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Super Soldiers, Part 3

Written by Scrobthefancyturtle :: [Tuesday, 24 January 2023 21:58] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 28 January 2023 13:47]

Chapter three – The big plan

The next day felt easier for Lydia. The conversation she had with Bradly had sunk in and she began to feel better about what happened. The Trials of the day seemed easier for her to, too easy in fact. She watched her fellow teammates as they struggled to do the same tasks that she had done near effortlessly. Had she really become this powerful?

Her suspicions were strengthened when she had noticed the new custom training set designed for the team. The barbell resembled an industrial pressing machine that was used for crushing cars but designed to display how many tonnes it was pushing down with.

Bradly and James could now each lift around 3-4tons, Alex could manage around 6-7 but Lydia could easily lift over 20. Just how strong was she?

It wasn’t just strength, however. When it came to speed Lydia was now the fastest by quite a large margin. The men could run around 40mph and Alex at 75. But Lydia maxed out the machine when she found she could easily run over 200. There where no other words, she could only describe it as bizarre.

Standing in a line in front of a group of scientists, they were called on one by one to test their durability. She was the last to be called and she soon saw why. Her other teammates could manage small calibre rounds no problem and Bradly was the only one to bruise when shot with a high calibre weapon. Lydia however wasn’t even tested against small handguns. She went straight to full auto machine guns.

The scientists didn’t hold back at all. After Lydia was told where to stand, they began to unload on her. It was a strange feeling. She could see their growing frustration as they tried to get just something to harm her. She felt the impact of each bullet as it bounced off her smooth skin, ripping her clothes to shreds and revealing her abs. Each bullet felt like a rain drop to her, so she asked the scientists to start aiming all over her body. It wasn’t because she was bored, it was because she realised what she was feeling. It was pleasure.

While the bullets hitting her flat stomach didn’t hurt her in any way, it did feel really good. So, what’s the harm in finding out how it felt to have bullets bounce of her legs, or neck, or her breasts? And when the bullets finally arrived, she had trouble trying to hide her satisfaction as each deadly projectile bounced harmlessly off her chest. It was the best feeling. So much so she bit her lip and began to moan quietly to herself.

She wasn’t as subtle as she thought, and the scientists soon realised what was happening. But because Lydia looked and sounded the way she did, and the bullets had done their job at removing a good portion of her shirt. The scientists didn’t mind carrying on. And to Lydia’s growing gratitude, they began shooting her with higher calibre rounds in her most sensitive places.

Lydia got lost in herself, she moaned louder and louder. Each moan rewarded with more pleasure to her nipples and her most private parts. That is, until the scientists had run out of ammunition to everyone’s disappointment.

Lydia wasn’t done however, and she planned to finish what the scientists had started. She began to pleasure herself and shouted at the scientists for more. Not wanting the show to be over, they also scrambled in search for anything that may work against her. One of the scientists had retrieved a rocket launcher and asked for the go ahead. Lydia didn’t care, she needed more and she shouted at the scientist to shoot her.

Complying, the man aimed and fired at her chest. She didn’t even realise she was shot at until the rocket had exploded on her right breast. She felt the case of the explosive crush against her infinitely harder mound and the heat of the explosion had engulfed her.

The shockwave of the rocket had reached every part of her body and she was raised from the ground.

“More!” she ordered. And the scientist complied. Shooting her again but this time he had aimed for her crotch. The explosive had hit its mark and again she was engulfed with heat and pleasure that was enough to send her over the edge, screaming in satisfaction. Panting to catch her breath she looked at the scientists only to see that she wasn’t the only one who had lost themselves to passion. She had also noticed a look of shock and awe from one of the scientists who managed to compose herself quicker than her male counterparts.

“What?” she asked. Looking down to herself, surprised to see that not only was she completely nude. She was also hovering about a foot from the ground.

Falling to her knees almost as easily as she had started floating, she quickly covered herself as she realised what she had done.

Leaving the room embarrassed and wearing a sweater and lab coat the female scientist kindly offered her. She booked it back to her room to change her clothes and re-joined her teammates for dinner in the atrium.

“How’d it go?” Asked James as she sat down.

“Not bad.” She answered fiddling around with the sweater the Lady had offered her.

She was about to leave and return it when she found a hastily scribbled note in its pocket saying

“Keep the sweater and call me 😉 Jenny.” along with the lady’s number.

“What’s that say?” Asked Bradly reaching for the note,

“It’s nothing.” Answered Lydia blushing and trying to hold the note away from him. Just for it to be snatched by Alex and read out loud to the group.

“Oh Bradly’s got some competition.” She teased.

“I can fly!” Lydia shouted, she hadn’t meant to say it but she didn’t care if it took their minds off the note. It worked and now nobody cared about it, now everyone wanted to call her bluff.

Just wanting the situation to end, Lydia stood up and found an empty space in the room so she could float to shut everyone up.

“You ready?” she asked her crowd.

“Don’t worry, if you get stuck on the ceiling, I’ll call Jenny and ask her to bring a ladder.” Laughed Alex.

“Oh ha ha.” Replied Lydia, blushing and looking at her teammates. She stopped for a moment when she noticed that Bradly was blushing too. Snapping back, she concentrated. she didn’t exactly know how she started flying in the first place. Was it the pleasure that did it or was it something more subconscious?

She closed her eyes and imagined her feet lifting off the ground and when she opened them, she was still grounded. So she tried something else, and again, from raising an arm or a leg but still she couldn’t figure it out.

“Told ya.” Said Alex as she left to return to her dinner.

But then something seemed to click for Lydia, she tried to will her feet off the ground the same way she would try to will a tv remote into her hand when it’s on the other side of the room, and it worked. Slowly but surely, she began to rise. And as soon as she realised she was hovering, she began to fly.

She flew over to Alex keen to prove her wrong but instead of turning, she continued going straight at, and through one of the walls of the atrium. Trying to stop herself, she tried to will her feet down. But because she was sideways in the air, she slammed feet first into another room. Trying her best to orientate herself, she kicked wildly until her feet were beneath her and willed herself down.

she struggled for almost five minutes until she seemed to have mastered her new ability. She learned that it wasn’t her feet that controlled where she moved, but her body. It was a healthy mix of muscle control and literal will power that seemed to allow her to fly. Within twenty minutes she was such an expert that she could fly backwards, sideways and even upside down with little to no difficulty at all.

Now firmly on the ground again and looking at the destruction she had caused just by flying. She was grateful for her new indestructible body otherwise she’d probably, at best have a few broken bones by now.

It has been a week since Lydia had gained her powers and General Tobias had called her and her team to meet him in the courtyard.

Lining up in front of the general, Lydia was wondering if she was going to be in trouble for what had happened the previous day. To her gratitude, however. She was not.

“You have been called here today because of what happened on Tuesday morning.” He began.

Lydia couldn’t figure out how she felt about that statement. She was pleased because she can finally have some answers about what had happened. But she was also annoyed because it took him so long to discuss it.

“As you all know what actually happened that night, allow me to tell you what was supposed to happen. You were supposed to be woken up one by one, by a group of two scientists who were going to bring you here and introduce you to these.” The general pointed to a large pile of scrap and the tank the Lydia had accidently dented with her head.

“These were a squad of the state-of-the-art vehicles of war. However, as you can see, they were destroyed.”

Alex spoke up.

“Why did you have to wake us up in the middle of the night?”

“Because we wanted to give you all time to test them out, in turn before the experiment of that day. These were going to be your vehicles.” He spoke.

“But they were destroyed by the same group of men that tried to kill you all that night. And they did kill one of you. But thanks to you keeping one of the bastards alive, we now know who sent them, and where they were sent from.” He continued.

The group remained silent.

“One week from now we will return the favour. We will send Miss Jones as air support and you three will be our ground team.”

“How did you know I can fly?” asked Lydia.

“Because it’s my job to know. Plus, with the state you left the atrium and some of my top scientists in, did you really think that would stay a secret?” Answered the general.

Lydia bowed her head. She still hadn’t told her team what happened in the shooting room.

“But sir.” Started James.

“How are we supposed to get there?” he asked.

The general gestured towards an opening door.

“With this.”

The team watched the door as it opened. Out drove what looked to be a normal looking black jeep but judging by the smug look on Tobias’s face, Lydia could tell it was something special.

“Although the men did a good job at destroying the rest of the vehicles. They didn’t get all of them. What you are looking at is the first in a new line of experimental jeeps. As tough as a tank, as fast as a sports car. I am proud to say that it is almost as powerful as each of you.”

Lydia and her team crowded around the vehicle. She couldn’t tell it apart from any other Jeep in the courtyard, James however, looked as though he was in love.

Popping the hood. The general gave them the run down on how the truck worked and tossed its keys over to James.

“Take the day to familiarise yourself with it. She’s yours.”

With that, the general had left, and the team was given free reign to test drive the truck around the grounds and within two miles of the outside base. It would’ve been fun too if James hadn’t hogged the steering wheel to himself. Lydia however had her own fun that day. Flying alongside the team in the truck as they drove over bumps with ease and sped through long stretches of the desert.

“I have an idea!” shouted Bradly from the backseat as he told Lydia his plan.

“Let’s do it!” she shouted back and rose high into the air, to give them the space they needed.

James hated the idea, but under the pressure of his team, he drove off a high cliff at top speed.

seeing the signal, Lydia flew towards the ground underneath the truck and made it with time to spare. Waiting until the truck had reached the peak of its ark, Lydia rose and grabbed the underside of the Jeep, and flew high into the sky carrying it with one hand. Alex and Bradly cheered, James screamed, and Lydia laughed. It was the best ride they had all, ever been on. Landing on the ground and placing down the truck. The team’s day came to an end as they were called back inside for dinner.

“That was amazing!” shouted Alex over her teammates as they all shared their thoughts of the day.

Lydia and Bradly laughed together as James had told them his story of what was happening inside the jeep when they performed the stunt. Although the team noticed how he somehow spun the story to make it sound as if he loved the plan. He also seemed to miss out the part of him screaming the loudest out of his teammates. Lydia however didn’t mind, she loved the story.

The day wound down to an end shortly after that. And just before Lydia got to bed, she answered a knock on her door to see Bradly standing there.

“Can you come with me? I need you for something.” he asked.

“I’m starting to think you just like watching me lift heavy things.” Joked Lydia as she entered the courtyard with Bradly.

“Nah.” Answered Bradly, in a not so convincing tone.

“I just need help with Archie.”

“Archie?” Repeated Lydia.

“Archie.” Said Bradly pointing at the Jeep in its garage.

“You named the Jeep, Archie?” Stated Lydia, she wasn’t surprised with Bradly, but with herself for not seeing it coming.

“Of course. She’s part of the team now, so why not treat her with some respect.” He answered, slapping his hand down on the hood.

Lydia gave a sigh that turned into a smile. She reached her right hand down to the underside of “Archie” and lifted the side of the truck along with two of its tires into the air. Standing casually, as if she was looking at her phone and not performing an incredible feat of strength, she nodded to Bradly and held the vehicle in place as he crawled underneath it with a box of tools.

“So, what’s actually wrong with Archie?” asked Lydia to make conversation.

“It’s nothing too bad.” Answered Bradly between several grunts.

“The rear axle is bent. It’ll stop her driving straight. So, I wanna get this fixed now before the general or worse, James finds out.”

Lydia chuckled and gave a nod of understanding.

“Ah okay, sorry about that. I guess I still don’t know my own strength yet.”

“You seem to have a pretty good grip on it so far.” Grunted back Bradly, trying to bend the axle back into place.

“It’s a good thing too, or I’d be crushed by now.” He joked.

Bradly crawled back out from the underside of the truck and stood up. He was out of breath.

“All sorted?” Asked Lydia.

“Not yet.” He answered

“I need a bit more leverage, I’m going to look for something I can use. Don’t drop Archie yet, the toolbox is still under her.”

Lydia nodded and watched Bradly as he disappeared into the garage. Getting bored and rather curious, she decided to have a look at the damage. Checking to see if the ghost was clear, she crouched down and raised her right arm and as a result, the truck, over her head. It was dark under Archie, but Lydia had no problem seeing her embedded handprint on the underside of the vehicle as well as the bent axle. Strangely however, the two bits of damage were not remotely close together. Was it not Lydia who damaged the truck?

Better yet, how did Bradly even know that Archie couldn’t drive straight? Bradly did not drive her today. In fact, nobody did after the stunt, Lydia was the one to return the truck to the garage and that was when her team got out. There was no way he could’ve seen the damage. There could only be one explanation.

“You took Archie out driving, didn’t you?” Lydia asked Bradly as soon as he returned, carrying a long steel beam over his shoulder. She wasn’t mad at him, she realised that he never actually blamed her for the damage, and now smug she wanted to hear him admit it.

“How’d you know?” he asked Incredulously.

In response, Lydia just bent her arm into a bicep curl, tilting the truck until its underside was level to her shoulder. Switching hands, Lydia pointed at the handprint she had left on one side of the truck, and at the bent axle, on the other side.

“Because that was me, and that was you.”

“Fair enough.” He sighed, crouching down and placing the beam on the floor.

“Why didn’t you invite me?” asked Lydia as she returned the truck to its previous position with Bradly underneath it.

“Didn’t think you’d want to get into any more trouble.”

“Yeah, like they could do anything to me.” She joked.

The two continue to chat as Bradly, with his new leverage managed to fix the axle.

“Good as new.” Said Bradly as he watched the tire spin freely.

“I still don’t know why you needed me for this.” Spoke Lydia truthfully.

Bradly just looked up at her with a slightly amused, but mostly dumbfounded expression.

“You really have no idea how strong you are, do you?”

“What do you mean?” Asked Lydia

“How much do you think this weighs?” asked Bradly, knocking on the vehicle above him.

Lydia thought to herself, she genuinely didn’t know. It felt as lite as a cardboard box to her. To get a rough guess, she adjusted her grip and bent her arm until the entire vehicle was off the ground. Repeating a couple more bicep curls with the truck as if it were a roll of tissue paper, she had arrived at her guess.

“I don’t know, 3 to 4 tons maybe?” She estimated. “I’ve seen you lift that much.”

“You were kinda close I guess.” Answered Bradly.

“But its not 3 to 4 tons. It’s 34, tons.”

“34 tons?!” Repeated Lydia incredulously, grabbing the underside of the truck with both hands, accidentally crumpling the reinforced steel between her fingers out of the fear of dropping it.

“Do you really not know?” Asked Bradly as he got out from beneath Archie. He was almost as lost for words as she was.

Returning the truck to the ground, Lydia began to think out loud.

“I never really gave it any thought.”, she started.

“I mean, I know we’re all still getting stronger but, it’s hard to explain. Its like instead of gradually getting stronger like you do, it feels like every morning I wake up twice as strong as I was the day before."

“Do you think that might actually be the case?” Asked Bradly.

“I don’t know.” Answered Lydia truthfully.

“let’s do the math. We got our power last Monday. That day, you lifted a 2 ton car. Yesterday I saw you max out the weight machine with 35 tons. You said you needed one hand to get an actual workout, but seeing how easily you can lift Archie, you must be a lot stronger now.” He continued.

“So, if I could lift 35 tons yesterday...” Lydia’s voice trailed off as she realised what it must mean. She looked at Bradly and could tell he was thinking the same thing.

Together, they both turned their heads and brought their attention to the broken-down tank in the courtyard.

“How much do you think that weighs?” Asked Bradly.

“70 tons. But knowing Tobias, probably more.” Answered Lydia.

She walked over to the back of the massive war machine and crouched down placing her hands on it’s underside.

“What are you doing?” He asked again.

“Testing our theory.” She answered in a matter of fact tone.

Taking one last look at Bradly, Lydia turned her attention to the tank. Squeezing the steel of the machine in her fingers to get a better grip, Lydia straitened her legs. Bringing her hands, and the back end of the tank off of the ground.

“Looks like you were right.” She spoke, her voice filled with excitement.

Lydia raised her hands above her head and began to walk them towards the middle of the vehicle, continuing to push up until she stood, In the middle of the courtyard. Holding a tank over her head.

A “Woah” Escaped Bradly’s lips as he looked at her in awe. Slouching slightly as he joined Lydia under the tank.

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“Heavy.” She answered, although that wasn’t exactly truthful. She could feel the weight above her, but it felt more like holding a large trash bag over her head. Lydia noticed the look on Bradly’s slouched face and decided to double down. she focused and willed herself off the ground, slowly floating higher until the two were eye level.

“Is that better?” she asked, thinking about his neck but she was surprised to see him staring her up and down in a way she had never seen before. When the two faces met, Lydia could see It was more than just awe in his eyes. She smiled at him nervously, she could feel her cheeks burning.

“You’re blushing,” he said.

“Not as much as you.” She returned, it was true. She just thought that the red in his face was caused by his efforts to fix the truck but seeing him now, it was unmistakeable. Lydia thought back to the last time she had seen him blush. It was when Alex was joking about the note. Did Bradly really have feelings for her? And if he does, why is she okay with that?

The two chuckled nervously, Lydia could tell that Bradly was holding a massive debate in his head. She thought of something to say.

“I remember the first time I lifted a car, I blew you a kiss.” She spoke. Hoping that he would put the pieces together. He did not. So, she continued.

“I don’t think I can blow you another one, not with this thing over my head.”

This time, Bradly had taken the hint and the two touched lips. Lydia closed her eyes and allowed Bradly to take the lead. He was good. So good that Lydia squeezed harder on the tank and let her left-hand fall to Bradly’s cheek as he held her back, bringing them closer.

After a few moments, the kiss ended and the two stared into each other’s eyes.

“I have an idea.” Lydia whispered. “Do you trust me?”

“With my life.” Bradly answered.

With that permission Lydia restarted the kiss, this time taking the lead and floating higher into the air, carrying Bradly and throwing the tank over the wall and a good few hundred feet away. Flying higher still, Lydia broke off the kiss and spoke in a whisper.

“You said they were trying to keep us on the ground. So let’s touch the clouds.”

And they rose further, further until they had, and Lydia gave herself to Bradly. The two embraced and lost themselves in each other. Lydia, being the only one who could fly, took the lead and held Bradly against her body. Every kiss. Every touch. Every moan that escaped their lips. Every moment was pure pleasure.

After a while, the two returned to the ground. Lydia carrying Bradly in her arms like a bride even after her feet had touched ground.

“You can put me down now.” Said Bradly, still recovering from the best night of his life.

“Why?” Lydia playfully shot back with a smile.

And Lydia continued to carry him back to the atrium and to his room.


Lydia woke up late today. She wasn’t sure if last night had been a dream until she looked around and saw that she wasn’t in her room. Quickly getting dressed in whatever she could find on the floor, she Joined her team for breakfast. Sitting in her usual spot next to Bradly at the table, she was greeted with a round of applause from Alex and James.

Instantly knowing why the two were clapping, she hid her head in her arms on the table.

“Finally.” Cheered Alex. James didn’t say anything, but Lydia could tell that he had the smuggest look on his face.

“Morning.” Said Bradly sweetly looking over to Lydia who still hid her face.

“You told them?” Came Lydia’s voice through her arms.

Whatever Bradly was about to say was instantly interrupted by Alex as she said.

“You think we couldn’t figure it out on our own? You’re wearing one of his shirts.”

Lydia looked down at herself. She was.

“Alright. Yes, we hooked up. Happy now?” She asked rhetorically. She was blushing hard and hoped that if she doubled down then her team wouldn’t tease her as much. Luckily for Lydia, the teasing soon stopped as General Tobias had entered the atrium carrying a briefcase and some rolled up maps under his arm.

“Good, you’re all awake.” He said sitting down in the seat that used to belong to Ryan, causing James to shoot a look of dislike towards him. Tobias however, didn’t move although he did acknowledge the look he was given.

“Pleased to see me as always James.” He stated before he turned his attention to the rest of the team, rolling out the maps on the table, he continued.

“Anyone want to guess what you’re looking at?”

“The enemy base.” Answered Alex, her usually happy voice instead filled with coldness. It was a tone Lydia only heard from news presenters when they announce tragedies.

“Correct.” Replied Tobias.

“This is where you will be going on Sunday night.”

Whatever happiness that was in the room had disappeared, leaving only tension. It had sunk in finally to Lydia that there will be no more fun and games.

“it’s a location so secret, that we had never heard of it until our unwilling subject decided to enlighten us. It has no name, so we have dubbed it the ice box.” The general looked up to the group, the look of sorrow hidden deep within his aging face. “This is where they came from. The men that killed Ryan.”

The team looked at each other, not knowing what to think or say. The general opened his briefcase and held out a headshot of a man.

“And this is the man who ordered the attack. Scientist Pete Jurkins. He is your target.” He stated, Handing the picture to James.

“We thought he was a good man, but he was a spy. His plane was shot down over the pacific, it was a good cover story. He faked his death and returned to his commanding officers to let them know everything he had learnt.”

“Why are you telling us here?” Asked James. “Surely this is something we should learn in a meeting or something.”

“Because you’re the only ones I can trust.” Answered the general. “This operation is more secret than the nuclear codes. And yet you were still attacked. There’s a spy’s somewhere deep undercover working here and until we figure out who, this will stay between us.”

Tobias clenched his hands together on the table. Lydia could tell he was about to take another gamble.

“The men were sent to kill you before your powers manifested. They knew far more then some of the scientists working here. If this goes wrong, this could lead to an all-out nuclear war. I don’t want that, I have a daughter. So I need you to make a statement.” The general played his hand.

“This is not a stealth mission. This is a show of force. Come Monday morning there won’t be an icebox and we want them so scared that they wouldn’t dare retaliate.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Sir.” Said Alex “What are you asking us to do?”

“I’m asking you to raise the entire base to the ground. Mis Jones will fly you all and the jeep to this location.” Began the general, pointing to a spot on the map about a mile from the base.

“You’ll be small enough to not show up on their radars. After that, she will fly over the base in plane sight.” He continued

“You will be the one to signal your team and start the attack.” He said looking towards Lydia.

“What type of signal, sir?” She asked, although she already knew.

“Your eye beams should do.” He answered.

“But sir, I don’t know how I did that last time.” She argued.

“Then I suggest you learn Mis Jones.” Spoke the general.

“After your signal, the base will be too busy focusing on you to notice your team arriving in the jeep.”

Tobias moved his attention to the rest of her team.

“You three will infiltrate the base and search for your target. Find him and get him out. After that, you four will move to Phase two.”

“Phase two?” asked Bradly.

“Phase two. Destroy the base.” Answered Tobias.

“That will kill a lot of innocent people.” Said Alex, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“These people are responsible for the death of Ryan,” he spoke. “I don’t consider that, innocent.”

Lydia held a debate in her head. Was the general right? Is this something she could do? Her thoughts weren’t helped however, When the general continued.

“You four are a national secret. We can’t have the word of four super powered beings existing, out in the open for the public. This should be something only known by us, and the enemy. Let them see you. Let them report you to their officers. But after that. Leave none alive.”

The silence was deafening. The general packed up his things and left the room, leaving the group to sit there and let it all sink in.

“He can’t be serious.” Said Alex as if she were hoping that someone would announce that this was all a joke. Sadly, no one did.

“It’s Tobias,” answered James. “of course he’s serious.”

Lydia stared at the table where the map was, it was unlike anything she had imagined. She thought that she could do anything, but now, after hearing what she’s been ordered to do. Could she?

Bradly found Lydia later that day in the courtyard. Staring intensely at the ground before her. “You too?” he asked. Lydia’s head shot up, startled. “Don’t know what to do either?” He repeated his question.

A confused look lingered in Lydia’s face for a couple moments before she realised what Bradly had meant.

“Yeah.” She said, softly.

“Don’t blame you. Who does Tobias think he is?” Bradly asked rhetorically, leaning on the wall to Lydia’s right. “He shows up out of the blue, dumps all that on us and expects us to just go along with it. No questions asked,” he scoffed. “And he expects you to use a power you can’t control.”

“Are you trying to make me feel worse?” interrupted Lydia.

“Course not.” Answered Bradly. “I’m tryna piss you off.”

Lydia’s eyes shot up to meet his and for a moment, the two stared at each other.

“Not with me.” Said Bradley, breaking the silence, “With him.” He continued, pointing his finger to the door that led to the atrium. “He’s not telling us everything.”

“What’d you mean?” Asked Lydia.

“Think about it. He wasn’t his normal “stuck in an 80s action movie” self today. The way he spoke, it actually sounded like he cared about Ryan. And stuff about his daughter, I didn’t even know he had one.”

Bradly let that linger for a few seconds before Lydia spoke up.

“So, he’s treating us like people, which means he wants something.” Lydia shook her head, “But we knew that already, he wants that scientist back.”

“But why?” asked Bradly. “Why does he need us for it? And better yet, why do we need to destroy the base?”

“To make a statement.” spoke Lydia.

“Or to cover something up.” Replied Bradly.

Lydia took a couple steps to her right and lent her back against the wall next to Bradly.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“He said those men knew more about us then some of the people working here.” He began. “If this Pete guy, knows so much, then what’s the chances of him trying to make more of us. And better yet, what are the chances, that the spy is one of the scientists we’ve worked with.”

Lydia didn’t know what to think about it. It seemed like a long shot, but too many pieces fit into place.

“Bradly,” spoke Lydia. “If you’re right, do you think there’s a chance we could be fighting…”

“I don’t know.” He interrupted. “But if we are. Then we’re gonna need you as angry, or as scared as possible.”

Lydia’s face changed, she went from fully understanding to confused in record time. “I’m not following.”

“How ever you felt when you got the eye beam things working.” He answered.

Lydia thought to herself, all she could remember was seeing the barrel of a gun and felt a pressure build up in her eyes. Could that be how it’s done?

“Point at something.” She said, “Anything not too important, I have an idea.”

Not missing a beat, Bradly pointed to the pile of scrap in the courtyard. Lydia fixed her focus and concentrated. She thought of a barrel of a gun and imagined her eyes were like her very own built in shotgun. Almost immediately she felt the pressure building up inside her eyes. She heard Bradly’s now excited voice cry “Its working!” as her hazel brown eyes began to glow a deep, vibrant red. It was like pointing a gun at something, except the “gun” was her infinitely more powerful eyes. And just like a gun, Lydia “pulled the trigger” and shot out a pair of equally red beams, hitting the pile of scrap and instantly beginning to melt it. Curious, Lydia held out her hand to the beam, and touched it with her bare finger. It caused no discomfort, so she continued until she had covered one of the beams with her palm. It was like running your hand under a slightly warm tap. Noticeable but barely.

Lydia imagined “letting go of her trigger” and the eye beams stopped. She had gained control. Stealing a quick look at Bradley the two smiled at each other. “Incredible.” He spoke and the two walked over to examine Lydia’s work.

the two continued to test out Lydia’s ability, by the time she had mastered it, Lydia managed to melt, slice and incinerate whatever she had tried it on. Even going as far as tracking down that tank she had thrown and using it as a new game. Grabbing the vehicle, she threw it high into the air and using her eye beams, she had to cut a hole for herself before the tank landed on her. it took a few failed attempts, but by sun down she had full control.

Before joining the others for dinner Lydia and Bradly agreed not to bring attention to what they were doing outside and were both relieved that no one brought it up. In fact, barely anyone spoke, James was quiet, but Alex was almost a different person. Her normally bright and friendly face now only showed indifference and in the rare moments that she would speak, the coldness in her voice would send a chill down Lydia’s spine. it was just, wrong.

The next day was too quiet for Lydia’s liking. the tension in the air, almost suffocating, no one on the team spoke to each other almost all day, but then again, they didn’t need to. Each look on their faces showed they all thought the same thing. A perfect mix of hatred, nerves, and almost finality.

The only saving grace of that night was when dinner was called off early so the team could be introduced to their own uniforms. they didn’t look special but remembering Archie, Lydia knew they must’ve had some hidden talents. Trying them on one by one and re-entering the atrium, Lydia saw her team, wearing what best looked like sportswear. Tight fitting, practical and all black. The only problem they had, was they were made for them before the experiment so her tactical black ops shirt ended up looking more like a crop top. But at this point, Lydia was beyond caring. She was just thinking the same as her team.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” She said as she joined her team grabbing Bradly’s hand before leaving the atrium to join General Tobias in the courtyard.

“Take these.” Spoke the general as soon as they reached him. He pulled out what looked to be four ear buds. “You all know what these are for.”

The team each grabbed one and placed it in their ear.

“James, you will take control. Remember the plan and get everyone home safe.” The general said before turning his attention to Lydia.

“Get them home safe.” He said placing his hand on Lydia’s shoulder. She didn’t say a word and continued to walk with her team to Archie. The team entered the jeep and Lydia began to hover. They took one last look at the general who saluted.

Lydia grabbed the Jeep by the front bumper and lifted it overhead with the team inside.

“Say the words, James.” She spoke flatly.

“Let’s save the world.” he replied. And with that, she began the flight.

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