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Super Babe: The Lifeguard of Steel!

Written by tsuper :: [Thursday, 28 April 2022 15:48] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 18:54]

Paulina Ambersam was scanning the ocean with her binoculars. She started to wonder why she chose to be a lifeguard during this spring break. She was a college sophomore at this point and wondered if she should’ve partied with her friends instead. The redhead contemplated if she should have turned down the extra money to do closing shifts as well, because that meant dealing with college kids smoking grass or lovers getting frisky under the dock. Though that was a bit annoying, she did get a free Superman comic out of an encounter with stoners when one of them dropped it while running away. She did enjoy being a lifeguard as she felt like a superhero. She would save the occasional old man drowning or child that might have drifted off too far into the surfer section of the Springville beach. On this particular day it was rather boring, it was near the end of closing time and there were very few people on the beach at all, and there was no one near her section. She suddenly spotted what looked like a surfer riding some decent waves. The dude seemed pretty confident so she decided to go back to her comic book for a quick second. As she did that there was a monument of calm and serenity. However she heard the rumble of the ocean and looked to see a strange wave like a surfer's dream leap out of the ocean. The surfer was riding it as the wave collapsed and the surfer almost made it.

Almost was the key turn as the wave seemed to collapse faster than the surfer could keep up and the surfer was slammed into the ocean floor. Paulina blew her whistle and grabbed her rescue can. The lifeguard ran towards the seemingly unconscious surfer. His broken board washed up on the shore as Paulina ran by it, unaware said board sparked as if it was made up of mechanical parts. Luckily for Paulina she didn’t have to swim far as the surfer was close to shore. She dragged the man back to the beach,his dirty blonde hair covered in sand and his blue trunks just as filthy with some seaweed wrapped around his left thigh. She checked his heart and heard three beats but they were out of sync. The surfer coughed up sea water and started to breathe again.

“Are you ok?” Questioned Paulina. “I am fine babe” the surfer coughed up. Pauline thought about just leaving him there. Paulina continued “You sure? How about you come back to the station? It’s closing time for the beach anyway!” Near them a strange clam shell appeared. The surfer gasped “That’s mine! Can you pick that up babe?” Paulina begrudgingly did so thinking “ Is this surfer from Mars or something?” They went inside the main lifeguard station. As Paulina went to do paperwork and clock out for the day the surfer made a phone call. “ Dude my board is busted. I think my cloaking device is too! Luckily earth dudes look like us Neptune Bros. Anyway can you pick me up? I’ll pay you back I promise!” He looked at his cell that was sparking just like the board. The Alien surfer heard back from his friend “Totally awesome see you later bro.”

Paulina was just about to check in on her friend when suddenly she heard a great rumble and looked outside to see a giant surfboard hovering in the air. The surfer walked towards a light that was emitting from the unidentified flying surfboard. The surfer turned to her and while waving said “Later babe!” The Surfer and ufo vanished.

“What the Frick?” Paulina yelled she had her comic in one hand and looked around the station to find the surfer to make sure she was not going nuts. She found the shell which was sparking for some reason? It suddenly shot her with a beam before exploding into sand! Her comic book became wet and it started to stain her red one piece swimsuit! She got up and noticed the strange stain. Said stain looked like the comic was printed on her swimsuit! She needed fresh air, so she went back to the beach to claim down. Paulina listened to the waves and got her feet wet as she dipped a toe into the ocean. As some water hit the swimsuit, She felt kind of tingly. She noticed the stain was blue and growing! Her entire swimsuit became ocean blue as the red spread to her arms and legs. A familiar S insignia formed on the one piece, which distracted Paulina from her forming gloves and boots! As a red cape formed on Paulina’s back this caused her to cried out “What the hell is happening to me!” Her red hair darkened to midnight black. Her eyes turned sky blue. Examining her outfit and Black locks of hair Paulina concluded “I am turning into superwoman!?” Her senses were heightened as the sand felt more soft, the air more salty, the ocean more moist. her brain was overloaded leading to some mental changes in Paulina! “Like my head feels gnarly dude!” Paulina said to which she covered her mouth. As waves hit her boots Paulina was fading away. She was moaning as she glowed blue her body grew in strength as her breast swelled to beach ball size “M-my rack is so big now. Holy crap!” The malfunctioning shell turned her into a super surfer girl. Paulina moaned as her thighs thickened to fit her super beachball size boobs. “I like remember I am the lifeguard Or something.” Paulina struggled to remember as memories of being a superhero flooded her brain. “ I am like a super person, I fight bad dudes?” A surge of superpowers hit as she tried to stay standing up, before a wave knocks her down. Covered by wet sand and salt water, it triggered a massive boost of energy. “I feel totally weird! Like I can fly!” Paulina felt pure pleasure overtake her mind. As she was changing she gave in to the strange energy invading her body! She moaned several times and started to pose like she’s on the cover of a comic book “I am Super Babe, the surfer girl of might!” Paulina or now Super Babe took to the skies looking for crime to stop!

She was flying from beach to beach when she spotted some dudes hauling toxic waste toward the sea. She flew down and took the toxic waste and chucked it into space! Super Babe yelled at the polluters “Hey you can’t dump stuff in the ocean dudes!” To which one of them replied “Says who?” Super Babe posed hands on her hips “Says Super Babe duh!” She grabbed a rubber raft and used it to tie the polluters up using super speed she said “Don’t pollute the sea, dilweeds!” She flew away, job done. Scanning the oceans lead to some fun things like a shipwreck or an oil refinery fire which Super Babe put out! She was having fun being the planet's lifeguard. She saved a plane from falling into the ocean. All this beach fun made her thirsty. She found a convenient store near a beach and landed in the parking lot. She walked in and approached the clerk she politely asked ”You wouldn’t mind giving a Super Babe something to drink? The clerk handed her a lemon lime soda. “Thanks She went to the beach and drank the soda. It triggered something in her. “Uh did I do something wrong?” Super Babe asked. Unaware the soda ingredients were her kryptonite. Memories came flooding in, unaware she flew down to her apartment. Glowing green she was reverting back to Paulina. Her mind remembered the key under the mat. She got to her bed when she morphed back into ordinary lifeguard Paulina Ambersam.

Paulina woke up and in a daze turned on the news seeing what looked like a spoof of Superman flying around beaches and putting out a fire. She vaguely remembered a surfer she saved, she vaguely remembered wearing something, close to what this Super Babe was wearing! “ I couldn’t be her could I?” Luckily yesterday was her last day as a lifeguard so she didn’t have to think about it. She could just go home. But something called her to the beach. Still in her lifeguard swimsuit, she got up and walked towards the ocean. As she dipped a toe into the sea It felt strange. An incredible orgasmic feeling spread all over her body. ”What’s happening to me?” Paulina moaned as her body started to change, again transforming into Super Babe! “Oh my Gawd! It was me?” Paulina yelled as a wave hit her body and she glowed blue. The current pulled Paulina into the sea. She emerged from the ocean in her costume, her mind fully changed, then she yelled “ This is like, totally a job for Super Babe. The lifeguard of steel!'' She flew off ready to keep the beaches safe.

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Ok, this has no right to be as funny as it is.
As much as the surfer lingo doesn't appeal to me, the entire scenario is so random it reminder me of Douglas Adams.
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Saving a Neptune Bro makes life so bitchin' gnarly!
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