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Honk, Honk

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 12 November 2022 05:32] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 November 2022 09:00]

Art by FRK-Studio

It would be a fair statement to say that up until half a year into the past, the circus was a dying form of entertainment. Only a few venues had the privilege of cashing in some and that was only because they mixed the less interesting traditional performances with olympic acrobatics, contortionism and a lot of sex appeal. As far as everyone knew, circuses were being relegated as decadent side shows for county fairs and nobody in the business wanted anything to do with them unless they were desperate.

Clowns were by far the most battered profession of the bunch. Kids didn’t like them anymore. What once was comical had been turned into creepy due to pop culture and real life serial killers giving the whole act a bad reputation. A 5 year old would rather cry than laugh at the exaggerated antics and heavy makeup of a clown, and beyond that age would have already become too oversocialized and addicted to electronic toys to care. Clowns are for babies. They would say. And as such their other form of revenue other than the circus, birthday parties, was also declining as a business.

It didn’t help that it was one of the most ungrateful trades ever. The amount of preparation on an act and the money received for it could never, ever hope to offset the damage it could do to someone’s dignity and will to live. It was a trade for tough people that didn’t care about turning themselves into a joke.

That was half a year ago. Tonight, a traditional circus was the brightest venue in the whole world, raking in a thousand new attendants every few minutes, waiting in line for the biggest and most impressive spectacle of their lives. The tent alone covered the surface of a whole parking lot and could rival a football stadium.

And the main act was a clown.

Yes, yes. Once it started everyone got their money’s worth with the typical performances. The dangerous acrobatics, the perilous beast taming exercises, the prestidigitation. And though all of them were of top notch quality, they served as nothing but an appetizer to the thing everyone had come there for.

The cheering and howling stopped all of a sudden when all the lights went out.  As the reverberating sound of a drum came into play and all the paraphernalia that had been spread around the scenery in the previous numbers slowly faded away against a newly formed space background. 

If it was smoke and mirrors, they definitely had to have been achieved with the latest in illusion technology because otherwise, to the public, it looked pretty much like they were sitting on a floating stand in the middle of space. They saw the stars, the planets and the comets shift around as they were taken on a galactic tour and wowed at its realism.

An incorporeal and raspy voice presumably coming from an old announcer different from the usual one surged from every corner of space which made the attendants believe they were hearing it in their minds, rather than in reality. “Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for the act you’ve been all waiting for! With pleasure I declare…THE GREAT BEEBEE IS BETWEEN US!”

A sparkly mist came from the sides, as if the stars were being engulfed in supercluster-sized, magical nebulae, quickly overtaking the scenery and impeding the vision of the spectators. 

A feminine silhouette appeared, though it was hidden by the copious fog. It was vaguely human but extremely large on the front, rear and the feet so it provoked a weirded out reaction. Beebee was allegedly a very beautiful clown girl so why did she have such a bizarre body type.

But when everything was clear, everyone understood what their colleagues had been talking about. A loud HONK HONK noise broke the monotony of outer space as the adorable woman pressed her big, red nose, defying the lack of air to transmit the soundwaves. There was silence for a moment but then everyone broke into laughter surprised that someone this famous and renowned had such a silly entrance.

The smiling clown looked radiant. For starters, her milk white skin didn’t even look like paint, or make-up, or whatever people in her line of work used to exacerbate their other features. It was strikingly realistic, almost like it was her true skin color, and her striking, large blue eyes popped out of that frame, curtained by cartoonishly long eyelashes that would spread magical sparkles around every time she blinked.

Her lips were long and plump, as expected from a clown but they still kept a desirable quality and the deep red lipstick made them seem sensual and mature, basically asking to be kissed and a contrast to the rest of her neotenous face.

Her hair was monstrously big, each fluffy and puffy twintail as big as her entire frame. They were naturally pink and possessed the same texture as pom-poms, somehow holding themselves in place by defying gravity and inertia. They were styled that way to display her large ears, from which hung a set of adorable, pink gemstone earrings, equally oversized and jingling with her every movement.

Though her hair contributed to the weird shape of her silhouette, Beebee’s more illustrious assets quickly made themselves apparent to the crowd. The adult men and lesbians had the time of their life oogling her gigantic melons which jiggled like jello from a very purposefully conspicuous cleavage window. Each the size of her head. Her ass was also abnormally large and those present could already tell it would be the focus of many jokes. Her buttocks protruded outwards quite abnormally, like they were going out of their way to escape her frame and made her poor spine unnaturally curved.

This was all coupled with an impossible hourglass figure any supermodel would envy. Her waist was as thin as a pencil yet her hips were so wide a whole team of baby clowns could come out of her pussy performing somersaults if needed.

Yet her weirdest and, somehow, most expected feature were her feet. It was hard to tell if they were really that big or she was just wearing clown shoes but the striking red sneakers dominated the lower part of her whole look.

All in all, besides the cleavage window her costume was very kid friendly. A typical clown attire with big buttons, lime green with a purple dot pattern splattered all around and a lot of Victorian-looking frills. If she didn’t have a body that would make most porn stars look like malnourished prisoners, the whole attire would even look appropriate, though, as it was, it quickly heated some people in the stands and caused more than one sword to balloon up.

And speaking about air-filled balloons, it was time to start the show. Beebee raised one of her oversized, gloved hands and everyone felt weirdly compelled to shut up. There was too much enthusiasm in the crowd and she needed to focus on her first trick

Everyone that knew what to expect was aware that this voluptuous clown girl didn’t have the ability to speak, or rather, that was part of her act, so she instead wildly gesticulated everything to create anticipation of what she was about to do.

She did an exaggerated motion to reach up her fat ass and seemed to get out an enormous deflated balloon out of some unknown hammerspace. It was as big as her. She then proceeded to inflate it using her large bimbo lips. What would have taken a regular man a quarter of an hour or more of constant inflation only took her a few seconds as the powerful winds generated by her apparently magical lungs filled the whole thing to almost bursting levels.

It was a dark, blue sausage many times her size. It was too big to be manipulated into anything but Beebee didn’t care about logic. Her hands became a blur, a literal, cartoonish maelstrom of white and before a second passed and in front of a wowed crowd, she had tied the giant balloon into the shape of a 25 feet long elephant.

It didn’t partially resemble the animal either. It had every little intricate detail that a realistic African elephant would have except for being made out of latex. People went wild after this, it was magical. How she seemingly spent no time and effort to turn a simple balloon, no matter how big, into such a complex design. And it had been practically seamless too.

However, Beebee let go of the string, causing the balloon animal to ascend into the air. “Wait? I thought only helium-filled balloons flew away like that?” Adults in the audience wondered. But they had just seen her fill it with her own breath, so how the hell was the blue elephant flying so high?

Abusing her crazy hammerspace once again, Beebee pulled out an oversized mantle that could have covered the entire scenery and carelessly threw it up in the air. Seemingly out of its own will, or maybe guided by Beebee’s own, the mantle went out of its way to reach the balloon and envelop it completely, almost wrapping it down to its characteristic shape.

Beebee raised her hand and the mantle gained conscience again, returning to its mistress quite fast and revealing something that causes generalized gasps of awe and immediate howling. People were impressed to find that the blue latex elephant had turned into the actual lord of the African savannah.

The behemoth bellowed and trumpeted as it was catapulted towards its death from fifty feet above. His great 10 tons weight was not exactly the best of friends to gravity, unlike its previous air filled form. The elephant being very much real and alive surprised the audience, who had never seen someone transform a balloon animal into the real thing but they were also understandably concerned about the safety of the poor thing.

Beebee let the beast precipitate towards the scenery, smiling confidently with her hands on her shapely hips and waiting for the perfect moment to act. She simulated a perfectly cartoonish whistling sound as the elephant cried out for help, getting closer to the ground and in clear danger of dying.

She looked to the sides, observing how many kids had covered their eyes in fear and then she walked a couple of steps as the elephant’s shadow got bigger and bigger, creating an area many times as wide as her. However, Beebee was convinced she could catch the beast and she raised her giant gloved hands to prove it.

People cried out in terror as the sound of the fall resonated through the circus tent but when they opened their eyes they couldn’t believe them. Beebee was supporting the African elephant with her hands! With enviable ease and balance, she was pridefully lifting the tusked titan by one of its hooves. 

10 tons of animal and her expression and way in which she held it betrayed her complete lack of effort in this endeavor. She winked at the audience and everyone went mad at her otherworldly display of strength and coordination as she began walking in circles with the confused elephant carried now by a single of her palms.

But it wasn’t over, oh no. Beebee, who was still acting like the elephant was weightless like a true air balloon, pulled out something else out of her ass. They were a couple of rings, colored white and red and bigger than the mastodon itself. To the even greater awe of the attendants, the clown girl threw the animal up, freeing her palm and caught it again as it fell…WITH HER NOSE!

As a resounding honk followed by the bellowing of the elephant filled the circus, everyone began roaring and cheering as the superstrong clown held each ring in one hand and the 10 ton beast on top of her red nose. Beebee then tilted her head to the right in a very comical way, like a robot that had just shut down and the cartoonish sound of something slipping accompanied the elephant falling through the ring and…not coming from the other side, disappearing like the ring was some kind of gateway to an alternate dimension or something.

Beebee played with her caterpillar eyebrows and made a suggestive face as she showed each ring. Nothing over here, nothing over there. She meant to communicate. And then she held them up and shook them with all her strength while crossing them. The result was made clear when TWO and not a single elephant came out of them, falling on their ass in a ridiculous pose that made everyone laugh.

Beebee pretended to be surprised and brought her hand to her mouth, as if going oopsie then scratched her nape thinking about what to do with them. An idea appeared in her head, and as it did a watermelon-sized, very real lightbulb appeared over her head and lightened up, then disappeared.

Once again she resorted to her infinite box of magical mysteries (her large asscheeks) and pulled out three different items this time: a cute, pink monocycle, a hat with the shape of a monkey with cymbals and a small trumpet. She jumped on top of it and her butt made a funny squeak in contact with the seat as she put on the hat and the monkey started frantically playing the cymbals. She then introduced the trumpet between her engorged lips and tooted it. With this clownish cacophony she was playing as background music she turned on her monocycle and rapidly rode towards the still dazed elephants.

With the ease of someone picking a small ball she reached down and hefted the monumental animal by the rear with one hand and kept cycling around with not a single problem. Then she returned and did the same to the other one.

Beebee did the impossible once again as, in front of thousands of people and a myriad of cameras and spotlights, she managed to juggle two elephants while mounted in an undersized monocycle and tooting a trumpet as a monkey with cymbals went crazy on top of her head. Not only that, the speed of her cycles became faster and faster as it seemed the weight didn’t as much faze her as it invigorated her.

At one point, the elephants were being juggled so fast they became a blur and no one noticed how she materialized a third one, and then a fourth one, and then…up to 8 elephants being expertly juggled at high speeds while she was doing everything else. It was miraculous and the crowd went crazy. They had never seen something like this. If it was CGI, it was damn good one.

However, a couple of suited guys on the back of the stage were watching the performance from their privileged and unauthorized position, and not enjoying what they were seeing a single bit. “Holy fuck, Boss…I can’t believe it’s all true. There is no trick to it, there aren’t even other people helping her from here. How is this even possible?”

“Our mission is not to understand how she does it, just to stop her from doing it. And I think I have an idea.”

The two miscreants entered through a back door into the maze-like entrails of the stadium sized circus tents, looking for some kind of weakness to the almighty clown girl.

At the same time, Beebee clearly picked up on intruders being in the forbidden area of the tent, though she didn’t let the audience know something was wrong. She seemed to have a perfect awareness of everything that happened in her domain so she tried to keep her attention on them while not distracting herself from the number she was performing.

Since juggling the elephants had gotten old she moved on to the next performance. Beebee pulled the curtain and then swiftly removed it. Now it was only her on the stage, everything else having disappeared in a second. The one difference was that she now held a succulent homemade pie in her big hand.

She did what everyone predicted a clown would do in this situation by catapulting the dessert towards her pretty face and flattening it from the hit while stuffing it with a ton of delicious, whipped cream. She humorously blinked twice and then honked her nose which got a few laughs for the audience. Yes, it was something simple and mundane but it still worked to this day.

However, that wasn’t the end-all of her trick. With her face stuffed of snow-white sugary goodness, she began shaking her body like a dog after a bath. The cream, for some reason, multiplied into industrial quantities and began spreading all over the place, eventually raining on the spectators, who were worried it would ruin their clothes. 

Beebee kept spinning on herself, increasing speed as tons and tons of whipped cream filled the tent and accumulated over the people and the seats. Some people were scared and had the intention to leave and would have if they hadn’t heard the instructions before coming in that none of the tricks were truly dangerous even if they seemed like that. They of course took this as the tricks being visual illusions, or straight up special effects.

Even if it was the case, the cream seemed very real. It felt real to the touch, smelled and tasted like the real thing and they could clearly feel its weight and wet texture on their clothes and bodies. By the end of Beebe’s creamy onslaught, everything around her was entirely filled with the tasty substance except for herself who looked unnaturally clean and almost cartoonishly shiny.

Seeing there was no reaction to her outburst, Beebee blushed and pulled out a sign from her ass that said sorry in a very childish font and rainbow colors.

To fix her mistake, she ran backstage and pretended to make a great effort to move a couple of spotlights that were hanging around there to the center of the stage. She plugged them in, of course short circuiting herself into a dark colored human toast with a crazy hairdo and causing the laughter of thousands.

Still, she managed to project the two sources of light into the wall and smirked as she got behind one of them. Using her hands right in front of the spotlight, she began performing the much archetypal shadow puppetry show. Of course, Beebee’s version was a bit different from the usual. The shadows very much looked like the things a child would create with their fingers. Figures that barely resembled dogs and other animals interacting with each other.

However, things got really strange when these animals began producing the sounds they were supposed to make. This wasn’t Beebee applying ventriloquy since she wasn’t able to speak. And even in that event, the sounds they were making were too faithful to the real thing to be generated by a human. No, Beebee was using her vast, seemingly magical abilities to make the shadows growl, cry, below and yes, even talk with just her hands.

Not only that. At some point, the originally only two figures became many more. Three, four, five…Eventually a whole theater cast of shadow actors was projected into the lightened wall despite the fact Beebee only had two hands. People had forgotten about being drowned in sticky cream because her godlike skill with what seemed to be shadow puppets and ventriloquism was simply leaving them speechless. How could she produce that many figures and so many sounds with only two hands and her reported muteness? Nobody knew, but each shadow was scaringly independent and it all appeared impossible to anyone with a bit of rational thought. It had to be some kind of smoke and mirrors technique, though then again, they were there, watching it all unfold for real.

Beebee smiled with self assured smugness, knowing she had impressed the attendants and turned to them. As she did so, the shadows disappeared from the wall.

As part of her next trick, she redirected the spotlights towards the seats, blinding some. All of a sudden, the awestruck spectators saw how Beebee’s own body shadow multiplied out of nowhere. Each one independent from each other and performing different actions.

The clown girl closed her eyes and began using her hands like an orchestral director to order her new army of shadows around, coordinating their efforts as the dark, voluptuous silhouettes abandoned their attachment to her body, seemingly gaining a life of their own as they run through the floor and towards the creamed audience.

The weirded out and justifiably a little afraid public were impressed to find that whenever one of the many dozens of shadow clones reached a person, they would take out a towel, a brush and other cleaning items and then they would commence scrubbing them and getting the whipped cream off their bodies. They themselves couldn’t interact with the shadows since they were perfectly intangible but somehow Beebee was managing to make them physical enough to clean the attendants.

Not only would her shadows get the cream off the people but also pulled out a bucket with water and a mop to turn every spot of the stands and the rest of the circus tent as somewhere you would eat from.

In a matter of a few seconds everything was like before Beebe had stained everyone with pie. In fact, they were dry and their clothes looked new, like they were bought that day and ironed minutes ago.

The clown magician didn’t waste another minute for her final trick. This time she would use a bunch of barrels and many clones of herself, which she somehow produced out of a top hat that she found between her plentiful hammerspace cleavage. However, now her thoughts were truly focused on the intruders.

The two mobsters had been looking for something or someone to learn more about Beebee’s weaknesses but no door led nowhere. The place was designed nonsensically and they were losing their patience. Though it seemed they, by pure chance, found a room where they weren’t supposed to be. It looked very much like the combination of a resting room and a dressing room with all the elements a star and her manager would require to prepare between showings.

A short, old Asian man dressed in an extravagant, red suit was watching Beebee’s performance on a TV’s video feed, smiling knowingly. His smirk got wiped out of his face when he realized he was being observed. He immediately turned and became tense. “You two are not supposed to be here.” He said. They recognized his voice, it was the announcer that came before Beebee’s appearance on stage.

“We got lost.” One of them said cheekily.

“Sure. You have come for Beebee, haven't you? Her success is too inconvenient for big show biz corporations.”

“Are you her manager or something?” The taller, blonde henchman asked.

“My name is Cho, and what if I am? Are you going to make me an offer I can’t refuse or something? Don’t bother. Beebee is a good girl and she has no wish of appearing in mediums like TV or the internet.”

“And how do you know that? Have you asked her?”

“Yes. We want to keep the circus tradition alive and well. So please go back to your boss and tell him there’s never gonna be a deal. Neither I, nor Beebee are interested in soulless offers like that.” Feeling threatened by the dangerous looking men, the old man reached for something in his pocket.

The two men recoiled instinctively, without looking overly afraid. “Truth is that we aren’t here to make you any offer…”

Before the two suspicious looking men could do anything, something appeared in a nearby big mirror over Beebee’s dresser, making ripples in the reflective glass surface. It was her adorable and clownish face, taking most of the frame which then became more compact as the whole body of the sexy performer came out of the mirror, starting with her humongous tits.

In her presence, even the two henchmen struggled with their libido since both her looks and her powerful pheromone smell were incredibly alluring. They blushed, contrary to their serious nature and felt their dicks spring up in their pants. Bee honked her nose while looking at the man dressed in red, as in saying something to him.

“Who are these two, you say? I don’t know but I don’t like them one bit. Beebee, could you please escort them out of the tent? I think they are lost.” Cho said sternly.

That was all Beebee needed to know they were not to be trusted and she frowned as she approached them. The two henchmen had seen what the super clown was capable of doing so they wanted no more trouble. “It’s ok. We were just leaving anyway.”

“You are making the worst mistake of your life, Beebee. I don’t know what you see in this loser manager of yours but whatever.” The shorter one chimed in.

And with that, they left and slammed the door shut. “What do we do now, Boss?”

The taller one answered. “It’s time to ruin her career. And I know exactly how to do it.” He smirked to himself, already thinking of the evil deed that would end Beebee’s success once and for all.

Bee rushed to hug Cho and honked her nose two times with a worried expression.

“Yes, yes. I’m fine. I told them not to be like all the others, don’t worry.”

Another couple of honks accompanied happy tears coming out her eyes, each colored differently of course.

“I will never leave you alone, Beebee. I promise, I won’t let evil people get to you.”

As the performer and her promoter had a tender daughter-father moment of bonding between each other, the other Beebee back at the stage was finishing her number and it was so incredible and legendary that the crowd stood up in roaring ovation at the greatest spectacle they had ever seen at the circus. The adorable clown girl bowed to her audience and cried tears of veritable happiness.

She loved the people, their love, their acceptance. There was nothing that made Beebee happier than giving the people a show to remember, to make them entertained and happy so they could forget their boring, dreary lives at least for an hour. The super clown faded between a sea of stars and nebulae fog as the crowd kept howlering.

Now it was time to rake in the cash and share some moments with Cho, who had been with her since the beginning. “That was an outstanding performance. As always, Beebee.”

Though that was only the first show in this city. They still had to perform for the rest of the week, every single night. Luckily, Beebee had a great imagination and would always come up with never seen before magic tricks that never failed to captivate the imagination of the circus goers. That way every show was a brand new experience, completely different from the last one and worth the steep price of admission.

To search for inspiration for her tricks, Beebee liked to go into town and bask on the atmosphere of the place. Usually she would use a more human-like disguise to go unnoticed in the streets or just turn invisible. She loved to interact with people but her inability to speak coupled with her strange, and frankly, way too alluring appearance were always a problem when dealing with people outside the tent.

Fortunately there was a medieval fair in town that morning and Beebee was in wonder at all the cool stuff there was. Despite the fact no one could see her she interacted with all the activities in some way or form and enjoyed all that aesthetic with castles, knights, dragons and princesses.

Another element she loved were the jesters, their look puzzled her. They were so different back then to how she was now. If anything, in spite of how lewd her attire seemed to be, these older, more devilish designs were captivating. She guessed people needed spicier entertainment back then.

To show her respect to the craft, Beebee teleported behind one of the disguised jesters and took a photo together with an outdated polaroid she pulled out of her hammerspace honkers. She then took a very similar one and gently placed it on the jester’s hand, who was none the wiser. She floated away, unaided and with a toothy smile with the memento of the medieval fair in her hands as the poor event worker couldn’t explain why he had a photo of himself and bodacious circus superstar Beebee in his hands. He looked around to see if he could find her to no avail, starting to think he had gone crazy like an actual harlequin.

Beebee flew over the festival with open arms, accompanying the birds as she surveyed the crowd below her. All that bubbling atmosphere and the smell of handmade food made the super clown girl excited and bursting with joy. She relished in this festive environment and lamented she couldn’t participate in it more directly, maybe entertain some people down there for free and make their day at the fair even better. Sadly, Cho did tell her doing public appearances like that could be dangerous and offering performances for free could devalue her actual circus shows.

The cries of a child commanded her attention and she turned to see a boy no older than 7 losing his castle shaped balloon over the crowd. As it ascended he pursued the overpriced item, progressively getting farther away from her mother. He now could catch the balloon however since it was flying way too high for anyone to catch it.

He was alone and sobbing which incited sadness in Beebee’s merciful and kind heart. Both the mother and the kid remained in the same street and were separated by a few dozen meters but the crowd between them was so big they couldn’t see each other. The worried and currently panicking mother was asking everyone if they had seen her kid while he stood in place, hugging his little body on the ground and screaming for her mommy.

Thanks to her superior vision, Beebee immediately tracked down the balloon and flew towards it, now at jet fighter speeds. She grabbed it and proceeded to float down towards the little boy and, just like that, without caring about what could happen if she was discovered, she removed her invisibility spell. 

Immediately people freaked out at her sudden appearance and began taking photos with their phones, realizing the elusive clown celebrity was between them. Other people even approached Beebee to ask for autographs and selfies with her but it was a bit too much for her to take in. She lifted the suddenly very spooked kid with one arm and shrugged them off as she flew towards the mother with both his son and the balloon.

“J-Johnny?! Is that you?!” Said the frantic, sobbing mother when she saw the busty clown come to her with her son.

“MOMMY, MOMMY!” He ran towards her and they hugged in a very happy reunion.

“I thought I had lost you forever…” She said, “T-Thank you for finding him. Good heavens, I don’t know what I would have done if I lost him fo-” The mother stopped the moment she realized it was a very strange clown girl and not a normal person who had rescued her child.

Beebee honked her nose, reclaiming Johnny’s attention and then gave him his castle balloon back. “T-Thank you, Ms. Clown…” He blushed and looked away from her shyly.

“Uh…Don’t tell me you got separated from me because of that balloon.”

“But mommy it was flying away an-”

“No buts or ands! You are punished without toys for a week!”

“Owww…” The boy was obviously sad. Beebee didn’t want to mess with a mother’s educational preferences but since she was a clown, it was her mission to cheer up kids like him. She poked his shoulder to get his attention back and then she humorously hit her head with her fist, causing her tongue to roll out quite unnaturally in a gigantic shape, hitting the ground with a cartoonish sound effect and her eyes looking in different ways. A bunch of little birdies and stars began circling over her head, signaling she was dazed and confused.

The kid laughed out of the sheer absurdity of the situation and momentarily forgot about his mother’s punishment. “Beebee, is it? I have seen you on the TV. I’m so grateful for what you have done, you are a heroine…Can I do something for you? I’ll treat you to some coffee or-”

Beebee retrieved her tongue into her mouth and stood up, then she honked her nose again and formed a heart with her fingers. A bunch of pink sparks arranged into the text no need inside the heart’s shape. The mother somehow understood it.

With an energetic bye-bye with her big, gloved hand, the magical clown girl parted away from there, leaving everyone in awe of her upstanding nature and kind personality. She forgot to reactivate her invisibility so all the people got treated to a vista of her outrageous buttcheeks as the wind lifted her skirt in flight. Johnny’s mother didn’t want to accept it but this woman had awakened something in her. Between her giant tits, her heroic rescue of her son and her powerful, sweet aroma, innocent Beebee might have given the poor 34 year old a new fetish for clowns, and a newfound preference for women.

For Beebee this had been a very fruitful morning and she had come up with terrific ideas for this evening’s performance. She just needed to practice them during the afternoon. The powerful clown girl accelerated past the sound barrier to get back to Cho and tell him everything as soon as possible. She was sure she would appear on the news and many people would upload their photos and videos to social media websites. Her stodgy promoter would certainly get angry at her carelessness but it couldn’t be THAT bad, right? She thought to herself, quite naively.

“What do you mean you made an appearance in public?!” Cho was indeed very angry, unusually so, which made Beebee heavily distressed. She honked her nose twice, which somehow the shorter man seemed to understand perfectly. “What?! No, of course I don’t care about the show! It’s about you, Beebee! You are special, you know that. Know what would happen if the wrong people tracked you down and found you? You could get into trouble and they would separate us, do you want that?”

Beebee was borderline tearing up. The sheer idea of Cho leaving her life was too much to bear, but then again living her life like a prisoner, not allowed to enjoy life was becoming harder with each passing day. She really desired to interact with the humans she entertained.

At this point Beebee knew what she was and the reason why she had magical powers regular people didn’t. Nonetheless, to her, it was unfair she didn’t get to truly enjoy them to their fullest and didn’t really understand why Cho guarded her so vigilantly. In her naive and innocent mind, human malice was a non-existent concept and the danger of being discovered and potentially studied by people was an exaggerated concern of her father figure, who wanted the best for her but sometimes was too overprotective.

Still, Cho was her rock, and he always wanted the best for her. So this time, she nodded and honked again with a lower pitch. “Phew. It’s good that you understand…Well, you are on the TV today but let’s hope these people forget about it. It’s not like they have followed you or anything and it seems you didn’t have any long encounters with another person. Now let’s practice for tonight's show!”

The change in vibes helped Beebee a lot with her confidence and, for the next few hours, she showed Cho the new tricks she had come up with and they planned the show around them. Both were so enthralled in their craft that they were rendered completely unaware they were being observed by people with terrible intentions.

A few hours later, the show was about to begin. Tonight, the tent was even fuller than last time. So much in fact, Beebee had to use her incredible reality warping abilities to expand the internal space of the structure to accommodate for extra stands. She hoped no one would notice the venue was much bigger inside than what its exterior appearance suggested. Then again, such level of spatial manipulation was childsplay for Beebee.

Now that everyone was once again looking at her on stage, she felt in her element. The inspiration she had gained earlier that day was going to wow everyone.

She decided to start big, producing a gigantic firework show as two gigantic, metal dragon heads came from both sides of the scenery and began pouring a torrent of flames so powerful and hot it could probably melt down diamond. The crowd was mystified and afraid at the same time, it was very clearly real fire and Beebee could be hurt.

And, in a manner of speaking, they were correct. The result of the torching onslaught of the two steel dragons was a bunch of half burnt, white paste stuck to the floor. Were those the leftovers of Beebee? It looked like a molten marshmallow in a rainbow colored poodle. 

Whispers of worry about her well-being accompanied by complaints about how this material was not appropriate for kids boomed through the tent until they were silenced by the white mass suddenly reforming itself into two different mounds, as if it had a life of its own.

In a matter of a few seconds, all the attendants found themselves once again in disbelief as two identical Beebees were now looking at them, smiling and unharmed. The crowd roared intensely after the clones hugged each other, docking their fat breasts and causing a loud, 1920s car horn sound to fill the whole tent.

What happened next was probably one of the craziest feats ever performed by Beebee. She always upped the ante from her previous shows and wanted to make very clear hers were not simple parlor tricks, but the real thing. Magic.

One of the clones grew in size and frame impossibly fast and impossibly large. Soon enough she towered over her twin at 40 feet tall and occupied most of the stage. The crowd paused their breathing for a moment as they saw the fearsome image of this adorable clown becoming buffer and scalier with each passing moment and acquiring a reddish tone. A powerful, earth-shaking tail appeared from her butt as majestic wings sprouted on her back and gloved fingers were replaced by mighty claws. Pure terror filled the hearts of adults and children as Beebee’s usual gentle face morphed into a long, sharp dragon snout with horns on top and an evil expression accompanied with teeth that looked more like spears.

Beebee’s clone had turned into a very realistic dragon and an angry looking one at that! No one was safe anymore! But before the crowd could panic and flee away from the tent, they noticed how fearless the other clone looked. Before their very eyes, the second Beebee also underwent a metamorphosis. This time more humanoid. The clown girl got a bit taller and buffer and the colorful, clownish clothes she was wearing transformed slowly but surely into fully plated black armor straight from the late middle ages.

The now fully armored knight magically produced a sword and a shield and hid her face behind her helmet’s vizard, ready to charge against the maddened beast to save the innocent onlookers. Beebee’s ridiculously sized boobs were still noticeable due to how the armor was designed to accommodate them, though, so that might have stolen some gravitas from the dire situation.

Still, even if the attendants were worried for their lives, the sheer fact that they were about to witness a veritable fight between a knight in shining armor and a monster dragon compelled them to stay. An expertly crafted scenery in the shape of a medieval castle raised from behind and gave the two combatants a proper background.

For the next few minutes, the spectators were treated to the most spectacular fight between the two former clones. The 1000 degree celsius falmes spewed out of the dragon’s nasty mouth were barely stopped by the molten off black shield as the little armored guy would try to then lunge and strike with his sword. The dragon was large and heavy but that didn’t mean it was slow and it would rapidly dodge the blade and retaliate with its tail, hitting against the floor and shaking the foundations of the building.

Nonetheless, the skillful knight managed to jump over the tail as if she was skipping a rope and slashed one of its wings away, causing it to shriek in pain and swipe the smaller human with one of its claws, sending it toppling towards the castle set behind them.

The structure immediately collapsed since it was made of (admittedly very realistic) cardboard and fell on top of the two combatants. In any regular situation it wouldn’t have done anything to them, but since it was apparently magical cardboard it flattened them both like in a cartoon and absorbed them into the picture like they were now background characters.

The stage was now free of medieval paraphernalia and a cloud of smoke seeped in from the sides as enthusiastic rock music played from non-existent speakers. From the middle came Beebee, now a single one of her, swinging her legs while sitting on a flowery bench that was getting carried through the air by a gigantic balloon with the shape of a jester’s head. Beebee made sure it was pink and had the most non-threatening appearance possible to not scare the kids.

A rope was waiting for her and she delicately stepped on it. Despite her oversized feet and shoes she still somehow didn’t precipitate towards the floor and maintained a perfect sense of balance. She was going to perform one of the most iconic acts of the circus. Walking the thin rope and trying not to fall into the next, though there was no net to catch her if she failed. Even if the crowd had seen her die repeatedly before in this show, there was an unexplainable sense of dread in the air, like she could hurt herself for real if she fell.

The spectators murmured wows and ohs as the busty clown girl that they had grown to love began crossing the hyper narrow bridge. Though she didn’t even do it in the way they were accustomed to. No, she did something much more impressive.

Beebee performed an outrageous acrobatic jump on the fly, turning herself entirely around and landing on…her nose!

The crowd went wild as the gorgeous entertainer gracefully skipped on her nose through the rope without as much as fidgeting while crossing her arms and smirking smugly on reverse. Apparently, her perfect tits didn’t even move from their place as they possessed the ultimate level of perkiness even when upside down.

Then something happened. A thunderous gun shot was heard from afar. Nobody noticed with such a noisy show in the background but Beebee clearly did and she immediately lost focus because of that. She was nervous, not because she was in any danger but because the show was. A drop of sweat trickled down her pale cheeks as her body trembled like jello. 

She felt something was wrong so she immediately went to check by partitioning a part of her soul and sending it as quickly as possible towards Cho’s room.

The disturbed clown girl rushed out of the mirror into the murder scene as she found a Cho on his death bed, lying on the floor with a very recent gunshot wound on the chest, spurting blood and with a hint of the smoke still coming out. Beebee glanced to the side and saw the two men from the other day fleeing the room. They thought they wouldn’t be discovered but it was easy for her magical vision to see through the wall and check out their identity. No doubt, they were those henchmen from yesterday.

A new feeling overtook Beebee’s whole being, one she had never ever felt before. It was ridiculous, humans were supposed to be joyful creatures that appreciated values like goodness and kindness. Humans were supposed to be trusted in her eyes. But it seemed Cho was right in overprotecting her, there were truly terrible humans out there, out to hurt those weak and defenseless for profit. As she experienced the first few seconds of real fear, wrath and anxiety in her life, her heart was filled with doubt on how to proceed.

With his father figure dying in her arms and the killers running loose, her first instinct was new and fresh, and so intense she was having trouble controlling it. She wanted to kill them, to make them suffer and pay for what they had done. She had done nothing wrong but to bring happiness to those in her life and that’s how life paid her? Taking away the most important person for her?

A menacing, purple aura surged subtly, then much more overtly and threateningly around Bebee’s body with a low pitched, buzzing sound. Her pupils got progressively cloudier as empathy was drained quickly away from her wounded soul as a berserk-like rage consumed her.

Then, everything stopped. A gentle, warm hand was posed on Bebee’s adorable cheek and she calmed almost instantly. Cho was still alive and staring at her with his loving, paternal eyes while caressing her. “Shhhh. Calm down, there. It’s going to be alright.” He said with a strange level of lucidity for someone in his position.

Despite Beebee snapping out of her enraged state, she was still terribly worried about her father. She noticed his body heat was slowly abandoning him and his organs were collectively collapsing. If she didn’t do something fast, he would certainly die. The clown girl, now tearing up due to her sadness, tried to put her giant hands on top of Cho’s chest. Perhaps she could use her magic to heal his injury and he would be back to business as usual? She had near-godlike powers, why wouldn’t she be able to stop death from happening?

“Worry not, child. I am supposed to end here, even if you were able to heal me…” He looked at his dire wound and realized he only had a few seconds left, so his last words had to really matter to someone like Beebee and steer her in the right direction. “Anyway, I wouldn’t want you to unnaturally expand my life. That’s not why you are here after all…”

As a sea of tears dripped down her eyes into Cho’s gentle face, Beebee couldn’t help aggressively honking her nose to display her sadness and tragic mood since she couldn’t talk to express it properly. Though for Cho, it was enough, he always knew what his daughter meant. 

“When I found you as a baby inside that meteor, I knew you were going to be special. The most important person in the world. You have so much power in you that you are more like a god to us than anything else…I have tried to educate you all your life to be a good person and you have become oh so much more…” He coughed up blood. “Beebee, you are my lovely daughter and I will go in peace knowing you are my legacy…But be careful of those emotions…The world needs you to be their guiding light, the angel that will always help them and make them happy. I am quite convinced I was born to raise you so you could be that for the people of Earth, and I think you are ready…so please…I…I…” His eyes got heavy and he struggled breathing and keeping his consciousness at this point. “R-Revenge doesn’t suit you…B-Beebee…I-I…love you…” 

Beebee buried her face on Cho’s chest as he died in her arms. She sobbed for a moment and looked back at him, her makeup all ruined. She shut his eyes closed respectfully and kept hugging him for a while, forgetting anything else in the world existed as the only person that was close to her had his life slip away just like that. As an ageless immortal herself, the concept was both foreign, scary and unfair to Beebee but she had to accept it, as it was her father’s choice.

Now that she was all alone in the world, it was her time to finally mature and choose what to do with her magical gifts. Cho said it clearly, she was better and stronger than everyone else and could do miraculous things that trivialized even the greatest efforts of mankind, so she had a responsibility to properly manage her powers and bring happiness to those around her, especially the less fortunate.

As conflicted and emotionally devastated as she was right now, she knew the best thing to do was to go back to the stage and finish the show to give those people the time of their lives. That’s what Cho would like, and that’s what she would do. Those people were good and kind after all, and she shouldn’t judge humanity’s merits by a couple of evil punks, no matter if they took the most important person in her life away from her.

Beebee put on a decided expression while arranging her facial make-up with magic, still crying and sniffing her ridiculous, cartoonish boogers back into her red nose. After that, she would inform the proper authorities about what just happened to bring true justice to her father, and no senseless revenge.

Motivated by her new resolve, she rejoined this soul partition of hers back into the original, still frozen on the rope as the expectant crowd wondered what had happened for her to lose the plot for so long.

She was devastated but the cheering of the people was enough to let her know she was doing the right thing. However, as she progressed through the rest of the rope with just her nose, she caught something terrible behind the curtain in front of her. It was one of the guys that had killed Cho and he was on one of the upper planks holding big gardening scissors around the rope. 

Beebee sweated cold as she realized these two evil monsters could also ruin her number, if killing her father hadn’t been enough. They really wanted to get rid of their competition. However, she wasn’t fast enough to react and the rope was cut, alarming her and the crowd. 

It was not lost though, as Beebee could make use of her inhuman athleticism to spin in the air and grab hold of the falling rope to ride it like a vine and land safely. Perhaps that could be interpreted by the crowd as a Tarzan impression and she could save the number like that, pretending it was her plan all along.

While thinking that, however, she didn’t pick up in time that something else was going on from behind. She turned her head the moment her hyper senses detected it. The other man was cutting the other side too.

Beebee was now terrified. Her head was such a mess of emotions and conflicting thoughts fighting for priority that she mentally froze, precipitating towards the floor. Shrieks of horror were heard all over the place as mothers protected their children from seeing the ugly fall of the poor clown.

Normally Beebee would have either made herself invulnerable or made from any other material to better withstand the impact, maybe she would have prevented the fall altogether. But her mind was in another place now, and so were her godlike abilities. The crack was heard everywhere as her bones were devastated when she landed with her two feet, no cushioning whatsoever.

A loud honking noise filled the room as the now maimed performer held her legs while failing to contain her tears of sheer, horrible pain. There was silence as the giggling evil-doers swiftly and quietly abandoned the stage and left her to rot there, crying and experiencing the worst feeling she had ever had.

It didn’t help that her pose made her look utterly ridiculous and clumsy, and not in a good way. The show had been successfully sabotaged, and it was a total failure.

Beebee, despite her heart now going through a maelstrom of bad emotions and on the verge of losing it, still clung to Cho’s words and to the hope her beloved fans would worry about her and at least try and help her out in this devastating moment. Surely they would be thankful for the incredible performanced with which she had entertained and made them happy in the past. That was the spirit of the circus, right?

She couldn’t be more wrong. The members of the crowd had mostly two different kinds of reactions. A bunch of people were booing her performance and complaining about the outrageous price for such a shitty show and other kind of horrible things that dehumanized her and made her feel like a worthless commodity for their selfish entertainment, besides, she put so much effort into her job that their remarks were simply too cruel for her to not acknowledge. The other group was even worse, they were pointing at her and laughing at her misery, not with her, not because of her silly comedic acts, but AT her. She was a clown but everything had limits and this level of ridicule and lack of empathy when she was going through the worst moment of her life only brought her further to the brink. 

Maybe some of them were actually worried about her and were calling the emergency number but in this crucial moment she didn’t hear any of that. All she managed to pick up on was the negative.

How could they be so ungrateful? So cruel and visceral with someone that only wanted to bring a little sunshine and rainbows into their little, insignificant mortal lives? Cho had raised her to believe everyone was equal and there was good in the hearts of humans but this day had proven to her that it was not so. And even if there was, it was so little that it didn’t make up for her suffering.

The terrible feelings returned, her thirst for blood and revenge. The wrath was overcoming every pore of her pale skin. Her brain went into shutdown mode as her immediate, reactionary emotions took over her soul and consumed it. The fearsome purple aura, now much more intense, appeared again in her crippled body, which promptly insta-healed like nothing had happened.

People were still booing, whistling and laughing, and some others outright leaving the venue confirmed her ideas. They didn’t care about her. There was no good or true empathy in them. They were worthless, scummy parasites no different from those evil-doers that killed Cho. They didn’t deserve to be spared, let alone saved, from their flaws. From their lack of evolutionary development.

But at this point, nothing of that mattered anymore. Beebee’s beautiful pupils had completely disappeared from her eyes as her red nose fell off, showcasing her very real one. Rage turned into bloodlust as a terrifying grin replaced her usual gentle expression.

Beebee didn’t care anymore. Not about humans and their needs. Not about Earth. Not about being a good clown girl and bringing people happiness. Only her burgeoning emotions, bottled until that point, which were now taking over her whole being and turning her egotistical, rejecting every hint of humanity Cho had bestowed upon her and returning her to the instinctive, seductive feeling of power that her alien origin had always hid behind her sweet facade.

Her looks were transformed during this process of personality excretion. While the pale skin remained, it turned into a more corpse-like, purple hue as her makeup all turned black and dreary, like some goth chick.

Beebee’s trademark clown girl costume began morphing, like something organic, in a matter of seconds. Seemingly inspired by her encounter with the jester previously that day, it took on the semblance of a form fitting bodysuit that only accentuated her superb figure and heavy breasts further. It was like being naked, only in a scary shade of dark purple that brought everyone’s complaints and laughter to a halt as they witnessed the ominous transformation. The buzzing sound her aura emitted increased in intensity and people brought their hands to their ears, hoping to make it stop. For some of them, it was so stupidly loud and damaging that their ears started bleeding, and soon enough, so did their eyes.

People were panicking now, afraid of her monstrous metamorphosis as much as the passive effects her powers were having on them. Just being in her vicinity was slowly killing them, so they had to leave no matter what. Mass agglomerations formed on the way out of the tent and people rushed out of the small exits, trying to escape the terrible sound.

Most of them were not able to and they were all so packed together that they resorted to stepping on each other in desperation. Others were outright flattened against the floor or walls as their now limp bodies served only as a platform for others to climb on to get out.

For the new jester Beebee, this was all delightful. She giggled further and further with each new lost life, with each child crying in pain due to their wounds. She rose up and explored her new body. She felt better than ever. Her bodysuit was shiny, like latex, but it had an biological quality to it, like it was part of her own flesh, just like the more common skin patches.

Her head had been shaped in the form of a harlequin's hat, with two tentacles ended in fleshy pompoms coming from each side and a bunch of smaller spikes that were dragged down by small, spherical golden bells that rang with every step she took. A bigger one hung from a daring choker on her neck, adorned with gothic spikes. 

While she certainly looked inhuman and, to a degree, abhorrent, there was an undeniable and overt sexyness to her new and superior form. She was pleased with it, never before should she hide her hotness behind a family friendly parlor clown image.

She was now a godlike, cosmic jester. Beebee decided what reality was now, and she was going to abuse her powers to her heart’s content. She held her hefty breasts and massaged them plentifully, causing her to orgasm almost immediately. A stream of purple milk came out of her exposed nipples and landed directly on top of the closest group of people. It seemed to be extremely acidic, since the moment it made contact with them, they quickly suffered third degree burns and yelled out in pain as their bodies were corroded to the bone in a matter of seconds. It didn’t take long for them to be silenced forever, as nothing much was left of them.

Beebee observed with a morbid curiosity how her casual lactation had turned an entire group of twelve people into a puddle leading into a hole on the ground, which kept going down and down through the ground. Her toxic produce seemed to have such a strong acid as a base that it didn’t lose any potency and there was nothing that could resist it. She felt a tingle in her alien pussy just by thinking even her most maternal parts were now murdering machines.

An evil smirk appeared on her face, as Machiavellian thoughts began populating her corrupted mind. Those humans at the stands had been horrible to her, so it was natural to go eye for an eye. She turned to the piling mob, which at this point had become stuck in the exits and walked towards them, clicking against the floor with her organic high heels fused to the rest of her flesh catsuit and swaying her wide hips almost instinctively.

She put on an exaggerated motion to decide what to do with them and finally came up with an idea. Eureka! This is going to be fun… She thought to herself, most perfidiously.

The almighty jester pointed at them with her fleshy head tentacles and she made them grow in size and length. The poor, terrified people were unable to dodge since they were all piled up together, some with their limbs trapped.

The spherical pompoms morphed on their way towards their prey and became gigantic, gloved hands that grew so much and so fast in size that by the time they reached the stuck mob they could easily encompass the whole of it. Beebee sported a cruel smile as she ordered the hands to attack them.

The extra limbs seemed to have no problem squashing and compressing the entire mass of humanity between their palms as the real world matter offered no resistance to Beebee’s cartoonish, reality bending magical abilities. The other horrified spectators had to witness how the hands played with the former troupe of human beings like putty, molding them all together like they were preparing some kind of pastry in the kitchen.

Their screams of pain and begs for forgiveness betrayed that this was indeed an incredibly painful process that was completely destroying their bodies and mixing them in ways that shouldn’t have been possible to begin with, let alone recommendable but Beebee pretty much didn’t give a shit about their suffering at this point. She kept toying with them and amplifying the torture by killing the relatives of those that complained the most. The hands would just press their little heads with the thumb and burst them like cherry tomatoes, then mix their cold, dead bodies into the rest of the now shapeless mass once again.

When she was done, she dropped the now ball of flesh and lard on the floor and admired her handiwork. The agonizing moans of pain and barely articulate pleads for euthanasia were music to her ears. A terrifying abomination with many heads, a single, potato shaped, deformed and melting body was in front of her. Their organs all combined, their minds mixed into a barely-thinking, impossibly miserable creature that didn’t want to keep existing any longer as even breathing was incredibly painful for it.

The pathetic monstrosity laid there for everyone to see and get horrified at. Some fainted or even puked at its malformed appearance and heartbreaking wallowing, and wished they could look away from it, but alas, their morbid curiosity got the best of them as it tried to reach Beebee through its atrophied tentacle-like limbs and beg her even more to turn them back to normal.

This was impossible at this point, though, and besides, she was enjoying every single second of their torment. Furthermore, not only Beebee turned her back to them, allowing them to live in their sorrowful state, but she also shot a strange, purple beam through her finger that seemingly caused them no pain on contact. Unbeknownst to the monster, the jester villainess had just granted them eternal life and the biological impossibility of dying even by physical means.

Searching for another toy to play with, Beebee was pleased to see that some people had earlier called the authorities on what she was doing. The police and firefighters were evacuating a few survivors and an entire SWAT unit was now pointing their automatic firearms towards the beautiful genocider.

Of course, she didn’t answer, since she couldn’t speak but she still offered them a cocky smile while tilting her head, as if she wanted to make them understand they weren’t really a threat to her. “Hands up! You are under arrest for multiple murder charges and other many crimes against humanity committed today!” She did as they said, bringing her arms up. The sudden jiggle of her supertits unnerved (and erected) a few of them.

Knowing they would not shoot her right away, she decided to provoke them instead. A surprise pack of shrieking bats came out of nowhere from her armpits and flew towards the SWAT troop, making the already nervous cops act out of instinct and fire their weapons in a fit of desperation to get those animals away from them. Fortunately for them, the bats were never actually there, being illusions conjured up by the magician, and what they shot at was actually Beebee herself.

The jester posed in a sexy pin-up girl pose from the 1950s now, arms up and seemingly eager to receive the rain of bullets that was coming her way. That something was wrong became evident when the projectiles didn’t wound or kill her, but instead were straight up absorbed by the liquid latex-like texture on her bodysuit after making a splashy sound. She kept eating them up for almost a full minute, enjoying her invulnerability and the feeling of the bullets getting stuck in her body with an almost horny demeanor as she shifted pose often.

As for the cops, they eventually realized there were no bats anymore and stopped firing, but by this point they were already sweaty, schizophrenic and enraged. They wanted to murder Beebee but to their dismay, there was no ammo left and they found themselves with their dicks out, metaphorically speaking, in front of the female monster.

In a display of evil cheekiness, Beebee grinned and tensed her body muscles. Every single bullet they shot was shot back at them in reverse from her body, going even faster than originally. These projectiles were different though, growling and groaning as they sported little arms and cartoony eyes and sharp, shark teeth. They seemed extremely dangerous and mad, despite their small size and silly, childish look.

It didn’t matter what they looked like, though, since they penetrated the SWAT members before they could even react. Not only did they hurt even more than a regular gunshot, but something much worse was going on inside their bodies. They noticed something inside, making its way through their insides, tearing through organs, muscle and bone like it was nothing. Beebee knew what was happening.

The bullets had been turned into evil, sentient creatures by the corrupting magical influence of Beebee’s body and were now hungry for human meat as they easily tore through their bodies and ate every bit of flesh that they found in their way. The screams of pain and the way the cops squirmed on the floor, feeling their vital organs disappearing in seconds by the same tools they used to do their job. 

Sometimes, the bullets would jump out of their bodies by piercing a hole out and then dive inside again. Like a rapid-effect, flesh-eating bacteria, they made it so the SWAT members’ bodies had turned into gruyère in no time, spurting blood from every orifice like fountains. Beebee watched their slow and painful death with intent, enjoying every bit of suffering, well deserved for trying to stop her fun.

In a matter of a few minutes, the bullets had eaten all the inner meat of their previous owners and went on to have their way with their brains. Their corpses looked like empty husks, suits of skin that contained nothing inside, not even bone, as they had all become victims to an insatiable hunger. When all was said and done, Beebee’s little helpers jumped out of the bodies and back inside hers like nothing had happened.

As much as she loved to deal with the people that laughed at her like the animals they were, the real culprits were still loose. And she oh so desired to get her revenge on them.

The two henchmen were completely oblivious to the genocide going on at the circus tent right now. While the authorities had already been informed and kept rushing inside the place to help people out, they were too busy escaping. They were happy with their handiwork, sure they would either scare Beebee away from the entertainment business or, with luck, force her to get a new manager who of course would be their client. “Hey…Don’t you feel bad for killing that guy? I don’t know, that Beebee chick was pretty cute and he was like her father or something.” Said the one driving.

“Nah. Orders are orders and we are gonna get extra payment for ruining her show in the eyes of the audience and the critics. Think about all the cash we will get instead of lamenting your job.” Answered the boss of two, much more experienced in the world of crime.

“You might be right, I’m just not that used to killing…So far I have only shook people up. How can you sleep at night like this?”

“Well, I-HOLY FUCK!” He screamed, pointing towards the window. The new Beebee was smiling and waving at them from outside. She was flying parallel to the car and easily keeping up with it.

“What the fuck is that? Shoot!” But before he pointed his gun at her she was now somehow flying on the other side of the car, spooking the both of them.

“What the hell do you want?!” But Beebee didn’t answer. She only smiled at them and winked, which for some reason terrified them. The driver began shifting the car around dangerously, trying to shake her off the road but it didn’t work, she was glued to their line and could perfectly maintain her speed.

To show how little these two were for her, the evil jester chose to end the charade and place her hand under the car. She didn’t even use her fingers, resorting to her hyper long, villainess fingernails to do the dirty work as she put a small amount of her night infinite super strength to give the car a tiny tap upwards. Her small action caused the vehicle to shoot up the sky with the two men still inside, who were now yelling and shitting their pants as the 2 ton metal coffin spun in the air until it fell on a nearby parking lot, totalled to the point of no repair and upside down.

The two wounded criminals were still alive, miraculously so but injured and bleeding. They managed to crawl out of the car with a heavy headache and blood trickling down their forehead as the all-powerful, purple clown floated down and landed with a loud heel click on the pavement. She looked over them like toys to play with, savoring every single second of her vendetta. It wasn’t even about Cho anymore but she wouldn’t accept any attack on her person to go unpunished.

Both men split and run off in different directions despite being half crippled. Beebee had to admire their survival instinct even though she was only playing and would eventually get them. It was cute of them to believe she couldn’t catch them both just because they were separated.

If anything, it just gave her new ideas on how to deal with the two bastards. Her hyperactive mind put her creative juices to work immediately.

The long haired, blonde boss of the henchmen was about to turn on an alleyway that he knew had a fence he could climb. However, when he got there he only found a wall with the graffiti of a clown face painted on it. That was weird, he remembered being here not that long ago, how did they change the street so fast and why?

He froze when he realized Beebee was behind him, hovering menacingly with her arms crossed under her heavy boobs and a cruel smirk. He didn’t have the courage to turn around and he knew he had no way out. So negotiations were required. “Listen, I don’t know what we have done to you or who you are. After all, we have messed with many people in the past, but I also know everyone has a price. And I know you do too. Just tell me what you want, or WHO you want and I’ll give it to you. If you spare my life…If we get along, I’m sure I can get whatever you want out of me without anyone getting hurt.” He raised his arms and dropped his gun to show her he was not hostile and wanted to talk.

Beebee giggled at his stupidity and forced him to turn and look at her with her telekinesis, causing him to yelp like a girl. From up close, he had to admit she was extremely sexy despite her scary factor and experienced a boner.

The jester clicked her heels towards him, slowly and swaying her hips as she took a good look at him. For some reason, the guy couldn’t will himself to try and get away from her so Beebee simply approached him and, in a surprising motion, hugged him softly and tight. 

For a moment, he was happy, the thought he had gotten away. And the feeling of her titanic breasts pushing against his chests and her attractive smell and warmness actually made him feel lucky for once. Perhaps she just wanted to fuck, he was a handsome guy after all.

However, his hopes ended very soon, as Beebee’s arms morphed into scissor blades and she didn’t waste a second slicing him into two like a hot knife through butter. “W-Why…?” He let out a tear as he saw his body separate into two, his entrails being spread all over the floor with a sea of blood as the evil jester giggled maliciously.

Beebee finished her lethal hug and got away from him as his two halves dropped and he quickly died, with his final seconds being extremely painful and visceral. One of his last thoughts was how ironic it was that he got killed in the same way he killed his previous victim’s career, by cutting something in half with scissors. Of course, the clown was well aware of this irony, since it had been her intention.

Now it was time to deal with the shorter fat guy.

He, on his end, was completely lost. He now found himself in a part of the city he didn’t know and stopped too much to choose where to go. Before he could turn in the right direction by pure coincidence, Beebee teleported right in front of him with a sparkly, purple explosion. He staggered and fell on his butt. “P-Please, d-don’t hurt me. A-Are you the clown girl? I didn’t mean to make you angry, t-they forced me to do that.”

Beebee was surprised he recognized her despite the changes, and it was true that he did feel some regrets for killing Cho and her circus career. However, the jester was not the person she was before and, while she was having her sweet revenge, it was more so for her own entertainment than any semblance of serving justice.

The henchman was quickly lifted off his feet by the monster woman. He was panicking and fearing for his death, Beebee could SMELL it with how much this guy sweated.

Nonetheless, as a reward, if anything, for having an actual conscience, the jester girl grabbed his collar and pulled the man towards her. Their chests collided as she began kissing him with intent, making it slow, passionate and actually a pleasure. The poor guy closed his eyes and couldn’t help enjoying the moment as her cushiony lips made it incredibly sloppy and wet while his dick got chubby and his brain got flooded with horny thoughts. Why is she doing this? He thought, believing that maybe she knew he was not at real fault, or she particularly liked him, and that was going to be his ticket to salvation from this omnipotent creature.

As she kept kissing, he felt so extremely good that he cummed on his expensive suit pants as his brain went numb and he struggled to keep his eyes open, being completely dominated during the whole process by Beebee’s stronger, rainbow colored tongue. She thrashed her tongue about like a fat worm looking for food.

However, this last pleasurable moment would end very fast as Beebee eventually revealed her true intentions. During kissing, she began breathing directly inside the guy’s mouth, intensely. He immediately noticed something was wrong as the evident sound of air filling a recipient became loud and clear.

He tried to move away but Beebee wouldn’t budge as she kept pouring compressed helium inside the henchman. “W-What?” He said in a ridiculous, high pitched voice as he noticed how his already obese body was growing more and more inflated, like a balloon. He was horrified when he saw his new sausage-fingered hands and his already bloated belly becoming a parody of itself.

His smurf-like screams were music to Beebee’s ears as she laughed at him while inflating him further with her magical breath. Nothing he did mattered as his limbs suddenly became completely vestigial, surrounding his core sphere-shaped body that was now twice the size of her jester girl. The man felt like a bomb, seconds away from bursting and lacking in any control over his bodily functions.

Beebee then added a new effect with her magic as he now had to witness his skin turning cherry red, shiny and elastic. He didn’t just have the shape of a balloon, she was turning him into one for real! 

As a full minute passed he couldn’t even express his terror anymore, as he had been transformed into a gigantic, balloon shaped, ball human. He had no mouth to scream but an still active conscience to be horrified at what Beebee had turned him into, another prop for one of her shows and a main set piece for the act he had sabotaged earlier.

She let him exist in that immobile, pitiful state of rubber as she looked at him silently with a self-satisfied and smug smile for a while longer until she finally got tired and used one of her super long fingernails to poke his body. The balloon texture full of compressed air bursted instantly and the henchman’s last seconds were spent going dizzy by flying around as he lost more and more helium.

The former human flew around as the high pitched sound of a balloon rapidly losing air filled the street. During this, his conscience died, leaving only a punctured patch of red rubber, not worthy of even being a balloon anymore. Beebee stepped on it with her heel as the horrified screams of bystanders that had watched the whole thing alerted her.

She noticed they were all waiting at the bus stop and either taking photos or videos, or straight up calling the police. Some had already fled the scene after witnessing Beebee’s terrible power. They were the most clever since the evil jester had already decided what to do with these meddling apes.

Taking advantage of the building behind them she started playing shadow theater with her hands on its wall, just like the other day. Of course, due to her powers, the shadows didn’t resemble her gestures at all and actually took a genuine liking to the real things they were supposed to imitate. Animals, items and so on.

In this case, however, it wasn’t something so quaint and familiar. For example, one of the shadows took on the shape of a gigantic carnivorous dinosaur who roared and precipitated towards one of the women taking a photo. When she noticed what was happening, she yelled at the top of her lungs but it was too late, the shadow dinosaur had eaten her whole head away and then it lunged once again to consume her at full, all without leaving the wall that it was projected at.

Another witness tried to flee, realizing she could animate the shadows for real but an octopus extended its tentacles past its confinement and sucked him inside the wall, plastering him with them like graffiti, perpetually pictured with an expression of pure horror in his deformed face.

A grandpa that was right in the middle of the wall got surrounded by a bunch of taller shadow men who pulled out knives and proceeded to stab him to death, their shadow blades verily damaging his body until he got his neck sliced by the figures.

She kept creating these imaginary monstrosities that would fetch people from the wall and murder them without even coming out of the wall and she was only doing hand gestures. For someone as powerful as Beebee, altering reality in this way and giving life to inanimate objects and even concepts was childsplay.

It didn’t take long until the authorities, which had been tracking her tirelessly all day, finally found her. This time she was surrounded by patrol cars blasting their sirens loudly as many uniformed men armed with their pitiful handguns and shotguns got out of their vehicles and barked orders at her. Something about being arrested, holding her hands up and having rights to a lawyer. 

The goddess internally scoffed at the pitiful mortals. Did they think their little weapons would work with her if they didn’t even tickle her before? She played along for a little while and then she shook her head, making the little bells in her head-hat and necklace ring ominously. 

The police officers braced themselves as she used her magic once again, generating a couple of pies in her hands. Just like back at yesterday’s show. However, this time they weren’t directed to her face but theirs, instead. Before a single bullet had enough time to come out of the barrel, two of them already had become victims of her creamy vengeance.

The result was as hilarious as it was terrible. Their faces had been extremely flattened and shaped into circles by the pie pressing on them, almost turned into unnatural 2D cartoons. It would have been a joke if it wasn’t for the fact they were clearly going through extreme pain and rapidly dying on the spot, as their brains had been compressed into paste. They would drop dead right after letting out their last incomprehensible moans.

Of course, their retaliation was completely useless as this time Beebee wasn’t even bothering absorbing the bullets and she straight up tanked them as if her skin was made out of impenetrable metal. The ricocheted bullets neutralized some of them as she continued willing new pies out of nowhere and turning their faces into oversized coasters with unrivaled speed and precision. By the end, there were not enough policemen to deal with her as her hands had turned into a blur, a literal machine gun of deadly pies that landed on each and every target, dealing a very delicious (and disgraceful) demise to her attackers.

However, eventually she ran out of targets to face-flatten and boredom reared its ugly head again. The almighty jester began thinking that, with her uncontestable might and all, she might be able to squeeze much more fun out of the bigger picture, rather than torturing and killing random people like a run-of-the-mill criminal.

Now Beebee wondered about the true extent of her power. She had always held back and never experimented outside of harmless parlor tricks for her circus show. What if she put some power behind her actions? To see how fragile the world around her truly was, the godly jester floated upwards.

She kept doing it until she was on top of a cloud, which of course, she could walk on without problems and observed the metropolitan area below her. Millions living down there, all ants not worth cleaning her giant, pointed shoes. They were all her toys now, and they were there to entertain her, not like before where she would sacrifice everything to entertain them instead. 

Finally unleashing her full reservoir of universe-shaking, reality bending potential, Beebee looked down at the city and extended her palms outwards. Her thoughts were the only trigger needed for a gargantuan amount of heat and energy to come out of her hands that she blasted on the world below her.

The jester laughed maniacally as she saw the massacre unfold below her as her simple gesture generated an explosion with the power of hundreds of atomic bombs. The effect was instant since the heat was so great it didn’t take more than a few seconds for even the mightiest and tallest skyscrapers to vanish, quickly disintegrating into dust as the energy wave laid waste to the city.

People were carbonized as they walked or went about their daily lives, cars and other vehicles were blasted away like nothing and exploded on contact with Beebee’s destruction magic as the sky turned red wherever the energy arrived. The all-powerful villainess contemplated the ever growing crimson wave advancing through the streets and leaving them completely barren and lifeless with most of its terrain unrooted, leaving only a dirt patch behind.

She could practically feel every single one of the millions of lives she was rapidly snatching away with her effortless display of destructive power and she orgasmed on the sport, purple cum trickling down her juicy thighs. 100.000, 200.000, 300.000… The numbers increased so fast she was going crazy with pleasure until the metropolis was finally silenced, no track of civilization existed anymore in a ratio of millions of square miles, betraying a total death toll surpassing the eight million.

Beebee was impressed with her own power when she realized she had just cratered a big chunk of the state in a few minutes of barely liberating any power inside her. In fact, her subsequent thought about destroying the city was That’s it? I only used a tiny amount of my power…I have so much more… 

That’s when Beebee ceased dreaming about world domination, and much bigger plans entered her mind. She wasn’t a ruler, she was a goddess. An omnipotent arbiter of destiny for the inhabitants of the entire Universe. And she was going to make a number out of this planet to prove it. She felt it. She felt she was strong enough to not have an equal, to face every challenge she set her eyes onto with ease.

The now dead and irrelevant Cho was wrong once again. She wasn’t destined to be an angel, she was destined to be the Devil. Was that job taken? Only one way to find out. She would have to reach the core of the planet to enter the so-called Hell so many humans spoke about. This Satan guy could maybe rival her power and evil, just maybe.

Beebee surrounded herself with that power red energy around her and blasted at blinding speeds towards the ground. As she became an elongated blur, she penetrated through the crust almost immediately, blasting away trillions of tons of rock in her way without as much as flinching, let alone damaging her super body. Of course the whole planet was now dealing with worldwide earthquakes causing issues in every major city of Earth, not to speak about all the populations her progressively wider hole on the crust was causing to the surrounding towns.

Half-oblivious, half-negligent of the effects her little dive was causing on the world, she kept quite literally swimming through the rock until she hit the first layer of magma which, of course, didn’t take the slightest toll on her invulnerable body. Meanwhile, apocalyptic landscapes plagued the world as volcanoes erupted, colossal tidal waves devoured entire coastal cities and tornadoes stormed the planes. For mankind this was pretty much the end of the world as they knew it.

The Devil himself was watching all this from Hell, sitting on his throne and wondering what was causing all this ruckus that surpassed anything he had ever accomplished as an evil-doer. It seemed like nothing mortals did to handle this situation was enough to prevent their doom. He had managed to cause global disasters, war, disease and famine in the past, bringing humanity to the brink of extinction but they always managed to come back from it and repopulate.

However, this seemed to have cemented their end for real. He was kinda jealous.

Hell’s roof collapsed as the all-powerful jester landed in the middle of Satan’s throne room, forming a crater that quickly filled with lava and honestly confused about her current whereabouts, looking around with childish curiosity. The 20 feet tall goat demon with a cape, a trident and curved horns walked on its hoofed legs and observed the much smaller intruder. There was something obnoxiously smug about this little creature and how she didn’t fear him right away. He always seemed to cause an impression on humans when they arrived in hell due to his abominable looks and chiseled musculature but not this one…

Besides, this one wasn’t dead. She had somehow reached Hell on her own which shouldn’t even be possible. “This is a first. Have you perchance lost your way? Pray tell why you are here before I smite you, mortal.” He said with an authoritarian, booming voice, shaking the foundations of his own realm.

Beebee wasn’t impressed and she simply giggled cruelly in his face, then made a silly fart sound with her mouth. This enraged Satan to no end who had no patience for this kind of stuff and immediately struck her down with her trident, causing an explosion of pure dark energy. As the black flames disappeared though, he was surprised and irritated at finding she was completely unharmed. In fact, she seemed…horny…? An attack from The Devil Himself that could have been enough to blast any soul out of existence only aroused this woman?

“What are you…? You definitely aren’t human, or an angel. Do you even have a soul?” Beebee responded by biting her lip in sensual anticipation and then rudely grasping her wet crotch. With a cheeky press of her puffy vulva, a loud HONK HONK sound came out of it.

Satan, now incredibly enraged and humiliated by this new visitor, decided to do a display, or rather a hint, of his true power. After a powerful yell that almost made reality crumble into pieces around them and that made time itself stop for a few seconds, the Devil engulfed his body into intense, black flames. His demonic eyes would instill fear in any living or dead creature that came in contact with them as he exerted the full power of the strongest of all archangels after millennia of polishing and evolution.

Beebee was in front of the second strongest being on the planet, maybe after God if he existed. Yet, she felt nothing. This pitiful display only bored her to the point of yawning and, to drive the point home that she wasn’t impressed, Beebee once again honked, this time by squeezing her prodigious tits together. Immediately, a stream of endless whipped cream came out of her nipples with a sloshy sound and the quantity was so incredible that it made short work of Satan, completely drenching him in the delicious, sweet liquid as his flames were easily extinguished by such a stupid parlor trick.

The powerful jester laughed at the mountain of cream before her, only bringing out more wrath and humiliation from the ex-archangel. “ARCHFIENDS, PROTECT YOUR LORD AND MASTER WHILE I RECOVER!” Satan ordered, as his flames were still a while away from melting the pile of white goodness.

Four abominations jumped on the throne room directly from the lava pool below. Baphomet, Samael, Asmodeus and Beelzebub. Four aspects and servants of Satan created with the souls of the dead and pieces of other fallen angels. All of them wore terrible looking demonic armor and stood as tall as a house. Baphomet was a winged goat wielding a giant bow and floating in the air, Samael had a more humanoid design but with as many arms as a centipede and no face, holding a sword in each hand, Asmodeus was a bizarre centaur-like creature with a snake for a tail and Beelzebub was an insectoid monstrosity that possessed two axes and oozed poisonous liquid.

The four were about to attack in unison to finish Beebee off and, if she had been anyone else, she would have been dealt with by these outrageously powerful knights of apocalypse. But she wasn’t.

Beebee didn’t even turn to face them and in fact only needed to close her eyes and focus on changing reality around her. It was as easy as willing it to bend to her whims, and it did, as the simple act of bobbing her head changed everything about that situation.

Behind her now were no hellish knights anymore. In their stead there were four jack-in-the-boxes springing around with the severed heads of the monsters that Satan had summoned. The Devil, who had just freed himself from the mound of whipped cream and was fully operative again, watched in terror as his strongest soldiers had been instantly and effortlessly transformed and transmutated into clownish toys. He could see the suffering and humiliation in their faces as they retained consciousness in their new, irreversible, pathetic forms without the ability to speak about their torment.

“W-What have you done to them? W-Who are you?” Fear was now noticeable in Satan’s cracking voice. The jester approached him by ominously floating in his direction with a sadistic smirk on her pretty face. Trying to still appear threatening and competitive against the much stronger alien demon, Satan began shooting dark spells at her, to no effect. “HOW DARE YOU COME TO MY LAIR AND KILL MY UNDERLINGS? I’M SATAN, THE KING OF HELL, SECOND TO NO ONE, LORD OF EVIL AND DECAY, MASTER OF ALL SOULS. SOMEONE LIKE YOU CAN’T DEFEAT ME, SOMEONE LIKE YOU CAN’T DETHRONE ME!!!” 

He was having a meltdown, but it only made Beebee hornier, who now chose to show how easily she could humiliate him. Calling back to one of her very first circus shows, the jester girl decided to go mime for a while. Using her gloved hands, she carefully gesticulated, performing the classic motion of creating a box out of thin air around Satan. He was puzzled, struggling to figure out what she was doing.

The thing is, this wasn’t any mime trick. Beebee’s reality warping brain made sure that every single invisible construct that she created with her hands was made truly real and soon enough the incontestable tendrils of her powerful mind generated a psychic box that slowly but surely closed in on the Devil. “W-What is this?” Soon enough, Satan noticed his space was getting reduced, he couldn’t push back against the invincible, invisible force but he couldn’t teleport out of the box either. “RELEASE ME, YOU MONSTER!” He demanded, now desperate and undeniably overpowered.

However, the box became so small at one point that his body was completely compressed in a cubical shape. That of course meant he was in constant suffering as his muscles and bones were being heavily pressed against the imaginary walls at all times. From the outside, his entire self looked like someone that had just hit a window. Unfortunately for Satan, he couldn’t speak anymore, barely letting out groans of pain.

Beebee clicked her heels towards him and a feeling of unabashed fear he hadn’t had since his last fight against God filled his rotten heart. He was Satan, the Devil, a being of incalculable power. How could some random clown be so much stronger than him and toy with his armies like that? It was unfair, it was ridiculous, but it was happening. And he had to do something about it but he was so scared that he couldn’t even use his powers anymore, his whole body shaking nervously like some pathetic weakling inside the indestructible mental cage.

He blinked and Beebee was already there, now holding his hung, red rocket of a cock and hairy balls in her palm with a mischievous expression. This motion was apparently completely independent of the invisible box as she could freely manipulate his groin while the rest of him was still in containment. The slutty goddess licked her purple lips and kneeled, then gave poor Satan his first pleasant sensation since she had arrived at his lair.

As his cock was being sucked and his balls handled by the jester’s expert hands, he lost any sense of self-control and the well known seductor cummed in a matter of seconds to the much more sexual Beebee. She then looked up and smiled at him, then proceeded to suck even harder. He screamed in pain as his balls shriveled up, she was drying him up with her powerful suction and turning his genitals into a shadow of their former selves.

Then she did something weirder, she started toying with his flattened cock using her tongue, tying knots and twisting it. Satan was in so much pain that he screamed and begged for his life like a little girl in almost intelligible ways. Beebee then showed him her handiwork. To his horror, the mangled dick was now tied in the shape of a pretzel. It hurt so much that he would have lost consciousness if he wasn’t a superhuman being himself.

The terrible clown shifted to her hands to shape his dick like she would make balloon animals for kids in the past, stretching it to no end and giving it the most humiliating forms that defied physics. Finally, she tied it like a doggy and the glans even let out little dog barks to add insult to injury. Satan knew he had been defeated, she had a much greater degree of control over reality than him, maybe even superior to God himself.

When the ancient demon began crying like a bitch, Beebee knew she was done with him. She began using her mime magic to compress him by copying the motion of someone making a paper ball, turning him into a progressively smaller sphere until he finally died. His body tried to regenerate but couldn’t truly do it inside the tiny confines of Beebee’s invisible prison, now the size of a candy.

Then she wished him to stop existing and he vanished on the spot. The Devil was no more, only because a cruel jester girl said so.

She walked towards the throne of Hell and sat on it with one leg and her fingers crossed. She felt like the overlord of everything evil and chaotic…for a few seconds, then it became boring. Being the Devil was like this? It was some disappointment, no wonder such a weak being had held the title for so long, and the job of judging the souls coming from Earth was very boring and procedural. 

Beebee felt she was destined for greater things so she shifted up the pace to light speed again and escaped the underworld. When she stopped she realized she was somewhere in outer space, Earth looked tiny from where he was, and, in a way, compared to her greatness it was. Completely unaffected by the lack of air, higher pressures and crazy temperature changes in the void, she looked at the now melting space rock. She had casually destroyed Earth earlier and was now completely gone with probably most humans dead or dying already. The whole thing had enormous craters and cracks and was at best minutes away from collapsing into an explosion of cosmic proportions.

For once, she decided to act in a more or less benevolent way and spare Earth its last moments of misery, maybe in a last memento to Cho since from now on her past life was over. She pinched the small dirty ball between her claws and she pinched, removing it from existence with a cheeky perspective trick, powered by her omnipotence.

She then turned her back and, for the first time ever, she verbalized something (ironic, considering she did it where no one else would be able to speak). “Honk, Honk!” It was a terrible declaration of intent towards the rest of the Universe, now lying fully in front of her. With her new powers, she could explore and terrorize it to her heart’s content. Maybe she could even find God and challenge him, or meet others from her same alien race and, why not? Also make their lives living hell!

With a smug smile, she reached once again into the endless depths of her inner power pool and charged through the cosmos, making sure to pierce every single planet she came across like a wrecking ball, turning them into doughnuts no matter how big or hard they were. With her speed, she was traveling through entire galaxies in a matter of minutes and had finally realized there was nothing she couldn’t do if she truly wished for it.

Her now fully unlocked, hyper-powered supercomputer brain analyzed every populated core around her and new machiavellian ideas to make these lower beings suffer commenced being concocted every microsecond, each one more sadistic than the previous one. It almost made her orgasm again just to think how much fun she would have torturing them all.

As this new goddess of chaos and destruction ravaged reality in the search for her own personal entertainment, ending entire civilizations in the same time it would take you or me to blink, the whole of existence collectively trembled in fear, knowing she was completely unstoppable and had found a new and much bigger playground. Beebee, the cosmic monster jester, would eventually find your world and toy with it. 

The matter was when, rather than if.

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Absolutely brilliant! Amazing story, and your descriptions were fantastic. :D
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Thanks! Very happy you liked it. I tried to make the descriptions as visceral and expansive as possible to really draw a picture of what's taking place.
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