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Dehlas I — Arrival

Written by Adalgusto :: [Monday, 03 June 2024 15:09] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 08 June 2024 22:13]


Every Saturday, my friends and I meet up to drink and have fun, a custom we've maintained since childhood. Our group used to be bigger, but friends come and go. These three, however, have always been there, with me, it's like family.

Me and Peter were arm wrestling against Maria. There was no way, no matter how hard we tried, even using both our arms and legs, we could barely make the girl move. After a while of not moving, she did the same thing as always: she looked at us with a mischievous smile, raised one of her eyebrows and began to slowly contract her biceps. At this moment, we knew we had already lost, all we had to do was fall to the side because of the strength of her arm. Even so, it was at this moment that we exerted all the strength we could, as a last attempt, only for the brutal strength of her muscles to throw us to the ground anyway, we were no match for Maria.

— And with that, another defeat for the boys. — Maria commented as she looked at us in a relaxed and at the same time challenging way.

— Next time, let's bring a friend. — I commented.

— I think you'll need about eleven friends... — Maria replied. I don't doubt she was serious, it could be that eleven men wouldn't be able to beat her in an arm wrestle.

— They always lose, I don't know why they insist. — Tinna said before taking a sip of whiskey.

— It was never about winning — Peter said — it was about having fun.

- What are you talking about? — I asked. — It was always about winning. — I spoke ironically, the three laughed. - Have you thought? "Man defeats woman in arm wrestling"... It would be in all the newspapers.

— Dude, you're so crazy. — Tinna was slightly drunk after drinking an entire bottle, but that didn't stop her from recognizing the madness in my speech. — It's easier for us to be invaded by aliens than for a little man to beat a woman in arm wrestling...

— I think not just in arm wrestling, but in any type of competition. — Peter added. He made Tinna think for a moment.

- Really? — She looked up, trying to pull something from her memory. I think she was trying to remember if she had ever lost to a man in any competition.

— He was right, at least as far as I know, a man has never beaten a woman in any type of competition. It's like a natural law: Women are superior. — I added.

— To tell the truth, I never stopped to think about it — said Tinna, she looked at her body, contemplating in it the power that a Woman possesses, she admired herself as if some energy was coming out of that body, some power, she admired how superior it was. to me and Peter and to all men. Then she spoke to us again. — Doesn't that... I don't know... bother you?

Of course it bothers us, all the time we are faced with the abysmal difference between men and women, whether in intelligence, strength, speed, maturity, resistance, health or even life expectancy; how they are always better at everything and how we can only pray that we can occupy important positions, and that no matter how hard we try, we will never compare ourselves to Women. That's what I wanted to say.

— In childhood, a little, but we are used to it. — I replied.

— It's normal for us. — Peter added.

The conversation had slowed down a bit, it's the type of subject that doesn't lead to many solutions other than looking at the floor and saying "yeah, complicated...".

— Sorry for bringing it up, I see now that it makes you uncomfortable. — We couldn't even hide that we were crestfallen, the Girls deciphered us with extreme ease while we never managed to guess what they were thinking. — I'm sorry, but I don't understand, and I have to ask: why do they insist on these little competitions if they know they don't have the slightest chance?

— It means a lot to them. — Maria replied. — It's not just an arm wrestle, it's what represents, for them, this oppression of women over men that mother nature herself generated. Beating a Woman would almost mean a new era, a hope.

“I think it's late,” I commented.

- Wait. — Tinna said. — Before we go, I want a match against Maria.

Everyone looked at each other. We couldn't miss this, two Women competing to see who is stronger, two unstoppable forces clashing. Maria accepted immediately. They both positioned themselves, the table was made of wood so I don't know if I could resist. Each placed an arm, both closed their hands, you could feel the strength of those arms from afar.

— 3, 2, 1, Start! — I screamed.

The two biceps began to contract, oh my, how much strength in one muscle... The blood vessels were bulging in their necks and arms, both Women were putting a lot of strength into the competition. Peter and I looked at each other and saw that maybe thirteen men wouldn't be able to stop one of these Women from completely beating us. They both looked at each other, almost with anger, and put more strength into the grip. What I feared started to happen: the table started to crack, but that didn't stop the Women from continuing, the fight was still tied, the sleeves of the t-shirts they were wearing started to tear due to the immense pressure exerted by the muscles in their arms.

Before either of them could start winning, the table broke in two and they both fell to the floor. They were fine, but some shrapnel flew towards me and Peter. Luckily, they were fast enough, Maria ran and stood in front of me, hugging me, Tinna did the same with Peter. Those shrapnel could penetrate my flesh and reach vital organs, but fortunately it was the Women's bodies that were in front of us.

The shrapnel hit both Girls in the back and ripped their shirts, more than they already were. However, when it hit their skin, it did nothing but leave a small white streak. Women are much more resilient, so this was nothing to them.

- I'm sorry. — Said Maria.

- Everything is fine. — I replied. — I know it was you who broke the table, but in the end you were the ones who got hurt the most.

— I wouldn't say "hurt", because it didn't hurt, but it did. — Tinna replied. — Anyway, we're going to have to change clothes. — They both looked at each other, their sleeves were torn due to the enormous strength of their arms during the competition and the back of the t-shirt was in pieces due to the wooden splinters. — In the end, we were the two who lost the most. - Everyone laughed.

Before we said goodbye, the Girls offered us a ride home on their backs. Peter refused, he feels even more humiliated when a Woman helps him with basic things like walking faster. I, on the other hand, couldn't miss this chance. Maria's walking speed was greater than mine when running at my fullest, and she wouldn't even get tired from it, it would be a tremendous shortcut. — Aren't you tired? — I asked.

— Do you want the short answer or the long one?

— It could be the long one.

— Well, let's see, I have about twelve times your strength.

- He has? - I asked, curious. When did she measure this?

— Yes, you could see it during the arm wrestle. Anyway, you know that it's not just my strength that is twelve times greater, but also my physical resistance, speed, toughness, regeneration, longevity...

— Okay, this part can be skipped. — If she were to talk about all the things she has better than me, we would spend the whole night talking.

— My weight, however, is about three to four times yours, not twelve. That's why I can run faster. My weight and yours combined are not a big deal to me, it's like carrying a backpack for you. Not to mention that my regeneration is fast to the point that I can run slowly without ever getting tired.

— In other words, the trip is free. — I commented.

— That's free.

After a few minutes of silence, admiring the 3:00 am sky, we arrived at my house. Maria helps me get down so that I don't get hurt. I think it's kind of strange, because she treats me like I'm made of paper. I know I'm very fragile compared to her, but it's not that much either.

— Well, thanks for the ride. Do you want to join...

— You were just waiting for this moment, weren't you? — She opened a mischievous smile.

— Well... — Who was I trying to fool? - Yes.

She picked me up with one hand and entered the house, opening and closing the doors with the others. I was afraid that she would break down a door with the strength of her arms, but she knew how to handle her power well.


I decided to leave alone, but I didn't imagine that this would be my unlucky day. About two minutes after saying goodbye, I went into the wrong alley and an unknown woman decided to go in with me. She approached me and said:

—The money, or the arm.

She was unarmed, but she wouldn't need any weapon to do whatever she wanted to do to me. I was at a loss.

— Please don't hurt me.... I don't have money at the moment...

She pushed me, with a single hand, and sent me flying about ten feet. I screamed as I fell to the ground, I had no way out. When she got closer, I tried to push her away, but all the strength in my body wasn't enough to move hers. I tried punching her in the abdomen, but found it would be easier to break my hand against her abdominal muscles than the other way around. I was lost, I started screaming for help when she appeared.

Tinna came running as soon as she heard my first scream, and covered the two-minute walk in about ten seconds. She landed an immobilizing blow on the Woman and knocked her to the ground. How much brutality, how much strength, only a Woman would be capable of that. Tinna landed a few punches on the Unknown Woman's ribs until she screamed in pain, and then let go, leaving her on the ground.

- Let's go. —She said to me. — She won't hurt you.

Humiliated once again by Women. I couldn't stand it anymore, wherever I went, they were there, showing off, showing off, rubbing their absolute superiority in my face. I was fed up.

— I see that you feel humiliated, Peter, but if it weren't for me you could be seriously injured, or perhaps dead.

I couldn't even hide that from her, these words didn't comfort me, they were just another bit of the harsh reality being thrown in my face: next to them, I was nothing. I couldn't do anything other than turn around and walk quickly, I didn't even have the courage to say thank you, I felt like crap.

— Peter, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you like this... I just...

— I can't take this anymore, you Women are always... always... Ah!

I just couldn't finish talking, all I could do was turn around and run away with my hands over my face, I just wanted to go home and rest. However, I realized that I couldn't even do this, as I started to hear her footsteps running towards me. I tried to run, Tinna was too fast, she caught me easily and grabbed me by the arm, her grip was too strong for me to let go.

— Peter, please listen to me. — She made me take my hands off my face. It's not like I could stop the Girl from doing anything, her strength was so much greater that I didn't even try anymore. — Crying and running away won't achieve anything, it will only be worse for you. You see: Women are superior and this is a fact, unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do about it, do you hear me?

- I am yes...

— You have to grow up, learn to deal with this reality, no matter how harsh it may be. Maturing is learning to accept reality and deal with it the way it is. If you don't accept that Women are superior, you will continue to act as if they are not, and as soon as a Woman destroys you, the slap of reality will be as strong as the slap of a Woman. Now, if you accept the situation you are in and make your decisions considering reality, you will avoid the slaps of reality.

— It's easy to say when you are a Woman, born with all the gifts, you know that no man will ever surpass you. You don't spend twenty-four hours a day being humiliated by women.

— Do you think I'm the only Woman in the world? Do you think there is no one better than me? — In fact, Tinna was so incomparably above me that, from my point of view, it's as if she were the best person in the world in all things. — Of course not, there are billions of Women out there who surpass me in different skills. I'm sure I'm not the best in the world at anything, and I'm probably the worst woman in the world at something. Unlike what you said, every day I am humiliated by a woman better than me. That's not why I'm crying.

— Of course you're not crying, your psychology is superior. Women can handle more trauma than men, you are practically unshakable.

— That's your mistake: comparing. What happens if you compare a man to a woman? The Woman always wins. It's unfair, you simply shouldn't compare yourself to a Woman, but to another man, just like I don't compare myself to men because I know I will always win, instead I compare myself to other Women. Jason is not shaken, he knows how to accept reality.

— It's very hopeless. I like to think that one day men could at least be on par with women. But you come every day and remind me that this is impossible, that men will always be nothing compared to the great Women.

—That's because it's impossible. We've tried everything, there is nothing in biology that allows a man's body to be capable of doing 10% of what a woman's body does. The female body works in a completely different way, it is more efficient in all aspects and can store more energy. The only way to make a man as strong as a woman would be to implant Feminine muscles in him, but his body would not be able to supply energy to these muscles without going into a coma and the Feminine muscles would easily break a male bone. For a man to be as strong as a Woman, he would have to transform into a Woman. He would need to do this with every part of the body, even the brain, to prevent the masculine parts from being destroyed by the feminine parts. In other words, only a Woman can be equal to a Woman. There's nothing to be done. It's not about hope, but about accepting reality. — She saw that I was quiet and broke the silence. — Come on, I'll take you to your house.

— Let's go, but I'm not going to climb into your...

Too late. Before I could complete the sentence, Tinna pulled me onto her back, carrying me on the back. As humiliating as it is, I admit that it has its advantages and, to be honest, I was exhausted and I knew that Tinna still had the energy to climb a mountain, after all she had slept less than two days ago.

Arriving there, we barely entered the house and she had already dragged me to the bedroom.

— It will be like this: I will slowly approach you until you are cornered against the wall, you just have to stop me.

She took the first step, I started pushing her back. My Goddess, it was like trying to stop a tractor. I could exert all the strength in the world, it meant nothing to her. She continued taking her slow steps forward as if there was nothing in front of her.

— You'll have to try harder... — She said in a provocative tone.

Violence is always the answer. I punched her in the abdomen and, Goddess, what abs. If the other Woman had muscles of stone, Tinna had muscles of steel. As I tried to hurt the other Woman, my hands felt sore, but as I tried to hurt Tinna, it felt like some bone of mine was breaking. Her muscles are harder than my bones. She is too strong, and too resilient.

Tried to kick her, same result. Unfair, kicks are much stronger than punches, my kick was supposed to have some effect. But nothing, the Woman is unstoppable. I was already sweating and almost exhausted when she said:

— I think I'm too strong for you, love.

It drove me to heights, I never wanted her to corner me against the wall so much. But I should stay focused on my goal: stopping the Unstoppable Woman.

I looked around... A gun. I picked up my pool cue that was next to the bed, I held it by the thin part so that the thick part hit Tina. I tried the first blow: it was definitely not useless, she slightly contracted the affected muscle. But that was almost nothing to her. It didn't matter where I hit: rib, stomach, face, leg or arm. The result was the same, she didn't even feel it. I tried one last blow, from bottom to top, hitting her pussy with all my strength. The bat broke, she still hadn't felt anything. A woman's vagina is stronger than a bat.

— It wasn't enough, — she said, — I think I'm really too strong for you. — She flexed her biceps. Goddess, what a huge muscle, what strength, it seemed capable of lifting a car. I think she could actually lift a car. — Or maybe I'm... Too much of a woman for you.

She only used one strong arm to lift me against the wall, and ripped my pants off in a single movement. I was still in the challenge, I used the wall as support and tried to push her away, but it was impossible. Tinna is too strong for me to do anything to her. Her body approached me unstoppably like a hydraulic press.

- You lost. — She looked down. — It seems like you liked it, I think losing to a woman has never been so good for you, right?

She took off her pants and inserted my penis into her vagina. It was very tight, she was very strong even in that area. She then relaxed her genital muscles and allowed my penis to enter. I knew that if she wanted to, she could contract her muscles with my organ inside and destroy it completely. But he knew she wouldn't. And yes, it was the best feeling in the world.

- I can see them? — I asked. I looked at the huge volume covered by her t-shirt. Her breasts were huge, I really needed to see them. I stretched out my hand to reach it and she held it with colossal strength.

— Not yet, you'll be happy. — She said. This was driving me crazy. — Next time, who knows.

She felt her breasts through her shirt, showing how big they were, but without showing how big they really were. This drove me crazy, I came in two minutes.

With a single hand, the same one that held me to the wall, she slowly put me on the floor and flexed her two huge biceps. She wasn't even close to tired, not even her arm, which she lifted, stretched, 90 kilograms for three minutes, seemed to be slightly tired. She could probably keep lifting a two-hundred-kilogram weight for over an hour. This Woman is really too strong for me to have any chance with her. I, on the other hand, was dead.

— Don't worry, I won't get pregnant. — That was all I needed to hear before I passed out.


Morning of the next day.

I don't think sex with men is that cool. It doesn't last long and you can't really use it. With Women it is ten times more pleasurable and longer lasting. But I knew that I was giving pleasure to a friend that I truly love, so it was worth the effort, his expression of happiness was very good.

I woke up after hearing a strange sound in the street. When I turned to the side, I noticed that Jason was still destroyed, I hope I didn't overdo it with him... Nah, he'll be fine.

When I looked out the window, I noticed that there were more Women who heard the same sound as me, and some had already left the house, they were all looking up. The sound was low, the men would even be able to hear it, but it wasn't loud enough to wake them. I walked out the front door and looked up.

It wasn't some kind of plane or technological experiment. It was clearly a technology unlike anything else on this planet. Someone was visiting us.

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Nice to see this story again as I am a big fan of the Dehlas Universe. Have you you written more beyond III - Entrave (Obstacle)? If so that is great news! Can’t wait for more!
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This scene is very similar to the plot inside the LaPorte Cave, Liking women not only surpasses men in strength, but also in speed, agility, vision, hearing, and intelligence. I hope to see the next episode.
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I'm going to read this LaPorte Cave, seems to be interesting, thanks for the tip. Don't Worry, the other chapters are already done, I just need time to translate to English. (I use Google but I need to revise the entire text to garantee there are...
I'm going to read this LaPorte Cave, seems to be interesting, thanks for the tip. Don't Worry, the other chapters are already done, I just need time to translate to English. (I use Google but I need to revise the entire text to garantee there are no translation errors)
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Laporte Caves is a site favorite and has become a classic not only on this site but in the genre in general. A must read.
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