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RPG Girl, Chapter 6

Written by jay_manus :: [Tuesday, 29 November 2022 01:09] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 December 2022 09:08]

RPG Girl, Chapter 6

By Jay Manus

It was Friday night, and I decided it was high time to take Kitty out for dinner and a movie. She was excited to go, and I was excited to take her. This was something that normal boyfriends and girlfriends did with each other and we really hadn't been able to do normal stuff yet.

To be fair, things HAD settled down somewhat in the week Kitty had been in my world – except for the mind-bending sex every night. I had introduced her to more friends, she had attended a few of my classes as a guest, and I'd told my parents that I was seeing a really wonderful girl (they didn't ask me much more than her name though, fearing they'd jinx the relationship if they got too nosy).

She was keeping her powers quiet, occasionally doing some crazy strength feat where only I could see it, such as when she drilled a hole halfway through a fist-size rock by spinning it on her nipple. (She also drank the rock to hide the evidence. Yup, drank. She used her heat vision to super-heat it in her cupped hands, and then poured the molten lava down her throat.) And another time in the cafeteria when she crushed a ceramic coffee mug between her fingers before dropping it into the trash. Kitty had checked with me first, and I had approved. I was trying to help her develop a sense for what kind of small destructive act would be OK and what kind wouldn't. Crushing a mug? Sure. Melting a city bus to slag? Not so much.

And then there was the casual use of her telekinetic power, like the time when we were watching television in the lounge and she felt thirsty. She got herself a glass of water from the kitchen without ever getting up off the couch.

So anyway, viewed from the outside at least, Kitty and I started acting like a couple, and this date was just part of our evolution. We had taken my car downtown, and were looking for a parking place. Kitty had told me about her experience with Stacy, and I was about to ask her to repeat the performance when I spied a car pulling out of a space 30 feet in front of us. "There," I said, followed immediately by "Damn!" as the blue sedan ahead of us stopped to take my intended spot. The driver pulled up next to the car in front, and was preparing to back into the space. "Kitty, help me here?" She smiled, and I watched the sedan rise into the air, just enough so that all four wheels no longer touched the ground. The rear wheels even started spinning, but the car didn’t budge. I took the opportunity to nose my car into the space, and Kitty very helpfully made my back wheels slide sideways to the curb, thus completing the most exquisite parallel parking job ever executed. The sedan driver, clearly frustrated, slammed on his gas pedal and Kitty let the wheels fall. As soon as the car made contact, it lurched away.

I gave Kitty a knowing smile of my own. She was always happy to help, especially when it involved using her powers.

First stop was not the restaurant I had picked out, but the ATM machine at the bank next door. As I waited for my cash, Kitty was apparently peeking through the machine’s solid brushed aluminum surface to see what was inside. "There's a LOT more of those bills inside there, you know," she said. "I could, you know, get them for you…?"

"Oh no, Kitty, I'm afraid we can't do that."

"But why? It's just a sheet of metal, and a box of bills behind it. Pretty easy for me."

"Well, there's the security camera, for one thing, and…"

Before I knew it Kitty had found the camera and fried it with a quick blast from her eyes.

"No there isn't," she interrupted.

"Um, but they saw you fry the camera, Kitty! It's recorded!"

"Oh, so I should have been more secret?"

"Yeah. No. That's not the point. This is somebody's property. You can't just take it, or break it."

Kitty was crestfallen. She continued quietly, "It's just that… you know how you and Harley were supposed to find a way for me to make some money, and you haven't been able to think of anything yet? I guess I was just trying to help."

I wrapped my arm around her narrow waist, surreptitiously enjoying the feel of her warm, sexy body against mine. "Yeah, I know, Kitty. Thanks for trying. You know, there are a million ways you could bring in money that are illegal, or that hurt other people. Hell, you could tear into an armored car, or just grab a cash register and run. But it isn't right. We have to find something completely legal, something that we wouldn't have to hide, or pretend we weren't doing."

Kitty nodded, "Ok." I gave her a soft kiss on the lips and gently guided her next door to the restaurant. But it did make me think. Maybe there was something that was just a little bit bad, but that wouldn't really hurt anyone.

* * *

Dinner was perfect. I’d chosen a middle eastern restaurant, and we ordered a variety of meat and swordfish kebabs on skewers over rice. Everything was very tasty, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Conversation ranged from the classes she attended with me to what other RPG games I knew about to sports teams to airline travel.

The only thing that was a little unusual was how Kitty fidgeted with the metal skewers. She absentmindedly wrapped them one by one around her fingers as we talked, forming rings on all five fingers of one hand. I suggested she make herself a bracelet with the remaining skewer, which she obligingly did, using her telekinetic power to tie off the excess length into a neat metal bow.

After dinner we decided to walk around for a while. It was a warm night, and the downtown area was crowded with college students and young couples stepping into bars and restaurants, or browsing shop windows. I loved the feeling of electricity in the air, especially now that I was able to enjoy it with Kitty at my side.

We came upon an African woman who was selling leather goods. She had a card table set up on the sidewalk and had laid out all sorts of wallets, belts, purses, handbags, even leather earrings. Kitty particularly liked a yellow handbag with a shoulder strap, and I was only too happy to buy it for her. On her quests, Kitty didn’t usually carry a backpack or a messenger bag. She preferred to wrap her supplies up in a bundle and use her telekinetic power to float the bundle along behind her. Once she got it going, she really didn’t have to think about it anymore. So carrying a real feminine accessory was new to her, and she was positively beaming as she playfully swung my hand back and forth while we meandered along, her new, still empty handbag dangling from her shoulder.

Can you feel like you’re in heaven while not having sex? Of course you can, when you’re in love, and I was totally over the moon. There were plenty of young couples around, and a lot of the men were really there to show off their women. And a lot of the women were dressed to the nines and strutting their stuff. But even among that crowd, Kitty was in a class above. Her simple, unassuming smile could catch the eyes of three or four guys, who would crane their necks to get a better look at her as they passed - much to the annoyance of their dates. Kitty barely noticed, but me? I was walking on air.

All was not what it seemed to be, however. Among this crowd of revelers were also those who would take advantage of them. It was while we were enjoying ourselves that Kitty suddenly stiffened and watched a young boy, maybe 11 or 12 years old and wearing an unusually heavy coat, make his way in our direction. He seemed to go out of his way to bump into a couple who only had eyes for each other. As he apologized and continued toward us, I heard Kitty mutter, “shit, I saw that.” Then, as the boy passed her she surreptitiously stuck out a lovely foot and tripped him.

I looked at Kitty questioningly. “Watch,” she said. So I watched. The boy was now laying face down on the sidewalk and struggling to get his feet under him. But an invisible force seemed to be holding him down, and people were starting to form a ring around him. Then he got his feet under him but only managed to roll over on his back, his jacket splayed open in what might have been an unnatural way. And there, sticking out of its many internal pockets were a number of wallets of various sizes and colors.

Suddenly I understood. Stepping away from my date I reached in and grabbed a couple of those wallets. “Well well. Got an awful lot of these, don’t you?” I said. The boy made a nasty face and tried to take one of them back, but he instantly slid away from me and beyond reach. I knew Kitty had done that, and I smiled. “Somebody call a cop,” I said looking around the crowd, and several people pulled out their phones. A couple of others stepped out of the crowd to pin down the boys’ arms.

A few short whoops of a police siren heralded the arrival of two policemen, who efficiently collected statements from me and some of the other onlookers, and then told us we were free to leave. We did, but I felt sorry for the kid. He obviously wasn’t stealing wallets for fun, or to be mean. For whatever reason, he needed the money, maybe to feed a drug habit, maybe to feed his family. Who knew? Well for better or worse, it was now the police’s job to figure out.

“Did I do the right thing?” asked Kitty after we had gotten some distance from the disturbing scene.

“Yes!” I was still feeling ambivalent, but I wanted her to know it wasn’t because of her actions. “You completely controlled the situation without anyone knowing you were doing it. In fact it was only because I knew you would keep me safe that I felt brave enough to get involved at all.”

Kitty smiled brightly. “I think I’m getting the hang of this!”

I nodded and smiled back. It was impossible not to feel elated when Kitty smiled. “But I do love to see you use your powers right out in the open.”

“Yup, me too.”

“And without any clothes on.”

“Yup, me too.”

By this time we had stopped walking and were facing each other, holding both hands. I leaned in and gave Kitty a brief kiss on the lips. She was having none of that though. I felt my feet lift off the ground and my whole body drawn into hers, and a pair of strong, lovely arms encircle me tightly. She kissed me deeply then, her warm, wet mouth covering mine, her tongue reaching far inside. I was transported to another world for I don’t know how long, with no sense of time or place. Eventually she gently disengaged, leaving me breathless.

“I have an idea,” she said, taking my hand. She walked me across the flow of the crowd, and into a narrow alley alongside the movie theater. It looked like it had once been used as a passageway to the parking lot behind, but clearly it wasn’t used that way anymore, as it was blocked at the far end by a large metal dumpster, filled with concrete chunks and drywall fragments, and topped with a broad conduit coming out of the building on the opposite side of the alley. There was no way a person could get by.

Except for one gorgeous, very large breasted superwoman person. Kitty dropped my hand and stepped up to the heavy container. She turned to see whether I was watching (how could I not?), glanced over my shoulder for witnesses, gave me a mischievous grin, and turned back to the dumpster. While facing away from me, Kitty very slowly and sexily lifted her sleeveless white blouse up over her head, exposing that long supple back, her perfect unblemished skin running from her delicate neck and shoulders right down through her impossibly narrow waist to the gentle curve of her bottom. I couldn’t see her tits, except for a tantalizing hint of side-boob on both sides, but the broadness of her upper back made it clear that she was no slouch in that department.

After tying the blouse loosely around her waist, Kitty did what I knew she was going to do: she placed her hands on the vertical front of the dumpster and pushed upward, lifting with the sheer strength in her shapely arms that fully loaded six-ton steel container until its front was over her head. I could finally see Kitty’s boobs wobble from side to side as she removed one hand and reached way under to wrap her unstoppable fingers around the center strut. Squeezing the steel into the shape of her grip, Kitty released her other hand and began to slowly lift the huge container into the air with one arm!

“Go on under,” she said over her shoulder.

It took me a minute to react, and another "Go!" from Kitty before I finally scrambled forward. But I couldn't help stopping behind her and wrapping my arms around to squeeze her spectacular tits with both hands. My cock hardened against her ass as I contemplated this beautiful, sexy young woman, who loved me unconditionally, who was now holding six tons of material over her head with a single hand and almost no effort at all. The girl was powerful beyond belief, and she loved and would always love to turn me on with her strength.

Except right now. "Hey, stop that! Go on under!" She pretended to be annoyed, but I know she enjoyed me enjoying her.

I dropped my hands and quickly ran past her, stopping only briefly to turn around and steal a kiss to the inside of her bare cleavage.

Once I was in the clear, Kitty gently lowered the dumpster behind her as she walked out of the alley. But she left it standing upright, with all of its contents spilling out onto the asphalt. “Ok to leave it like that?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I guess so, sure.” Somehow this sort of petty mischief seemed acceptable, maybe because nothing was really damaged? “But let’s get out of here before anyone connects us with your super strength games.”

I checked my watch. “Actually we’re just in time for the movie, and, um, we have to go back up the alley.”

“No problem,” giggled my lovely date, her big breasts wobbling again as she pulled her blouse back over her head. She extended her arm toward me. “Come close.”

She wrapped one arm around my waist and, lifting us both off the ground, flew us up and over the upended dumpster and its detritus, reminding me unnecessarily that the entire spectacle of a beautiful topless girl lifting six tons over her head as if it had been styrofoam had been performed entirely for my benefit. Back on the ground, we walked with arms around each others’ waists back to the movie theater.

And there we were, just another couple among many out on a Friday night date. But my date was special, and only Kitty and I knew it. My date was supremely gorgeous. My date had more understated strength in her slender arms than Earth's most powerful construction machines. My date was completely and irrevocably bound and devoted to me. I squeezed her tighter to me, feeling the softness of her breast once again on my side. This girl, whom I had created according to the exact specifications of my supergirl fantasy, was now real, standing next to me in the flesh and peering into my eyes, and she would be part of my life forever.

We found a couple of seats alone in the back of the theater. I’d already forgotten what movie we had chosen, but it didn’t matter. We wouldn’t be paying much attention to it anyway. I just hoped the metal seat backs survived the experience.

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