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Suki Loves Justin – Part 1

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 22 July 2023 23:00] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 23 July 2023 08:58]

Suki Loves Justin

Written by Wizalex with 10K

Welcome to the slice-of-life style adventures of Suki - a cutesy, excitable goddess - and Justin - her beloved, hardworking boyfriend.

Part 1 - First Date

Suki’s World

“Hey, Mom!” Suki called half-heartedly into her phone.

“Sweetie! It’s been far too long. I was just about to send someone to check up on you!”

“Mooom! You can’t do that! You said you’d let me sort things out at my own pace.”

“Well, I suppose I did. But it’s been almost seven years now, sweetie. Haven’t you found anyone you like yet?”

Suki grimaced as she thought about the various people she’d rejected over the years.

“No,” Suki lazily looked around for an excuse, “but it’s okay! I just know I’ll find someone soon!”


“Ellie hasn’t found anyone yet either!”

“This is about you, sweetie, not your sister.”

“Can I talk to Dad?”

“Sure, he’s right here listening.”

“Hey, Dad!”

“How’s my beloved little girl doing?”

“Daaad, I’m twenty-five!”

“Doesn’t change a thing.”

Suki sighed and squeezed her hand into her bedsheets.

“Tell me about how you and Mom met again.”

Suki’s father chuckled. He’d told the story enough times, but it was one of his eldest daughter’s favourites.

“Well, I’d been hanging around with some questionable people. I tried to cut ties, straighten my life out and turn things around. That’s when they decided to beat me senseless and leave me for dead in an alley.”

“Oh no!” Suki exclaimed with her usual level of engrossed drama.

“Terrible! Or, at least I thought. Looking back on it, that was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because who else should find me but your mother.” Suki’s father paused to allow Suki’s vocalised joy to calm down. “She nursed me back to health, her poor little puppy, and we’ve been devoted to each other ever since.”

“I want that…” Suki whispered. “I want what you and Mom have.”

“And you will, Suki. It might just take some time.”

“And if you don’t find it there,” Suki’s mother piped up, “we’ll just find you somewhere new to look. Your favourite aunt has been all over the place recently.”

Suki scowled at the mention of her least favourite relative. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Now, go out and find someone, sweetie!”

“Love you, Mom! Love you, Dad!”

Suki hung up on her parents and pouted as she dug her head back into her pillows, running her fingers through her hair to calm it down.

Maybe today would be the day?

Meet Cute

Justin Davis, graduate theoretical physicist, was about to go on a date.

That was strange, but not unheard of. Justin’s social life had always taken a backseat to his work and studies, but he had been on dates before. He had even previously had long-term girlfriends.

What made it odd was Suki herself. Justin’s date this late afternoon had actually been the one to approach him, although again, that wasn’t too uncommon; Justin rarely approached a girl first. Apparently, he had a cute, studious charm to him that a certain type of woman found attractive. They certainly weren’t after him for his salary.

The method by which Suki had approached him had been a little odd though.

This particular girl had taken an interest in him while on the bus to work. Justin didn’t often find himself noticing specific features of the people around him, but Suki stood out. Standing at the bus stop, the cute, reasonably petite girl wore an oversized hoodie and matching skirt. But what really caught Justin’s attention was her hair. Suki’s hair cascaded down her back to the top of the skirt, shimmering with an almost otherworldly presence. The colours seemed to shift between purples, reds and blacks, captivating Justin’s gaze until he had the clarity of mind to tear his eyes away from the girl. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, or for her to think that he was merely ogling her mostly concealed body.

It was too late for that though. Not only had Suki noticed Justin watching her, but she was looking directly back at him. She gave a smile and a cute little wave, then promptly missed the bus.

She went wide-eyed. Incredibly wide-eyed, to the point where Justin assumed that his vision was being distorted by the window and his glasses. He took them off to clean them, then looked up again.

Startlingly, Suki had taken off at an incredible pace and was currently racing after the departing bus. Justin felt terrible. If the girl hadn’t been so distracted by his uncharacteristic staring, she would be on her way already.

Vowing to put things right, Justin stood up and headed to the front of the bus.

“Excuse me, sir. I believe that a passenger may have missed the bus at the last stop.”


“Yes. She’s trying to keep up as we speak.”

The bus driver guffawed. “Good luck to her then. We’re goin’ downhill next.”

“Perhaps you could stop to let her on?”

“Nope. Company policy.”

“Ah. Well, in that case, I’d like to get off.”

“Nope. No stops ‘til the bottom of the hill.”

Suddenly, the brakes screeched and the driver flew forwards in his seat, the airbag activating just before his head connected with the steering wheel. Fortunately, Justin was holding onto the handrail, but several of the other passengers had been thrown forward to a chorus of screams and shouts.

Heart racing, Justin checked on the driver. He was swaying slightly and seemed only partially lucid.

“Did I hit somethin’?”

There was nothing in front of the bus. And the driver apparently hadn’t hit the brakes either.

Turning to the door, Justin noticed the girl had caught up to them now that the bus had stopped. She was waving through the glass and smiling broadly. The driver must have let her on because the next moment the doors opened and she bounced onto the bus.

“Hi! I’m Suki!”

She approached Justin with a brilliant smile and pressed her warm, soft body up against his.

“I don’t think this is going anywhere, sooo… wanna go on a date?”

Justin looked around the bus. People scrambled to their feet, and the bus driver was looking at the girl in utter horror, or perhaps guilt, but they seemed otherwise unharmed.

“Quick! I know where we can get ice cream! It’s really good, it’s, like, my favourite thing!”

“Oh, er, sure. I’d love to.”

“Yay! I love ice cream! Chocolate is my favourite, how about you?”

“Oh, I like coffee.” Justin didn’t notice the death glare that Suki gave the driver as she pulled him through the door with surprising strength.

“Eurgh! No way! Dad likes coffee and it's basically the only thing that Ellie eats. Mom always says I got her taste. Sweet and spicy.” Suki winked at Justin. “Just like me.”

“I’m Justin, by the way.” Justin chuckled and matched his pace to the energetic girl holding his arm as they turned the corner.

“Oh, Mom, I’m so rude!” Suki let go of Justin and abruptly turned around. “I’ll be back in one moment!”

Bemused, Justin shook his head and thought about his schedule for the rest of the day. There was nothing he couldn’t rearrange for a later date, and the girl was incredibly cute.

On the bus, Suki approached the driver. He was struggling to open the door to his cabin.

“Here, let me help.” Suki yanked on the door with extreme force.

The driver screamed. The fingers of his left hand, having still been attempting to pull open the door, were hanging at a horrifying angle from his hand.

“There you go. All good!” Suki leaned in towards the driver and pouted. “Maybe you won’t be such a meanie in the future!”

Suki dropped the detached door and skipped off the bus again. She had a date!

Bitter-Sweet Syncope

“We should get coffee!”

Suki was skipping ahead of Justin as she led the way through the busy streets. People seemed to dart out of her path as she carelessly bounced around. On multiple occasions, when it looked like she was destined to careen straight into them, they thrust themselves out of the way and into the path of other people instead.

“Oh, didn’t you want to get ice cream?” Justin asked.

“I doooo,” Suki sang back. “But you like coffee. I want to make our first date happy for you.”

“Okay, well there’s a place just across the street, did you want to go there?”

“Yeeeessss!” Suki jumped into the road, ignoring the blaring of horns as she raced through the traffic.

Justin looked slightly to his left, paused at the crossing, and then followed his date across the street.

Suki was waiting impatiently at the door when he arrived.

“For Mom’s sake, you’re so slow!” Suki pouted. “I’m hungry!”

“Oh, I don’t know if they serve food here…”

Suki leaned in towards Justin, gripping the lapel of his blazer. “For you, silly!”

The coffee shop was very quiet. Aside from the barista, there was only one other customer, sitting in the far corner with a black coffee and working on a laptop. Suki giggled when she looked at him, then leapt towards the counter.

The tall, thin, black-haired barista, name tag reading ‘June’, gave Suki a surly look and a slow blink as the energetic girl crashed into the countertop, rattling the coffee cups.

“Oops!” Suki began. “I’d like-”

“No hoodies,” the barista interrupted.

“Huh?” Suki looked irritated now.

June rolled her eyes and gestured at the sign on the wall: No hoodies, no hats, no vaping.

“It’s okay, it’s a special occasion.” Suki’s smile returned as she leaned in to whisper conspiratorially. “It’s our first date! I’ll have a caramel hot chocolate with extra syrup, cream and marshmallows.”

“This is a coffee shop. Not a candy store.”

Suki pouted and turned to Justin.

“She’s being mean,” Suki pouted. “What did you want?”

“Oh, er, I’ll take the artisan special.”

“A fine choice. Let me know when your girlfriend decides on a grown-up drink.”

“I’ll take one of those too!” Suki practically shouted.

June rolled her eyes again and turned her back on the pair, taking two cups from the rack.

Suki looked ready to fight the barista, but as soon as Justin put a gentle hand on her arm she practically melted. She cooed lightly and wrapped her arms around his, following him to a low table and couch.

“You settle down and get comfy, I’ll be back in a moment.” Justin left Suki behind, who gave him a wide-eyed expression and shuffled her body around on the cushions.

When the door closed behind Justin, Suki’s eyes darted to the barista.

Launching herself from the couch, Suki appeared back at the counter. She grabbed a packet of sugar and tore it open, spilling the contents across the countertop. The barista’s back was still turned, so with a malicious little smile, Suki singled out a grain of sugar and flicked it at June’s lower back.

The barista winced.

Smiling more broadly, Suki separated two sugar grains and flicked them from between her fingers, causing the barista to wiggle her shoulders in discomfort. After the impact of the next four minuscule grains, June finally turned around.

“Are you throwing things at me? What the hell are you playing at?” June asked with a tone of heavy accusation, noticing Suki’s broad grin and the small pile of sugar. “Did you do that?”

“Is our coffee ready?” Suki asked, ignoring June’s question.

“Here, take it and go.” June thrust the coffee cups out to Suki, wincing as the liquid sloshed and spilt onto her hand.

“Oh no! Let me help!”

Suki grabbed a serviette and wrapped it around the barista’s hand, then squeezed. She stopped pressing when she heard the almost inaudible cracking of bone.

June winced in pain, trying to draw her hand back. She couldn’t budge it a millimetre.

“Let go of me!”

“We need to make sure you aren’t burnt!” Suki removed the serviette, but casually kept June’s hand held between her index finger and thumb. “Oh no, it looks bad!”

After a quick, sharp intake of breath, Suki blew onto June’s hand. Crystals of ice immediately formed between the barista’s fingers as Suki’s breath blew cold, then melted rapidly as Suki’s sweet, fragrant breath became warm. The ice disappeared far too quickly for mortal eyes to even notice that it had been there. To June, all she had experienced was a sharp burning pain in her digits.

Suki let go, smiled, and carried the coffee cups back to their seat without another word.

June retreated to the back of the shop to treat her burn as Justin reappeared.

He was holding a chocolate ice cream.

Suki squealed in delight, jumping over the table and launching herself into Justin’s arms. He took care to hold the ice cream out of the way as Suki squished her chest against his.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!” Suki kissed Justin on the cheek, collected her treat, and threw herself onto the couch.

Justin was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected things to move this fast, but Suki was oddly comforting. He wasn’t in the least unhappy with her proclamation that he was her boyfriend now, or the kiss that had followed.

Suki gazed intensely at Justin as she licked her ice cream with an expression of delight. Then she took a sip of her coffee and her face abruptly changed.

“Eww…” Suki whispered at the coffee. “Bad drinky. Be a nice drinky.”

On the second sip, Suki was much happier.

Justin sat down next to her, cupping his coffee in his hands to warm them. It was bitter but pleasantly aromatic.

“You can’t eat that in here.” June had wrapped her hand in a cold compress and was glaring at Suki’s ice cream.

“But! It’s special…”

“It isn’t from the shop. You can’t eat it in here.” June’s face twitched and her hand twinged. Something was very wrong with it.

“It’s okay, Suki, we can leave.” Justin stood up, holding out a hand for Suki. “I know another place you’ll like a lot more, I should never have suggested we come in here.”

Suki took Justin’s proffered hand and tossed her hair away from the barista.

“I don’t like it here anyway. She’s rude.”

Just before the door closed behind her, Suki turned back to smile at the barista.

“Oops! Almost forgot this!” Suki held up her cup, tossing it back towards June. “Be nice to people, m’kay!”

The cracks finished forming in the bones of June’s right hand as the cup hit the centre of her palm. Both hand and cup shattered simultaneously, shards of bone and ceramic tearing the skin of June’s right hand apart. She collapsed in a dead faint as the customer working on the laptop rushed to her side.

Justin, oblivious to the carnage inside, turned to Suki.

“How do you like pancakes?”


Suki was excited. Possibly too excited. When she got back to her bedroom after indulging in both her own stack of pancakes and half of Justin’s, she’d almost torn the door apart on opening it.

Finally, she had a super-cute, utterly adorable, loving, caring boyfriend. She threw herself onto her bed, her deceptive weight making the reinforced frame creak underneath her.

There was one thing that worried her though…

Justin hadn’t actually seen all of her yet.

In many ways.

Suki slowly took off her hoodie, revealing her incomparably enormous chest. She’d designed the outfit herself to warp space a little to hide how obscenely huge her breasts were. Not that she was ashamed of them, but she didn’t want anyone falling in love with her purely due to her boobs. They were bigger than her Mom’s and her sister’s, even put together! She was super proud of them.


Suki could feel from the wanton lust in her breasts that they both absolutely adored Justin. Each of them had been pushing against him whenever possible, Boobae and Boobee competing to see who could press against him for the longest time. Suki had forcibly declared it a draw when they collectively threatened to destroy her hoodie, along with the pocket dimension she had sewn into it.

Suki loved her body, but perhaps personifying it to the level she had was a bad idea in hindsight.

Case in point, Suki’s hair was currently outright refusing to stop shimmering, now and forever.

Justin had commented on how much he liked the effect, so naturally, Suki’s hair was now also in love with him. It had brushed against his hand at every possible opportunity, stroking his fingers and growing longer throughout the date. It had never looked so brilliant, and it felt absolutely wonderful. Suki ran her own fingers through it in an attempt to calm it down, but that only excited it further.

It now ran all the way down her body, long enough to entirely encompass her, and Justin as well. Which was presumably its goal.

Suki tutted half-heartedly at her overeager locks, but she couldn’t fault them too much. They were just experiencing the same adoration for Justin that she was, after all. She rolled onto her back, allowing the strands of hair to arrange themselves underneath her as she grabbed a plushy cat and squished him into her chest.

How was she even going to tell him? What could she say?

Suki continued to ponder as her whole body loudly declared its infatuation with Justin.

None, however, was quite as vocal as her pussy.

Suki’s kitty mewled and growled with impatience, sending alternating waves of pleasure and longing through her body. She brought her plushie down to it, pressing the soft toy firmly against her womanhood and rocking gently on the bed. The planks creaked again and Suki’s whole body swelled a little in excitement.

It was going to be far more difficult than usual to keep herself under control.

Suki continued to apply pressure to her crotch, biting back the urge to just drag Justin into her bed with her. That wouldn’t do. That wasn’t the way she wanted to confess her power to him.

The fabric on her thighs ripped as her legs rippled with excitement. The air around her room grew humid and sweltering as Suki took more shallow and rapid breaths.

She needed advice.

“Mom?” Suki quavered into her phone. “You there?”

“Of course, sweetie. What’s wrong? You sound a little… off.”

“Mom, I think I found someone. I like him. I really like him. All of me likes him.”

“Aww, my little girl is growing up!”

“Mooom!” Suki moaned. “I need help!”

“Okay, okay, I’m just teasing. I guess you’re a little pent up?”

“How do I tell him, Mom? How do I tell him what I am?”

Mary sighed. “Well, you could always do what I did.”

Suki’s eyes snapped wide open. Yes!

“Thanks, Mom! That’s perfect!”

“I expect to see both of you soon!”

“Will doooo. Love you, Mom!”

This was it. Suki had a plan. She carefully placed her abused plushie back in his comfy spot on her bed, then pulled her hoodie back on. She closed her eyes, sank back into her hair, and re-emerged floating in the middle of the city.

Moving at immense speed, Suki flew around the area where Justin lived, peering through walls using X-ray vision until she spotted Justin sleeping peacefully in his apartment.

Maybe he was even dreaming of her!

Heart fluttering and stomach roiling, hair writhing and nether regions tingling, Suki floated outside Justin’s window and gently knocked.

Her excited tap cracked the glass.

Suki blushed furiously. “No, no! Bad window! Fix yourself, quick!”

The crack in the glass rapidly repaired itself while Suki tried to convince the redness to leave her cheeks. That was less successful.

Taking another nervous breath, Suki very gently tapped on the window. She watched through the curtains as the partially roused Justin rolled over.

Another tap and Justin opened his eyes. A rapid series of taps that took Suki’s flustered heart to its limit finally got him out of bed. The window was repeatedly reinforcing itself against each of Suki’s increasingly incessant knocks, which stopped abruptly when Justin started to walk to the window.

Suki squealed in delight as his body came into view and her X-ray vision allowed her a little peek at the body beneath his pajamas. Her breasts strained against their containment in her pocket dimension, her lip trembled in anticipation and beads of nervous sweat formed on her forehead.

Justin’s hand reached the curtains.

Suki’s hair splayed out to cover the entirety of the large window.

Condensation formed on the outside of the window from Suki’s body heat.

The curtains parted.

“Hey, boyfriend!” Suki called out, far louder than she intended.

The window shattered, shards of glass flying towards Justin. While Suki looked on in horror and shock, her hair reacted, reaching through space to snatch Justin out of the path of the lethal shards and snuggling him safely in its embrace.

Suki buried her head in her hands, hiding her shame and crimson blush.

“S-sorry…” Suki murmured.

Justin, bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, stared up at Suki from where he was being cradled beneath her chest.

“Oh. It is a bit late? Isn’t it?” Suki closed her eyes and concentrated.

When she opened them, the Sun was already risen.

“There you go! Eight hours of super comfy sleep in my hair!”

Justin felt more invigorated than he had in his entire life. His new girlfriend’s hair was providing him with the most comfortable bed imaginable, even if that bed happened to be four stories above the ground and his girlfriend appear to be casually floating in midair.


“You’re a superhero?” Justin asked. “Is that how you caught up with the bus? You stopped it too, right?”

Suki blushed. “M’not a superhero.”


“I’m more like a baby goddess…” Suki murmured.

“Oh?” Justin raised his eyebrows as he tried to sit up in Suki’s hair. “How do I know I’m not just dreaming this?”

Suki pursed her lips and furrowed her brow. The Sun was annoyingly bright. Far too bright for a romantic confession, and especially for a romantic declaration of love.

“Hold on,” Suki muttered as she closed her eyes again.

When she opened them, it was early evening. Suki smiled at Justin.

“Much better! Evenings are so much more fun. So dramatic!”

Justin chuckled. “So, is this your proof?”

“I-I can do more! There are so many things I can do!”

Suki let her hair lift Justin up to her eye level, brushed away the broken glass in his room with a wave of her hand, and placed him carefully on the cleared carpet as she floated inside his apartment. Another wave of her hand put the glass back into the frame and it rapidly set in place, as though it had never been shattered by the excited greeting of an enthusiastic young goddess.

Composing herself, Suki floated just above the floor, keeping Justin at eye level. She bit her lip and drank in his pleasant little smile as she built up her courage, breathing in the scent of his body. The smell caused her kitty to flare into life again, adding her own contribution to the cocktail of aromas assaulting Suki’s nose.

“So, Mom is goddess of her universe. She’s been living happily with Dad for about twenty-five years like that. A few — well, seven — years ago, she let me choose my own universe. Auntie M recommended this one, mostly because it’s pretty boring otherwise. No other gods, no one else in charge, just a lot of people, planets and things to play with.”

Suki took a breath.

“So, this is my universe! I’ve been looking for a special person to make me complete for a while, to make me into a real, proper goddess with a super cute, super amazing boyfriend. Just like Mom!”

Suki paused again, but before she could continue her speech, her lips her interrupted by Justin’s.

“Mmph!” Suki exclaimed as she frantically returned the kiss.

Kissy Time

Justin held onto Suki’s cheeks as he kissed her, letting his fingers gently stroke her skin while the back of his hand ran across her hair. He moved to pull away from the kiss, but Suki followed his lips with her own, reluctant to let go. Her hands wrapped around his back, pushing her chest further and further into his, refusing to give a single inch further and looking to incorporate Suki and him into one point in space. What started out as pleasant softness soon made it incredibly difficult for Justin to breathe, with the intensity of his kiss decreasing every moment.

Suki pouted when she noted that Justin was losing interest in special kissy time, but then rapidly backed up when she realised that her boobies were breaking out of her dimensional pocket. She scowled down at them and they retreated away briefly, ashamed at having interrupted time with their new favourite person.

“T-there’s actually a little more to me than just the goddess thing, too.” Suki began as Justin caught his breath.

“You’re bigger under the hoodie?” Justin guessed.

Suki gasped. “How did you know!”

“Suki, I don’t think you’re quite as subtle about your power as you think,” Justin explained while placating the hair that was beginning to surround him again.

“I’m very subtle!” Suki huffed. “I can be super subtle!”

Suki began to remove her hoodie. “I’ll even show you how subtle I am normally!”

As Suki’s hoodie lifted over her head, Justin’s jaw dropped. The most outrageously enormous tits he had ever seen dropped out of the seemingly limitless capacity of Suki’s hoodie and covered not just her chest, but her entire torso. He could fit his entire torso inside Suki’s cleavage and have room to space!

“They’re very big and they like you very much, Justin.” Suki tossed her hoodie onto Justin’s bed and walked towards him, her chest approaching far more rapidly than the rest of her as it continued to expand to its full size. “This is Boobae, and this is Boobee.”

Justin’s knees gave out as he collapsed into Suki’s cleavage.

“Aww!” Suki giggled. “They love you! The twins are a little difficult to handle for most people, so I have to keep them locked away. Otherwise, think about how many people would just be worshipping me!”

Breathing into the overpowering scent of Suki’s boobs, Justin got the distinct impression that her cleavage was actively attempting to claim him, dragging him further and further away from his corporeal body and into… somewhere else.

“Oh no, Justin has to stay with me!” Suki pulled Justin out of her cleavage before he was entirely trapped in the dimension between her tits. “I keep special, secret things in there.”

Suki licked her lips and, after a moment of thought, decided to lick Justin’s face too.

“Hey!” Justin exclaimed.

“Had to bring you back!” Suki grinned and licked Justin again. “That one was just because you taste really good, though.”

“So, your boobs are hypnotic?”

“Hmm. Kind of? It’s more like they have a really attractive personality and people just can’t resist them? Like meeting a person you really like and wanting to shake their hand? Except they make you want to motorboat them!”

“Boobae and Boobee might take some getting used to, I’m afraid,” Justin admitted.

“That’s okay, I’ll give you lots of practice!”

Suki nibbled at her lower lip and gazed down Justin’s body.

“So, you’ve seen my big, big toys. Now I wanna see the big toy you have for me!”

Justin blushed, which made Suki blush back.

Leaning in conspiratorially, Suki whispered. “I saw it with my X-ray vision…”

Slowly, Justin stripped. Suki was practically salivating the whole time, to the extent that a drop of drool ran into her cleavage at the moment Justin finally revealed his cock.

“Holy Mom!” Suki cried out as the semi-erect penis lurched forward. She’d turned off her X-ray vision to keep it a surprise, and the shock was evident on her face.

Justin looked somewhat embarrassed. “It’s, err, not actually hard yet.”

Suki’s hand grabbed at the enormous shaft, already too long and thick for two of her hands to cover it.

“Oh, Mom, this is huge…” Suki stroked Justin’s cock, in awe of the monstrous size of it.

“It’s… it’s okay if you don’t want to keep going. I’ve had girlfriends who couldn’t handle it before.”

Suki looked up with an annoyed expression.

“My toy,” she scowled. “Suki wants to play.”

Without another word, Suki began to lick Justin’s cock to a full erection.

It was, without a doubt, the most terrifyingly gargantuan cock that Suki had ever seen, or even heard of. True, she hadn’t exactly seen a massive number, but Auntie M was always talking about how pathetic men were, in incredibly lewd detail. According to Auntie M’s descriptions, Justin would practically class as a god among men.

He was even more perfect than Suki could have ever imagined.

Without warning, Suki switched from licking to attempting to swallow Justin’s cock whole.

For Suki, it was no issue. Her body was always incredibly responsive, and at this point, every part of her knew exactly what it wanted: Justin’s cock deep inside of her. Disabling her gag reflex, Suki took Justin’s cock deeper in her throat than Justin had ever been in a woman, making his monster look like a mouse when compared to the sexually frustrated goddess kneeling before him. Justin’s balls clenched, taken by surprise by the forceful and incredibly pleasurable sensation, sending a voluminous torrent of their contents deep into Suki’s stomach.

Suki cooed in pleasure, sucking and nibbling the entire length of Justin as she pulled him out of her mouth, milking out every drop of the delicious treat that he had offered her.

“More, please!” Suki sang as she coaxed Justin’s cock to remain erect.

Stimulating Justin with one hand, Suki directed him to remove her underwear, exposing her dripping kitty. She lifted Justin into the air, flew the two of them to the bed and straddled him.

“Hmm, Miss Kitty is very eager to meet Mr Monster,” Suki giggled. “She wants to give him a big, wet kiss!”

Suki slammed her ass down onto Justin’s legs, devouring over a foot of cock into the pussy of a goddess.

Suki’s kitty slurped at Justin’s cock, her body moving with expert control and precision, stimulating every pleasure point of Justin with every one of its own erogenous zones. Suki span in place, riding Justin in reverse cowgirl, allowing her sensitive clitoris to push against the base of Justin’s cock. Her cervix had claimed his cockhead, wrapping around the tip and massaging the frenulum while Suki’s vagina pulsated his shaft.

Not wanting to let Suki have to do all the work, Justin leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Suki and reaching to her nipples, tweaking each with calculated motions of his fingertips, rolling the thick nubs to a stiff erection and smiling as Suki moaned.

“Ohh, baby! Yes! Yes! They love that!” Suki exclaimed as beads of lactation formed on her nipples.

Another bounce and Suki’s ass claimed Justin’s bed, collapsing the frame underneath the two intertwined lovers. Now, each motion caused the entire building to shake as the overendowed couple reached their combined sexual climax.

“Suki, I’m close,” Justin whispered.

“Cum inside me, baby! Miss Kitty wants to slurp up everything that Mr Monster has. Then she’s going to paint him with kisses!”

Suki’s cutesy, overpowering approach to sex was more than Justin could take. Not five seconds later, he was unloading once more, Suki’s body draining him for everything he could give. The slurping of her insatiable womanhood drowned out the cries of the neighbours as their ceilings rattled and their walls shook. Suki’s orgasm began in earnest as soon as her pussy received Justin’s cum, wringing him out with muscle spasms and causing her body to swell even further, her breasts spilling out of Justin’s hands and her thighs consuming more of Justin’s bed. The floor almost gave in before Suki glared at it, refusing to allow it to break under her weight.

With panting, sweating and glorious fulfilment, Suki collapsed next to Justin. Her hair wrapped around him, pulling the two of them closer until they were face to face, with Justin softly nestled between Boobae and Boobee. Both of Suki’s breasts hugged her boyfriend, thanking him with their warmth while Suki thanked him with a tirade of kisses.

“I liked that. We should do lots and lots of that.” Suki smiled.

“We can do that.” Justin smiled back.

They fell asleep wrapped around each other, happier than either of them had ever been.

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Wild ride - wee! That was delightful, really looking forward to more!
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Holy wow. A little violence. A lot of cuteness. Some wowie-zowie sexytime.

And the whole conceit of Suki's body parts loving Justing was wonderful.

Absolutely great fun.
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Man this was a great story. Well done 👍👍I hope we can read the next story soon!!
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Great article, looking forward to the next episode
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