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Summer & Alice's Beach Day

Written by Andy_H :: [Wednesday, 27 April 2022 13:24] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 May 2022 09:03]

The two 18 year old girls walked down the street in flip flop, tight shorts and t-shirts that barely contained their firm gravity defying breasts.

Summer, the older by a couple months was 6’9” with long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail that bobbed about as she walked, her azure blue eyes taking in every detail as she glided past the astonished onlookers.

Alice was slightly shorter at 6’7” but could still dominate and command any room she entered and with her even longer red hair she tied it into a long thick braid that trailed over her shoulder and across her ample, firm left breast.

However both girls were a bit carefree and enjoyed showing off their powers, which tended to end badly for whatever was around them, even if they were just being playful.

“Hey, it’s so great to get a few days off from college isn’t it?” Alice smiled

“Yep, and what better way to spend a nice sunny day than on the beach” Summer laughed. “Should be great fun. We can really let our hair down”

“Did Alex say he’d join us there?” Alice asked.

“Yeh, he was working so he thought we’d get there quicker than him” She giggled. “To be honest he could have left home an hour before us and we’d still get here quicker”

The two girls long, powerful legs easily ate up the distance as they headed to the beach, each footstep causing paving slabs to crack and buildings to shudder slightly as if heavy weights had been dropped on the ground.

Pedestrians and vehicles got out their way as they approached as neither would fair well in a collision with these girls.

“You know we could have run here by now” Alice told Summer

“Yes, but remember last time we did that? We blew out most the windows in the town and devastated the high street” She giggled to her friend.

“Oh yeh!” She smiled “Well we were only having fun, not our fault it couldn’t stand up to it.”

They finally reached the beach and found a spot to set out their towels and picnic when they saw Alex, Summers boyfriend running to meet them.

“Hey girls, thought you’d be here already. You got a nice spot here” he remarked kissing Summer.

The girls and Alex lay there chatting for a while as the sun slowly warmed their bodies. The two girls invulnerable skin was unaffected by the heat and only by subduing their natural power could the rays even begin to tan their marble smooth skin.

Suddenly Summer pushes herself up, revealing two large imprints in the sand that had been forced into glass and rock by the pressure of her breasts. The force of her movement causing a ripple through the sand that reverberates across the beach.

“Hey, why don’t we have a game Alice? How about beach volleyball?”

“Yay… I love that, its sooo fun” She replies.

“Uhhh, girls a few problems with that don’t you think?” Alex responds.

“1, no volleyball would withstand you two playing with it for a second or more, 2 how big a court would you girls need and 3 you need 4 people to play?” He ticks each one off on his fingers.

The girls laugh…

“Oh silly, that’s not a problem… we can use something a bit heavier for the ball” Summer says as Alice vanishes in a blur only to return holding a massive wrecking ball casually in one hand. “See, strong enough to last a game, but still soooo light” She giggles tossing it between her hands.

“For the court problem, we’ll just use the whole length of the beach and who needs 2 players each when we’re fast enough to play as 2 people at once!” Alice laughs jumping up and down and causing the whole beach to vibrate.

Car alarms set off as they bounced up and down from her exuberance.

“Come on Alice, let’s play before you get too excited and break something” Summer laughs. “Alex you may want to go somewhere safe off the beach”

The girls walk out onto the beach which was strangely deserted after Alice’s impromptued girlquake, the beachgoers having fled for the safety of the promenade.

With the beach cleared the girls set about creating a net. Summer walked along the prom gently tearing the bollards holding the railings in place out of the concrete before twisting, stretching and knitting them together as easily as tying a piece of string, to create steel net. Alice meanwhile ripped the lamp posts out the ground and walked back with one over each shoulder, the concrete cracking with each step before slamming them into the sand. The girls then fixed their new net along the beach stretching from the prom to foreshore.

Standing about 200m each side away from the ‘net’ Alice gently tapped the 2 tonne steel ball with her hand and watched as it shot towards Summer like a cannonball, leaving an imprint of her hand in the thick metal.

Summer jumped and easily reached the ball, taping it with the tips of her fingers to send it back to Alice. The game continued for a good 20 minutes with the ball becoming more and more dented and misshapen as the girls playfully hit it harder and further between each other.

At this point Alice tried to outplay Summer and smashed the ball hard sending it careering towards the car park and the bystanders. Summer quickly jumped and caught the ball with such force that it crumpled against her chest.

She grinned at Alice “Oh it is so on now” She laughed.

Hitting the ball back she sends it slamming into the sand causing the ground to shudder under the impact.

Her friend returns the ball by smashing it into the concrete wall of the prom, demolishing it totally

Alex groans. This always happens, they play a game and get too competitive, then they both forget how fragile things are.

He starts yelling at the girls to stop, but they are too engrossed in their game to notice.

The volleyball game has now degenerated into a game of which girl can smash the ball into the ground hardest.

Even Summer, who is slightly more sensible is laughing with joy as she watches her latest serve flatten 6 cars in the car park.

Alice picks up the ball along with a couple of the crushed cars which are now stuck to the metal ball and, using her hands crumpled it back into a more round ball shape.

The beachgoers are already fleeing as they can see the girls playtime getting more dangerous.

The damage and destruction is completely at odds with the giggling, happy faces of the two beautiful girls who are enjoying their fun.

Eventually the game ends with neither girl able to beat the other and they stop playing.

Looking around at the results of their overenthusiastic game Alice looks guiltily at Summer.

“We did it again didn’t we?” She giggles

“Yep… totally trashed it and we didn’t even mean to.”

Alex finally managed to get to the two girls, through the flattened cars and broken concrete and stood there.

“Summer, you girls never mean to do this, but you always end up breaking something “ he groans.

“Well if stuff wasn’t so fragile maybe we wouldn’t accidentally break it, I mean we only play about like the other girls do” She giggled.

“yeh… but Summer, other girls can’t crack concrete just by taping their foot or play catch with tanks” he argues.

The teens see a couple policemen clambering through the wrecked seafront.

“we’re in trouble again aren’t we?” Alice asks Summer

“think so girl” she replies.

The two policemen stare at the two tall girls nervously as Alice casually holds their now crumpled ‘beachball’ in one hand and smiles sweetly at them.

“Sorry about the damage officers, we were only have a bit of fun!” She pouts jokingly “are you going to arrest us?”

She playfully pushes her long slender fingers into the steel ball and tears it in half like it was candyfloss.

“I’m not sure if those little things would be strong enough for me” She smiles pointing at his handcuffs.

“Alice… stop scaring the police” Alex pleads

The two officers gulp… “uhh… no miss, but we really need you to stop your… uh game… if that’s alright?”

“OK.. were really sorry for the damage we caused we’ll try and tidy it up a bit” Summer says.

Alice starts picking up the mangled vehicles and compressing them harder and more efficiently than any car crusher could until each was no bigger than a marble.

Meanwhile Summer crushed the broken concrete into dust and gently blew it far out into sea.

“There, at least it’s tidier now, you guys can come and repair it, but maybe you could try and make it a bit stronger next time. We both really like this beach and want to come back again soon” Summer laughed.

Alice pulled a couple strands of her long red hair out and set about threading the diamond hard strands through each of the 1 tone marble sized metal spheres to create a necklace that she tied around her neck.

“What do you think?” She smiled completely oblivious to the 10 ton necklace she now wore.

“cute… maybe I’ll make one for myself” Summer jokes winking at Alex who was quite aware she would try to do so.

“Guess it’s time to get back. Alex well give you a 30 minute head start then see you at home” She giggles knowing she could get the 15 miles from the beach to his house faster than it would take him to park the car and get out.

“OK girls, see you at home. Try to leave the rest of the town intact” he groans.

“We’ll try, but no promises” they giggle.

The girls take a stroll around town while they wait for Alex to get home. Eventually…

“Hey I can hear him pulling onto the drive” Summer nudges Alice’s arm with enough force to pile drive a tank into the ground.

Alice turns at feeling the gentle tap.

“Cool, let’s meet him at the door”

The girls turn and race the 15 miles distance in just under 4.5 minutes. Unfortunately at over 200mph they caused a hurricane through the town, blowing out windows and sending anything not secured down flying.

Arriving home the girls slow down, but Alice isn’t so quick and hits Alex’s car. It crumpled instantly around her long firm legs.

“Uhh… Summer… I think people are gonna be pissed at us again?” Alice said pointing back at the trail of destruction.

“Shit… Alex is going to be so annoyed with us … ” She groans looking at his car.

“I’m sure you can… distract him” Alice winks

“Distract me from what… wow!” Alex gasps as Summer sways over to him tearing items of clothing off at each step and grinning like a tiger.

“Ohh… nothing, just thought someone deserved a treat for being soo… understanding about our little accident earlier” She purrs.

Alex is so enthralled by the vision of perfection in from of him he fails to see Alice dispose of his car and race off to find a replacement.

“How about you and me see how long we can keep going for?” She moans leading him to their bedroom.

Maybe having a super sexy and powerful girlfriend and her friend isn’t all bad Alex thinks as he is led into the house, the faint sounds of sirens echoing in the distance.

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Thanks Wizalex.
Yes, I'd love to do more with these two.
See how much chaos they can get up to, accidentally or otherwise.
I see them as nice, bubbly, fun girls who don't mean to cause damage snd destruction but just get carried away or careless.
Thanks Wizalex.
Yes, I'd love to do more with these two.
See how much chaos they can get up to, accidentally or otherwise.
I see them as nice, bubbly, fun girls who don't mean to cause damage snd destruction but just get carried away or careless.
But wo betide someone who does piss them off..
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Excellent mix of playfulness and world shaking power. I'd love to see more of their daily antics.
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