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Infinity Crisis Part I

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Kent Small trudged home slowly from school. His shoulders were slouched and his eyes peered down on the sidewalk as he walked. He avoided all of his classmates and minded his own business as he slowly walked home. However, no matter how hard he tried to keep to himself, there was always at least one person, one bully that would try his patience at least once a day. He heard the bicycle pull up by him and knew it was Lance.

"Hey geek, want the rest of my slurpee?" Lance asked.

"No thank you, I'm not very thirs…" Kent replied as the slurpee cup hit him in the face.

Lance started laughing along with several of his friends "See you tomorrow fuck face!" he said and then rode away.

Kent brushed the iced drink off his face and hair, wiped his thick black framed glasses and then continued walking as if it had never happened. He was in grade eleven and he was used to his peers picking on him. They had picked on him since he was in grade 10, since he came to the school. He stood at a mere 5ft5. His hair was flat and greasy and was combed straight down covering his eye brows. He was wearing brown pants and a red button down sweater which he wore almost on a daily basis. Finishing brushing the ice from his body Kent continued walking home when his hearing picked up something.

"Everybody! Down on the fucking ground! Move and your fucking dead, we're here for the banks money, not yours!"

Kent looked toward the tall buildings miles away. He squinted his eyes, the buildings and houses obstructing his view seemed to disappear and then he saw the three gun men. First looking around incredibly fast, he zipped at super fast speed into a backyard, where he changed in a second flat into Earth's only super hero, Infinity Man. His costume was tight neon yellow with a red belt, red boots and a red side ways eight on his chest symbolizing infinity. He looked nothing like his former self, proudly presenting a huge frame, powerful pecs, massive arms and standing at 6ft tall. His posture was perfectly straight and his muscular body would make any girl weak at the knees. Blasting into the air, he zipped across kilometers of city in seconds flat.



Natasha Beland slowly changed in the girls' locker room. Even the girls couldn't help but steal a few glances at Natasha's amazing figure. She had silky smooth tanned legs, long flowing brown hair and arguably the best ass in school. She struggled briefly to put on her tight jeans as she wiggled her ass in order to squeeze them on. She pulled them up to her hips and buttoned them up over her flat stomach. She walked in her white jeans and red push-up bra to the mirror and began applying her lipstick. One of the girls doing her hair stole glances at her phenomenal chest. Still looking at herself in the mirror and applying lipstick, "You can feel them if you'd like." Natasha offered. The girl rolled her eyes and left. Natasha shook her head, sometimes she wondered if her body would receive less attention in the boys' locker room. Natasha went to her locker and put on her black cotton, button-up top. Making sure the last three buttons were unbuttoned, which showed off her massive and tight cleavage along with part of her push-up bra, she walked out of the locker room and into the schools hallway. She made sure there was a bounce in her step, which made her creamy breasts bounce slightly. Men drooled over her, women envied her, but everyone hated her. Her only friend in school nudged her as they met in the hallway.

Jean Dencer stood at 5 feet 5 inches tall, two inches shorter than Natasha. Jean was not as well endowed as her taller friend, nor was she as slim, the two seemed to make an unlikely match. However Jean worshiped Natasha, copied what she wore, complimented Natasha every chance she got and approved every word Natasha spoke, "I love what your wearing." Jean commented.

Natasha looked down at her cotton blouse which proudly showed off her impressive cleavage "Thanks, it costs like only a few hundred dollars." Natasha said nonchalantly.

"Oh my god Nat, where did you get that kind of money?"

"You know Jason Brinks?"

"The rich kid, yeah."

"Well, he said that he wanted to feel my tits."


"Well, I was like not for a thousand dollars and he was like how about two hundred."

"Oh, my god Nat! You got two hundred dollars for just letting a guy feel your tits!"

"Three hundred actually, I let him lick them."

"Three hundred dollars!"

Natasha had an ear to ear cocky grin, she lowered her head slightly and whispered into Jeans ear: "And while he was licking my tits I could feel his cock press hard into my hip, so I whispered into his ear, for five hundred more I'll let you fuck 'em."

Jean's eyes widened "Oh my god, and so what did he say?"

"He said his allowance wasn't till next week."

Jean shook her head in admiration "So are you gonna let him?"

"For five hundred dollars I'd probably let him do more then that." Natasha giggled.

A girl from one of there classes walked in front of the two girls at a quickened pace. Just another loser in which Natasha preyed on to make herself feel better. Natasha looked at her pants and rolled her eyes, "Aren't you like supposed to stop shopping at Wallmart after Jr. high?" Nat said followed by a snicker by Jean, "I swear like some girls should just be taken out of their misery, and speaking of which." Nat looked up the hall way and spotted Helena.

Helena was a big girl, she weighed close to 170 pounds and was closing in on 6 feet tall. But in no way was she fat. She was wearing a tight tank top which showed off her broad shoulders and well defined arms and muscles.

"Should I cover up my chest? Here comes the Dyke." Natasha commented.

Jean laughed and turned toward her class room "So, I'll see you after school?"

"Maybe." Natasha replied ignorantly. Natasha continued walking down the hall way as Jean entered her class room.

"What did you call me?" Helena asked.

Natasha stopped and looked at Helena confused and then realized that Helena was upset about being called a dyke, "Did I say dyke, I'm sorry I meant lesbian." Natasha corrected and went on her way not realizing she was once again being offensive.

Helena began following Natasha "Excuse me, but what makes you think I'm a lesbian."

Natasha turned toward Helena and looked over her body "Your kidding right?"

Helena crossed her arms over top of her chest and in irritation responded "No, I'm not kidding."

Natasha shook her head "Look, I'm really not interested, okay. I just don't swing that way… I'm sorry." and with that began walking away.

Helena followed her.

Natasha opened the exit and began walking outside. Helena continued following.

Natasha stopped and turned toward Helena "What the fuck do you want!?"

"I want to know, what gives you the right to judge me?"

Natasha rolled her eyes "Oh c'mon! Look at you!… You're just asking to be judged… what does it surprise you that I think you're a fucking Dyke… You make yourself big and fat and expect me to believe that you like boys and that boys would like you… please."

"It's not fat, it's muscle and if you really want I'll show you the difference."

Natasha rolled her eyes "Whatever."

"You know what bitch, I'm really getting sick and tired of your shit." Helena's powerful arms pushed Natasha and Natasha stumbled back a few steps.

"Fuck Off!" Natasha screamed.

Helena pushed Natasha again, but this time Natasha pushed back. The two girls began pushing each other back and forth drawing a small crowd.

Helena's finger involuntarily hooked around one of the buttons of Natasha's blouse and it popped off. Although some would argue that it was on the verge of doing so anyways.

Natasha looked down and became enraged, she bought the blouse just the other day and now it was ripped, she responded with a slap across Helena's face.

There was a brief pause as Helena came to terms with the fact that this bitch just slapped her. Helena then answered back with an over hand right to Natasha's jaw.

Natasha put her hands on her face and began sobbing.

Helena noticed a large muddy puddle only ten yards behind Natasha. Grabbing Natasha's blouse she began running forward, forcing Natasha to run then stumble backwards. Natasha lost her footing and fell into the deep muddy puddle. Helena looked down at Natasha, her body was still submerged in the muddy waters all except her tits which protruded out from the water like two islands. Seeing another opportunity to humiliate her, she used Natasha's tits as a stepping stone to get across the puddle, making sure to grind her shoe into them with the step. Natasha lifted her head out of the dirty water and screamed and the crowd cheered and laughed.



Jarrett was walking out of his old high school after speaking with one of his old teachers about a reference. He was nineteen now, having graduated the year prior, he couldn't help but remember the good times he had in the school just one year ago. Football, the parties, the girls, he knew college would not compare. In high school he was a starting QB, but in College the best he could hope for was third string. He stepped outside the school and heard a girl crying. He turned his head and saw the girl sitting in a muddy puddle sobbing. He couldn't help but immediately look at her chest which was soaking wet and covered with mud. He walked toward her with the intention of finding out what happened then he recognized her. Jarrett's mother had left him when he was too young to even remember. His father had raised him as a single parent up until he was 17, when he finally got re-married. Jarrett worried about getting used to the idea of having a stepmother, what would he call her, mom?… Nancy?… Mrs. Beland? But it turned out that he worried about all the wrong things, what he should have been more concerned with was the incredibly hot and horribly evil stepsister that came along with the marriage. His father had asked him to try to be a big brother to her, and he genuinely tried and ignored her advances toward him. He did his best to deal with her constant blackmails and her ignorant attitude, and now there she was, crying in a muddy puddle, probably there because she deserved it. He extended his hand down toward her to help her up.

"Fuck off!" she screamed throwing mud at him.

Jarrett wiped the mud from his face and looked dismayed at the stains on his shirt. He shook his head and controlled his temper; he'd gotten use to her sudden outbursts over the past two years, "Are you going to just sit there until classes are out? How many people do you want to see you like this?" he asked.

Natasha lifted herself to her feet and looked down at her ruined clothes, clothes that she loved and in her mind were earned by hard work.

Jarrett caught a glimpse of her packed mud soaked cleavage, and struggled like usual to keep his thoughts organized.

People began to snicker and Natasha began running away crying. One of the students watching the spectacle commented "Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing" Some of the students laughed and Jarrett looked at the student with irritation. Jarrett's reputation preceded him and the laughter came to an immediate stop.



Natasha cut into back alleys trying her best to avoid the public on her way home. A car was pulling into the alley and she snuck into a backyard to avoid being seen. Wanting to cry some more, she sat under one of the many trees that surrounded the backyard she was in and moped. Oh, how she swore she would get even for this, if it was the last thing she did. 'They are all such fucking big losers. They have no right to laugh at me.' Natasha's thoughts were interrupted by a swooshing sound. She looked through the thick leaves and couldn't believe it. It was Infinity Man and he landed in the same backyard she was in. She remained perfectly still and admired Infinity Man's muscles and his tight behind as she imagined herself feeling his body. If Infinity Man was her boyfriend she would show those maggots who was boss, she imagined. Send that bitch Helena on a one way ticket to the moon. Infinity Man whirled around in place and when he was done Natasha could not believe what she was seeing. Kent Small now replaced Infinity man and it dawned on her: 'Oh my god, Kent Small is Infinity Man'.



Jarrett walked into the living room later that evening and sat down beside Natasha, who had just showered and was in her house coat, "What are we watching?" Jarrett asked.

"An Interview with Infinity Man." Natasha responded.

"So, has your strength ever been measured, does it have limits?" the interviewer asked.

"Well, my fellow compatriot, I'd answer that question with another question: is it possible to measure infinity? Infinity Man is not just a name, it's what I am."

"Okay, so we've all seen your super strength on more then one occasion, we've seen you fly and we've witnessed bullets bounce off your body. Is there anything else that you can do that we haven't seen?"

"Well, I doubt this show is long enough for me to demonstrate all my powers, but I will show you a few things." Infinity Man used his telekinesis ability to hoist the host's hot coffee toward him. With the cup floating in front of him he blew gently on it turning it into ice. Then he made the Cup shoot hard and fast at the crowd. Before it reached anyone he incinerated it with his heat vision getting an applause from the crowd.

"One last question, we know you're busy and we don't want to take up too much of your time, but are you aware of any known weaknesses. There was a rumor going around that you are susceptible to magic."

Infinity Man looked irritated at the question, "Well, let me assure you, I've been shot, I've been nuked, I've been hexed and I'm still here giving this interview. Here to pass the message to evil doers to give up crime or face the inevitable and unstoppable power of Infinity!"

Jarrett shook his head as the interview ended "I think that guy was fed one too many cheese sandwiches as a kid."

Natasha ignored the comment "It would be wonderful to have so much power, If I had that kind of pow…"

"Stop right there Nat, the idea of you having that kind of power scares the shit out of me."

Natasha slapped Jarrett's leg playfully, "What are you talking about, I'd be like," Natasha jumped onto the couch and pulled her house coat open, "This looks like a job for Infinity Girl!" Jarrett once again was shown his stepsister's perfect body and rolled his eyes and looked away, "Whatever, you liked it." she claimed as she jumped on Jarrett. Her breasts pressed into Jarrett's face still warm from her hot shower and Jarrett got an immediate erection. She could feel his throbbing member press against her hip. Her brown hair tented down over Jarrett's head and he couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face, her button nose, luscious lips and incredible hazel eyes. She grabbed his wrist and slowly began pulling his hand to her breast. She may not have had incredible strength, heat vision, or the power to fly, but she knew how much natural power her breasts had on her prey. One touch and she knew she had ownership. Jarrett's finger tips came so very close to her soft, yet firm breast and then he pulled away, pushed her off of him and stood up. Natasha shook her head in disbelief, "You know what Jarrett, you're not my brother, we're not related and this is perfectly natural. But whatever, have it your way. You had your chance and one day I'll make you regret you didn't take it… I'm going to bed."



Natasha rolled around in bed for hours. All she could think about was Kent Small is Infinity Man… Kent! Small! Is! Infinity! Man! She imagined Kent Small being her love slave. Oh, the things she would make him do. Then she imagined having his powers. Just the idea of having that much power was making her hot, even having just a portion of that power. Heat vision, invulnerability, unstoppable tits, she laughed. Part of the interview she had watched kept ringing through her head, 'susceptible to magic'. Finally at 3.15 AM, Natasha got out of bed. Natasha's mother was an out of practice witch. She had always claimed that Natasha had the gift, but Natasha always ignored her. Natasha went up into the attic and looked through her mother's old books. Skimming through dozens of books looking for a spell that would make Infinity Man her slave or a spell that would make her powerful like him. Finally she found something. A power transferring spell, a whole chapter based on transferring the life energies of one into another for youth, strength and eternal life. Natasha studied the chapter, studied it word for word.


Natasha was wearing a tight fuzzy black sweater with an oval cut out showing off her tight bust as she walked through the hallway early the next morning. Everyone was staring and snickering at her because of rumors of her ass being handed to her the day before. 'Let them laugh' she thought. If her plan worked she would have the last laugh. She spotted Kent Small. He was staring at her tightly packed cleavage. She wondered if he was using his infamous x-ray vision to check out the rest of her body. 'Of course he was' she thought, 'Hell, if I had x-ray vision I'd probably check myself out', "Kent, can I speak with you?" she asked.

"Uhhh… sure" Kent answered reluctantly.

"For a science project that we're doing in class I need a hair, and I think I'd just die if I had to give up some of my own… soooo?"

"You want a strand of my hair?"

"Was I that obvious?"

Kent grabbed a strand of his hair and pulled it off and gave it to her.

"Thanks." she said and as she left she made sure her tits brushed up on Kent's arm. Kent watched her as she left and then did something he had never done before. Squinting his eyes he ran his x-ray vision up and down her killer ass. All through class he couldn't help but think of her. He knew she was diabolical, he heard all about her rep, but day dreamed about her anyway.

Natasha walked toward her science class and then walked past it. She went to her locker and grabbed the book and some candles. Calmly, she went to the custodian's room and set up for the ritual. She lit the candles and sat in the middle of them reciting the chant 10 times. After the tenth time she swallowed the hair. The candles blew out and she stood up. She took in a deep sigh, and thought about what she was doing. She was getting all worked up about gaining Infinity Man's powers but deep down she knew it wasn't going to work. But she came this far, might as well take the next step.

The bell rang ending first block classes and Natasha desperately searched for Kent Small through the hallways. She finally spotted him entering his class, "Hey Kent, can I speak with you?" she asked.

Kent looked surprised when he saw her again "Yeah… ummm… I guess." he replied. Natasha guided him through the hallways to a secluded part of the school. Kent became impatient "I'm going to be late for my class, I don…"

Natasha cut him off, "I just wanted to thank you, you saved my hair. I think that deserves a little bit of a reward… don't you?" Natasha backed him into the wall pressing her firm chest on his scrawny body.

He looked down at her packed cleavage and tried successfully to keep his arousal at bay. He had women hanging off him every time he went into action. There was no doubt in his mind that there wasn't a girl in the world he couldn't have, but this was different. Different because those girls loved Infinity Man, Natasha was clearly interested in his alter ego. He couldn't understand why but respected her privacy and did not scan her thoughts to find out, "That's quite okay, now if you will excuse me, I'm really late for my class." Kent said nervously as he tried to maneuver himself away from Natasha.

Natasha blocked his moves and was about to try reason with him. Convince him that staying with her was a good idea, but then she realized. While he appeared to be Kent Small, under that identity was the strongest man in the known galaxy. He could have any girl he wanted, and while she was the hottest girl in school that didn't make her the hottest chick in the world. No, she needed to play dirty and she knew exactly what to do. Dropping her pen, she placed her pinky in her mouth, "Oops" she said seductively. Natasha kneeled down to get it and in the process she dragged her firm chest slowly down Kent's body and eventually resting her wonderful breasts right on his cock. Kent Small closed his eyes and his dick rose, pushing hard through his jeans. If Natasha had any doubt that this was not Infinity Man and what she had seen the day before was her imagination, those doubts were now long gone. His long thick member pushed out his jeans extending at least 13 inches. Natasha unzipped his fly. Kent had no objections. She pulled out his massive shaft and buried it deep into her cleavage through the oval cut out of her tight black sweater. Squeezing her tits together as hard as she could Kent swayed gently back and forth. She had him, he was like a fish on a hook now all she had to do was reel him in. Applying as much pressure as she possibly could on either side of her tits she worried that it wasn't enough to relieve him. Her soft flesh spilled over the entirety of Kent's member. Kent felt dizzy but he dismissed it as ecstasy as his hips swayed back and forth ever so slowly. Never in his life on Earth had anything felt so damn good, he grabbed her thin shoulders and gently rocked her to his own movements. Thirty seconds in he erupted. The cum shot out his member like a busted dam. Natasha took the brunt of it straight into her chest and was flung across the hallway floor. She slammed hard into the lockers making a noticeable dent. Kent couldn't believe what he had just done. It was no excuse, he had the willpower to reject her and yet it had come to this. Using his super speed he zipped to her side. Natasha's eyes fluttered open. It was done, she had done exactly what the book had instructed.

"Thank Titas your okay, you gave me quite the scare there, how do you feel?" Kent asked.

Natasha felt pain all across her body… no, it was worst than that, Natasha felt normal. Kent gathered a pack of matches, a pen and a book from Natasha's fall and before he handed it to her he looked at the book. It was some sort of book on witchcraft and spells. He became worried and mentally he expected the worst. He turned through the pages and in a few seconds he knew what had just happened. Fifty years ago he had fell victim to a similar ploy.



In the mid 1930s the Government found him lying unconscious in a deep smoldering crater. They put him into captivity for twenty years, a captivity that he could have easily broke out of, but chose not to. During that time he was submitted through all kinds of tests. From small fire arms to biological and nuclear testing, he was resilient to it all. In the late 1950s it was discovered that a comet was on a collision course with Earth. With little to no options Infinity Man was introduced to the world. His alter ego became Kent Small. With the ability to change his appearance he moved through high school to high school every three years. The world marveled at his incredible powers and became obsessed with him. It was thought that he was he was absolutely impervious to everything imaginable. That is until Sandy Brinkman got to him. It was 1973 and, to make a long story short, Sandy stole his powers. Using some sort of magical incantation she managed to transfer his powers into her. Infinity Man never felt more terrified in his entire life. She basked in his power, reveled in it. After only five minutes of teasing the once mighty Infinity Man the transfer was reversed. He filled out a report of the incident and Sandy was taken into custody. It had been made decidedly conclusive what actions were to be taken. Infinity Man worked with a team of scientists, using his own Infinite intellect to devise his own demise, on the off chance his powers were somehow turned against humanity. He also had to deal with Sandy Brinkman. The Government made him do it. Saving lives was his specialty, in this case officials convinced him that taking a life would save thousands perhaps millions. And it had to be him who did it, for if it ever happened again he'd know what to do. He walked into her cell and after minutes of contemplation he vaporized her with his heat vision. It was a contradiction to the oath he took, but certain officials claimed it was of the interest of the Earth's security. He had to take another oath. If another attempt of power transferring ever occurred, he would have no other option but to eliminate the culprit.



"You Evil Villainess! Do you know what you've done?!"

Natasha got up to her feet and massaged her back and shook her head "Must you talk that way?" she asked.

It was evident that she did not have his powers, her plan had failed, but he knew what he had to do, "I'm sorry for what I must do now." he said compassionately.

"Do what exactly? My plan may have failed, but I now know your secret identity. So you will be doing exactly what I tell you to do for as long as I say." Natasha said in a arrogant tone.

Kent turned into a whirlwind and revealed himself as Infinity Man. Natasha swallowed hard as she became a little nervous in the presence of Kent Small's much bigger alter ego. However, she reminded herself that she was the one in control, he had no choice but to obey her.

Infinity Man thought long and hard, her attempt at transferring his powers into her obviously failed, what scared him was the incantation in the book was very close to the one Sandy used on him decades ago.

Natasha smiled at the perturbed Infinity Man "Look, it won't be so bad, a few public appearances with me and a few broken bones to some people that crossed me. But first, maybe we can finish what we started. But this time with Infinity Man." Natasha gave him a sexy look and put her pinky inside her cleavage gathering some of his juices that still remained between her massive creamy white breasts. She seductively sucked on her little finger and swallowed.

Infinity Man was done thinking, his conclusion an unfortunate one. Squinting his eyes, he focused his deadly rays on her.

As soon as she swallowed she knew something strange was happening to her. It felt like the fourth of July in her loins, she gasped with a wide mouth expression. Her nipples burned and her breasts felt heavy. So heavy in fact that she felt she was going to fall over, "Wh…uhhhh… ts Happ… ahhhh… ning to me?" she asked as the feeling overwhelmed her. A bolt of electricity fired from her crotch and wrapped around her body. Her body swayed uncomfortably as the electric current wrapped around her stomach and then made its way to her large breasts. A bolt of lighting blasted from her crotch and into her bust followed by another, then another, "Uhhhhhhhh…" Natasha moaned as her petite hands squeezed her electrifying breasts. She felt as though she was going to explode and then she blacked out for a few seconds. A small tremor shook the school. Natasha exhaled and a puff of steam came out of her mouth.

Squinting his eyes and trying to draw the radioactive energy into them was failing, it took him only mere seconds to realize the worst case scenario had indeed took place. He was powerless and she…?

Snapping out of her nausea Natasha felt different; taking in a deep breath through her nostrils she noticed some immediate changes. The moment she took in the breath from her nostrils the door down the hallway slammed violently shut. Her bra snapped in surrender to her swelling chest and the very large and very powerful Infinity Man fell off his feet and slid toward hers. Her body felt as if it had no concept of gravity, her eyes picked up millions of new colors… was it possible? Did she now have Infinity Man's powers? She looked down at the big and strong Infinity Man and then puckered her lips into an o and blew gently at him. Infinity Man slid down the hall way stopping at the closed doors, "FUCK YA!" she called out triumphantly. She felt up her own body looking for changes not realizing she was putting unimaginable pressure on her soft skin with her firm caress, she wasn't any bigger. Her stomach was just as flat and her tits… now there she noticed a change. They seemed to be higher on her body, her nipples seemed to be pointing skyward and most importantly they were supporting themselves.

Infinity Man was panic stricken; the scenario was all too familiar to him. He knew all he had to do was wait out the spell, his powers would return the only question was how much damage would she cause until then.

As Natasha felt her improved body a new power presented itself. She could hear thousands of different sounds and distinguish each one. She could hear Miss Walters give an English lecture. She could hear Jamie Felix whisper into someone's ear about what they were going to do after school. Hundreds of conversations, thousands of sounds and yet she wasn't in the slightest distracted by her own thoughts. 'Cooooool' she thought as she looked at the once mighty Infinity Man. Zipping toward him at an incredible speed a problem presented itself to her. Her jeans ignited into flames from the friction generated from her run. She laughed as she looked down at her burning lower torso and then she blew out the flames, "Ohhhh this is fucking fantastic." Natasha said with absolute delight.

Infinity Man swallowed nervously and prepared his words carefully "Look, you don't know what your doing… Innocent people could get hurt… please let me help you!"

Natasha began to giggle "You? Are you going to help me? I think the only thing you should be concerned with is, who's going to help you?" Natasha grabbed his costume and pulled his large frame into the air effortlessly and then pushed him into a locker.

Infinity Man's back went halfway through the locker sending a surge of pain through his body. The pain angered him and he spoke with out thinking: "Now you just watch your self missy or I'll…"

"You'll what?" she shot back crossing her arms underneath her massive mounds. Infinity Man didn't reply back, the transfer was only minutes old, by his estimates it would last only a few more minutes. Natasha began moving toward him "You'll what?" she asked him again. Natasha continued to move toward him until her breasts pressed against Infinity Man's body.

Kent heard the locker behind him buckle as her breasts began pushing him through it. He put his massive hands on her larger breasts and with all of his might tried to push them away, tried to prevent them from crushing him, "I asked you a question Infinity Man." she said with extreme cockiness. She had watched him use the same stance when he stopped a speeding semi from flying off a cliff, or when he was pushing a meteor out of Earth's atmosphere, but now it was to prevent her bountiful breasts from crushing him. He managed to rip her black sweater but her body closed in on him. Natasha had an ear to ear smile as she watched the mighty Infinity Man struggle in vain. Having lost the battle to stop her, his body painfully popped through the hollow locker and now his back was pinned to the concrete wall behind the locker.

"… ple… ase… do… n't…" he pleaded. Natasha stepped away from Kent and he collapsed on the floor.

"Get on your knees, and kiss my feet." she commanded. Reluctantly Infinity Man obeyed and she did her best not to laugh but she could do nothing about her arrogant smile, "Now, since I doubt you will be needing it, I'll take that lovely costume of yours." she demanded.

Kent became worried, "… that's impossible… the costume is a part of me… you can't!"

Natasha scanned him with her super vision and found that he was right, the only way she was going to get his costume off was by killing him. Natasha thought long and hard, should she even care about the stupid costume, she had his powers. What did she need the costume for?

"It… it won't even fit you." Infinity Man argued.

She was about to dismiss her claim on his costume but then thought 'Fuck that, I've got the power of Infinity and from now on, whatever Natasha wants… is whatever Natasha gets!' and since he was responsible for staining and then ripping her favorite sweater she was going to get that costume, "Figure out a way to remove your costume, or I'll remove it for you." Natasha said sweetly.

Kent looked at her in horror "What… what do you mean…"

She squinted her eyes and stared at the emblem on his chest.

"No… Wait!… You can't do this!" Kent screamed.

Still squinting her eyes at him she asked "Jeez, how do you do that laser out of your eyeballs thing."

"NO!… I'm the protector of the Earth… I stand for truth and justice… You can't do this!"

Her sexy hazel eyes began to sparkle "Oh, I think I got it!" she said with excitement.

"No, DON'T!" Kent screamed.

Her eyes blasted two intense red beams of light striking Kent in the chest and incinerating him in his costume, "Noooooooooooo" Infinity Man's voice echoed through the hallways. Just as she had expected the heat did not damage the costume as the articles of clothing fell to the ground, still smoldering with the ashes of its previous occupant.

Natasha looked over the costume. It was rather big. Way too big for her. Maybe vaporizing Infinity Man wasn't really necessary. 'Oh, well, what's done is done' she thought nonchalantly. Stretching the yellow tights and seeing exactly how big they were she tried them on anyways. As she expected they were far too big for her. She thought of ways she could make them more suitable for her but, unexpectedly, the pants snapped out of her thumb and forefinger and began molding itself into every curvature of her lower torso as it tightened in on her. She turned her body so she could see her ass and to her delight the costume hugged it tightly. She ran her hands down the tight and smooth texture that gripped her perfect ass. Next she put on the red speedos, they snapped in and wrapped tightly on the contours of her perfect lower profile making for a very impressive bikini. The red boots molded nicely to her size 7 feet and then she grabbed the yellow leotard. Putting it on she waited for it too to tighten over her body. After a few seconds it did, tightening over her upper torso, it exaggerated her voluptuous form. It squeezed in at her hips and stomach then over top of her breasts and arms. Her tits were compacted tightly into her chest and her nipples poked out of the yellow costume. Grabbing the belt off the floor, Natasha became too excited about seeing her body in the mirror. Running toward the girls washroom as quickly as she could she didn't realize that her speed was nearing that of light. Quick as a flash, she stood in front of the ladies' washroom mirror staring at herself in the mirror. The Side ways 8 warped nicely around her impressive chest. The neckline showed off her thin frame and feminine collar bones. Natasha's hands explored her body in her new costume. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, fully understanding this was no dream, her mind was overwhelmed as to what she was going to do with power beyond mankind's wildest dreams. Natasha put on the red belt and snapped it on. It squeezed over her hips and a surge of information rushed into her brain. Her eyes fluttered as billions of bytes of info entered her brain. It was over and now she knew how Infinity Man went from a tower of muscling mass to puny and scrawny Kent Small. She knew how Kent Small's outfit went from red sweater and jeans to the Infinity costume. She grew excited over the possibilities, the endless possibilities. She thought about a tight pair of cut off jeans, and an even tighter spandex like low cut green tank top. Keeping the image in her mind she motioned her hands one over her hip and the other hand behind her ass. Using her arms and legs she twirled in one spot and when she came to a stop she stood in the exact pieces of clothing she had thought about. Natasha hugged her self and laughed, this was unbelievable, this was too good to be true. Staring at herself in the mirror she had no doubt in her mind she was without question the single most hottest girl on the planet.



Jean walked out of her class as the lunch bell sounded. She hadn't seen her friend at all today and she was overly curious about the rumors about her ass being severely kicked the day before. She was tempted to phone her at home, to see how she was when she spotted her. Natasha was hot, everyone knew that but as Jean looked at her approaching friend she couldn't help but stare in absolute bewildered amazement, "Hey Jean." Natasha greeted. Jean's eyes moved up Natasha's new body "Is that a new a bra or something?" she asked.

"I'm not wearing a bra." Natasha answered proudly.

"Yeah right." Jean laughed.

Natasha pulled down her green tank top flashing her friend "See… No bra."

Jean blinked a few times and observed her friend circling her in curiosity, "Jeez! Nat, are you taller?"

"Maybe, by a few inches." Natasha replied.

"Okay… What's going on?" Jean asked in confusion.

Natasha smiled at her bewildered friend "Lets go for lunch, I'll explain it all then."

Natasha did a few new things she had never done before in her life. At the school cafeteria she ordered a non-diet coke, a pizza and two hamburgers. And she listened. It was so amusing for her to just listen. Listen to Jean go off about how sexy she looked. Listen to the jocks from across the lunch room floor brag about what they would do to her if they had her alone. Listen to the jealous girls make insulting remarks about her perfect body. No whisper from within a mile radius of her could hide its secret.

Natasha ate her food and listened to Jean's boring story of who said what about who today, "Michelle is saying that the only reason why you hang out with me is because you have a crush on me." Natasha interjected.

Jean stopped talking, and looked 9 tables back where Michelle and her friends were eating, "I hate that bitch, I bet you she did say that too."

"Now she's saying that my mom bought my tits for me for my sixteenth birthday."

Jean gave Natasha an awkward look, "And how could you possibly know what they're talking about from here?"

"If I tell you a secret, promise you won't tell anyone else."

Jean looked at her curiously: "Yeah, I promise."

She gave her friend a wicked smile: "I'm Infinity Girl."



Jean had an awkward smile as she listened to Natasha finish her amazing story back at her locker, "Okay Nat, so you think I'd believe that Kent Small was Infinity Man and that you took his powers, thus becoming Infinity Girl? Okay, be serious, what did really happened?"

Natasha giggled, "I know hey, pretty unbelievable story and all true."

Jean shook her head "My best friend is Infinity Girl, wow… so like can I have your autograph or something? Better yet, here comes that bitch Michelle, why don't you vaporize her with your laser eyes or something?"

Natasha looked at Michelle, "Mmmm… Okay." Natasha's eyes sparkled and two lasers fired out of her eyes striking Michelle's breast. Michelle had only enough time to gasp and look down at her chest before all that remained of her were a pair of smoldering shoes.

Jean gasped "Ohmygosh! You totally vaporized Michelle… you like totally are Infinity Girl!"

"Well duh! I've only been telling you that for like the last half hour."

Jean covered her mouth in absolute bewildered amazement "So, you can fly and lift like really heavy things?" Jean asked.

Natasha shrugged "Haven't tried to yet, but I'm sure I can… but check this out." Bending her knees Natasha sat down cross legged in mid air "Ta-da! Look Jean, no chair."

Jean gasped: "That is sooo fucking cool."

Bringing her feet back to the ground Natasha promoted her self with her hands "So, do you like?"

Jean reached out for Natasha's wrists and felt her skin "They say that Infinity Man was harder then steel, but you feel like a normal girl, soft and smooth."

Natasha grinned "Soft, smooth and lethal, check this out!" Natasha leaned her chest into Jeans neighboring lockers. The steel lockers bent and then broke inwards.

"Holy shit Nat!… Your tits are totally super!"

Natasha looked down at her breasts, "I know! Don't you just wish you were me?"

Jean looked at Natasha with envious eyes, and absolutely agreed with Natasha's statement, "So what are you going to do with them?… Your powers I mean." Jean asked.

"Whatever the fuck I please." Natasha answered.

"And so, aren't you slightly concerned that Infinity Man's going to try to get his powers back?"

"Well. I sorta vaporized him."

"YOU Vaporized Infinity Man!?"

"Uh huh, Oh Hold on Jason Brinkman's coming."

Jean looked behind her, "I don't see anyone." Just as soon as she said it Jason Brinkman turned the corner.

Natasha turned her back to him and grabbed her full breasts and lifted them. With her cleavage dramatically exaggerated she looked down at her marvelous breasts and began firing her heat vision into her own chest.

Jean watched in puzzlement and awe as two beams from Natasha's eyes streamlined into her incredible tits, "What are you doing?" Jean whispered.

Natasha gave Jean a wicked smile and turned toward Jason, "Hey Jason, wanna feel my tits?"

Jason looked at Natasha and could not pinpoint exactly what had changed about her, but she looked hotter. Her breasts looked fuller, her lips more sultry and her eyes more dangerous.

"I don't have any money." he replied while looking down into her cleavage.

"This ones free." He looked into her eyes as she looked into his, "Go ahead Jay, give them a good squeeze, squeeze them as hard as you want."

He smiled at her, "What's the catch?"

Jean interrupted the conversation, "Me and Nat were just talking and Nat was just saying that her tits were too hot to handle. I don't believe her so I guess you'll have to prove it."

Jason looked back down at her rounded full beasts "Fine by me." Natasha smiled and placed her hands high on her hips as Jason grabbed her full breasts and squeezed. The immediate shock of grabbing something so incredibly hot prevented him from removing his hands sooner then he should have. He let go of her tits and watched in pain as his hands ignited then began to melt. He began screaming in agony causing more commotion then Natasha had anticipated.

"Quiet!" she told Jason.

Jean covered her mouth as she giggled at the sight of Jason being burned badly by Natasha's hot tits.

Natasha could hear one of the teachers put down there lunch and began walking out of the classroom, undoubtedly to find out what all the commotion was about. Becoming more irritated with Jason's screaming she squinted her eyes at him, "I said Shhhhh!" Natasha yelled as two spectacular beams fired out of her eyes vaporizing Jason.

"What's going on out here?" the teacher asked.

Jean smiled at the teacher, "Oh, just some rowdy boy running around the hallway." The teacher gave the two girls a hard look and went back into his class, "That was soooo Fucking cool!" Jean exclaimed, "So what are we doing now?"

"You should probably go to class, I think I'll go experiment." Natasha answered. Before Jean had a chance to object Natasha disappeared in a flash.

Jean looked down the hallway that Natasha just zipped through. She was always jealous of what her friend had, the looks, the style, the boobs. But she was never more jealous then she was now. Natasha had it all, and if she didn't have it, it was only a will away. It just wasn't fair.



Natasha walked home and observed her entirely new world. She could see through every house, hear every spoken word for blocks, if not miles. The excitement was at times far too much for her. At times she felt like leaping into the air or zipping a few laps around the city but for now she wanted to keep her gift a little secret. However, there were those she just had to tell. Getting closer to her house she listened in on the conversation Jarrett was having on the phone.

"So, you'll be here at 9 PM?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, probably around then." Jarrett replied.

"I'm telling ya Jarrett, this Halloween party is gonna be fuckin' amazing, the girls to guys ratios somethin like 3-1 and I already saw the cat suit Nancy picked out."

"I'm lookin forward to it." Jarrett said as he cracked an egg on the frying pan.

"Sooo, did you invite Natasha?" Tom asked with some difficulty.

"Of course not, and don't even start with that shit." Jarrett said in somewhat of an irritated tone.

"Aww, Fuck dude you gotta snap out of it. She's only a year younger than you and I just know she'll be wearing something low and tight. Tonight, your bringing her, we're getting you drunk and we'll see what happens… and if your still unwilling then maybe I'll have a go at her."

"No thanks."

"Fuck man, she's not even your stepsister, she's more like a Godsend female roommate, sent to you in th…"

"Alright, you know what it is. She's evil, and I personally think she's probably the single most despicable human being I've ever met. This is a girl who cares about no one but herself. She'd sell anyone out to get what she wants. If it wasn't for her love for clothes, I would think she is a sociopath. You may think it would be hard for me to resist her, but its easy, cause to me, she's ugly."

"Understandable, but can you bring her for me then?"

Jarrett smiled and was about to say no when he saw Natasha standing at the kitchen door, "I gotta run man, I'll be there for nine." Jarrett hung up the phone and turned the stove on to heat up his meal.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them when Jarrett finally spoke, "Just so you know, I was talking about Nancy."

Natasha smiled at him, "Why are you trying to protect the feelings of a sociopath?"

Jarrett shook his head "Look Nat, believe what you want, I'm telling you honestly I was not speaking about you."

Natasha looked him in the eyes, "You are an excellent liar Jarrett, did you know that?"

Jarrett shook his head and turned away from her, only to be greeted by her in the direction he turned, "How did you do that?" Jarrett asked in a shocked voice.

She smiled at him coyly "I'll simply cut straight to the chase, I'm Infinity Girl."

"Alright then Infinity Girl, why don't you run along and go fight crime then?" Jarrett's eyes gave her a once over, there was something different about her. Her tits looked incredibly firm, for that matter her entire body looked firm yet feminine.

"So you think I'm ugly?… Easy to resist?" Natasha asked.

"I told you Nat, I was talking about someone else."

"Don't fucking Lie to me!" Nat yelled and slammed her fist on the counter. The entire counter collapsed and Jarrett looked at her in wide eyed shock, "See look what you made me do!" Natasha responded in irritation.

For only a split second a thought popped into Jarrett's mind, 'Maybe she is Infinity Girl'. The thought may have only been for a split second, but it was enough to make his heart miss a few beats.

Natasha loved his reaction and so decided to give him another taste of reality. Grabbing the frying pan off the stove she began squinting her eyes. There was a brief sparkle and then two beams of energy began sizzling the food in the pan.

Jarrett watched in dumbfounded shock as the food in the frying pan began to sizzle and two beams firing from Nat's eyes was the cause of it. The frying pan turned red and then began to drip.

"Shoot, I burned your food." Natasha said mockingly.

Jarrett looked at the frying pan, checked over Nat's body and negotiated his conclusion. He left the kitchen and walked calmly upstairs to his bed room. He remembered how he regretted taking down that tab of acid a few years back. The delusions he had were so frightening real, and while he had never had any side effects after the drug wore off he was clearly having one now. An acid flashback they were called, and that could be the only explanation to what he was seeing. Jarrett opened the door to his room. Sleep would do him good, he thought. He looked at his bed and was shocked to see Natasha standing in front of it. Jarrett rubbed his eyes and concentrated, hoping the delusion would go away.

Natasha giggled, "You're not dreaming this Jarrett, as much as I'm sure you want this to be a dream." Jarrett's heart began to pound; as a frightening conclusion popped into his mind, this may not be a delusion.

"So, aren't you going to invite me to the Halloween party?" Nat asked.

Jarrett stared at her, still too shocked to speak.

She smiled at him, "I had some good idea's for costumes, tell me what you think." Putting her hands in position for her spin she whirled around incredibly fast. When she stopped she was wearing a tight playboy bunny costume. She presented her self with her hands "Do you like?" "Or how about". She spun in a whirl again and Jarrett swallowed hard as Nat was now in a cheer leader outfit, Complete with pompoms, extremely short skirt and his high school's football team crest on her fantastically perfect chest. Even her hair had changed, from long and straight to shorter with pigtails. Natasha smiled at his reaction and let him take in the image which besieged his mind with desire, "Or… maybe… just maybe I'll go as…" Natasha gave him a wicked look and spun around in place, "Infinity Girl!" she said giving him the classic Infinity Man power pose, fists on hips, chest thrusting outward. Jarrett got an immediate hard-on as he looked at her in the tight yellow and red uniform. Somehow her breasts looked even bigger and Jarrett looked awestruck as they jutted there way toward him. Natasha stopped her breasts only inches away from Jarret's chest, she coud hear his heart rate pounding erratically. She smiled coyly, "By all means Jarrett, resist me, resist me as long as you can." Jarrett's mind started to cloud, all he could do was stare at the body of the girl in front of him. Natasha smiled and willed her costume to become tighter and tighter. The strong and tight costume could be heard straining tightly across her unbelievable body, "Resist me." she whispered seductively.

The effect was too much for Jarrett as he reached out and placed his hands on her tight narrow waist. The smooth texture of the costume felt incredible and his hands moved up her waist line and to her astonishing bust. He squeezed them hard and his lips kissed Natasha's smiling lips. Natasha just stood there reveling in her sexual power. She didn't kiss him back.

Natasha floated in the air causing her nipples to be level with Jarret's eyes. Jarrett squeezed her breasts, his fingertips barely making an impression through her incredibly tight costume and his lips approached her bust. Before Jarrett could kiss them she raised her hand and poked her finger through the light bulb and into the light socket above her.

Jarrett shook in pain as the electricity passed harmlessly through her and painfully into him. He finally managed to break off the hold he had of her breasts and fell painfully on to the ground.

Natasha laughed almost hysterically, "Did you see that! A bolt of electricity totally fired out of my tits!"

Jarrett looked at the burn marks on his hands and then looked at Natasha in irritation, "Are you fucking insane! You could have killed me!"

"That was your punishment for touching me without my permission, now about those nasty things you said about me. Care to explain or do you still think you can lie to me?"

Jarrett looked at her in disbelief. She was so cocky, so arrogant, and now so Super. How impossibly cruel could fate be to award this bimbo, this cruel bitch, unimaginable power and strength, "You have to give them back. This isn't right, this can't be happening." Jarrett reluctantly said.

"Oh, but this is happening Jarrett, You can't imagine how great it feels. I can feel sooo much power coursing through my body. It's almost as if there's nothing I can't do." Natasha walked up to Jarrett and put her thin arm arms over top of his broad shoulders, her smooth breasts pressing gently on his chest, "Now, go down stairs and bring me an ice tea, while I think of suitable punishment for you."

"I'm not getting you anything." Jarrett responded defiantly.

"Is that so?" Natasha's thin arms wrapped around Jarrett's back and squeezed his body into hers. Her breasts began too slowly compress against his chest and she looked him in the eyes casually. Demonstrating how little force she was applying.

She was soft and smooth, but his effort to push her away would have been more effective on a 20 storey building. Something in his chest was going to break, he was going to die and she couldn't care less, "I'll… get… you… an… ice tea…" Jarrett said in a faint whisper.

"Good boy." Natasha released Jarrett.

Jarrett went down stairs and Natasha walked around his room, squinting her eyes, she gave his stereo a dose of her heat vision. The machine sparked and then began to smolder. She caught a glimpse of herself firing her heat vision at the corner of her eye in the mirror in the room. She posed proudly in front of the mirror. Grabbing the alarm clock on the night stand she watched herself scrunch it with ease between her petite hands. Natasha was conceded, but never more so as she was at that moment. Her own body was making her very hot. Her left hand moved to her incredible breasts and her right hand moved tightly down her narrow waist and then on to her bikini. She slowly began to massage her pussy through the incredibly tight fabric, while at the same time squeezing her breast. Her red luscious lips parted slightly and her eyes began to sparkle. She blasted the lower corner of the mirror with her heat vision. She increased the speed of her hands as she watched the powerful beams emiting from her eyes. The mirror began to warp and bend and she began to pant as her hand rubbed her chest at super speed. Her heat vision increased in yield as her ecstasy grew. The mirror melted and the wall behind it ignited. On the verge of climaxing the phone began to ring and Natasha snapped out of her state. She wasn't sure how she knew but it was Jean. Natasha took in a small gulp of air and blew out the fire then picked up the phone.

"Hey Jean." she answered.

"Hey Nat, guess what I found out?"


"Helena is going as Wonder Woman for Halloween and she's gonna be at Tom's party."

Natasha smiled wickedly, "I wonder Jean, who do you think would win in a fight?… Wonder Woman or Infinity Girl?"

Jean snickered "I'm going to put my money on Infinity Girl."

"I'll see you at the party." Natasha hung up and thought what she would do to the girl that brought so much humility to her just the other day.

Walking downstairs and making his stepsister an ice tea was perhaps the most surreal moment of Jarrett's entire life. So many emotions besieged his mind all at once, fear, panic, worry, doubt and desire. He finished making the ice tea. As he walked back up the stairs he began to panic. Who knew who Natasha would terrorize with her new powers. He couldn't just stand by and allow her to do whatever she pleased. An erratic thought popped into his mind. A thought he would have more easily dismissed if he was thinking more clearly. He gazed upon his father gun cabinet.


To be continued

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