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Riddley's Nightmare

Written by Glaazius :: [Saturday, 16 September 2023 19:31] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 17 September 2023 09:31]

It is Riddley's dream to have the powers of Superman one day, so he can save the day and be a hero.

How will he respond when one day, his bratty sister receives superpowers instead of him?

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Riddley's thumb smashed hard on the volume button of his TV remote. His clenched jaw remained strictly tightened, even long after the blaring voices of the annoying tv commercial drowned out the even more annoying voice of his sister playing in the garden.

Riddley detested Lindsy from the depths of his heart. In his eyes, the girl was nothing more than a whining fusspot with a sacred belief that the whole world revolved around her. This same conviction was amply fed by the fact that their parents tend to Lindsy's every beck and call – even at the expense of Riddley's simple needs.

Even though Riddley is the eldest of the two and appears to have the brightest future academically and professionally, his parents shun even the slightest glance in his direction.

With her catchy giggles and flaunts, Impulsive Lindsy was clearly a much higher prioritized subject of attention for Riddley's parents.

And they weren't the only ones swayed by Lindsy's blue eyes and gleaming smile. The moment Riddley's sister hit puberty and her body started developing luscious curves more and more of his friends began drooling over her.

Even some of the married teachers had difficulty keeping their eyes focused on Lindsy's perfect face while conversing with her instead of letting their gaze linger on her attention-demanding boobs.

Petite Lindsy had them all wrapped around her pinky finger.

The girl lacked nothing. And to make things even worse, she was suddenly blessed with superpowers from one day to the next.

Riddley had always been a huge fancier of comic heroes with superpowers. His favorite character was the man of steel himself. While lying on his bed, Riddley glanced gloomily at the giant poster depicting Superman as he soared over Metropolis on his way to rescue a crashing plane.

It was a present he'd received from his parents for his 7th birthday. Lindsy was just a little sprout of 4 back then.

From that day on, Riddley fantasized daily about having Superman's powers. Like, being able to soar through the clouds at high-hypersonic speed. Or be capable of shattering a granite boulder into thousands of pieces with just a mere jab of his knuckles. And let's not forget the laser eyes, his most favored superpower. In Riddley's dreams, he often played scenes in his head whereby he dismantled armed robbers from a thousand yards away with the sheer force of his laser eyes by heating their weapons – compelling them to drop them.

Such a deed naturally led to the veneration of Super Riddley by the police force and the mayor. He was hailed by all citizens. He was given a key to the city, and an annual parade was held in his honor. Things couldn't be better!

Unfortunately for Riddley, his most fervent wish has never been granted. And to make matters worse, it now seemed that his bratty sister was given this same wish.

From behind a curtain, he peeked sneakily into the backyard, where Lindsy was goofing around with some of her friends.

"Oh my God, Lindsy! Is that really Abraham Lincoln's top hat?" Christi, Lindsy's so-called best-friend-but-actually-a-rival, said as the latter seemingly materialized in front of the group of friends with an ancient-looking hat in her hand.

Lindsy nodded proudly with a gleaming smile and placed the hat on her head to show off, making her friends burst into giggles.

Stephie, Lindsy's outspoken rival, scoffed. "It's probably a fake. I bet you just got that from the local Walmart. Or worse, you've bought that thing earlier and hid it around the corner to make us believe in your so-called powers."

"While looking so authentic? and worn? And… ugh, dirty?" Christi said with distaste, causing Lindsy to hastily turn off the hat.

"Yeah, so?" Stephie shrugged. "They can fabricate many things these days. Check out your watch, for example. It looks like a Rolex but lacks a cyclops lens, so it's probably a fake."

Christi fumed and was about to retort when Lindsy stepped in between, with an unnaturally fast pace.

"What do I have to show you for making you believe I have actual superpowers?" Lindsy said.

Stephie considered for a moment, then presented a haughty smile before saying, "Fly."

Meanwhile, Riddley had turned down the TV's volume. His window stood ajar, so he could hear everything being said outside.

He jumped an inner dance of joy when he saw Stephie pushing Lindsy into a corner. True, Riddley had seen his sister lifting a whole car with just one hand. And now she was showcasing her exceptional speed to her friends. But she still wasn't like Superman if she was unable to fly.

A triumphant smile crept upon Riddley's lips when Lindsy was struck speechless after hearing Stephie's challenge if she was able to fly.

I can do everything I have tried so far. So flying shouldn't be a problem, I guess. Lindsy thought while all eyes were focused on her. Everyone seemed eager to see if Lindsy was able to fly.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

All or nothing. Lindsy crouched deep and leaped up with all the might her slender legs could muster, launching herself into the air.

All girls yelped as Lindsy's lift-off shockwave knocked them all over, causing them to land on their cute butts.

Riddley did not believe what he saw. His sister was flying! Actually flying!

"No way," He uttered in awe as Lindsy's figure vanished through a pack of clouds in a matter of seconds. He opened his window and jumped outside, joining Lindsy's posse, who were busy scrambling back to their feet.


Riddley looked every way, trying to locate the feminine screaming voice in the sky.

A projectile swooshed over them faster than the eye could see. Then it swooshed over them again, grazing their heads, accompanied by Lindsy's laughter.

The supergirl flew over them from every possible direction, chuckling abundantly every time she grazed over their heads.

"W-where is she?" Riddley looked into the sky as Lindsy's laughter stopped swooshing over them.

"I'm right here, dork,"

Riddley shrieked like a choirboy when Lindsy's voice sounded like she stood right behind him.

Riddley spun his head, looking over his shoulder but saw nothing.

"I mean here," Lindsy's voice spoke, now coming from in front of him. "Booo!"

Riddley flinched as Lindsy's gleaming countenance shot up right into his face. He tumbled backward, landing on his butt in the grass. Hands placed upon her proud hips, Lindsy looked down upon her flabbergasted brother with glee.

"Y-you can fly…" Stephie brought out while looking at her rival, deeply awed.

"No shit," Lindsy responded dryly. "I can also do this." The supergirl's eyes started cooking hot-red before firing two blindingly red beams into the sky. There, they'd roasted an overflying goose flapping unsuspectingly more than 20000 feet above their head. All that was left of the poor creature were a few feathers swirling along with the wind.

"Noooooooo!" Lindsy and her friends jerked their heads, puzzled as they saw Riddley suddenly running off, screaming like a madman.

Upon entering the house through the back door, Riddley stampeded through the living room—arousing his mother's dismay—and charged into his own bedroom.

There, he tore the poster of his beloved superhero from the wall while ripping it into as many pieces as possible while squeezing out a long burst of anger.

"I can burn it for you if you like," Lindsy said helpfully while leaning against the door frame with a cocky grin.

"You! Get out! NOW!" Riddley screeched out.

"Nah, it's way too much fun to stay here and watch you torturing yourself," Lindsy smiled.

"Aaargh!" Riddley grabbed one of his shoes lying on the floor and threw it with full force at the self-satisfied grin on his sister's countenance. Lindsy deftly cocked her head to the side, making the shoe soar past her unfazed face. It clattered hard against the wall behind her before dropping to the floor.

Riddley gave another scream of frustration and grabbed his other shoe. He now made a short running-start as he wanted to ensure that his throw would hit the target.

This time, Lindsy casually caught the shoe in mid-air.

"You cannot hurt me anymore, dork. Might as well give up." Lindsy said as her slender fingers pulverized Riddley's shoe to a compact lump not bigger than a marble.

"We'll see about that," Riddley grabbed a baseball bat resting in some corner.

Lindsy's eyes bulged. "H-hold on now, brother. We're just playing games here, you know."

"And this is for ruining my childhood hero, bitch!" When he spat that final word, Riddley ensured that his swinging bat connected with Lindsy's head.


Upon opening both eyes, Lindsy expected to feel an incredible amount of pain or find herself lying on the floor, in the hospital, or even in heaven. But Riddley stood still in front of her, looking as dumbfounded as her as he gaped at his broken bat.

Lindsy dabbed her head with her hand to check if there was any blood or an upcoming bruise.

"Y-you're unharmed," Riddley stated the obvious.

"You're damn right I am!" Lindsy gave her brother an angered push. She looked surprised as her scrawny yet super-powered arm shoved her brother all the way to the other side of the room.

"Ha! I can lift cars with one hand, so I guess this should not have been a surprise."

Riddley cried out with pain as he crashed against the wall. Before he was able to say something, Lindsy flashed right up to his face. With a sardonic grin, she flicked his arm with her pinky finger, breaking its bone. Riddley fell to the ground, now blubbering with tears rolling his cheeks. "You bitch! You broke it!"

Lindsy crouched down, bringing her face close to his. "And I'm going to break a lot more if you don't do as I tell you from now on. There's going to be a lot of changes around here, brother. Mark my words."

And with that, Lindsy vanished in a blink, leaving a traumatized Riddley behind.

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Very cute. Certainly worth continuing :)
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Thanks, AuGoose!
Glad you liked it!
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I like this a lot, hope to see more of it
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Glad you liked it!

I first published this story on my patreon page some months ago, but it didn't receive many votes, so it never got another chapter.
Now however, I've received a lot of votes for it and I will definitely be writing a follow-up...
Glad you liked it!

I first published this story on my patreon page some months ago, but it didn't receive many votes, so it never got another chapter.
Now however, I've received a lot of votes for it and I will definitely be writing a follow-up chapter soon.
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Nice start to a new story...
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Always a pleasure to be praised by an esteemed writer like you.
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