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My Childhood Best Friend is Supergirl

Written by erikphandel :: [Thursday, 11 April 2024 17:38] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 13 April 2024 14:56]

It felt really weird to be feeling nervous about meeting Ellie again.

Noah had known Ellie for almost twenty years. They grew up together in Sidney, a smaller town close to Victoria, where he was attending university at the moment. Sidney, Canada, not Australia, he usually had to explain. However, he hadn’t seen her in just over a year. Instead of going straight from high school to university like he did, Ellie went on a sort of sabbatical after her 18th birthday. Noah wasn’t really sure where she went. They chatted once in a blue moon, but he got the impression that Ellie was somewhat distant and avoided him a bit in those conversations, to the point where he stopped trying maintaining any sort of dialogue. That left him on a depressive slump for a good while, until out of the blue Ellie sent him a message saying she was back in town and wanted to see him.

They had arranged to go to a nearby coffee shop after he was done with his classes. He could barely pay attention to any of the classes that day, the professor’s words a distant, barely audible mumbling in his mind whilst he daydreamed about seeing Ellie again. Which was one of the reasons he was astoundingly surprised to see her just outside of his classroom after his last period was done.

Civilian Ellie Arrives

“Noah!” she screamed with joy, loud enough to garner a few turned heads from the nearby crowd of exiting students. She ran towards him and hugged him in a vicegrip lock, strong enough to lift him off the ground for a few seconds.

“Whoa, Ellie!” he said, after his breath was taken away for a bit, figuratively and literally. “I was only expecting you in a few hours! Sorry, I’m a bit of a mess right now.”

“I know, but I couldn’t wait any longer! I missed you so much dude.”

“How did you even know I was here?”

“Pfft. Don’t worry about it.”

After recovering from the shock and trauma, Noah finally got a good look at his best friend after over a year. She was different. Much different. The general shape was the same; the short, messy brown hair, huge brown eyes, athletic build and overexcited stance. That was definitely still Ellie alright. What hit him like a freight train was just how gorgeous she looked. Ellie had always had this tomboyish charm that made him fall for her in their late adolescence, but now she looked like a bombshell. She proudly exhibited her toned abs barely covered by her sports jacket. Her shaggy, dull, and mistreated hair was now shining, smooth, and hypnotically swayed with her head bobbing like strands of pure brown silk. All the pimples and zits that covered her face when she last saw her were gone; she was like the idealized version of herself that he had always imagined, and came to be how he remembered her after such a long time without seeing each other. Not to mention, she seemed to have gone through a bizarre growth spurt, now standing firmly a couple of inches taller than him. Her small, almost non-existent breasts had grown to a very respectable pair that were delightfully modeled by her skintight sports bra.

“Geez Ellie you look so…”


Noah blushed intensely and left the sentence hanging for a bit. Ellie had a smug smile which he didn’t notice.

“Anyways, can we go to the dorm? I need to get changed, I look like a mess right now.”

“Nah, you’re fine! Come on, I was jogging before I came here so you can’t be worse than me. I’m dead tired and I need some ice cream right now!” Without hearing any further complaints, Ellie took hold of Noah’s arm and pulled him away from the classrooms. Noah watched as her hair bobbed up and down and her shapely glutes drove the both of them towards the nearest ice cream shop, vaguely thinking about what she said. She didn’t have a single drop of sweat on her body, and her hair looked like she just got out of a salon.

Their arrival turned a few heads from the clients, which made Noah a bit uncomfortable; Ellie didn’t seem to notice anything. After they were seated, Ellie had a gigantic bowl of multi-colored ice cream with an enormous pile of sweet bits and candy in front of her, contrasted sharply against the meager single scoop of chocolate chip ice cream that Noah was consuming.

“Jesus christ Ellie, I thought you liked your abs like they are right now.” After the initial shock of suddenly reencountering Ellie again, he felt a bit more comfortable to go back to their childhood dynamic. Instead of being pissed off, Ellie stared at him with the smuggest smile he had ever seen in his life.

“Bet? I can eat shit like this every day and never get fat. My body’s just been weird like that lately.”

They sat in silence for a few short minutes as the both of them consumed their meals. Ellie wolfed down her food like she hadn’t eaten is several days, which was a throwback to their many childhood meals together.

“So, you’re gonna tell me what you were doing all this time?” Noah asked sheepishly, but Ellie could detect a hint of hurt feelings in his voice.

“Well…” She stopped eating and stared at a random spot on their table, for the first time not making aggressive eye contact with Noah. “That’s what I came here to do. But first…” She looked at him again, this time with genuine sadness in her honey brown eyes. “I’m sorry. You’re gonna understand after I tell you everything, but to be honest, it’s no excuse. I was a horrible friend.”

Noah didn’t expect it to be so easy, or to get to this point so quickly. He planned to be a bit more aggressive, however this unexpected reaction completely disarmed him. “Shit Ellie, I’m sure you got your reasons, but you could at least have talked to me.”

“Yeah, I know. To be honest I’m not really sure why I didn’t. I just needed some time alone. Barely talked to my folks too. Barely talked to anybody except-“ it seemed she interrupted herself before she said something she shouldn’t.

“New boyfriend?”

That one broke the ice. Ellie tried to suppress her laughter and barely managed to do so. “Oh no no, nothing like that dude. Oh man… Sorry, I’m not laughing at you, it’s just… That wasn’t it all, honest.” She had an amused grin, and Noah felt a little bit offended at her reaction. “You know if it was that I would have told you. Besides, ain’t no dude taking me away from my boy Noah. No fucking way.”

Noah felt like an entire elephant had been taken off his back. That was his biggest fear. He remembered how jealous and desolated he got when Ellie started exploring her sexuality in their teenage years. Two times she did find a boyfriend, and even though those relationships were very short lived, they took a toll on Noah’s emotional state. He decided that if he ever got a chance to meet her again, he wouldn’t let the chance escape. At that moment, his mind was full of intrusive thoughts saying he was not doing that good of a job, but at least it seemed there was no competition at the moment.

“Alright I guess you’re not the lamest girl in existence as I thought you were.”

“Mom always said I was pretty cool.”

“Anyways, stop fucking around already. You’re making this whole mystery about it and it’s killing me!”

She suddenly got very serious. Taking a deep breath followed by a long sigh, she scooped the last bits of ice cream from her bowl and got up from the table.

“Is there anyone in your dorm right now?”

“Nah I think my roommate is in class right now.”

“Ok, let’s go there. I’ll tell you everything when we get there.”

“Can’t you just say it?”

“No. I have to show you.”

“Oh, ok. Weird. Getting a bit worried here.”

She tried to calm him with a smile and putting her arm around his shoulders. This close, Noah could smell her amazing scent, sweet and tangy at the same time. She never wore perfume before. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing awful or weird. I mean, it’s kinda weird, but in a good way. An awesome way.”

The way to the dorm way filled with an awkward silence. Noah tried to pull some small talk out of Ellie, but she seemed tense and nervous, only giving him short laughs and monosyllabic answers. She also sighed more than a few times. Eventually, they arrived at the university’s dorm building, a small but modern apartment complex. It was still class time, so the place was mostly empty, save for the one or other student that got a more than long ogle at the 6’3” tomboy goddess that was accompanying Noah. That would definitely be the gossip around come night time.

Noah’s room was a cramped, small place with two beds and two desks that barely left room to walk. A single closet narrowly avoided the bathroom door. Both beds were predictably messy, and Ellie could see several briefcases and boxes labeled with nerdy interests that she remembered well. Ellie initially didn’t really see the appeal in video games, but got into it because of Noah, and nowadays she barely does anything else.

“Nice room, nerd.”

“Yeah right. It’s a bit of a dump. Sorry, wasn’t expecting our first date to go so well.”

Ellie chuckled. “You wish!” That stung Noah more than she intended to, and of course she noticed it and regretted it as soon as she said it.

“So you’re gonna finally show me your mysterious secret?”

“Yeah I guess I have to show it now, don’t I? Shit.” She looked around the room nervously. “This is the first time I’m showing this to anyone other than my parents.”

“Geez Ellie what is it!?”

“Okay! Here it goes!”

In a sudden blur, Ellie simply vanished from the room. A strong gust of wind threw all the loose papers in the air and tossed Noah on his bed. Bewildered, he looked around the room, looking for his friend. She was nowhere to be found.

“What the fuck! Ellie?”

“I’m here.”

It can't be...

He looked back towards the bathroom door, and his heart skipped a beat. Ellie was just exiting, but she was wearing something completely different. Instead of her sporty ensemble, she was wearing a majestic shining cape that covered all of her back. A familiar ‘S’ emblem was emblazoned upon the upper part of the fabric, finally giving away the secret.

“No way…”

She turned around, revealing the full glory of her superheroine costume. The skintight crop top hugged her chest like a second skin, emphasizing her newly acquired breasts which proudly supported the famous Supergirl emblem. She had a slight hint of muscle, delectably highlighted against the glossy fabric of the costume. The costume was interrupted by her amazing six-pack, the kind of which would take normal people years of intense discipline and countless hours in the gym to get. A short skirt covered the first third of her shapely legs, which extended almost endlessly until they were covered again by a pair of stylish blood red calf-high heeled boots, making her look even taller than she was already.

Embarrassed Ellie

Noah was completely paralyzed. His Ellie? The girl he grew up with? Who he fought with and made up with multiple times? She was one of the Supergirls? This has to be some sort of elaborate prank.

“Is this for real, Ellie?”

To answer his question, Ellie rose a few inches above the ground. Noah couldn’t believe his best friend of 15 years was just casually defying all laws of physics. Her boots were completely above the wooden floor, with seemingly nothing to support the new goddess in the air. Just to confirm, Noah put his hand under her feet, not finding any sort of glass block or hidden wire.

“Hey, stop it! You don’t believe me? Then how about this?” Wish a light swoosh, Ellie flew around the room a few times, making Noah fall on his butt in pure shock. After she was done making her point, she sat in the air with her legs crossed, and a slightly annoyed expression. “It’s true ok? Number 63. That’s me.” She then blushed again and looked away. “Supergirl, at your service.”

“Holy shit!” Noah screamed when he finally managed to internalize what was happening in his cramped bedroom.

Ellie gave a few worried looks at the walls for some reason “Hey, keep it down, ok? I don’t want people to know this yet!” she said in almost a whisper. She landed, and grabbed Noah by the scruff of his shirt, staring daggers at him. The poor man’s face was the reddest it had ever been in his entire life, and a hint of fear filled his already overworked heart as he noticed a tiny spark of red energy flickering in her huge brown eyes. “You can’t tell this to anyone! Not a single soul! Got it?”

Ellie can be very threatening

“Geez Ellie calm down! Of course I’m not telling anyone. You can trust me!”

She let him go, suddenly realizing how the whole thing might have looked to him. “Shit, sorry. Yeah, I know I can trust you. See, this is why I went away.”

Noah got up, and for the first time gave her a very excited smile, which relieved Ellie. “But why? This is amazing Ellie!” he gesticulated randomly with his hands, trying to say something but not finding the words. “You’re Supergirl!” he was whispering as loudly as he could, almost pointlessly so.

“Yeah, but… You know, I’m still Ellie.”

“Well duh.”

She furrowed her brow again. “Yeah duh! That’s not what I meant you doofus. I meant I might have done something I would have regretted! That’s why I left!”

Noah finally understood what Ellie was getting at. “Oh.”


After a long, awkward silence, Noah’s curiosity got the better of him. “Did you hurt anyone?”

Another silence. Noah didn’t need her to answer that to know what she would have said.

“Look Ellie, I don’t know what happened, but since you’re here telling me all of this, I assume you’ve dealt with it, right? I don’t really know what you’re afraid of, but I think you have this all under control.” He hugged her, nesting her head on his shoulders. His fingers ruffled her perfectly messy silky hair. “You’re overthinking it. This is the greatest thing that could have happened to anyone, you have to at least enjoy it a bit.”

She hugged him back. For a second, he was expecting a tight, superhuman embrace that would have left him gasping for air and rearranged his spine, but her touch was delicate. Strong and firm, but also caring and controlled. Her costume felt really nice against his arms. After a few seconds that seemed like hours to Noah, but at the same time lasted way too little, she let go of him, wiping her nose and her tears on her sleeve.

“Fuck this is not going how I planned. Pretty fucking pathetic seeing the new Supergirl crying huh? Bet that never happened before.”

“Bullshit, and you know it.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’m just overwhelmed ok? I’ve been thinking about this for a year, and the shit that happened when I was getting these powers made the whole thing pretty hard.”

“You didn’t… y’know…”


“Do something that… would put you in jail. I guess.”

“No. I mean, yeah, kinda. But not like, really. I…”

“Wait, it was the shit with the cheerleader, wasn’t it? Few months after your birthday?”


Noah vaguely remembered the story. Ellie had always had a beef with the cheerleader clique in their highschool. She was a “weird” girl that always hung out with the boys, and the nerdy boys at that, so she was always seen as a bit of an outcast by the other girls. Contrary to most of her friends, though, Ellie was not one to take anything with her head down, to the point where most people that would otherwise be mean to her just gave up once she learned to fight back. Ellie had developed a reputation for being foul-mouthed and aggressive in her senior year, and even though most of these comments did not actually reach her, Noah always had the feeling a lot of people liked to talk about her behind her back. Shortly after her 18th birthday, there were a lot of rumors circulating about her sexuality, among other things. Typical Mean Girls affair.

“You know I was never really good at letting things go and just ignoring what people said about me. And then suddenly, I found myself being able to hear what people said about me. The whispers, I could hear everything. And I didn’t really know how to filter it out at the time. Drove me crazy. Until I decided to do something about it.”

Noah remembered Ellie was suspended for breaking a girl’s arm. After that, she vanished from the school and never came back.

“I didn’t even try all that much, y’know. It was so easy. It felt like a twig. That’s what scared me, so I decided to go away. Seek the help of the only people who knew what I was going through.”

“You were with the other Supergirls?”

“Yup. I first went to San Francisco, which I thought was the closest from here. Long trip, but I made it in just two days. Jogging very fast and stuff. Couldn’t fly yet, so I went to the one I thought was the closest one.”

“Oh yeah, Supergirl Jade is from real close to here. I think I’ve seen her helping a bit in Vancouver, even.

“Yup, since Supergirl Nicole operates on the Great Lakes.”

“Hey, we used to have to rely on Jade if something happened around here, but anymore! We got you now! Supergirl Ellie!”

“I-I guess…”


“Makes me a bit nervous, y’know. Going out in front of so many people.”

“It’s gonna be fine Ellie. You literally can’t fail. If you mess up something you can instantly fix it with superspeed and nobody is even gonna notice it!”

Ellie jokingly punched his arm. “Thanks, ya dork. Yeah, I guess it’s gonna be alright. It’s just… weird. Whole thing is just weird.”

“What did Jade say?”

“Honestly Jade helped me control the powers, gave me some training and stuff like that, but on that topic she wasn’t much help. Jade is ridiculously confident; I’ve never met anyone so self-assured in my whole life. Wasn’t an issue for her, she just went and did it. Perfect Supergirl material.”

Their chit-chat was interrupted by the sound of keys clicking on the door lock. In a blink, Ellie got up and held the door closed. She stared for a bit at nothing in particular, then made a weird grimace. “Is your roommate a greasy weirdo that dresses like a bum?” she whispered.

“How do you know that?”

They heard from the other side of the door a deep, slightly goofy voice. “Hey, Noah? Are you jacking off? I can come back later.”

“No! Just wait a minute ok?” He shot Ellie a worried look, and then she vanished again, messing up even more all the loose papers in the room. Seemed like she entered the bathroom, since he couldn’t find her anywhere. He opened the door for Tyler.

“Sorry I was just changing.”

“Hey, no judging from me man, just keep everything clean and- holy shit, did a hurricane pass through here? Those were my notes man! Not cool.”

“Look that wasn’t me, I just left the window open and-“

They were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door slowly opening to reveal Ellie back in her civilian clothes, carrying a backpack this time. Tyler’s jaw gnawed open at the sight of the athletic perfection that suddenly made his room a lot brighter. Ellie pulled Noah by the hip.

“All right nerds, this was very nice but I have to get going, Noah, you still up for dinner? Text me in a few hours.”

“Oh, ok. Sure!”

“See ya.” She extended her hand towards Tyler. “Ellie. Nice to meetcha.” Tyler wasn’t really sure if he should shake her hand or kiss it, but before he could decide she slapped her own against his, then in the back, followed by a fist bump.

After Ellie walked out, Tyler closed the door and gave Noah the most shocked and amazed expression he could muster. “Holy fucking hurricane, Noah, you motherfucker!” At that point he had to clean the drool from his mouth with his sleeve. “Nice one dude!”

Noah didn’t even bother going to the last class of the day; he knew his chances of paying attention to anything anyone said were absolutely zero. He couldn’t get the image of Ellie out of his mind. Powerful, exuberant, gorgeous. He was already in love with her before, but now… Now he had really fallen for her. She was everything he could possibly have wanted in a woman. But... That was his friend Ellie. And Supergirl. He was just Noah. Normal, nerdy, scrawny dude. What chance could he possibly have with the most powerful and beautiful woman on the planet? Would she even want anything? Would asking ruin their friendship? These thoughts gnawed at his mind like hungry vermin, completely sapping him of any reason. He wouldn’t do anything, for now. There was just no way anything he could do wouldn’t just make the situation worse.

They agreed to meet at the park. It was a beautiful night, cloudless and warm, with the light of the stars and the moon managing to shine through the glare of the city. It was Friday, so the place was buzzing with people, from small children running around and messing themselves with ice cream, to other couples in love. He had arrived much earlier than they agreed to, mostly because he couldn’t sit still at home.

“Hey Noah!”

Casual Ellie

Thankfully, it seemed like she didn’t really dress for the occasion, else Noah might not have survived seeing her again. Whilst her skintight pants still highlighted her muscular legs, her fairly oversized shirt only hinted of her perky breasts, and her six-pack was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her hair was messy and wild as always. Those factors did calm down Noah at first, but that was only until she got closer.

“Seems new me doesn’t really have to get on my Sunday best to get a reaction huh?” she commented with a giggle, noticing his blushing, and most likely the movement in his pants. That made him blush even further.

“Sorry Ellie, I’m just not used to-“

“Relax dude, I got used to it by now. Most guys who get into peeping distance of this act like that so it’s become background noise to me.”

Noah jumped at the opportunity to hide his feelings “Oh look at me, I’m Ellie, I’m so hot I make poor dudes cum just by being close to them.” He joked, but not entirely.

That got a good laugh off of Ellie, who always had a pretty crass and raunchy sense of humor. “It’s happened before!”

“No way.”

“Well just standing there doesn’t do it, but if I really try… I’ve done it a couple of times. Just to see if I could.”

The laughter died down and gave way to a tense silence. “OK, this joke went a bit too far, can we change the subject now?”

They had a very enjoyable night, in a date that was not a date, doing all the things that couples typically do at a park, despite clearly and obviously not being a couple. They sat on a park table, with some freshly made burgers in front of them. Noah’s curiosity spoke first.

“You gotta tell me about your training. Your whole thing.”

“Fuck, where do I even begin…”

“You trained with Jade, you said?”

She let out a weird giggle. “Yeah. Jade is… something else.”

“I can’t even picture your interactions with someone like her.”

“She’s a very difficult person. Y’know how she looks all snotty and uppity on her interviews? That is not an act.”


“And you know I’m not the easiest person myself so we came really close to destroying half of Los Angeles a couple of times.”

Noah caught himself in the middle of his bite, completely losing concentration. He just stared at her in utter shock.

“It’s a joke. Relax” she laughed. “Kinda. We wouldn’t. We fought a lot, ‘cause she was very strict. But god damn if she wasn’t a good teacher. Just a month with her and I was already flying around almost perfectly.”

“You said you couldn’t fly when you left, right?”

“I don’t know? I think I couldn’t, but to be honest I didn’t really try. Jade told me to try and I could like, jump really high and fall slowly. Then she taught me to control it. It’s like… a muscle in your brain.”


“Yeah, like… It’s really hard to explain. But you just think about it, it’s kind of like if you were forcing something inside of your mind. And if you flex it just the right way you can fly.”

Noah munched on his sandwich while trying to picture that. “Sorry but that made zero sense.”

“Fuck it. I know, but that’s all I got. Anyways, as soon as I could fly she insisted I needed to see the other Supergirls.”

“You met others?” Noah was particularly excited with this question.

“I met all of them. They have this… initiation ritual. I went to their island. My island, I guess? It’s my island as well now.”

“Ooooh, the Council! Where is it?”

“You know I can’t tell you where the island is, you dork. But, we’re allowed to take people there. So, if you’re very nice…”

Noah’s eyes widened, imagining the paradisiac island. The Council of Supergirls was the well known organization that included all sixty-three heroines. People knew the headquarters was located in a secluded island, however the precise location was highly confidential. Despite that, the Council was far from a shadowy organization; all of their infrequent meetings were livestreamed worldwide, except for their initiation ritual, apparently. His mind pictured a tropical island filled with beautiful women flying around, their capes billowing gently as they frolicked and giggled around-

“Oi! Stop that right now!” Ellie interrupted his daydream. “Looks like I can’t take you there. You’re gonna embarrass me.”

“No!” A genuinely distraught Noah exclaimed. “I’ll be the nicest, I promise!”

Ellie laughed at him. “Alright. Calm down, weirdo.”

“Fine, fine. Just continue your story.”

“Let’s see… The initiation. It was kinda simple to be honest. But all of them were there.”

“All sixty-two!? Even Linda?”

“Well, sixty-two. Plus me. So yeah. Linda was the one conducting the initiation. They all sat in this wide, circular room, and I stood in the middle. Really awkward stuff, seeing all those… stupidly hot people gazing at you. Linda said some stuff, ‘we formally welcome you’, blah blah blah. Nice speech, but kinda boring. Then Jade floated down and handed me my costume. She became my mentor like, officially. I thought that would piss her off but she seemed really pleased with herself.”

“Huh. She was your mentor because she found you first?”

“I think it’s just because she’s the closest one to where I was. I talked to some of them, and Nicole told me her mentor was Michelle, who’s in New York.”

“Guess that makes sense.”

“No idea if that’s voluntary or not to be honest. I forgot to ask. But… yeah. Then we came back, and I trained for almost a year with Jade.”

“Were you that bad? Geez Ellie.”

She giggled at the joke. “Fuck off. I was fine, okay? Jade just had really, really high standards.”

“How do you even train for something like that, by the way? Why do you even need to train?”

“Mostly to not kill people by sneezing on them, or breaking their shoulders when you bump into them. Shit like that.”

It was bizarre seeing Ellie talk about being so powerful that she could kill people by breathing on them too hard. Having known Ellie for so long, it was extremely hard to conciliate that his childhood was now a goddess among men. Specially because she seemed so casual about it. Other than her changed appearance, she was still same old Ellie. “So she made you, like, lift planes and stuff?”

“I had to lift a plane once. Heaviest fucking thing, but I did it. The issue is not that. Raw power is kinda easy, to be honest, you just go and do it. Control is hard. Grabbing glass cups without breaking them, lifting stuff without throwing them into the stratosphere, controlling the heat vision and the superbreath… That was the really hard stuff. And you have to do it while your power level is constantly changing. One week you think you got it nailed, then the next you got stronger, so you have to relearn everything all over again. Just kept getting stronger over the course of… I dunno, six months? Something like that. Weirdest, scariest period of my life.”

“I… can’t even imagine that.”

“Yeah, being afraid to touch anything. Not fun. There was this week where I just refused to walk because I didn’t want to break the concrete, so I spent the whole week flying. Glad Jade was there. I think I would have gone insane without her.”

“Thought she was just a mean bitch.”

“She’s really not, she just likes to act like one for some reason. It’s totally psychological. Anyways, I got through. It was scary but also really fun. And now… I’m here.”

Noah ruminated on his friend’s experiences. He rubbed his chin in deep thought. “So I guess you’re in control now. If you’re here. And I’m not dead yet.”

Ellie looked away towards the park lake. The ducks were happily quacking around, while a couple in love fed them with pieces of bread. “I dunno, honestly. Jade thinks I am ready, but I’m not really sure myself.”

Noah flicked a sesame seed from his burger at her, which she caught between her fingers without even looking. “Seems like you’re pretty ready to me.”

She looked around conspicuously to see if anyone was paying attention to them, then focused herself on the seed she was holding. Noah laughed in amazement as her eyes glowed red, and the seed cooked, going from white to brown, dark brown, then charcoal black. Disappointed, Ellie cleaned her fingers of the black dust. “See?”

“See what? That was awesome! I didn’t even see the lasers coming out from your eyes!”

“Yeah… Anyways, we should really get going.” She didn’t seem convinced by his praise. “It’s kinda late. I still have to fly home.”

Noah pestered her all the way to his dorm, asking a million questions about all the other Supergirls. He had no idea if Ellie was playing with him or not, but she seemed to confirm almost every insane rumor that circulated around the internet about those peculiar people.

After leaving Noah at the dorm, Ellie walked around until she found a secluded and dark enough place, then shot towards the sky as fast as she could without breaking the sound barrier. That was one of the first lessons Jade had taught her: how to reach the sky without being detected, which required knowing the exact speed just short of the speed of sound. Lots of broken windows in Los Angeles during that week.

Those were the thoughts in her mind when she was interrupted by an authoritative, sassy and melodious voice. “What the fuck was that?”

She was so distracted that somehow, even with enhanced senses that could detect an ant all the way on the ground from above the sounds, and hear them walking on the gravel, she didn’t notice the two Supergirls approaching her.

Jade was a towering, intimidating woman, in several ways. Firstly, and more obviously, she was otherworldly beautiful. Her dark, chocolate skin contrasted beautifully with her dyed blonde hair and shining blue eyes. She had full, plump lips that frequently made Ellie question her sexuality, and prodigiously big breasts that were almost as big as her head. She had a similar build to Ellie’s, however with bigger assets, which sometimes made her insecure about dealing with her mentor.

Jade is not impressed

Moreover, what set Jade apart from the other Supergirls was she knew how to use her appearance. She was used to the cameras and the attention much before she got her powers, so she has an aura of arrogance, superiority and grace that was very difficult to replicate even for those gifted with godly powers like Ellie. One could argue until the Earth ended about which Supergirl was more beautiful, but Jade frequently dominated those conversations just due to her attitude alone. She was fully aware of the superpowered bombshell that she was, and she knew how to use it.

“What the fuck was what?” was all that a startled Ellie could manage. Even she, after spending almost a year training with Jade, had trouble overcoming the sense of awe she projected.

“That pathetic display of teenage melodrama down there.”

“You were watching us? What the fuck, you creep!” If there was one thing that put Ellie’s head back in place was when Jade did something that pissed her off. And that was very frequent.

“Hey, calm down Ellie! We were just making sure our little girl was doing good after spreading her wings for the first time, and we just happened to come across your little date!” Rosa flew towards her and planted a long, doting kiss on her cheeks. “We missed you so much, darling.”

Floating Rosa

Rosa Cruz Martinez was a Supergirl veteran, among the first twenty. The Mexican woman was a gigantic woman in all meanings of the word: She stood taller than both Jade and Ellie, she had a boisterous, charming personality, and of course, the biggest pair of mammaries Ellie had ever seen. Even though Ellie was pretty sure Rosa was well over 60 years old (since the first Supergirl was in her 90s), she didn’t look one day over 30. Her Latina complexion, paired with her peculiar way of speaking and treating others, and her beauty earned her the nickname of “Mamacita” on her home country, and soon after around the world.

“Now, even though Jade here was a lot harsher than she needed to be, her concerns are still valid. Jade, please apologize to Ellie.”

Jade rolled her eyes as far as she could, but relented, knowing no conversation had any hopes of going forward if she didn’t do what Mamacita asked. “I’m sorry Ellie.”

“Good girl.” Rosa ruffled her hair, instantly breaking her tough femme fatale act. Jade maintained a love-hate relationship with the only woman in the world she could not intimidate. “Still, Ellie. You mistreated that poor man. He’s obviously into you.”

“What, Noah? No way. We’re friends!”

Jade slapped her forehead. “Ellie, you could hear his heart. You could smell his pheromones. We could see his erection all the way from up here!”

“He’s packing quite the package, Ellie.” Rosa said, licking her lips whilst looking downwards at the dorm. “Oh look, he’s thinking of you in his bathroom! How sweet.”

“Hey, stop!” Ellie tackled her as fast as she could and put her hands over her eyes, rather uselessly. Still, Rosa knew it was best not to make it a habit of prying on normal people’s privacy.

“All right, sorry darling. But you really should make your move soon if you’re going to, because sooner or later someone else will see what we’re seeing.”

Ellie blushed furiously. “Well, they can have him all they want! He’s just my friend and nothing else.”

“Is that so?” Jade asked provocatively.

“Y-yeah.” Ellie responded reluctantly, not really sure of Jade meant. Surely a woman like her couldn’t possibly be thinking about Noah, right? “And if y’all are done gossiping about my life, I have to get home before my parents get worried. We done?”

"Sure, you can go darling. Whatever you need, you can call us, ok?” Rosa told her in earnest before kissing her on the forehead.

“Ok mom.” Ellie joked, well aware that every joke had a kernel of truth. She then set off to fly back home, leaving the two Supergirls alone again.

Ellie flies home

“Isn’t teenage love wonderful?” Asked Rosa after a long sigh full of emotion.

“It’s sickening. Teenagers are retarded.” Retorted Jade, visibly annoyed.

“Is someone jealous?”

Jade laughed a bit too hard, with a bit too much disdain. Enough for Rosa to detect there was something going on behind her façade of independent, cold woman. “As if. She can get that scrawny nerd for all I care. I can get men a thousand times better groveling at my feet whenever I want.”

“Sure, sure.” Rosa said, rubbing her chin. “Anyways, are we just gonna leave these two cute lovebirds all by themselves?”

“Absolutely not. I will not let a protégé of mine act like an idiot, much less not get the man they want. I taught her better, and I will make her remember that, whether she likes it or not.”

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

It had been about two weeks since Ellie first revealed her superpowers to Noah. In that time, he learned that, other than the other Supergirls and her parents, he was the only one who knew she had become the 63rd Supergirl.

Their relationship had reverted more or less to what it was before everything happened. Though Noah’s feelings have not gone away (in fact, they were stronger than ever), he got used to hiding them when she was around. Ellie got into the habit of visiting him every so often, enough to earn curious questions from his classmates, and specially Tyler, who was convinced that Noah had scored the hottest chick he had ever seen.

It was on those state of affairs that Noah got a bizarre message from Ellie, simply telling him to go to the tallest building he could find. She wanted to show him something.

Did she want to show her flying? He surmised that could be pretty fun, however it would make it extremely difficult for Noah to hide her attraction, admiration and awe for her. Ever since he found out his childhood crush was Supergirl, the idea of seeing her flying around became extremely erotic to him for some reason.

Even though the tallest building he could find was just a high-rise condo in a rich part of the city, the security guard at the gate let him inside no problem, telling him that Ms. Taylor was waiting upstairs. He thought about messaging her back during the long elevator ride to the roof to ask her what was going on, but there was no signal inside the thing.

The cold, strong wind hit him like a truck as he opened the door, prompting him to close his jacket. Ellie was nowhere to be seen; just the meager, rather unimpressive skyline of Victoria. “Ellie?” he asked, more to himself than to anyone else, though he was sure she could hear him even if he had whispered. However, there was no answer.

“Ellie!” This time he shouted, feeling a bit silly. He grabbed his cellphone from his pocket, ready to call her. Just at that moment, a strong gust blew past him, with such force that it made his hat fly away. He lost his balance, dropping his cellphone on the ground. Weirdly enough, the wind got stronger and stronger. It was difficult to even stand. As his legs wobbled, he tried to gain footing desperately, growing scared and anxious. “Ellie!” he screamed in genuine terror. He saw, in the distance, high up in the sky, a small, red and blue dot. Although that calmed his nerves for a bit, it also distracted him completely, and the bizarre wind managed to make him trip on the parapet and tumble down towards the ground.

It only took about two seconds of screaming before he was saved by his Supergirl. He hugged her as hard as he could, clawing at fabric of her costume, his quite literal lifeline. Wide eyed, he stared at the ground below slowly but surely, impossibly, distancing himself from him, as his feminine savior completely ignored the basic laws of the universe and flew unassisted upwards.

When he decided to look up to thank Ellie, he noticed something was very different about her. From his position, he shouldn’t have bumped his head into her breasts; respectable as they were, he was certain he had stared at them enough to know they surely weren’t that big. The blue mountains of spandex almost completely obscured his view of the Supergirl. He noticed a mane of flowing, silky brown hair much longer than Ellie’s. Adjusting himself to better see his unexpected savior, his adrenaline kicked in again, for that obviously wasn’t Ellie. He was currently being cradled several thousand feet above the ground by the stupendously gorgeous Rosa Martinez, the Supergirl from Mexico.

Rosa rescues Noah

“W-whoa! Ms. Martinez?”

She gave her a radiant, warm smile, the kind of which had the power to both calm, accelerate and stop a heartbeat at the same time. “Please darling.” She spoke in a melodious, sweet, deep voice. “My name is Rosa. But I’ll be honest, I quite like the sound of Ms. Martinez coming from you.”

He gulped, fully aware that his already debilitated body was now occupying itself into pumping unnecessarily gigantic amounts of blood into his loins. It made him shiver from the cold wind.

“Oh poor baby, you’re cold! I’m so sorry! I sometimes forget that other people are not as invulnerable as me. Come on, let’s get you down there again.”

Noah felt a sudden cold in his stomach as they shifted to descending, causing him to hug Rosa firmly again, prompting a satisfied giggle from her. After a long time, which Noah wanted to end as quickly as possible, but also last forever, he heard the click of her heels on the concrete roof of that same building. As he unburied his head from her prodigious cleavage, he looked around, then picked his cellphone from the ground. He noticed it wasn’t nearly as windy anymore.

“Did you… did you throw me off of a roof?” he asked despite knowing the answer.

“Oh darling I hope you will forgive me. You were never in any real danger, but I just can’t resist a dramatic entrance!” Just to punctuate that, she flapped open her cape, letting it billow dramatically with the wind.

Rosa's Full Glory

He was too close to her when that happened. The vision of that absolute goddess, for a moment, revealing herself to him in all her glory, pushed him over the edge. His mind went numb as he dry humped the air, his first touchless orgasm making him fall on his butt to the concrete. Rosa watched him relieve himself with apparent gusto. When he was done, he was too embarrassed to look at her, but he heard her footsteps approaching.

“Come on, consider that an apology for giving you that scare.” He looked up, and Rosa was extending her hand to him. His ego already destroyed more than thoroughly, he accepted it. The gorgeous, delicate woman had no problem pulling him up, despite him outweighing her for a considerable amount. As if the situation wasn’t bizarre enough already, Rosa non-chalantly shoved her hand inside her cleavage, and pulled out a fresh pair of white men’s underwear. “I was planning for that to happen, so I brought a change for you. Go on, I promise I won’t watch.”

He figured he might as well just do it. “Where is Ellie anyways?” He asked while pulling his pants down. Good lord, it was cold that day. You wouldn’t know that by the length of Rosa’s miniskirt though.

“Oh, Ellie? Hmmm, by now, I figure she must be having the scariest experience of her life.”



Ellie was sprawled in her couch eating an unreasonably large tub of ice cream while watching Japanese cartoons, her life choices sharply contrasting with the amazing body that currently found itself covered by layers of blankets and baggy clothing. Her mind was fully focused in the fight between Goku and Frieza when a sharp, irritating noise took her attention away right at the best part.

“Ellie!” her father exclaimed, clearly exasperated.

“What?” she responded, her speaking compromised by a big glob of ice cream she was munching on.

“Emergency. Now!” He grabbed the controller from her hands, and switched the channel to the news. An old, decrepit building flashed on the screen. The headline read ‘SEVERAL WORKERS TRAPPED IN BUILDING SCHEDULED FOR DEMOLITION’.

Ellie watched the reporter speaking, horrified. Somehow, the exit points of the building had collapsed, and the workers that rigged the explosives for the demolition were trapped inside. To make matters worse, inexplicably, all the detonators had been cut off, and the explosives defaulted for a timed detonation, 15 minutes for now. The closest helicopter would arrive too late; there wouldn’t be enough time or vehicles available to take everyone out in time. Ellie got up, agitated, breathing heavily, her big brown eyes affixed on the TV.

“Where is that?”


“Oh. That’s…”

“That’s supposed to be your area.”

“Fuck.” She looked around, searching for an answer that wasn’t there. Uselessly, she scanned the whole city in an instant, using her superhuman senses and x-ray vision to see if Jade was in town for some reason.

“What are you waiting for!?” Her father barked. He grabbed the costume and shoved it on her. “There ain’t no one out there. It’s your time Ellie.”

“I… Fuck, I dunno if I can do this dad!” Her eyes watered, her insecurities taking over her like a tidal wave. She was about to cry when she felt a tight, strong hug envelop her.

“Of course you can baby. You can do anything. You’re my Supergirl.”

She wiped the tears with the silksteel of her uniform. She glared at the ‘S’ crest emblazoned upon it. A symbol of valor, courage, hope. A symbol of absolute power.

Suddenly, she vanished without a trace. A loud, booming sound filled her father’s ears, coming from just outside his house. He was left there, alone in the living room, with a proud smile from ear to ear.

Supergirl Ellie Flying In

Ellie was using her maximum speed to get to Vancouver as fast as she could; luckily the distance was not so great, and she arrived in just a few short minutes. Floating high above the building, she used her x-ray vision to identify all the workers that were trapped in the rubble. Most of them were on the roof, pointing at her with a mix of excitement and confusion. But there were three that were behind a collapsed doorway on the first floor. Black smoke was billowing from the collapsed room. She took a very, very deep breath, creating a pocket of compressed cold air in her lungs, and went to work.

The thick, carbonic black smoke filled the dusty corridors of the first floor, but that was no problem for her enhanced senses; she could see the entire layout of the building clearly, as if she was walking around a clean, sterile hospital hall. Identifying several fire foci, she blasted the flames with short and precise gusts of freezing compressed air, her awesome improvised power easily dowsing the roaring blazes around her. When she was done, the temperature had dropped from unbearably hot back to the moderate cold of October in Canada. Now that it was safe to fill the room with oxygen again, she used her superhuman lungs to blow all the smoke away. No one was around to see her beautiful chest rise, stretching her skintight costume, with each inspiration, and her cute pout when her lips gave form to the strong gales that cleared the toxic gas away from the building, just strong enough to completely cover the whole floor, but not strong enough as to affect the damaged supporting pillars of the building.

Supergirl Ellie Puts Out a Fire

The three big, burly man that were working on the demolition had been trapped whilst setting the last explosive. They desperately tried to remove the rubble with no success. As the heat and the flames took over the room, they prayed and waited for death, either from intoxication, heatstroke, or the bomb behind them suddenly going off… But death didn’t come. Instead, the room slowly but surely got less and less hot. The flames died down out of nowhere, and soon after the smoke coming from the cracks between the rubble disappeared. Strangely enough, they heard the distinct sound of concrete scraping against concrete and several heavy thuds before one of the gaps widened enough to reveal Ellie. The short-haired savior stood there for a moment looking at them, holding a gigantic slab of construction above her head like it was nothing. She stared at them back, for a moment thinking about what to say, when she remembered one of the lessons from Jade.

Ellie's strength

“Hello gentlemen! I’m Supergirl, and I’m here to help!” she said with a warm, confident smile. She hoped none of them noticed how nervous she was, else they might think her shakes were from carrying the rubble (which was fairly light for her). They happily cheered, and ran out of the room, crouching under the makeshift passageway created by Ellie. After the room was cleared, she threw the slab back on the ground, and analyzed the situation. She had to get these men out of here before the bombs exploded.

She addressed the workers “Everybody! We need to get to the roof right now!” Without asking for their permission, she quickly grabbed each one of them by their bellies, piling them up on her shoulders, and floated towards the collapsed staircase, nimbly crossing the gaps and dodging the wreckage, taking extreme care so her awkward, lopsided charge wouldn’t suffer any blunt trauma. In less than a minute, the bumpy ride ended, as Supergirl kicked open the roof door and deposited the three men on the concrete. The other workers exclaimed in happiness at the sight of their colleagues now safe and sound. She struck a classic power pose, floating slightly off the ground just so she appeared taller than everyone there. Jade taught her that it was extremely important to always look powerful, confident, and above all, in control of the situation. Not only did it help to calm down the people she was rescuing, but it also helped in establishing herself as the authority, guaranteeing that everyone would follow her orders.

Proud Ellie

“Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna take you guys right there were the crew is, ok? You’ll be safe there!” Not waiting for an answer, she went to the group and picked up two men in her arms, one on each side, and leapt away, flying down to the streets where a group of men in hard hats was monitoring the situation. The workers felt a bit emasculated, being carried so easily like a sack of potatoes by this small, cute girl, but at this point everybody was very much used to the presence of Supergirls in the world. Two by two, Ellie hopped from the roof to the street, landing with grace despite her heavy load, the jumped back onto the roof again in a single, impressive leap. On the final run, she approached the overseer of the construction company. Butterflies filled her stomach at the prospect of having to address civilians in her Supergirl costume officially, but her adrenaline was high enough that she was able to put on a front of confidence and authority.

“Hello, gentlemen! Who’s in charge here?”

“T-that’s me, Supergirl.” Said an old, fat man with a comically stereotypical mustache.

“Alright. I’m Supergirl Ellie, and I’m here to help you guys clean up this mess. How long until detonation?”

“Then we have to be quick, Supergirl! The charges are gonna go off in exactly 30 seconds, but one of the bombs is offline! If one of them doesn’t detonate as planned, the building could collapse awkwardly, and Lord knows what would happen to the surrounding area if that happens!”

Ellie put on a radiant, confident smile, and formulated a plan in her head. “Don’t worry, I’m on it.”

In the blink of an eye, the new superpowered tomboy they met was gone, seemingly completely disappeared. Ellie had run back inside the building, and in the short space of 3 seconds, checked every single one of the 12 explosive charges that were distributed all across the building, using her enhanced vision to detect electromagnetic wave coming out of each of the detonators. Identifying the faulty device, she stood in front of her, ready to detonate it herself as soon as the other explosions were triggered.

In those few seconds, her shoulders collapsed and she let out a trembling sigh. She noticed how fast her heart was beating; any doctor analyzing her with a stethoscope on that moment would have detected an astonishing heartrate more frequently found on hummingbirds than humans. She took a few deep, paused breaths to try to calm herself, but her attempts were rudely interrupted by the miniscule click of the detonators activating several rooms away from her. Quickly remembering her mission, she blasted the final explosive with her heat vision.

Ellie's Heat Vision

She didn’t flinch as her surroundings were covered with dust and debris in a millisecond. Shrapnel and blast hit her invulnerable body, leaving her with not even a scratch in her cornea. She also took no damage from the deafening soundwave from multiple explosions all around her. When the roof above her collapsed and several dozen tons of rubble dropped on her head, she didn’t even move. Slabs of concrete and steel piled around her, breaking over her indestructible head.

The workers watched with baited breath as the old building came down. Their equipment pointed out everything had gone surprisingly smoothly, drawing a sigh of relief from the poor foreman. Still, the younger, less experienced men around gazed anxiously at the dust cloud hanging over the site, worried about their beautiful savior.

Ellie emerged from the behind the grey smoke, drawing cheers from all around her.  She look around at everyone jumping with joy and chanting her name, and all of her bravado instantly melted. All she could do was stand there and wave awkwardly, until she thought about making herself useful again. This was, in part, an effort to delay the part where she would have to go towards the crowd and actually talk to people. She could already see the news vans arriving to cover the appearance of a new Supergirl.

Ellie is fine

There was just one more thing to do. Taking flight, she circled around the site, slowly at first, building up speed until the wind from her backdraft formed a miniature tornado centered around the rubble. The strong gusts picked up the dust cloud, and as Ellie gradually closed in the radius of her flight path, the dirt concentrated on an increasingly smaller circle of roaring gales. Soon enough, Ellie switched from horizontally flying in circles to rapidly spinning in place, shooting upwards to bring the dust cyclone with her. When she was high enough above the city, she used a particularly strong blast of her super breath to disperse the dust as far away from the city as possible. From up where she was, it seemed her plan worked out perfectly, so now there was nothing left to do but to confront the ravenous reporters.

Ellie landed with grace and somewhat practiced theatrics in the middle of the crowd, which parted way to give space for their new protector. Almost immediately, a few reporters eagerly shoved microphones in front of her.

Supergirl Ellie Arrives

“Supergirl! Supergirl!”

She took a deep breath, and did her best to recompose herself. “Hello, everybody! My name is Ellie, and I’m the newest Supergirl!” She gave a cheeky grin, then flexed one of her biceps, drawing a few gasps from the crowd. “I’ll be your protector from now on!”

That prompted a barrage of questions that only one with superhearing could parse through. Still, the whole thing overwhelmed her very quickly, so she decided to make a hasty escape.

“Well, I have to go now, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of me from now on!”

Without answering any more questions, she floated several meters off the street, and with a wave towards the crowd, she flew away.

Ellie takes flight

Rosa had changed to her civilian clothing, with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, and her beautiful hair tied, in an effort to pass unnoticed, somehow completely ignoring she was as tall as a basketball player. Everyone’s eyes gravitated towards the Latina bombshell that entered the same ice cream parlor Noah brought Ellie a few weeks prior, closely followed by a small man in glasses.

“So, Ms. Martinez, what are we doing here anyways?”

“Oh, I just had to buy you a treat for being such a good sport!”

Noah blushed intensely, doing his best to look away from the gigantic pair of breasts that dangled behind the sundress that attempted to cover Rosa’s otherworldly body. “No! I mean, why did you do all of that. On the roof. Why did you want to talk to me?”

Casual Rosa

Rosa pensively took a scoop of ice cream to her mouth, and approved of it with a satisfied giggle. “You see, I’m a very good friend of Ellie’s. And I couldn’t help but notice the little situation you and her have going on.”

“W-what situation?”

Rosa lowered her glasses, shooting him an annoyed glared from behind the expensive frames. “Come on, Noah. It is very obviously you’re into her.”

He had no answer for that other than shrinking down into his own seat. “How do you even know that?”

“That’s not important. What’s important, is you. I want to know how you feel about her.”

“Geez… You’re very direct Ms. Martinez.” All she did was smile, waiting for an answer. “I guess I can tell you, just don’t tell her okay?”

“You have my word.”

“I… I’ve loved her ever since we were teens.” He wouldn’t take his eyes off of a random point of the table. His own ice cream melted as he waved the spoon back and forth on the bowl instead of eating it. “I’ve always kinda sucked at these matters, so I never tried anything. And now she’s back, and she’s all…”

When he looked back at Rosa, she had a different kind of smile than the ones she had been giving him since they met: it was an understanding, motherly, compassionate expression, that made him feel safe and loved. “I can hear your heart beating faster when you talk about her. Seems like you’re serious about her.”

“Y-yeah. Always have been. Never gone for anyone else.”

“So, what’s the matter then?”

“It’s just… She’s always been so cool and smart and pretty. She’s only friends with me because we were neighbors when we were kids. I don’t know what I can bring to the table that she wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, especially now. She can get anyone she wants.”

Rosa let out a disappointed sigh. “Young man, what do women look for?”

He thought for a bit. Obviously, he had no earthly idea. “Strong guys? Funny guys?”

“No. Try again.”

“Rich guys?”

“Ugh. You’re more lost than I thought, Noah.” She grabbed both of his hands. Her touch was velvety, sensual and warm, and sent a shiver down his spine, but it also achieved the objective of making him look at her. “Women like all of that stuff, true. But the one thing, the one thing that truly makes you irresistible, is being confident. How do you suppose those ugly, good-for-nothing guys always seem to end up with the hot chicks?”

“I wish I knew.”

“They’re confident. They shoot their shot. That’s it.”

That was a mind-blowing revelation to young Noah. Rosa noticed how little he knew of the world, and did her best not to laugh at him.

“So.” She scooped away Noah’s untouched bowl of ice cream towards her side of the table and started eating it. “Here’s the deal. You still owe me for earlier.”

“I- what?”

“Don’t play dumb, Noah. That’s only cute for so long.”

“Okay what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to join the gym.” She handed him a card with the logo of a muscular dude lifting a barbell. “I’ve paid a full year for you already.”

“I thought you said she wasn’t looking for a strong guy.”

This time Rosa couldn’t hide her annoyance. “Dios mio dame fuerza… Noah, the gym is not for her. It’s for you. Until you’re confident enough in yourself, there’s no point in going after Ellie.”


She got up, leaving a note on the table that would be more than enough for the bill and a generous tip. “I’ll be checking on your progress, young man. And I hope not to get disappointed.” She stared down at him, lowering her sunglasses to reveal her brown eyes sparkling with red energy. Noah gulped. “I have no problem punishing bad kids who misbehave.” She put on her glasses again and smiled like nothing had happened, then gave him a kiss in the cheek. “Bye darling!”

Noah was left standing there, caressing his cheek and shifting around in his seat trying to accommodate his erection, thinking about what his life had become in these crazy few weeks.

Ellie found Jade perched on the top of a random building in Vancouver that night, her feet dangling over the parapet. A box of French fries sat beside her, and she was holding a greasy burger in her hand, eating it with gusto. She floated towards her mentor and sat down with her. The two of them shared a few moments in silence, watching the normal people lead their lives down below.

Powers - Supermetabolism

“Nice going there today, kid.” Jade commented in between bites of junk food.

“Hehe. Thanks.” Ellie stole a chip. “You think I did good?”

“Eh. For a rookie.”

Ellie smirked, knowing she was just being insincere and difficult. “Y’know, there was some real odd things on that building.”


“Yeah. Like, a lot of the collapsed pillars had these strangle, circular blast marks on them. Like something really heavy hit them.”

“Huh. That’s weird.” Jade shifted her gaze from the streets to the clouds.

“Yup. Also, you ever heard of timed detonation for a building demolition? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? You’d think these kind of things would only operate with manual controls. So accidents like that don’t happen.”

Jade finished her sandwich, and vibrated her fingers until all the sauce and grease fell down. “Well, sometimes incompetent companies do stupid things like that. People are just dumb.”

“I mean, true. But the thing was also on fire. How does a building scheduled for demolition even catch on fire?”

“Maybe it was some idiot throwing a cig butt where he shouldn’t.”

They stopped talking for another moment, letting everything Ellie said simmer. Jade, always the consummate actress, never gave Ellie anything to work with. She grabbed a cigarette from her cleavage and lit it with a precise shot of heat vision.

“You’re a real prick, y’know?” Ellie finally accused.

Jade finally gave in, her amused laugh betraying her disguise.

“You shouldn’t have put so many people in danger.”

“Yeah, maybe.” She took a deep drag off her cigarette, and sensually released a puff of smoke towards the stars. “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me, though.”

Ellie looked at her, wide-eyed with genuine surprise. Around Jade, that would be what passes for a compliment. Ecstatic, she pounced at her friend, hugging her.

“Hey, hey, kid. Calm down, alright?” Jade’s words didn’t match her satisfied expression.

It had been two months since Noah talked to Rosa. He did his best to go to the gym every single day, no matter how tired he was, and no matter how much he hated it. There were two things always on his mind whenever he put his hands on the iron bars: Ellie’s smile, and Rosa threatening glare.

Those two things were still on his mind when he got home that night after a particularly grueling session. Tyler wasn’t home, so he just threw his backpack on the floor and took off shirt. It took great effort for him to not just collapse on his bed. He entered the bathroom to take a bath, but before that, he walked past the mirror, and stopped on his tracks. Noah did something he had never ever done in his life: He flexed in the mirror, checking himself out. Did he grow a bit? His arms certainly felt tighter, and he did lose two kilos that month. He continued flexing different parts of his body, turning around awkwardly trying to see himself in the tiny mirror. Suddenly, there was someone else in the reflection.

Seductive Rosa

“Ah!” he screamed, turning around. His terrified expression shifted from horror to shock when he saw Rosa Martinez standing on the other side of the room.

“Hmmm… Why did you stop? I was enjoying that…”

“M-ms. Martinez!” he scrambled to get his shirt, which vanished from his bed when he was about to grab it, now dangling from Rosa’s finger. “What are you doing here?”

She shot him her most seductive smile possible. “I came to see how you were doing.” She walked towards him, each click of her boots accentuating the exaggerated sway of her hips. “And I must say…” she traced her finger on his chest lightly, sending shivers down his spine. She leaned in, almost hitting Noah in the face with her gigantic bosom. Her hair caressed his naked shoulder. She had an intoxicating smell of, of course, roses. He could feel the warmth radiating from her powerful body. He closed his eyes, doing his best to not succumb to the cocktail of marvelous sensations that were assaulting his senses.

“I’m very much liking what I’m seeing” she whispered directly in his ear, punctuating her phrase with a nibble of his earlobe. That was too much for him. He sat on the ground, spasming in ecstasy for a few seconds. After a few deep breaths, he opened his eyes, but there was nobody in the room anymore.

Today was the day. After waiting for the good part of a decade, bottling up his feelings, admiring her from afar, Noah would finally take the next step. They were to meet in the very same park, and this time Noah came armed with a bouquet of flowers. He was pretty sure Ellie was not much into flowers, but his thoughts were so hazy on that day that he couldn’t think of anything else.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Ellie had also had a change of attitude compared to the last time they’ve been here. She had come for the kill, with a skintight pair of pants that left her small but toned ass almost completely showing, exposed abs, and a leather jacket that transformed an otherwise rather daring look into something almost tomboyishly chic.

Ellie goes in for the kill

“Wow, Ellie…” Noah said, legitimately awestruck.

“Hey.” She sauntered to him with practiced swagger, the kind of which she usually reserved for when she was wearing her uniform. Ellie had become an accomplished superheroine in the meantime it took Noah to get a few centimeters of biceps. At first she had been somewhat awkward in front of the crowds and the camera, but soon, with help from Jade, she became loose and cool during her heroics, and gained international fame for her simple, approachable attitude and gratuitous flexing. And, unfortunately, also for her foul mouth. “What are you doing with those flowers? They’re kinda pretty.”

He took a deep breath, doing his best to look her in the eye. She was so close to him… “These are for you.”

“Oh!” her attitude melted. Stupefied, she took the bouquet in her hands. They were simple roses, yet they were still capable of producing a dumb smile on her lips. “For me? Why?”

“Just… just take them for now, ok? We’ll talk. I wanna talk to you.”

“Haha… Okay then, ya weirdo.”

They walked together towards the lake. It had rained a few hours before, so the grass on the shore was still wet, and had a pleasurable smell. The lights of the lamps reflected on the clear surface of the lake, creating a dreamlike painting of bright colors that extended as far as the eye could see. On the other side, plenty of people chatted and went about, walking their dogs, playing with their kids and sharing memories. Mercifully, there weren’t a lot of people on their side. They both sat together on a wooden bench, with Noah taking the initiative to sit much closer to her than usual.

“So…” Ellie said, not really knowing where that sentence was going.

“I saw you on TV today.” Noah spit out the first thing that appeared on his head.

“Oh yeah. That was kinda funny. I actually rescued a cat in a tree. Can you believe that?”

Noah giggled. “Now you’re officially a superheroine.”

“That little fucker was my real test, much scarier than the C4 bombs.”

They spent a few moments in silence, staring at the slightly rippling water.

Noah nervously lifted his arm and put it around Ellie’s shoulders.

She was so… warm. Her usually messy hair was abnormally tidy, and it tickled his biceps pleasantly. When she felt his touch, she looked away and shoved her hands awkwardly between her legs, gripping her own fingers with enough force to turn a bowling ball into dust. Still, she sauntered over towards him, shifting her hips closer. He could hear her breathe now.

“I was… kinda afraid of doing this.” Whilst the sentiment was the same for Noah, it was Ellie who said those words. He didn’t answer. “My life has been pretty crazy lately. I wasn’t sure if I had space for someone else… I was really afraid of hurting people. Physically and emotionally.”

He hugged her tighter. “The Ellie I knew wasn’t afraid of anything. She always tried to do the most stupid things just because she could.”

Ellie giggled. “Then she becomes a coward when she gets superpowers. Kinda ironic.”

“Hey, you’re not a coward. I get what you’re saying to be honest.”

She leaned her head against his neck, sending shivers down his spine. Her hair felt so soft. She grabbed his hand and intertwined her fingers with his, squeezing his hand with extremely controlled practice. All Noah felt was a gentle pressure around his knuckles, which he answered in kind.

“This last month was the first month I felt in control ever since I turned 18. You’d think my life would be messier than ever but…” She traced her finger absently-minded on his leg. “I realized I could do this.”

“Being Supergirl?”

“No.” She stared him deep in his eyes. “This.”

He had waited his whole life for this moment, and it still caught him completely by surprise. Her lips brushed against his lightly as she puckered them into a soft kiss. She put her hands on his chest and applied gentle pressure against his lips for a few infinite seconds. He was paralyzed, the entirety of his brain’s functions completely devoted to absorbing the most amount of information possible from the nerves in his mouth. She broke away after a while, maintaining just a few centimeters of distance between the two. They enjoyed the feeling of their heavy breathing against each other, before Noah took the initiative and went for his own kiss, this time with a bit more enthusiasm and tongue. His strong grip on her shoulders and hips pulled her towards him. Ellie hadn’t been manhandled for a good long while, and it made her feel a bit weak in the legs.

Ellie suddenly stilled her tongue. “They’ve noticed.” She said, annoyed. Noah looked around, and noticed some people around the lake with their cellphones out, taking pictures of the two. “Should have worn a hat or something.”

Noah desperately tried to reignite the moment by kissing her on the cheeks. “I don’t mind if you don’t mind.” He did mind, actually, a little bit.

“Actually, let’s give them something to talk about.”

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!” Noah’s sudden scream was a result of Ellie cradling him in her arms faster than he could react and taking flight towards the clouds. He had been in that situation once, but that didn’t make the sight of the ground slowly becoming smaller and smaller any less terrifying. Completely forgoing his attempts at being cool, calm and confident, Noah hung on to Ellie’s jacket for dear life.

They stopped above an extensive bed of clouds. Above, the stars shone brightly away from the lights of the city. The moon was full, and illuminated the both of them in a pleasant silver light. Ellie shifted Noah so he sat on her leg, and held him by the waist. He managed to relax a bit, but not much. The clouds covering the city below helped a lot.

Ellie looked around, and gave an annoyed glared at a random point in the sky. “And I better not hear any more of you two!” She shouted at nothing in particular.

“Who the fuck are you talking to?”

“Never mind that.” She kissed him in the cheek. “We’re alone now.”

“Man, I go through all of this effort to get buff and cool and you just ruined it in an instant…” He commented, nervously looking downwards.

She let out a hearty laugh. “You were going to the gym? I did notice there was something different about you.”

“You did?” He was genuinely shocked.

“Yeah man! You were walking different. There was something in your eyes, y’know?”

“Holy shit…”

She kissed his lips briefly. “I like it.”

They spent a good while trading kisses and rubbing their bodies against each other. Noah, on the point where his hormones overtook his senses, lowered his hand from her hips to her buttocks. They were so unbelievably firm. That made Ellie break away from him once again.

“Whoa there cowboy. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Shit!” He quickly retracted his arm, not sure where to put it. “Sorry.”

She smiled. “Let’s… just leave that for another time okay? I’m not really sure what would happen. With that.”

“Oh.” The image of an extremely happy Noah in a hospital bed, his entire body comically covered in plaster casts, popped into his mind. From the dumb smile in his face, it seemed to him like it was worth it. “Okay. I get it.”

“Come on, let’s get something to eat. Let’s just stop by your place, I need you to lend me a hat and sunglasses.”

“Oh look at them!” Rosa cooed, holding her cheeks with her hands. She was blushing intensely.

“Finally. These absolute idiots.” Jade retorted. She had her arms crossed, but also a smug smile.

They watched the young couple kiss for a while.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be watching like this.” Jade finally realized.

“But it’s so fun! I love watching them squirm and bumble through their feelings.” Rosa admitted.

Suddenly, the young girl down below grabbed her man by the legs and chest, and took off.

“Run!” Rosa squealed. She was having way too much fun.

They flew away as fast as possible a few miles away. Behind them, they heard an angry yell. “And I better not hear any more of you two!” Rosa and Jade looked at each other and giggled like two schoolchildren.

They assumed a leisure flight pace back to Los Angeles, which still meant much faster than any commercial plane.

“How old are you again, dear?” Rosa tried some small talk.

“Twenty-three. Why is that?”

“Oh you’re a young lass… You act so much older, Jade.”

Jade ruminated on that for a while. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, we spent all this time scheming to get young Ellie together with her sweetheart, and yet…”

“Oh no no no. Stop right there.”

“Sore spot for you honey?”

Jade looked away and scratched the back of her head nervously. “I’m fine, okay? I can have any man I want. I’m not some teenage ditz like Ellie.”

“I suppose that’s true. I don’t doubt that for a second. Then... why don’t you?”

“I do! I have sex almost every day!”

“With the man you want?”

Jade took some extra seconds to answer. “I guess so…” They stopped midair, the two gorgeous goddesses now floating a few miles above the bright lights of Los Angeles. “Are you staying for the night?” she was eager to change the subject.

“I don’t think so. Family is waiting back home. And there’s nothing in life that pleases me more than making breakfast for them.”

Jade imagined the scene. She never got such a treat from anyone other than paid servants. Rosa didn’t mean to phrase that like a jab, but she noticed that she must have been in an emotional state that night. The usually confident, proud and powerful Jade had her shoulders slumped and a forlorn stare. Rosa floated towards her, hugging her and kissing her in the forehead.

Sad Jade

“Honey, if you need to talk, I’m right here, okay? I helped Noah and Ellie, and I’d be more than happy to help you too.”

Jade’s lips formed the first genuine smile of the night, and she squirmed beneath Rosa’s titanic bosom. “Yeah I’ll… We’ll talk. I have to think.”

She watched her friend fly away to the south, then descended on her way to her lavish mansion, thinking about the bottle of brandy she had on the cabinet.

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