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Raven & Josie – Chapter 3

Written by Glaazius :: [Saturday, 17 June 2023 20:09] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 17 June 2023 22:46]

Raven & Josie are off to a bar to meet up with friends.

Not much power display in this chapter. Introducing some key characters here. Bear with me, though. This story will have a slow build up, but will explode eventually with lots of power display, action and domination. Some might find the tag 'villainess' confusing, because there is not much evil happening. But trust me, to its core, this story IS a dark supergirl tale. It just needs to heat up.

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Edited by Amber Collins

"Who's the runt?"

Was the first greeting one of Raven's friends gave when she and Josie ambled up to meet them in front of the library.

It made Raven once more dread her decision to bring her kid sister along.

Josie's eyes narrowed darkly as they scrutinized the big-breasted-blond-bimbo assessing her with disdain.

"It's my sister, Josie. Josie, Kimberly and Jori. Jori and Kimberly, Josie." Raven introduced them to one another.

"Nice to meet you!" Josie shook hands with Raven's friends. Upon shaking Kimberly's hand, Josie had to fight an irresistible urge to squeeze harder than necessary. An effort that would have broken Kim's fingers like crunching breadsticks

"Hey, Josie! Great to be finally able to meet you! I've heard so much about you! "Jori, a comely ginger with a kindly smile, said when shaking hands with Josie

"Yes, and most of it is dubious," Kimberly added.

Josie's lips parted as she was about to ask what was meant by that remark. But Kimberly already took the attention upon herself when she turned around to face Raven and said: "It's just Kim, you know that, right Raven?"

"I, uhm…" Raven stammered with uncertainty, not taking in what her friend was asking.

"You introduced me as Kimberly. Only my parents use that name or folks that matter. For people like you, it's just Kim."

"I-I'm sorry, Kim." Raven scratched her head. "I'll keep that in mind next time."

"Good." Kimberly pulled her phone out of the back pocket of her tight ass and examined its screen. "Let's high step our way to the others in the Tanked-Up Toad. We're already late, thanks to you guys." Kim gave Raven and Josie a sidelong glance.

Josie huffed. "We arrived here on the dot!"

"What was your name again, runt?" Kim asked. "Or can I just call you runt?"

Josie's expression darkened. "The name's Josie. And I rather not have you use that condescending name."

"Keep her in check, will ya?" Kim gave Raven a telling look before striding off.

"Sorry about that." Jori gave the sisters a sheepish smile. "Kim had a really tough morning. One of her servants showed up for duty while having the flu and now Kim is worried that she might have caught it too! Poor girl."

"How can you take so much shit from that floozy?" Josie hissed through her teeth as she and Raven paced after the rest.

"I see your wardrobe underwent quite the overhaul." Jori eyed Raven and Josie's elaborate rich-girl attire adorned with high-end ornaments and footwear that would not look out of place while worn on some VIP red carpet event in Hollywood with wonder.

Kim looked over her shoulder, granting the sister's garments a fleeting moment of her attention. "It appears more like you have been hurled into a bottomless pit of debts."

"We've won the lottery," Josie blurted out, earning her a withering stare from Raven.

"Is that so?" Kim said. "Then you girls won't mind if we put tonight's drinks on your tab, I assume?"

"Only if you manage to act like a bitch for a change," Josie replied in a murmur so that it was only audible to Jori and Raven. Leading to another scorching glare from the latter, more heated than before.

The posse made their way to their regular hang-out place – a bar named the Tanked-Up Toad – to meet up with some other friends.

Upon their entrance, Kim saw a few familiar-looking friends waving at them from a table at the back. Kim moved towards them but was suddenly blocked by a puffed-up Asian girl with glassy eyes and a beverage in hand.

"Hey Kim! So good to see you! You look great, as always! I made sure to order you a Pepsi max with ice cubes and a purple straw. Just the way you like it!" The girl smiled broadly while her eyes scanned Kim's facial expression, hoping to see a sign of contentment for all the trouble she went through to please the Queen bee.

Kim's beautiful countenance remained expressionless.

"I hate purple, Denise. You know that, do you not?"

Denise uttered a gasp. "I… I thought it was your favorite color."

"You're dismissed," Kim said curtly.

"B-but I–"

"Beat it zipperhead!" Kim's strident screech whipped the whole bar to silence. Everyone gaped at them.

Josie and Raven exchanged bewildered glances as Denise hurriedly made her way toward the exit, tears streaming down her face.

Kim walked up to the table where the rest of their friends were chilling. "Would anyone be so kind as to order me something I like?" she said, quite vexed.

"Already did!" Multiple girls cried out at the same time. Each brandishing a Pepsi max with ice cubes and a straw - one orange-colored, one blue, and one purple. The one holding the Pepsi max with the purple-colored straw looked shocked when she noticed its color.

"I reckon I'll take the purple one!" Kim grinned as she grabbed the Pepsi max from the astonished girl.

The purple-straw girl cried with joy while the other two lamented audible.

Josie gave Raven an askance look and mouthed. "Are these peeps really your friends?"

After greeting each other, getting acquainted with the people they didn't know, and ordering drinks, the group sat down and began their chatter.

Josie ceased drinking her Fanta when a firm hand landed on her shoulder. She looked up and saw an imposingly tall guy with broad shoulders, firm jaw, and a head full of ear-length wheat blond curls standing behind her and Raven. His twinkling blue eyes gave Josie a kind wink before turning his attention to the rest of the crew.

Oh my god! That guy is hot!Josie thought in secret.

"Evening, ladies!" The guy said with a voice just as imposing as his stature - and handsome looks.

"Hiiii, Cedric!" Kim's posse – except for Kim herself – said in unison.

"Yes, Cedric. What is it now?" Kim's frosty voice cracked like a whip as she eyed the guy like he was some repugnant beggar.

"Any plans for tonight?" he asked.

"None of your–" Kim started but was cut off.

"We're going to CJ's place! He's hosting a rager none of us has ever seen!" A girl sitting right next to Kim blurted out. She slapped her hands against her lips, realizing too late that she was supposed to keep her mouth shut and let Kim do the talking.

"You're dismissed, Heidi," Kim said.

Heidi's face shattered upon hearing Kim's words. She waited a moment, hoping to see a shimmer of forgiveness in Kim's eyes or that the latter's words were nothing more than a laugh to rile her up. When Kim answered Heidi's hope with a straight poker face, she leaped up and dashed off, blubbering loudly.

"So…" Cedric broke the uncomfortable silence that followed after. "CJ's place, huh? What a coincidence. My buddies and I are going to that party too."

"A coincidence indeed." Kim's ice-cold yet stunning eyes stared daggers at him.

"Well, have fun, ladies." Cedric slung his sports bag over his shoulder. "See you all later at CJ's. I'm off for a workout first."

"Can I join!" Josie heard her mouth speaking.

Everyone looked at her, surprised.

"Uhm… yeah, sure. If it's okay with…" Cedric's eyes sought out Raven's.

"I don't need permission from anyone," Josie's chair screeched over the floor as she stood up.

"What do you think you're doing?" Raven hissed in Josie's ear.

"Getting the hell out of here!" Josie hissed back.

"Wise decision, runt. With a little luck, those weights can stretch your body to a less ludicrous height." Kim cackled before taking a swig of her drink.

Josie's eyes narrowed into tiny slits as she glared at Kim.

Instantly, Kim noticed her Pepsi max pouring rapidly into her mouth through the straw, faster than she could swallow.

Kim's natural reaction was to pull the straw out of her mouth. A thing that seemed oddly enough impossible to do. The straw appeared glued to her lips.

Panic took hold of Kim as swig upon swig of Pepsi kept battering her mouth. An intense coughing fit followed, whereby Kim spat a mouth full of Pepsi all over the table. From all sides, friends of Kim rushed up to aid their queen by patting on her back and tidying the mess with napkins.

Josie ignored Raven's disapproving glance and smiled wickedly. "Okay, we can go now." She said to Cedric, who looked slightly concerned at Kim before following Josie towards the exit.

"You seemed awfully keen to get away from there," Cedric remarked as they strolled along the street.

Josie gave a half-hearted shrug. "I just like working out more than lapping at the heels of some self-righteous-resting-bitch-face-Kristen-Stewart-type.

Cedric chuckled. "Touché on that,"

"So, what martial arts do you practice? Boxing?" Josie asked.

Cedric lifted a brow. "Who says I'm practicing martial arts?"

"The calluses on your knuckles tell me that. So is that faded bruised spot on your left cheekbone that is obviously caused by a punch on the face."As well as the sweaty boxing gloves in your bag, which I can both see and smell. But that is something you do not have to know.Josie thought, amused.

Cedric nodded his head, impressed. "You're quite the observant one, aren't you?"

"Only over things I find interesting."

As they reached a junction, Cedric directed Josie to turn left. "My primary interest is kickboxing, which I participate in competitively. Recently, I have also been doing some MMA."

"Mixed Martial Arts," Cedric added when he saw Josie's puzzled look.

"Rad!" Josie said.

"You like?"

"I like," Josie nodded enthusiastically.

Cedric smiled. "Come, the place where I train is just at the end of this road across from that BMW dealership with their flashy signs."

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Your stories are nice but you are releasing them with such big time intervals in between that it is becoming difficult to follow. 😅
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Hey bane1, thx!

😅 I was not aware of that!

Well, I cant publish them sooner than once a month, because that's also the pace I publish (and create) them on patreon.

But I see that the interval between them are now like 2 months.

I will try to get them...
Hey bane1, thx!

😅 I was not aware of that!

Well, I cant publish them sooner than once a month, because that's also the pace I publish (and create) them on patreon.

But I see that the interval between them are now like 2 months.

I will try to get them out more quickly.

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