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Birth of the Undead – Adapting, Chapter 6

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“Come on Zor-El. What did I tell you about movement? You’re literally telegraphing each and every one of your movements ! The way you’re going today, you’re going to lick the mat so often that I'm going to force you to mop up all the sweat from it later. Did you just flushed down everything that you learnt throughout the past month down the toilet just now? Show me what you got, and hit me for once!” Dressed in his costume’s tights though with his chest bared, Bruce Wayne was purposedly goading his ward on.

It’s Bruce’s turn again today to be her sparring partner. The stupid taunts only made things worse, as Kara rolled over again from the latest pullback and backflip, and pulled herself up from the mat.

Part of having her going through combat training was to help her stay focused and not be distracted by any of the opponent’s trash talking. That’s easier said than done, however.

The past weeks had zoomed by quickly, and before Kara realised it was almost autumn, with the cooling of the weather outside and some of the leaves on the trees have started to turn yellowish. About time for her alter-ego’s life to start emerging again as her own personal deadline loomed closer. No matter how many times had she thought about it, there doesn’t seem to be many options available for a young woman like her. Especially when she’s really an alien trying to pass for a regular Earthling. Debating for the umpteenth time within her head is there any ‘proper’ way for her to leverage on her ‘unique set of abilities’ as a skill that can provide a livelihood, she had come up empty for the timebeing.

Maybe a scientist? She was practically a genius here on Earth what with the still backward level of mathematics, science and technology currently being used here.

Personal security? Being invulnerable, strong and extremely fast helps. So why not get paid to do a job that is so in line with her own physical prowess? And protect someone in the process.

All these and more kept churning within her mind, and was part of the reason why she was so unfocused this particular day as she found herself again falling for the slight feint and the double-kick follow-up that Bruce repeated, the third time she ate mat within thirty minutes already. Given her extensive training till now with Cassie, Dick and even Vampi, she doesn’t even need Bruce to call her out to know that she was out of sorts. In combat, no less.


Dressed in matching sleeveless black top and skin tight bottoms, the satriations all along her arms, the bumps and ridges on her abs and her legs are now visibly showing, results of the hard work that she had put in. Her entire body still looked slightly pumped given that it was only awhile ago that after planks and other preliminary exercises Bruce spotted her for her lift reps, and Kara is now lifting close to four times her own weight now as she pushed past her record in terms of weights and reps again. It was immediately after that when Bruce suggested a sparring match, and which despite her earlier exertion, had readily accepted the challenge.

After all, can't always count on oneself to be at peak form when facing an opponent.

With her long blonde hair tied backwards into a ponytail, she wore the headgear, mouthpiece and the obligatory boxing gloves; though beneath all that she could feel the teenage anger simmering, bubbling towards the surface as she sought to be on par, or better yet, finally beat the one Batman in a proper fight. But her performance thus far had been a thorough letdown, even by her own standards. Without another word, she jsut stood up again and took a different stance, wincing slightly from all the soreness. Instead of having one leg behind another, she stood with both feet parallel to each other, with her hands behind her back. As if she’s waiting for Bruce’s next move.

And move he did. Moving forward quickly, he threw a few jabs towards her jaw and abs, which Kara just dodged accordingly a split second before those by moving backwards. On one particular attempt of a hook towards her face, she slid to the side and held onto the arm that just missed her, but rather than blocking the punch outright she allowed Bruce’s momentum to follow through while she controlled the direction. This threw Bruce off-balance with this unorthodox parry, and as he stumbled forward it allowed for a momentary quick hook under his legs to send him flying face-forward to hit the mat a few feet away. He too quickly picked himself up and stood up again, a slight smile across his face.

“Not bad. Though it’s going to take more than that lucky bit to take me down.”

Kara went at him again, using a combination of kickboxing and asian martial arts in a flurry of punches sandwiched between side-kicks. Though not verbalised, Bruce realised that his ward had indeed improved by leaps and bounds within the short space of time, and even now, is actually a level that he estimated is at about 80% of his own capability. Both Cassandra (Cain) and Dick (Grayson) had done repeated sessions with Kara, and they had reported back on her ability to absorb all the new techniques thrown at her and seemingly amalgate and apply them very quickly into her own personal repertoire within days. While still short of experience, Kara is making up with speed and strength, all of which Bruce had seen her continous improvements during all the weights and the runs on the industrial-strength threadmill.

It was as if her body and her genetics were designed to evolve and develop in tandem with challenges; countering and pushing past whatever is thrown its way whichever ways to Sundays. He found the entire ‘project’ to be both fascinating, and slightly disconcerting, for there just doesn’t seem to be any normal limits that seemed to apply to this remarkable Kryptonian young woman. Combined with the grit and determination thrown in, her body now resembled a true lightweight fitness bodybuilder whose physique despite being more bulky and muscular still retained very much of its feminine look; powerful and alluring all at the same time.

If he was truly honest with himself, Bruce would have also realised how aroused he felt sometimes when he observed the muscular albeit depowered Supergirl now; even without the empowering radiation, her skin remained soft, hiding the hard bulges beneath them, her skintone now having a sun-tan quality look despite not really doing much outdoor work, and her blonde hair seemingly having a luminescent quality similar to when she was fully empowered.

After going back and forth jabbing and parrying with their fists for a while, one sweeping move by the Bat sent the young woman tumbling backwards, though this time she managed to twist her body as she fell, had both her arms and legs hit the mat first and pushed her back upright in seconds, just like how a skilled gymnast would do. Or a trained martial artist in this case.

Unfazed, Kara responded by charging headfirst again towards Bruce, throwing punches multiple ways all aiming at his torso and his face that Bruce was merely doing well enough to avoid and block, surprised by the force generated due to the strength and speed that she was putting behind them as he found himself being edged slowly towards one end of the mat.

Then in an act of athleticism at the spur of the moment, Kara jumped up higher than he ever imagined and had her muscular thighs wrapped around his neck, and she flipped back and downwards to bring the taller Dark Knight down with her. Feeling the chokehold from Kara’s now beefy thighs, Bruce grabbed both of her legs as they descended, trying to force her legs open in an attempt to free himself. Trying to control the person caught within her powerful legs, Kara tried to tighten her hold by holding both her hands together as she twisted to one side, still with Bruce’s head in between them, causing an unconventional gasp to expel from the him.

It was a move reminiscent of the one she pulled months ago on an unsuspecting Kal-el. A very compromising position that Kara didn’t realise now, given that she was in the zone, trying to force her opponent to his knees.

As Bruce started to having difficulty breathing, he struggled even more, trying even a few times to stand and lift up Kara up with him to throw her off balance. It was then Kara felt the Bat’s insistent breathing down there over her crotch that she realised their very indiscreet position, though before she did anything else, the warm, rhythmic breath of air over her covered nether regions caused her to let out an involuntary small moan, and Kara just about arrested her bubbling arousal by biting down hard on her bottom lip. Both of them stopped as Kara’s cheeks turned a darker shade of pink, and they quickly disentangled themselves and stood back up with some distance between them, though as Kara was still trying to calm herself suddenly she found herself sitting on the mat again with a “Yelp!”, Bruce taking advantage of her temporary distraction to sweep her off her feet.

Kara almost screamed at Bruce for taking a cheap shot at her, though he just smirked in his usual manner, replying “Never let your guard down. Not even once. Else you will find yourself in deeper trouble which you won’t be able to pick yourself up from.” Masking his own reaction better, he had instead seized this sudden opportunity to quickly change topics to his advantage. Kara might be young, but she’s not twelve; instead of reacting though she just took her time to catch her breath again.

She finally spoke “Look, Bruce… just now was… unintentional. I’m sorry if…”

“It’s fine.” He reached out with his hand, and Kara took it. With a powerful yank she was pulled back onto her feet. “Really though, I wasn’t…”

“I said it’s fine. We were in the moment, and just like in proper combat you use all your techniques, all your experience, to find and exploit any weaknesses you could find. It was my one mistake just now, and you took advantage of it. It’s good work. I think that’s enough for today.” With that he just turned around, took off the gloves and placed it to the side and started walking out.

“Wait, I…” a gentle but insistent buzzing broke the uncomfortable feeling hanging in the air. Kara sighed. Turning around, she went across the makeshift bench to fetch her phone.

“I need to go.” Bruce raised his eyebrows at that comment. He had just finish wiping down the sweat and putting on a t-shirt when Kara came trotting up to him. “I need to go back to Leesburg-Midvale.”

“Why the rush?”

“I… It’s Mrs Potts. The caretaker at the orphanage. She fell sick. Apparently the city council has moved the schedule up, and Mrs Tate suddenly has too much on her plate. At her age she could do with a pair of new hands to get everything in order, though with no one else around it was down to her to manage everyone to get packed while Mrs.Tate now has to work even harder to try and get everyone placed.” Despite the slight regret in her voice. Bruce could see that Kara had already made up her mind.


“As soon as possible? I was thinking maybe next week…”

Bruce interrupted Kara “Given the circumstances, maybe plan for the day after. That will still give us a bit more time.”

“For what?”

Bruce crossed his arms over his chest, smirking. “Well, you do remember that we have to flush out all the nanites from your body right? The extra day gives me time to check all the programming, to make sure that it works the way it should be. Plus, it will also allow us to do something else too.”

“What’s that?”


“You know” Vampirella smirked as she spoke while continuing to walk forward down the path.“Normal women love doing this. In fact, we live for this.” The raven-haired slim woman walked confidently  towards her destination, though she was amused that her companion… wasn’t. Dressed in a cream-beige coloured dress and paired with an revealing inner that functioned more like lingerie than a proper dinner wardrobe, to say that Vampirella was being bold was an understatement. That she made it look all so natural as she strutted forward with purpose was really one to behold, taking in all the stares confidently and not without a little anticipation.


“Stop fidgeting. You look fine.” The Drakulon didn't even turn back to look at Kara despite knowing she was falling behind.

“I’m trying. It’s just… the dress.. it’s a bit too tight. And the shoes…”

“Darling, I’ve fitted enough people to know that it fits you PERFECTLY. Plus, isn’t it ironic for you to say that, when your usual REGULAR red and blues are even tighter and show off a lot more skin?”

Kara continued grumbling as she tried to keep pace with Vampirella, though she had to admit, it wasn’t really a daily affair for her to dine in one of the most expensive restaurant with a companion in tow wearing a little black dress paired with a three-inch high heel. And now she has to walk those steps and the pathway towards the private dining area all without her flight powers that would have helped to keep her balanced.

Kara had come calling at Vampi’s place earlier rather frantically. 'Girl trouble', that is. For despite all shopping trips that they did, this particular young woman’s hesitance in splurging money on new dresses has now caused a particularly interesting headache. “Keeping up with appearances. Difficult to explain when I live in an orphanage…” In any case, given that she barely leaves the manor, most of the clothes that she had been wearing or outgrown wearing, have mostly been for in-home or gym-going related.

Hand it to Bruce Wayne to suggest a dinner date at the poshest restaurant in Gotham City as a ‘celebration of success’, which also functioned partly as a temporary farewell of sorts for Kara. Now all she needed was something appropriate to wear. That’s where the emergency happened.

“You could have gone shopping for something that fits you better, you know. And also for the right occasion.” Vampirella remarked casually as Kara tossed another of her long, red dress aside, this time being too long, fitting more of her height rather than Kara’s.

“Yeah, well, I never thought that I would outgrow my dresses so quickly. I mean, I almost ripped through that latest white dress that I bought, and it’s my favourite for Rao’s sake! Even Alfred can’t do much with so little cloth.” Kara pouted as she looked at her reflection staring back at her from the mirror. “And there is NEVER enough cloth for women’s clothes.”


It is true that when they started out weeks ago Kara’s physique had been very different. Now, with the additional bulk that she has built, her body has changed away slightly from her previous hourglass figure to become more mesomorphic, and she found it even difficult to get into even some of Vampirella’s larger dresses given her current chest width and cup size increases. And that is despite some of them being very sheer and elastic, and already with less fabric then she desired.  

It was with some reluctance and a little hesitation that she finally settled on the traditional little black dress. No sleeves of course, the muscular appearance of hers now seemingly poised to explode out at any time.

It also wasn’t the only black thing that she woretoday.

Tossing that black-coloured mass on top of her head as she tried to clear all the remnant cobwebs from her mind, Kara had given-in and tried the 'little gift' that she received from the elusive witches of the Congregation. Given that she was going to do this at a location which is extremely high-profile and visible, better to turn up in disguise to lower the risk of being recognised. Re-reading the attached note and not finding anything else beyond the extremely simple and very generic instructions, she closed her eyes and visualised her to-be look in her mind, and then started to comb over her blonde hair starting from the top and slowly moving down. When she reopened her eyes, she was pleasantly surprised to see that part of her hair had been changed into black. The slight pain that came with pulling those strands confirmed that they are very much still her own.

Even Vampirella was impressed. “Now THAT…” as the vampire ran her hand through her black-coloured mane “… is hair to die for. And all natural at that! Hair dye companies will become defunct very quickly if they can find a way to mass-produce and sell these.”  

True to expectations, the moment the two raven-haired ladies stepped into the restaurant all eyes were on them, and it impressed even the usually unflappable Bruce Wayne.

Can’t lie with his heartbeat, Vampirella chuckled slightly, as both of them approached the table, Kara’s more muscular form definitely seem to be turning him on whether he acknowledfged it or not. And quite a few others too even, as her own sensitive superhearing detected the sharp intakes of many hetero males and a quite a few females within their vicinity, when Kara obliged Bruce’s joking request to raise her arm and make a muscle, the large 16-inch gun rising prominently and effortlessly without impediment as her chest muscles thrusted forward slightly, straining the small dress ever more. Going sleeveless was definitely the right decision, and it looks like Linda Lee had made an impression this autumn evening. Though he never said so, the slight curls on both side of his mouths suggested that Bruce was every bit as proud of Kara, as with Vampirella as well; proud to be part of the entire process, to see all the hard work, and their ward's achievements within such a short span of time.


And so after more than a few drinks and a large meal (Kara almost went for doubles, to the chagrin of both Batman and Vampirella) Kara and Bruce found themselves back at the Batcave later in the evening; Vampirella took her leave saying that she was due for longer night out, the dress seemingly having the intended effect on hooking a few potentially tasty morsels. Despite having more than a few glasses of wine passed around the table throughout, it does seem like the girl called Linda Lee is none the worse for wear despite a slight reddening from her neck and on her cheeks. Sitting on one side observing, Bruce’s fingers danced around the keyboard as he did the final checks on the various configurations on the in-house application monitoring the nanites. They had initially ran through Kara’s latest stats, and Bruce again couldn’t help but be amazed by the young woman. A before-and-after visual chart easily conveyed the difference of Kara’s body, her body now very much similar to a long-term fitness buff. Despite her ‘only’ gaining another 8 kg they were all lean muscle mass.

Turning around, he picked up a small device and passed it to the young woman. “Ready ?” Kara fingered the device, and replied “What happens afterwards?”

“Well, if everything goes according to plan, this will shutdown all the nanites, after which they will all detach from your cells, relinquishing control and allowing it to do its own usual work with the forced intervention. With that, your own body should start to regard this as an unknown substance, and will then dispose off them all normally when you do your usual business in the toilet tomorrow.”

“So that’s it?”

“That’s it.” A kind of anticlimatic ending hung in the air as both of them looked at each other for a while.

“Bruce, I…” Bruce hhurruupp her “Batman, I… thank you for your help throughout these weeks.”

“I must say that it had been educational for me as well. While I had harboured some hope that it will give you a real challenge, looks like you have managed to push your body above and beyond whatever was laid out in front of you. You should be proud.”

That made Kara giggle slightly, before she sighed. “It was not easy, I can tell you that. You had to be a prick throughout just to lay it into my face. I just wanted to prove to you that I can do it. That I am indeed capable of doing better.”

“Well, in any case, you’ve done it and more. Don’t worry about all these…” gesturing towards the screen. “Once you press the trigger, everything here will be erased. Everything that happened here will only remain within here…” pointing to Kara’s head, and then her heart… “and here.”

A slight pause, and Kara quipped with a little shyness. “You know, as I’ve told you before, I’m already of age. I can make my own decisions…” she crossed her arms under her now thrust out chest, and also crossed her powerful legs. Raising the one on top, she then placed her feet on Bruce’s thigh.

The tone and what was left unsaid was obvious, though what followed immediately surprised herself, and later, even the Batman himself when he recalled what he did.

Bruce placed his right hand and gently massaged the feet that was gently moving and rubbing over his own muscular thighs, though after a while he moved her feet down onto the floor. Instead, he just stood and moved over, giving Kara a gentle peck on her right cheek.

Straightening himself, he gave a wink towards his ward who seemed to be in all kinds of emotions, and remarked. “Given that you’ve been contained within the manor for so long, it would be unbecoming of me to take advantage of the situation. Perhaps next time."

“Come on. Don’t you have the hots for me? I mean, look at these! Look at me now! I’m not a defenceless weakling who needs protecting all the time; I’m a pretty darn strong ‘regular’ person with skills to match, remember?” Kara responded in a slightly urgent manner, as she struck a double bicep pose, hoping to continue her little seduction. 

“Oh, I definitely know how HOT you are, Kara; how strong and powerful you have become. Given your age, time is on your side. And I wouldn't bet against you becoming the darling of the world with suitors clamoring at your feet yet again when you regain your powers fully. If you feel the same way after becoming fully empowered again, if you STILL feel the same way after going back to your own life and doing all the things you do, then… well, it's a maybe.”

With that he started making his way out from the lab, though as he was halfway past the door, he turned back and gave his trademark Bruce Wayne grin that had caused many a woman to swoon from coast to coast. “See you soon, Supergirl.”  

Laying on her king-sized bed later, Kara thought about the entire process as she toyed with the device in her hands. Despite her now being all alone in her room, even though she DID communicated (and was correctly interpreted) of her intended desires for the rest of the evening, looks like the possibility of doing the 'sexual thing' will have to be parked aside for a while. It’s going to take a lot more to compete against that woman in the black catsuit, or the demi-goddess Amazon in that bustier and star-spangeled blue shorts before she could even wind up next to Bruce in one’s bed.

Not to mention the vampire living down the street in Gotham.

“Dammit…” Thinking about all the competition just doused the inner fire within her a couple of notches, though she felt much better as she ran her fingers over her currently larger chest and then down the bumpy ridge that was her abs. Smiling slightly and recalling all that she went through, it had been a hard-earned result. Lots of sweat, tears and more, not to mention the number of times she had thought of calling it quits.

But she got through it. With some help, yes, but it’s still her achievement.

Getting Batman eventually, if she so desires, could be the next goal, and Kara knows that given his earlier hints, it still sounds like she might still have a chance.

Before she closed her eyes, she fingered the device one more time before finally pressing down on the button in the middle.


Alfred had just laid-out the breakfast spread in the dining the next morning when he heard a loud shriek, followed by a loud “WHAT THE F!@#?!!" While not unaccustomed to cursing, that it reverberated through the entire manor at such early hours wasn’t really expected. It came from Kara’s bedroom.

Climbing the flight of stairs to her room in a quick and calm manner, he knocked softly a few times before opening it when she didn’t reply. As he stepped through, he was slightly taken aback when he saw a skimpily-dressed Kara, who seemed to be in a whirl of emotions as she stared at her own reflection at the mirror, feeling up her body seemingly in disbelief.

For Linda Lee, aka Kara Zor-El seemed to have reverted back to her previous lithe body shape overnight. Those beefy muscles, the prominent stariations, the pronounced bulges that were on her body, all seemingly disappeared as if by magic. Her endowments on her chest have also receded back to their original size, firm and perky now despite the lack of support, but far from the attained growth that had come together with her hard work of building her body.

It was as if everything that she had put in for the past two months had been all for naught.

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