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Genesis of the Bih’Zah’Ro – Part 3

Written by AUphoric :: [Saturday, 25 June 2022 19:23] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 26 June 2022 00:00]

We are now creating super-soldiers as living weapons, the most powerful military in the universe! These highly destrucive enhanced men and women will soon let us destroy the superwomen standing in the way of our total conquest of the galaxy – the protective Velorian Supremis, and their genetic offshoot, the cynical (but not as much as us) Aurean Supremis. Our series of  detailed military science reports explains exactly how this works. In this third installment, we now turn to reporting our super-soldier development success, as we have identified a stable combination of genetic enhancements for the in-vitro fertilization.

First we discuss the limitations of super-soldiers relative to Supremis, and then our successes.


- Lack of super-breath -

We have so far not been able to include the generation of storm winds in and out of the mouth and of cold wind out. However, we think this ability is irrelevant for combat. Even once we have decoded the creation of these attributes, we intend to continue to leave them out.

Velorians themselves very seldom use their ability to generate air in order to talk with one another in space. Doing so requires being fairly close to one another. Instead, they use sign language gestures to communicate from a great distance. Sign language can be seen by many others. This is far more tactically useful than being able to talk only with one adjacent Velorian.

The super-soldier energy input beam discussed later effectively makes a target very cold, with greater precision than cold breath when deployed with the eyes.

Generation of storm level air pressure systems in or out generally has an explosive or implosive tactical outcome. The other fighting capabilities of the super-soldiers can effectively generate explosions and implosions in many other ways.

The inclusion of these features adds some size and a great deal of complexity to the base of each Supremis lung. As mentioned, we do not see an effective payoff for including that, even if we could.

- Lack of pheremones -

The sexual pheremones of Supremis are still not understood. We can match the chemical composition of the molecules, but they are ineffective. There seems to be something else going on in addition to the release of the molecules.

We see this as of minor to no value for military purposes. Beholding the arousal of a super-soldier, especially when they deploy their genital energy output beam, and especially for the male super-soldier, generally triggers sexual responses in ordinary humans. The extremely long hair also often has this effect.

Super-soldiers are fighters, not lovers.

Further research in this area continues, but may be canceled in coming years unless there is Imperial instruction for us to continue it.

- No steerable hearing -

Although it is easy to understand, we have not been able to replicate construction of the steering mechanism in the ear for more precisely targeted listening. We believe this is of minimal importance. In general, super-soldiers should be crushing their enemies and hearing the laments of their women, which should be coming from all directions.

- Female super-soldier sexual fluids are not toxic -

As discussed below, we have provided the super-soldier male with extremely toxic and dangerously harmful sexual fluids. So far, we have not been able to implement these changes in female sexual fluids.

- Limited vision enhancements -

Tachyon vision implementation is extremely limited so far. It only provides enhanced low-light or no-visible-light vision of otherwise normally visible surfaces, with no ability to see inside or through things.

Telescopic distance vision is substantially reduced from Supremis levels. The super-soldier can read a printed page from about a mile away, make out facial expressions to around a hundred miles, identify body positioning and gestures to about three hundred miles away, and identify that there are individual people present to about a thousand miles away, again all of this requiring unobstructed line of sight. This is obviously far less precise vision than a P-level Supremis.

Super-soldiers do not have microscopic detail vision, nor vision substantially beyond the normal human frequency response plus enough of the infrared to be able to recognize a large quantity of fuel by its energy signature.

We hope to learn how to provide them with an extended vision frequency response, as it would be useful in conquest to be able to see the opponents’ radio waves in order to consume or block them or destroy the transmitters, but we are so far unsuccessful at this extension.

- Absence of gracefulness -

The agile and graceful qualities of motion of Supremis have not been able to implement successfully so far. As super-soldiers are to intimidate and demoralize, and then destroy and smash, we see this as no loss, and have discontinued any research into this attributes of Supremis.

- Absence of super-thought -

The super-speed thought process and enhanced intelligence and memory of Supremis have not been possible for us to rpelicate in super-soliders so far, but we continue to hope to understand how they occur.

We speculate that the physiological potential already exists in the brain and central nervous system, and that it is a matter of how Supremis are raised in childhood, and how the Velorian Protectors are subsequently trained for military duties, that they are able to use these abilities. Whether these abilities could be developed by appropriate training in adulthood is still unknown.

- No eye beams, but there are alternatives -

Super-soldiers do not have eye beam capability. But this is not a military drawback, as the same high-energy beam output happens elsewhere, as we will discuss in a moment. This provides space in the retina for the energy input beam cells, discussed more fully below.

Now for the successes:

Energy output beams

For females, an energy blast comparable in intensity to Velorian eye beams, and about an inch in diameter is emitted out of the labia, towards whatever is downward between the legs from the point of view of the super-soldier female. This blast is adjustable in intensity or duration, but is not steerable; the super-soldier female must position herself, typically by flying, to aim the beam as desired.

For males, a comparable energy blast, but much thinner - a few millimeters in diameter, comparable to a pencil - is emitted out of the penis. This also goes only whichever direction the tip of the penis is aimed at, but as the angle of the penis is controllable by thought and also can be repositioned by hand, in practice anywhere in front of the male super-soldier can be effectively targeted. In both instances, the energy blast is full spectrum, bright white, and very hot.

Both genders can also fire energy beams out of their hair.

We will discuss these abilities more fully later in this document.


Super-soldiers have enormous muscular and sexual development as adults, even before energy storage.

Typical height for males is 6’0” to 8’0”, with a 6’0” individual weighing about 320 pounds with a body fat ratio of 2% for a man, 8% for a woman. Typical height for female is 5’8” to 7’0”.

Maximum hair length is typically 1’ to 2’ longer than the height for both males and females.

Typical penis length for a 6’0” height male is 8” to 10” flaccid, with arousal bringing it to around half again as long, that is around 1’0” to 1’4” long when erect, with proportional increase in girth. When the genitals are fully enlarged with energy-storing mass, they approximately double in volume, most of this going to girth rather than length increases, for an erect penis length of around 1’4” to 1’8”. Female genitalia are also correspondingly enlarged by arousal.


All super-soldiers, male and female alike, have three volatai, and thus can fly. There is one volatus under each breast, just inside the ribcage, in both male and female super-soldiers, as with female Supremis. The third volatus grows in one of two locations, for reasons we have not been able to determine, but either location works equally well: embedded in the connective tissue just above the abdominal diaphragm, or tucked between the liver and gall bladder.

In female Supremis, generally only volatus is used at a time, with the other primarily a backup in case the primary were to be substantially damaged or overworked. In a substantial improvement over Supremis, super-soldiers always use all three volatai while flying, with slightly more use made of the one closest to the direction of travel.

It appears that the total flying capacity of a super-soldier is just slightly less than a P-1 Velorian Protector Prime, but the energy use for the same amount of flying is 30% less in the super-soldier. We are eager to explore strategic combat implications of this advantage.

Super-soldiers have the same personal location awareness as Supremis, continuously aware with sub-millimeter accuracy of their current exact location, orientation, direction, and velocity. As with Supremis, we have not identified the physical structures through which these measurements take place, other than knowing that they are not within the volatai.

As with a P-1 Supremis, a super-soldier’s flight can exceed the speed of light and travel through subspace. The more efficient volatai configuration enables a super-soldier to remain in subspace about half again as long each time as a P-1, that is, about an hour and a half for a super-soldier, and to recycle energy for another subspace entry in about half the estimated time for a P-1, that is, about six hours. This is an enormous strategic combat advantage greatly enhancing mobility and the element of surprise over the enemy.

Our strategic doctrine division is currently evaluating ways to make the most devastating use of these abilities, preferably without revealing the exact nature of super-soldier capabilities but rather leaving the enemy in a constant state of shock, surprise, and fear, as their reaction loops are befuddled with events they cannot keep up with.

Unlike Supremis, while flying in subspace, a super-soldier can see radio waves and where their source and destination endpoints map to normal space locations. The super-soldier can eat the energy of the radio waves, thus intercepting subspace communications. (The energy of radio waves can also be eaten in normal space, but it is difficult to know exactly where they are, as radio waves are not visible to the super-soldier eye when in normal space, without the doppler heterodyning at the subspace delimiter that aliases radio frequency to a subjective spectrum shift into the visible light range. If a broadcast source is obvious, such as an antenna, while flying around it with mouth open for energy input the super-soldier will taste the radio waves once they are intercepted, and can then lock on their mouth energy input beam to suck the transmitted radio waves into the super-soldier.)

As with Supremis, super-soldier flight includes, as desired by the individual, hovering in place, vertical takeoff and landing, instant starts and stops and changes in direction, standing and walking on the interface boundary layer between fluid and air such as the surface of a body of water or the outside of a waterfall, and flight within a body of water. As with Supremis, invulnerability means that G-forces, momentum, inertia, temperature, and presence or absence of a breathable atmosphere are not relevant. As with Supremis, flight includes going in any direction while using any body position and facing any direction.

As with Supremis, with skin contact touch other individuals and things may be brought along for a flight, but the protective factor for passengers and cargo carried along which Supremis have, and which we do not scientifically understand so far, is not present in the super-soldier. Unless a carried along passenger is flown only with gentle acceleration, at low speeds, and at low altitudes so the air is not thin, the trip will be harmful or even fatal to the passenger.

This is not seen as a drawback, as the purpose of super-soldiers is to be maximally destructive, not to provide personal transportation services. If there was a desire to carry along by flight a passenger who should arrive intact, it would be appropriate for the passenger to be inside a spacecraft which provides life support with a consistent, breathable internal atmosphere, and motion-compensated artificial gravity, for a continuously safe internal environment. The super-soldier would then simply pick up the spacecraft and carries it along.

Rather than output eye beam generation, super-soldier retinas have energy input beam cells. The same photon fiber optic attachment at the back of the eyeball, adjacent to the optic nerve, is still present, but in the super-soldier is used for energy input flow rather than the Supremis use of that conduit to deliver photons that energize the cells providing eye beam output functionality.

Energy input beams

Super-soldiers have two ways to input the energy they store. The less important way overall is sexual energy transfer similar to, and compatible with, Supremis in this regard. We will discuss this later in this document, when we review super-soldier sexual practices.

The more important way to pull in energy can actually be considered the primary weapon of the super-soldier.

Energy input eye beams work somewhat in the reverse manner of Supremis eye beams. These eye beams remove energy from the target, and put that removed energy into the super-soldiers’s storage mass. If the super-soldiers is already at full storage, the extracted energy passes through the super-soldier and out the back of their head. This is harmless to the super-soldier but likely fatal to anyone behind them.

Two types of energy can be extracted: electromagnetic energy - heat or light, tunable anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum or broadly across all of it; and physical energy, either potential, as with fuel, or kinetic, as with objects in motion.

For an electromagnetic energy input, the beams target a location or object which is emitting heat, light, x-rays, gamma rays, or other types of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum. The eye beams pull this radiated or reflected electromagnetic energy out of the target and put the energy into the super-soldier’s.

If the mouth is open, energy input also occurs into the mouth as well as the eyes. The mouth energy input beam is less precisely targeted than using the eyes, but a much larger amount of energy can be extracted. Using both together provides both the steerability of the eye beams and the large capacity of the mouth beam. Technically, the energy input happens at the retina and optic nerve, and at the tonsils and back of the tongue.

Super-soldiers have an extremely high concentration of multi-modal energy input cells in their eyes, their throats, and for females, in the vagina. Super-soldiers can generate an energy input beam which rapidly pulls in enormous amounts of energy from available sources such as:

Electromagnetic radiation of suns, explosions, energy beams, rocket exhaust and spacecraft engine plasma loop discharge, lightning, and electric power generators, substations, and transmission lines.

From kinetic energy of objects in motion, including:

Storms, weather systems, and ocean currents.

From potential energy, chemically stored in fuel.

And from heat, including depleting the life energy of a person, animal, or plant of weaken them, and if continued, until they die.

Energy input makes the target’s temperature lower. This has negligible effect on a sun or a spacecraft engine. It cools a dam’s power station to a subzero frost. It can reduce an individual enemy or handheld weapon to near absolute zero, if desired, so that the targeted subject subsequently shatters into supercold shards.

The energy input beams pull this energy from the target into the eyes, with the eye beams being able to very precisely lock on a narrow target if desired; or into the mouth, with a much less precise target except when combined with the eye input beams, in which case the larger mouth input beam joins with the precise targeting of the eye beams. In a female super-soldier, energy input can be received into the vagina from a broad target below her.

The energy input beams are a highly effective weapon. The beam is an area causing depletion or absence of energy in a target. It does not interfere with being able to continue to see with full effectiveness when the input goes to the eyes. While the energy input beam into the mouth is in use, the super-soldier is not able to simultaneously speak. While the energy input beam into the vagina is in use, the vagina’s energy output beam, described later, cannot be simultaneously used. But as the energy input beam and the energy output beam can both be started and stopped instantly, they can be alternate pulsed on a cycle of a few seconds of each, for an especially devastating use of the vagina in battle.

From the back of the eyeball, the back of the throat, and the vagina, are large fiber optic bundles connecting to the body’s fiber-optic energy distribution system in order to use and store the input energy.

Energy storage as mass

We have modified the energy to matter converter cells from the Velorian P-class lungs, in order to generate and consume specific types of solid matter, rather than only nitrogen and oxygen in gas form. This is our energy storage system, rather than orgone.

As orgone storage of energy is far more efficient then E=mc^2, a super-soldier grows in size far larger than a Supremis for the same amount of energy storage. This is not a problem, as it simply makes the super-soldier more massive and intimidating. We do not need or want the compact, graceful body of a Supremis for our soldiers. Unlike the Supremis woman’s unique breasts, our female and male super-soldiers get bigger in exactly the same gender-neutral way.

The energy storage system of the super-soldier body converts input energy, converted to photons and sent internally through the fiber optic network, to mass, rather than orgone. The mass expands the body in three stages. The first stage involves the sexual organs; the second, the hair on the head; the third, muscles throughout the body.

Weaponized male sexuality

As previously mentioned, super-soldiers have genitals about twice the average size of unenhanced humans. The penis lacks a foreskin.

In the first energy storage stage, the mass created is more of the spongy, expandable tissues of the genital organs involved in sexual arousal: for males, penis, scrotum, and testicles; for females, labia, clitoris, and vagina. Rather than being engorged with blood, the newly created additional cells are suffused with orgone. In the last stage of energy withdrawal, the orgone is converted to energy and then the tissues are converted to energy, and the genitals shrink.

We first examine the male version.

As energy storage begins, initially an erection occurs. Arousal results in a very intense and hard erection that sticks straight out. This erection is sustained nonstop - “24/7” as Earth society puts it - until, as the last stage of complete depletion of all stored enemy, the erection finally subsides in the manner normal to any erection.

As energy continues to be received, the genitals increase in size, to a maximum of approximately double their default length and girth.

At this time, for the male to cover the entire length of his penis requires using both hands along the shaft and stretching out the thumbs.

This means that in practice, a male super-soldier in combat has a nonstop, very large, very hard erection.

Sexual desire or a sense of love is not involved in this storage system which enlarges and positions the penis as the male super-soldier’s primary weapon.

A valve inside the scrotum can be controlled by conscious intention. When closed, it entirely blocks the release of any sperm into ejaculations, guaranteeing perfectly effective birth control for the male.

Ejaculation can happen continuously, recycling for another emission approximately every one to two minutes, with no refractory period or reduction in hardness or intensity of erection. Ejaculations are around 100 cc in volume, around 150 degrees C in temperature, exit at around 250 mph, are very sticky, and are extremely acidic, burning a hole through a few inches of metal, and fatally toxic if ingested by unenhanced humans.

Exposed to normal atmospheric conditions comfortable to unenhanced humans, the ejaculate loses its stickiness in about a minute, cools to ambient temperature in about three minutes, and entirely evaporates in about fifteen minutes. Until there is a complete change of air where the evaporation occurs, and extensive dispersion or dilution of that air, the evaporated molecules are still extremely acidic and toxic.

The ejaculate is considered extremely delicious and appealing to both females and males among both Supremis and super-soldiers. A single ejaculation provides them a negligible amount of protein and the equivalent of about 1,000 calories of energy.

Primary weapon of energy output in genitals.

As mentioned, super-soldiers do not have eye beams. Instead, they project energy from two other places, with one of these primary weapons being an energy beam from the genitals.

The penis can only either release ejaculate or fire the energy beam. To switch from one of these modes of operation to the other, that is, back and forth between chemical output or energy output from the penis, requires a pause of around a minute. This is not a rest or refractory period; the penis remains fully erect, and all other body activity continues. It is simply a switchover period.

The beam from the penis is thinner than a pencil lead, around three millimeters diameter. Unlike Supremis eye beams, these beams are a fixed, broad range of frequencies, with a substantial peak throughout the entire visible light range, making them glow bright white, another substantial peak in the deep infrared range due to their substantial heat, and a final peak in the x-ray range, making them especially deadly to slice through an ordinary human body.

Also unlike Supremis eye beams, these beams have only a minimal level of intensity control from extremely intense to extremely more intense - about 80% to 120% of the intensity of the average Supremis’s eye beams, the total with both eyes in use.

Timing of the beam duration, which can be instantly switched on and off by conscious control, is a more important factor. As the beam does not pass through any intermediate fluid or tissue before leaving the body - as with the eye beam’s passage through the internal fluids of the eye, the lens and the cornea - and as the erect penis is a very efficient heat radiator, there is no buildup of heat in the super-soldier’s body and nothing dangerous to him from continuing to fire his penis beam as long as he has energy stores to draw upon.

In practice, he can deploy this beam at the beginning of a fight and continue it throughout the battle if he wishes, only pausing it if emitting ejaculate would be more deadly and dangerous in a particular battle situation.

The penis is consciously steerable by intentional thought over a nearly 180 degree span, allowing its destructive energy output beam to be aimed anywhere from firing straight down between the feet to nearly straight up past the chin, or to straight out either left or right side.

Weaponized female sexuality

For the female, as with the male, sexual arousal begins as energy storage begins, and the labia remain engorged, well lubricated and open continuously, until all stored energy is depleted.

Unlike the male, female sexual fluids are not particularly different than unenhanced females, other than being significantly stickier and produced in a higher volume. There is nothing dangerous about these fluids. These fluids are considered appealing, desirable and delicious by both men and women of both ordinary humanity, and of Supremis and super-soldiers.

As with the male, the female can fire an energy beam from the genitals. It exits the labia with a beam of approximately one inch diameter. The beam is not steerable other than by the female positioning which direction she is pointing her labia, which is quite readily easy for her, given her ability to fly.

Energy storage as mass in prehensile and energy-projecting hair

Once the genitals have reached their maximum size, further energy storage happens by conversion of energy to mass in the form of hair. A ring of converter cells is at each hair follicle on the head. Incoming energy is converted to an addition to the hair strand, pushing out the existing hair strand to be slightly longer. For use of the stored energy, the mass of this last millimeter or so of hair at the scalp is converted back to energy, and the remainder of the strand is correspondingly pulled in by the follicle so that the hair becomes shorter.

As energy is stored, hair growth always occurs first at whichever strands are shortest, until all the strands are the same length. Then all the hair grows out evenly together at the same length. Maximum length for the hair is approximately eight to ten feet for males, six to eight feet for females.

Due to the maximum hair length exceeding height, super-soldiers with full hair energy storage generally prefer to hover or fly most or all of the time, rather than let the end of the hair drag on the ground as they walk.

Conversion of the hair back to energy can continue with the hair becoming much shorter than it was originally. Energy retrieval stops when all the hair is only a few millimeters long around the entire head: “peach fuzz” is the term from Earth.

The super-soldier hair strand is a complex structure. The outer layer is keratin, as with the hair of ordinary humans. The inner core is an optical fiber. Every few millimeters along the core, an optical bubble valve about two millimeters in diameter provides a diversionary node that can take a portion of the energy from the fiber core and have it push against a crease in the keratin.

The presence of these nodes and creases makes the super-soldier hair prehensile, able to be bent or straightened anywhere along its length. It can be moved around in as many as twenty independent groups, although in practice, in battle only perhaps two or three areas of hair may be independently positioned while sustaining enough concentration to use the other battle resources of the body. A collection of hair strands being moved together can pick up, swing around, and drop or throw people or things, and is agile enough to pull a trigger, but not to write or to pick a lock.

Second primary weapon of energy output from hair

The second of the two output energy weapons of the super-soldier is an energy beam that emerges from the scalp, through the optical fibers of the hair, and out the tip of each strand in whatever direction it is pointing.

With all the strands tightly bundled to face the same direction, there is a tightly focused beam. With the ends of the strands splayed out, there is a diffuse beam. The beam always involves the hair strands that come from the middle back of the head. This smallest version of the hair beam leaves surrounding hair strands uninvolved, so that they can continue to hold, carry, and reposition things. As the hair beam output level increases, more and more of the scalp is involved in pushing out energy through the fiber optic cores of the hair strands. At its maximum level, the hair beam output involves 100% of the scalp and hair.

With all the hair tips pointed the same direction, there is a single output hair beam. With bundles of hair pointing different directions, the output can be multiple beams with different targets; note that these multiple output strands always all fire simultaneously.

As with the genital beam, the hair beam can fire continuously, with no pause or rest needed, as long as stored energy is still available to supply it - that is, until withdrawal of all energy-storing muscle, and then continued withdrawal of hair-stored mass shrinks the hair down to its shortest length.

In practice, super-soldiers generally prefer to sustain enough muscle energy storage so that the hair is always at its maximum length, providing greater tactical options for both its prehensile nature and for energy beam firing.

Both genital beam and hair beam can continuously fire at the same time, if desired, and can be switched on and off independently.

The genital beam has approximately the same maximum energy output level as a Protector’s pair of eye beams. When the entire scalp is active, the total hair beam output is also approximately the same energy level. In this way, an individual super-soldier can attack with approximately double the total energy output of a Protector, and the with the energy going out to the same target or split among multiple targets.

In practical use in battle, no instance is known of an super-soldier attacking more than three different targets simultaneously with the hair while also emitting a penis beam. (These incidents involved only male super-soldier adversaries.)

Targeting of both genital beam and hair beam is less precise than the Protector’s ability to precisely look at a small, specific target spot, but that imprecision just makes the super-soldier more destructive overall, which is appropriate for their purpose.

The head attack

An especially promptly fatal attack, that is terrifying to bystanders is to direct an energy output beam, from either genitals or hair, or using both together, to the head of a target so that it drills through and comes out the other side. The tunneled hole of the direct path of the beam through the brain kills instantly, and is so intensely hot that it superheats, melts and burns most of the brain tissue within a couple of seconds, causing a burst of red, bloody steam.

Immediately after ending the killing energy output burst, the energy input beams of the eyes can then be used to precisely target the tunnel through the head, slightly sweeping the input beam back and forth from side to side along the length of the drilled hole, then widening the focus to around hand width on the outside of the head. This results in ending the smoking, steaming, and burning, turning the fried neurons into ice crystals that shatter inside the skull.

Next, causing the outside of the skull on the side of the super-soldier to crack open with a hole a few inches across, out of which these crystals fall, some shattering on the ground and some dispersing into the air to be blown away, leaving the brain’s skull cavity mostly empty except for the broken-off brainstem and optic nerves. The energy input beam, continuing nonstop, can then be targeted at the far end of the skull to open a hole of a few inches on the opposite site, making clearly visible the emptiness of the skull as the surroundings are seen through its remnants.

The entire process of applying the output energy to drill through the skull and fry the brain, and then the input energy to freeze and shatter the remnants, takes a total of less than ten seconds.

As an optional final flourish if desired, adding the mouth’s input beam and further widening the input beam focus to around eight inches across and scanning down from top of the head to the toes, takes another few seconds and turns the entire body into a frost-covered crystal that then subsequently shatters, except in outer space when far enough away from a sun or other heat source.

Seeing all this is excessively dismaying to normal humans, often causing fainting with simultaneous loss of bladder and bowel control and vomiting, and sometimes triggering a fatal stroke or seizure due to the psychologically intense overload of the traumatic witnessing experience.

Both energy output beams and input eye beams can be kept going continuously, pausing on one targeted enemy and then moving on to destroy the next one. If a surrender rather than slaughter of a group is desired, killing the first one or two members of the group in this way is likely to lead to the immediate surrender of all the rest.

Combination of remotely lethal capabilities

The combination of the energy input beams, the genital energy output beam operating continuously from the consciously aroused oversize genitals, and the energy output beams from the extremely long prehensile hair, provides the super-soldier with a collection of weapons that can cause death and destruction from a distance in an extremely wide variety of ways.

This has a devastating extent physically, and even greater psychologically. It causes the great demoralization, intimidation, and terror of the targets and of bystanders. It is terrifying to enemies an extent we believe adds up to a far more ruthless, hostile, intrusive, and dismaying strategic and tactical offensive capability than the Supremis distance weapon combination of red heat output eye beams in bursts of only a few seconds, and of super breath. And that is even before considering that the super-soldier energy output is about twice that of a Supremis, while at the same time the super-soldier can also use their energy input to drain energy from opponents or surroundings.

Energy storage as mass in muscle

As mentioned, the super-soldier energy storage system converts input energy into mass, in three stages. In the first stage, energy input is converted to mass in the genitals, until they are enlarged to the maximum extent. Then in the second stage, energy input is converted to mass in the hair, until the hair is enlarged to the maximum extent. Then in the third and final stage, energy input is converted to muscle mass in the body below the neck, and not including the genitals.

Along with the muscles are generated enough additional connective tissues to hold them together, and skin providing the usual covering and also invulnerability through energy input.

The increased muscles do not have blood vessels, as there is no way that oxygenated hemoglobin could deliver anywhere close to the amount of energy needed to sustain and operate them. Instead, there are microscopic open spaces throughout the muscles, between the fiber strands, which fill with orgone for additional energy storage. When the super-muscles are used for physical exertion, the orgone fuels them. When the super-muscles are consumed to provide energy for the rest of the body, both the muscle and skin tissue and the orgone are converted to photon energy.

There might not be any limit to this last stage, but there does seem to a limit of interest or willingness to expand further. We have in practice seen super-soldiers grow to around twice the width and three times the front to back thickness of their default size, for a total mass around five times their default weight - a total of around 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, over 99% of that muscle mass - before they reported they felt full and that while further energy input and storage would be possible, it would be uncomfortable and not worth the bother. Generally, they prefer to stay at around 300 pounds.

Again, as energy is needed, the additional mass is vaporized in a layer just below the skin, along with their connective tissue and blood vessels. Remaining blood vessels then reconnect at the inner layer. Then, as this inner shrinkage results in a loose excess fold of skin, that excess skin is vaporized to provide energy, and the remaining skin is knit together into a new, smoothly continuous whole. The process works so quickly, on increments of around 300 microseconds, that it is perceived as continuous.

Once all energy stored in muscle has been burned off, then the energy retrieval process continues with the hair until it is also all consumed for energy, and finally extracts the energy from shrinking the genitals, until they return to their default size.

Psychological factors

Three psychological qualities are inbred as innate in our super-soldiers.

First, the tendency to trust in authorities presented since childhood as rightfully in charge. They will dictate what designated targets to hit and how much damage to do.

Second, the tendency towards an overall aggressive personality, that is also cooperative with fellow aggressors against designated target. “Relentless, untamable pack of marauding conquerors” is the theme.

Third, the tendency towards occasional random biting sarcasm and inventive insults and taunts, especially while fighting, which further demoralizes opponents. “Group of inescapable bullies” is the theme.

Powering up and staying powered up

In general, super-soldiers prefer to replenish their energy storage while it is still only withdrawing from their muscle mass, so that they sustain their maximum hair length and their sexual arousal continuously.

The most preferred energy source is to fly to the nearest star’s corona and use both eye and mouth input beams to pull in energy. When they do this, as they momentarily exceed the speed of light so as to be at the star in less then a second, and then back to the planet in another second. The trip is somewhat imprecise and the return might put them into the atmosphere at a low enough altitude to cause a massively destructive disruption shockwave, which would merely be part of their ongoing rampage.

If for some reason they wanted to be less destructive, they would go faster than light only for the trip to the sun, and then for a return only part way to the planet, then fly at 1.0C or less with specific steering back into the atmosphere.

When directly at a solar corona, going from fully depleted of stored energy to maximum genital storage takes about one to two hours. Continuing at the corona, pulling in enough energy for minimum length “peach fuzz” hair to grow all the way out to maximum length takes about an additional hour or two. Then expanding muscles to their maximum size takes around another eight hours.

When at the edge of a planetary atmosphere within a light-year of a sun, time to receive maximum storable energy is about double.

Within an atmosphere at a planet’s surface during the day, full charging time is increased by about ten to twenty times. If remaining on the planet’s surface through its day and night cycle, it takes around one to two months to go from fully depleted to maximally full of energy stored as mass.

Second most preferred source is whatever is the most powerful available source of energy, such as nuclear explosion at point-blank range, the engines and fuel supply of a large spaceship, the lighting and motion energy extracted from a continent-sized thunderstorm, the energy production capacity of a power plant such as a hydroelectric dam or solar power array, stored energy of fossil fuels close enough to the surface to be readily exposed by a beam blast excavating a path to them, or the discharge of a large GAR, preferably into the mouth or, for the female, the vagina.

One super-soldier can transfer energy to another by firing either or both of their primary weapons at the other, again with maximum receptive efficiency being that the beam is received at mouth or vagina. Transfer of energy from one super-soldier to another is about half as efficient as pulling in energy at the solar corona, so that it would take around ten hours for a fully charged super-soldier to transfer half of their energy to bring another super-soldier from entirely discharged up to also half full.

When entirely full of their maximum amount of energy-storing mass, a super-soldier can fly above lightspeed for a few hours, traveling a few thousand light years; or, while at lightspeed or below, fire both primary weapons continuously and uninterrupted for about ten hours. In practice, beam output is only left going continuously for short periods of time to cause a maximally destructive rampage against the enemy and, if allowing any of the enemy to survive, causing maximum terror and overwhelming demoralization.

Typically an hour or so will be sufficient at any one time, before conversationally explaining to the enemy how they are doomed and should surrender, or doing a variety of other activities with only intermittent beam output of up to a few minutes now and then.

Thus, unless attacking a Protector in a nonstop fight with the Protector also able to remain topped off on solar energy, maximum energy storage for a super-soldier should let them sustain an average invasion attack for around one to three weeks. Rather than getting that depleted, they are more likely to spend an hour or two at the sun every day or two, so that while their muscles are still very large they are restored to their maximum size.

Sexual desire and practices

Energy release from the penis is completely separate from ejaculation. Either can be done at any time and as often as desired as long as stored energy remains available, but they cannot be done together, and it takes about a minute for the super-soldier anatomy to switch between energy or chemical output from the penis. Continuing a nonstop series of ejaculations results in an output pulse about once a minute, with dry pulsing thrusts between releases. Continuing ongoing energy beam output from either penis or vagina is without interruption as long as stored energy remains to draw upon.

Super-soldiers have an eagerness for sexual mating with a compatible partner, either another super-soldier or a Supremis, second only to their passion to engage in battles that smite their enemies. Or, if smiting is strategically not the most advantageous thing to do at the moment, then to harass, taunt, and randomly terrorize their enemies. Once they have done as much fighting as currently available within the circumstances and the strategic priorities, then they turn their attention to as much fucking as is currently available.

With a heterosexual pairing of super-soldiers, in vaginal sex both male and female discharge their genital beams while receiving the energy of the partner’s genital beams. At the same time, both bring their hair around them so that the tips target the partner’s open mouth, so that the single-target hair beam discharge of each is the mouth of the other, while using their energy input beam of their mouth to pull in the energy of the partner’s hair beam. Alternatively, while kissing, the hair beam can be split equally on each side to target the eyes, while the eye beams pull in the discharging hair beams.

With either heterosexual or same-sex oral sex, the genital beam is fired into the partner’s mouth, while the tip of the penis is placed into the partner’s mouth as far as it will go, or while the labia are placed at the partner’s mouth. During oral sex, the hair beams target the vagina of a female partner, or the eyes of either a male or female partner.

Homosexual oral sex between two female super-soldiers generally involves positioning so that each can fire their hair beams into the partner’s eyes. For homosexual oral sex between two male super-soldiers, generally they will position themselves so that while one discharges into the other’s mouth, that one can use their eyes to receive the beam from the other’s penis, and both use position their hair to target the other’s eyes. This means that the first one is receiving energy at their eyes from both their partner’s penis beam and the partner’s eye beam. After a while they trade roles.

Super-soldiers are generally not interested in anal sex, for the same reason as Supremis, namely the substantially reduced intestine size relative to normal humans.

When mating with a willing Supremis, generally the super-soldier will only intermittently fire their beams, so that their total energy discharge is around the same as the energy they receive from the Supremis eye beams fired into the super-soldier’s eyes, mouth, or vagina.

While super-soldiers especially enjoy and prefer sex while their bodies are in contact, with hands, feet, and hair used to apply pressure and motion to the partner’s skin and hair, they also enjoy sex at a distance by flying in formation while targeting each other with their energy beams for the two-way energy transfer. As their super-sight is not nearly as extensive as a Supremis, maximum range for sex at a distance via beam exchange is approximately a hundred miles so as to be able to enjoy seeing the partner’s expressions.

As with Supremis, the favorite location for pairs of super-soldiers to have sex, whenever feasible consistent with mission strategy, is while flying through a solar corona together, so that both have maximum energy input from the star as well as from each other.

Super-soldiers are not able to both sustain sexual activity and fly faster than light. They must separate, individually make the trans-lightspeed journey through subspace, then reunite when both have dropped back below the speed of light in normal spacetime. If there is enough time to do so consistent with strategic requirements, they break a long interstellar journey into shorter segments with some time together at stars enroute before continuing on.

Maximum Capacity

The genital energy output beam capability is a major reason why virtually all male super-soldier are entirely naked all the time. Female super-soldiers are either naked, or have a robe-like garment that can easily be pushed back for her to more clearly observe what is going on, when her genital energy beam discharge is desired.

The maximum storage capacity of a super-soldier is one of the most fearsome things about them as a fighter.

Once entirely full at total capacity, the super-soldier can live, fly and move around actively, emit genital and hair beams, and not need to eat, sleep, etc., for at least a year.

The first eight months or so come from the conversion of the massive body hypertrophy back to energy, until the body is eventually its ordinarily muscular size. Then, for a couple of months the hair shrinks all the way back down to fuzz, with hair beams becoming no longer relevant at about three weeks into the process. Finally, it takes a couple of months for the stored genital energy to be withdrawn, until the genitals return to normal aroused size (which is still much larger than an unenhanced person’s), and no further genital beam output can occur.

At this point, flying could theoretically continue. But the energy needs of the volatai would require consumption of impractical massive quantities of calories in food.

In practice a super-soldier would not let themselves get this far drained of energy. There’s no need, when a visit to the sun every few days can readily keep them fully charged.

A super-soldier can live in space continuously in a solar system, intermittently visiting the sun to pull out solar radiation. Such an individual must be considered fully armed and dangerous all the time.

Upcoming Further Document Releases

The next section of this official documentation package will be available in approximately one to two weeks. It includes:

* How our researchers believe super-soldiers could be made even more terrifying and destructive weapons, IF we could unlock the secrets of some additional powers.

* How a super-soldier can destroy a Velorian Protector.

* The plan to temporarily collaborate with the Aurean Empire, and then double-cross and completely destroy them. And then, to continue the momentum to destroy the populations of Velor and Earth, the last who would oppose our ultimate ownership of the entire galaxy.

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