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Help! My Mom Wants to Take Over the World! – Chapter 1

Written by Glaazius :: [Thursday, 01 December 2022 10:30] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 12 January 2023 17:19]


I’ve been a frequent visitor of this website for the last few years. I’m originally a lover of giantesses but came in contact with this wonderful niche through the work of papayoya. Now I’m in love with it!

I really enjoy all the content that is being created here.

I have a Patreon page where I mainly write giantess-related stories. Now, I also write stories about evil supergirls. The balance is 50/50 now. Whereby some stories have a mix of both.
So if you’re interested, take a look!

I write stories just like this one and Age of Mackenzie (a story I posted earlier)

English is not my first language, but after a few years of practice, I believe I’ve reached an acceptable level.

Help! My mom wants to take over the world!

Edited by Amber collins

Blessed with having the only superheroine on the planet, Grantstone City thrives on having the lowest crime rate in the world.

Vanity Girl was her hero's name. A dark-haired bombshell of a woman, packed with ample grey matter to perform her function as a victim advocate next to her heroic duties to a tee.

As one would expect from someone having such a job, Clara – her real name – had a strong sense of justice.

So it was only a logical next step for Clara to pick up the cape and start flying around Grandstone City to save the innocent and fight crime.

After touching a meteorite during a hike with a friend that crashed down in the woods, Clara discovered that she now possessed Kryptonian-like abilities.

Next to a vast array of other powers, Clara could outfly a Foxhound fighter jet, was able to lift more than any human-made machinery could measure, could ignite all-devouring wildfires and frightful explosions from a country mile away with just a sheer look of her red-beams-blasting-eyes and was virtually invulnerable to any harm humanity could throw at her.

Terry, her fifteen-year-old son, could not have been prouder. Being the only boy in the world with a mother who could stop a runaway train carrying toxic cargo rumbling its way toward a child hospital with just one arm was definitely something you could boast about at school. And that was just her first heroic deed – which, by the way, gave her instant public recognition. However, many more followed after that, with the prevention of a natural disaster by blowing back a category 5 hurricane to the open sea with just her pursed lips as Clara's most impressive deed.

Clara was loved and adored by many and a much-requested guest in well-watched talk shows. She was a worldwide phenomenon, and everyone wanted to have a piece of her.

And lucky for Terry, as her son, he gets the whole piece, rather he likes it or not. Even after being blessed with her superpowers and receiving global veneration, Clara never ceased to be a loving mother, or so she tried. But being at the center of the world felt just too nice for Clara. So with time, Clara gradually lost sight of her son and his struggles during daily life.

As always on Monday mornings, Terry hurried down the stairs, clutching his schoolbag, and hastily concocted some simple breakfast he could wolf down so he could grab his bike to reach the classroom before the bell rang.

"Fuuuuck!" Terry bellowed as a bowl of cereal clattered on the kitchen tiles, leaving a smudgy mess after stirring it too rashly.

"Everything alright, dear?" Clara said from the couch in the living room.

Terry snorted. "What does it sound like?!"

Terry never got used to Clara's new day and night cycle. His mother barely slept anymore, perhaps two or three hours per night tops. Yet, Clara always appeared rested and fresh, like she'd just returned from a weekend of being pampered at a wellness retreat. He peeked sneakily around the corner and saw his mother casually sitting there, reading some magazines while looking impeccable as always.

Terry could not help himself as he admired his mother's unending and sculpted legs resting on a side table. It was a thing he did often, marveling over the sight of his mother's unearthly physical appearance since her ascension, but not in some sexual way.

That he left to others, like his friends at school, the neighbors, and even his graying teachers. Heck, sometimes it seemed like everyone in the city was drooling over his mom. Terry could not blame them. At 34 years old, Clara was already an entrancing presence who could easily compete with pulchritudinous ladies in their twenties. However, after Clara's ascension – which made her appear at least 10 years younger than her chronological age – the beauty contest wasn't fair anymore.

Her already stately legs transformed overnight into two impressively sculptured pillars, showcasing their unmatched power and feminine beauty. Clara's belly – which was already zealously harvesting some good grams of baby fat – now looked like it belonged to the heavily toned abdomen of a prestigious fitness model in a Women's health magazine. It seemed like it could bounce off bullets – and in this case, it could.

Two deliciously-looking gravity-defying spheres adorn Clara's chest. However, Clara's flawless face was the centerpiece of her enhanced being, with eyebrows that looked a bit thicker than usual, giving her appearance a mysterious look.

They matched perfectly with the symmetrical qualities of her full, red-shaded lips, cute button nose, and naturally lifted cheekbones that gave her countenance a come-hither look that brought every man to his knees.

Nonetheless, Clara would always say that her gorgeous black hair – carrying a slight tint of red – flowing down her back was her true pride. Just gawking at it made every sane person desire to plunge their fingertips into it to indulge in the velvety touch of its strands.

Terry saw his mother wearing a tight-fitting red dress emphasizing her curves. It had a split on both sides, ending high up her thighs.

Looking from the mess on the floor to the time on his mobile phone, Terry made an important conclusion: He would never make it in time to school. Which meant…

"Uhm… mom?" Terry asked with his sweetest voice.

"I'm not going to fly you to school, dear," Clara answered the question she already knew would come.

"But, Mom! Mister Jenkins said I could sit on the floor for the rest of the year if I would be late again!"

"Then you better bring a pillow along." Clara casually turned a page.

"Aw! Come on!" Terry stomped his foot. "It will only take you like 1 minute back and forth. You'll be reading your magazine in no time."

"3 minutes, dear. Your fragile body would never be able to withstand such velocities. But, the answer is still no."

"Fine!" Terry crossed his arms and turned his back towards his mother. "Have fun being heroic to everyone else but me!"

An inscrutable chuckle escaped from Clara's mouth.

"Hmm?" Terry cocked his brow as he looked over his shoulder.

"I'm afraid there will be no act of medal-earning heroism today, dear. Perhaps never again." Clara said.

Terry turned towards his mother, looking curious.

"Then what is it you're going to do, mom? Heroic stuff is what you always do. It's what you live for."

Clara shrugged. "Nothing out of the ordinary, son. I'm just going to take over the world for a change."

The faint sound of a rooster crowing his morning serenade a few blocks away crept through an open window when Terry simply gawked at his mother in silence after hearing such an unexpected and preposterous intention.

Clara looked up from her magazine when her son started guffawing loudly.

"Something funny here?" she said, staring back at him, looking death seriously.

"Yes! You are!" Terry pierced his index finger at his mother while grasping his belly with laughter.

"I think you should go to school now, son," Clara said curtly.

"Oh, Dear?" Clara said when Terry wanted to walk off while still chuckling like a stuttering garden hose. "I heard that the other kids at school are calling you names, for me being your mother and all."

Terry's laughter vanished like shadow under the glare of the sun.

"I want you to know that I'm here for you. It's time for some proper respect, don't you agree?" Clara added.

"You don't know anything about me, mom!" Terry's eyes brimming with tears of laughter, were now glittering with fury. The front door slammed closed as Terry barged outside.

"I can't believe she said that! What the hell does she think anyway?!" Terry gave a kick against an emptied can of coke, tinkling over the pavement.

"You think she's serious? I mean, about her taking over the world and all?" Stephanie, Terry's best friend and secret crush, said as they walked home through a park adjacent to the school.

Terry scoffed. "Of course, she isn't! She's full of crap, is what she is!"

"Failure! Hey, Failure, wait up!"

Terry looked over his shoulder and showed a mopey face when Bruto – the school's bully – came running up to him.

Here we go again.

He slammed his hand against his forehead.

Chubby Bruto rested his elbows on his knees, catching his breath before he was able to talk after taking a jog of roughly 50 meters.

"Yes *huff-puff* glad that *huff-puff* I'm just in time to *huff-puff* to catch you in time, Failure." Bruto stood up, looming a head higher above an already above-average tall Terry.

"What can I do for you, Bruto," Terry reluctantly said while sighing.

"Here," Bruto reached his hand out with a forceful thrust into Terry's stomach, squeezing the air out of his lungs.

"What's this?" Terry looked puzzled at the piece of fumbled paper dropping in his hand.

"None of your business, Failure! Just give it to that hot mom of yours!"

"His name's Terry, you know," Stephanie scowled.

"Shut it, slut!" Bruto screamed in Stephanie's face, fluttering her eyes as a glob of spit landed on the girl's cheek.

"Listen, Bruto, no offense," Terry said in a soothing voice. "but I don't think my mom has time to come to your birthday party this evening. Because you see, she's busy trying to take over the–"

Before Terry knew it, he keeled over on the ground, gasping for air after one of Bruto's meaty fists connected with his stomach.

"You better see to it, Failure!" Bruto spat down on a groaning Terry. "I already told my friends she would be coming. If I lose, you lose!"

"You already lost the moment you were born," Terry wheezed through the pain, igniting a chuckle from Stephanie. He screeched out when Bruto landed a kick against his ribs.

"Remember this pain you're feeling right now, Failure!" Bruto blared in Terry's ear. "Because it will be a joy compared to what I'm going to do to you if your mother ain't standing at my doorstep at zero-eight-zero-zero hours tonight!"

"That's morning, doofus."

Terry groaned when another kick landed against his ribs before Bruto walked off.

Stephanie knelt down to help Terry up. "Everything all right?"

"Ugh, I'm used to it by now." Terry wheezed, scrambling back to his feet.

"Why are they calling you, Failure anyway?"

Terry gave a faint chuckle. "Those idiots are convinced that my mother is a Goddess. And seeming that she spawned me as her son, and they find me a loser, well… that can only be a failure on my mother's part. At least, according to their idiotic logic."

"I'm sorry," Stephanie said meekly.

"Don't be! I know better."

"I don't find you a loser. I thought you were really brave," Stephanie placed a comforting hand on Terry's shoulder and gave him a warm, charming smile.

Terry gave a faint smile. Suddenly, he felt emboldened enough to finally make a move on the girl he had the hots for.

"Hey, listen, Stephanie, how would you like to—"

"Oh my God!" Stephanie covered her mouth with her hand. "Look at this! Someone just destroyed the Pentagon!" She handed over her phone.

Terry took over the phone and saw live footage taken from a news helicopter of a wasted site where once the Pentagon stood. He also saw filmed material taken from a mobile phone where a figure in the sky was shooting red beams from its eyes at a domestic defense system.

A loud bang made Terry and Stephanie look up into the sky. There they saw a tiny dot emerging on the horizon, becoming swiftly bigger as it approached in a rapid pace.

"Is that your mom?" Stephanie said, pointing up into the sky.

Terry gaped up as his mother flew over them at dazzlingly high speed. She was being tailed by three fighter jets launching missiles at her.

"Oh my God, it'sactuallyhappening." Stephanie brought out in an awed whisper.

Terry eyed Stephanie. "What did you say?" he asked, even though he had heard her words clearly.

Stephanie looked back at him with guilt-ridden eyes. "Oh, uhm, I said all of this is so awful! She needs to be stopped!"

Terry scowled while looking up at the point in the sky where his mother had vanished on the horizon.

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Can't wait for the sequels! Great work on the story!!
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Thanks for the kind words!
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So I assume this story is a WIP?

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Thanks for liking the story!
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Great story, hope to see more!
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Love it. The title got me immediately.
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I hope I can often see your articles in the future. I like the evil beautiful superman
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Great start!
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