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A Taurus story

Written by d_k_c :: [Wednesday, 28 February 2024 01:29] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 03 March 2024 23:13]

Note - Thought it'd be fun to write a quick Taurus script. Hope they don't mind I used their images. If its any concelation - i hope they steal the story lol.

And Maybe this is just my preference......But, no matter what, the bustier girl should always steal the power

A Taurus story

Ella sat impatiently at the table, her hands cuffed as a plain clothed detective spoke on the phone. She looked frustrated as the detective described his findings over the phone.

“Right, she was with Tony’s crew” The detective said. “I was about to bring her in with the rest of them when I saw her necklace. Think it's kyptonian transcription etched into it, thought I’d run it across you before I brought her in…..Okay, bye”

The detective looked over at the dark haired woman, “You know who that was love? That was Supergirl, and she is going to be far more interested in that little trinket you are wearing than I am. Tell you what, why don’t you tell me where you got it? Make things go a bit smoother.”

“I told you! It was a gift!”

“Care to hand it over?”


“I’m not giving you anything!”

Supergirl arrives.

“I warned you.” The detective simply said as Supergirl approaches.

Supergirl walks confidently to the girl, looks at the necklace and immediately recognizes the transcription. “Where did you get this?”

“As I’ve been saying, it was a gift!”

“I have no time for this” Super girl stated as she hoisted the girl up.

 “You’re….choking…me” Ella managed

Supergirl got a closer look of the necklace and then addressed the detective. “Definitely kryptonian. You were right to call me.”

“This is my necklace!.....You can’t just take whatever you want!”

Supergirl smirked “See the S on my chest?” Supergirl caressed her the outline of the S with one hand while effortlessly holding Ella in the air “Basically means I can do whatever I want.”

With that Supergirl simply grabbed the necklace with the intention of ripping it off her neck.


A flash of light pulsated in the room. Supergirl felt nauseous and stepped away from the other girl. Both of them felt as if something strange was about to occur. Suddenly light began to pulse from Supergirls body followed by a bolt of electric energy that pulsated between the two girls.

Moments later, it was gone, Supergirl fell to her knee.


Ella’s body continued to pulsate, and glow as her body worked out how to disperse the stolen God like power to every fibre of her being.

She stared down at her body with confusion as she tried to determine how she felt, and what had just occurred.


The detective ran over to Supergirl. “Supergirl, are you okay?”

“Somethings wrong” Supergirl stated as she looked over her body.

Ella looked around her vision improving exponentially every second, “I feel it! Power! such power… I feel stronger… Better…”

Ella looked down at her chest, “And bigger!” she said with smug satisfaction.

“Tell me this isn’t what I think it is!” The detective said clearly panicked.

“No, I still have all my powers.” Supergirl puckered her lips and blew at the girl, but no gust of wind came from her lips. She took a deeper breath and blew harder.


Ella looked at her curiously, “Are you trying to do this?” With that Ella pursed her lips and blew. Wind blew Supergirl back to the wall, as she shielded her face from the uncomfortable winds. Ella smiled, “Or were you trying to do this?” Now Ella began sucking in the air, causing supergirl to slide all the way to Ella’s outstretched arm. Ella began to hoist Supergirl into the air effortlessly. “Well well well, look who’s super now?” Ella teased.

“Put her down!” The detective warned, as he raised his firearm.

Ella looked behind her while holding supergirl in the air. “Or else what? You’ll shoot?” Ella laughed, “You’re not going to shoot me.”

As soon as Ella looked back at Supergirl she heard the shot. The bullet hit her back and deflected into the ceiling. She dropped Supergirl and looked at the detective angrily. “You did shoot me! You actually shot me!”

The detective fired again, the bullet deflecting off Ella’s shoulder.

Ella looked at her shoulder. “I suppose I can get used to this.”

The detective fired twice more, and the bullets deflected off her impressive chest. Ella looked down at her chest, “Oh I definitely could get used to this.”

“Supergirl!” The detective called out with grave concern.

 Twin beams of heat fired from Ella’s eyes beamed into the detective’s gun. It glowed red hot before he dropped it and screamed in pain.

“Did you see that!? Did you see what I just did?” Ella asked Supergirl triumphantly.

“Stop it! Supergirl pleaded, you could kill someone!” Supergirl rushed over to the detective to see if he was okay.

Ella began laughing, but then stopped as she noticed something concerning. There were two holes in her clothes. She inspected the holes and then looked angrily at the detective. “You put two holes in my favorite shirt!”

Supergirl stood up to her, “you’ll have to get through me, if you want to get to him!”

Ella laughed, and then looked Supergirl over. “Your costume doesn’t look like it fits anymore, looks a bit loose, a bit drab on you.”

Supergirl looked down at her body, “What are you talking about?” Supergirl asked as she looked down.

Ella moved at Super speed she circled Supergirl hundreds of times in mere seconds. Before Supergirl knew it she was in plain clothes. And Ella was now admiring the super costume she now dawned.


“Looks better on me than you. Don’t you think?” Ella’s hands ran down her body before settling on her hips, “God, I love how this feels on my body.”

“You can’t do this!” Supergirl pleaded

Ella laughed, “What was it you said to me? Oh I remember….See this S on my chest?” Ella asked as she pointed her index finger on the big S. “Basically means I get do what I want. And you know what I want right now? Revenge!”

Ella looked at the detective squinted her eyes and incinerated him.


“NO!” Supergirl screamed. She charged Ella and punched her hard in the face. But Ella didn’t flinch, as Supergirl grabbed her wrist in tremendous pain.

“Awww did you break your hand on my tiny nose. Bit of advice love, if you’re going to punch me. You should pick a softer target.”

Supergirl ran to the gun that still lay on the floor.

Really? Ella  asked. “Okay, let me just get my super pose ready?” Ella placed her hands on her hips and pushed her bust outwards. “Give me your best shot.


Supergirl cried out in defeat as the bullets bounced harmlessly off Ella’s chest, as soon as the gun clicked. Ella inspected her chest. She rubbed the S symbol. “Wow, not even a smudge.”

Supergirl made a run for it. But smacked into Ella’s super body who had used superspeed to get out in front of her.

“Before I go…” Ella said casually. “I was thinking you get on you knees and kiss my red boots. You know, kind of like a passing of the torch thing. You’re way of acknowledging the reality of your situation.”

“I would never kneel before. Much less kiss your boots!”

“Well, it is your choice. But I should warn you, the alternative is me throwing you into outer space.”

Supergirl stood defiantly.


Ella smiled. “Suit yourself.” Ella hoisted Supergirl in the air. “Express shuttle, now leaving earth!”

“No!” Supergirl managed to say, before Ella threw her through the ceiling.  

Ella looked up in the sky as she followed supergirls flight path. Satisfied with the result, Ella’s eyes returned to her own body, as she admired her costume. “God, am I going to have fun!” She said mischievously as she began floating, then she blasted off into the sky.


On the next episode…

Ella sat casually in front of several men holding weapons.

One of the thugs confronted her angrily, “You think you can come into our house, and just take our turf?”

“And all your money, and drugs.” Superwoman added

The man started laughing. “Are you mental or something. What makes you think we'd ever agree to doing that?”

“Well the alternative is I use my Superpowers to take what I want, but ultimately people always get hurt when I use my powers.”

“You!” The thug laughed, “You’re Supergirl?”


 “Would you like more proof!” Ella asked sweetly.

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A new DKC story?! Pinch me I'm dreaming! Loved it as usual! Is it bad I prefer her tight black outfit more? <3
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Very fun. I love it. Needs more superbreath :)
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