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Help! My Mom Wants to Take Over the World! – Chapter 2

Written by Glaazius :: [Thursday, 12 January 2023 10:38] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 15 January 2023 09:32]

Enjoy part 2 of Help! My mom wants to take over the world!

Clara visits a media center.

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After easily giving multiple fighter jets – hell-bent on taking her down – the slip, Clara descended and landed amidst a parking lot belonging to a media center.

A few employees and visitors who were busy parking their cars took note of Clara's arrival and recognized her. They immediately came walking up to her, greeting her, asking for an autograph, or simply pulling a phone out of their pockets to get on a selfie with her.

Clara, who was ever polite and leisurely in public, took her time to greet her fans.

Most bystanders, however, probably the ones who were better informed about recent disastrous events, kept their distance while looking with a fearful glance at the world's only superheroine who had done awful things this morning, according to the media.

"Thank you! Love you all! I'm sorry, I have to go now," Clara smiled and waved charmingly while prying herself free from the flock of fans. She walked to the head entrance, where a security officer greeted her.

The officer, who stood watching TV with a mug in his hand, perked up." V-vanity girl?"

"In the flesh!" Clara's eyes twinkled with joy.

The security officer, whose name was Mike, looked uncertainly at the TV on the wall broadcasting the latest news before averting his eyes back to Clara. They stared at each other in silence as the words' global threat' and 'public enemy' resounded from the television's speaker.

Mike was the first who broke the silence. "I-I have always been a huge fan of you, V-Vanity girl,"

"Announce my arrival," Clara said curtly with a smile before straddling past a petrified Mike, who did nothing to stop this unauthorized person – who also happened to be the most powerful woman on the planet – from entering the building.

After gaping at Clara pushing a button to summon the elevator, he lurched into action and informed his superior.

Under the enjoyment of a Mozart masterpiece coming from a speaker mounted on the ceiling, Clara looked jaded at the panel in the elevator, ping-flashing dots to indicate which floor they were passing. Studio 4 is where she needed to be, which happened to be on the 12th floor.


The 12th floor. The doors slid open. Six security officers holding guns with shivering hands greeted her. None dared to say something when Clara walked past them like they did not exist. They carefully shuffled behind her, guns poised, like trembling mice approaching a hungry cat as Clara walked up to a front desk.

"Excuse me, miss," Clara placed her arm on the counter while smiling down upon a young lady huddling like a ball behind a chair. "Would you be so kind as to tell me where I'll be able to find studio 4?"

An arm jutted out above the chair, pointing in a specific direction.

"Thank you, miss. Have a nice day," Clara gave a friendly wave before walking off in the direction the lady pointed.

The six security guards still shuffled behind her on her heels, doing nothing but aiming their guns at her back.

Clara tapped a woman on the shoulder who stood near a camera crew filming a talk show. "I'm sorry to interrupt you during your duty, miss. But I was told that this is studio 4, is that correct?"

The woman whirled around, her gaze wide with shock, as she shifted her view from Clara to the armed guards doing nothing and then back to Clara again.

"I, uhm… Yes, t-that's correct. This is studio 4."

"Wonderful!" Clara wanted to take a few steps forward to get a better view of what was going on in the studio, then stopped when a hand was placed on her chest.

The woman looked amazed by her own audacity of trying to cease the world's strongest woman from entering the set. "S-sorry," she pulled her hand back like she'd just touched a sizzling frying pan. "It's just that we're broadcasting live right now." She grinned uncomfortably.

"I know, honey," Clara smiled. "That's exactly why I needed to be at studio 4."

The small audience of about 80 men watched with wonder as Vanity girl suddenly entered the set. Clara walked up to the raised platform where some minor celebrity sat chatting on a couch with the talkshow's host, David Digitgal.

With his mouth full of gleaming white composite veneers and a haircut that resembled that of Elvis, David was about to blurt out some corny joke to ridicule his guest when he saw Clara walking up to him, followed by a flock of six security guards with guns doing nothing.

"Hiiii!" Clara smiled and waved exuberantly as if her sudden arrival was intended. "I feel shonored to be here, David!"

Quick-witted David looked swiftly from Clara to the guards, to the director standing on the sideline merely shrugging, then back to Clara again and adapted to the situation.

"Give it up for Vanity girl, ladies and gentlemen!" David stood up and greeted Clara with a handshake, a kiss on the cheek and some cheesy joke about her magnificent physical appearance.

The confused audience was urged to stand up and applaud, which they did.

"Make room for the lady, Ralph." David prodded his guest – who regarded himself a far greater talent than he actually was – with a nonchalant wave of the hand to move over to the far side of the couch.

Clara, dressed in a brilliant red dress, took a seat and crossed her bare, luscious legs while looking around with a dazzling smile, soaking up the applause given in her honor.

"Well, Vanity girl, quite the entourage you have there." David eyed the half circle of guards with guns standing behind the couch, doing nothing but aiming its barrel at her.

"These lads are your security guards, actually, David. And if I may be so bold, they are not doing a very good job if you ask me. They haven't even made a proper attempt to stop me from entering this building."

"Well, youarean unstoppable force, are you not?" David chuckled, igniting a chuckle from the audience.

Clara joined the chuckle. "Valid point. But still. You didn't see me back down when confronted with stopping a meteorite from colliding with our planet. I still groped in the dark about my capabilities back then and wasn't even sure if I would survive such an ordeal. But I did it anyway. And I'm a woman!"

"A very sexy and invulnerable woman," David winked. The audience laughed.

Clara laughed with them. "May very well be. But I still think that the superiors of these so-called guards should review their performance."

David chuckled. "I'll leave that to the geezers upstairs. For now, let's just dismiss them, shall we?"

"My pleasure!" Clara said.

David waved the guards away. Some looked uncertainly at the head of security standing out of frame. They shuffled off when the latter gave an approving nod.

"What would you like to talk about, Vanity girl?" David asked.

"Funny you should ask, David. Because I'm very keen on talking about the future of humanity."

"The future of humanity?" David cocked a brow. "Please explain."

"Of course. It is my humble opinion that the world should be governed more efficiently to allow humanity to reach its full potential. We are too divided. All people do these days is worrying about maintaining their borders and beliefs while dealing with neighboring nations. While we would probably be able to colonize Mars like 30 years ago if we could transcend our disputes and focus on what's important."

"Which is?" David asked.

"Progress, David! Progress."

"And what would you suggest we do then, Vanity girl? What intervention would boost humanity's progress according to your philosophy?"

"Simple. A globally centralized government. One with authority to impose policy changes to the rest of the world that must be adhered."

"And is this government to be comprised of representatives from different countries?" David asked.

Clara laughed. "No need for that, David. One person should suffice for the job,"

"One person, you say?" David couldn't contain his laughter. "Whose shoulders must be strong enough to bear the weight of the world's problems?"

"Well, I happen to have very strong shoulders, David," Clara tapped her shoulder and winked with a smile.

"You? Sole ruler of the world." David's brows arched.

"Mmm," Clara nodded proudly while taking a sip from a glass of wine that wasn't served for her.

David gulped. "Do these recent, disastrous events that occurred just now have anything to do with this, if I may ask?"

"Oh, that?" Clara chuckled. "Nah, that was just me goofing around."

"And goofing around for you is destroying buildings and killing innocent people?" David said.

"I was pulling punches, actually. If Ireallywant to give it a go, David, I could wipe entire cities off the map between breakfast and lunch."

David started to sweat. "What is it you want, Vanity Girl?"

"Power, David. I want to have all the power in the world. I want to be the boss of all bosses. I want everyone to answer to me and me alone. I want to be adored and worshipped. I want every single nation, state or independent settlement or city in the world to hand over their sovereignty to me before midnight. And mark my words, people," Clara was looking directly into the camera now. "Every self-governing society who refuses to heed this demand will officially be at war with me.

"And here is a glimpse of what it means to be at war with me."

Clara's eyes became fiery red orbs, giving her an ominous appearance. She gazed out a vast window mounted behind them in the wall, granting them a panoramic view of the city.

"Aaaaaaargh!!" Clara screamed as her eyes unleashed two devastatingly luminous red beams wrecking a good chunk of the outer wall. The blast was aimed at an office tower standing stately among a cluster of high rises in the distance. The upper half exploded on impact. Clara strained her eyes, intensifying the beam's force. The epicenter of her destructive energies expanded drastically, easily covering a sheer radius of at least a kilometer wide in the city's downtown area. At least 25 more buildings exploded, turning to ashes while exposed to withering forces capable of raising the temperature of the sun's core if the wish was there.

“God!!!” Clara heaved as if on the verge of a sexual eruption. “Where is my Satisfyer?!" Her eyes turned back to normal.

David sat slumped speechless in his chair, gaping with eyes brimming with shock at the devastation he witnessed on the horizon through the hole in the wall Vanity girl's eyes caused.

Screams of terror and sirens rang faintly in the distance, their sound carried on the breezing wind.

After that, Clara stood up and walked off, wishing every shocked face she'd met a lovely day on her way out.

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Very well written. Hopefully the real action will start in subsequent chapters!
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Thanks! Much action to come indeed!
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Hope chapter three is coming soon!! 👍👍
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Its already available on my patreon, but I will post it here not too long from now.
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Wow I am really loving this. If you don't mind me asking, is there any particular direction you're trying to go to in this story?
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Well, although I do have a conclusion in mind, the road to it still has to be determined.
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Yess! I realy love it!
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It will be interesting to read how Terry reacts to this. How will his life change?
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Oh, his life will change. Don't you worry about that ;)
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Really enjoyed this chapter. Keep em coming!
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