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Thanksgiving Upgrade

Written by hawk9600 :: [Saturday, 26 November 2022 00:30] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 26 November 2022 20:51]

Just a short little bit of fun for the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to make the day sexy in some way. I hope you enjoy!


That wasn't a shocked scream. It wasn't an "ew a bug!" scream, or a scary movie scream. Jax hurried to the kitchen to see what had his wife freaking out on Thanksgiving morning.

Saucer-wide eyes glued to her phone, one hand lodged in her curly black locks, Jaida recited, "Dad left the food out over night and every bug in the neighborhood had an early Thanksgiving! WE'RE BRINGING EVERYONE TO YOUR HOUSE?!!"


"We can't host everyone! And we only have a pumpkin pie! We–we. . .I can't–"

"Baby, calm down."

Death lasered from those almond-colored eyes, as Jax halted his attempt to comfort her, retracting his hand in fear.

Haven't seen that look in years.

"We have to cook for everyone, and mom's already rerouted everyone to our place. I told her. I TOLD HER it was a bad idea to say 'leave all the cooking to your father and I!' she flailed around the kitchen in a dopy impression of her mother.

"Well, babe, we can just order out, right?" Jax prayed she would just let this go. It was just food, after all.

"Have you met my mother? Could you imagine Miss 'Southern Home Cookin' Ah tell ya wuut!' seeing store-bought food on her–OUR–table for Thanksgiving. . .oh GOD!"

God, it was awful seeing her like this. Jaida deserved a happy Holiday after the month she'd had at the office…

Maybe this was one of those times where it would be okay to deploy the special phrase. . .


Leveling him with a frustrated look, unsure of why he seemed so calm, Jaida quickly realized what her husband hid behind that question.

"Jax, no. There's not enough time, not even if we–"

"We can do it. Babe–" he declared, clearing his throat, bellowing out in an authoritative tone.

"Oh God, the voice," Jaida rolled her eyes.

"Go make me a sandwich!"

"Jax, we have to go fast this time, we almost got caught last–UNH!" Jaida slammed her hands down on the marble counter, shaking the heavy stone with her

Dizzyingly fast transformation. Her shirt burst at the seams, soft, dark-brown skin, erupting with mass, pushing, pulsing, thickening with super-human strength.

"UrrrrrRAHHH!" She hulked, legs lengthening, strengthening with the power of the incantation the old witch had laid on her, inching higher, higher, til her head passed over the top of the fridge. Her sleeveless shirt, crept up her middle, revealing inches of dark, muscled flesh as her abs gorged with size, hardening beneath soft, but steely skin.

Her large, but slightly sagging breasts ballooned, bursting the shirt's seams even wider, as brown cleavage thrust its way above her eroding neckline.

And with a deep, panting breath, Jaida's transformation finished, eyes turned golden, hair lengthening and hanging down from her hunched over figure.

Blowing a strand of curls out from in front of her eye, Jaida smirked at Jax, ". . .felt even better this time."

"You look even better, damn babe. Let's see what my girl can do!"

"Ah ah… now it's your turn."

"Well, wait, I was gonna go back to the guys, they're all online—"


Jaida now had to look down at her previously taller husband. And with a cocky smirk she bellowed in a resonant voice, "Time to be the man of the house!"

"Ah, shit, here we go agaiNNNN—"

Jax pumped up, big time. Already a bulky guy, his wasp-like torso doubled in width, shredding his shirt. Round thighs exploded with strength, tearing holes in the popping line of seams down his jeans.

Jaida bit her invulnerable lip, staring her hubby up and down, relishing in his super-transformation.

And as his head finally cleared the already massive height of his wife, Jax let out a primal cry, his shoulder's spreading even wider, then crunching with rounded, ridged, basketball-sized muscle.

"That's more like it."

Jax huffed, brain transformed into a caveman version of himself, "What… I… do?"

"Jax? Clean."

And with a flash, the living boulder of a man rocketed through the house with blinding speed, drenching, soaking, then swiffering the floors, and in another blink, he lifted the entire table with one hand, vacuuming the rug beneath. It was like there were three of him, cleansing the house for their incoming guests.

Jaida cracked her neck, turning her attention back to the kitchen. "Alright. Let's do this, girl." She murmured to herself, muscled pecs flexing, bouncing her heavy breasts up and down from the motion, before she too disappeared in a flurry of super-fast cooking.

Speeding to the grocery store, stealing their leftover turkey (leaving a $50 on the counter), then rocketing back home in a matter of seconds, Jaida focused her heat vision into those golden irises, until the cones there bloomed red, firing a supernova level of heat directly through the turkey.

"…whoops." She looked on at the twin bullet holes in her turkey, before taking a deep breath, focusing her powers, then widening the beam, turning the heat down to 'toast' (600 degrees F)

The turkey cooked quickly at her wide beam of heat, juices glistening, steam rising, evenly cooking beneath her diligent application of superpowered vision.

The smells from the kitchen began to distract Jax from putting the finishing touches on the house, finally drawing the brute of a man back to the kitchen, sniffing his super-powered nose at the stovetop filled with gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey.

"No!" Jaida smacked his hand with a superfast swipe, knocking his meaty paw away.

The aggressive contact sent Jax back a step. He watched his super strong wife continue her diligent cooking at super speed. . .then suddenly forgot all about the food, and began sniffing her neck. The primal side of him taking over as his uber-strong woman worked to provide for him.

With a grunt, Jax tore her ripped leggings free of her bulky thighs, revealing the lacy thong that had once been boy shorts, clefting her muscled cheeks.

"Jax!" she chuckled.

With a flick of his wrists, he obliterated what remained of his jeans, launching the full thickness of his cock free of its tight confines.

Smelling her, rubbing up between her legs only made his nine inches harder, longer, thicker, before meeting the slick wetness spilling from her pussy.

With a single word, Jaida instructed her man, "Quickly."

Jax pounded into her, starting slow, sinking his whole length into her tight pussy, as she continued maintaining the stovetop, adding salt, stirring the gravy, stuffing the turkey, while she got stuffed from behind, the force of her monstrously strong lover rocking her back and forth over the food.

Her phone lit up with the words, "Mom: Mobile"

"Uhn! Jax! Make me come baby! Before they get here!"

He reached around, and with his massive fingers, gently but expertly teased her engorged clit.

Slapping sounds, wet, slicking sex thrusting against one another as they each climbed to their super-powered climaxes, until,


"Ohhhnnnn, FUCK, JAX!"

The two barely held themselves up as they each finished, quaking, muscled bodies flexing against one another's panting figure.


Jaida's timer went off.

"Ahem" She cleared her throat. "Very good, Jax. Now set the table."

He grunted with a nod, and piled heavy plates and casserole dishes on his beefy arms.

And as the doorbell rang, the two, nude (apart from their torn shirts) lovers, looked to one another and nodded.

"Thanks love, your work here is done." They said in unison, and the magic of their transformation left them, shrinking them back to their original sizes as footsteps approached outside.

The door opened without permission.

"We're heeeere!"

Jaida hid her naked lower half beneath her apron.

Jax hid in the pantry.

"…Happy Thanksgiving!" Jaida sang, hiding her attempt to keep her torn panties from slipping down, while she smiled at her relatives walking in.


Happy thanksgiving, y'all!

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Hahaha! Good fun. Their trigger phrases always amuse ;)
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