first learned to fly. It was a truly incredible experience, zipping around in a completely empty, uninhabited void that no living creatures can even get to without billions of dollars in protective equipment. I thought that I couldn’t possibly feel more alive than I did at that moment… until I remembered that I still had one final test to conduct.

I backtracked across the 200-300k miles back to the spot where I left the final test: A nuclear warhead whose blasts can be dozens of times hotter than the core of the sun; a singular explosion that can vaporize entire countries. I wasn’t entirely sure how to detonate the bomb, so I just crushed it against my chest and hoped that would do the trick.

And, it did.

The 100,000,000+ degree blast vaporized my costume in an instant. And the heat was mildly uncomfortable for the first few seconds, almost like I had stepped a little bit too close to a fire, but not close enough to actually get burned in any way. As for how it looked? Well, the famous description of “a thousand suns” is pretty accurate. It would have been positively BLINDING if I had normal eyes. A small part of me was concerned that people might have even been able to see it from Earth, it was so bright!! And the noise…? I’m sure it would have been deafening on Earth, but I was in space. But the silence of the moment did little to detract from the feeling of such an astronomically powerful detonation. I could truly feel the hotter-than-the-sun heat and the city-obliterating concussive force wash over me. It was an adrenaline rush that I had never experienced before. And, once that mildly uncomfortable heat quickly went away as the heat dissipated, I was left with the incredible feeling of being up in space, a million miles from Earth, completely naked, and having just easily shrugged off a direct hit from the most deadly weapon that mankind is capable of producing.

My muscles are so strong that there isn’t a single, practical thing that I couldn't lift or break. My body is so invulnerable that there isn’t a single force on the planet Earth that can even scratch me. And my flight powers have become so enhanced that I can now easily fly through the cosmos.

In that moment, I finally understood, with every fiber of my being, that I was the supreme God of everything. I have a level of power that the entire combined population of the known universe will never get even close to achieving, from now until the end of time. They could hit me with any weapon, and it wouldn’t affect me. I could easily smash any army in the world with the same effort it would take for a little kid to smash up his toy army men who couldn’t even fight back. In truth, the universe itself was my toy to play with. All of it. It was mine. It might take me a while to decide what to do with this knowledge, but the fact was undeniable: Unless we SOMEHOW make contact with even stronger beings elsewhere in space, the entire universe was undeniably, unquestionably mine to do as I pleased with it. And I sincerely doubt that will ever happen.

This is my universe, and I am its God.

The sheer feeling of having so much power often makes me horny. And I have never felt more powerful than I did at that moment.

I’ll tell you what happened next in tomorrow’s entry. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that it involved a military training camp, a barracks door that I bent so nobody could escape, and a night where I really embraced the fact that I can take whatever I want…

Try not to go too crazy with anticipation ;)


To recap what happened in my last entry, I once again was filled with the intense feeling of being 100% unstoppable, now more than ever. I detonated a nuke in space and it didn’t even hurt me! After the heat dissipated and the reality of what happened started to sink in, I started to get the same sensation that I had when I first discovered that I was bulletproof: I was suddenly filled with the euphoric high of realizing just how strong I am. And with that high came an intense desire to have some fun with my power.

To put it another way, I was horny as shit.

I quickly flew back to Earth and flew around the globe in a low orbit. Then, I started scanning the surface for a suitable harem of men to pleasure their Goddess. I couldn’t make out a whole lot of details from that high up (I was literally in the upper atmosphere of the planet, after all) but, with enough concentration, I could make out some general areas. I could see individual cities and even specific buildings, thousands of miles underneath me. From my orbital vantage point, I could get a detailed scan of the entire western hemisphere of the planet.

Eventually, I spotted it: An isolated military outpost. Perfect. I decided that I would just break into their barracks and go to town on as many of America’s finest as I can. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep a low profile while doing this. But at that moment, I really couldn’t have cared less. In fact, I wanted to go big. And I wanted it really badly.

I flew closer and saw that the conditions were absolutely perfect. It was late at night, and I could quickly spot fifty-four fit, well-trained men chatting inside of their cramped living quarters, killing time before the “lights out” order. There were two officers chatting close by to the barracks, so I quietly waited for them to eventually get up and leave.

And then, it was show time.

I resisted the urge to just drop out of the sky and land on my feet without decelerating because I needed to be quiet, at least until I got inside. But once I touched down, I simply opened the twin metal doors, slipped inside, and closed the door behind me.

Of course, the atmosphere in the room changed once a stunningly gorgeous naked woman stepped inside of a cramped room of fifty-four men who haven’t had contact with a woman for who knows how many months. Everybody’s heart rate jumped through the roof. Eyes widened, necks turned, and then did double-takes, and jaws hit the floor. For a brief moment, everybody was stunned into total silence, completely unsure of what to do in the event that a naked girl just walked into your sleeping quarters unannounced.



“Well hello, there…!”


Surprised, confused, and aroused mutterings filled the room. But how they felt or what they did didn’t matter to me in the slightest. The buffet of men in front of me looked positively delicious, and it was all mine. That’s the only thing that I could think about. I turned back to the twin metal doors, focussed my vision at the center of the entrance where the two doors touched, and fired a constant, low-power beam of heat from my eyes. I started at the top and worked my way down, easily melting the edges of the two doors into one molten mass.

The reactions in the room changed dramatically once I started melting the steel doors of the boys’ only exit.

“Oh shit…!”

“What…? What??”

“How… what the…?”

But I was distracted by the sudden realization that it would probably take up to a whole hour for the melted metal to cool down enough to solidify again and act as a proper seal. I tried blowing on it, not sure what that was going to accomplish.

But as soon as I exhaled, I could feel that something was different. The wind coming from my lungs was super powerful, incredibly loud, and extremely cold. It was so loud that it drowned out all of the now very mixed reactions and confused exclamations of the men who were just watching me in shock and confusion. It was strong enough that it almost blew the doors off of their hinges before the molten metal could solidify.


But, it was so cold that I could feel the temperature around the door dropping rapidly, and I could see the slow-moving liquid metal running down the center of the doorway slow down even further before eventually solidifying before my very eyes.

Finally, I turned back towards the dense sea of young, fit men. I watched all of their reactions change even further once I gave them the full frontal view of my nude body. Confused, frightened, and aroused eyes ping-ponged in every direction. I savored the reaction for a brief moment, but only a brief moment.

Because I was still riding on the high of learning that I am a truly unstoppable superhuman Goddess who can do whatever I want, and now I was sealed inside of a room with fifty-four strong young men who weren’t going anywhere.

“Hey boys…” I smile seductively at them, sending an instant shiver down all of their spines. “It’s time for your Sunday worship.”

And then, at that moment, I made a decision that, I think, might have completely changed my life. I saw the first man that looked good, and I just pounced on him. I didn’t tease him into getting ready first and I didn’t ask for permission. I just tackled him to the floor and started stripping him naked. At first, he was kinda into it, but still very confused.

“Whoa now, slow down girl! Wait a second…!” He blushed furiously and tried to push me away while a good chunk of guys in the room quickly closed in to remove the mysterious horny stranger and save their fellow man’s dignity by stopping me from stripping him naked in front of everyone.

But then, all of them noticed that my body was infinitely stronger than they thought it was, and the atmosphere changed.

“Wait… stop! What are you doing??” The first man of my harem started getting nervous when his attempt to stop my hand from undressing him was completely futile, even when he put both of his hands into it. Meanwhile, the first bystander who grabbed me from behind and tried to pull me off of him quickly realized that he couldn’t make me budge, either. As I pulled down the trapped soldier’s pants, a second man bystander saw his friend struggling and tried to help him out, wrapping his arms tightly around his friend and adding his own strength as they both pulled. Three men were all trying with all of their might to stop me from taking this man’s dick inside of me. The dick in question was attached to a man that was scared, confused, and screaming for me to stop. But my heightened senses could tell that he was lying to himself, and that he desperately wanted this, even if he couldn’t admit it.

Something fierce awoke inside of me at that moment. As I’m writing this now, I can confidently say that, in that moment, I discovered a new kink: Rape.

As soon as I got him naked, I blindly grabbed the shirt of the man behind me and lifted him up and over my head. Hilariously, the second would-be rescuer was holding onto the first one so tightly that he remained latched onto him as I hoisted his friend up and over my head. As a result, I found myself holding two fit young men over my head, while pinning a third one to the floor by doing nothing more than sitting on him.

The man underneath me started panicking and yelling in sheer confusion, thrashing around and hitting me anywhere he could land a blow while the two men above me furiously started to thrash against my single hand holding them up into the air. By the time that I finally started to pump myself up and down on the rock-hard penis below me, the entire room had devolved into chaos. The cramped space of the living quarters turned into a chaotic melee as dozens of men ran around in complete confusion and disarray. Some started screaming for help, some started trying to wrestle me away, some tried hitting me, and many of them stampeded towards the door. More and more people found themselves being crushed amongst the chaotic crowd of men trying to flee the building, but even with so much weight up against the doors, they wouldn’t budge at all.

Out of the two men being held above my head, the one on top was quickly bucked off once I started bouncing too fast. Shortly after that, the man inside of me came in violent spasms, unable to stop himself from shooting everything he had inside of my flawless body, despite his visible terror and discomfort.

His penis wanted to shrink back down after that, but my pussy wouldn’t let it. He remained hard for about another minute. During that minute, people from outside of the building started to hear the noise and tried to break into the chaotic barracks, but they obviously couldn’t open the sealed doors. Several people still tried valiantly to get me off of the lucky guy, but I’m sure you already know how effective that was.

I didn’t even realize how forcefully I was pounding myself onto his cock until his body went into shock and he passed out. I was having the time of my life and wanted to keep this momentum going, so I simply tossed him aside and started fucking the guy that I was holding above my head this whole time.

After that, the rest of the evening was a blur. A hot, rough, sweaty, sticky blur. I raped almost every single one of them. Sometimes it was one at a time, sometimes it was three. Sometimes it was cowgirl style, sometimes it was me repeatedly shoving them inside of me like a dildo. And sometimes it was on the ceiling. But I was intentionally rough with every single one of them, just to ensure that every single one of them became frightened enough to fight me. I made sure that each and every one of them struggled and screamed as I effortlessly held them all at bay and took what I wanted out of every single one of them.

I went through more than two dicks per minute. I put three men into comas. I broke one pelvis. I came eleven times. It was by far the most incredible twenty-eight minutes of my entire fucking life. I just strolled into a room full of strong young men and I sexually assaulted almost every single one of them in rapid succession. An intense fire ignited it inside of me and I kept endlessly fueling it nonstop, never letting it die or even dim a little. One by one, the soldiers' mouths kept screaming “no,” but their bodies and their hormones kept screaming “yes." My super senses picked up on all of the subtle hints. I can't really describe it, but if I sensed even 1% of any sort of hesitation in their refusals, I noticed it, and I didn't spare them.

And wouldn't you know it, almost none of them were 100% confident that they didn't want me to pin them to the floor/wall/ceiling and pound their cocks until they blacked out. All of them had varying degrees of uncertainty, all of them got rock hard for me, all of them came very quickly, and almost a third of them were actually fully into it by the end, happily letting me grind away at them with no regrets. There were, however, two married men who said “no” and actually meant “no.” I could feel it. They were 100% sure that they did not want me to rape them. And I didn’t feel like raping men that would just be miserable the whole time, so I left those two alone.

I’m not a monster.

However, after gorging myself on military dicks nonstop for almost thirty minutes, I didn't even realize that there weren't any left until the next man that I grabbed started screaming for me to leave him alone and my superhuman senses once again picked up on the familiar feeling of a man who was 100% certain that he didn't want me to ride him. It was only then that I looked around at the room and noticed that the only two men left were the ones that weren't interested in me, even subconsciously.

I have to admit, I had a hard time walking away from the last two able-bodied men when I was still very much in the middle of enjoying myself and I really didn't want it to stop. But all good things had to come to an end, I suppose. Plus, the mob of officers outside were minutes away from smashing that door open (they actually rammed a jeep into it lmao) so I decided to make my exit through the ceiling. I just smashed right through it. Who's gonna stop me?

I'm finishing typing this entry on my phone, miles above the army orgy that I'm still coming down from. There's only one way to describe how I feel right now:

I feel like a Goddess.

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