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Birth of the Undead – Multiple Identities, Interlude 1

Written by kshoo :: [Saturday, 12 August 2023 03:02] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 August 2023 08:36]

A powerful, muscular body clad in the briefest of a bikini emerged from the ocean, her body slowly coming into view as she made her way onto the exclusive beach area that happened to belong to one of the richest man on Earth. Allowing the salty seawater to continuously drip downwards all along her buxom body, she flung her head gently to both sides as she made her way towards the beachhouse, where Lex Luthor was leaning against the wooden rail of the patio waiting for his queen to return. She didn’t even have to look up towards his direction to know the hold she has on her; her sensitive hearing easily detecting his heartbeat which skipped a few beats as he watched her taking her time striding towards him.


Mandi Olson continued her purposeful tease, adjusting the skimpy top slightly towards the side just to allow a slight peak of her areola and nipple from the limited fabric. The fabric desperately and almost failed to to contain her bulbous 38Ds, the Arion woman having purposedly taken a deep drain of the local power plant prior to appearing here, just to test the sturdines of the new fabric. The tightness of the unique fabric still strong enough to push both her mounds against each other to show off that deep valley between her large mounds even as she moved unimpeded, whereas the bottom was a mere thong that barely covered her wild dark bush underrneath.

Not that it mattered that much, for Mandi Olson does like to show off.

This was a very rare occasion, for the Arion rarely swam. Despite Aria having its fair share of rivers and oceans, the fact that she spent most of her life living on a spaceship as they jumped from planet to planet as part of their race’s global conquest agenda meant that she didn’t really even have time to admire anything that is remotely part of any location’s landscape. There’s even less motivation to do so now that she was imbued with all the powers of a Velorian Protector, chief amongst which was the ability to fly.

But today it was of a different reason. It was actually a result that started with her own question to Lex more than a month ago, when she showed him an old photograph that she had found amongst her old archives.

“I gather that the person in the poster is not you.” Lex deadpanned as he held the poster with his left hand while his right caressed the long, powerful thighs of Mandi Olson underneath the high-slit of her tight red dress. Despite his own observation, he thought he could very well be mistaken, given how easily any Supremis woman could literally manhandle anyone who tries to stop, or even delay, the inevitable. Case in point the very soldier depicted in the graphic, who looked to be being crushed by the woman warrior with one hand while destroying the man’s weapon of choice with but a bite.


“Hardly. This was an old insipirational poster for the female Primes. A reminder of what was possible, what is available, for those who are the creme la creme of our race.” She smiled appreciately as she felt the gentle running of his hands all over her thighs, even daringly running over her covered slit once of twice as a tease. Already wet, she knows it’s only a matter of time before she orgasms. But that’s for her to know and Lex to find out.

“So you were a member of the team?”

Mandi sighed, thinking about old times. “No, unfortunately. I didn’t qualify.” But of course, she was but a mere Betan back then, one of the small cogs in the Arions’ huge war machine. So much has changed since then, for Mandi Olson at least. “The Valkyries are regarded as the elite battleforce Aria has ever produced. Essentially the best of the best among the female Primes, many of them are amazingly beautiful even by Supremis standards, and not a little vicious in their undertaking. They are normally the vanguards for the start of many Arion conquests, and with that kind of ‘sacrifice’ they are also normally provided part of the spoils of war when they succeed in their missions.”

The accounts of thier conquest of the local population, either as sexual playthings or forced gentlers to their sexual demands, was eyebrow-raising even amongst the Arions themselves.

Feared too, especially among the Betans. Mandi remembered that she used to purposedly avoid them whenever one spots any of the Valkyries walking past along the hallway. Their unique red and black costume, the distinctive black “V” that ran down from their cape choker, past their proud erect nipples and downwards towards the meeting of their legs a quick giveaway. The costume was designed to demonstrate and project the pinnacle of Aria’s sexual prowess as well as their real physical might among the female elite. Part of the rumour was that to even be considered, that female must best at least a dozen Arion Prime men in both hand-to-hand combat and then conquer them all in bed. In a night. It was hence also all too common for the Valkyries to use their high-ranking position to demand ‘services’ from the the lower-ranked Betans, many of whom won’t survive the ridiculously athletic love-making sessions, their flesh and body crumpling like dough in the throes of these women’s uncontained super-orgasms.

That is, until the Arion command made the genetic breakthrough with the Arion Tsetlar Destroyers. More powerful and more durable than any Arion Female Primes, they would eventually become the ultimate Supremis fighting machine against famed Velorian Protectors especially the P1s, trading off quantity for quality.

“So why this, why now?”

Mandi smiled at that question. “Nostalgia, mostly.”

It had been a while since she last met anyone from her own race, though having seen enough of all those capes zipping by irrespective which side of the fence they belong to did hasten that decision. “I remember you mentioned LexCorp is developing a type of exotic fabric that could is tough enough to stand-up to conventional weapons, while staying flexible and relatively thin. Is that true?” Lex’ forehead creased slightly, but he quickly returned the smile, acknowledging the same.

“I was thinking if you can use the same material and make me a costume that would resemble the same as the poster? It would be something that I can use to wear for our more… unique projects that demand the true powers of a Supremis-born. What do you think?”

Lex replied coolly. “This fabric is still very much in development stage. Even if we can speed up the process I doubt if we could produce that much material to do both the suit AND a cape, much less in two different colours too.”

Mandi merely swivelled Lex’ chair so that she can look down at him from her standing position. Her amazing legs supporting her powerful torso and large, full globes involuntarily causing Lex’ heartbeat to race just a tad faster despite his own enhancements in place. Placing her left hand over his chest, she cooed seductively “Oh, I’m sure with the right amount of persuasion and encouragement, you can defintely get them to be more… efficient and effective, research-wise and production-wise. After all, these fabric would be MOST useful to both the military as well as their opponents who are looking for any competitive advantage, wouldn’t you agree? A most promising and profitable investment if you ask me.”

Seeing Lex keeping mum, she continued “Besides, I can offer myself as your model for the entire project. Who better than an invulnerable superwoman to test them out in all the different ways that you can think of in order to gauge its true hardiness and toughness?”

As her hand daringly ran over his crotch area to feel up Lex Luthor’s own Supremis-enhanced hardness, even coaxing out a little precum in the process, she continued on. “Of course, any demonstrations in those fabric would be for your eyes only. Unless you feel especially charitable to have someone watch us stress-test it out in our very own way…”

Hence the reason for Mandi Olson to take the material out for a test spin this early June morning, by swimming across the Atlantic to the northeast coast of the British Isles and back. From the time they started discussing until today much progress have been made, though with the team still figuring out how else to make it more heat resistant, flying in it the usual Velorian way won’t really give up anything new today. Hence a dip into the deep blue sea instead.

Keeping her speed in check less she alarms the numerous destroyers and submarines who might be patrolling within the vast ocean, Mandi relied more on her muscular body to power her strokes, her incredible muscular legs and arms easily propeling her forward to cut across the ocean like a torpedo. Her own powerful lungs meant little need to surface for exchanges of air, which meant that she could focus on thoroughly completing the test underwater almost throughout. To and fro took slightly more than an hour to complete, and she wasn’t even winded in the least.

Despite the limited materials provided (which Mandi suspected is due to Lex’ own intervention, given that he prefers to see her in a little clothing as possible), whatever fabric that was supplied clung tightly to her body, the spandex-like material feeling smooth like sharks’ skin. Despite the punishnment of her exertions, the pressure underwater together with the waves and tide crashing against her body, the fact that it held up well with her exertions, flexing and expanding as she flexed and moved augurs well.

A fact that Lex seconded the moment she walked up the steps, taking the white towel from Lex. “Looks like it is standing up well to all the pressures and exertions that you can dish it out. Pity that we don’t have enough to make a full-suit… yet.” With that his mouth found hers as he hugged her tightly against himself, her wet body quickly making his peach-coloured shirt and pants damp.

“Mmmm… yes, it feels good thus far. I am definitely looking forward to trying out more of it later. But first, I’m thinking about doing something that doesn’t require much clothing. However if it can hold up even with our exertions…” Lex smiled at Mandi’s proposal, and guided her past the door into the house.

It was then that a phone call came through from Europe. Sighing slightly before motioning for his queen to go through, he listened as the call connected. When he got his head around the latest development, his brow creased slightly at the latest news.

“Well now, that changes things a bit…”

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Thank you anaheim. Your comments and feedback means a lot to me.
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Dear kshoo

Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of the series!

Thank you very much for your unwavering enthusiasm in the past two years.
It made me excited to look forward to a new episode every week.

We truly appreciate your hard work over the...
Dear kshoo

Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of the series!

Thank you very much for your unwavering enthusiasm in the past two years.
It made me excited to look forward to a new episode every week.

We truly appreciate your hard work over the past two years and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations in the future.

Thank you for your amazing contribution.
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