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RPG Girl, Chapter 7

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RPG Girl, Chapter 7

by Jay Manus

It was Stacy’s idea to go camping the following weekend. She knew of an “awesome island” off the coast of Maryland where very few people would be around. She said you could pitch a tent on the beach and watch the sunrise. Harley immediately looked it up on his laptop and was overjoyed to find that there was a part of it where ATVs were permitted. I looked over his shoulder and was intrigued by the fact that wild horses lived there. Kitty was excited to be going to a place where she wouldn't have to hide her powers.

So there we were, squeezed four across in Harley’s pickup, way too early on a Saturday morning, climbing the high bridge that linked the mainland to the island. In the back were our borrowed camping supplies and an ATV that Harley had managed to rent. We were so well prepared, except that none of us had thought to check the weather. It was cloudy and cold, with a stiff wind out of the East. But at least we were dressed for cold weather, except for Kitty, who wasn’t bothered by it at all. She wore tiny cutoff jeans that she’d hand-torn herself, displaying her endless athletically smooth legs to maximum effect, and a simple white T-shirt which was delightfully filled out by her breathtakingly large boobs. It had a V-neck too, which provided a tantalizing glimpse of her deep cleavage. She was seated between me and the window, leaving me no choice but to rest my right hand on her sexy bare leg, and her to rest her left hand on my crotch. And stroke it occasionally. None of us worried about the mismatched seat belts, knowing that Kitty would keep us safe in any accident.

We arrived at the state park and appraised the situation. There were no designated camping spots; the idea was that you simply set up your tent on the long, mostly deserted beach. We could see the beach from where we were, but it was a long way to carry our equipment.

But we had a secret weapon. “Ok,” I finally announced, “time to get going.” We all piled out of the cab, and I asked Stacy to go out to the beach and pick a spot.

“Kitty, you’ll help us get the gear out there?”

“You bet,” she nodded, and turned back to the truck. “What do you want first? The tent, the stuff bags? Oh hell. Never mind.” And then she floated the whole truck off the ground and started walking toward the flat spot that Stacy had selected, truck floating at shoulder height alongside. I chuckled at this. It was so freeing for her to be able to use her remarkable powers because nobody was around to see.

Kitty set the truck down next to Stacy. “Ok, what’s first?”

Stacy, who was the only one among us who had any experience camping, had surveyed the area and concluded that there were really no perfect sites. “We need to smooth the sand so that it’s really flat, or else we’ll be feeling the bumps and divots all night long.

“Bumps and divots? Is that something like bumps and grinds?”

Stacy just rolled her eyes.

“Never mind,” continued Kitty. “Hey, I have an idea. Come stand behind me. In fact, stand behind the truck.”

Intrigued, Stacy did as she was told. Then she watched in awe as two broadly overlapping red beams of light from Kitty’s eyes swept back and forth and up and down to blanket a roughly 40-foot square area of beach. And damned if the sand didn’t start turning red and then melt and finally begin to bubble. Kitty was boiling the sand!

Once the square pool of molten sand was bubbling evenly, the red beams stopped. Stacy could feel the heat wafting off the pool, even despite the unrelenting cold wind in her face. Kitty waited for a minute, letting it cool, Stacy guessed. It quickly stopped bubbling, but fresh sand kept blowing onto the smooth surface and melting into it.

“Gotta stop the sand,” muttered Kitty. She raised one hand in front of her, palm forward against the wind, and immediately the blowing sand began to part around Kitty’s pool to land on either side or beyond it. Kitty smiled at the success of her plan.

“This is going to take too long to cool,” she muttered again. So she puckered her lips and began to blow gently over the hot surface, repeating her earlier sweeping pattern. She was blowing directly into the stiff wind, but appeared to overwhelm it nevertheless. Pretty soon, Stacy saw the pool skin over and thicken. Kitty kept it up for quite a while as the surface cooled and returned to the more natural color of sand.

Finally Kitty turned to her friend. “Ok, it’s safe now,” she said. “It’s mostly cooled now all the way down. We may still get some warmth from it overnight though. But thats not a bad thing, I think.”

Stacy stepped tentatively out from behind the truck and walk over to the square area. She could definitely feel some warmth there still, but it was merely pleasant. The surface though was shiny. Like glass. She squatted down and lightly testing it with her fingertips, found it cool and smooth to the touch. So she stood up and walked out to the middle of the square.

"So what do you think? Flat enough? No more bumps and dibets?"

"Divots," corrected Stacy. "But now it's as hard as a stone floor. That's going to be uncomfortable too, you know?"

"Jeez, you humans. Ok, come off and give me a sec."

Stacy, remembering the boiling lava, tried to run, but her shoes immediately slipped and she found herself landing hard on her backside. Or she would have, had Kitty not telekinetically caught her and cushioned her fall. "Um, thanks for that,” said Stacy.

"No problem, Stacy. Let me help." And Stacy found herself floating off the surface and landing on two feet, a couple of yards behind Kitty.

Then the dark haired girl raised her arms like Moses parting the Red Sea, and a swarm of sand flew in from three sides to form a six-inch blanket over the shiny surface.

"You sure are handy to have around, Kitty."

Kitty only smiled. She always liked using her powers.

"So, what now?" she asked.

Stacy looked back at the truck, where Harley and I had just pulled the bagged tent out and onto the sand. I was trying to untie the draw string that held it closed. "I guess we let the guys set up the tent."

"Good," she nodded. She looked out at the crashing waves. "D'ya wanna go for a swim?"

"Um, no, too cold," replied the blond. She looked up at the ominous clouds and pulled her jacket tighter around her. "You go. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

Kitty nodded again and looked back at the truck. "Where did you guys put my bathing suit? In the stuff sack?" As she spoke, the stuff sack floated out of the truck bed and settled at Kitty's feet.

"Yeah, it's somewhere in there," said Stacy. "Careful not to get everything full of sand, ok?"

"Sure." Kitty started pulling things out of the sack, item by item, and left them floating in the air next to her. Then more things started coming out of the sack of their own accord. Eventually she came up with her two-piece orange bikini, and everything else simply dove back into the bag. “Got it,” she said, unnecessarily.

Kitty went back behind the truck to change, all the time wondering exactly who she was hiding from. Stacy was a girl, Jerry was her boyfriend and lover, so Harley? She certainly didn't mind if Harley saw her naked - in fact she didn't mind if anybody saw her naked. But Jerry had told her to keep herself covered around guys she wasn't having sex with. So maybe I should just have sex with Harley, she thought, and then I wouldn't need to hide myself from him. She considered the two-piece she had just donned. It wasn't as if there was much of her being covered. The tiny bottom covered her butt crack and just enough of her vagina to claim decency, but was otherwise just a pair of strings. The top was obviously made for someone much less well endowed than she was, as it really didn't cover much more than her nipples. For the amount of flesh that it left exposed, it might as well have not even been there. She shrugged. Some things about this world she would probably never understand.

Stacy watched Kitty step out from behind the truck. "Jerry's such a perv," she said to herself.

"Why?" Kitty was confused.

"Well, he had this idea of what a perfect woman's body would look like, and that's what he gave you. And look at you… you're all boob!"

Kitty smiled. "Oh, yeah, and a whole lot more than that!" It gave her a lot of pleasure to be reminded that she, Kitty, was the exact embodiment of her boyfriend's truest desires. In fact, it made her wet to think about it.

* * *

Harley and I had finally managed to extract the tent from its bag, and we were just spreading it out on the special surface that Kitty had created, when I heard a "whoosh" sound. I looked up just in time to see my girlfriend leap into the air, in an arc that led her into a perfect dive, 30 feet out into the churning waves. I knew she wasn't completely naked, but she sure looked that way from my perspective. God, what a body!

Harley was also watching, of course. After Kitty disappeared into the ocean, we turned back to the task at hand. "You gotta give me a chance with her," he said. "I mean, she's so perfect, I get hard just looking at her. You think she'd mind?"

"Mind? Probably not. But I would." I just couldn't see giving my girlfriend over to my best friend. Maybe we could work something out eventually, but I definitely wasn't ready for it now.

"Yeah, I figured."

The wind was making it difficult to keep the tent down, but with Stacy's help we managed to get the poles inserted and the canopy raised. I went for the stakes but immediately ran into another problem. After six inches into loose sand, Kitty's rock-hard surface was impossible to penetrate. The three of us looked at each other, but none of us had any idea what to do next. So Harley got a few heavy items out of his truck and we did our best to anchor the tent against the blowing wind while we waited for Kitty to return from her swim and rescue us.

Fortunately we didn't have to wait long. She came running up the beach, full of excitement, sand spraying high into the air behind her. I could only admire this gorgeous girl, dark hair tangled, drops of glistening water sliding down the insides of her breasts and into her cavernous cleavage, more drops forming thin streaks down her sexy legs.

It would have been natural for her to be out of breath after racing up from the ocean, but she wasn't at all. "I found a wreck!" she exclaimed. "It's right out there!" She pointed vaguely out to sea.

"Cool," said Harley. "How far out is it?"

Kitty peered at the ocean for a minute. "I guess about four miles."

"Four miles? You swam four miles out?"

"No, probably about twelve or thirteen miles. I found it on my way back."

Harley shook his head, once more amazed at this beautiful girl's power. "Did you find anything else out there?"

"Oh yes, there's an underwater cave that looks like it goes really far, but I didn't go in because I can't hold my breath that long. And an octopus. A big one, like with huge eyes and tentacles whirling all around!" I chuckled as a silly image popped into my head of the octopus trying to feel up my girlfriend's sexy body with its many arms.

"Oh, and a big ship. Like a freighter.”

That was intriguing to me… I peered out at the gray water but couldn’t see any ship. “Where was it?”

“Straight out there.” Kitty pointed pretty much where I was looking. “Oh,” she amended, “you can’t see it because it’s over the horizon.”

"You're looking through the ocean?"

She smiled brightly. "Yes! And zooming in too!"

What a girl!

Harley jumped in. "So, what did you do with the ship?"

Naturally we all wanted to know, but Kitty suddenly became uncharacteristically shy. "Well, I, um, I picked it up."

"You WHAT???" Harley immediately unlocked his phone to look up the weight of one of these cargo ships.

"Yeah," Kitty responded, "I was kind of treading water near the ship, and some guys saw me from the deck. They pointed at me, and pretty soon about 20 guys were looking. And two women, but they pretty much looked like the guys. I smiled and waved and they all waved back. It sounded like they were going to invite me on board, but then I heard them whistling and saying not-so-nice things, so I didn't want to go up there anymore. But I wanted to show them something." She stopped speaking and looked at us.

"Yes? So what did you show them?" Stacy was the one who asked this time.

"I, um, made the whole ship rise up out of the water. Like, a lot, like 50 feet or something."

"Over 200,000 tons, Kitty. You lifted 200,000 tons of cargo ship 50 feet into the air." Harley shook his head in disbelief. "Is there anything you can't lift?"

Kitty shrugged. "I don't know, I've never had to lift something that I couldn't."

My turn to pipe in. "In the game world, Kitty, you had more telekinetic power than any other being had ever had. And then you said all your powers were quadrupled by those lightning strikes."

"Yeah, well, I don't think there's anything on Earth anyway that I can't lift. I think I could move the moon too." She looked at me speculatively.

"Don't try it," I cautioned. I was thinking about the potential impact on the tides, earthquakes, volcanoes, and who knew what else. "That could be… bad."

"So anyway," Stacy continued, "what did you do next?"

"Oh, nothing really. I turned it around so it was pointing the way it came, and then set it down again in the water. Then I headed back here."

"Kitty," Stacy was serious, "Kitty, what COULD you have done, if you didn't have to worry about being good?"

She narrowed her eyes and glanced at me before answering. "Well, I COULD have crumpled the whole ship with the palm of my hand. I COULD have twisted it apart into two pieces and thrown them a hundred miles in opposite directions. I COULD have turned it upside down and dumped all the shipping containers into the sea, and then thrown the ship over the horizon. I COULD have poked big holes all over the hull and then dunked it a thousand feet under water." Kitty stopped and continued to face her friend.

There was a minute of tense silence. None of us knew what to say. I was mightily aroused by these images, but at the same time startled that she had even been thinking along these lines. Then she turned to me.

"I’m strong enough to do all those things. But I didn't do any of them. And I won't. I won't ever do that kind of thing again. I don't live in that world anymore. I live here, with you, my friends, and with real people who would get hurt and die. If there's one thing I know better than any of you it's how precious it is to be alive. I used to be part of a game. Now I'm real. I used to exist on a screen. Now I'm in the world. I love my life here, and more to the point, I've discovered that I love life. I don't ever want to lose it. And I would never take it away from anyone else either."

I closed my eyes and felt the tension gradually ebb. I opened them again and became aware of the crazy incongruity of this conversation. Here was a gorgeous, amazingly sexy young woman, huge tits, in a skimpy orange bikini no less, speaking in serious tones about tearing and throwing 200,000 ton container ships as if they were toys, and then waxing philosophical about the dearness of life.

Kitty stepped over to where I was standing, and wrapped one arm around my shoulders. I was keenly aware of her large, practically bare breast pressing against my heavy jacket.

"So don't worry," she said, and looked around at the others. "None of you have to worry." Then to Stacy, "And you cool it with the daring suggestions, ok?"

Stacy had been watching her feet during this lecture, but now she looked up at Kitty. "Ok, I got it, no more daring suggestions. But I'm not going to stop thinking about the things you can do, or even talking about them. But I won't suggest you actually do them anymore. Unless they're harmless."

"Good," responded Kitty. She looked over at the tent, teetering in the wind. "So what's going on with the tent?"

“Um, yeah,” I began, embracing the change in tone, we need to stake it down against the wind, but for SOME reason we can’t get the stakes into the ground.” I held the eight metal stakes to her.

Kitty rolled her eyes. “And you want ME to bail you out as usual, right?”

“Right! Do something super! Anything!”

The gorgeous girl stepped over to the tent and tried inserting one of the metal stakes through a grommet and into the sand, but it very quickly encountered her solid rock surface and bent over. “Hmm, I see,” she said, straightening the stake and considering.

Then she nodded. “Got it. I need your help with this, Jerry.”

I happily came close and looked over her shoulder, right down her enticing cleavage, as it turned out. She reached behind her back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall to the side.

"Um, what are you doing?"

"Get behind me and pull my breasts apart, ok?"

I of course didn't mind, but I still didn't understand. "What are you…?"

"I'm going to use some heat vision, but my tits are in the way."

"Oh. Wait, how did you look at the hole if your tits were in the way?"

"X-ray vision, remember?"

"Oh. You can’t see the ground because your tits are too big." That was cool. "I knew there was a reason I gave you X-ray vision. Ok, I got it now." I snuggled up behind her and obediently pulled her tits apart for her. Stacy and Harley couldn't help but watch all this, but I was oblivious to that, being pretty well absorbed by the task at hand (so to speak).

Then Kitty directed a super-thin high power laser beam from one of her eyes straight down through the grommet. It only lasted two seconds before she shut it off and easily slid the stake through and into the molten rock below.

"There," she said, "once that cools, this tent won't be going anywhere."

"I knew you'd come up with a perfect solution, Kitty!"

She smiled at that. Then we moved from hole to hole, repeating the procedure, until the tent was in effect permanently nailed into the rock.

Kitty put her bikini top back on and turned to the others. Stacy had been watching the spectacle of course, but Harley was mesmerized. He didn’t even realize he was staring at her tits until Kitty waved her hand in front of his face. “Harley? Are you there, Harley?” she teased.

My friend finally shook his head hard and apologized profusely.

I figured I needed to defuse his embarrassment, so I suggested he take out the ATV.

“Good idea,” said Harley, thankful for the change of subject. “Kitty, would you please take it out of the truck?”

“Certainly!” She responded enthusiastically. We turned to watch the machine rise from the truckbed, but the truck began to rise with it. “Oops,” she said, letting it fall again, “forgot to undo the chains. Do you want to do it, or should I just tear them apart?”

Harley grinned. “Much as I’d like to watch you tear apart heavy steel chains with your bare hands, I think I’d better unhook them. We’re going to need them on the way home.”

“I could weld them back together….”

Harley chuckled and shook his head. “That’s ok, I got it.” He had already climbed into the truck and was working the hooks and fasteners.

“Ok, done,” he announced, climbing back to the sand. Kitty lifted the ATV off the truck and landed it nearby.

“We can only fit two on this thing,” Harley continued, “so who wants to ride with me first?” He was looking right at Kitty when he said this; his preference was no secret.

And I thought it would be good for the two of them to spend some time together. “Why don’t you two go. Stacy and I can get the camp in shape.”

So Harley and Kitty rode off, sitting side by side, he in his jeans and Harley Davidson leather jacket, she in her skimpy orange bikini. I watched them go, mostly to get yet another look at my unbelievably sexy girlfriend, but the view was quickly obscured by sand spraying up from the rear wheels.

* * *

It was late afternoon by the time we had gotten all the sleeping bags set up, the food and cooking supplies ready, and the whole site generally organized. I had found some rocks near the parking lot and formed a fire pit, and Stacy and I were now sitting on folding chairs watching the fire we’d managed to start using the first bag of store-bought firewood, cold beers from the cooler in hand. The fire, unfortunately, was unsatisfying. Depending on where we sat it was either too smoky or not hot enough to overpower the wind. We chose a midpoint position which was at best a compromise.

“So, your mom and dad seemed to like her, eh?” asked Stacy.

“Yeah, so far. But that’s only based on what I told them about her. They haven’t met her yet.”

“What did you tell them? Did you mention her powers? Or her figure?”

I smiled wryly. “No, with my folks it’s enough to say I have a girlfriend. I told them she was nice. They’re already planning the wedding and picking out onesies for the baby.”

“You know, I suppose it’ll never happen now, but you could have had me.”

I was painfully aware of that. “Yes, I know.”

“I could never figure out why you didn’t pick up my signals. Turned out I didn’t have big enough boobs. Or superpowers. I definitely wondered about my looks, but the superpower thing never crossed my mind.”

“Well, there was that, but also I was pretty shy.”

“Ya’ don’t say! Shy is something I’ve never been. Don’t even understand it.”

"You'll always be one of my best friends though."

Apparently that wasn't the most sensitive thing to say. "Hmmff," she said, crossing her arms. "Consolation prize?" Then she uncrossed them again and grinned. "At least it's fun having a front row seat, watching this Kitty thing play out. I wonder if this has ever happened before?"

I shrugged. "Who knows? If they kept it quiet like we're doing, then I'm not sure we'd ever have heard about it."

"Of course if they hadn't kept it quiet, it would have been the biggest story in history, right?"

"Yeah, I guess, but I'd like to think Kitty is unique."

"That she is, for sure!"

* * *

As if on cue, Stacy and I both looked up to see what looked like a cloud of sand approaching us along the beach. As it neared, we could see that it was made up of a cadre of five or six cantering horses, with Harley's ATV taking up the rear. And damned if it wasn't Kitty on top of the lead animal, a beautiful, sleek black horse. She was leaning way forward, practically laying on the horse’s back, her large breasts compressed against its broad back, with her hands on either side of its snout to provide direction. As they came near, Kitty appeared to whisper something into the horse’s ear, and the whole entourage slowed and stopped directly in front of us.

“You found the wild horses!” I exclaimed, standing up and running over to her.

Kitty gracefully dismounted, landing impossibly gently on the sand. “Yep! We were riding around in the sand and we saw them grazing in the hills and —“

“YOU saw them grazing in the hills,” interjected Harley, jumping out of the ATV, “with your super duper highfalutin X-ray vision.” He turned to Stacy and me. “She points at what looks like nothing to me and yells ‘Horses!”, and before I know it she’s jumped out of the cab — and we’re driving at high speed, mind you — and running like a bat out of hell into the bush.”

Kitty took over again. “Yeah, they were grazing in a grassy spot over the hill but when they saw me they just bolted. They went back over the hill and started galloping away as fast as they could go.”

“But you kept up with them, right?” Asked Stacy.

“Oh yeah, I ran with them for a while, just watching how they ran. It was beautiful! They are so sleek and smooth, it’s like their bodies are just made for running.” She reached out and stroked the thick black mane on the horse she had been riding. “This one is the leader. The others do whatever he does.” The big horse turned his snout and snuggled her face for a second. “I think he likes me.”

“Looks like it,” I said. “So how did you end up riding him?” Unsurprisingly, none of the animals had saddles or any gear.

“Oh, I ran along side him for a while, and then just, just hopped onto his back. I don’t think he even minded. Maybe he didn’t notice because he’s just so big compared to me.”

I didn’t know much about horses, but this one did seem to be impressively large.

“And what was that ear whispering?” asked Stacy. “Are you suddenly able to talk to animals? Is that another one of your superpowers?”

Kitty shook her head. “No, at least I never could before. But he seemed to understand me when I told him to slow down and stop here and that you all were friends. I don’t know, maybe it was just my tone of voice, you know? Like the way you can quiet a dog by speaking calmly to him.”

Indeed, they were wild horses, but they all seemed to be content with standing here quietly with us. I reached up and stroked one of the others. He didn’t even flinch. “Well,” I said, “you do seem to have a way with them.”

“Maybe it’s because I could run as fast as them. Maybe they’re thinking I’m like, one of them.”

“Just another wild horse?” That was kind of an exciting thought.

“Yeah. Well, I don’t know.” She looked over at the dying fire. “So what’s for dinner?”

We all looked at Stacy. She was by no means a gourmet cook, she didn’t even like cooking — but then again, none of us did. However, she’d drawn the short straw, so she had the job for this weekend.

“Yeah,” she said, peering at the setting sun. “Somebody get that fire going again.” She started rummaging through the cooler.

“I can boil the water for you,” offered Kitty helpfully, reaching her bare hand into the fire to rearrange the burning logs.

* * *

Our tent was “family size,” meaning you could sleep four people in it, surprisingly comfortably, and it had an extra roll-out awning out front with two supporting poles. We had borrowed it from the father of a friend. It was a little old. Well, it was ancient. He had camped in it with his family as a kid. It was made of heavy canvas, and there was no rain fly.

None of this would really have been a problem if it hadn’t started raining during the night. Turns out that canvas only keeps the water out if you never touch it with your finger from the inside. If you do, then that spot becomes a conduit for a continuous drip.

So it was still dark out when I woke with my face in a puddle of warm water — warm, because we were still getting some heat from the cooling lava deep beneath our tent. But it still was very uncomfortable. To my left I could hear Stacy’s gentle breathing and Harley’s occasional snort. Kitty was awakened by my sudden movement, and immediately saw my predicament. She motioned me to climb into her sleeping bag with her, which I did as quietly as possible. Once there we lay facing each other, arms around each others’ bodies. No way my dick wasn’t going to be hard in this position, and Kitty reached one hand down between us to toy with it. She wasn’t wearing any panties under the oversized T-shirt she had donned for the night, so I pulled closer and gently slid my aching boner into her warm vagina, and she helped draw me in with a powerful hand on my lower back and a small telekinetic lift to accommodate my narrower hips. There we fell asleep again, listening to the steady patter of raindrops and the gentle rhythm of the waves.

* * *

By the time we were all awake, we had missed the sunrise. But we were grateful for the bright sunlight and still air. Harley had been the first to rise, and had dutifully gotten the fire going again. When Kitty and I peeked out of the tent we saw him sitting on a piece of driftwood with Stacy, who was huddled inside her blanket, aromatic steam rising from the mug of hot coffee in her hand. As I watched I saw her lean her head on Harley’s shoulder, and Harley respond by wrapping his tattooed arm around her shoulders. Whoa, something was going on there!

Kitty poked my side and whispered, “coffee?”

I nodded and started to slide out of the sleeping bag, but she stopped me with her strong hand. Then I saw the other two mugs rise silently from the supplies box, to meet the coffee urn in mid air. The urn poured its contents into the two mugs and set itself down, and the mugs floated over to our outstretched hands. Not for the first time, I thought about how handy it was to have Kitty along on a camping trip!

Later, once we’d all had our fill of instant oatmeal with raisins and had packed the dishes and cookware in ziplock bags to clean up at home, Harley asked Kitty to tell us more about the wreck she ran across.

“It was in surprisingly good shape,” she said. “It was made out of wood, so probably pretty old. A lot of underwater plants growing around it and, you know, through the portals and such. Oh, and weird fish swimming in and out of it.”

“Was there a treasure? Could you see any jewels or gold?”

She shook her head. “I actually didn’t look, so maybe, but I don’t know.”

Harley seemed really interested. “I wish I had my scuba gear,” he said. “I’d love to go out there and explore it.”

“I think it might be too deep for you, Harley. It was pretty far down there.”

“Um,” began Stacy, “maybe you could bring it here.” She and Kitty both looked at me for approval.

I shrugged. “Can’t think of anything wrong with that,” I said, not without a certain amount of relish, “so sure, go ahead.”

Kitty awarded me a huge smile, and then took Stacy’s hand and walked her down to the water, while Harley and I watched from afar.

The two girls talked for a while though, the water lapping at their feet.

“I’d like to try to explain something,” began the shorter girl.

“I know,” Kitty nodded encouragingly.

“Um, it’s about when I asked you about that cargo ship.”

Kitty nodded again.

“You see, I guess I’m just really envious of your powers. I was kind of… wishing you’d done something really big, so you could tell us about it. Then it would be almost like I was there with you, or almost as if it were me doing it. I guess that’s what they call ‘vicarious.’”

“I know,” repeated Kitty, even more gently. “I do get it, that people in this world would like to have powers like mine. You’re not the only one. That’s one of the reasons Jerry doesn’t want me to call attention to myself. He’s afraid people would try to use me, or manipulate me, or whatever. Force me to use my powers in a way that’s wrong. In the game world there were even magicians who could steal or suppress my powers, which is why he spent so many points on my defense against magic.”

“Well,” asked Stacy hesitantly, “is there any way you could give me just a little bit of your power? Maybe just for a few minutes, just so I can know what it feels like?”

Kitty shook her head sadly. “I don’t know of any way to do that. In the game world there might have been an honest magician who knew a spell, but as I said, Jerry spent a lot of capital shielding me from that sort of thing. And out here, there aren’t even any magicians. So no, I don’t think I can do that.”

Stacy tried to put a brave face on her disappointment. She shrugged and said, “Yeah, didn’t think so. It was a long shot anyway.”

“But maybe we could try something,” offered Kitty hopefully. “Suppose you do the hand motions, and I make them happen?”

“You mean, like, I pretend to lift something with my hand, and you make it rise?”

“Yes, like that. Or move something, or crush something. Whatever you want. Only it can’t be something that hurts people.”

Stacy nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, that could be fun.”

“It won’t feel the same, though. When I lift something telekinetically, I can sort of sense its weight or its resistance. You won’t feel that. It will seem more like a game to you.”

“That’s fine,” Stacy responded, beginning to feel excited. “Let’s try it and see how it goes.”

“Ok! Go ahead and point to something.”

Stacy looked out at the endless waves. “Um, there’s nothing there.”

“How about the water?”

“Oh, ok.” She looked out again at the sea. “How about I just make a huge splash?”

“Whatever turns you on, honey.”

Still holding Kitty’s hand, Stacy raised her free arm as high as it would go, made a fist, and then crashed it down as hard as she could. And she was rewarded with an enormous splash, centered maybe a hundred yards out, which threw torrents of water all the way back to the beach and drenched the two girls.

“Oops!” Stacy put her hand in front of her mouth.

Kitty just laughed. “That was fun!”

Then Stacy sobered. “Hey, look at you!” She was staring at Kitty’s tits. “You could win any wet T-shirt contest, looking like that.”

Kitty looked down at her chest and laughed. She turned back to face me and called, "Hey, Jerry, wet T-shirt contest!"

I looked up at her, and sure enough, her T-shirt was soaked through and through, and it left nothing to the imagination. Big, round boobs plastered to the inside of the material, dark areola and large nipples tenting the fabric, which in any case left most of her sexy midriff bare. She was a sight to behold!

Glancing over at Harley I saw that he was also beholding the sight. Kitty followed my gaze and quickly recognized her mistake. "Um, Stacy," she said turning to her friend, "you don't look so bad yourself! Turn around and show them what runner-up looks like!"

Stacy smiled and turned. Of course her boobs couldn't compare to Kitty's, but they were definitely big and sexy. Even I would have found her attractive if I hadn't been so spoiled by Kitty.

But the redirection had its intended effect. "What do you say we go keep the girls company?" Harley asked me.

"Sure thing!" And we walked down to the water where they were standing. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around my girlfriend, and Harley, amazingly, did the same to Stacy. Kitty and I were both gratified to see them kiss passionately.

After a few moments, Harley pulled away, a little self-consciously, and a little surprised himself. “Um,” he coughed, “how ‘bout that shipwreck, eh?”

Kitty recognized her cue. “Right,” she nodded. “Stacy, come stand over here next to me.” Stacy obliged, and Kitty took her friend’s wrist and pointed it out to sea, adjusting it slightly to the left after squinting for a second. “Now turn your palm up, you know, like you’re lifting something. Again Stacy obliged, an expression of anticipation dawning on her face.

“Ok, now lift. Very slowly - we don’t want to break it.”

The blond girl peered out over the water as she ever so slowly raised her hand. But when nothing seemed to be happening she glanced at her taller companion. “Not working,” she said.

“It is! Just keep going the way you’re going. It won’t be much longer.”

Stacy nodded and tried to concentrate. “But I don’t feel anything.”

Kitty looked over. “Yeah, doesn’t seem real, does it. That’s what I was afraid of. Let’s try this…”

Suddenly Stacy’s hand dropped a few inches, and she seemed to struggle to raise it back up again. “Whoa, now that feels like I’m lifting something. Something heavy!”

Both girls smiled - One with satisfaction and one with glee - as a tiny dark object suddenly appeared just over the sharp line of the distant horizon, and then continued to rise until a clear separation could be seen.

“You’ve got it about a hundred feet up in the air now. You can stop lifting.”

“Wow, that much?” asked Stacy.

“Yeah, remember, it was beyond the horizon.”

“Oh yeah. So what now?”

“Now we bring it home. Cup your hand and make like you’re holding it in your palm.” Stacy did, and Kitty continued, “Now pull your arm toward you.”

Harley and I watched, mesmerized, as an old, splintered and broken boat floated through the air toward us and then, under Stacy’s careful guidance, set down gently on the beach beside us.

Remarkable as the wreck was, we all looked at Stacy, who clapped her hands and jumped up and down with excitement. Her final jump landed her into a surprised supergirl’s arms, and they both started jumping happily! “That was SO COOL!” exclaimed Stacy as they came down from an unnaturally high one and finally let go of each other. “Let’s go see what we’ve got here.”

I stood back and let my three friends explore the thing, Harley hoping for some kind of treasure chest filled with gold and jewels, the girls just fascinated with the novelty of it all.

Me, I was thinking about Kitty again, about how she really did have feelings - excitement about the wreck, happiness for Stacy’s joy, caring about her friendship and her friend’s anguish. I tried to think back about Kitty in the game world. Did she have feelings there? She certainly liked to have sex, liked to have fun with her powers, and seemed to feel frustration, anger, satisfaction and so forth, but she didn't really have relationships, except on a transactional basis. Maybe that's what made her different now, more, well, more human. It matters that she cares about people. It helps make her whole. It helps make her someone who could be loved, as opposed to someone who could only be and enjoyed.

Kitty glanced over and caught me watching. She winked at me and went back to her current challenge - a stuck hatch that Harley had asked her to punch a hole through.

And yeah, Kitty loved me. Definitely not something that could ever happen in the game world, where hot sex was the closest thing to love. Not that hot sex was so terrible! But the real thing with an amazing girl who could really love me back, and who happened to have superpowers, was something else entirely.

Yep, I like the way things have turned out.

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Added to favorites, very nice that this story didn't die but came back.
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Wow! Great update!

Hope Kitty can really show Jerry how she will destroy cars, busses, trucks, rigs, and maybe tanks at a junk yard but of course alone and no one around.

She can use her super strength to destroy them. She can also show how she...
Wow! Great update!

Hope Kitty can really show Jerry how she will destroy cars, busses, trucks, rigs, and maybe tanks at a junk yard but of course alone and no one around.

She can use her super strength to destroy them. She can also show how she would use her breasts and nipples to slowly destroy them.
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Amazing work! Keep it going!
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