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Empire Zukenov Invades! Part 1 of 6

Written by AUphoric :: [Saturday, 30 April 2022 00:27] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 14 May 2022 08:41]

Naughty pulp space opera in the Aurora Universe! A Protector and a Bih’Zah’Ro team up against a new Mighty Empire’s Invasion! Kelsor Institute engineers provide phone booths in outer space! Global newscast amazes citizens learning of Velorian powers! A Protector is horny, far from home! There’s a Royal Wedding! It’s the start of a new series!

This story is inspired by the Aurora Universe tales by Shadar and by Brantley Thompson Elkins, and, with great admiration, is set in that shared continuity. This story can be understood by readers who are brand new to the AU.

The Bih’Zah’Ro, the Jus Kadeen and Zukenov Empire civilizations, the Quadruple Alliance and its Treaty Conference, and the Kelsor Institute’s mobile communications technology, are all inventions of the current author.

Incoming Call

Velorian Protector Annabeth Lessian and Bih’Zah’Ro Chan’g D’artha were, as usual for them, using their naked, indestructible bodies to enjoy sex in space near this solar system’s one-way wormhole - one way into the system - so far never used. Where did it connect to? Would anyone come through? Nobody knew.

That’s why the invulnerable flying woman and man were there, on their assignment together as Wormhole Guardians. They were ready for whatever surprises might pop out. That is, if any ever did. So far, nothing had happened.

Nobody understood how wormholes had been built, in ancient times lost to galactic history. New ones were discovered now and then. Wormholes were always at the far outer edge of the system, well beyond outermost planets. This one they guarded was past the clutter of giant space rocks, useless to mine or to colonize.

An ordinary two-way wormhole, on a Scalantran trade route, was on the far other side of the system. It was in busy use by spaceships coming and going, full of ordinary, unenhanced humans, and some alien species as well.

Annabeth never cared much for the Protector uniform. On this assignment, she decided to completely do without it. The people on the local planets knew who she was, and welcomed her visits with or, in her case, without clothes.

If a would-be invader came through the wormhole, the visitors would be greeted by this couple who looked like a Protector and a Bih’Zah’Ro, and who’d confirm that’s what they were. That should be enough. If any aggressors were foolish enough to argue, a uniform wouldn’t stop an argument that stupid.

She figured that she’d likely complete this entire two year test run with Chan’g quite comfortably, without her ever having a need or reason to put on anything more than the gold necklace she added for her personal time with some of the people on this system’s main planet. She left a gold necklace in the homes of certain people on the planet, like the political couple, and the tugboat pilot.

And of course, clothes didn’t work at all for a man like Chan’g.

Their BOOTH floated not far away from them, about a mile from the worm­hole. The BOOTH was about five feet on a side and ten feet tall. The back wall of the BOOTH had the electronics package and solar power array. The side walls and front door were all glass. The top included an embedded, diffuse ambient light source as the ceiling for the interior. The bottom included an artificial gravity generator for the floor, not that their kinds of people needed it.

Most importantly, the inside was filled with air, so that they could talk and listen normally while inside. Not that their kinds of people needed the air for survival. A force field kept the air inside when the accordion-fold glass door was open.

For one-person use, in the BOOTH was a hand-holdable plastic arc with a larger bulb at each end. Audio-electric transducers were inside each bulb. One was placed in front of the mouth to sample sound pressure waves caused by speaking. The other was placed in front of the ear so that the sampled audio waveforms from a distant location could be reproduced here, thus enabling conversation.

This “handset,” as the designers called it, was attached by a coiled cord to the electronics package of the back wall, stored on a hook when not in use.

For two person use, the electronics package included audio-electronics transducers that did not require holding up the handset.

The Portable Hand-holdable Oxygen-providing Natural-communications Environment was intended to make it possible for distant locations in space, such as wormholes here at the outer reaches of solar systems, to include convenient conversations. The other models included the head-worn globe, and the neck-strap handset, both of which put a small amount of oxygen at the user’s face.

This Bipedal Occupiable Oxygenated Telecommunications Host, and the four other models of PHONE technology, were definitely one of the Kelsor Institute’s most ingenious inventions yet. Annabeth and Chan’g were testing the technology’s usefulness. The new product line was hoped to become its most lucrative by far, perhaps some day even outselling the famous Quantum Electric Drive (QED) spaceship propulsion technology!

The clever engineers of Kelsor 7 always provided more and more features in their newest models. The now-famous pictogram of the handset and coiled cord, next to the acronym PHONE, decorated the lighted panel just above the door.

Annabeth and Chan’g appreciated that such useful equipment would soon be available for Wormhole Guardians like them to buy and put into position to help with their duties out here.

Chan’g liked that this new model included the flip-out seats on each side that could also be a convenient shelf to park one’s notes. The seats were currently flipped up, out of the way, their log book tucked into the small storage drawer.

Annabeth liked that the new model included the little flower bud vase in the electronics control panel. She had tucked red and white carnations into it this morning, when she flew back out here from her quick visit to the main planet.

The BOOTH’s interior light came on. That showed that the sensor package indicated the imminent arrival of something through the wormhole. No messages had told them to expect anyone coming.

They pulled apart from each other, flew to the booth, slid the door open, and stepped inside. She pulled the door shut by habit, while Chan’g activated the computer console built into the back wall and tapped to flip through its various data displays. Annabeth faced the door to look out at the wormhole.

Not all PHONE BOOTHs had wormhole monitoring technology. That was an optional upgrade that the Kelsor Institute made available. Their product planners were right about this upgrade’s appeal to Wormhole Guardian teams like Annabeth and Chan’g.

He said, “Looks like one big ship coming through the wormhole. Enormous! About a mile long! It will arrive within a few seconds.”

He tapped some more. “I am having the BOOTH send standard greetings and listen for standard hails on all known frequencies. The ship has no identification but does seem that it might have compatible audio communications capability. The loudspeaker will come on if the computer can make a frequency lock.”

He turned around to hold her hand and face out the door, as they both floated just off the floor. He noticed the door was closed, so he pushed it open.

The mighty warship popped out of the wormhole to normal space. The warship’s giant main engines weren’t pushing the ship now, as its sensors scanned the area. When the warship was underway, it must be spectacular sight to see, when each of the thousands of energy output tubes at the back panel, each tube big enough for a person to stand inside – not that they’d survive there for an instant - had its hundred yard long plasma flame loop coming out of it.

It looked like at full speed, her initial estimate was that the ship would need a constant energy supply of 1.2 gigawatts or more. Thus the enormous fuel supply along the entire bottom of the hull: Like lightning in a bottle, as one famous naval architect put it.

In a moment, the bell rang to announce a two-way audio transmission was in progress, and then a very harshly grating automated voice sounded. “… testing communications frequencies… attempting to contact humans in glass escape pod box… testing communication frequencies…”

The warship’s Captain sat on his command throne at the center of the Bridge, surrounded by almost a hundred Directors, Chiefs, Section Leads, and some regular officers as well, in the rings of consoles facing up to him. There were some spare consoles with no one present, where special mission teams could do their work on the Bridge. The big windows which lined three sides of the big room had their metal shutters closed for the trip through the wormhole.

For an ordinary person at the warship or the BOOTH, the other object would be a just barely visible dot in space. The Bridge viewscreen provided a magnified view from the camera cluster at the top of ship, just above the bridge and the rest of Deck One.

The viewscreen was a holo-display superimposed in the air, just in front of the front windows. It showed that the glass box was just big enough for two people to stand, except that they were floating inside rather than standing.

Sensors Director said, “Sir, the box contains a breathable atmosphere at life-supporting temperature, with a force field holding the clear gas inside the box even if its door is opened. As it is now.”

The couple in the box were both naked. One was an above average height, exceptionally beautiful young woman. She had a full head of waist length blonde hair, no hair elsewhere on her body, blue eyes, golden-peach colored skin, very large breasts, and a very athletic build.

The man looked to be twice her age, around forty. He was of average height but had enormously oversize thick arms and legs and torso. He must have had hundreds of pounds of mass, with almost all of that being outrageously overbuilt muscle. He had medium brown skin and gray eyes. His dark hair was longer than he was tall. If they had been standing on the floor of the box, rather than floating above it, the ends would have gathered around his feet. Most noticeable of all, he had a truly enormous and rock-hard, erect cock sticking straight out in front of him.

For both of them, their skin and hair looked to be subtly glowing with a faint, soft white light that seemed to somehow come from inside of them. The crew couldn’t identify where else the light might be coming from.

The battleship’s Captain and crew had never seen anything like this. But then, that was why the flagship of the Imperial fleet had its ongoing mission to seek out strange new worlds with new civilizations, to boldly go where no Emperor had ruled before!

Sensors were now able to recalibrate to the new system’s local spacetime effects, providing a higher resolution image. Evril Fahenti and his bridge crew could now clearly see that the fragile little glass escape pod didn’t even have artificial gravity to hold the two barely escaped survivors to its floor! Such desperate austerity!

The crew, and their onboard Marines, were excited when they saw that communications were established. They were all eager to watch and listen as their ever-victorious Captain discovered whether these most unusual local people would just surrender right away, or, as some invaded systems sadly choose to do, prolong the agony until they were subdued by their rightful mighty conquerors.

Prank Calls are Dismaying

In the booth, the young woman said, “We hear you and can understand you, spaceship crew. I am Annabeth Lessian, a Velorian Protector and wormhole guardian. With me is my fellow wormhole guardian here, Chan’g D’artha. You can see that he is a Bih’Zah’Ro.

“It appears that your flag is one we haven’t encountered before. Whoever you are, we peacefully welcome you to the Enlightenment’s peaceful governance of shared equality between worlds. If you would like to join rather than just peacefully visit, we can introduce you to the local government.

“We are also authorized to express interest in opening exploratory trade negotiations on behalf of the next Scalantran delegation, although any final trade deal would come only from them.”

A harsh voice came from the phone booth speaker. It said, “I am Captain and Admiral Evril Fahenti, Lord of the Warship Glorious Hostilities, leader of the Invasion Force of Galactic Empire Zukenov, the mightiest ever known!”

Annabeth and Chan’g had never heard of any of this before.

“We see your escape pod on our viewscreen,” the Captain continued. “We understand your words, but not your jargon - Velorian, Bih’Zah’Ro, Scalantran.

“No matter, for it is my pleasure and duty to now inform you that the only enlightened basis for interplanetary governance and trade is shared subjugation to the dictates of the mighty and unstoppable Empire! You may now surrender and we will retrieve you from your escape pod, then orient and indoctrinate you into your new life as citizens joining us in expanding the glorious will of the Emperor.

“Yours is the tenth system connected by these wormholes we keep discovering. On our existing nine planets of glory, over fifty billion people now live for the grandeur of the Emperor. When we have brought you on board, you may meet with our scientists and myself to explain what planets and populations you come from that will be added to the Empire on this great and glorious day.

“We will also provide appropriate military uniforms to deal with the unfortunate nakedness of what must have been a tragic and nearly deadly incident for you to have wound up so isolated in your escape pod. You may now speak.”

On his Bridge with the hundred crew members operating their consoles, in the rings surrounding and looking up to his Command Throne, the Captain and Admiral heard the most outlandish and surprising thing ever from the comm loudspeakers mounted in the room’s walls.

Annabeth Lessian said, “Captain and Admiral, it appears you did not understand us. Chan’g D’artha and myself are Wormhole Guardians, at this location by our own choice. We are not in any danger, and we are intentionally without clothes. It would be pointless to cover bodies so beautiful, powerful, and superbly sexual.

“Our booth is just out here for our communications equipment. It is not any kind of escape pod. You may visit in peace. You may leave, and have your wars of conquest far away from here. You may surrender. Or you may be destroyed here.

“Seizing the worlds of this system, enslaving the population, expanding your Empire - well, that just ain’t going to happen here. Not today, not ever.”

Chan’g D’artha said, “She speaks for both us. We are united in this matter. Shall we come on board for peaceful greetings and negotiations as equals? Or do you insist on doing things the hard way?”

Captain Evril Fahenti laughed grimly. “Ha! Again I say to thee: Ha! I am sorry that the two of you are so delusional, no doubt from the rigors of whatever escape you had to make in your pod with minimal life support and only audio communications, but not even artificial gravity. My science officers are providing me data to show you have no weapons or shields of any kind. You don’t even have propulsion to decide where you will go in your drifting pod.

“It its fortunate for you that it did not drift in front of the wormhole, for if so you’d have been crushed as we exited it. As soon as you tell me that you rejoice in the salvation the Empire provides to you, we will tend to your care until you are well enough to join us in our voyage of exploration and conquest.

“If you persist in your bizarre presumption to question the might and morality of the Empire, we will have to wait until your oxygen expires, which won’t be long there. We will then use a cargo hauler to bring you to our medical brig and keep you sedated there, until you come to your senses about the reality of your situation.”

Chan’g D’artha said another really bizarre thing. “Captain and Admiral, we told you are only in our booth for its communications equipment and its atmosphere, to be able to talk in space. We flew it to its location beside the wormhole and then flew in to talk with you by choice, not by escape from any kind of catastrophe. Again, she is a Velorian P-1 Prime and I am Bih’Zah’Ro.

“We are choosing to not turn on the artificial gravity panel of this booth’s floor, nor do we need the atmosphere of the booth other than to be able to talk with you. We’ve been comfortably living in space here for some time before you came, and we’ll do fine after you’re gone. Now stand down your invasion rhetoric and replace it with peaceful parlay of equality. Then we will be happy to come on board and start negotiations with you.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “You have no thrusters, no engines. You are adrift. You have no supplies. Your escape pod has no ability to fly you anywhere.”

Annabeth Lessian said, “We didn’t say we piloted the booth, did we? We flew outside of it, on our own, carrying it along, in the usual way for Protectors and Bih’Zah’Ro. Apparently you are utterly unfamiliar with what that means. You really haven’t seen any flying people before today?”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “How sad that your dwindling oxygen supplies seem to be causing you to hallucinate that humans could survive in space without space suits, and travel through space without space ships. No matter. One moment please. I am signaling my weapons team to put a targeting laser on a nearby asteroid, or perhaps planetoid, no matter what the scientists might call it. It is enough for my purpose that it is two thousand miles of rock.

“Ah, there we are. There is now a beam from my ship to light up that space rock. It appears to be uninhabited and to have no mineral content of any value. Can you see which planetoid we are illuminating? And, are we correct about its absence of strategic worth?”

Annabeth Lessian said, “Yes, we see your targeting beam, Captain. You are correct that there is no human use for these rocks and they have no natural resources.”

Captain Evril Fahenti  said, “Very well then. We are turning the ship in place, positioning many hundreds of megawatts of firepower, but will continue our conversation.” The great ship fired maneuvering thrusters to turn it in place, until it pointed directly at the planetoid. The Captain said, “Fire when ready.”

An enormous, bright speckled green and brown beam shot out of the nose of the battleship. The hollow beam ring was a few inches across. Where it hit the rocky surface, the rock blasted out as the laser ring drilled into it. Then there were a series of brighter pulses inside the laser ring with a quick string of huge thumps. The planetoid heated red and its surface started boiling into lava. The beam stopped after about ten seconds.

The planetoid cracked apart and exploded, the chunks from the back third carried away in a shock wave rapidly flying away from the warship. The front two-thirds had simply turned into a cloud of dust.

Sounding completely bored, Chan’g D’artha said, “Oh, a GAR. Laser ring to evacuate the ion-free tunnel, then the ten antimatter pulses in the final second to deliver the crushing blow. Is ten seconds your longest burst?”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Our name for it is not GAR, but it appears that your weaponeers are familiar with the greatest of all weapons. Yes, it fires for a full ten seconds! Can you match it?”

Annabeth Lessian, also sounding bored, said, “Looks like your entire ship is primarily that one weapon. Certainly by far the largest GAR we’ve ever seen. And you’re right, no manufactured weapons technology out-shoots a GAR. I’ve never heard of one that can go more than five seconds in a pulse. Chan’g sweetie, have you?”

Chan’g D’artha said, “No, Annabeth dear, I actually thought the five second maximum was some kind of limit imposed by physics.”

Annabeth Lessian said, still with an incomprehensible tone of utter boredom and disdain, “No, Captain and Admiral, our largest GARs are in planetary defense arrays with less than ten percent of that firepower. Given the time it takes to charge up and target, and your extensive array of gun turrets there, it seems like those planetary defenses would not be able to do much if any damage to your warship. How quickly can you fire again?”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “You are correct about this ship being its own primary weapon, while also of course having quite the complement of additional weaponry to win smaller battles. Lucky guess about this warship’s surface guns.

“For the main gun, it took an amazing breakthrough by our glorious military scientists to double what everyone had supposed was the five second firing limit from the alpha particle’s electron shells decay. As you see, we have overcome that limit to sustain a ten second burst!

“We can fire our primary weapon again within a matter of minutes. Exact time not yet known because we don’t yet have gravimetric scans of this system to indicate if its properties affect our power cycling rate. In any event it will be soon, and all the better if it turns out to be faster than back home.”

She said, “A few hundred megawatts, you say? That’s a pretty even match for my eyes, last I checked. But I might have become a bit more powerful since then.”

The Captain said, “I am growing weary of your inane prattling nonsense. When we are recharged, the next targeting point will be your escape pod, unless you have unconditionally surrendered by then. It is not worth my while to try to nurse such relentlessly confused and uncooperative individuals back to health and functional coherence, when I have an invasion to conduct here.”

Chan’g D’artha sounded strangely happy as he said, “I would assume a warship such as yours, which by the way is definitely the most heavily armed and mightiest we have ever seen or heard of, would have a crew well supplied with many internal weapons for its defense.”

Annabeth Lessian also grinned and was cheery, completely contradicting her words, as she said, “Shoulder mount GAR rifles? Booming chemical powder explosions pushing metal pellets out of tubes at deadly supersonic speeds? Space marines on the bridge as your internal security force?”

Captain Evril Fahenti was utterly baffled. “Yes, yes, of course we have all that. You seem familiar with the ways of an invasion, and you have conceded ours is the most fearsome ever.

“So, state your surrender already and we can pick you up and be on our way to take over whatever planets this system might have. Or, to use the ship GAR, as you call it, to carve our names in the continents and crush the worthless lives of any population that would be so foolishly resistant as you two have been so far.”

Chan’g D’artha said, “Some warships have the main bridge deep inside, with only sensor access to the outside. Others put the bridge in a proud place on the surface of the ship, confident that it’s unconquerable. What’s your setup? She knows, but it would be nice for me to know where our conversationalist is, exactly.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Only the weak would cowardly need to hide their command staff. We had the metal cover panels closed only to protect us traveling through the wormhole. Now that you mention it, we should open them to have direct visual content with our newest system of glory. We would have done that already if not for the misfortunate of wasting so much time talking with you. Operations, remove the Deck One shutters.”

The metal panels slid down into the hull, leaving the large windows of the bridge open near the top center of the ship. The BOOTH was a spot of light that could now be directly seen out the window by the bridge crew, but too far away to distinguish the two people inside without relying on the external camera.

Annabeth Lessian said, “Ah, it is nice to be able to see you directly, not just with tachyons as I’ve been watching you so far. You certainly have a determined expression on your face, Captain.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, with the determined expression continuing on his face, “I’m not even going to ask what that hallucinatory nonsense means. Are you two ready to surrender already?”

Chan’g D’artha said, “Well, there’s one other naval ship design point of comparison I want to learn about, to understand your ship before we come on board. Military technology fascinates me and yours is certainly the best I’ve seen.”

Captain Evril Fahenti sighed. He said, “Very well, but make it quick. We’re almost recharged and ready to blow you two up. You might as well have thoughts of Imperial glory as the last thing in your mind when your existence ceases.”

Chan’g D’artha said, “If there was a hole in the window of your bridge, would you have a force field to keep in the atmosphere?”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “What kind of ignorant fools do you take us for? Of course that it is a standard feature of any ship, not just of your escape pod. Which you are just about to exit. As either prisoners of war, or as heaps of exploded ash.”

Annabeth Lessian said, “We’ll be over there in just a moment. But I have one quick question too, about your crew. The personnel side of military is more interesting to me, overall, and your enormous warship has a bigger crew than I’ve ever seen before.

“Tell us, is your military conscripted with some people who would be sad about dying in a pointless battle as a confused captain leads them to defeat? Or is it an all volunteer force who find it glorious to die serving their Empire and Admiral?”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “What a weird and foolish question! Of course service in the military is in far more demand than we have available positions. Every single member of my crew has already devoted their life, and if needed, their death to me and to the glories of the Empire! There is no better career!”

At that the speaker was almost overloaded by the jubilant roar of cheering, as the crew stood up to wave their arms and dance around for a moment. Then they sat back down and got quiet for whatever their glory-building Captain and Admiral would order next. Probably, it seemed obvious, to swing the ship around and blast this booth and its silly naked couple.

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Now, one last time. Do you two wish to surrender and be brought peacefully on board by a shuttle? Or shall we destroy you now? We are recharged now, and ready to fire. Fire control, swing the nose around to aim our primary weapon at the glass box.”

The thrusters fired a brief burst to point the nose right at the booth.

Annabeth Lessian said, “Oh, we won’t do either. Being destroyed and arriving in chains are both not on today’s agenda for us. I assume you have high precision targeting, but I’ll make it a little easier for you. We don’t attack unless we’re directly attacked. So you could still save yourselves by peacefully standing down now. But if you insist, here you are.”

She spread her legs and leaned back a bit to maximize the view from the ship. Using her fingers to stroke her open and wet pussy, she said, “Get a good look and aim right down into here precisely, Captain and Admiral and your Weapons Fire Control Team. As deep as you can go! And then we’ll get to the more interesting part of the conversation.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “What a shame that such compelling, remarkable sexual specimens as yourselves must be obliterated, rather than adding to our slave populations and to the gene pool of our senior officers class’s offspring! But, nothing will be left of either of you to continue this strangest and most disconcerting conversation of my life! Weapons Director, precisely target her, just as she has she stated how she wishes to die!”

Chan’g D’artha said, “Don’t worry, it will be a much stranger and more disconcerting conversation for you very soon. Would it be alright, as last request of the doomed, if we give the order to fire?”

Captain Evril Fahenti stared for a moment, his mouth open. Then he said, “What a weird last request, but the first thing you’ve said that’s anything close to how a warrior thinks. Very well, you say fire and my crew will do it. But don’t waste my time dilly dallying!”

Annabeth Lessian and Chan’g D’artha smiled broadly and said together, “Fire!”

The beam blasted into her and in a moment, the box could not be seen because of the usual, enormous bubble of fearsome energy swirling around it. The burst ended, there was a massive explosion in space, and the crushed remnants of the box, now space rubble, drifted away from the warship. The antimatter/laser energy bubble faded away.

Direct Hit

The two humans floated there, in the empty vastness of space. Alive. Intact. Untouched. Smiling. Looking at the window of the bridge. And waving!

Her previously large breasts were now enormous and glowed extremely bright, quite clearly lighting up her torso, and also the man’s face! And a bright glow came out of her vagina, lighting her up lower down, which the crew really didn’t mind seeing as far as aesthetics goes, and also quite clearly lighting him up farther down, which the crew felt they really didn’t need to see highlighted that much!

The crew snapped out of their distracted thoughts about beauty and awaited their Captain’s explanations and orders for this extremely weird turn of events.

Then, there was - not a beam - but - there was no word for it - a pair of pencil-thin empty lines in space - the absence of space or existence - plus one slightly larger line erased out of existence - going from the man’s wide open eyes and open mouth, to the main engines at the back of the warship.

Captain Evril Fahenti didn’t catch what was shouted at him by someone on the crew. “Repeat that!” he ordered, as the ship’s main power systems started to shut down and emergency standby auxiliaries came online. The harsh, very bright lighting of the bridge all went out and was replaced by much weaker emergency backup lights. Every bridge console had red-alert warning condition lights.

The Chief Engineer yelled again. “Sir, main engine power is going out! I have no explanation! We are down to 20% of power… 10%… 5%… Main engines are totally dead and primary fuel supply has no energy storage potential left! We can run for two weeks on auxiliaries but won’t be able to deploy the primary weapon until we go back home for repairs!”

The blank lines through space disappeared. The empty tunnel through space, whatever it had been, ended. Or rather, the normal nature of space reappeared. The face of the man formerly in the booth seemed slightly bemused. It was almost a smirk! And he seemed to now be even more imposingly muscular!

Captain Evril Fahenti yelled, “Weapons status?”

The Weapons Director said, “Defensive laser batteries can work from the secondary power system, giving us 26% of full battle capacity, sir. All other weapons are offline until the main engines are working again!”

Captain Evril Fahenti yelled, “Navigation?”

The Navigator said, “Navigation is unaffected sir, we can move the ship within the system normally on thrusters. It will last three weeks before depletion without main engine power to split more antimatter and refuel.”

Captain Evril Fahenti yelled, “Sensors?”

Sensor Director said, “Sensors are working normally, sir, their local fusion cells are independent of the main engine.”

Captain Evril Fahenti finally stopped yelling. He said, “Well at least that’s some good news. Communications?”

Communications Director said, “We’re on same fusion cells as Sensors, sir. I can confirm that our weapons hit completely obliterated their escape pod’s communications hardware.”

Sensors Director added, “All of its hardware, actually.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Life support?”

The Logistics Officer said, “That’s also on the fusion cells. We’re good for lighting, air, gravity, food, laundry and the rest for three months. By then if main power is not back to at least a nominal level, we would need to either land the ship in a breathable atmosphere, or abandon it.”

The Captain said, “Intelligence, tell me now that I’m the one hallucinating.”

The Chief Imperial Spy said, “Sir, I have no idea how this is happening, but unquestionably the two humans are floating in space where their glass escape pod and all its equipment was just totally blown away. They have no shielding from the cold and vacuum, no source of air or protection, and yet there they are. The engine and fuel drain happened so fast that I can’t be entirely sure, but it seems to somehow be connected to the male.”

Sensors Director said, “I can confirm all that, Captain. There are definitely two humans with normal biological life function, other than a fever for her, under conditions impossible to survive, and no kind of electronic, plasmic or other force field or technological resources available to help them. I also have absolutely no explanation of any kind, possible, plausible, or otherwise.”

Captain Evril Fahenti was silent for a moment. “Normal battle protocol has a one time modification here that you will never reveal to anyone as long as you live, and that we will never discuss on this ship after this is over. For this one incident only, if you have any potentially useful ideas, yell them out with disregard for the usual formalities and forwarding through your section leader, chief, or director.

“Having the information for me to make the right decision might have to come too quickly for the usual approach. It will not be considered disrespectful for you to do what is needed for our success of this invasion at this time. Do you understand this new protocol for the duration of the emergency?”

The crew all shouted, “Sir, yes sir!”

Then they were all silent again for a moment. The Spy said, “Sir, there’s that same… void lines… that seem related to the man’s face…”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Yes, I see that. But what…”

Another set of alarms started to appear on a few consoles. The Chief Engineer said, “Auxiliary power is going away and I don’t know where or how!” He gasped as he looked at his console. “Fifty percent! Twenty percent! Ten percent… it’s gone! We’ve lost auxiliary secondary power too! Everything not on local fusion cells is inoperable!”

The weird hole-lines in space again were gone.

The bridge crew looked around to each other, terrified. They silently looked to their Captain for guidance.

Captain Evril Fahenti also looked around, silent. He wished he had some greater source of guidance for himself now.

The Sensors Director yelled, “Captain! They’re moving towards us!”

Intruder Alert

Everyone looked. The impossible contradictions continued. Now, hand in hand and continuing to stand upright, the couple had their outer hands reached out and forward a little, as they slowly flew from where their booth had been, towards the ship. The camera automatically tracked them.

Sensors Director said, “At this rate they’ll be at our hull in two minutes. I can’t identify what is their propulsion source, nothing shows on sensors other than their life signs and a large amount of heat for her.”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Fire defensive lasers at them, all batteries with a view of them!”

Weapons Director said, “We’re down, sir, with primary and auxiliary power both gone!”

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Can you send fuel cell power into the laser guns?”

The Chief Engineer said, “No sir, weapons need ion power that can only come from the main engine or auxiliary power.”

The Captain said, “Ram them? Sergeant, military options for the ship?”

The Marine Sergeant said, “The ship is too slow on maneuvering thrusters only, and it takes two minutes to prep and launch a shuttle unexpectedly.”

Everyone was silent as the smiling couple continued their path through space.

Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Marine Sergeant! Order ten of your best men into space suits, with a space mine and a large rifle for each of them. Get them to the airlock behind the bridge! Get some armed warriors outside the ship to blast these two away!”

The Sergeant held up his arm to his face, so he could relay the order to his squads using his wrist communicator.

All was silent for a little longer. The couple were now even with the nose of the ship. The impossible continued, as they altered course to float straight up above the nose. They landed on top of the primary weapon’s cannon, and started walking along the top of the ship toward the bridge. The camera on the roof of the Bridge continued to get an enlarged view of them for the viewscreen.

A familiar, small thump behind the back of the bridge indicated what didn’t really need an announcement, but they got one anyway from the Sergeant. “Marines are leaving the airlock now.”

Suddenly the strange two people disappeared.

Sensors Director said, “They somehow quickly went around to the airlock, too fast to see. They’re encountering the marines now. The airlock blocks the camera’s view.”

All was silent again. Captain Evril Fahenti said, “Sergeant, shouldn’t we be hearing the reports from your squad through your wrist communicator?”

The Sergeant said, “Yes sir, since I didn’t order radio silence they should have been discussing their progress with me.” He took a look at his wrist. “Their communicators are definitely turned on, they just aren’t saying or typing anything.”

There was a series of unfamiliar thump sounds from the wrist communicator, then it was silent. The Sergeant took another look. “I don’t know how, sir, but their communicators aren’t transmitting any more.”

Sensors Director said, “All ten Marines are dead.”

Ten bodies in space suits floated from behind the bridge, forward past the side windows, and out beyond the front of the ship. The bodies were followed by a collection of ten rifles and nine metal balls.

The Sergeant said, “Damn it! One space mine not accounted for.”

A foot-wide metal ball drifted from behind the bridge to its side window and on past. The Sergeant said, “There it is. At least these two aren’t taking any weapons from my men.”

The impossible couple flew from the airlock area to the windows at the side of the bridge, looked in, smiled and waved! Hovering about a meter above the ship’s surface, they floated forward and around to the big front windows of the bridge.

She turned away from the bridge window. Quick enough to be a just visible blur, she flew towards the front of the ship, grabbed the last of the mines, and tucked it under her arm. She then flew back to hover in front of the window again.

The Sergeant said, “It won’t do them any good. See that flat part on the side of the mine? The detonator package came loose. It’s now a dud. Only a turbo-fusion detonation could set off that bomb. And they obviously are not carrying detonators.”

The woman used her free hand to push her fingers deep into her very wet and wide open pussy. She pulled her fingers out. They were coated with glowing thick fluid. She licked them with a big smile, then held out her hand to his mouth and he licked her fingers clean. When the fluid went into his mouth, its glow disappeared.

After that shockingly lewd display, she used both hands to hold the mine right in front of her pussy, then squeezed her thighs to hold the mine in place so her hands were free again.

She turned to face the man. She reached her hands out and grasped his enormous cock, whose erection had never gone down throughout this whole time. She leaned in so that they could share a kiss.

She leaned to his ear and seemed to say something. A burst of hazy steam came out of her mouth as she did so. They both leaned back to stand upright as they floated facing each other. She let go of him and used her hands to hold the mine in front of her again.

A pencil-thin beam of bright and hot light came out the end of his penis and lit a dot on the sphere. The beam got brighter and brighter. In a moment, it was so bright the crew had to shade their eyes. The metal of the mine started to buckle inward. Then the mine exploded, shattering the front windows of the bridge.

Instantly, colored safety lighting showed that the force field had come on to prevent any loss of the air in the bridge and to protect against metal shards. The shards hit the force field and bounced off harmlessly.

There was now a fifty foot wide crater carved into the hull where the mine blast’s shock wave had hit the front part of the ship, forward of the bridge. Chunks of hull plates, equipment, laser turrets, bodies and supplies drifted out into space where the impossible couple had just walked up a minute ago.

From the explosion, the only effect on either of the two visitors was to make her breasts seem to be even yet larger and brighter.

As the crew stared speechless, Annabeth Lessian and Chan’g D’artha floated into the bridge. As each of them came in, the crew heard the familiar pop of a person pushing through an atmospheric force field and then it wrapping shut behind them. Annabeth Lessian and Chan’g D’artha hovered over the captain’s throne, looking down at him from about ten feet up and out.

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