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Written by barber :: [Saturday, 01 April 2023 00:26] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 April 2023 08:49]

Hey there, it's me, Gemma. The world should be grateful that I'm gracing it with my presence. I'm a gorgeous TikTok star with a body that would make you weep. Picture it: long, flowing golden hair, hypnotic blue eyes, and a figure that could stop traffic. I know I'm spoiled, selfish, and self-centered, but honestly, it's not my fault I'm beautiful.

One day, I decided to volunteer at the local library to create some content. Get the 'ol views up working behind the counter. You should have seen the looks on those stuffy patrons' faces when I walked in wearing tight shorts and a swimsuit top. They couldn't handle it... at all.

"Could you please be quiet?" one old man whispered, clearly annoyed by my TikTok recordings.

A middle-aged woman chimed in, complaining about my outfit. "You should really cover up more. This is a library, not a beach."

I decided to get on TikTok live and make fun of them. "This boomer grandma is just jealous of my hot bod," I said to my followers, laughing.

Just then, I felt a sharp pain on my arm. I had been bitten by a weird-ass bookworm, but I didn't know it yet. This tiny creature granted me superpowers beyond my wildest dreams – super strength millions of times stronger than the average person, the ability to fly, complete invulnerability, super breath, and the ability to project ungodly amounts of heat and laser power from my eyes, and more. I even became more sculpted and attractive, if you can believe it.

As I continued to taunt the library patrons, a woman approached me, intending to chastise me for my behavior. She reached out to touch my arm, but as soon as her skin made contact with the steely firmness of my razor sharp arm hair, she crumpled to the floor, whimpering and bleeding. That's when I realized that something had happened and just how powerful I might have become.

My arrogance swelled with each passing moment, and I reveled in the attention I was getting. The library patrons looked on in horror as I flexed my newly hyper fit muscles right in front of their faces. I wanted to give them a show they would never forget, a display of my newfound powers that would strike terror into their hearts while racking up some much needed views on TikTok live.

"Watch this!" I shouted, my voice booming throughout the library. With a casual flick of my wrist, I sent a row of bookshelves crashing to the ground, books flying through the air like projectiles. The terrified patrons screamed and ducked for cover, but I couldn't help but laugh at their pathetic attempts to hide from me.

I then turned my attention to the large marble statue that adorned the center of the library. With a sinister grin, I focused the heat from my laser vision on it, causing the once proud artwork to melt into a bubbling, molten puddle on the floor. The heat was so intense that the air around me shimmered, and the smell of burning marble filled the room.

My TikTok live viewership soared as I continued my rampage. The air was thick with fear as I levitated several feet off the ground, demonstrating my ability to fly. The library patrons stared in disbelief, some of them sobbing uncontrollably. I hovered over them, relishing their terror.

"Look at you all, cowering like insects," I taunted above them. "It's exhilarating to know that I hold your lives in the palm of my hand."

I took a deep breath and unleashed a torrent of super breath, shattering the library's windows and sending shards of glass flying in every direction. The sound was deafening, and the patrons covered their ears, trembling in fear as the glass shards swirled around. Blood dripped all around from the cuts caused by the flying glass, adding to the terrifying spectacle I had created.

My heart raced with excitement as I basked in the chaos I had caused, and my TikTok live views continued to skyrocket. I couldn't wait to see what other terrifying feats I could accomplish with my newfound powers.

"You all thought you could judge me?" I sneered. "Look at me now. I'm unstoppable."

I approached one of the cowering, bleeding patrons who had complained about me earlier. I really must have looked like a tigress on live as I swatted away bookshelves one-by-one like flies, causing the building to shake with each step. The patron cowered in fear as I loomed over her. "Do you see how weak you are compared to me?" I asked, my abs flexing with each breath as my uber-diaphragm powered my voice so loudly that the library's foundation cracked as the sound waves pummeled her weak body into the ground. "I could turn you into a smear with just a flick of my finger."

My TikTok views skyrocketed as I reveled in the chaos I had created. I was edging up to be one of the most famous stars on the platform, and I couldn't wait to use my powers for more. As I continued my rampage in the library, I couldn't help but glance at the comments on my TikTok live. Most of them praised my beauty and power, but a few caught my attention for all the... wrong reasons. They were making fun of my outfit, which had torn apart during my violent display of power, revealing my toned physique. I was offended and disgusted that these people, who were as weak as insects, dared to criticize someone who was basically a god.

One particular comment stood out, posted by a disgusting middle-aged man who was mocking my torn outfit and making lewd remarks about my body. I decided that he needed to be taught a lesson.

With my super hearing, I honed in on his location, listening for the sound of his mocking laughter. Once I had pinpointed his whereabouts, I flew straight to him, a blur in the sky as I covered the distance in mere seconds.

I crashed through his window, landing gracefully in the center of the room, surrounded by a group of greasy middle-aged men who were apparently his friends. They stared at me in shock, fear, and lust. I was repulsed by their attraction to me, but I couldn't help but smirk at the irony. They were ogling the very being who was about to end them.

"You think it's funny to make fun of my outfit?" I snarled, my eyes narrowing in anger. "You have no idea who you're messing with."

In my rage, I reached out to grab the man who had posted the offensive comment, but I grossly underestimated my strength. As soon as my hand touched his body, I realized just how fragile people were to me now that I was millions of times stronger than they were. The man crumpled under the force of my grip, like tissue paper crushed by an uncaring hand.

The other men in the room stared in horror as their friend fell to the floor, and I couldn't help but feel a twisted sense of satisfaction. You should have thought twice before insulting me," I said coldly, turning my back on the remaining men, preparing to blast off. But, just as my feet left the ground, I could feel their male gaze fixated on my perfectly sculpted ass. The repulsion I felt toward their unapologetic lust only fueled my anger more. A wicked grin spread across my face as I decided to use the very object of their perverse fascination against them.

"You like what you see?" I taunted, lifting off the ground and hovering my gorgeous butt inches away from one of their faces. "Superpowers can turn even the most trivial bodily movements into something unbelievably potent with lethal consequences for weaklings like yourself. You might want to think about that before objectifying someone like me." His eyes widened in terror as he realized what was about to happen, but he was too paralyzed by fear to move.

I gently positioned his head so that it wedged right between my impossibly firm ass cheeks, careful not to prematurely tear him apart. "Since you seem so interested in my assets," I said, voice dripping with sarcasm, "let me show you what they're capable of." I didn't even flex, I simply let go, letting the natural firmness and elasticity of my superpowered butt to do all the work.

In that tiny, inconsequential motion, my godlike glutes jiggled into place as they collided with a thunderous crack, carelessly erasing his mortal face with no resistance. What a weak loser! The force of the blow was so powerful that his body crumpled like a rag doll, lifeless, headless and broken, the pressure slewing blood onto the remaining men as they stared in horror, their faces pale and their mouths agape as they slowly realized that their friend had been turned into guacamole by the gentle movement of a Tiktok star's butt.

Having had enough of these losers, I flew away, my heart racing with excitement as I basked in the chaos I had caused. I checked my phone and saw I was now one of the most famous stars on the platform. I guess it's a shame for you that someone as undeserving as me has become as powerful as a god, but I guess the universe has a twisted sense of humor.

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