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Douglas's Dilemma

Written by Glaazius :: [Friday, 19 April 2024 18:33] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 April 2024 17:12]

Douglas thought he had it all. After meeting a magical genie who gave him the opportunity to bestow one person with near omnipotent powers, Douglas chose his crush without hesitation.

Now, his girl is a beloved superhero and has powers Douglas only dared dream of.

Things couldn't get any better, and yet, Douglas still had a longing for something more.


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Twelve world leaders stood shoulder to shoulder on a rise amidst a grand plaza in the middle of New York City, their faces a frail mask of presumptuous pride that hardly concealed the apprehension they felt as they gawked up into the sky.

These nine gentlemen and three females were expecting someone—a person who did not need a machine to travel through the sky.

Many cameras from every possible angle were rolling, documenting this monumental event that would shape mankind's fate.

The world watched with mixed feelings—they were relieved that hostilities had ended but worried about the future.

For a week, the world was fighting an enemy it could never hope to subdue. She was an enemy unlike any other, impervious to every attack and leaving destruction in her wake. No place was safe from her wrath as entire cities crumbled to the ground, left in smoldering ruins, seared by the merciless beams of her eyes. The only viable option to halt the endless cycle of death and devastation was surrender, giving in to her insatiable thirst for power.

"There she is, Dad!" A little boy standing among the crowd while holding his father's hand pointed up in the sky. Everyone followed his direction and stared with growing anxiety at the figure that emerged in the sky.

Illyana Morgan, or better said, Goddess Illyana, as the high school senior demanded to be addressed from this day on, showed up in the sky, igniting a wave of awe and fear among those who dared to attend this momentous occasion.

Drones outfitted with top-of-the-line cameras flew high above, buzzing like bees as they captured every detail of the stunningly beautiful young woman who held the fate of humanity in her grasp.

One drone took an inadvertently shot with its camera of the wasteland lying far beyond the city's skyline. It served as a harsh reminder of the epic battle that had taken place there merely the day before, where hundreds upon thousands of soldiers had found their demise at the hands of a single teenage girl with unspeakable powers.

A full-scale attack from the United States military and its allies had taken place there in an attempt to stop Illyana's global onslaught. The clash hadn't lasted longer than thirteen minutes and–

IEEEEEE! IEEEEEE! IEEEEE! IEEEEE! Douglas's blaring alarm clock jolted him out of his sleep.

"Morning, sleepy head!" The angelic voice of Tiffany, Douglas's girlfriend, shreds the final residues of the dream he was having into oblivion.

With a groan, he peeled his eyes open and was greeted with a smiling face gleaming brighter than the sun. Her ear-to-ear grin–which looked beautiful beyond comprehension–faded away as she giggled and landed a kiss on his lips before hopping out of bed to get dressed.

Douglas pulled the covers up to his chest as a chill spread through the room when Tiffany opened a window for fresh air to chase away the stench of sex. He watched, mesmerized, as Tiffany slid into a pair of tight jeans, her shapely butt perfectly accentuated by the thong she wore underneath.His member wiggled to life by the sight of it. "Where are you headed?"

"To the mayor's office, silly." Tiffany's blond locks flipped over her sensual white shoulders as she flashed him a smile. "I told you like three times yesterday evening. Don't you remember?"

"Yeah... yeah, of course," Douglas said absentmindedly while his eyes drank in the sight of Tiffany's dreamlike curves. He repositioned his engorged member, whose glans were uncomfortably scratching against his boxer shorts.

"Really?" Tiffany turned around and crossed her arms while looking at him with piercing blue eyes. "Okay, and what exactly am I going to do there, mmm?"

Douglas scratched his head. "Uhm, probably receiving some kind of commendation for some kind of heroic deed again?"

"Some kind of heroic deed?!" Tiffany asked with a hint of offense. "I saved the King of Sweden and half his family and staff from crashing into the sea with his private plane. How can you possibly forget that?"

"You save people every day, Tiff! You expect me to remember every detail of all those thousands of heroic deeds you've done?"

Tiffany snorted. "Well, sorry for trying to be a good person!"

"Tiffany, please," Douglas stood up, immediately regretting his harsh words. "I didn't mean to–"


And Tiffany was gone, leaped out of the window after she'd super-speeded her clothes on.

Douglas pushed out a groan of frustration as he flopped down onto the bed. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

Just a year ago, life seemed perfect. Douglas was hiking through the mountains with a friend when, one night, he crawled out of his tent to take a leak at a nearby tree. The chilly air felt fresh to his skin, and the stars twinkled brightly in the clear night sky, silhouetting his form into a distinct shadow as warm pee cascaded over the 98-year-old pine's roots.

Douglas winced and glanced into the blackness around him when an eerie laughter echoed between the trees, sending shivers up and down his spine.

His first instinct was to dive back into his tent and find comfort in the safety of his sleeping bag, but curiosity got the best of him. Armed with the flashlight of his mobile phone and the pitiful knife on his leatherman multitool, Douglas went out to explore the source of the laughter that swooshed between the trees like the wind.

His military boots crunched over fallen branches and parched leaves he could faintly see beneath the night sky until he stumbled upon a cave. A warm orange glow flickered in its entrance, vainly attempting to conquer the darkness of the outside world.

Douglas's heart pounded as he dared to peek his head around the corner, half expecting to be confronted by a nightmarish clown figure judging by the sound of the laughter.

His eyes darted back and forth in disbelief when he saw an older gentleman in a vibrant red tuxedo seated at an ornate oak desk, grinning with a malicious twinkle in his eye. It turned out that this guy was some kind of genie who could grant wishes.

Douglas was allowed to bestow one person of his choice near omnipotent powers. The genie cackled when he heard Douglas blurting out a name enthusiastically before he was barely finished speaking. Douglas knew precisely who he wanted to give these powers to–his childhood crush and the hottest girl in the neighborhood, Tiffany, who was now his girlfriend.

Douglas listened with only half an ear when the genie added that he was gentle of nature and thus granted him the opportunity to correct his decision when it seemed he had made the wrong one.

"If it's your wish, You're allowed to transfer these powers to someone else instead." The genie spoke with a dignified voice. "But beware, young one, for you may do this only once. Doing it again may trigger highly unpleasant consequences."

Douglas's life couldn't get any better. As a superheroine fanatic, he could only cry out in joy while fuckin his enhanced girlfriend 4 kilometers above the highest skyscraper the city had to offer. Tiffany had always been renowned for her beauty, a true showstopper, beloved and admired by all. But since her transformation, her beauty become beyond compare, and no male could maintain a decent posture while close to her. Whether it was a couple of cherry boys or a libertine, all drooled over Tiffany when the superpowered blond bombshell flew over.

Tiffany was charismatic, able to fly, didn't need a water kettle in the house for her heatvision could heat her tea, and she could lift stranded oil tankers out of the sea with her one arm – not to mention was invulnerable to every known method that could harm a human.

Everyone loved Tiffany, but she was faithful to her boyfriend alone. Douglas should be the luckiest man on the planet, yet he wasn't.

There was something gnawing on him, though. Tiffany was perfect. The most perfect girl Douglas has ever seen. Perfecter than Tiffany did not exist. She was bright and extraordinarily beautiful, even before the powers enhanced her beauty beyond comprehension. And now she has superpowers, is virtually capable of doing everything she wants, and she's unstoppable. But despite those enviable perks, she maintained the humility that most people lacked. Tiffany is just Tiffany—a girl who remains humble despite having an endless list of heroic deeds below her belt. If anyone in the world could responsibly wield such power, it was Tiffany.

"She's a good girl. I've made the right choice," Douglas kept saying to himself. But Tiffany's being a good girl is the crux.

Douglas has a fondness for superheroines. He worships them—he always has. But the thing is, he prefers them wicked at their cores. Witnessing a pretty young thing single-handedly lay waste to an entire city of millions or forcing an army to throw down their weapons in subjugation is what floats Douglas's boat.

While it's fortunate for the world that a pure girl like Tiffany would never give in to dark tendencies, Douglas's unquenchable craving became more challenging to ignore each day.

Lately, his old crush, Illyana Morgan, kept claiming the starring role in many of Douglas's daydreams about evil supergirls. Oooh, how he longed to see a girl like Illyana Morgan—the most arrogant yet stunning raven-haired girl Douglas has ever seen—subjugate the entire planet and force its population to shower her with praises. In his imagination, armies and world leaders were on their knees, their foreheads pressed in the mud by her boot to pledge loyalty to a megalomaniac teenage girl while her laughter echoed through wrecked streets littered with corpses.

It was hard for Douglas to have these dreams his whole life, knowing they would never become reality. But now it actually could. Thanks to the genie, Douglas held the power to turn Illyana into a nigh-omnipotent being before sunrise. He simply needed to kiss her on the lips while uttering the intention in his head, and the following day, Illyana would be a Goddess. Doing so would also strip Tiffany of her powers, which meant that Illyana would be unstoppable. She would have absolute control over everyone, and their lives would be subject to her command.

If Douglas were to follow through, it could mean the start of a new era – the darkest one humanity has ever experienced.

But what about my needs?!Douglas's inner dialogue began rambling, where one side argued in favor of giving Illyana these powers while the other kept saying that he'd made the right choice.

Someone like Tiffany is who the world deserves.

But am I worthy of her?

Do not make this about yourself.

I've been effacing myself my whole life! When is it finally my turn?

Self-pity is all I hear, sir.

Screw you! I do not need your approval!

What's stopping you then?

Indeed, 'what's stopping me then', NOTHING!

What are you waiting for?

No cheesy arguments left there, mister?

Fuck it…

After a long sigh, Douglas pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and searched his contact list until he found Illyana Morgan. His thumb hesitated for a moment before pushing the call button. After a few rings, she answered.

"Hi, i-its me," Douglas stammered. "haven't spoken to you in a while."

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There is, on my patreon page are chapter 2 and 3 available.
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I love this plots where everything is fine until our hero brings a super villainess into the scene.
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